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  • rey01-kuro-neko-san
    21.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    🎶🎵🎶🐈Neko hanten menú🐈🎶🎵🎶

    (Menú del restaurante del gato)

    Chin rai chin rai neko hanten Hao chii ra hao chii ra neko hanten Myen shii hao chii ra kuunyan shii pyoran Chin rai chin rai neko hanten Hao chii ra hao chii ra neko hanten Myen shii hao chii ra kuunyan shii pyoran Raamen tanmen chaahan chaashuumen Wantan gyouza yakisoba wantanmen Chanpon shuumai kani tama moyashi soba Gomoku wantan ebi chaahan raisu suigyooza Hiyashi soba [(cologne) kakinomi ja] Chin rai chin rai neko hanten Hao chii ra hao chii ra neko hanten Myen shii hao chii ra kuunyan shii pyoran Chin rai chin rai neko hanten Hao chii ra hao chii ra neko hanten Myen shii hao chii ra kuunyan shii pyoran [(shanpuu) rai-rai, rai-rai Honjitsu kaiten, honjitsu kaiten Rai-rai, oishii yo] Yasai suppu tamago suppu gomoku soba Niku dango kani tama soba chuukadon Gomoku chaahan ebi soba tenshindon Yasai itame maabo-toufu subuta nirareba itame Happousai [(happousai) yonda ka no, shanpuu-chan] Chin rai chin rai neko hanten Hao chii ra hao chii ra neko hanten Myen shii hao chii ra kuunyan shii pyoran Chin rai chin rai neko hanten Hao chii ra hao chii ra neko hanten Myen shii hao chii ra kuunyan shii pyoran Neko hanten neko hanten [(kasumi) kashiwa-mochi kudasai]

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  • kitsunepixie
    20.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    My piece for #uruseiyatsura #lum #shutaromendo #ryuunosukefujinami #rumikotakahashi #ラムちゃん #うる星やつら #藤波竜之介 #高橋留美子

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  • mao-translations
    20.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Read More Below~!:

    Pages 7-12 Pages 13-End

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  • mao-translations
    20.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Read more under the cut~!:

    Pages 1-6 Pages 13-End

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  • mao-translations
    20.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Read the rest under the cut~!:

                                    End of Chapter Ninety

    Pages 1-6 Pages 7-12

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  • blverinsed
    20.04.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Maison Ikkoku - Rumiko Takahashi

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  • sandviart
    20.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    A pocos días de terminar Ranma 1/2 y no podía faltar un dibujo de mi querido Ryoga <3

    Instagram | Artstation

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  • kogetanotenshi
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Teenage Rin: Oh hey, lady Kikyo. Did you see me shooting arrows with lady Kagome?

    Kikyo: Oh yeah, I saw you, nice work.

    Rin: Cool, thanks mom.

    [Everyone stops what they're doing and look at Rin]

    Rin: Now why is everyone staring at me?

    Jaken: You just called Kikyo mom, you said Thanks, mom.

    Rin: What? No I didn’t, I said, thanks Pal.

    Kikyo: Do you see me as a mother figure, Rin?

    Rin: No! In any case I see you as a bother figure, you’re always bothering me.

    Sesshomaru: Hey! Show your mother some respect!

    Rin: I never called her Mom!

    Kikyo: No, no, Rin, dear. I take it as a compliment!

    Miroku: It’s not much of a big deal, I called Sango Mom once, and she's my wife.

    Rin: Guys, jump on that! Mr. Miroku's got psychosexual issues!

    Kagome: Old news, but you calling Kikyo mommy...

    Rin: Hey, mommy is not on the table here!

    Kikyo: Well I believe her–

    Rin: Thank you!

    Kikyo: –daughter.

    Rin: [Sighs]

    Kikyo: Do you wanna talk about it later over an... Archery trainment?

    Rin: ...I'd like that.

    #inuyasha a feudal fairy tale #rumiko takahashi#rumic world #hanyo no yashahime #incorrect quotes#incorrect inuyasha#inuyasha#kagome higurashi#sesshomaru#Kikyo#Rin #I was gonna do it with Sesshomaru but that's too mainstream #Miroku#Sango#Inugang#Jaken
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  • kogetanotenshi
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    InuYasha: I don't understand our daughter's texts. She writes "it's allz good" (allz with a z) followed by a box with a question mark, then a box with a question mark, a box with a question mark, a box with a question mark, a box with a question mark then another box with a question mark, then a box with a question mark. What does that mean?

    Kagome: It means you don't have emojis on your phone.

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  • kogetanotenshi
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sesshomaru: I prevented a murder today.

    Kikyo: That’s amazing, dear. How?

    Sesshomaru: Self control.

    #inuyasha a feudal fairy tale #rumiko takahashi #hanyo no yashahime #incorrect quotes#incorrect inuyasha#rumic world#inuyasha#sesshomaru#SessKik#Kikyo #He was gonna stab some rando #But he remembered he wanted to set an example to Rin #So he only punched him
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  • kogetanotenshi
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Moroha: Dear Santa,

    Moroha: I’m writing to let you know. I’ve been naughty.

    Moroha: And it was worth it, you judgemental bastard.

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  • kogetanotenshi
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kagome: So how long have you been sleeping with Sesshomaru?

    Kikyo: That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get–... Why would– I’d never date anyone like him, at all! It’s none of your– You have... The nerve, the audacity! Sesshomaru is a demon! Technically, and he is terrible, face-wise, and how– How– Do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmmm? Check and mate.

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  • sessrin
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rumiko Takahashi will be answering fan’s questions next week!

    As some of you that follow me on twitter might know, I bought a copy of the first Blu-ray box of Hanyo no Yashahime. This came with the possibility to send RT questions about the show! So, of course, I sent her sessrin questions 😝

    Even if my message is not chosen out of the hundreds that she might have received, sooner or later the staff will read my message in which I made it pretty clear that we love sessrin in Latin America and that’s all that matters 🤍💛

    I’ll be watching the event next Monday!

    I’m crossing my fingers for some juicy sessrin answers🤞

    #inuyasha #hanyo no yashahime #hanyou no yashahime #rumiko takahashi#sesshomaru#yashahime#Rin #yashahime princess half demon
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  • kogetanotenshi
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rin: Why are Lord Sesshomaru and Lady Kikyo sitting with their backs to each other?

    Jaken: They had a fight.

    Rin: But they're holding hands?

    Jaken: They get sad when they fight.

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  • kogetanotenshi
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kagome: Where's InuYasha?

    Sesshomaru: Somewhere disappointing Father.

    #inuyasha a feudal fairy tale #rumic world#rumiko takahashi #hanyo no yashahime #incorrect quotes#incorrect inuyasha#inuyasha#kagome higurashi#sesshomaru #Did Japanese believe in Jesus by that time? #No #Right?
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  • fireofmarsignite
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hi, guys. I made this Inuyasha & Kikyo drawing. I hope you like it.

    Please, like my tiktok video on the link. I would appreciate it a lot ❤️

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  • kogetanotenshi
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Shippo: Very few people are as brave as me.

    InuYasha: [Taps his shoulder from behind]

    Shippo: [Screams]

    #Shippo#InuYasha #inuyasha a feudal fairy tale #rumic world#rumiko takahashi #hanyo no yashahime #incorrect inuyasha#incorrect quotes #I really don't like Shippo and it shows given it's been like 50 posts since the last time I mentioned him lol
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  • kogetanotenshi
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Kin'u, about Gyokuto: I know she's having a miserable time. We have twin telepathy. It's like my brain is receiving phone calls from him.

    Miroku: Well, you have a bad connection, hang up.

    Kin'u: Nu-uh, I can sense these things. Remember that time whe she broke her arm and I felt it?

    Miroku: That’s because you landed on her arm and broke it.

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  • sorysblog
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Chapter 18 of 41, I apologize if you find any translation errors. THE PRINCE OF DEMONS AND HIS PROTÉGÉ


    How was it possible? How had she gotten all the way there?

    Sesshomaru looked back without stopping to hold Rin in his arms, her body was wounded and bleeding in several places, her skin was bruised and cold as ice but the smile she had given him was the same as always, that smile that so many years before had partly started to change him.

    Kirara was not far from Rin, no longer in her demon form she looked almost like a cat and she too was unconscious and soaking wet.

    "Silly what were you thinking!!!" he said stroking her face.

    Her hair had become even darker.

    Sesshomaru heard Jaken coming although he was focused on the human who lay unconscious but happy despite the pain in his arms.

    "Ah there you are at last! Huh? Rin?" said the little kappa running to his master's side.

    "Jaken take Kirara" he ordered, after all he couldn't leave her there and he wasn't doing it just for Rin, Kirara was a fighter leaving her like that was out of the question.

    The kappa obeyed and took Kirara while Sesshomaru lifted Rin off the ground and to keep her warm and prevent her from freezing even more he wrapped her with his tail trying to keep some heat inside her otherwise she would have frozen to death as well as from her injuries.

    "I'll deal with you later," the dog prince said icily and when Jaken too caught up to him and was clinging to the rest of his tail he hovered in the air carrying Rin away.


    Sesshomaru's voice echoed throughout the palace and before long a young demon woman appeared before her master, Haru was a shape shifter and was as skilled at healing others as and more than a priestess.

    "My lord" she replied bowing.

    "Come with me" he replied and then whispered "Rin hang on a little longer."

    "Ahhh master Sesshoarmu what should I do with Kirara?"

    "She's not hurt so just keep her warm and she'll be fine, take care of her Jaken, now I have to think about Rin."

    The kappa obeyed his master as always and disappeared with Kirara still in his arms.

    "Where do you want to go master?"

    "To my room, you in the meantime prepare bandages and whatever else you may need to heal her."

    "May I see the wounds?"

    Sesshomaru flicked his tail back which was wet and stained with Rin's blood.

    "I will need to stitch them up and apply herbs."

    "Do that, get the necessary and join me in my room."

    The little shifter named Haru did as ordered as Sesshomaru made his way to his room.

    She laid Rin down on her large bed where she rarely slept, her soaked and bloodstained clothes were shredded so Sesshomaru could do nothing but remove them.

    Despite her wounds and icy skin Rin's body was so beautiful and perfect, he put her under the covers in hopes that she could warm up a bit and lay down next to her always with the purpose of infusing her with warmth.

    "Those two Tengu will answer for this I swear" he said caressing her face.

    He squeezed her hand in his, so small, so cold.

    Haru arrived shortly followed by another servant, she placed what she needed on a small stool and sent the helper away, only at that point did Sesshomaru get out of bed so Haru could do her job.

    "Save her, I don't care how but save her."

    "I will do what I can my lord but even I have limits."

    "I can't use Tenseiga on her not anymore" he replied clutching the punches.

    Haru pulled the blanket down.

    "She is very cold" the shifter said feeling the human's skin.

    He then took a bowl with some herbs, crushed them all well and added water and other ingredients and smeared it on the wounds while Sesshomaru watched helplessly.

    When the mixture started to take effect Rin emitted a few cries of pain.

    Sesshomaru sat down next to her and squeezed her hand, he whispered to her not to worry that she was there and would soon be fine.

    "The arm wound is not serious, but the dressing will need to be changed several times a day and there are chances that she may get a fever. I'm more concerned about the thigh wound for that the dressing isn't enough, I'll have to stitch it up and then medicate it a bit."

    "Do it."

    Haru had never seen his master behave like this or care so much about anyone, only occasionally with his niece he seemed to be serene but never had he been so concerned about anyone, much less a human.

    But Haru obeyed, he did what he had to do first but he took a sheet and partly covered the body of the human named Rin.

    Was her master in love with her? But she was only a human...

    When he was done he put everything back including the stool.

    "Do you want me to stay with her?"

    "No, I'll stay. Haru go take a look at Kirara she's a demon traveling with Rin."

    "I'll go, but...if she gets a fever call me right away."

    "I will," Sesshomaru replied without turning to Haru.

    When the shifter left the room Sesshomaru lay down next to Rin again and wrapped her with his tail like he had done before when she was a child and was cold at night.

    "It is my fault that you are now struggling between life and death again, Rin you were a fool to come all the way here and yet... yet I am so happy to have you in my palace. You'll get better and when you open your eyes again I'll be here next to you."

    Rin's spirit had sunk into a world of nightmares, darkness was what enveloped her and the only sound she heard was the growling of wolves.

    Despite the time that had passed since her first death that sound was firmly etched in her memory, the darkness.

    But there were also moments when she could hear Sesshomaru's voice calling her, she could feel a cool cloth being passed over her burning body, she could also feel pain in her leg and a little in her arm.

    She remembered opening her eyes but only for a fleeting moment and in that moment once again like when she was inside the Tengu illusion she saw Sesshomaru.

    "Sesshomaru" she called him, her throat was dry and she could barely speak yet she had been able to pronounce his name.

    She was aware that she was in limbo, on one side there was life and there was Sesshomaru, on the other side there was only darkness but now, now that she had come to him she certainly couldn't give up.

    No, she couldn't.

    The demon's face surfaced again in her mind though a little blurry, Sesshomaru, there had never really been anyone else for her.

    For him she had left the village and sum Kaede, she had said goodbye to Kagome and everyone else, she had hurt Kohaku by rejecting that love he professed to her every day in the small gestures he was capable of.

    She had hurt and disappointed and all in order to see him once again, how could she die now? If she died not even Sesshomaru could bring her back to life a third time.

    The images in her mind blurred mixing with what she saw when she could come to her senses but the demon's voice seemed to guide her towards the path she really wanted to take.

    "Haru is still very hot."

    "Less than this morning my lord, I believe by tomorrow the fever will be gone and with it the danger. Yes she will be fine" Haru replied laying a new damp cloth on Rin's forehead.

    Sesshomaru hadn't moved since he had brought her to the room.

    "Kirara?" he asked.

    "She's fine but she needs rest and warmth too."

    He looked at Rin's flushed face from the fever, her long dark hair falling back on the pillow of her bed and seeing her so helpless, so sick and unable to do anything was the worst torture for him.

    "Go get Jaken."

    Haru obeyed walked out of the room, Sesshomaru took Rin's hand and brought it to his mouth, he kissed it gently and then held it between his own.

    "You'll be fine Rin, Haru is the best healer I know."

    Rin squeezed his hand, weakly but he did and it gave him hope.

    "Master Sesshomaru you sent for me?"

    "Yes Jaken, I want you to go to the village. The old priestess Kaede and Kagome need to know what happened, if Kagome insists on coming let Rin do it it would only do her good to have her by her side."

    "I will go immediately master Sesshomaru," Jaken said but before leaving his master's chamber he turned to him "My lord I..."

    "She will be fine Jaken, Rin is stronger than we think she will not give up without a fight. Now go."

    The kappa bowed before walking out and leaving just Sesshomaru and Rin and then ran to do his master's bidding.

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