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  • neopoliitan
    22.06.2021 - 5 hours ago
    Team RAIN - Pages 831-832 Links: Previous · Next · All Pages · PDF Links · Wikia · Send me a message/question!

    Welcome to Irving’s hometown of Avon, situated south along the coast of Vale. It’s nowhere near as large as the capital, but it’s survived for centuries thanks to its natural protection and its huuuuge walls.

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  • dam1994s
    22.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    RWBabies: Armed Knight

    June: Mommy Mommy! Look I did it! 😆

    May Z: Did what sweetie? 😊

    June: I made all the mouseies go to sleep before they could scare big brother Tyr! 🙂

    Jaune: What are you... talking 😨

    Oh my gods...

    He stared before him, in the corner several rats laid still forever...

    June: Now they won't scare Tyr ☺️

    Jaune: Thats... Um, considerate... Um, wanna chime in honey.

    May Z: You got all headshots! Way to go 😆

    June: Just like you taught me mommy 😆 I'm even better then Summer!

    Jaune: Why is this the one thing that gets you outta your shell!?

    Yep, my wife's definitely Vacuian...

    -Meanwhile, Elsewhere in the Arc House-

    Summer: Mommy, I feel like someone insulted my honor.

    Ruby: 😠

    Somebody issued my baby a challenge!

    And so here's the newest RWBaby, June (Get it, cause it comes after May) And like Ruby, May and lily's Summer she too is a sniper.

    What are your thoughts on her @templeofdepravity

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  • dam1994s
    22.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    RWBabies: Arcfall

    Damien: Mom I'm gonna go race with my friends.

    Cinder: Break their legs, victory at all cost 😠

    Damien: Mom! They're My Friends!... I'm just gonna trip them.

    Cinder: *Rolls Eyes* 'Sigh' I raised you with far too gentle a heart... 😏

    Jaune & Ren:...

    Ren: You aren't gonna say anything? 🤨

    Jaune: I'm just counting my blessings assassination hasn't come up... 😑

    Ren: I suppose that is a... Improvement?

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  • tyrian-sexual
    22.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    LepPNG on Toyhouse blessed me today .////.

    #my oc #tyrian callows rwby #tyrian callows#rwby #oc x canon #oc/canon#ship#self insert#erin bryni#erin #self insert x canon #art
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  • wolfstyle2074
    22.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Athena Vasilias

    Age: 3 months old (in the current timeline), 17 (in the future timeline)

    Hair color: Sky blue

    Eye color: Midnight blue

    Family: Uranus Vasilias (great-grandfather), Hyperion Vasilias (paternal great-uncle) Saturn Vasilias (paternal grandfather/adoptive father), Lydia Vasilias (paternal grandmother/adoptive mother), Jupiter Vasilias (father), Pluto Vasilias (paternal uncle, deceased), Neptune Vasilias (paternal uncle), unknown mother (deceased), Tide Vasilias (cousin), Tristan Vasilias (cousin), Tristina Vasilias (cousin)

    Occupation: Leader of the Resistance (future timeline), huntress-in-training, resident of Mistral.

    Weapon: Nike (spear, main weapon), Amphitrite (inheritance from Saturn)

    Semblance: Storm

    Affiliation: Resistance


    Athena is born to Jupiter Vasilias, a member of the vigilante organization called the Black Vipers, and an unknown woman who died giving birth. During the past 3 months, she was cared by Jupiter while finding a home for her. Since he cannot risk Watts knowing about his daughter. These few months with her father are the happiest in Jupiter's life after being captured by Salem. Until the Black Vipers arrived to Mistral.

    When Jupiter secretly visits his mother for the last time, he left Athena in her and his father's doorstep. And this was the last time Jupiter would see his daughter, thinking it was for the best for Athena to be raised in a healthy environment. And to not put her in harm's way, knowing Salem would use her against him if she found out. Then Lydia answered Jupiter's knocking, only to find just Athena left on the doorstep. And took her in.

    After Saturn returns from the Battle of Haven, Lydia informed him of their granddaughter's existence and they decided to adopt her. Since then, Athena grew up without the knowledge of either of her parents.

    Future timeline:

    14 years later, Athena will then join the resistance in a battle against Salem, where at this time, ruled Remnant after the Academies were destroyed. Athena then became a gifted strategist in evacuating the citizens of both Mistral and Vale. She became the main inheritor of her grandfather's weapon, Amphitrite, meant for those with Vasilias bloodline to possess it to make their semblances powerful.

    She was then assigned by her mentor, Hinota Kamura, a huntress who trained Athena, to journey to the mysterious fifth kingdom called Olympus to develop her own leadership skills and to gain alliances. After some harsh backlash of being an outsider by the Olympians, Athena was sought by the Queen of Olympus, Remira, to become her successor, since she doesn't have any heirs.

    Three years later, Athena's leadership skills were improved when enrolling to Elysium Academy. But then a tournament has been made for those to participate. The prize is to become an heir to the throne of Olympus. It was decided that even at such a young age, Athena should be participating in the tournament. To which she accepts. Athena was among the 23 warriors to entered the tournament, being the only female gladiator in the ring. But she has beaten the odds fighting her opponents. As a result, Athena has won the tournament and Remira has named her the new Queen of Olympus after she died of illness.

    A month after, Athena has returned to the battlefield, and the 2nd Great War has commenced after the alliance with Olympus was formed with Vale and Mistral, including Vacuo. Becoming the leader of the Resistance.


    Being raised by her grandparents, Athena was a polite and wise being when it comes to her interactions with her teammates. Unlike her father, Jupiter, she has taken cation when making strategies in the 2nd Great War. She is also an exceptional leader of the resistance. She is also very kind to children whenever they were in distressed, but nothing stops the fact that the world became a dangerous place in Salem's rule.

    Although aware of the truth of her father, Athena accepts the flaws and continues the journey to bring back the peace in Remnant. She has kept her grandfather's weapon, Amphitrite, as a momentum of her memories she shared with her grandparents. And gives herself to grieve since Salem's uprising.

    Athena is also very intelligent in strategy. Always careful with the plans of operations as the leader of the resistance. Although she is not one to show off, she knows what is necessary and what is not. When interrogating rogues who plans to obliterate the resistance, Athena would carefully use her persuasion to convince them to reveal Salem's plans.

    Athena can also be a public speaker when everyone else lost hope in Remnant. Proving to be an inspiration to the resistance and she became the main reason the veterans regain their hope and pride as huntsmen and huntresses. And won't back down without a fight. Although, curious about her father's past, she puts her curiosity aside to focus on missions.

    As Queen of Olympus, although she is an incredible leader, Athena still struggles with her leadership. But cannot give up. Being self-aware of her surroundings and the people around her. She would carefully observe her allies before trusting others. But she is never one to kill her enemies, but rather detain them for information. Making her merciful. No matter if others oppose her ideas.

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  • scorchedbiscuit
    22.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    This gal is good ol' Tal.

    Talerina Toulípa. The Thief who took the Original Butcher as her husband.

    Drawing her was simple. Had a conversation with a good comrade to help really shape her. I'm glad I'm able to complete this piece

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  • razorblade180
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #rwbabies #carmine arc rose #ask my oc #rwby
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  • reiverarts
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sorry I haven't been on in like forever. For some reason i always forget I have a tumblr. My sister/best friend, wanted to commission me to draw her RWBY OC Vixen, at first she wanted more of a solemn/guilty piece, but I couldn't find the references for the places she wanted so I asked her if we could change it up and I immediately asked her if I could make Vixen into a magical girl so here she is! I also came up with her companion on the spot. His name is bandit because of the black fur looking like a bask around his eyes. The gem stone on his chest im thinking is a power limiter. He can control the size of his tail and he likes to sleep and store stuff in it. He's also very mischievous.

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  • kakumeinohi
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #rwby#rwby fanfiction#rwby fanfic#rwby oc #rwby original character #rwby original faunus character #chapter update for The One Mission will be a little delayed since I'm having notebook troubles Dx #fathers day #rwby father's day
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  • mcmystery
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Just a lil something for Father's Day.

    Mr. B would've been a great dad. So many tea parties and spontaneous dances

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  • sapphic-sustrai
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m gonna plug my first Bearite One-Shot again because why not, if anyone wants to read it you can find it here!

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  • austasart
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sketchbook pages, feat a Yang Xiao Long in there somewhere. :3

    I like to draw with ballpoint pens and holy shit, Canson Mixed Media sketchbooks really have always been there for me.

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  • danieladimitrescu
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Happy boi 🥰

    Artist: Natsha01

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  • shana340artblog
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Yellow Oni Kise.. a dumb himbo and the only oni leader who doesn't wear his mask often because 1. He finds it as a symbol of control. 2. Red Oni has pranked him so many times with his mask (putting googly eyes on it and blacking it out so he can't see through it.

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  • ceci-asa-art-archieves
    20.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Happy Father's day and Sorry I haven't been as Active lately! I've gotten involved with Disney TWST over the span of the RWBY Hiatus and.... what can I say? I fell down the Rabbit hole XD!

    The link to this speedpaint is right here, so feel free to check that out! Hope you like my piece of art! Please like and reblog!!

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