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  • charlieslowartsies
    14.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    A fun warm up I did before bed. I got pretty sick over the weekend from a uti so I spent the days sleeping, watching Knight Rider, or hurling XD I'm okey now!! Tired but back to arts and such 8>                                    

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  • reallyprofoundkryptonite
    14.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Dagur/Krogan Ship Art

    Please excuse if I have drawn anything wrong on dagur, this is my first time drawing him lol

    I'm doing ship requests on amino!

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  • singstar234
    13.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    A series of one shots I posted a few years ago. Also posted on FanFiction.net. Stories range from a simple picnic to fighting in a war. Been a while since our beloved HTTYD series ended, so anyone that’s missing it and wants some short stories to read, check this out.

    #httyd#rtte #race to the edge #how to train your dragon #hiccstrid fanfics#spoilers#httyd2#httyd 2#httyd3#httyd 3#hiccstrid #hiccup horrendous haddock lll #astrid hofferson#hiccup#astrid#snotlout#ruffnut#tuffnut#fishlegs #the hidden world #modern au #race to the edge season 6
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  • reallyprofoundkryptonite
    13.04.2021 - 18 hours ago


    Chunky Krogan is shaped like a friend

    He looks like such a baby man

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  • reallyprofoundkryptonite
    13.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Lagoon Fishy

    Anyways more mer krogan again

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  • howtowhumpyourhiccup
    12.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    #httyd fics#httyd movies#rtte #race to the edge #httyd 2 #how to train your dragon 2 #httyd 3 #how to train your dragon 3 #httyd: the hidden world #hiccup haddock#astrid hofferson#hiccstrid #married!hiccstrid #fluff#h/c#hurt/comfort#cuddling#my fanfics #comfortable in his arms
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  • reallyprofoundkryptonite
    12.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Dark Valkyrie AU Krogan

    Krogan’s mother was a Valkyrie. She retired however, when she had her first and only son. At least for a little bit so she could raise him.

    Krogan, like his mother, was born with wings, although they were not Snow White like hers.

    One day, his mother dies; killed by a monster who had no right to touch her. And Krogan, took this as his chance to take up his mother’s place as a Valkyrie, going against all of the rules of what it is to be a Valkyrie; the first being that you have to be a woman.

    Krogan is outcasted from the other Valkyries, earning him the title of the “Dark Valkyrie”. He brings vengeance upon any and all who do wrong in the world. Those who hurt and injure are on his hit list.

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  • maivalentine
    11.04.2021 - 2 days ago


    #heatstrid#hijack#frostcup #its a good day to make the hetnorms mad #also the amount of ppl i got interested in both this ships by posting abt them yesterday #delicious!!! #where did i lie!!!! #httyd#rtte
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  • evilwriter37
    11.04.2021 - 3 days ago


    Rated: mature

    Warnings: graphic depictions of violence

    Pairings: none

    Word Count: 1,036

    Summary: Hiccup has never heard of freeze branding before, but it's something Viggo wants to test out... on him.

    Hiccup wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Viggo had told him he was going to be branded, and he’d been tied up for it, but there was no iron sticking out of the fire, and Viggo had left the tent. Was he getting the iron? Maybe he wasn’t actually going to brand him and it was just a farce to scare him into giving up information.

    Either way, Hiccup wouldn’t talk.

    But branding… Gods, branding. What it meant would be worse than the pain, no doubt. He didn’t want to be owned by anyone, let alone Viggo Grimborn. It would strip him of his rank and titles, take away everything that he was, turn him into nothing but a thrall. He only mattered if Viggo said he did.

    Maybe Hiccup could get out of this somehow. He was tied securely to a chair, his arms behind his back, his legs each tied to a leg of the chair. If he could somehow maneuver his wrists out of here…

    The tent flaps opened, and Hiccup shot a glare at the man that entered. Viggo looked smug, pleased with himself. In one hand he held the iron, but the end was not glowing orange like Hiccup had expected it to. Instead, it was a cool blue. Hiccup raised his eyebrows.

    “Uh… what?” He was back to being unsure of what was going on.

    Viggo approached, moved the iron to his other hand. “I heard freeze branding is less painful than regular branding,” he said, “and I wanted to give it a go.”

    “Freeze branding?” Hiccup had never heard the term before.

    “Yes.” Viggo stepped closer, and Hiccup pulled back in his chair. He didn’t care if this was supposedly less painful. He didn’t want it. “Where the iron is so cold it burns you.”

    “Oh, fun. Could you let me go now, please?”

    Viggo chuckled, shook his head. “Hiccup, Hiccup, you must learn your place.”

    Hiccup narrowed his eyes, drew down his brow. “I do know my place. I’m leader of the Dragon Riders and heir to the throne of Berk.” Despite how scared he was, his voice didn’t shake. Those things about him were true.

    “And soon, you will be nothing but my thrall, groveling at my feet and satisfying my every whim.” Viggo smirked, and it was a terrifying look. There was no soul behind his eyes.

    Viggo came close, close enough to touch him, and Hiccup wriggled in his bindings. Viggo placed a strong hand on Hiccup’s shoulder.

    “Stay still,” he ordered. “You’ll just be making this worse for yourself.”

    “Eat shit,” Hiccup said. He knew it was a bad idea to give someone attitude when they had all the power in the situation and he didn’t, but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to show Viggo that he was defiant, that he wouldn’t give in.

    Viggo shook his head, but said nothing. Then, he placed the branding iron to Hiccup’s chest.

    Hiccup’s entire body tensed up with the instant sensation of burning, and he grunted, grit his teeth over a yell. He wanted to show Viggo that he could get through this, that no matter what he did to him he wouldn’t get him down.

    Hiccup wasn’t sure if Viggo had told the truth about freeze branding hurting less. Well, he’d never been branded before, so it wasn’t like he could make a comparison. All he knew was that this hurt, and that he wanted to scream, and that he saw black spots in his vision.

    Finally, it was done. Viggo pulled the branding iron away from his chest, and that hurt as well, as the cold had made it stick to his skin. Hiccup was gasping for breath, and he hung his head down, closed his eyes, trying to overcome the dizziness that washed over him.

    Eventually, he looked down at the brand on his chest. It was white, framed by an angry red, shaped into Viggo’s crest of a fist crushing a heart. How ironic that it was over his heart now, that the fist was crushing his.

    “Beautiful,” Viggo breathed. He reached out to touch the brand, but then pulled his hand back at the last moment. Hiccup was grateful for that. He didn’t want the area to be touched; it was burning and aching like mad. He instead turned and sat on his desk, one foot still on the ground. “How much did it hurt?”

    “What do you think?” Hiccup snapped. He was crying now, tears of anger, frustration, but also of immense loss. He was branded, and there was no going back.

    “I thought you would scream, to be honest,” Viggo said, twirling the branding iron in his fingers.

    “Not for you,” Hiccup said. “Never for you.”

    Viggo got a malicious gleam in his eyes. “Do you scream for anyone else?”

    “Wha-? No!” Hiccup was offended that he was trying to delve into his sex life.

    “I merely jest, my dear.” Viggo straightened off the desk. “I will go retrieve a healer for you.”

    “Wait… You’re going to take care of me?” Hiccup was utterly confused by this action. Had he been captured by Ryker, or even Dagur, they would have just let the wound sit and fester.

    “Yes,” Viggo said. “I want my new thrall in mint condition.” He patted Hiccup on the shoulder, and Hiccup wished he could bite him. “Sit tight.”

    “That’s not funny.”

    “It is to me.” Viggo winked at him, and Hiccup made a face at the gesture. The chief made no comment on it, made to leave the tent.

    “Wait!” Hiccup called.

    “What is it?” Viggo asked, turning slightly towards him.

    “I hope you trip and brand your own eyeball.”

    Viggo tossed his head back and laughed. “Perhaps I will have to try the regular method of branding on you, just to break your spirit, you see.” Before Hiccup could say anything against that, he left.

    Hiccup let himself cry in earnest now that he was alone. Tears dripped down his face and onto his chest, and without the ability to wipe them away, they got into his brand and stung horribly. And yet, he knew, this suffering was only the beginning.

    #whump #hiccup!whump #branding#tied up#freeze branding#httyd #how to train your dragon #rtte #race to the edge #hiccup haddock#viggo grimborn#fanfiction#writing #graphic depictions of violence
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  • overheardonberk
    10.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hiccup: Ok I’m gonna need everyone to be straight with each other from now on, no more games!

    Snotlout: I’m always straight.

    Tuffnut: Oh man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told

    #yea ​i post here every few years how r u all #httyd #how to train your dragon #rtte #race to the edge #incorrect quotes #incorrect httyd quotes #hiccup haddock#snotlout jorgenson#tuffnut thorston
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  • mdoodlerfandomart
    10.04.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • ivygeorgi
    10.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    I drew this in January already and just realised I totally forgot to post it here

    #I have a version with a filter on my IG #but IG absolutely ruins the quality of everything #so I'm not even gonna share it here #Dagur #dagur the deranged #how to train your dragon #httyd#rtte #race to the edge #httyd fanart
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  • aceiduna
    10.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    “if we do this, we’re no better than the dragon hunters. we’re just using a different cage.” UNERRATED LINE

    #race to the edge #rtte#httyd rtte #hiccup haddock iii #hiccup haddock#hiccup httyd
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  • charlieslowartsies
    10.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    I wanted to a) work on a wallpaper design and b) painting some fireflies/summer twilighty scene! Then I realized I wanted a lazing Hiccup as well. There's nothing more better than enjoying long summer nights with your best friend amirite?                                    

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  • reallyprofoundkryptonite
    09.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    A more "realistic" take on Krogan's body type

    Realistic being in quotation marks because Krogan isn't really thicc like this. :/

    He's probably a bit more thin in the hips and butt; although i am allowed to dream.

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  • reallyprofoundkryptonite
    09.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Eyes: Chapter Two (Rewrite)

    A/N: I am posting two chapters of the re-write back to back today, so look forwards to the next one in a little bit

    By the time that Hiccup and Toothless landed on the platform of Gothi’s home, Krogan was unconscious. His wounds had gotten to him, and if they worked fast enough, Krogan would wake up again.

    Hiccup pulled himself free from Krogan’s arms, stepping out of his saddle to get himself ready. Krogan slumped forwards onto Toothless’s back, his breathing coming out in a loud wheezing.

    The young man swallowed thickly, wrapping his arms around the man’s midsection to roll him over. Once he was rolled over, Hiccup tried to get him into his arms, nearly dropping him due to the fact that Krogan was a lot lighter than he should have been.

    The man groaned quietly in pain, making Hiccup flinch.

    “It’s okay, Krogan. You’re fine.”

    It was quite awkward carrying Krogan, as he was so tall that if Hiccup held him wrong, he could drop or hurt Krogan- even both if he wasn’t careful, so once he got Krogan into a good grip, he strode up to Gothi’s door, and knocked.

    “Gothi! I need help with something! Can you open the door?” he called, his eyes widening slightly, as he heard the old lady shifting around for a little bit, and when the door opened, he heaved a sigh of relief.

    One of Krogan’s arms fell out of Hiccup’s grasp while Gothi was eying him up and down, and she quickly instructed Hiccup to place him down in the bed that was in her hut.

    Why does he have the blindfold? She scribbled, eying Hiccup with a small frown.


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  • hiccstridshipper19
    09.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Hang on! You’re doing great :)

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  • reallyprofoundkryptonite
    09.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    oh look he hasn't slept in three years lol

    #krogan#krogan rtte#krogan httyd#httyd#httyd fanart#httyd rtte#httyd fandom#rtte#my art#meme #this was supposed to be like... #midnight sun krogan #hence the reason why he looks like he's gone without sleep for three hundred years #i need to get to writing something like this jeez
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