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    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    THAT’S 👏 MY 👏 BOY 👏

    #RUDY PANKOW ACADEMY AWARD WHEN #this is so amazing for him #that cast is insane #he’s literally the main character #finally unveiled the latest mystery project #can’t wait for him to officially announce this #ugh my baby boy #🤧 #now we just need to know what he filmed in spain #chocolate lizards#rudy pankow #thomas haden church #carrie-ann moss#bruce dern
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    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #answered#anons#asks#obx#obx smut#outer banks #outer banks smut #jj maybank #jj maybank smut #Rudy pankow #rudy pankow smut
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  • r0s3mm
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    obx wiki being like "jj is 6ft" and "jj is tall with shaggy blonde hair"

    those are lies, rudy is a little toot (cute one but little.)

    #ro' talks #ro' and the empty #rudy pankow
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    17.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Putting it to the Test

    Summary: You and Rafe are both kooks and you two get into a fight and you say JJ could fuck you better so he puts that to the test

    Warnings: 18+ smut, threesome, choking, hair pulling, oral (fem and male receiving), vaginal (reader is on the pill) (wrap it before you tap it), i think that's all let me know if i missed any

    Word Count: 1.5k

    “Jesus Rafe why are you always out you never fucking hang out with me anymore!” You say to him as he walks in your front door. Both of your parents are at work. “I’m out doing shit Y/N don’t be mad at me.” He replies, giving you a shrug. “Well you aren’t doing me. We haven’t had sex in 3 weeks because you have been out all the time. I bet JJ could fuck me better then you anyway maybe I’ll go to him.”

    You said that knowing it would set something off in Rafe and you were right. He looked at you with a death stare. He walks toward you pushing you against the wall grabbing your throat. “Oh you think he can fuck you better than me. Ok, let’s go test that out then.” He says with our lips only centimeters apart. He then kisses you roughly, you did what you planned or so you thought after a minute of making out he let go of your throat and grabbed your arm yanking you out the door.

    “Where are we going Rafe?” you questioned him “We are going to see JJ and see if he can fuck you better. So get in the goddamn car.” You obeyed getting in the passenger set of his truck. He got in and started driving towards JJ’s house. “After this I’m gonna ask you who fucks you better and whoever you choose you can keep fucking.” You went to say something but Rafe gave you a look. You got to JJ’s place and you and Rafe got out of the car and walked to his front door.

    Rafe knocked, a few seconds later the door opened and you and JJ locked eyes for half a second before Rafe spoke up. “She says you can fuck her better then me so I want to put that to the test. You ok with that?” As soon as JJ could process what Rafe just said he nodded his head eagerly. “Uh yea sure I’m down.” Rafe walked in the house bringing you with him and you all followed JJ to his bedroom. Rafe threw you on the bed “Don’t leave this room, by the time we are back I expect you to be naked.” He said and you nodded, he then pulled JJ out the room to go talk to him.

    You couldn’t tell what they were saying but you knew you better start getting undressed before JJ and Rafe came back in. You threw all your clothes in a pill on the floor laying back on the bed. After a few minutes of waiting the boys finally came back into the room. Rafe walked up to you grabbing your throat once again and pushed you down on the bed, kissing you and exploring every part of your mouth. Rafe then took off his pants and crawled onto the bed, leaning against the wall. “Turn to your stomach ass up.” You did as told.

    With your face at his dick, you then felt a hand come up between you and touch your ass it then moved to you clit rubbing small circles against it making you moan out. Rafe put your hair into a makeshift ponytail and pulled your head toward his dick pushing your mouth down on it. His dick hit the back of your throat making you gag. He kept guiding your head along his cock. JJ then shoves his face into your cunt. Licking you all over making you moan around Rafe’s dick making him groan.

    JJ then pulled away and seconds later his dick was in you pounding into you like his life depended on it. You were a mess, moaning around Rafe’s dick which made him spill over the edge. WIth him coming in your mouth he pulled you off his dick and dragged your head up so you could look him in the eyes. “Swallow it baby swallow it all.” He instructed and you did as told. “God your hot as fuck. Do you like having his dick in you? Tell me how good it feels.” You didn’t answer at first which made him pull your hair harder making your eyes snap open.

    “Fuck, oh my god yes his dick feels so good.” “Does it Y/N?” “Yes fuck yes.” JJ was so surprised he never thought he would ever be doing this. But you just felt so good around him JJ’s dick was brushing against your spot making you moan and pull against Rafe’s hold. JJ then grabbed your throat pulling you flush against his chest. Hitting you from a new angle now. You reached for Rafe pulling him over to you and kissing him. You deepened the kiss as you felt your orgasim inching closer and closer.

    “Holy Shit, are you gonna cum Y/N? I feel you squeezing around my cock.” JJ said into your ear. Rafe pulled away so you could answer. “Mhm JJ fuck I’m gonna fucking cum shit JJ.” He sped up his movements making you fall over the edge cumming all over his cock. You clenched JJ’s cock while you came making him spill into your cunt after riding out your highs. He pulled out and you kissed him while Rafe came up behind you and started rubbing you and moving his hand up began playing with your nipples.

    Rafe turned you so you were laying on your back JJ hovered over your face with his dick you grabbed on to it stroking him playing with his tip a little. Rafe then started to tongue fuck you casuing you to let out a inlongated moan. He went up sliding his tongue out of you and threw your folds. “Spit” He held his hand up to your mouth and you sat up a little to spit into his hand. He rubbed your spit on his cock as you started to put JJ’s dick in your mouth starting by licking the tip, swirling your tongue around it. Rafe slammed into you and made you pull off JJ’s dick to let out a squeal.

    “Fuck Rafe just like that dont stop oh my god shit Rafe go faster.” You said then put JJ’s cock back into your mouth. Sucking as fast as you could while Rafe pounded into you. Rafe picked up both of your legs swinging them over his shoulders. Hitting you at an even better angle, his cock hitting your G-spot over and over again. Making you go over the edge feeling your orgasim yet again. “Yea baby fuck did you just cum all over my dick.” JJ then pulled you all the way down on his dick and cumming all over your tongue.

    Rafe kept moving in and out of you at a murderous pace. “Fuck Y/N you want me to come in you, tell me how bad you want me to cum in the pretty pussy of yours.” Rafe said his words along with his thrusts and JJ sucking on your nipples making you cum around him again. “Shit Rafe yes cum in me. I want you to cum in me so bad please Rafey.” With that Rafe came in you filling you up. He and JJ both moved down to your clit licking up the mess they made.

    Rafe got up to go get a washcloth and you sat up to go make out with JJ. Rafe came back in to clean you up handing it to JJ so he could clean himself up as well but, you take it and clean JJ up then move to Rafe and clean him up. You three suddenly heard his front door open hearing Pope yell “JJ where are you?” You could also hear John B, Kie, and Sarah talking. “Shit, hurry up and get dressed and you can hop out the window.” JJ whisper yelled at you and Rafe.

    The three of you got dressed as fast as possible. As you hopped out the window you waved bye to JJ and Rafe said something to him before following behind you. You grabbed Rafe’s hand holding it all the way to the car. “So Y/N, who fucked you better me or JJ?” You knew he was gonna ask this and you also already knew the answer to his question. “You Rafe. It will and has always been you.” You pulled him into a kiss. You both smiled as you pulled away he pulled out of the driveway on the way back to your house for the rest of the night.

    But back in JJ’s world “Was that Rafe Camerons truck that we saw that is also no longer here?” John B asked suspiciously. “Uhh where was it parked?” Kie answered with “Next to the shed.” JJ then said “Oh no that was one of my Dad’s old buddies he stopped by to pick something up.” “Oh ok” John B said, giving JJ a questioning look. Little did they know the real reason the truck was there.

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  • mentalpolaroids
    16.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    flufftober - day 16

    Falling Asleep Together

    Rudy Pankow x female!Reader

    flufftober 2021 masterlist

    The actors that played the Pogues had just wrapped their scenes for the day. It was becoming dark and the directors wanted to continue and shoot some night scenes with the Kooks, dismissing the other cast members. 

    Rudy had joined (y/n) for a snack trip before going to their trailers and get changed into their own clothes, intending to get comfy, meet Chase, Madison and JD and potentially go and try to watch their fellow friends shoot their scenes.

    “Housekeeping!” a knock on her door was followed by the famous line, letting her know who the person behind it was without even needing to ask. 

    “Coming, Pankow!” she answered, finishing pulling down her hoodie. Or was it his? she asked herself.

    (y/n) remembered her first day on the table reading, she and Rudy showed up wearing equal hoodies and their first interaction was pointing at each other while laughing. They bonded very quickly, and when the cast went to have dinner that night it felt like the two had known each other for years. They had been partners in crime ever since and would often joke about how they always manage to wear the same hoodie at the same time, even mixing it a few times, and if it wasn’t for his characteristic cologne and her favorite perfume, they probably wouldn’t even notice. What people didn’t know was that most of the time, when that happened, they wouldn’t switch hoodies, for an unspeakable reason between the two they enjoyed having the wrong piece of clothing, that felt more right than anything.  

    (y/n) opened the door of her trailer and stepped outside, too busy tying her hair in a bun to notice Rudy’s oh so familiar outfit. 

    “Again?” she exasperated, chuckling. 

    “Wow.” he laughed too while bringing the collar up to his nose and giving the fabric a sniff, “At this point I can’t even tell if this is mine or yours.”

    She did the same to try and solve the mystery but the boy stepped closer and leaned down over her collarbone, distracting her from her goal. He sniffed the hoodie and stepped aside almost as quickly

    “Ok, no, yup, that one is definitely mine.” he tugged at her sleeve while she was still trying to process how close she felt him a few seconds prior. 

    “Wanna switch?” she finally got herself to think straight. 

    “Nah. Unless you do?”

    “No, it’s fine.”

    “Shall we go then?” he asked, with a british accent and then bent his arm so she could cross hers with it. 

    “We shall, mister.” 

    The scene about to be filmed was inside the Cameron’s house, which was a delight for Rudy and (y/n) because they could sit and chill on one of the couches in the back that was discarded in the beginning of filming that season and that no one had bothered to move it yet. 

    “Where are the others?” she asked, as she sat down, followed by Rudy.

    “I don’t know, they said they would meet us here.”

    “JD’s probably at craft services.” 

    The boy laughed.

    “Oh for sure.”

    They watched the crew get the set ready as they talked with Drew and Charles that had approached them while they waited for their time to shoot, and when that time finally arrived, the set fell into silence aside from the actors who were now in action. It was a tough scene, it was noticeable they would take a long time to get it. 

    Almost an hour and half had passed when (y/n) started to feel her eyelids getting heavy and her brain was having trouble processing the things happening around her from how tired it was. During that time, Rudy and her had made themselves as comfortable as possible on the couch, that usually meant getting close and cozy, leaning against each other. It wasn’t an unusual thing to catch the two snuggling together, but it never became less amusing nor heartwarming for their friends to witness. It was no secret that Rudy and (y/n) were the tightest pair of the whole group but it was almost painful to see how they were so oblivious to how their friendship was seen from outside. No one could look at them and not say they didn’t at least have a crush on each other, there was just no way they could at one another the way they did and have no deeper feelings there. It seemed the two were the only ones who were blind to that and the cast was constantly trying to make them open their eyes. 

    (y/n)’s head ended up falling on Rudy’s shoulder, slightly drifting into his chest. Rudy was pretty tired too and his sleepiness was closer than he had planned, so he didn’t bother to move, only got more comfortable and moved his arm to wrap it around the girl, who was already breathing deeply. 

    The two were found completely whipped out and cuddling by the late cast members. 

    “I’m gonna throw up, this is too cute for me to handle.” Madison commented hushly, looking at them with loving eyes. 

    “Take a picture.”

    “Beat you to it.” Madelyn answered JD, her phone capturing multiple pictures of the sleeping bodies on the couch. 

    They tried to ignore their friends, even though their brains were way too tired to even retain any conversation they could hear. They were more focused on the warmth they were providing each other and how their scents would for sure get confused, then more than ever, when trying to figure out which hoodie was whom.

    #flufftober2021#outer banks#obx#rudy pankow #rudy pankow x y/n #rudy pankow x reader
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    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    maddie is with drew!

    i love them sm <3

    #drew starkey #drew starkey x reader #madelyn cline#rudy pankow#madison bailey#chase stokes#jonathan daviss#austin north#rafe cameron #rafe cameron x reader #barry x reader #jj maybank x reader #john b x reader #obx #topper thornton x reader #sarah cameron x reader
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    ☆ 臘癳𑐘. ...# 💭🧦 ⱄⰔⱄ 𝗇𝖾𝗐 𝗉𝗈𝗌𝗍 ! へꔛ*ʬ [ꈍᴗꈍ] 𝖠-𝖬𔔁 ₰i!k𝖾 + ꣁ𝖾𝖻𝗅☹︎⒢; 13h ♡䨻㍿미 🕸 。˚ノ 𝗳-𝖼𝗋𝖾𝖽𝗂𝗍𝗌< ꊞꊞ⍈ ?¿ 🧢💨🎯 {作}の𐙦¥
    #aesthetic#moodboard #icons with psd #outer banks #drew starkey obx #outer banks 2 #jj maybank icons #outer banks headers #kiara carrera #sarah cameron icons #jiara outer banks #icon#madelyn cline#madison bailey#rudy pankow #outer banks season two #cyb3rsexy
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    #pankow#baby rudy #leave baby pankow alone #obx#jiara #jj my baby #rudy my baby #iz’s thoughts
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  • teenwolfmarvel-obessor
    16.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Tipsy Confessions


    Summary: Going to parties was always something that you and your friends looked forward to. Sarah Cameron - newest addition to the group - insisted that you and your friends attend a party hosted by Kooks. Of course, John B, Pope and Kiara were up for it whereas you and JJ were not. JJ Maybank and you soon find a way to enjoy yourselves whether it includes a party or not.

    A/N: I can't stop writing these, 😂


    Topper and you used to date

    You are John B's sister

    Your Outfit




    Under age drinking

    Makeout scene towards the end, but not fully smut.

    Dialogue Prompts (credits to the original creator):

    "God, you're hot. I just said that out loud didn't I?" "Yeah."

    JJ Maybank x-reader

    Pope walked out of me and John B's house with our desired drinks in hand. Kiara took her feet off of my lap and grabbed her soda from Pope. The hammock swayed from side to side when Kie shifted. "Ha! I got it in!" JJ cheered once he had tossed the bean bag into the corn hole.

    John B rolled his eyes and took a swig of his beer before setting it on the stairs. "Y/N, how does it feel to be related to a loser?" JJ teased, looking over at me. I rolled my eyes in response and took a puff from a blunt before handing it over to Kiara who took it willingly.

    My brother tossed one of his bean bags, getting it into the middle hole. Pope leaned against the oak tree with his arms crossed as he watched John B and JJ tease one another about their poor corn hole abilities. "I almost forgot," John B spoke, "Sarah invited us to one of her friends parties." Kiara passed the blunt back to me, she laughed as I coughed at the puff of smoke; taken aback by it.

    "Are you forgetting the term Kook, because I sure remember, it" I remarked, swinging my legs over the hammock. My brother shot me a look before grabbing the blue bean bags from JJ's side of the yard.

    JJ pointed at me in agreement before throwing one of the bags into the hole. "Just give it a chance, she really wants us to go," John B said. JJ and John B continued to toss the bean bags until JJ won the game. I took a sip of my beer before Kiara reached over and grabbed it from me. I threw my hands up in the air and grabbed the blunt from her.

    Kie stood up from the hammock to help John B pick up the corn holes and rest them against the house. JJ walked over to me and motioned me to move over. He plopped down beside me, throwing an arm around my shoulders. Kook parties weren't always my cup of tea, it was full of drugs and just oblivious teenagers which so were the keggers but not as idoitic.

    JJ and I passed the blunt black and forth while John B, Kiara and Pope tried to convince us to attend the party. My brother shot me a look when I remarked another sarcastic statement. "I just got one really important question," JJ said, "Do we get something if we're on our best behavior?" He pointed to himself then to me.

    John B rose a brow at the two of us. He rolled his eyes and took the last swig of his beer. "Since when are you two ever on your best behavior," Pope remarked. I shrugged my shoulders and brought the blunt to my lips before handing it to my best friend.

    "He's got a point," Kie agreed. JJ scoffed and rolled his eyes, taking a sip of his beer. "You two can get the boat for a weekend, that's it," John B offered. JJ and I smirked, fist bumping one another. "You two are so weird," my brother said, turning around to walk into the chateau. "Thought you'd be used to it by now!" JJ exclaimed and stood up from the hammock with me, Kie, and Pope following pursuit.


    And here we stood in front of a mansion, Topper Thornton's to be exact. The roof seemed to go on for forever. Windows scattered across the exterior of the house. A golden glow seeped through the windows of the expensive looking house, letting little slivers of light to sit on the concrete driveway.

    My friends and I could hear the booming music from outside the house along with the occasional cheer from Topper's backyard. JJ and I stayed at the front of the Twinkie, leaning against it with our arms crossed; not wanting to step foot into the mansion at all. "C'mon guys, it won't be that bad," Pope said, closing the side door.

    Kiara slipped her sweatshirt off and threw it into the back of the car before following Pope to the front of the house. My brother made sure the van was locked before joining our two friends. "Pope, you say that now, but....." I trailed, meeting Pope's eyes. JJ's hand remained tucked in the pocket of my blue jeans as we glared at the house.

    Topper and I never really got along ever since the two of us broke up, which was a better decision now that I look back on it. He was always trying to cause problems when my friends and I ran into him at the keggers or just around town. With some more convincing, JJ and I had stepped forward to make our way over to the front door of the mansion.

    I was surprised that Sarah had even thought about attending Topper Thornton's party given their past, but John B said that Topper hadn't invited Sarah and that she was invited by another one of her Kook buddies.

    John B turned to look at me and JJ with raised brows. "Just be normal," he said. "Define normal," I replied, glancing at him. He rolled his eyes and fixed the sleeves of his collared shirt before stepping towards the door. "What's the worst that could happen?" Kie said.

    "Oh, many things Kie," I responded, "JJ, care to elaborate."

    "Gladly, Y/N. Well you see, Kiara. We are on uncharted territory, I don't know about you guys but I like my pretty face and would like it to stay pretty," JJ stated. I looked up at him with raised brows at the sound of his statement. He winked at me before looking back at the large front door. "I'm not making any promises that this fist won't be meeting a Kook's face tonight," I said, pointing to my hand.

    John B glared at me before opening the front door. JJ took his hand out of my pocket and set it on my bare shoulder, sending shivers down my body from the sudden feeling of his palm. I shook the butterflies away and continued to weave myself through the crowd.

    John B separated from the group once he had caught sight of his smiling girlfriend with a drink in her hand. Pope and Kiara turned to look at JJ and I as our eyes scanned over the large crowd of snobby and bitchy Kooks. "I swear to god if you leave us here by our-" JJ said, but stopped once our two friends smirked and walked away; hand's intertwined.

    "And they're gone," JJ finished. I looked around, trying to find something to entertain myself. Topper sat in the middle of two girls with his arm around their shoulders.

    Rafe Cameron sat in front of the three of them, his drug self taking over his condescending demeanor. JJ grabbed my hand and led me over to where the drinks were. He leaned over the counter, grabbing a bottle of something. He set two red solo cups and poured the alcohol into the cups.

    I sniffed the aroma, feeling it hit me like a ton of bricks. My face scrunched up from the strong smell. "This is not the cheap stuff," I commented before taking a swig of the drink. "Woah, slow down," JJ said, grabbing my wrist and lowered my arm.

    I looked around the room again, trying to find something to do rather than drinking and just talking. My mind flashed to the memory of Topper's backyard. I remember there being a pool and a small clearing in the grassy area that overlooked the beach. JJ filled my drink back up and wandered his eyes along the Kooks that littered the room wearing their expensive clothing and complaining about their expensive cars not working .

    I motioned JJ to follow me through the crowd. His hand found it's way to mine as the two of us made our way through the groups of party goers. JJ pushed the door open for me, waving me through the door. A chuckle escaped my lips as I led him over to the clearing.

    "Welcome to paradise my friend!" I said, gesturing to the small bench. The pool wasn't too far away, but enough for us to not hear the cheering and singing from the crowded house. Green bushes surrounded the clearing with flowers sitting on the rim. A small staircase sat in front of the clearing, leading down to the private beach area.

    I sat down on the concrete bench with my legs bent underneath me. JJ plopped himself down beside me, glancing at me then to the beach ahead of us. A comfortable silence settled between the two of us. I looked over at JJ and noticed him pouring some alcohol into his cup. "Where did you-" I started.

    "Took it from the bar," he interrupted before pouring some of the drink into mine. I chuckled and took a sip of the sour lemon tasting alcohol. "This is terrible," JJ said, coughing. "You're the one that grabbed it," I replied in between laughs. He looked at me with a smirk sitting on his face, watching as the moonlight hit my skin.

    "I've got an idea," JJ said.


    "You didn't even hear what my idea was," he stated, laughing.

    I shrugged his shoulders and poured the lemon flavored beverage into my cup before taking a long sip. 'God was he hot,' I thought, gulping. I tore my eyes away from his figure and took a sip of the alcohol. 'Nope, not falling for my best friend. Not again,' I thought with a shake of my head.

    He stood up from the bench and held out his hand. I chuckled and put my hand into his. The two of us quickly made our way through the backyard, now running on the beach with sand kicking underneath our feet. Within a few minutes, we made it back to the chateau; now a laughing mess probably from the alcohol.

    JJ had convinced me to come with him on the HMS Pogue to drive over to the marsh area we had found earlier this summer. JJ and I sat side by side, sitting on a log with a small fire sitting in front of us. My best friend - maybe crush - watched me as I took a puff from the blunt, letting the smoke escape my glossed lips.

    He wiggled his fingers, gesturing towards the blunt. I giggled and handed it to him. "So, I know my reasoning for hating Kooks, but what's yours?" JJ asked, a puff of smoke rising to the thick cool air.

    "You know my reason," I stated and nudged his shoulders. He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. I took a long sip of the alcohol before setting my cup beside me. "Yeah, but I like it when you explain it," JJ said. "Fine," I gave in, sighing. He situated himself so his legs sat on either side of the wooden log with his clothed chest facing me.

    I had never realized how close our bodies were. "Topper and I used to date when we were freshmen," I explained, "You know he was the worst kisser ever, I mean, like terrible." JJ chuckled, one I hadn't heard before; not a sarcastic one.

    You know when you're hanging out with friends, they laugh at our jokes; but his chuckle didn't sound like one of those friend like ones, if you know what I mean. He motioned for me to continue my explanation. "Anyways, so when I saw his true colors throughout freshmen year. The amount of times I wanted to punch his dick off was astronomical," I continued. He furrowed his brows slightly (GIF Above).

    His eyes watched me as I tilted my head back in laughter, trying to calm myself down. Another long pause commenced between the two of us. "God you're hot," JJ blurted. My brows raised at the sound of his statement. His blue eyes widened slightly once he realized what he had said.

    It was hard to tell if that was the alcohol talking or just the two of us joking around. "I said that out loud, didn't I?" JJ said. "Yeah," I replied, nodding my head as I spoke. The third silent pause of the day settled, this time very awkward.

    Of course, the two of us would flirt with one another back and forth but it was a rare occasion when it was just the two of us. John B made it very clear that I was off limits, but knowing my liking towards JJ, John B let it go sometimes. "Well, I mean, you're not wrong," I said to break the silence, "I am pretty hot."

    JJ smirked, his confident self creeping back up. He pulled me in by the back of my neck. His arm wrapped around my waist, bringing me over to sit on his lap. I felt his tongue lick my lower lip before breaking apart for air. "Was that drunk JJ talking? Or normal JJ?" I questioned.

    "Enough for me to realize that I really fucking love the feeling of your lips on mine," he replied. The corners of my mouth lifted before uniting my lips back with his. JJ's hands roamed around my back, wishing for me to slip my black tank over my head. He lightly pushed me down, my back against the sandy log.

    I set my hands on his shoulders and pushed him back slightly. He pouted at the sudden absence of my lips. "As much as I would love to continue this, we're on the beach and I would really like to not make out on the sand," I commented. "Your wish is my command, Mrs. Maybank," JJ said with a smirk sitting on his face.

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    Rudy Pankow by Irvin Rivera
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    rudy pankow | a book of magazine

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    icon & header updated for cozy szn ❄️🥰🎄

    #rudy in his natural habitat but make it ❄️wintery❄️ #i will miss the other pics dearly #i look at them a lot #rudy pankow
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    cr: its.obxbabe on ig

    #rafe cameron #rafe cameron x reader #barry x reader #jj maybank x reader #john b x reader #drew starkey #drew starkey x reader #obx #rafe x reader #rudy pankow x reader #rudy pankow#jj maybank#chase stokes#madelyn cline#madison bailey#austin north#jonathan daviss#nick cirillo#sarah cameron#kiara carrera
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    baby drew baby drew baby drew <3333

    #drew starkey #drew starkey x reader #rafe cameron #rafe cameron x reader #jj maybank x reader #john b x reader #topper thornton x reader #pope heyward x reader #rudy pankow#nick cirillo#chase stokes#madelyn cline#madison bailey#jonathan daviss#austin north #barry x reader
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    I have no words

    #jj maybank #jj outer banks #rudy pankow #so hot 🔥🔥🔥 #Youtube
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  • hissofuckingcute
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I cant get him out of my head.😭 Nor this song.

    This song will always remind me of him. <3 🤩

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  • pogueprincessa
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rudy Really Said 👅😍💞💕😏

    #how dare he #rudy pankow#jj maybank #rudy pankow smut #that tongue#tongue #that tongue though #tongues out #jj maybank smut #outer banks jj #jj my beloved #outer banks#netflix #fucked around and found out #the outer banks #outer banks netflix #selfie #he looks so good #he looks so fucking good ughhh😍😍🤤🤤🤤🥵💞💕💞💘💘💘 #blonde hottie#sexy blond#obx pogues#obx smut#obxsource#obx2#obx#obx s2#obx jj #he owns my ass #he owns my whole heart
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  • kiaracarrerafashion
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Jiara💖🔥 1×9, 2×8

    "You want me to come?,cause i'll come."

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