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  • hi volume 2 of rwby has the best soundtrack because of the stark difference between the rock songs and the love songs. it’s the perfect blend of happy go lucky school life mixed in with the grim reality the kids are slowly facing. time to say goodbye’s bridge is just my favorite and the concept of that part isn’t really brought up until like,,, volume 7

    anyways stan rwby music and give me the volume 7 soundtrack right now

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    100 RWBY challenge - day 4 Yang Xiao Long

    What if she had short hair though 😳😳

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    I’m adding Ruby Rose to this blog, I thought of adding edgy rose to this but I don’t know… Help..

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    • Scene: The three Schnee children, Nichole, Maple, and William are in Maple's room having a conversation
    • Nichole: Are you sure?
    • Maple: Yes, I really don't want to be a huntress!
    • William: Why?
    • Maple: It's just...the idea of having to fight Grimm, where even a single mistake could get someone killed...I don't want that. I haven't even unlocked my semblance yet!
    • William: Well dad didn't unlock his until well after his contemporaries.
    • Nichole: Not the point Will.
    • William: I am merely making an observation.
    • Nichole: You're ten, why can't you talk like it?
    • Maple: *lays on her bed and stares at the ceiling* They're gonna be so mad!
    • Nichole: No, they aren't. But you have to tell them the truth. The longer you wait the harder it'll be.
    • William: You know dad is looking forward to taking you shopping for a weapon soon.
    • Maple: I'll tell them at dinner.
    • Later at dinner: *The family finishes eating their meal*
    • Weiss: How long until you have to go back to Beacon Nichole?
    • Nichole: I only have the weekend off mom, that's all the time Goodwitch gave us to recover from our last mission.
    • Jaune: Mmmm! Delicious as always Mrs. Plum! Kids?
    • Kids: Thank you Mrs. Plum!
    • Willow: Speaking of delicious, Weiss did you hear that Whitley's restaurant got a five star review?
    • Weiss: Really? I'll call him to congratulate him!
    • Willow: I'm so glad he found something he loves.
    • Maple: Ummm mom, dad? I need to talk to you.
    • Jaune: Something wrong?
    • Maple: No...it's just... I don't want to be a huntress! *a few moments of silence pass*
    • Weiss: Are you absolutely sure about this?
    • Maple: Yes. I just don't think I'm cut out to be a huntress.
    • Jaune: Then what do you want to do dear?
    • Maple: I want to be a singer. I'm sorry I know you were looking forward to this.
    • Jaune: Maple, I see kids at the academy all the time who can't handle the pressure. There's no shame in not being a huntsman or huntress. Look at your uncle for example!
    • Weiss: This goes for all of you, no matter what path you decide to walk in life your father and I will be there by your side. If you truly want to be a singer then we'll support you dear.
    • Maple: Thank you! *she hugs her parents*
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    Em thought she was being smart handing Zwei over to the boys, nobody could blame her for ignoring instructions if Yang and Ruby walked in on Zwei with Mercury and Oscar. It’s for the best that nobody tells Ruby about Em and Zwei having a cup of tea and eating cookies together. Oscar was blamed for eating all the cookies in the house of course, he eats anything!

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  • As of today, July 10th, 2020, we are currently 58 days from an announcement about volume eight’s release date

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  • Everyone block @color2wheel, they messaged me bragging about voting for the W*ndigo Grimm design, and a quick search for their username also shows that they’re a Trump supporter.

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  • Weiss: how much can you bench?

    Nora: I don’t know but I could probably snap somebody’s legs

    Weiss: what?

    Nora: I’m trying to get the technique down

    #nora valkyrie#nordic winter#rwby#weiss schnee #weiss x nora #incorrect rwby quotes #incorrect rwby qoutes #source: vine
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  • [Ruby throws herself back from Yang’s injured body, covering her eyes as she screamed in pain, grinding her teeth together like a snarling beast.]

    [Adam looked at the tiny girl, expressionless, until he looked at Blake, who was watching Ruby in horror]

    Adam - Well, it seems like a boyfriends job is never done …

    [Adam draws his sword and walks to Ruby]

    Blake - [anguish] RUBY !

    [Ruby’s hair burst into flame , much like her sisters as Adam brought his sword down. The sound of an ugly combination of a slash and squelch ringing out simultaneously]

    [Blake pulled herself up enough to support herself with one arm, her heart feeling like it had been ripped from her chest as she waited to see what happened]

    Adam - I…..I [blood starts dribbling from mouth, his voice thick and hard to understand as he tried to talk] won’t die …..

    [Adam fell and backward, a hold blown open in his chest, revealing Ruby with her bloodied arm outstretched in a punch. Her hair was burning just like Yang’s as she breathed heavily from the strain, her eyes glazed over like she wasn’t looking at anything at all]

    Blake - R…Ruby

    [Ruby shook violently and fell over between Yang and Adam]


    Writing Requests are OPEN

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  • Do. Do you think Qrow ever got sick of conversations and just turned into a bird and flew away

    #because thats what i would do #qrow#rwby
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  • Ozpin: *Meets Qrow*

    Qrow: *Gets turned into a bird*

    Ozpin: *Meets Raven*

    Raven: *Gets turned into a bird*

    Ozpin: *Meets Robyn*


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  • How much self-control do I have when it comes to Nuts and Dolts??

    apparently it’s a non-existent concept

    this is what you get when you romance Penny in Summer Rose Court. gay? wholesome? heartwarming? yes don’t you dare reject her

    SUMMER ROSE COURT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FOOD I AM VERY SATISFIED I LOVE YOU GUYS YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MU  CH I LOVE THIS GAME myheartmyheartmyheart I have so many feelings but I can’t put them all in this post AAAAAAA

    You may support the artist via commission (at 30% off!) or Ko-fi donations! Link to Tumblr post here.

    Artwork powered by FOSS: Linux Mint MATE 19.1 and Krita 4.2.9

    #ruby rose#penny polendina #nuts and dolts #mechanical rose #summer rose court #rwby#krita#kyrin's art#kyrin's fanart#fan illust#rwby: fanart #penny's sprite is so wonderful and lively #i cant capture that right but damn xuunies that was sooo good #also ruby gives me the dorkiest goofball vibes in src #i love her so much #i love this game so much
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  • Working on comics. I hate coloring. 

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  • you are weak and Marrow is coming for you

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  • THEM…..

    #justin watches rwby #ruby rose#penny polendina #nuts and dolts #rwby
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    T H I S F U C K I N G C L O S E

    #THEY CAN'T GET AWAY WITH THAT #justin watches rwby #ruby rose#penny polendina #nuts and dolts #rwby
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