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    Part 3 of the RWBY inspiration series: I like to call this part, The Wizard of Ozpin.

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  • Binge rewatching RWBY vol 5 & 6 atm because I lowkey forgot what was going on when vol 7 came out and yall… vol 6 ep 8 when Jaune slammed Ozcar into the wall and started yelling in his face bc he was mad about the whole Ozpin situation and Ozcar just looking scared and panicking and not knowing what to do and even cowering after Jaune pulled away… THAT SHIT FUCKING MADE ME CRYYY

    #its 5 am and im lowkey pulling an all nighter for no reason other than i have no class today #its finals week and im free until 7 pm thursday #then i go home friday!! #anyways lmao#rwby #rwby vol 5 #rwby vol 6 #rwby vol 7 #rwby jaune#rwby ozcar#rwby ozpin#misc#not writing
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  • Going on the idea that Ozpin was absolutely furious with Hazel…

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  • I believe that there’s a misunderstanding in the fandom regarding Ozpin’s hiding the truth and lying.

    Salem withheld the truth in that she had waged a war against the Gods and had led to the extinction of humankind. Ozpin hadn’t known what the truth was so he never questioned her.

    Ozpin sees through Oscar’s eyes even if he’s not currently in control. So he undoubtedly witnessed both Salem and his’ lives play out in their entirety. This is most likely the first time that he’s been told, or rather shown, everything Salem had done after he’d passed on into the afterlife.

    Remember, the God of Light only told him that a “tragedy” had befallen his world while he was dead. Not that Salem had caused it, nor any of the specifics. He only tasked him with redeeming humanity and when he’s done so, call back the Gods to judge humanity.

    While yes, he lied about his lack of plans to destroy Salem, and lied about trusting those on his side. I don’t think he should be held in contempt for witholding what Salem’s done and her full role in everything. Because he did not know.

    #my rwby thought #rwby thoughts#rwby thought#rwby ozpin#rwby ozma#salem#rwby salem #rwby god of light #god of light
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  • Ozpin’s hypothetical v7 look along with Oscar on his outfit but he has a scarf and can zip up his jacket

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  • Amber Vs Fria: Choices

    A common response to my take on how Ironwood treats Fria is that “Ozpin was planning to do the exact same thing.” But the circumstances surrounding the Fall maiden’s powers were very, very different.

    When Amber was attacked, half her powers were stolen. Between the split magic and the fact Cinder had attacked her, there was no way for anyone but her assailant to inherit the Fall Maiden’s powers. Unless, of course, you didn’t let Amber lose the power at all.

    By having Amber’s Aura, her soul, transferred to another, the Fall maiden’s powers would stay at least partly in the hands of the good guys. There was absolutely no other way to keep Salem’s agents from having a full force Fall maiden on their side.

    In Fria’s case, none of this is necessary. While having a huntress and trusted military operative as the Winter maiden is certainly beneficial, that’s not the only option.

    Say you let it just happen naturally. Maybe a young woman from Fria’s family or a close friend inherits her powers. This person probably won’t have much combat experience, but as long you explain the Salem factor, they’re likely to understand. Even if the person in Fria’s final thoughts doesn’t inherit her powers due to not meeting requirements, that’s not such a loss. It just means they’ll waste a little time trying to find the new Winter maiden. There are other options that are far more humane and will not have a significantly negative impact.

    It’s also worth noting most of the problems in Atlas are political, not security. They don’t desperately need a combat ready maiden, especially not with Cinder’s status up in the air. No, they want a maiden to represent Atlas, not to protect all of Remnant. Winter makes it very clear what her order of priorities as a maiden will be. Her kingdom, the military, will come first.

    In Amber’s case, the choice was between a) finding someone to transfer her soul to, or b) letting Cinder, a murderer they knew to be allied with Salem, inherit the full power of the Fall Maiden.

    In Fria’s case, the choices are a) to let the powers pass on as they were always meant to, to someone who matters to the previous maiden or to someone random. b) to force Fria to interact only with the person that Ironwood groomed as her successor in the hopes she inherits those powers ‘naturally,’ or c) to forcibly take Fria’s soul from her to guarantee that the person Ironwood chooses becomes a maiden.

    Again, the FNDM is comparing two completely different situations to prove a (wrong) point.

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    Alice carrying Oscar wedding style.

    Ozpin : something feels out of place…

    Oscar : (Why me ? I should be carrying her…)

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    The willow doesn’t need to learn to stand~ q

    #ozpin but its that pose from the v6 intro #i drew this a couple days ago #gonna post it now!! #rwby#rwby ozpin#ozpin#professor ozpin#ozma#fanart#rwby fanart#rwby ozma#queue#q#queuetea#my art#lieurey
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  • Here i am !

    After this drawing (which was really sad)


    I’ve decided (after a so good RP with @oscarpine-officeal ; that was awesome really) to make a drawing about Ozpin smiling because, yea ! He’s free finally !!!

    That was hard… Because i wanted i to be… Kind of special i could say… Well, let’s just see what i’ve done


    I don’t think it’s bad, but it wasn’t what i Was Looking for… Untill this one !


    This is really what i wanted !

    A shiny smiling Ozpin !

    I hope you’ll like it too.

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  • Me trying to draw a shiny smiling Ozpin : It’s harder than I thought…

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    “It’s not like if I heard you shout in the halls of my school during 4 whole minutes-”

    Previous (Part 3) | First | Next (Coming soon)

    Part 4 of Qrow and Rosemary’s short stories !

    Is it why people call him morally gray like his hair ?

    Cuz he is a sassy headmaster~

    I really loved how goofy he could be in Volume 1 !

    Also, RIP Qrow.

    Yes, he is a BiiiiiRb. The worse is that it’s true and Rosy doesn’t even know it.

    Next parts will be Christmas specials !

    (@neopolitanapologist )


    Rosemary Garance by me

    RWBY by Monty Oum / @roosterteeth

    Art by me




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  • Ya’ll can’t and won’t be able to stand there and convince me otherwise that when our boi Oscar does unlock his semblance (like they foreshadowed in this recent episode) Ozpin won’t be a proud papa!

    Like even if they don’t show Ozpin at all when Oscar does eventually gets his semblance you all know that wherever he is inside Oscar’s head he’s smiling a proud dad smile while thinking “well done, my boy.”

    I mean, ya’ll can try, but I won’t listen, I LIVE for proud OzDad

    #rwby volume 7 spoilers #rwby#rwby oscar#oscar pine #oscar and ozpin #rwby ozpin#ozpin #rwby v7 spoilers #rwby spoilers#rwby thoughts #the wizard of oz #rwby ozma #rooster teeth rwby #rooster teeth
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    All Oscar scenes from Rwby volume 7 episode 6 — A Night Off

    (When’s my boi gonna unlock his semblance? They totally foreshadowed it here!)

    #rwby#rwby spoilers #rwby volume 7 spoilers #rwby volume 7 #oscar pine#rwby gif#rwby v7#rwby ozpin#rwby oscar #rooster teeth rwby #rooster teeth
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  • Pietro:Why hello Oscar, nice to properly meet the young man my daughter has taken an interest in. *shaking his head*

    Ozpin:(First impressions are crucial. Be calm and don’t say anything crazy.)

    Oscar:Hello sir, I’m a big fan of your work. Wait….




    Oscar:*sweating*…..(I’ve made a mistake)

    Ozpin:(You had, one job…)

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    Look and see….

    This is the face of the one who gave his so many lives to protect humanity, to protect Remnant.

    Now tell me…

    How can he be so sad ? So guilty ? So misjudged ?

    “Can’t anyone free me… Once for all ?”

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    Originally posted by allreactions

    I know I’ve done lots of these recently but still

    I have a whole animatic idea which I want to roughly describe here because I just feel a need to share it but still

    May we consider the song “RISE” by Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive to be a Qrow song for just a minute

    I was listening to it and making associations as usual, and I separated it into three parts

    The first one (1st verse and chorus) is featuring some fighting scene from Qrow’s childhood (like him 1 on 1 vs some Grimm, like a process of initiation of the tribe he has to pass)

    Then (verse 2 and chorus 2) a transition to him and STRQ members standing on the Amity Arena after a battle vs some other team during the Vital Festival, and Qrow noticing Ozpin watching at them from the tribunes and discussing something with Glynda; then him and the team together fighting Grimm on one of the missions

    Then at the first part of the bridge (until Well, do you want it?) it’s all the sad parts with Raven leaving Summer dying Tai closing up alcoholism happening

    Since that line to the end of the bridge is a slow coping with the situation happening, with Qrow trying to move on

    And then the last chorus is him fighting alongside team RWBYJNR through volumes 4-7 (with all the echoing lines said by people who had or have played an important part in his life) with him almost falling at Rise (It’s deep in your blood, go and take it) but then getting up again and rushing into the new battle along the last line of the song

    Thank you for paying attention to this very sudden post of mine, have a good day✨🎶❤️✨

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  • I’m sure this has been said already…. but we all agree that Ozpin has inferred an incorrect conclusion from Jinn’s answer, right? Just because he can’t kill Salem doesn’t mean she can’t be killed.

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  • I’m gonna talk a little bit about Ozpin and Ruby

    Spoilers for Volume 7

    Ozpin spent many lives deciding to shield parts of the truth from everyone because he knew the world couldn’t handle the truth.

    He knew that if he told everyone the truth than either they would give up in the fight (Raven) or would join the enemy (Leo)

    It’s mentioned that he’s been betrayed many times, even to the point where he didn’t even seem surprised by Leo’s betrayal, and so he chooses to protect parts of the truth.

    As well as this Ozpin was under no obligation to reveal his very traumatic past to a bunch of emotional teenagers! Most of his secrets revealed by Jinn were irrelevant and only showed the connection between Salem and Ozma.

    Ozpin lied, and that is not okay, he omitted some very important truths and lead a bunch of kids down a path that was certainly going to get them killed, he created schools full of kids who would protect the schools but knowing that most of them would not survive a fight against Salem’s team, but despite this, he had his reasons for keeping his secrets, he did the best he could and he had the best intentions.


    This is what makes him a morally grey character. His intentions were good but his actions lead to a lot of bad as well.

    What Qrow said to Ruby in Volume 7, that her lying to Ironwood was different than Ozpin lying, was true! Anyone who says she’s no better than Ozpin has not been paying attention to the basic message of the last two Volumes.

    Qrow has been helping Ozpin loyally for the last decade at least, we’ll assume the last 15 years, and had proven his trustworthiness in multiple occasions, so he could have been trusted with the truth.

    Team RNJR risked their life to get to Mistral to help because they lost someone close to them and they wanted to defeat the person that killed her, which means for the most part their motivation wouldn’t have swayed meaning that they could have been trusted with the truth.

    Yang, Blake, and Weiss had no right being upset with Oz for not disclosing the whole truth in all honesty, they hadn’t been there for long, they didn’t risk as much to get there, their motivations weren’t as stable, Yang’s mum literally deserted Ozpin after finding out the truth, it’s understandable Ozpin would be wary about telling them the truth.

    But my point is, for the most part, team RNJR + Qrow were all able to be trusted and should have been.

    Now we get to Atlas, and since Volume 4 they’re been building Ironwood up to be getting more and more paranoid and rash, when we get into Atlas in Volume 7 we see that he’s done so much to hurt the people of Mantle (and I suppose to an extent Atlas) that a lot of people hate him. Even RWBY+JNR+Q all mention as soon as they see that he doesn’t look well:

    Yang: “General Ironwood, he looks…”

    Ruby: “tired.”

    Qrow: “James, what have you been doing?”

    The entire situation in Atlas seems strange to the characters, and this is what makes them cautious, making them go into Mantle in the first place.

    Weiss: “I’ve never seen our forces deployed so aggressively before”

    Weiss: “this isn’t right. None of this is right.”


    Originally posted by jonthejournalist

    And later cemented by Pietro who says point blank:

    Pietro: “The fall of Beacon took a toll on all of us, James was no different. I don’t know exactly what he saw there, but it changed him, he’s…”

    Qrow: “He’s scared.”

    Pietro: “Paranoid would be the more appropriate term.”

    Ironwood is acting on his fears, and due to the fact he’s got not only Atlas Academy but the entire Atlas Military under his control, as well as being completely backed by the council (helped only by the fact he already holds two seats on the council) he is the most powerful right now, and for someone who was called, by his friend, paranoid, this doesn’t make for much confidence when telling him important information that could only fuel his fears even further.

    Not to mention that Ruby was very quick to tell JNR about the truth, despite seeing how her own team reacted to the news, because it was important they knew.

    Ozpin lying was backed by experience and paranoia, but Ruby lying is backed by an accurate assessment of the situation.

    They’re doing the same basic action of lying, but their reasonings are slightly different. We don’t have enough information to say that Ruby is no better than Oz, because the issue is, she’s only lied to one person that’s meant to be on her side because she’s already seen one of the Headmasters betray Oz, and can see that James isn’t the most emotionally stable at the moment.

    We can only say whether Ruby is better than Oz if we see her lying to everyone that’s helping her even after they proved their loyalty.

    My point of this is, Ozpin is not a bad guy, he’s just been through a lot and is too fearful to trust anyone anymore, his actions were wrong but his intent was still good, therefore he’s morally grey.

    Ruby is better than Ozpin as far as we can tell, and Qrows justification of her actions is correct.

    The people who are defending Ozpin to the ends of the earth need to realise that though he had his reasons for keeping his secrets, it meant he put a bunch of young lives at risk for a war he knows he can’t win, at least not yet.

    But those who are attacking Ruby need to see that she was completely justified in her actions despite us knowing that it’s not okay to lie about such important stuff because at the moment they don’t know if they can trust Ironwood.

    The situation isn’t black and white, its not ‘lying is bad always tell the truth’ more ‘situational lying can be justified however should not go as far as to put others lives at risk’ it’s a learn who to trust situation because no one should just trust everyone they meet.

    To summarise my points:

    Ozpin: Means the best but is too paranoid to tell people, even if they’re trustworthy, the whole truth about the situation at hand. Should be forgiven but should not be heavily defended in that specific action.

    Ruby: Trusts others with the truth but also has an obligation to assess the situation to make sure that those people she’s trusting actually deserve it and there isn’t much of a risk involved in disclosing the whole truth.

    #rwby#rwby ozpin#rwby ruby #rwby volume 7 spoilers #rwby volume 7 #rwby volume 6
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  • This is the drawing i consider as the cover of my fanfiction. I think it make it clear enough to understand my vision and the way i go in the story. 

    I hope you’ll like it and hope you’ll like Alice too. I try my best to give her an interesting personality. 

    #alice vremia#ozpin#rwby ozpin#rwby oscar#oscar pine #oscar and ozpin #I don't want to lose you_by professorozpin32 #professorozpin32#rwbyfanart #rwby x oc #rwby oc #fanart x oc #original character#rwby fanfiction#cover fanfiction#drawing #traditional x digital #pencil x digital #mywork #my own work
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