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  • zephosthefaedemon
    13.06.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #rp#killercryptids #former noble (zephos) #Fear and Delight (Victoria)
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  • yagirlqueenie
    13.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    i have brainrot and miss RPing but I lowkey don’t wanna reopen my dead/inactive ask blogs bc it’s barely been a month since I even closed them and nobody’s interested in the show’s universe they’re in 💀

    #i'm trying to get into d&d or even just small discord rps to fill the void #i DO have victoria's blog but I haven't RPed her since I was like?? 16?? and i need to figure out her fucking story anyhows lol #queenie talks
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  • ask-emilz-de-philz
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago


    Show us your strings of fate !!

    Blank template from: C.H.


    BLOG: ask-emilz-de-philz.tumblr.com

    You can repost and tag us yours or simply comment under this tweet!

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  • warofroyalsrpg
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    (+1 royal application in source link)

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  • warofroyalsrpg
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    FRÉDÉRIC KÖNIG (Freddy Carter) is looking for their TWIN SISTER. This connection might look like VICTORIA PEDRETTI, OR UTP (Anyone who looks like they could be twins with Freddy) and is a ROYAL.

    For more on this wanted connection, please continue reading:

    He is the older twin by 40 minutes, Frédéric was the wanted golden child, his sister the beautiful spare. The two were inseparable since birth, perfectly in sync. She is the soft silk screen, Fred the dagger to seal whatever alliance or deal the twins or their parents wanted. She is the only person he feels truly knows him and that he can trust. Frédéric is much more quiet and reserved than his sister, but observant and charming when he needs to be. He hates the superficial bullshit required to forge such diplomatic alliances, and relies on his sister to do much of this. However, he has come to realize she will not always be there to play this part for him, and has had to make attempts at charming and playing the game. She also is the one who keeps a check on his temper, which is harsh and often over reactive.

    Interested in this connection? Please contact GRACIE at the source link.

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  • acadiahqs
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    Hi all! I’m so happy, it’s looking like we might get to my goal of 10 apps soon! if you want to join us, there’s still plenty of time! I’d love to have you here and write with you. We’re a new supernatural group based in the fictional town of Lennox
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  • candyredterezii
    27.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    i post all my donna hcs and thoughts on my rp blog where I have her but I will say man ngl 

    I keep thinking about a Corpse Bride AU with Donna, Ethan and Mia and I just really wish I could write fic.

    #candyredtext #i headcanon and propose by default Donna had projected onto Ethan and Mia #in that Donna wants a husband cus she's lonely and she's always wanted a child #Thus why Angie is seemingly treated like her child #And in contrast how also Angie wears a wedding dress and I already HC how Angie is Donna's projection of the person she wishes she could #emulate and be thus why Angie is so polar opposite of Donna from what it seems like #cus Angie protects Donna as Donna protects her #And also add on to all the like... Symbolism and just general themes and ideas of in the house about Mia and Ethan's marriage/relationship #With the wedding ring and the music box and the film puzzle all also being hinted at as if written by Mia #YES it COULD be just all to torment ethan and also even just hallucinations BUT I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE-- #PLUS Angie's dialogue of asking ethan to stay forever and also some other lines and just the dissection of that im not gonna get into in the #tags. THE POINT IS!!!!!!!! Donna as Emily Ethan as Victor Mia as Victoria. Angie is def the fucking maggot. #This sprung up on me when I was thinking bout Emily's line to Victor I love you but you're not mine. and that like dialogue with donna and #ethan and how it even fits in context of the story of how emily projected her desire of love and marriage onto an unconsenting victim #THERE'S JUST A LOT OF PARALLELS I CAN DEF PLAY WITH AND I WANNA WRITE THIS VISION SO BAD BUT I CANT WRITE. #.. fanfic at least. ASDKFJT #thats why i rp its so easier when i have someone helping me along w the narrative and also i dont have to sworry bout controlling more than #like 2 characters. idk if i can capture mia and ethans like... essences ykwim?? idk. anyway thoughts.
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  • loveperscvering
    17.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    open to: m/f/nb

    smoke curls upwards from a cigarette held loosely between two fingers, blue eyes scanning the hazy bar slowly. she’s supposed to be meeting someone - a glance at the watch on her wrist tells her they’re half an hour late. she’ll give them ten more minutes before she leaves - her time is valuable, thank you very much, and if this client isn’t gonna show up, she knows there’s others who will.

    she’s not paying attention when the chair across from her scrapes against the floor, and she flicks a brow as her client settles across from her. “you’re late.”

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  • what-if-rpg
    17.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    Welcome to the family, MAUREEN! Your application to AURELIA BERKOV (FC: Victoria Justice) was accepted. We’re really happy to have you around! Make sure to read the beginners checklist, and remember, have fun! We can’t wait to roleplay with you! Have fun!


    CHARACTER NAME: Aurelia Berkov.  (First, Middle, Last) CHARACTER AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 23 - February 18th OCCUPATION: Stripper FACE CLAIM: Victoria Justice HOMETOWN & CITY WHERE LIVES NOW: Born in Ohio - Lives in NY SEXUAL ORIENTATION & GENDER: Bisexual. Female. RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Divorced POSITIVE TRAITS: Empathetic, Humorous, Energetic NEGATIVE TRAITS: Naive, Impressionable, Impulsive CHARACTER QUOTE/LYRIC: Don’t you think nineteen is too young to be played by your dark twisted games, when I loved you so?


    Aurelia Berkov grew up in Ohio with the textbook version of a picket fence life. Her family did not struggle financially, allowing Aurelia to live her entire childhood in the same house, and they were always happy to be in one another’s company. The Berkov family carried on through life with impenetrable happiness, and Andrei and Jillian Berkov felt that they had given their miracle all of the tips that their daughter would need in order to take the happy life that they had made for her, and turn it into a family of her own.

    Lia married her childhood best friend and longtime boyfriend mere months after they had graduated high school. Unfortunately, over the four years that they were married, Henry became a fully functioning, abusive, alcoholic that isolated Aurelia from her friends and family. When she tried to reach out to them, the memories of how pure and beautiful their relationship had once been were too apparent in their minds to convince anybody that something serious was truly going on, and her concerns were written off as newlywed troubles. By the time he provided her with any proof of the physical abuse, she was too far distanced from anybody to feel safe confiding in somebody.

    Henry never recovered from his alcoholism. One night, as Aurelia awaited the return of her husband in peril, she was met, instead, by a pair of police officers. They informed her that her husband had been in an accident, that he had ran his car into a tree, and died instantly. She was never offered a moment of peace after this event, as the entire town chose to rally behind their widow, mourning their favorite couple and forcing her to turn the relief she felt over his death into sadness and mourning to avoid questions.

    Aurelia began to feel too suffocated living in the town where everything that she loved turned so to poison, so she began to search for job openings on the internet that would secure her the most funding possible to get her out on her own, landing on the position of a Stripper in New York. She had never seen herself being part of such a scene, but had been on her high school’s dance team for all four years, and it seemed like the club needed the space filled almost as bad as she needed the job.


    PARENTS: Angel and Jillian Berkov - They are incredibly close to their daughter, and never realized how much their relationship was changing, assuming she was just captivated with her husband, and that that was why they weren’t hearing from her. SIBLINGS/OTHER IMPORTANT FAMILY: No other siblings. Distant relatives could potentially pop up if somebody ever wanted to make one, but I don’t foresee that right now. BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND: Widowed. Married her childhood sweetheart who turned into an alcoholic and died in a car accident that he caused. CLOSE FRIEND: Henry, her now deceased husband, was always her closest friend.
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  • miraculoushqads
    17.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

                                 hawkmoth has been defeated

    or well, at least the hawkmoth we all know as Gabriel Agreste. He is currently serving a long prison sentence for all the crimes he had committed. After that Marientte had grown closer to Adrien, who had just lost all the family he had.

    miraculous-hq is a semi-appless miraculous: tales of ladybug and cat noir, set five years forward from the current timeline.

                                  home. rules. app. 

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  • victorluvsalice
    16.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Happy Birthday Squid!

    @gaydragonwizards -- as requested, a story featuring Jacob Frye from Assassins Creed: Syndicate and our little writing project! This is set in the aftermath of one of the hated “visits from the parents” -- the story came out as Victor and Jacob one-on-one, so imagine the girls have headed off elsewhere for the moment (possibly to do their own bitching about the elder Van Dorts and Everglots). Hope you enjoy!


    “You know, I thought I had issues with my father.”

    Victor looked over at Jacob, blinking. “Pardon?”

    “We never got along,” Jacob continued, shaking his head as he rested one foot on his opposite knee. “He and I had very different ideas about what was important when it came to – the family line of work. Evie was his golden child, and I–” He waved a hand. “Suffice to say, we never managed to see eye-to-eye. I didn’t think anyone could be as bad as he was.” His eyes narrowed. “And then I met your parents. And Victoria’s.”

    Victor winced, glancing at the door said parents had just left through in a huff. “They’re – not that bad.”

    “Oh, but they are. They really are.” Jacob rolled his eyes. “The snippy comments on the decor and the food and all that, and the obvious attempts at social climbing by dropping every name they’ve ever heard. . .that I could just about forgive. You expect that from bankrupt nobility and upwardly-mobile merchants. And God knows I’ve had to deal with enough people just like that in all my dealings as Sir Jacob Frye.” He scowled. “But the way they talk to you and Victoria!” He leaned forward, gaze intense. “You do know you deserve as much respect as them, right? Probably more?”

    Victor played with his tie, unwilling to meet Jacob’s eyes. “I – look, all right, yes, they’re pretty awful,” he allowed at last, slumping in his chair. “But I – it’s – it’s hard. W-when you grow up with Nell Van Dort, or Maudeline Everglot, you l-learn to keep your head down. To k-keep quiet and still so you don’t – u-upset them.” He sighed, finally looking his friend in the face. “We’re not all like you, Jacob. Goodness, could you see me doing some of the things you do?”

    Jacob gave him an appraising look. “Carriage races? No,” he said after a moment’s thought. “Going a few rounds in the underground rings? Definitely not. Stabbing a man with a hidden blade and making your escape? Hell no. Climbing all over London to keep away from inconvenient witnesses?” He cracked a grin. “Actually. . .”

    Victor couldn’t help a laugh. “You learn how to climb fast and well as a very short child in a small, hemmed-in village where all the other boys dislike you.” He looked away again, rubbing the back of his neck. “But – t-that’s sort of exactly my point. I don’t have a lot of e-experience in actually s-standing up for myself. It was always easier to run. Or to g-go along with things until my m-mother ran out of steam. The few times I tried talking back. . .” He grimaced at memories of screams and hungry nights and the occasional sore bottom. “It w-wasn’t fun.”

    “Ah, yes – I know those kind of arguments,” Jacob said sympathetically. “Ethan and I were prone to them ourselves. I can understand wanting to avoid them.” He grumbled. “It just – it annoys me so much to see them snap at you for the stupidest things.”

    “I could do without being told to leave my tie alone all the time,” Victor admitted, absently stroking it flat again. “And I’m sure Victoria’s done with having her posture criticized. It’s just. . .” He sighed again. “She gives me that look and suddenly I’m five all over again. And all the words I w-want to say get stuck in my throat, and – I’m just not good with them, like you are. Or Alice is.”

    “Oh, that girl could give a class on sarcasm,” Jacob nodded. “Sometimes I find myself watching her for tips.”

    Victor chuckled. “I’m tempted to do that myself. . .but I simply meant it’s h-hard to throw off the habits of a lifetime.” He fiddled with his fingers a moment. “At least we live far enough away that they can’t come visiting all that often.”

    “Mmm – if they lived here, or if I lived in Burtonsville, I think there’d be some ‘mysterious disappearances’ after the first month,” Jacob confessed, leaning on his leg. “But I just want you know – you’re as good as they are. Better, even.” His eyebrows lowered. “I can’t see them springing to help Arianna like you did.”

    “Me either,” Victor murmured, tamping down a little surge of bile. “But she’s here now, and it’s not any of their business why she is. Even if they try to make it so.”

    “Mmm. Which is why I’m going to keep showing up and putting them in their place,” Jacob said, sitting up straight again. “Until you and your lovely wife – the official one, anyway – learn how, anyway.”

    Victor managed a smile. “I can’t say we don’t have a good teacher. Maybe a few more lessons.”

    Jacob smirked. “Always happy to help.”

    #Happy Birthday#gaydragonwizards#fanfic#CrossOver #assassins creed syndicate #I watched a few videos of sarcastic Jacob to try and capture his tone here #hoping it came through all right #I was inspired by that mini-RP we did in the messages #with him putting the Van Dorts and Everglots in their place #and all that talk about him trying to build up Victor and Victoria #dunno why it focused specifically on Victor and Jacob but #the muse does what it does #I think it came out decently well anyway! #hope you agree #queued
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  • i-maybe-exist
    12.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    look. i know i already have two minecraft ocs and one of them technically was in the dsmp for a bit. but i wanna make a dsmp sona

    #like #i could make a half enderman half bee person #d-dont think about the logistics of that #i just think that enderman traits mixed with bee traits would be cool #or maybe a skeleton person.... #i think i just want to make a mob hybrid and v and victoria arent. that #AOJIWFJEOWOWOJIEFJOIFE #also i have another name i can use!!! #theyre gonna be called amber #no matter what mob hybrid they are #because Easy #but im not gonna use them for any rp #two characters is already enough #maybe too many who knows #aiojjoiewfjiofefwejoifejoif#vi rambles
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  • lovelikewarcreations
    08.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Victoria Justice Gif Pack: Part Two

    Victoria Justice as Brooke in Trust. Part Two of Two. NOTE: The gifs appear larger when on the mobile app but they revert back to normal on a computer or laptop.

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  • descendantsofwar
    03.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    🐍 — Welcome to Oceanside, California, Rosalie Reyes! They are said to resemble Victoria Justice, but they are a 28 year old Black Hat Hacker in the Vipers, bound by blood to the Volkovs. They identify as a bisexual female, and others have described them as resilient & astute, but also imprudent & intransigent. —🐍

    ■ HISTORY ■

    Growing up on the outskirts of Oceanside wasn’t easy for Rosalie, an only child who was born into a sometimes stable household. Though this in itself was a blessing in disguise for the young girl and her mother; because it taught her that not all family is bound by blood. Or at least that’s what Rosalie told herself while she lay in bed unable to sleep late at night, sounds of her mother screaming at her for more alcohol, drowned out only by the consistent thumping of the bass in her stereo system. A small lock that had been replaced on a number of occasions, the only thing keeping her from the drug infused monster she called her mother. At surface value they were just like any other family, only they weren’t. Alejandra Reyes was a nurse but also a recovering addict and alcoholic, who also suffered from depression. It came and went in waves but when she was down it was bad. Rosalie learned to fend for herself and look after her mother more often than she looked after her own daughter. And for a time she was okay with that, for the brown eyed girl this had always been her life; it was her normality and she didn’t know any better. But as the years passed she slowly began to resent the woman that birthed her, if not for her habits and treatment of her own flesh and blood then for the fact she refused to talk about her father.
    Rosalie couldn’t remember the last time she saw her father, she knew he was never firm in the picture nor did he ever live with the pair. But she did know he would visit at least once a year from the small pile of birthday cards referencing his visits. Cards which she kept hidden away at the bottom of her drawer for a number of years. He never missed a birthday, even after he stopped showing up on her fifth birthday, or so she was told. Every time she asked how they met or what happened her mother was quick to dismiss her with some nonsense about him being a one-night stand — affirming she was in fact a mistake. And that was how she was made to feel throughout her adolescence. Nevertheless Rosalie knew there was more to it, just from the heartbroken look in her mother’s heavyset gaze every time she asked of him. Until one day the cards stopped coming, her mother instead receiving a letter in its place. The young girl never asked what it read, but her heartbreaking tremors were enough to confirm it. She would later be told that daddy wasn’t going to be sending any more presents or money, because he now had his own family and that was but a pill the young Reyes girl couldn’t swallow at such a young age.
    However, things changed on her eleventh birthday. It started off like any other day, her mother having cried and screamed herself to sleep, lay silent on the couch as the young girl gathered her things and placed a chaste kiss to Alejandra’s forehead before heading out to school. Only when she returned her mother hadn’t moved, and when Rosalie went to shake her awake her fears were all but confirmed. She was dead. For what felt like several hours, the brunette sat cross legged on the floor as she waited for the police to arrive and take her mother away. The image of her pale yet splotching face, with a needle still sticking out her arm was the last thing she would remember of the woman that brought her into the world. And she would vow to herself then and there that she would never succumb to such a disease. After her mother’s death she bounced from foster home to foster home, looking for the family where she would stick. Only it didn’t come, no one wanted the orphan that belonged to a deadbeat drug addict.
    Things changed when she was taken in by the Johnsons at the age of fifteen. They weren’t like the other families, they didn’t look at her like she was a pay check, nor did they treat her like one. She was given her own room, new clothes and was encouraged to speak her mind as a part of the family. It was a stark contrast from the homes she had previously been exposed too where she had been taught to be seen and not heard. It was with the Johnsons that she flourished, both in her education and outside. Mr Johnson, a professional poker player had no hard and fast rules around what his children could and couldn’t do. His wife and singer at the local club instilled a love for music in her children and there was never a dull moment when the family sat around their living room singing until the wee hours of the morning every Saturday night. Under their guidance Rosalie blossomed into the charismatic woman she would quickly become, breaking free from the barriers that had kept her silent for so many years. High school saw her taking every opportunity she could, while she formed friendships that would last a lifetime and even found love; she was happier than she had ever dreamed she could be. And applying for her dream college of Columbia University, felt like a long shot at first until she was holding her acceptance letter in hand. However, moving across the country came with its own set of challenges that she had anticipated and while she navigated them as best as she could, she couldn’t help but feel like she was once again letting those that she loved down.
    That feeling would linger over the next few years until she was staring down the stage at her own graduation. The faces of her foster family that now felt more like strangers than they did her familia, and her best friend in the crowd. She had finally made it, alone and with nothing but her own drive and determination to succeed. Her childhood suddenly felt like a different life and Rosa was quick to throw herself an an opportunity to help a growing company back in her hometown. Her natural business savvy intuition and eye for marketing enabled her to take what had been but a small establishment, grow into a cross-state corporation. After a few years in the role she was looking for her next opportunity and for a few years she bounced from business to business clocking up as much experience as she could until a new opportunity arose in the form of a quaint speakeasy. It was everything she had dreamed of one day running herself and with a bit of hard work after a few long months her managerial presence was more so felt than that of the owner themselves. What she hadn’t anticipated, however, was the evening she ended up playing a game of poker that would earn her not only a good sum of money but ownership of The Black Rabbit itself. While it wasn’t exactly how she had intended on going about things, she respected the rules of the game and the new deed was quickly signed, sealed and delivered.
    Rosalie Reyes had made her own success. However, from the outside looking in, most would be oblivious to the brunette’s real skillset behind that of a keyboard. Her talent for hacking was born when she was but a child, holed up in her room in front of her mother’s laptop while she drunk herself to sleep downstairs. The world of the dark web became her home and it was but one of the few places she would continue to escape to this day. Lending her skills out to those that needed it throughout college enabled her to pay for her college tuition and all too soon caught the attention of a group of people that would fast become her family. The Volkov Vipers weren’t what anyone would consider to be a bunch of exemplary citizens, nevertheless they allowed her an avenue to utilize her skillset for a purpose greater than that of herself and she lived for that rush and the chance to finally feel like she was apart of a true family.


    » Rocco Scordato — Her first love and someone that will always hold his own place in her heart. Their relationship was something of a whirlwind romance in the epitome of their youth. She even dreamed that one day she would marry the man that had been introduced to her through a mutual friend. However when Rosalie left Oceanside to attend Columbia University the distance put something of a strain on their three year relationship and it saw her choosing to call it quits in an attempt to save them both from any further pain.
    » Samantha Reed — The blonde bombshell has been her rock for as long as she can physically remember. Friends since they were in grade school, the duo ventured across the country to attend Columbia together, where they both experienced the trials and tribulations of adulthood together. And this only brought them closer. Her true ride or die, there is nothing that Rosa wouldn’t do for her at a moment’s notice.
    » Maria Luna — The first person she ever considered to be her true family. Maria was a light in the darkness that was her journey thorough the foster system. An experience they shared together when they landed in the same home and became fast friends. Maria was but the sister that Rosa was never fortunate enough to have and the bond they share is one of the reasons why she was so eager to return home from the big city. 

    Rosalie Reyes is a TAKEN character, who is portrayed by Victoria Justice, and is played by Scarlett.

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  • cursedlovlttrs
    29.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    open !

    ‘‘hey! im not that mean ..’‘ her voice stopped, the blaringly need to add anymore rested on her tongue.

    #victoria chase | interactions. #with. #victoria chase. #.. based post lis for obvious reasons - #indie rp#lis rp
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    28.04.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #someone tell me not to rp Morticia Addams #like the anjelica huston version #I take on muses when im stressed and overwhelmed irl #hi my name is victoria and welcome to my blog #ooc
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  • lakeviewhq
    27.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    (gavin leatherwood, cismale, he/him/his) Welcome to Lakeview, MILO GREYSON! We hear that you are 24 years old. You’ve been in town 4 years? You should get to your job as a STUDENT AT LAKEVIEW COMMUNITY COLLEGE, PART TIME EMPLOYEE AT BAKE MY DAY. I hear that it fits your ADAPTABLE and GULLIBLE personality. Don’t be out on Route 9 alone! (sloth, 25+, she/her, pacific)

    (victoria pedretti, cisfemale, her/she) Welcome to Lakeview, ! We hear that GABRIELLA “GABBIE” MCINTYRE you are 24 years old. You’ve been in town 24 years? You should get to your job as a PRESCHOOL TEACHER AT LAKEVIEW SCHOOL. I hear that it fits your CARING and PARANOID personality. Don’t be out on Route 9 alone! (sloth, 25+, she/her, pacific)

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  • acelebrityfamerp
    25.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Victoria Justice, Janel Parrish, Halston Sage, Lucy Hale and more are wanted here! Didn’t like any of those names? That’s fine! Just send us a message and we’ll help you out! Our yacht party is in full swing and trust me when I say, you won’t want to miss it!
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  • rpgexperience
    16.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    My servant Devil - session 23

    This session once again included explicit smut, which I have included on Wattpad and censored here, so check that out if lemon is something you enjoy.

    Abigail wakes up in the morning in Lucian’s arms. He is watching her sleep, softly petting her hair. He greets her and gives her a soft kiss, smiling. Unfortunately the train is arriving soon, so they are forced to get up and get dressed. 

    Lucian guides her outside. They have to wait until it gets dark to cross the channel, if Abigail wants to avoid taking the ferry. Lucian guides her around like he knows the place, wrapping his arm around her to pul her closer and keep her warm. He stops at a very nice looking café located in a back street without many people inside, there he finds her a nice cuddly spot in the back with loads of colourful cushions. They spend the rest of the morning in the cafe, Abigail enjoying tea and Lucian’s touches while cuddling together. 

    They spend a lovely day relaxing at the seaside town, walking around, strolling through boutiques, picking Lucian a new very smart suit, eating some crêpes until the sun finally starts to set. They sit down on a bench together, watching the sun set, Lucian wrapping his arm around Abigail to protect her from the cold sea breeze. 

    Eventually, the sun hides underneath the horizon and darkness falls. It’s time to depart. Lucian leads Abigail to a very dark corner, where he picks her up bridal style, his wings pop out behind him. He takes off with a very smooth but strong beat of his wings. Abigail enjoys the flight, watching the coast disappear and the bright sky open above her. Lucian offers to fly Abigail home instead of landing in Dover, Abigail worries if it’s not too far for him but upon his reassurance, she happily takes up on it. Once they reach the land, Abigail admires the faint lights of the houses sparkling underneath her like stars. She asks Lucian if angles love, to which he chuckles:  “Of course angels love. If we wouldn't love how could I have fallen so utterly hopeless in love with you?” Abigail blushes and hides closer to his chest: “But I assume that angels mostly love other angels right?” Lucian corrects her that most angles actually love humans but aren’t allowed to form romantic relationships with them. That’s so sad! Abigail thinks. Lucian explains further that they watch their lives and help them to have a life which in the end will guide them into Heavens, where they can probably(?) live together happily. “What should I do to end my life with you?” Abigail asks. Lucian frowns: ”I would not want you to have to suffer for your sins for eternity, Abigail. But I suppose... well, in the end it's a decision.” He cups her cheek. Abigail leans to his touch, thinking: “My soul will eventually belong to you anyways, right? So then it can stay around with you, no?” He leans down and kisses her: “I suppose so, but I don't want you to stay around with me because you have to.” She reassures him that she wants to stay with him as they land in front of her mansion. 

    Inside, the mansion seems empty at first glance, however, to their surprise, everything seems to be still standing at its right place. Lucian informs Abigail that Kathryn is reading in her bedroom, Bart is out in the pub drinking with some of his mates, Finley is sleeping in the garden. Lucian leaves to retrieve Abigail’s luggage which stayed in France while she informs Kathryn about their arrival and thanks her for managing to keep the place in good state. While waiting for Lucian, Abigail goes to the kitchen looking for wine and strawberries and chocolate, unfortunately it is Bart’s kitchen the only thing she manages to find is wine. She takes the fancies bottle and two glasses to her bedroom. She changes into her night gown, pours herself a glasses and waits for Lucian, eventually starts slowly sipping on it. 

    After a while, there’s a soft knock on the door and Lucian walks in. She hands him the second glass and makes space for him on the bed next to her. They drink together, enjoying the taste, Lucian gets rid of his jacket and waistcoat and lies down to Abigail. After finishing their last glass, Lucian kisses Abigail and lets himself falls down on his back next to her, pulling her against his chest, cradling her in his wings and soothingly runs his hand through her hair. She snuggles to him, wrapping her arms around his tummy. He places a small kiss into her hair, smiling fondly. She whispers: “I love you,” and places a kiss to his chest. “I... I love you too, Abigail.” With that Abigail closes her eyes and lets the sleep take over her.

    Abigail spends another good two months in Heavens, at least if this isn't Heavens she doesn't know how it could be any better than this. Or maybe it is Hell? She spends two months together with Lucian, just being with him, spending time with him, kissing him a lot, and making love with him even more. The Queen is surprisingly quiet, probably not having expected her back so quickly and Abigail is not eager to report to her either. From Oliver she has heard that Ambrose has left to a trip of his own after he has heard that she is gone and hasn't returned yet. Kathy seems to hide from Abigail and Lucian as best as she can, obviously disapproving of their relationship. Also Bart seems suspiciously absent, but she doesn't care, all she cares about is Lucian and his cooking and his kisses and him treating her like the princess she is. 

    Much like every day, Abigail wakes up in the safe embrace of Lucian, by this time having forgotten what her nightmare even were about. He gives her a soft kiss when she notices that she’s awake. He gets out of bed and starts getting dressed when Abigail suddenly feels very sick. She jumps up from the bed and runs to the bathroom as quick as she can, Lucian following her worried. She throws up with Lucian crouching down next to her, softly rubbing her back. Has she eaten something bad? No, Lucian’s cooking is always perfect. She washes herself, gets dressed and decides to skip breakfast. Lucian brings her camomile tea to calm her stomach and hands her a letter from the queen, who is inviting her over later. They relax, go for a walk then back to the mansion, Lucian helps her get dressed, then brings her to the carriage. 

    Lucian drives her to the palace, however the carriage is being stopped around Convent garden. Traffic jam is blocking the road, some merchant stall has fallen over, all the fruit covering the road. Lucian lets Abigail out of the carriage and explains that it’s not possible to continue by a carriage. Abigail looks around and when her eyes fall back on Lucian, he is distracted, looking over his shoulder at some girl who is disappearing between the people in the crowd. “Lilith? Lilith!” he shouts, lets go off Abigail’s hand and spurts after the girl. Abigail stares after him with open mouth as he gets lots in the crowd. She checks the time, she needs to get going if she is to make it in time. She sighs sadly and makes her way to the palace, however she has to take some detours because the road is blocked and she gets lost in the crowd. In the end she manages to reach the palace in an hour instead of thirty minutes like Lucian said before he disappeared. She takes a deep breath to calm herself before entering the palace. 

    Servants lead her to the winter garden, where the Queen is waiting for her. She apologises for her delay, the Queen doesn’t seem too bothered. Abigail then reports to Queen about Waldkirch and the flowers and her suspicions. The Queen on the other hand informs her that the dwarfish prince has been kidnapped about two weeks ago. The dwarfish king first wanted to deal with it himself and sent his best warriors to find him but they didn’t find any leads, so only yesterday he has informed the Queen. Abigail ponders about this and tries to think about way finding them but as long as they don't reveal themselves and make no mistakes it will be hard to track them down. Both ladies agree that for now all they can do is wait, see and be ready. The servants them show her the way out. 

    Abigail tries to contact Lucian with her mind but gets no reply, so she returns to Covent garden. The carriage is still at its place, however Lucian nowhere. She walks around the busy market, trying to find Lucian, walking in the direction, where she saw the girl walk off to. It leads her to a small empty alley, here the busy street seems far away, and the town is eerie quiet. She is very perceptive and can hear whispering and giggling coming from one of the houses. She listens carefully underneath an open window. She hears Lucian’s voice: “Oh Lilith, I miss you so much.” Soon afterwards also sounds of kissing, moans and a female voice, belong perhaps to this mysterious Lilith: “Oh yes Lucian, please, I want to feel more of you, I haven't had you in so, so long.” Abigail stands there frozen. No… No… No! She shakes her head, walks away with quick steps, refusing to listen to more, gradually picking up speed, eventually running as fast she can, tears in her eyes, running down her cheeks and being blown behind her. As she runs blindly through London, she suddenly bumps into a tall figure. She bounces back, about to trip over, as a strong and large hand wraps around her wrist and steadies her fall. “Abigail?” Ambrose’s voice asks surprised. 

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