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  • even Wicked things must Rest

    S E A S O N    T W O  :   D E P T H S

    In a sleepy town renowned for its death rate and little else, an underground network of supernatural beings has made White Crest, Maine their home and hunting ground. Most folks are happily oblivious to the danger, but recently that danger is growing. Strange occurrences known as The Horrors have resurfaced after laying dormant for centuries, while something else continues to claw its way up from the dirt of Wicked’s Rest. And it’s nothing like the monster under your bed. These are Horrors one might not wake up from.

    WICKED’S REST is an original, literate supernatural/horror-themed roleplay influenced by folklore, Stephen King, BTVS, The Witcher, Being Human, and more. We have a mix of skeletons and bios, with rich lore to help drive plots and room for your creativity.



    If you’ve been looking to jump in, there’s no better time!

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  • When players drink potions, pour them small amounts of soda into shot glasses for added fun.

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  •                                   THE LIVES OF THE WICKED

                                               SHOULD BE MADE BRIEF

    wrenbury is cursed. while the towns history is unclear for the most part,and while most townsfolk are unaware of the true horrors that consistently happen within their borders, new residents are shocked to find themselves trapped in what feels like a horror movie with no escape. no matter how hard you try, once you’ve stepped foot in wrenbury, you are physically unable to leave the town and all of the pain it inflicts. 

     plaguing wrenbury is a selection of serial killers. no-one is sure if these killers are truly human or not, as they have burdened the town years without anyone being able to catch them, punish them, hurt them or even kill them themselves - no matter how hard they try. these killers seem to know everyone’s weaknesses, everyone’s next move, everyone’s darkest secrets. they target the vulnerable that they have lured into their town, threatening them, manipulating them, killing them and exposing their secrets

     with no escape from the town or the evil it holds, residents are left to fight for their lives while also attempting to maintain normality and keep their sanity.

                                            FOR THE REST OF US

                                             DEATH WILL BE A RELIEF

    final girl hq is a mature, horror, oc rp that’s heavily plot based and focused on character development, diversity and inclusiveness. set in the fictional town of wrenbury, there is a curse placed upon it that lures the vulnerable in to be murdered by the selection of serial killers that plague the town. while these killers consistently murder non-player characters, they threaten, manipulate and harm our characters, raising anxiety levels and fear as each character has a deep, dark secret that they would dread having exposed. we attempt to keep our writers captivated with consistent plot drops and events, while also building a welcoming, friendly community ooc that will make plotting and writing together comfortable and enjoyable.

                                ACTIVE + ACCEPTING APPS NOW !

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  • Welcome to the New York City’s Blacklist RP. We’re a brand new semi-plotless bio RP based in New York City. We currently have 20 available characters for you to chose from and we’re also accepting OCs. Feel free to browse our blog and don’t forget that no para sample is needed for female character applications.

    Just beneath the surface of the top one-percent, hazardously trying to force their way through the tight film of New York’s Elite is where you’ll find a lot of these people; these businessmen, entrepreneurs, go-getters and hopeless romantics, stuck on some kind of fortune reject list – a jinx that stunts them from making it to where they want to be.

    This one’s for those who haven’t made it yet. For the ones this close or miles away; the ones who are still dreaming of the likelihood of making it in the big city. Sometimes there’s just that one thing standing in your way, and sometimes you don’t get the satisfaction of having an explanation for your misfortune. If you find yourself in this position…

                                               YOU’RE ON THE BLACKLIST.

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  •                                                LIMA, OHIO.

    limahq is a plotless roleplay set twenty years into the future after we said our goodbyes to the gleeks that walked into our hearts all those years ago. in this roleplay, we strive for a fun, creative, and ol’ fashion space for every single one of our members and future members! our goal is to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone to create memories, character development, connections, and many plots! we hope you join our growing family!

                                                         M A I N.

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  • ULTIMATE VIKING Gameplay Android - Action RPG On Unreal Engine

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  • “It howls like a [Player]-Scooby Doo in the morning.”

    #shit my players say #dnd#rpg#submission#shareable
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  •                                 ELISABETH ISLAND, canada.  

    In a shocking and devastating twist to the disappearance of the West Grace, it has now been reported that the body found in the wreckage is that of ship captain, Donald McIvy. Police have also confirmed that he died of a single gunshot wound to the head. They are now treating his death as suspicious. Three other men remain missing.

    An ocean-carved land of extremes, Elisabeth Island is a dramatic landscape off the Canadian Pacific coast. Discovered in 1644, this once humble fishing island has evolved into a province associated with furred, feathered and finned wildlife. Wonder at distance snowcapped mountains, splash barefoot on the islands protected beaches or explore endless rivers and trails both by foot, and boat. With snug harbours and a thriving cosmopolitan centre, Elisabeth Island boasts a haven for all and with its affiliation to nature a conservation, provides an escape from the mainland just across the bay.

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  • #fan bing bing #empress of china #avatars#faceclaim#rpg
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  • image

           𝚆𝙴  𝙳𝙾𝙽'𝚃  𝙷𝙰𝚅𝙴  a  single  application  for  our  beloved  final  girl  yet  and  i’d  call  that  a  travesty  !   what’s  a  horror  without  it’s  final  girl  ?   i’d  also  like  to  see  some  more  of  your  wonderful  ocs  !   us  admins  at  taunwickfm  are  very  excited  to  see  what  kind  of  characters  you  bring  to  the  table.

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  • CounterPoint is an OC survival show/idol rp. Focused on character development and plot progression, the mission of CounterPoint is to build a tight-knit community of writers, with the roleplayers forming a co-ed group after the end of the show. Please come check us out.

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