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  • before you request 🎈

    Hello. I’m Ayase and thank you for dropping by this casual writing blog. Before you request, here are some basic rules for anyone would is interested in sending in requests. Please give this post a like to acknowledge that you’ve read the rules prior to sending in any requests.

    1. I write for Haikyuu & Demon Slayer as of now.
    2. Headcanon requests: a maximum of 3 characters every time.
    3. Please do NOT send in NSFW requests.
    4. Please do NOT send in any requests with mentions of cheating involved.
    5. Please do NOT send in asks with suggestive content, such as mentions of self-harm, rape, pedophilia, violence, depression or suicide.
    6. Please do NOT send in matchup requests. I do not do them.
    7. Please do NOT send in overly detailed asks as I would like to leave room for my imagination to run wild. Simple concepts are allowed though.
    8. Please do NOT send in requests that were sent to other blogs in the past.

    For fics, I aim to write drabbles ranging from 500-1000 (maximum 1500-2000) and I’ll be accepting headcanon requests as well. 

    Also I can be rather picky with what I write so if I don’t accept your request, please understand that it isn’t because I don’t like you or I hold a grudge against you, but rather it’s due to the fact that I don’t quite vibe with the concept of it and that I wouldn’t be able to pour out my 100% into completing the piece. I hope you’ll understand.

    Thank you once again. Happy requesting 💕

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  • More unwritten rules about social work.

    I got told too late that one of the expectations from clients and staff is that social workers should be good looking, so if you’re plain or ugly and going into social work assuming you’ll be well treated, man are you in for a rude shock.

    You don’t need to be good looking to be great at social work or to build rapport with people, but hoo boy.

    Demanding that social workers be good looking is such a weird bullshit assumption and I’ve never found a good reason for it. When I ask people about it, most of them just say, “oh, therapy jobs are about trust, and nobody trusts ugly or fat people.” Which is really lookist and fatphobic.

    Or they’ll say, “Well women in customer service should be good looking. Customer service staff should be good looking.” I mean…WHY.

    I mean…there is no damn reason to be good looking for your job unless you work in modelling.

    I mean, yeah, people (all genders, not just women) should be hygienic and well dressed. But some jobs don’t understand this??? Too many times they assume that hygienic and neat looking is code for “very good looking”. It is so unhealthy and bizarre.

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  • Rules and need to know [MUN]

    My name is Rai, he/him they/them

    I write fanfiction and headcanons as well.

    I have two hc blogs and an aesthetic blog




    I write, draw, make mood boards, play video games, watch anime and netflix.

    I am 17, 29 days until my 18th. I won’t be offended you want to wait or not do certain stuff! I’m totally chill with that. You do you!

    I have the right to refuse to rp. At any time. I have classes and a lot of stuff going on. I will be slow to reply.

    I’m down for most ships. But my characters may not like yours. So rp and see where it goes. I will not force my characters into relationships.

    I have the right to drop threads

    You can dm me whenever I will answer

    Some of my characters do drugs/ are abusive/ or overall assholes. I have plenty of other muses you can talk to

    No controlling my character in any way. Thatsy job

    Ask me anything

    I will not do

    • Pedophilia/Necrophilia/beastiality
    • Rape/noncon in any form
    • Torture at all
    • Needles
    • Hardcore gore
    • Sexual assualt int any kind
    • Scat/pee

    Potential others


    Oh and asks are perfectly good icebreakers

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  • image



    we do not take requests, but feel free to suggest something!

    go ahead and send in tropes, aus, prompts, or dialogue

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  • image

    ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ rules for requesting ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆

    status: open.
    disclaimer: please, read all of the rules before requesting. i will immediately delete your request if it doesn’t follow any of the rules written below.
    note: do not send requests on dms.

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    #rules #haikyuu!!
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  • image

    。・:*:・ Introduction

    — Learn about me a little bit

    — Some funfacts and interests

    。・:*:・ Rules

    — A list of thing I will or won’t write

    — Please check before requesting in my inbox

    。・:*:・ Masterlist

    — Links to all the things I’ve written

    — Sneak peaks to upcoming writing projects

    。・:*:・ Current Smau

    — A masterlist to all the part of my lastest smau

    — Including a summary, schedule, and playlist

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  • Updated the rules a little bit, please read when you get the chance, will make a full mobile post at another time

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  • A reminder that regular smut and non-con smut, even if not perpetrated by the yandere, are not aloud in the inbox.

    #not an imagine #update #i just dont vibe like that #especially with r*pe stuff #rules
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  • rules n info 🧚🏻‍♀️


    general things

    • please check my userlist before requesting to become an anon
    • i do clear inactive anons regularly, but i will give u a heads up when i’m doing it
    • i’m very open with writing and this is a safe space for people to enjoy
    • however, i refuse to write non-con, incest, and pedophilia. triggering topics may be written, but i will always trigger warn things before the piece of writing
    • requests for roleplays and writing arent always open, but it’ll be listed on my pinned post to whether they are or not


    • it does take me some time to write full pieces, so please be patient with me if u’ve requested something
    • some of my smut involves hard kinks and can portray unrealistic views of sex so please don’t view these as realistic, they’re only for entertainment purposes
    • please dont steal my work, i put a lot of effort into it and it’s a kink in the teeth when someone claims it as there’s
    • if u want to use my work as inspiration or ideas, please ask me before hand. if i say no, and i find out u still have, i will block u
    • u can find all my writings on my m.list


    • i dont have a replying schedule, i reply whenever i can and i feel motivated to do so to keep roleplaying fun for me too
    • u can always find a list of the asks i have in my inbox at the bottom of my pinned post. please always check there before asking i have ur ask, it’s there for a reason
    • i always keep it up to date, but sometimes there may be a couple hours period (bc i’m sleeping or i’m busy) so please be patient with me updating it
    • do not resend ur ask. check with me first.
    • u can always send multiple asks if u want to create a longer response
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  • Reading Rules ♡

    If you’re interested in receiving a tarot reading from me, please read these rules & make sure your request follows them.

    Please do not reblog this, as the post will be edited as needed to reflect any changes.

    Last Update: 7/14/2020.

    Free Readings: Open.

    Paid Readings: Open.

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  • Here is an overview of the bundling rules as of January 2020: 

    1. All items in bundle must be available for purchase at the same time as individual items on the same website.

    2. Merchandise items sold individually have to be priced lower than the bundle (merch + album). The bundle must be priced at least $3.49 more than merch item alone.

    3. Merchandise must be sold in the artist’s official direct-to-consumer web store - not via third-party websites. 

    4. Merchandise must be clearly artist- or album-branded

    5. Sales count when digital album is redeemed, or when physical copy ships

    Additionally, here are the additional, superseding rules that will go into effect in the near future - date to be announced by Billboard: 

    1. Albums bundled with merchandise or concert tickets must be promoted as optional add-on to the purchase. Any baked-in, single-price combo deals are not valid. 

    2. Physical albums/singles bundled with digital downloads will not be counted as additional digital sales. Only the physical item will be counted once shipped. 

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  • 🔞Before you hit up my dms🔞

    • No you can’t get a “sneak peek”
    • I’m not giving you any service until I get payment
    • No, I don’t do date’s or meetups (I also don’t care how much money you give me)
    • If you’re a fake “sugar daddy” or scammer don’t even try. I’m not giving you my bank account or giving YOU any type of payment
    • I take cashapp and PayPal 🥰
    • Be respectful & Don’t try to take us SW for granted either that or get blocked

    This is my job don’t like it then leave💋🖕

    #sex worker #i sell photos #selling pics#selling content#sellonline #i sell videos #selling noods#onlytease#onlyfans#rules #pay for my attention #pay me daddy
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  • Forgot to mention, but I also do sprite edits for danganronpa!! So feel free to send some requests for sprite edits. ^^

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  • All submissions will be reviewed and posted if they meet criteria. No nudes photos. All nudes will be deleted in order to keep the integrity of this page and stay within accordance of tumblrs policies. DM’s are open as well. Thanks

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  • Drabblily Requests Rules


    What I Will Do:

    • Any Genre (NSFW, Fluff, Angst, Song-Fics, Headcannons, au’s, etc…)
    • BNHA + Haikyuu 
    • Pro-Heroes, Villains, Teachers, Students (Every character really)
    • Characters not yet seen in the My Hero Anime
    • Boys AND Girls
    • Polyamory 
    • Any kinks + fetishes excluding the ones listed below which I will not do.

    What I Will NOT do: 

    • Bestiality
    • Incest
    • Pedophilia
    • Watersports
    • Scat
    • Emetophilia
    • Hard-Core Non-Con
    • Alpha/Beta/Omega
    • Furries (i support yall, but…its a no from me)
    • Ship only content (i will write for poly!au’s but not exclusively character x character) 


    My fics are (Character) x Fem!Reader. As a female it is easier for me to write than males. If you want your request to do with a transgender female, I will definitely write for those too. you guys are real women too!

    I am not fully caught up with the manga and anime of Haikyuu ! I am caught up with the Manga and Anime of My Hero Academia ! All minors are aged up for NSFW, whether they be in their third year as adults or as pro heroes.

    Thirst Posts are always welcomed! If you are just going to my inbox to rant, thirst, or talk with me (etc) then i do not mind, I encourage you to do so (however please remember I am your not therapist, if you need immediate help, contact someone who can help!) Personal talks will be tagged with #Drabblily Talks

    I will be doing requests not in order, as I can get more encouraged to write more than others. Requests will be stated if they are open/closed in my bio. If you send a request while they are closed, it will not get answered or it will be deleted. 

    If you are in my inbox just to send me hate, I will delete it and ignore you <3

    #bnha#haikyuu #haikyū!! #mha#requests #requests are open #send in requests #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #drabblily#rules#request rules#Drabblily Talks
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  • image

    First and foremost we want to say hello and what’s good to all the people in the tags. Don’t mind us staff members constantly checking the tag, getting super hype 👀 . Before we start to do some proper reveals and activities, we wanted to give a preview of some of our most basic rules and state our message regarding JKR.

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