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  • hitchell-mope
    17.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Supergirl enchanted au

    Winn. Giselle

    Sam. Robert

    Mon el. Nancy

    Kara. Edward

    Ruby. Morgan

    Lillian. Narissa

    Morgan. Nathanial

    Brainy. Pip

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  • void-kissed
    10.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I have one MMD render completed out of four that all go together to make one piece

    I am now torn between posting the first one now or waiting until I’ve finished all four of them so that together they all have a greater impact

    #a call from the void #selfship#selfshipping#sort of #it's going to feature #self‑insert: darkness' champion (aria) #self‑insert: ruby in the light (ves) #and #friend: my iridescent counterpart (liviana) #so.. it counts as selfshipping because livi is a platonic F/O despite being the self-insert of one of my old friends #(and for context for anyone who maybe doesn't remember: they are aria's nobody counterpart!) #gaaaah they all fit a theme (and by a theme I mean lyrics) so I should probably hold off on sharing
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  • keyblademermaiden
    07.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Aryaille Nox for Junelezen 7 - Day

    “Sunrise on an unfamiliar shore... A new day is the closest thing we get to a fresh start.”

    #junelezen#ffxiv screenshots#ffxiv#elezen wol#elezen#ffxiv wol#aryaille nox#miss nox #putting this in #aria plays FFXIV #hi I'm in the Ruby Sea and its awesome
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  • hitchell-mope
    26.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Supergirl Alice in wonderland au

    Ruby. Alice

    Kara. Mirana

    Mon el. Tarrant

    Brainy. McTwisp

    Alex. Mallymkun

    J’onn. Absolem

    Winn. Thackeray

    Sam and Lucy. Tweedles

    Lena. Iracebeth

    Maxwell. Stayne

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  • hitchell-mope
    18.05.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #arrowverse#supergirl#ruby arias #shelter from the storm #anti supercorp #(just to be safe)
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  • sequesteredsnake
    16.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Having a lot of thoughts today about how well alex and sam would have worked as a couple.

    Mostly im just thinking about how great it would have been for alex and ruby to have had each other. Alex was such a good parent to ruby and im so upset that they werent allowed to stay together. i also miss sam with my whole heart and wish she didnt leave

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  • kryptonianc
    12.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Headcanon #1

    For months after Reign was gone, Ruby often had panic attacks whenever people mentioned Reign.

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  • avocadosockz
    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    something that i’ve learned that i think the rest of the supergirl fandom needs to recognize is the cute little connection between the cast:

    so this is izabela vidovic, aka young kara

    BUT she was also in the award winning movie Wonder where she played Olivia Pullman, older sister to the main character Auggie Pullman

    (side note: if you haven’t read or watched Wonder i HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do so immediately)

    Auggie Pullman is played by actor Jacob Tremblay who is also known for Room (2015) and other films

    but Jacob Tremblay is ALSO the younger brother to actress Emma Tremblay

    who we all know and love as....


    not anything huge i just think it’s a cute little overlap yk?

    tldr: young kara’s actress was in a film with the younger brother of the actress of ruby arias

    #kara danvers#lena luthor#supergirl#supercorp#ruby arias#sam arias#agentreign#alex danvers#reign #they’re a little family #just let me have my moment ok #superCUTE am i right
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  • void-kissed
    01.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Today’s random selfship-related fact is:

    After Aria and Ves became separate entities after the ending of KH3, Aria went to live with Aqua in the Land of Departure while Ves stayed with the scientists in Radiant Garden. Since both of them are actually named Aria, they tend to get referred to in conversation as “your Aria”/“our Aria”, or sometimes “Aqua’s partner” and “Aria at Radiant Garden” respectively, depending on who’s talking. Neither of them can figure out how Gummiphones work, though.

    #a call from the void #void's random selfship facts #selfship#selfshipping#self‑inserts #self‑insert: darkness' champion (aria) #self‑insert: ruby in the light (ves) #look if vanitas and ventus can reconcile then so can we #and both of them are me by means of being my self-inserts so I get to decide how they act #also the thing about the gummiphone is me playing off the fact that we're both technically super old haha #I forgot to schedule this oops
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  • luckyalphagirl
    01.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    *Kara and Lena On a 'Friendly' Date*

    *Alex, Nia and Sam Spying them*

    Alex : Do those 2 know that They Like each other?

    Sam : They both do but because Being the Kind of people they are they Choose to ignore it.

    Nia : God! If they don't kiss I will go and make them Kiss either Willingly or Forcefully.

    Alex, Sam : Us too!!!

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  • void-kissed
    16.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Of Rubies and Sapphires

    Document link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MXlNYYIQPVEeOXwsWuA4WIQ6E-LPJ-Z1BYljZbqlfuM/edit?usp=sharing

    Trapped by the shadow brought to life by a magical mirror as she wanders the realm of darkness, Aria is forced to finally reconcile with the other aspect of “herself”, once assumed to have been devoured by the dark. (1656 words) My piece written for Our Canon Now! 2020, a self-insert zine created by ginari and shirorabu.

    Tag list (joinable via this link!): @softskiesahead | @dragonsmooch | @thatslikesometaldude | @lilacslovers | @lux-has-too-many-fos | @beeon | @insomniaships | @setzale​ | @candyforthebrain​ | @rixbar | @elf-and-a-heart

    This was my contribution to the self-insert zine created at the end of last year! I was really happy to be able to take part in such a great project, especially since it let me write out this scene between Aria and Ves. I also created an MMD render to portray a specific part, so.. I’ll have to see if I can find that, too!

    Reblogs are appreciated but not by any means required - I also highly recommend going and checking out all the other wonderful art and writing in the zine!! As always, there’s a transcript of the doc under the readmore, too~ 

     I spoke aloud to myself as I stood before a tall oval mirror, coldly ornate with a rim of decorative gold. Dotted about the design were a series of red and blue gemstones, well-crafted in spite of their current neglect. The glass itself was smooth and clear, but obscured by a film of dust and dirt, so that the details reflected were hazy. A shame, really - for the backdrop it faced was a sea of glittering fragments, suspended in the air for as far as the eye could see. This was the shadow of a sky, and I appeared to have found my way to an open-air gallery. Here and there, sparkling shards shone a thousand colours in the flickering lights of the torch fires, subtly shimmering as flames flickered and glowed. Behind all of these lay the purest black of darkness - the fabric which held this entire realm together, ripped raw to expose itself wholly.

     I was no stranger to this endless abyss; in fact, it made a welcome change to have something so bright and yet piercingly empty stand before it. A useless curtain, if it were meant for obscuring - but the glittering glass still reminded me of the stars I had not seen for so long. Now though, afraid of where my mind would take me if I dwelled on such matters for too long - and wanting to discern what was actually happening - I turned back again to face the wall where the mirror hung.

    ..Now that I thought about it, something was missing from its reflection - myself. 

    And then, like a fool, I stepped closer.

     I expected to see the familiar sights of my wings, my eyes, my ears - the parts of me that turn others away. Instead I was faced with something a lot more human, which appeared out of nowhere in the mirror. She had the same face that I wore, but her eyes were wrong - instead of hard amber, her eyes were a brilliant green. And staring directly into mine with piercing anger. I was startled and tried to step backwards, but the girl reached out of the mirror and grabbed my right arm’s sleeve. Caught off-guard, I slipped on the cold stone under me and awkwardly fell forwards. The reflection was undaunted, though, and wrenched herself backwards with a shout to pull me straight through the mirror glass. 

     I instinctively tensed up and closed my eyes, expecting a shower of shards in my face, but instead was sent tumbling into a curious space inside the mirror itself. The ground was solid, but my entrance sent some kind of ripple through the floor, as if I had landed in shallow water. There was no real difference between the walls and the floor - both were made of a strange dark blue material, like some kind of clouded silk. However, as I had found out firsthand by crashing into it, this material was hard and solid to the touch. What was this world within..?

     That was anything but my main concern, though, as I quickly came to my senses and tried to get back to my feet. The imperfect reflection was doing the same, having managed to launch herself backwards by pulling me through the mirror. Now I could see her in perfect clarity, no longer obscured by the dust time had left on the glass - and she was in quite a state. She wore the same clothes that I did, but where mine were comfortable and deliberate, hers looked forced-on and ill-fitting. Her hair hung limply on either side of her face, with no sign of my cat’s ears, and my pitch-black wings were nowhere to be seen either. It was like she was someone human, someone normal, trying to dress up as me. There was anger pulsing through her body, but it seemed somehow hesitant, and her face was soaked with a thousand tears. I could work with that.

    “Why have you brought me here?” I asked her. No use fighting when you can reason with someone, after all. Especially given that I could not summon my Keyblade, and if this entity had tried to reflect my appearance then there was every chance it could mirror my power.

    “You know why!” she cried, in a voice like a child’s. “Look at what you’ve done to me!”


    That wasn’t what I was expecting to hear. “So you’re saying that you’re-”

    “Look at me!” She yelled to drown me out and pointed at herself with a sob. “I never wanted to be like this. You’re the one who did this to me!”

    In the face of her anguish, I refused to let my rising emotions show. “You say it like you think I don’t know that, Ves.”

    “Don’t call me that!-” 

     All of a sudden she lunged out towards me - I tried to leap out of her way, but there was nowhere to go and I was too close to the edge of the “room” to try and fly. There was a flash of ice as Ves tried to summon a blade of her own - but like mine, it faltered into nothing. It seemed we were linked in that aspect. In retaliation, I sent forth a blast of dark fire to get her away from me so that I could regain the upper hand. I was tired from my previous exploring, but my magic was always at its height in this realm, thanks to all the darkness to augment it. Luckily, that held true in the mirror too, and she was flung backwards again.

     If nothing else, her reaction to her name confirmed my suspicions. This was not a reflection at all. Instead, she was what remained of the vessel I had taken so long ago, what I had used to live on and be complete again. I had assumed whatever was left of her had faded away with time; perhaps that was the reason for her having almost the same appearance as me. Given a choice, she would certainly not have done so, but it may well have been the only way the mirror could give her a form.

     To try and show that most human of aspects - mercy - I kept low and attempted to look as non-threatening as possible. This was not something I could do easily, but I tried anyway, lowering my wings and removing the mask over my mouth. Ves’ eyes widened at this, and she retained her anger, but sadness was building up behind it. It was clear that despite her outburst, she was not seeking to destroy me - perhaps she realised that doing so would lead to her demise as well, or perhaps it was merely that she was not a fighter.

    “Fine, then.” I paused, and used the name I took from her. “Aria. That’s you, isn’t it?”

    “I’m me.” she started coldly, then I think she realised what I had actually said. “You- you stole my name. Like everything else about me.”

    No way of getting around that, unfortunately. “I suppose that’s true. So, what, have you come to take it back?”

    “I- yes! I have to get rid of you!!”

     She was clearly caught off-guard, however defiantly she stated her intentions. The fact she had no weapon was likely the main factor, although there was still every chance she could use the same magic as me. It was then that I realised the mirror had appeared behind her - and through it, I caught a glance of the real world I had come from. A chance to escape! The ceiling of this strange space looked too low, but there was still a way of getting around her. I slowly crouched lower, let my wings unfurl, darted to the side as Ves flinched from the sudden movement- and my hand brushed against hers when I passed her.

     A cascade of emotions brought me to the floor. All her anguish, all her pain, from all those years - I felt every aspect of it in a single moment. She was what I had used to live on, the reason I could be as I am now; but how I had repaid the favour? In the most Heartless way I could have - by twisting her form, taking her name, and leaving her dormant. She was a shell trapped in slumber, with her light consumed and overshadowed. No more than a soul left to fade away in place of all it could have been. How could I have done that to her? To anyone?

    I turned and looked up at her, now understanding what I had put her through, but unable to speak through the emotions. Ves seemed to notice that, too, and her expression had shifted - perhaps our connection had reunited her with the memories I had that she never experienced.

    Then she spoke, with what felt like a much more characteristic quietness. “Can you.. let me be myself again?”

    I rose to my feet, and gave only an honest answer. “I can’t let go of you entirely. I don’t remember how to. But.. if you have the strength to show up, I won’t fight it. I’ve kept you down long enough.”

    “..I understand.” She smiled, even if it was not all she was hoping to hear. “Thank you, Aria.”

    “You’re welcome.. Aria.”

    A more amused smile from her this time. “That’s going to be confusing, isn’t it?”

    We both managed to laugh at that one, despite ourselves, and as I stepped through the mirror, the sound of her laughter shifted from outside to inside me as my reflection became nothing more than that. I felt different now, but as the cold and empty realm sprawled itself before me again, I knew for sure that I had done something right for once. And I had a new goal in sight - to find a way for us both to survive.

    #a call from the void #creations from the void #selfship#selfshipping#self‑inserts #self‑insert: darkness' champion (aria) #self‑insert: ruby in the light (ves) #our canon now! 2020 #this post is okay to reblog! #if I didn't quite literally have the voice of a 12-year-old (as evidenced by my ursula impression) I would try and record this #since it *is* from aria's perspective.. which would therefore be mine.. so yeah #hey maybe I should repost that commentary on it that I rambled about to dragon #but yeah anyway I hope this is alright #the tag list was mostly just copied from the xiara render so hopefully it's all still applicable #waiting in the wings #so it goes out a little bit later
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  • black-dragon1998
    14.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Rowdy family

    Summary: Reader and Cheryl are dating and when her mother is away for a lecture Kara and Alex propose to come to Riverdale for the weekend together with Lena, Sam and Ruby. things get rowdy.

    Author note: this has been in my writing box for ages, so sorry if some things don't add up anymore with the series. also sorry for the bad writing. 

    warnings: non.


    Kara: hey, (Y/N) we heard that mom is gone for a lecture. What do you say we come over and hang out over the weekend? I and Alex miss you! Oh, and Lena too and Sam and Ruby and John. reading your sisters texts made you snicker even over the phone Kara succeeded in rambling. You could basically see her pout on the last part. your laughter stirred the beauty who was sleeping on your lap.

    “What is so funny?” The redhead asked as she looked up at you with sleepy eyes. When you looked into her vibrant eyes you almost lost your train of thoughts. She smirked when she caught you staring. With a blush, you looked away.

    “hum, Kara asked if she and Alex could come over for the weekend to spend some time together.” You answered. “And what did you tell them?” you had told your sisters you were dating Cheryl Blossom. They also knew you had told her what you were and to your surprise and that of your sisters, she took you being an alien, the same as your sister Kara better than expected.

    “Nothing yet. I first wanted to ask if you wanted to meet them. Because the moment they step foot into town they are going to demand me to introduce you to them. So, I first wanted to check with you if this was okay?” Cheryl’s smirk vanished and a soft smile appeared. She lifted herself of your lap and gave you a small kiss on the cheek.

    “you are to5556o sweet for me and it’s okay with me I want to meet your sisters.” Cheryl said. You couldn’t help but blush and look at your hands.

    Suddenly your lead-lined glasses were picked of your nose. When you looked up, Cheryl had placed them on her face. She looked absolutely adorable. The way she smiled right now, one could easily forget how broken the girl was, how deprived of love she really was.

    “How do I look?” she asked looking down her nose at you.

    “Like a beautiful girl who just stile her pore girlfriends’ glasses and left her basically blind.” You could barely contain your laughter. The only reason you could do this in school was that nobody was with you at the moment and you would know the moment somebody approached.

    Cheryl snored at your commend. “if she was so blind as she proclaims to be, how can she tell I look beautiful wearing them?”

    “Because I don’t need to see, to know how extraordinary beautifully you are.” You answered looking Cheryl straight in the eyes”


    “But I’m your dork, right?” you asked her with hopeful eyes. Before she answered you could hear people coming to the student launch. “people are coming this way.” And just like that, a mask was pulled over your and Cheryl’s faces. She put your glasses back on and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek.

    “yes, my dork.” You had to hide your smile by burring your face in Cheryl’s neck. Voices could be heard from four people and they were getting closer, but you didn’t lookup. At school, you kept a shy and geeky persona. You could say both you and your sisters played a role by hiding your true selves. Cheryl found it quite funny how much you changed when at home or in her room.

    (Y/N), Cheryl!” Veronica exclaimed when the core four ore the Scooby-Doo gang as Cheryl liked to call them. You straightened yourself and looked at the four teenagers in front of you. “Hey V, Betty, Jugg, Archie.” You greet with a small smile. “aanh. (Y/N) still as adorable as always.” Betty says with a big smile. You couldn’t help but blush. Just like your sister it had become second nature to act like this. For the rest of your break, you didn’t say much, only if somebody asked you a direct question. Before you returned to class you send your sister a quick replay that it was okay for them to come.

     After school, Cheryl decided she was going home with you. Fine with you everything better than her going home to her psychotic mother. It was quite normal for her to go home with you and your mother didn’t mind.

    Then again Cheryl’s mother didn’t like you and vocalized that more than one’s, you weren’t impressed. She also didn’t intimidate you like she hoped she would. Very little intimidated you, you had seen Alex use her famous ‘agent Danvers’ glare on you, very little intimidated you anymore.

    “do you want to stop by your house first before we go to mine?” you asked taking Cheryl’s hand while walking out of school after Cheryl had cheer practice. Cheryl seemed to go rigid at the mention of going ‘home’. “no mommy is back from her business trip.” Cheryl said while looking at the ground. when she got like this you wanted to do nothing more than take her in your arms and protect her from all the bad in the world. For now, however, all you could do was squeeze her hand lightly.

    “hey, that’s okay. I’m pretty sure you still have clothes in my room and for tonight you can borrow one of my hoodies. I know how much you like them.” You whisper in her ear before giving her a peck on the lips. The school was practically abandoned because of the late hour and it being a Friday. So that mend you both could let your persona’s slip.

    “Besides, if you need anything I can always fly into your room and get it for you.” You open the passenger door of your car so she can step in. she gave you a small peck before getting in.

     You ended up at pop’s before going home. Cheryl sat next to the window and was lost in thought. You were staring lovingly at her while waiting for your order. You were just thanking pops and paying for the food when you heard the door open and close. Paying it no mind you smiled at pops. Regretting not turning around when you hear Cheryl’s sharp intake of breath and the acceleration of her heartbeat. Never turning around so fast you zeroed in on the person causing her this distress.

    A young male wearing expensive clothes and with the air around him that he wasn’t from around here. Stepping behind the guy you saw your girlfriend trying to keep her cool and show as little emotions as possible.

    “What do you want?” the sound of her voice made you know that Cheryl was in full bitch mode.

    “oh, Sharon you don’t need to be so snappy. I just came here to say that my parents have paid your mother the hush money for our little trifle, so you are to never speak of it to anyone again.” He said with a smug smile. As he was speaking the words it downed on you who this was.

    Nick St. Clair, the asshole who almost rapped Cheryl after slipping something in her drink. Rage overtook you, you grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around. The force behind it was just a little bit more than necessary. The first emotion you say on his face was a shock, that was fast replaced by cockiness.

    “Well hello there beautiful, what can I do for you?” he asked with what you think had to be a charming smile. The only thing it made you wane do was through up. Remembering your promise to Alex, to not cause any trouble you keep a polite smile, for now.

    “yes, actually you can. By walking through that fucking door and never come back. Because if I ever see your face around here again, I’m going to choke the living daylight out of you.” Instinctively he took a step back, allowing you to manoeuvre yourself between him and Cheryl. Looking over your shoulder you gave her a small smile. Nick sees this as a chance to try and slap you, you catch his wrist with ease. Turning around slowly, to face him raising an eyebrow. A move you learned from watching Lena interact with snobby investors.

    “I was not convincing enough.” You say in a calm voice while tightening your grip on his wrist. “let’s try this again. If you don’t leave now, I will ruin not only your life but also that of those low live booth lickers you call parents.” Nick, who was wrestling to get out your iron grip suddenly froze. “how could a nobody like you do such a thing?” there was wavering in his voice. You hoped he would call your bluff.

    “oh, I so hoped you would ask me that. You see Nicky boy, just like you I’m not from around here. Before I moved here, I lived in Midvale. Not so special, I know but my extended family is so making up for all of that. You see both my sister live in National City.” At the mention of the city, you say you saw the colour drain from his face.

    “from your expression, I think you may have heard from it, no. probably yes because we both know what company lies there, don’t we? L-Corp ever heard of it?” sweat started forming on his forehead. “I happen to know the CEO.”

    “How the hell do you know Lena Luthor?” he seemed to get some confidence back. This was as much fun as Cat Grand said it was to play with your opponent, Kara would probably be not that happy for you talking to Cat for stuff like that.

    “oh, sorry I haven’t introduced myself. I’m (Y/N), (Y/N) Danvers.” Now he defiantly looked like a ghost. Then again everybody had to come to know the name recently.

    “Danvers…a-as in?” “sister of ‘the’ Kara Danvers, girlfriend…no wait fiancé of ‘the’ Lena Luthor? Absolutely!” you said with a smug smile.

    After that, it seemed he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Turing toward Cheryl, she was looking at you with a star-struck face. Sliding in the booth next to her she immediately hugged you tight. You were a little taken back.

    “thank you. Nobody has ever done something like that for me, except Jason.” You could hear the unshed tears in her voice.

    “oh babe, of course, I’m going to stand up for you. I can’t stand the sight of your hurt. The only reason I didn’t beat the crap out of the guy was that I promised my sister, Alex to not get into any fights. Believe me, you don’t want an angry agent Danvers on your back.” You say chuckling a little.

    “did I ever tell you, you are sexy when you are being all knight in shining armour.” She separated you two a little to look you in the eyes. “I will be whatever you want me to be.” You say kissing her passionately.

      In the meantime in a booth in the back of pop’s looking at the scene dump folded. “did what I see, just really happen?” the redhead of the four asked his friends confused. The moment he saw Nick St. Clair walk over to Cheryl, he was ready to walk over there and show him the door. But (Y/N) had been there too fast.

    “I think so because I saw it too.” The raven-head said. “but (Y/N) is always so sweet and dorky. She once told me she was practically was blind without her glasses.” The blond exclaimed in shock.

    “she didn’t seem very blind just now.” The beany wearing boy added looking up from his laptop.

    “and who did she say was CEO of L-Corp?” Archie asked. This time Veronica looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

    “really? you haven’t heard of her? She has been on all the front pages of every magazine lately. Apparently, her long-time girlfriend has asked to marry her. Everybody had been dying to see the ring.” Veronica said while looking on her phone for a photo of the couple. When she found a photo, she showed the boy a photo of a brunette in a fabulous power suit and blond wearing cardigans. “doesn’t the blond look a little like (Y/N)?” Jughead pointed out.

    Before anyone could comment the door to pop’s opened again and four women stepped inside. The first was a woman with a short redhead with an undercut, who was holding hands with a tall long-haired brunette. After them, a tall blond with a shorter brunette entered, also holding hands.

    “oh my god! It can’t be, what are they doing here?” Veronica asked. “what who are they?” Archie asked. Veronica didn’t answer and just showed him the photo.

     You and Cheryl have gone back to normal seating positions, her head slightly resting against your shoulder, when you hear four distinct heartbeats. When you felled the presence of people behind you and didn’t turn around.

    “when Kara sends me a text with the question you guys could come over. I didn’t expect you so soon.” “we misted you,” Kara stated. You weren’t surprised when you were lifted out of your seat, into a bone-crushing hug by both your sisters. Kara holding you in a headlock, while Alex was ruffling you hear “what is the matter little sis, had plans with your girlfriend first?” Alex teased. You had to admit you missed your sisters.

    When you and your sister were roughhousing one another Sam and Lena took a seat in front of Cheryl, ignoring you and your sisters’ antics. Both women had a kind smile on their face when they looked at Cheryl. “Are they always like this?” the younger girl asked, watching you, Kara and Alex tease and hug one another. “being all dorky and cute.” Sam asked. “always.” Lena answered. “you should see them when they play board games.” Sam adds.

    Cheryl tears her eyes away from you and looks at both Sam and Lena. Both brunettes are staring back, smiling. “hey, I’m Sam.” Sam says while extending her hand. “Cheryl.” Cheryl shakes her hand. When they retreated Lena extended her hand. “Lena.” Cheryl could help but start to smile herself. “so, Cheryl…” Lena began, but was cut off when the door opened again and a young girl stormed in.

    “(Y/N)!!” Before you could register what happened a girl hung around your neck, hugging you close. When you registered who it was you chuckled.

    ”Hello Ruby.” You answered in the same sing-song voice as she did. The girl kept clinging to you like a koala and you pretended to struggle to support her weight. Making Kara and Alex laugh.

    “(Y/N) you have to come back home. Mom and mama are acting all lovey dovely all the time. Aunt Kara and Lena are even worse.” Ruby whined, making all four woman blush and you laugh.

    “I’m sorry to hear that little mouse. I’m sure it can’t be that bad.”

    “believe me they are.” Ruby keeps on whining when you place her back in the booth next to you.

    “Okay, okay I believe you. How about you text me next time it happens and see if I can help.” You proposed, making Ruby’s mood lift.

    “deal. Can we eat now? The drive here took forever.” Ruby exaggerated by flinging her self on the table. You looked at Cheryl if she was still okay with this, you knew that your family could be a little much if you weren’t used to it. But she stared at you with a small smile.

    “still believe you are ready for this.” You whisper into her ear before kissing her on the cheek. She gave you a nod and pulled herself partly onto your lap so everybody could sit in the same booth. From the corner of your eye, you could see Kara snicker and getting hit by Lena. Alex and Sam were holding a silent conversation before Alex spoke.

    “Alright, Kido we can eat here,” Alex said making both Kara, Ruby and you fist pump. Your happy bubble was broken however when Sam spoke in her ‘mom’ voice.

    “but all three of you are picking something healthy too.” The three of you whined in sync. Cheryl couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable you were with your family. Yeah, she would be happy if she could get to know them together with you.

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  • ariapmdeol
    13.04.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #aria rambles#rwby#ruby rose#gil#aria answers#classpecting#anon #i have NOT seen much rwby dsjlkadsjlkjdklas #but im goin based on vibes and vibes alone
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  • void-kissed
    08.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    okay I am really surprised at how many people liked the render I posted last night, thank you to everyone who said such nice things ^-*

    I think I might start reposting some of my old stuff that I’m proud of from my old blog if that’s alright? Maybe like.. at midnight every other day or three, or something, since that seems to apparently be when posts get the most traction.

    I also realised that not a lot of people know who Ves actually is, so, sorry about that. To summarise, she’s the human Keyblade wielder from the age of fairytales who Aria possesses in order to retain her sense of self and feel “complete” again even as a Heartless. (Hence what I call her - Ves, derived from vessel.) The two of them are at odds with each other for a long time until reconciling during 0.2, and then finally after KH3 is over, Aria leaves Ves’ body and enters a replica, allowing Ves to exist separately from her and properly be her own person again. She currently lives in Radiant Garden, recovering from the effects of her long period of being possessed while also helping the scientists determine if her being from such a long time ago could be helpful for their research.

    (She’s also my player character for the Japanese version of KHUX, which is where the AU of her not being possessed stems from - it’s a literal alternate universe by virtue of being a different version of the game, haha. She’s friends with the characters I tag as “daybreak friends”!)

    #a call from the void #selfship#selfshipping#self‑inserts #self‑insert: ruby in the light (ves) #because aria’s khux party are the sapphires so Ves’ party are the rubies #ask to tag #I should probably repost of rubies and sapphires since that also might give more insight
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  • void-kissed
    07.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I have attempted to do about seven different things today and only successfully achieved one of them, so.. sorry for the inactivity. I promise I will get to what is in the inbox, I’m just having a lot of trouble with coming up with any kind of answers.

    In the meantime, since it’s AU April and all.. have a Ves in Daybreak Town! This is just a quick little MMD render I put together very quickly, but hopefully it’s alright. You might have to click on the picture for better quality since it is quite high-resolution.

    (This counts for AU April because in the normal version of events, Ves never exists like this in the age of fairytales, only becoming her own self again after KH3 is over. But in an AU setting where Aria as you’d know her doesn’t exist, she’s able to be her own person from the start, hence why she shows up in Daybreak Town. She’s the reason Aria has wings!)

    #a call from the void #creations from the void #selfship#selfshipping#sort of#self‑inserts #self‑insert: ruby in the light (ves) #the least ruby-ish design ever but eh it's fine. aria's doesn't exactly scream ''sapphire'' either #this post is okay to reblog #it was very hasty and I don't know what happened to stroke of midnight's keychain but here #anyway i'm tired #ask to tag #technically this is the wrong model because the khux version of ves wouldn't have tattered wings #but it's the most up-to-date one in terms of the outfit and changing her from how she appears post-KH3 was just a texture change #i'm not going to tag anyone for this since it's not like an official thing but I thought it might still count for something so there #the shader effects were not cooperating so I think this is only using SSAO_lite hence why ves looks a bit washed-out
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  • xstabcastx
    04.03.2021 - 3 monts ago
    from here || @designsflaw || accepting 🎬 for hope and ruby. a movie theater kiss

    Salvatore school was the place where Ruby's girlfriend was a professor and she knew there was some kind of prom Hope invited her as her plus one.

    As much as she wanted to accompany her girlfriend she had duties in L-Corp especially after she was officially reported the person who would rule L-Corp when Lena Luthor, current CEO and privately her step mother would retire.

    Hope's gala was on this same day as the important business Ruby had to be part. Other than that was also her training as Reign. Since she developed her powers, Supergirl and Superman took upon themselves to teach her everything they knew. They even tried her to wear this same crest as theirs but the youngest Arias knew better. She wasn't a super. She was Reign and she would never turn her back at it. Just like she would never be ashamed she became Luthor.

    The meeting was longer than she expected but when it ended she quickly changed in her Reign uniform and flied to Hope.

    From the distant she could hear her girlfriend's heartbeat and music playing. She landed outside of the school, thanks to Lena's invention she was able to change the superhero uniform to elegant suit.

    It wasn't the first time when she visited her girl so people around knew her. With some nods and handshakes she greeted familiar faces but her focus were on the girl in front of her.

    Without a word she gently turned Hope around and dip her, placing a kiss on her lips. "You are gorgeous." She said, from the corner of her eye she could hear students whooping and clapping.

    #m: ruby #ruby arias x hope mikaelson: flawedwrites #flawedwrites #pouring vodka - queue
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  • afaims100arrowversefavs
    09.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    22. Sam sacrifces herself to stop Reign and Alex adopts Ruby (Supergirl)

    First of all, I do like Sam, I didn’t want her to die. But the problem is that literally everything about Season 3 was building toward this. Normally everyone bitches about the writers killing off characters, but in this case, it was a grave mistake not to kill off someone. Sam’s Guilt about Reigns crimes, Alex’s bond with Ruby – all of this was literally for nothing and stopped dead with Sam not dying. Somehow getting rid of Reign magically solved everything for Sam (or not, because she was written out between Seasons, we don’t really know if she ever got over her trauma), while Alex’s Adoption Storyline went nowhere and was put on indefinite hold after that one episode in Season 4, where she almost got a baby. Worse, the writers actually admitted that they had planned this, but then changed their minds because they did not want to take a mother from her child. Which just means they were and are cowards – if you compare „Supergirl“ to the other Arrowverse Shows, there is one major difference and it’s exactly that one – only villains and side-characters die on „Supergirl“ (and M’yrnn whose storyline bascially was dying), in other words less heartbreak but also less courage is found here.

     Did I do that in one of my Fanfics: Yup.

    #Arrowverse #Top 100 Storylines we never got to see #and probably never will #Supergirl #Supergirl Season 3 #Sam Arias#Ruby Arias#Alex Danvers#Reign
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  • afaims100arrowversefavs
    09.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    32. Sanvers: The Big Gay Wedding (Supergirl)

    Well there is no question, we would have wanted to see that happening. I never understood why they let Alex and Maggie get engaged to each other at all, if they knew she was leaving soon. Yes, the cliffhangar indicated she would say yes, but we never heard her saying yes. We could have just gone into Season 3 with Sanvers still together but falling apart because Alex is hurt that Maggie does not want to marry her. This would have made the break up a lot less messy. But she did say yes, so in an alternate universe, where Floriana Lima did stay on the show, Sanvers did not break up but got married. The writers stated they would have prefered doing a Big Gay Wedding over the Break Up, so let’s imagine they would have done it. It would have been a very special episode of Television, the first Same Sex Wedding on a Superhero-Show. It would have been a grand episode, interrupted of course by a supervillain, idearly Jeremiah would have shown up, if they couldn’t have manged that, J’onn would have lead Alex to the altar instead, Kara and Winn would have sung a romantic duet for the brides, that would have been a good moment to have James and Lena becoming closer (everyone hooks up on Weddings, you know), and Ruby could have been the Maid of Honor, and Eliza would have cried, and Kara would have cried, and who knows maybe Maggie’s Dad would have come around after all. This could have lead into the even more problematic topic of her mother, which could have served as on on-going storyline for her for the rest of the season. The Wedding would also make things even harder for Kara going into Mon-El‘s Return and his marriage to Imra after that, because Alex got her dream-wedding while the Love of Kara‘s Life married someone else. So yes, we would have liked to see this one. There is no question about it.

     Did I do that in one of my Fanfics: Kind of. I had a Sanvers Wedding later down the line, and other timelines, where they were still a couple, but it wasn’t the Season 3 Wedding.

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  • afaims100arrowversefavs
    09.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    37. Sam and Alex become an Item (Supergirl)

     If Sam Arias would have stayed on the show after Season 3, we would have seen a her and Alex growing closer and eventually starting to date, probably. The groundworks for that had been laid in Season 3. Television and film are prone to the whole „falling in love while caring for a child together“-Trope, and Alex bonded with Ruby in Season 3 quite a lot. She also did start bonding with Sam in the latter part of the Season, and all we were ever told about Sam’s Love Life is that she fell pregnant as a teenager, so it would have been entirely possible for her to become Alex’s new Love Interest. This would have also opened up a way to get into more of Sam’s and Ruby’s backstory, particulary the question about who Ruby’s father is, if she has Kryptonian Heritage in her, and if there still is some of that left in Sam. Also the whole Alex wanting to be a mother and filing for adoption thing would have been moved forward and not be forgotten about as it was in Canon. So overall – this was one of the biggest missed opportunities in „Supergirl“s history. Yes, we probably wouldn’t have ever gotten Kelly Olsen in the show, if it had happend, but the show would haved look more coherent, and fans did actually partition for it to happen. But instead the writers decided that losing Cat, Maggie, Mon-El, and Winn in the same season wasn’t enough and added Sam and Ruby to that list as well. For whatever reason.

     Did I do that in one of my Fanfics: Yes.

    #Arrowverse #Top 100 Storylines we never got to see #and probably never will #Supergirl #Supergirl Season 4 #Alex Danvers#Sam Arias#Ruby Arias#Kelly Olsen#agentreign
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