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    • Seeker: Mim, how do I get revenge on someone?
    • Mim: The best revenge is letting go and living your life to the fullest.
    • Seeker:
    • Seeker: Rul, how do I-
    • Rul: Brick.
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    • Rul: Has anyone ever told you you're a weirdo?
    • Seeker: They don't really stop.
    #seeker: and by 'they' i mean fen #source: doctor who #rul#seeker
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    • Fen, shouting: This is it! This is the final straw!
    • End: Wait, we're out of straws?
    • Pax: No, I thought I saw some in the kitchen.
    • Rul: You actually use straws?
    • Pax: No, not usually, but End likes them, so if I'm out, I'll pick some up.
    • Rul: Well, don't get paper straws.
    • Mim: Oh, they make metal straws now! We can grab some of those!
    • End: What's wrong with just plain plastic straws?
    • Mim: The turtles, End.
    • End: Turtles don't use straws.
    • Mim: I-I know, that's not what I'm-
    • Pax: Alright, alright, well, first things first, let's just find out if we even need more straws, okay?
    • End: Well, Fen said he used the last straw.
    • Rul: Maybe he was lying.
    • Pax: Come on, Rul, be serious. Why would he lie about something like that?
    • Rul: Ask him yourself. He's climbing out the window right now.
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    • Seeker: Is that a statue of Sir Walter Raleigh?
    • Rul: Yes.
    • Seeker: Why?
    • Rul: Is there any possible explanation you could find satisfactory?
    • Seeker: No.
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  • image

    Rul & Remind ;•

    You will never influence the world by being just like it

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    • Mim: What's the worst food crime each of you have committed?
    • End: I... uh... food crimes? Um... I have a certain affinity for chewy granola cereal bars, which are such a sad, sad substance. Oh, and any cakes... whoosh!
    • Rul: I once saw her eat an entire cake in one sitting at a bake sale. Legitimately, it was just a bit surreal.
    • Fen: I would say my worst food crime would be, uh, God... augh! I made these vegan enchiladas out of pinto beans and rice for every meal until one point where I couldn't do that anymore. I combined, like, an entire loaf of bread with a jar of peanut butter and some jelly and no utensil. Just shoved it all into my mouth. It was disgusting.
    • Seeker: I eat my cereal with ranch dressing!
    • Mim: ...I see.
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  • John Deere 7R Edition v1.0 Mod

    John Deere 7R Edition v1.0 Mod

    BigManu2000 has extended the John Deere 7R here from the forum with some functions and configurations and now makes it available to us for download.
    Big thanks for that.

    added the following extensions:
    Light: completely rebuilt – light cone – order and number of lights
    Color choice: vehicle – Starfire – rims and hood grill
    RUL: 3 different versions L / R / L + R
    License plates: Front Small +…


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    • Seeker: If I (legally) bought the Mona Lisa, would anyone be able to stop me from eating it?
    • Rul: Free market, baby.
    • End: Law and Ethics.
    • Fen: I mean... no... but you would be poisoned. Like, very deeply poisoned. I cannot emphasize enough how poisoned eating the Mona Lisa would make you.
    • Seeker: But what a way to go.
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    • Seeker: The mailman told me he's off to Spain tomorrow, so I asked him if he was going to Parcelona. He proceeded to ignore what I believe to be my best joke of the year.
    • Rul: Well, did you say it right? The key to a good mailman joke is the delivery.
    #source: yik yak #seeker#rul
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    • Rul: It ain't exactly legal, but it is exactly awesome.
    • Seeker: You. You get me.
    #source: legends of runeterra #rul#seeker
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    • Rul: I still don't think your "Bambi eyes" are gonna get Fen to give you a flamethrower.
    • Seeker: You think I should sniffle, too?
    #source: calvin and hobbes #rul#seeker
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  • for as long as i can remember my mother has said a specific word when she’s confronted with something cute: “vit”

    it’s pronounced exactly as it reads, just with the “i” being soft + drawn out (”viiiiiit!”, a seldom-used variant being “viita!”) and every single person in my family says it except my brother- i catch myself saying it at least twice a day when i see a dog or a baby or a Tiny Elderly

    over the years it has evolved into an almost… chewbacca-like sound that’s mostly guttural and post-verbal but still has some remnants of the original, e.g. “ ᵥiGGGGGGGHHHHₜ” (just imagine chewy making that noise in a higher pitch)

    anyway i went down to get my mail a little bit ago and there was a lady with a baby in the elevator, couldn’t have been more than 6 months old, and i instinctively made the noise because my “hmm what’s appropriate for communication with strangers” filter has completely dissolved in this pandemic and anyway i assume this woman thinks i’m a hysterical psychopath 

    #got a rul weird look #justifiably so#whatever #love a niche colloquial abomination
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  • tagged by @tishinada

    and honestly, i’m going to post some Camhaoir here

    the back story is Aric and Camhaoir are both on Corellia and both in the Bastion at the same time but for different reasons

    tagging @halibellecter​ & @justanothermainblog​ for updates on our girl

    &  @starknstarwars@wilvarin-chan@cinlat@kunoichi-ume@dimigex​ for the meme :)


    Camhaoir Rul, the one that got away. The one woman in the galaxy that haunted Aric’s dreams. The woman he wanted to run away with. The woman he loved.

    She looked as he remembered her, only her face was cut, bleeding, bruises forming. Her lips busted.

    Vanya opened her mouth but Camhaoir shook her head, just once, a slight movement that could be construed as her shuffling her hair out of her face.

    #Give Me a Reason #Camhaoir Rul/Aric Jorgan #Female Imperial Agent/Aric Jorgan #conscripted agent#blackmailed agent #oh what is happening here #why is Camhaoir in the Bastion? #why is she beat up? #nothing to do with Hunter and the Cabal #that's a hint
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  • Russia, Russian Beach Life, Hot Summer 2020 |Russian Girl: Latest News, …

    #russian girls dating relationship with russian woman russian girls for marriage how to please a russian woman dating a russian woman rul
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  • tagged by @pineaberry


    and thank you for tagging me! i’m glad i couldn’t escape!

    On image search type in

    (Oc Name) + Wedding Dress/Suit

    (Oc Name) + Wedding Ring

    (Oc Name) + Wedding Bouquet

    for Camhaoir!


    tagging @cinlat@wilvarin-chan@mimabeann@lumielles@storyknitter@palepinkycat@kyber-heart@gabelikesart@galexy-astra

    #Camhaoir Rul #she would totally love all of this actually #Chissling #Female Imperial Agent #Female Imperial Agent/Aric Jorgan #Camhaoir Rul/Aric Jorgan #I See You
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  • #Camhaoir Rul #Female Imperial Agent #thanks for the ask #Camhaoir Rul/Aric Jorgan
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  • i did this and then discovered @starknstarwars​ tagged me in one XD

    so i shall give more facts about my Murder Chissling


    1) decided that Camhaoir is gonna get the date Rakton was assassinated tattooed somewhere on her body.

    i think it should be visible

    like maybe an arm or wrist.

    It’ll just be the date and nothing else so nobody would recognize it except for her (and Aric b/c of reasons)

    2) she knows how to juggle. one handed juggling too. she does it when she’s super duper bored. she can eat fire as well. she really wanted to join a circus when she was younger and her parents’ training really helped her and she was actually accepted into the local circus but then the damn Ascendancy showed up

    3) Camhaoir is allergic to caf. she can’t have it, gives her hives.

    4) she is also operatically trained, as that was her very first undercover job weirdly enough. to take out an SIS agent in an opera company on Dromund Kaas. She can hit notes that can make people’s eardrums bust b/c of the combination of her Chiss and Cathar vocal cords.

    5) to continue the singing vein, she can actually do overtone singing. It was the style of singing near her home on Nelvaan and she thought it was very cool. so she’d sneak away from her home and learn from the local music teacher. She can also do the Star Wars version of Tibetan Throat Singing

    6) she can throw her voice, which makes it very easy to distract people when they’re trying to follow her. When she was just starting out, she’d use it to make Rakton think his men were talking back. Rakton eventually discovered and well, what he did to her as punishment is one of the reason she hates him.

    #Camhaoir Rul #Camhaoir Rul/Aric Jorgan #female imperial agent #Female Imperial Agent/Aric Jorgan #conscripted agent#blackmailed agent#Chissling
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  • 1-Year-Old Swims by Herself | 1 Year Old Baby Learns To Swim - Happy mom

    #swimming pool swimming definition swimming exercise swimming benefits swimming history swimming quotes   swimming lessons swimming rul
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