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  • hughthehand
    18.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    oh also ladies if you play d2 and want to run things together i’m always on 😌💛

    #personally i would love an all dyke clan 😳💛 #but yeah if u want someone to run stuff with u!!!! #please dm for my bungie name 💛
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  • panicky-pancakes
    18.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    non stereotypical friendship songs?? pls?? help??

    #i'm making my friend a playlist for her bday #OH SHIT AND MY OTHER FRIEND'S IS COMING UP TOO! #SEND EM IN FOLKS PLS I AM RUNNING DRY OVER HERE
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  • theelementaryparticles
    18.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Drenched run during rainfall warning

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  • everyday-sup
    06.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Mon, Sep 6, 2021






    2回目の折り返し後だったか、60cm以上はあるであろう巨大な魚の姿を見た。 こちらに気づいているであろうと思われたが、逃げる風でもなく、悠然と川底へ消えていった。



    これは多分、台風や嵐の際に、港に停泊させておけない船を係留するための建造物。 初めて裏側を通過してみた。




    奥さんから、「これから冬にかけていよいよ朝暗くなるはずだから、危ないからヘッドライトを持っていけ」と言われた。 防水かどうか気になってAmazonの購入履歴を調べたら、しっかり防水だったので明日から携行しよう。


    なし! ただ、2〜3回危うい瞬間があった。以前なら絶対に落ちていたはずだが、なんとか持ちこたえた!!

    普段使用しているボードはこちら! 「WOWSEA Rainbow R1」

    バランスをキープするために参考にしている本はこちら! 『子どもの運動能力を開花させる ダイナミックバランスの魔法』

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  • briarpatch-kids
    18.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Neighbor man just shouted at my ducklings 😡

    #it wasn't angry shouting it was to get them to run up the little hill because its cute i think #but STILL #dont shout at my babies you inconsiderate douche #tay dont look
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  • madseason
    18.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago
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  • freyamikaelsonmybeloved
    18.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Rachel filming in the middle of a busy hallway

    #run joey run #maddy talks about glee
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  • windmil
    18.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    i never treat my bday special or acknowledge it bc i never rlly celebrated my birthday to begin with but when i finally acknowledge today is my bday it kinda sucks :/ sooooo i may have been born that day but i don’t need to see it as a special day ☝️

    #my younger sister ruined the mood she’s being so damn rude to me and for what.. sorry you had to stay home #on my birthday instead of hanging out with ur friends as if mother was gonna LET you. #you don’t need to take it out on me 😪 i’m just trying to chill #all i did was run errands today lol #i’ll buy myself more gifts
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  • lightman2120
    18.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #bible prophecy endtimes #end times#endtimes#bibleprophecy #jesus is coming #follow jesus#youtube #time is running out #faith in jesus #spread the word #persecution is coming #followers of christ #christian persecution #covid 19 vaccine #jesus is the messiah #jesus is returning #jesus is my savior #jesus is the only way #absolute truth#falling away #signs of the end times #pestilence#birth pangs #jesus is alive #jesus is truth #jesus is the light
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  • lie-er-cookie
    18.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Princess HC time :3

    Princes has 3 parents. The queen, the king, and Ananas.

    Ananas was in a poly relationship with the 2 royals but left aafter realising that they were too dangerous for them to keep around. The king and queen miss them.

    Princess and Tigerlily both have dragon traits. TL has claws, horns and sharp tusk-like teeth; whereas Princess has digitigrade legs, fangs, a tail, and some scales running down her back.

    They are starting to gain the other sister's traits as they get older.

    Princess is trans!

    She really wants to meet her Grandma some time soon.

    She is very hyper.

    If she becoms calm, either its the calm before the storm or something is legitimately wrong.

    She pranks knight all the time but if he asks her to stop she will.

    She is surprisingly good at calming people down!

    She will not hesitate to get blood on her dress.

    She is made of royal jam, a hint of pinapple, strawberry milk, pure wildberry essence, white and pink choccolate, and a smooth yet easily frayable pink frosting for her hair.

    She does like her current dress but is planning on getting an outfit that is more athletic.

    She is just as thicc as her sister.

    She throws the best of parties! Booze, dancing and so much chaos.

    If you wanna set something on fire, go to Princess.

    She loves to tease Knight and Glowstick (even before they were all together)

    She thought the Jellywar was fun untill Knight got bitten.

    She sat in her room watching the Jellywalkers pass the castle for almost 3 months after that.

    She (normally) adores danger. Much to Knight's dismay.

    She doesnt wear shoes. She just doesnt like them and her dress touches the floor anyways so noone is gonna see her feet.

    Even though she gets annoyed at her Father's worries about Princess, she does still love him and will get out of trouble if he asks.

    She sometimes runs out to the forest with out Knight knowing so she can go find "the horned girl" in the woods.

    Princess knows that she is supposed to meet them, but she doesnt know why.

    The parts of the sisters that grow in arnt as big as everything else. Princess ends up with long fangs, retractable claws and tiny horns. TL ends up with slightly longer legs and a small tail.

    They both get small wings.

    #princes cookie #cookie run headcanons #cookie run
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  • orphichonk
    18.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I keep on thinking to myself that i should pay attention to the story but whenever the story plays my brain is just constantly like "skip skip skip, cmon go and skip"

    #cookie run kingdom #mine#cookie run
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  • chacharealsmoothmotherfucker
    18.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    grabs you send me asks

    #ooc #i am ALONE and ANNOYED and the SONIC COOKIE RUN EVENT is HARD
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  • actualbird
    18.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    disclaimer about prev post: i am fully aware that those are actually objectively terrible headlines and intro paragraphs because theres so much needless fluff HAHA. a good tabloid (not just tabloids, any kind of online content trying to get attention and reader traffic, SEO and the SEO-adjacent) headline/intro would be muuuuuch shorter, absolute bare minimum of important eye-catching names and seductive terms to get the reader to read to click through. alas, my love for having fun trumped my knowledge about how SEO-adjacent online content writing actually works :P

    #i will not let actual SEO learnings work their way into my fancontent OVER MY DEAD BODY!!! #dootdootdoot #OKAY wait i got so excited by that ask and answering it i paused my entire morning routine kJBKJSF //runs
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  • jooniix
    18.09.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    I need to finish my los refs but i keep playing kingdom ahhhh-

    #if anyone wants to be friends on c//kie run my username is yxniix #akuro rambles #i need to start drawing vin and dusk now and finish chikame's ref
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  • love-fireflysong
    18.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Oh man, so blame @sam-giddings completely for this, but ever since last night all I’ve been able to think of is my least favourite part whenever I play Until Dawn: that bit in chapter 9 when you’re playing as Ashley and your walking underneath the lodge.

    That entire bit makes no sense character wise to me and I hate it. If you play it and you choose to leave Chris behind and walk on without him, then I get it. It’s a choice you made as Ashley, so that’s what she does in that instance. Whatever. It’s the bit right after when you decide that ‘hell no, I ain’t letting none of you out of my sight are you kidding me????’ that makes me so angry. You know, the one where Ashley stays behind to close the manhole in case a wendigo tries to follow them. And then Chris just leaves her behind too.

    LIke are you kidding me? You expect me to believe that shit???? You expect me to believe that Chris, who up until that point has made it very clear that there’s no way he’s gonna be able to choose Ash in the gun choice or that he can’t stand the thought that he went and left Josh behind in the shed to die, is just gonna go on without her? Especially after she just told him that they’re not leaving anyone behind and that they’re all sticking together? You expect me to believe that Chris just up and leaves her behind after all that? Oh hell fucking no. No matter what your feelings on Ashley are, Chris deciding to go on without her isn’t even in-character for him at that point. It makes absolutely no sense and I hate it.

    And I know I’ve mentioned once or twice that I find it real rude that Chris doesn’t even try to give her his sweater after the whole shed incident (it’s not even romantic at that point, she’s covered in blood and likely freezing!) but I can excuse it because of the extra amount of work that would have went into  character models to make it a reality. But the bit under the lodge isn’t even that, that was so Ash can hear Jessica’s voice and investigate the trap door and lazily writing Chris out so she can do it alone. And you know what? Fuck that, I’m fixing it and it’s super easy too. You don’t even have to change a whole lot.

    Chris waits for her to close the manhole and then the two of them try to catch up to Sam (and Emily). They hear Jess’s voice as they get closer to the fork in the tunnel and you get the same choice of investigating or not. If you don’t investigate then you meet up with the others and there’s no change. But if you do, then Chris tries to maybe talk Ash out of it but she’s already moving ahead so he follows her because he’s not leaving her behind. You go on, pick up the totem, and then the two of them come to the trap door. Maybe you walk past it and catch it, or maybe you open it. If Ash opens the trap door, then Hanndigo comes out same as always.

    Now this is where it can get fun. I think it would be fun to give Ashley a choice here: you can either RUN or DISTRACT.

    RUN is exactly what it says on the tin. Ashley grabs Chris and tries to run but they both get caught and die for very obvious reasons, plus the fact that Chris is having problems even staying upright right now, much less walking or running. Plus it continues with the opening of the trap door being an absolutely stupid move where you deserve your death.

    DISTRACT though? We know that Ashley has some roots in self-preservation, it’s shown when she doesn’t let Chris back in after he tries to shoot her and when she tries to force Emily out the safe room after finding the bite. Or when she’s screaming at Chris to save her when in the shed. She doesn’t want to die, and who can blame her? Not me that’s for sure. So in order to try and distract Hanndigo and try to get away Ashley inadvertently (or on purpose if that’s how you want to see it) pushes Chris towards her. Chris is dead no matter what here really, he has a bum leg and can’t run after all. And since he can die here anyways nothing changes either.

    And then while Hanndigo is busy decapitating Chris as is her modus operandi, Ashley tries to make a break for it and hide. This gives the player a chance for a DON’T MOVE segment as well (and now that I think of it, I don’t think she gets one anyway? I think she and the nigh unplayable Washington sibs are the only one who don’t get one so this even fixes that lol!). If you fail, then Ash dies obviously. You opened the trap door like a moron so you can deal with the consequences of your actions. But if you pass, then Ash lives to see another day (well, an hour if you don’t mess up in the lodge with Sam lol) and she rejoins the group filled with the lovely knowledge and horrible guilt that she killed Chris. And while people can continue to cry that Ashley is even more horrible for killing Chris knowingly here, guess what bucko? YOU made the choice to distract after opening the trap door and sealing at least one of their fates. It was obvious that there was gonna be no way out of this one, but you decided to see if you could maybe survive it anyways.

    (The rest of the game goes as normal, except with a maybe even more inconsolable Ashley in the ranger’s station then if Chris died outside. The same scene would easily work though.)

    And THAT’S how supermassive should have played the tunnel bit in my opinion.

    #until dawn#ashley brown #you can not change my mind at this time #no matter what your thoughts on ashley are that tunnel bit was bullshit and you know it #also if ashley does have a don't move bit then i just forgot #its been a little over a year since i last played it #so running on memories here for the most part lol
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  • just-an-average-eldritch-horror
    18.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Playing the Sonic event in Cookie Run, what the shit is happening.

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  • carc1nogeneticist
    18.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    vampire please just five minutes-

    #cookie run#crk#crob#vampire cookie #idk what else to tag #mirror on da wall #here we are again #OH YEAH IM POSTING ART AGAIN LOL
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  • chained-together-updates
    18.09.2021 - 33 minutes ago
    #*Snappy runs to the rescue* #Chained Together Updates #Snappy
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  • cores-rockin-edits
    18.09.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    ⚓ — sorbet shark cookie headers and icons for anon

    🧭 — free to use with a reblog and credit; no exceptions.

    🦈 — reblogs > likes. spam-like my posts without reblogging them and you get blocked. /srs

    #🔥 mod corey #🔥 my icons #cookie run#cr #sorbet shark cookie #cookie run icons #cr icons #sorbet shark cookie icons #cookie run headers #cr headers #sorbet shark cookie headers #piratecore
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