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    #GUYS GIYS GYUS- #what am i Even supposed to say #i mean I guess it kinda makes sense #i guess #man. #anyways definitely going to do something with that sort of crossover >:) #deltarune#undertale#ut/dr#toriel#toriel dreemurr#toriel undertale#toriel deltarune#asgore#asgore dreemurr#asgore undertale#asgore deltarune#deltarune rudy#rudy holiday #kinda lowkey ship them….. #falsettos #March of the falsettos
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    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Total crack theory incoming again.  You have been warned.

    What if Noelle’s mom is a human?




    I already hear the groans and the sighs and the “lol drugs must be fun”s out there.  Just.

    Okay.  Humor me.  Have a little jaunt with me through the crack.  Buckle in, people, it’s gonna be a long ride:

    In the first 2 chapters, we’ve seen only hints and snippets.  She’s the mayor, she’s a harsh mother, Rudy is very much in love, as a politician she’s uncharismatic but gets things done and runs unopposed, and she doesn’t seem to show her face much around town.

    Now, about Hometown.  We’ve only been assuming so far, based on context clues, that it’s a monster-only town except for Kris... but unless I missed something, there’s no explicit narration or exposition that states outright that this is the case.  Toby Fox is trying to go for worldbuilding that is more natural than that, but this approach allows certain details to be... open for interpretation.

    Humans are not common here, that’s obvious.  But what about the rest of the world outside of Hometown?  We know basically nothing about it, nothing about where Kris actually came from or what their life was like before the Dreemurrs.

    It could be a monster-only world with very few humans, or it could be a lot more evenly mixed.  For the sake of this crack, let’s assume option 2.  Hometown is this segregated, out-in-the-sticks monster community, but not totally isolated.

    If a well-to-do monster couple can adopt a human child and raise them here, surely an adult human could move in if they wanted?  Like, say, if this human fell  in love with a local who’s great friends with the Dreemurrs?

    But what about Noelle and her sister Dess?  Easy, maybe Rudy had a previous lover and they conceived two children, but something happened after Noelle’s birth.  Maybe the mother died, or simply left.  And then Rudy, suddenly a single dad, finds love again in a human woman who came to town, and she chooses to embrace her new and unexpected monster family. 

    Maybe she saw opportunity here.  A chance for a better life than what she had among her own kind.  And indeed, she is now mayor - relatively embraced by monster-kind despite her humanity.  It’s a gamble that seems to have paid off

    Dess took time to get used to so much change so fast, but for her baby sister’s sake she accepted it.  Noelle was too young to remember her birth mother, so Rudy’s wife is, for all intents and purposes, her mom, and that’s totally normal to her.  Even if her strict mother scared her sometimes... maybe Kris isn’t the only reason Noelle was afraid of humans under the bed.

    Speaking of Kris, the parallels this would create between them and Noelle are pretty clear.  A monster and a human from unconventional families - maybe that’s why they connected so well, despite Kris and their trickster ways.

    Imagine what it would be like for Kris.  Imagine growing up in a town full of monsters, except there is, in fact, another human like them who lives here... and that one other human, their friend’s mom, is a stern, cold, distant politician.  A far cry from their own monster mother: soft, approachable, kind... even if that kindness no longer exits for her eggs-husband.

    It’s no wonder Kris can’t stand to look at other humans, even if it’s just pictures in a book.

    Now, for the sake of Deltarune’s larger narrative, what would be the point of Noelle’s mom being human?  Or for any other human character to be in the story, for that matter?

    There’s a pattern of strained relationships between Kris’ classmates and their respective parents.  Catti’s family are preppy socialites while she’s the quiet goth; Kris’ parents are divorced and their brother is gone; Noelle’s mother is harsh, her father is ill, and her sister is gone; Susie’s implied to be in a broken home, if not entirely homeless. 

    Hometown is a worm cake: pretty and desirable on the outside, messy and textured on the inside.  Like in real life, there is kindness and decency and community, but there’s a lot of baggage and trauma and tragedy that nobody really wants to address.  It would be too painful, too inconvenient.

    Noelle’s mom being human would add a further dimension to Hometown - showing us that it’s not some simple “monster town”, but a place with a history and a place in the wider world beyond its forest.  Like everything else that’s complicated, nobody wants to acknowledge it, so nobody says it out loud.  A human mayor of a monster town...how could there not be tension there?

    There’s... more, but now I’m getting into territory where I’m theorizing about other things and how I’d try tying all these theories together, and at that point I’m just drafting an outline for a fanfic... and I’m already insane enough >>’‘‘‘‘‘‘‘

    #deltarune#deltarune theory#noelle holiday#rudy holiday#kris#crack theory #I am sorry not sorry for polluting the Deltarune tumblr waters
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    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    More Deltarune doodles because I am cursed to love gay shit :/

    #deltarune#kris deltarune#kris dreemurr#noelle deltarune#noelle holiday#susie deltarune#lancer deltarune #lancer aand susie are siblings TRY AND CHANGE MY MIND #berdly deltarune #i believe in berdly and noelle friendship supremacy #ralsei deltarune#krerdly#berdkris #kris x berdly #suselle #susie x noelle #kris and noelle are not just siblings but STEP SIBLINGS #if you know you know #(aka Rudy and Asgore are in LOVE) #i am OBSESSED with the idea that the Player wants Kris to be w Ralsei but Kris is like fuck you and dates Bredly #Berdly is Kris' little pogchamp uwu #and YES Noelle greets Kris (AKA KRISMAS) by saying Merry krismas #ITS CUTE #AND THEY CALL HER NO-NO #I NEED THEM TO BE FRIENDS AGAIN PLEASE MY CROPS ARE DYING #my art
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    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago


    Noelle finally awakens from that horrible nightmare

    ...Snowgrave fic part 3 because yes.

    Read the other two

    Ao3 Link


    Noelle woke up with a start, though she took a moment to collect herself before lifting her head. Taking in a few breaths, assessing her feelings to assure she wasn’t falling anymore. Thankfully, she wasn’t.

    She didn’t rest long though, as an alarm quickly caught her attention. She was quick to recognize it as Berdly’s.

    “A dream… it really was just a…” Noelle felt a wave of relief. However, that feeling was immediately disrupted when she noticed the pair across from her.

    More specifically, when she noticed Susie.

    “Susie! What are you doing here?” She said, blushing.

    “Uhh… You invited us to study, remember?” Susie said with a side glance.

    “Oh, right! I did, didn’t I?” Noelle laughed nervously, gathering her books.

    “...You’re in a good mood,” Susie remarked. Noelle paused.

    “Did you, uh, .have a good dream?” She asked.

    Noelle thought about it.

    “It was a nightmare,” She decided not to lie, but still said it rather joyfully.

    The voice. The cold. The blood. The statues. Berdly. Falling.

    “Oh,” Susie seemed surprised at her tone.

    “I’m… just happy I woke up, really,” Noelle took another deep breath, putting her books in her backpack.

    “The… end was nice, though,” Noelle smiled a little.

    “What happened?” Susie asked. Noelle was surprised at her genuine tone.

    “HAHA- well, I-i- uh-” Noelle didn’t feel like sharing all that. It was… private.

    A fantasy she could hold on to and keep to herself.

    Probably to her grave.

    “Haha Hey, Berdly time to get up and go!” She used her asleep partner as an excuse to leave this conversation asap.

    “Berdly?” She asked.

    He didn’t move.

    The alarm had been going off for well over three loops, Berdly usually turned them off right away.

    Why wasn’t he moving? It was all a dream, she fell asleep in the library why wasn’t Berdly awake???

    “Gosh, you’ve just been studying too much Berdly. Honestly, you deserve a little rest, y’know? Sweet dreams!” Noelle quickly grabbed all of his stuff and rushed away as soon as possible.

    ...Though she did stop to check if Susie had a tail.

    A suspicion she had for a long time- she didn’t know why it mattered all of the sudden- she was late to visit her dad. Thankfully she had the foresight to bring the game with her to school this time so she wouldn’t have to stop home for it. Goodness knows she just… couldn’t deal with her right now.

    Hell, maybe she’d just stay at Cattie’s house tonight too…

    No, no, her mother would be furious if she knew she was gone two nights in a row.

    Thank goodness the hospital is just across the street from the library, made things much easier.

    “Here to see your father again?” The front esk lady asked. Noelle nodded.

    “Go right on in, he’s been huffing about you being late because of ‘Nerdly,’” She said. Noelle laughed politely at that, before going to the hallway before the two rooms.

    Damn this hospital was small…

    At least the visiting area anyway.

    Noelle realized she was still holding all of Berdly’s things. With a sigh, she shoved it all in her backpack.

    Berdly is just getting some rest. He’s tired. He works really hard to get good grades and he deserves it.

    Noelle shivered a bit.

    She zipped her bag back up, took a deep breath, and entered her dad’s room.

    “Ah, there’s my Noelle. Study session go late?” Rudy Holiday joked.

    “You could… say that,” Noelle said, setting her bag by the bed as she got out her game.

    She knew it was probably suspicious, but there was no way she was going to get into all of that when her dad was… well…

    “Hey, where’s that watch I got you?” Rudy pointed it out.

    Kris had taken it off in the dream. Put it on themself for protection. Noelle tried to ask why, but Kris just moved onward.

    “I think it just got in the way of all the work me and Berdly were doing in the library,” Noelle said.

    “Does it need to be resized?” Her father asked, concerned.

    God, he was probably onto her.

    “No, no. It’s fine. It’s just in my bag. My wrist was tired, is all,” Noelle pushed it away. Thankfully, her father didn’t push it beyond that.

    “Did you invite Susie like I told you to?” Rudy asked as she hopped onto the edge of the bed.

    “I… did, actually. I didn’t think I had it in me- I even gave her a lunchbox full of chalk. Honestly- I have no idea how I didn’t die,” Noelle reflected. Rudy laughed.

    “I’m so proud, honey! You really do have it in you, just need a little push sometimes,’ He patted her back.

    Normally such words would’ve been greatly appreciated, but… after today’s dream...

    The last thing she wanted was a push.

    “...Are you okay, sweetie?” Rudy asked. He tried to sound lighthearted, but Noelle could sense the heavy concern.

    “Of course. Our project just took a little longer to prep today, left me exhausted,” She mostly lied.

    “You’re telling me! I was waiting what felt like hours for you,” Rudy joked. “You’re all the entertainment I got in here.”

    “I know, I… It won’t happen again,” Noelle promised.

    “Hey now, schoolwork is still important. Just don’t forget about your old man, alright?” Rudy punched her arm weakly.

    “I didn’t forget you,” Noelle laughed a little. “Just… got busy. Berdly’s a hard worker.”

    “I’ll kick his ass if he delays you again. Doesn’t he have that internship? Seems weird for him to go over too,” Rudy thought aloud.

    “Ahhhh, he got carried away too. It… happens,” Noelle was running out of excuses.

    “Alright, whatever you say, honey,” Rudy smiled warmly at her.

    Noelle feigned a smile in return.

    “Can we play the game now?”

    “Of course, I’ve been waiting for this all day, the sooner the better,” Rudy grinned as Noelle rolled her eyes happily and turned it on.

    “Silver Drake, huh? That’s a new one. Alright, what’s the plan, honey?” He asked as the fight loaded.

    Noelle looked through and weighed her options.

    “Hmm… maybe we could try… Iceshock?” She asked. It was really strong, so why not.

    “Ice on the ice palace boss? Don’t you wanna try fireschock or something?” Rudy pointed out.

    “H-huh?” Noelle paused, looking at the boss’s stats and realizing. “Yeah, you’re right…”

    God, that was embarrassing. Noelle was usually a wiz at this- why did she forget ice doesn’t work on ice???

    It didn’t matter before, in the Cyberworld. But none of them were ice, all of them were frozen, one by one by one by one by-

    “Here, how about letting me control for a bit?” Rudy went to grab it, but Noelle jerked it away.

    “N-no! I’ll… control it myself.” Dammit, that was a total jerk move… and to her dad of all people.

    God, this dream really had her shook up.

    “Not like you to be a controller hog, honey,” Rudy pointed out. “You feeling alright?”


    “Me? Of course! I’m fine Dad…” She hated lying to him like this.

    “I just… fell asleep in the library and… you know, just had a weird dream,” Noelle repeated, with a little forced laugh to lighten the mood.

    She could tell it didn’t really work.

    “Noelle… I knew that birdbrain’d put you to sleep! Haha,” He said, his laugh turning into a cough. “What’d he do? Start lecturing you on his theorem of inequality in children’s fighting games?”

    “Hahaha, no, no! He…”


    “...he fell asleep too.”

    She couldn’t even see through all the snow and when she fell all that remained was the giant crystal.

    “Wow, he even put himself to sleep? Ha!” Rudy laughed more.

    “Haha, yeah, I guess so!” Noelle forced herself to laugh along before he could catch on.

    “Well… sounds like you two’ve been hitting the books too hard. Why don’t you go home and hibernate? I’ll see you tomorrow at church,” He suggested.

    If he hadn’t just suggested going to church tomorrow, Noelle would’ve been appalled he wanted her to go home.

    “Dad? Are you gonna be okay to go..?” She asked cautiously. Her dad had a tendency to exaggerate things when he wanted to lift her spirits, she just wanted to make sure before she got emotionally invested.

    “Of course! You take it easy, honey.”

    ...That didn’t mean the doctors cleared him…

    “Okay then… I’ll go home and rest,” She decided to hold onto that belief anyway. God knows she needed something good to hold onto right now…

    Quickly, she jumped off the bed and grabbed her (and Berdly’s) stuff.

    “See you tomorrow, honey,” Rudy winked at her. It was his way of hugging with the doctor’s approval.

    “Bye, Dad. Love you!” She winked back, turning to leave when-

    “Kris!?” God- how long had they been there???

    Crap- she was acting suspicious.

    “Kris, what are you doing here?” She calmed herself.

    “Hell if I know,” Susie shrugged.

    “S-SUSIE!?” The panic returned. How much did they hear???

    “Ohhhhhhh! THIS is Susie!” Rudy was not helping.

    “Susie! Nice! Heard a lot about you!” Rudy grinned.

    “You, uh… have?” Susie was very confused.

    This is it. I’ve died. I’m actually dead. I’m a ghost now. I can never return after this.

    “COOL I THINK I HAVE TO GO NOW!!!” Noelle did not want the conversation to go any further, especially not while she was there, so she quickly ran right on out.

    God that was embarrassing.

    ...especially because she hadn’t even noticed Susie at first, far too fixated on Kris.


    Noelle was stuck in the same circle of thinking when it came to their childhood friend. Kris wouldn’t do what they did in their dream, but at the same time it felt like… they could. But it didn’t even matter, because it was a dream. Granted a very… very tangible and realistic dream, but still. She couldn’t get those imagines, that… that feeling out of her head. Out of her skin.

    She looked at her hand.

    The thorn ring left no marks, but her watch sure was gone.

    She probably just swept it into the backpack, didn’t even notice. She’ll look when she gets home. It was an expensive watch- mom would kill her if she lost it.

    “Come on, it… it was just a bad dream…” Noelle thought to herself, pacing around the hallway, rubbing her arms up and down to get the feeling out.

    “Even so, it was so real, I can’t get it out of my mind,” She rubbed her finger.

    “...that voice, telling me what to do… The voice was unlike Kris’s… a terrifying voice...”

    Noelle stopped her pacing.

    There had been something off with Kris lately. Not just… in her dream, in real life too. Yesterday they couldn’t stop chatting her up at the gate. Usually, Kris couldn’t’ve cared less. It was like they wanted a rundown of her whole life, despite knowing her forever.

    “So why hadn’t anyone else noticed it..?” She pondered.

    “I… I have to figure it out-- why Kris is acting so strange,” She pledged to herself.

    “Why they keep coming... to the hospital...” Noelle tried to list all their strange behaviors.

    “To see you.”

    “H-huh?!” Noelle bolted around at the familiar, ghastly voice.

    “K-Kris, how long have you been standing there!?” Noelle reminded herself it was a dream. Seriously- Kris didn’t even have blue skin!

    “Phew, you… haha, you really scared me, you know?” Noelle tried to take solace in the familiarity of them scaring her, but…

    That voice.

    It was hard to make out due to it being mixed with Kris’s, but it was definitely… there.

    “Keep it together, Noelle, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” She reminded herself.

    “After all, a dream is just a dream, right?” She forced a pathetic laugh.

    Then, she saw it.

    It was unmistakable.


    Pure silver, white snowflake detailing on the band, little engravings on the silver itself.

    “W-why are you wearing... my watch?”

    Her voice was trembling. Hell- her whole body was.

    “Wh… when did you..?”

    It wasn’t real. It was a dream. Susie said it was a dream. Susie promised it was a dream. There was no way Kris could’ve- they didn’t- Noelle wouldn’t- couldn’t have ever- she would never-

    “In your dream.”

    The blood drained from Noelle’s face.

    If Kris had the watch, then that meant… i-it was… that she.. And she wouldn’t- she can’t- Berdly was- did she-

    “Hey, Kris! Let’s beat it already.” Susie came from her father’s room, with her usual boisterousness.

    “Man, he kept talking about Noelle, like her favorite things, places she’d like to go… No idea what the hell that was about.”

    Normally, Noelle would’ve died in embarrassment at the thought.

    Kris had her watch on.

    They got it from the dream.

    The dream was real.

    “So, uh, the hell were you two doing?” Susie finally read the room- er, hallway.

    “O-oh, u-um, n-nothing, Susie! I was…” She glanced at Kris.

    She could almost see a red glisten in their eye.

    “I was just about to go home. U-umm… see you!”

    Noelle ran out as fast as she could.

    The second she was out of the hospital, she ran to the library.

    “He has to be okay. He has to.” She thought to herself, cursing her backpack for slowing her down with its weight.

    Why on earth was the library still so empty???

    She went to the lab-

    It was empty.

    Completely empty, except for the frigid air conditioning.

    Not even Berdly remained.

    “B-berdly?” She called for him.

    No response.

    She then glanced at the closet door. She knew the old electronics were kept in there…

    The door was locked.


    Dammit, dammit, dammit.

    Where was he?!

    She had to know he was okay- he had to be-

    She pounded and kicked against the door.

    It didn’t budge.

    She took out her phone and called him.

    Straight to voicemail.

    She kicked more.

    Not only was she left without a safe haven, but now she lost her good friend too…

    “Berdly, pick up dammit!” Noelle began to cry as she dialed again.


    Again and again and again and again she dialed his number and kicked and pounded against the door, all to no avail.

    Eventually, she just sunk to the ground and wept.

    The nightmare was real.

    And she had seriously hurt her friend.

    #snowgrave#deltarune#noelle holiday#rudy holiday#suselle#kris deltarune#my fics#susie deltarune#trauma#angst #this is the final part of the noelle stuff #but i do wanna write a Queen POV snowgrave fic #bc that fascinates me #so look forward to that #noelle needs therapy #tbh hometown needs therapy
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    A commission for @reindeer-dad ! We love a jolly reindeer man. 

    #rudy holiday#rudy deltarune #rudy holiday deltarune #deltarune#commission #heidy's art stuff
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    do you think if rudy was healed in the dark world, he wouldn’t be sick anymore once returning to the light world? 🤔

    #liz blogs#deltarune#rudy holiday #disregard how he gets there that's another question entirely #though i think it'd be funny if the two worlds end up. idfk. falling into each other or some shit #oops! too many fountains #anyway idk noelle was the one that said ''[in the dark world] where everything can be healed with a little spell'' #and i think it's interesting that She said that #when her dad is. Not Well #it just stands out to me #or damn even if like #all signs point to noelle being a party member again in the future right #so she's gonna find out about. The Closet #her dad takes a turn for the worst and shes like #'alright i am stealing u and shoving u in the magical school closet lets go last hope ralsei' #just something i think about probably too much for like one throwaway line #we dont even know whats wrong with him lmao
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    I love how rudy hates sans somebody got to do it, and susie just likes violence

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    Today’s Gamer of the Day is: Noelle Holiday from Deltarune

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    #astro asks! #stars talking #magical mystery ride (m!as) #cgi tom hanks m!a #absolute king with the red nose! (rudy) #T H I S IS GONNA BE MY FIRST INTERACTION WITH RUDY HOLIDAY??? #WELL HUG ME GENTLY WITH A CHAINSAW HUH. #AAAAAAAAAAAA
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    #reindeer dad [ ic ] #anons interact #reindeer mom [ mrs holiday ] #girlboss and malewife [ mrs/mr holiday ] #ooc: rudy showing his whole ass here
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    #rudolph holiday#rudy holiday #deltarune chapter 2 #deltarune chapter two #93w6art#doodles #I would post more...but I don't want to triple post in one day lol #toriel dreemurr#asgore dreemurr
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    I appreciate so much how Noelle and her dad's father-daughter dynamic is written in Deltarune so far. Like it's so sweet and caring, and I feel like it's handled very well.

    Like Noelle loves her dad so much and she makes sure to see him every day. She even brings video games to play with him and asks him for help when she is stuck, which implies that Rudy probably helped her and played video games with her for most of her life.

    But also, there is this level of trust between them that is so adorable.

    Like Noelle trusts her father to the point that she is so comfortable talking about her crush on Susie to him and asking Rudy what she could do to get Susie’s attention.

    And from how I see it, Rudy trusts Noelle's judgment because even if (I am guessing) Susie might give an "intimidating" presence to many, he still encourages Noelle to pursue her crush, making me think the opinion his daughter has of Susie is more important than rumors' he could have heard of her.

    He does tell Susie the "You better not hurt her or else" thing, but I feel like it's not taken overboard. He still says that Susie is a good girl in the end and even tells Susie things Noelle would like. 

    Like he is so supportive of his daughter and it makes me emotional!!🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    #Deltarune#Noelle Holiday#rudolph holiday #And idk maybe it's just me but I feel like some media handle the Father-Daughter dynamic like...hit or miss... #but Noelle and Rudy's are so nice and precious and I appreciate it so much!! #Rudolph seems like such a good dad it warms my heart!! #And it will probably make me so sad once something bad happens to him... #Rambles
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    Rybeld au mini series

    Rybeld's friends pt 2:


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    I had a dream where Kris, Susie, Noelle and Ralsei were on some adventure in the Dark World, when all of a sudden Noelle started to get sick

    She was coughing and the guys were worried and were like “Noelle are you okay??” “Yeah! It’s just a cold”

    But she slowly started to get weaker too. She can’t cast her ACT nor FIGHT properly, she even started to lose the ability to stand on her own

    The trio got extremely worried and took Noelle to a resting place to check up on her. Even Ralsei had a hard time understanding what was wrong with her

    But time was running out, Noelle could barely hang on to her life, for her to speak takes all of her energy that she has so little for...

    ...Meanwhile, in the Light World

    Rudy just had a surgery and he miraculously got all better, beaming with excitement to see his friends and family for the first time outside of the hospital

    He went to the Flower King shop and met up with Asgore, had a jolly time and bought some flowers from him

    With those flowers, he waited outside the school, smiling

    Finally, he’s the one going to see his daughter now

    He waited

    And waited

    The school gates opened, and from it, only Kris and Susie went out

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