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  • drainbangle
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    This legendary Pokémon can scorch the world with its ■■■■■. It helps those who want to build a world of ■■■■■.

    Image description in alt text.

    #my art#dgs#tgaa#dgs2 spoilers#tgaa spoilers#ryuunosuke naruhodou#kazuma asougi#asoryuu #yeah sure being cosmically pit against each other can be homoerotic. why not at this point
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  • dilf-phoenix-rights
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    If this doesn’t make sense to you it’s because I get them better than you /lh

    #but not /j #kazuma asougi#ryunosuke naruhodo#asoryuu#narumitsu#ryuunosuke naruhodou#kazuma asogi#dgs2 spoilers#dgs spoilers#tgaa #the craving to to @ a certain mutual who I think would like this but we’ve never spoken directly #and I don’t want to pressure them if they don’t sjskd
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  • itachiyamaas
    22.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    So I have this theory that everyone in Karasuno can be represented not only by their own banner, but they also have a banner belonging to a different school as well. There’s a few exceptions–for example, Datekou’s banner (Iron Wall) is highly specific to their school and as such is not applicable to anyone in Karasuno. But for the most part, each school’s banner is also represented in a different member of the Karasuno volleyball club. 

    First up are the first years. They are easily represented by the “big five” schools–Karasuno, Nekoma, Fukurodani, Aoba Johsai, and Shiratorizawa. The rest of the team can be found in the other schools that we get to see. Some are through their plot arcs, and others merely correspond to them even if we don’t get to see that direct thematic link. 

    Putting the rest of the theory under a cut because holy shit it’s long (one of my friends said it was 800 words and i’ve added to it since then!)

    Starting off with our protagonist, Hinata Shoyo! He is the representative of Fukurodani’s motto, one ball one heart one soul. It’s written in how he loves volleyball; it’s written in how he gives volleyball his all. Volleyball is his–he's hungry for it in a way that few other characters are and there isn't anything he wouldn't do to get better and better at it. It’s also pretty obvious in how much he learns from Bokuto. They share the same passion, and I think that the parallels between these two characters put them in conversation with each other and Fukurodani’s motto. Obviously “fly” suits him, but I think that out of everyone in Karasuno, he embodies Fukurodani’s banner in a way that the others don’t. 

    Kageyama Tobio is Aoba Johsai’s motto, rule the court. This one should be obvious: the king metaphors, his learning how to be a fair leader on the court as a setter, the different ways he can “rule” (as seen in how he looks up to both Oikawa and Atsumu, and the effects that their setting styles have on him). I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one. 

    Tsukishima Kei is Nekoma’s motto, connect. That’s his entire thing as a middle blocker: connect. Yes, ideally he sends it back over the net, but one-touches are also important connections within game play, as seen in the Shiratorizawa match. And, as seen in the Inarizaki match, he will go great lengths to get that connection, as he runs over to hit the ball back up even at the last possible moment. It’s also worth noting that it is his personal connections (ahaha...anyways) to the team and his brother that make him a better player–once he is willing to at least open up, and connect with other people, he is able to improve (see the Tokyo training camp/third gym arc!)

    Yachi Hitoka is Shiratorizawa’s motto, irresistible force. Yachi might be really anxious but she has proven time and time again that she has a spine, that she will stand up for what she believes in and fight for what she wants. As she once famously said, "Villager B can fight too!!" and we see that, as she grows more confident within her role in the team and who she is as a manager. 

    Yamaguchi Tadashi is the true embodiment of Karasuno’s motto, fly. Of course this one is applicable to every member of Karasuno, but i think that it’s Yamaguchi who best embodies it. He is the only first year not on the starting line up, so what does he do? Find another way to get on the court, and that’s through being a pinch server. And that’s part of the whole message of Haikyuu: humans don’t have wings, so we search for other ways to fly. 

    The next three are really obvious in my opinion due to the plot arcs! 

    Sawamura Daichi is Johzenji’s, simplicity and fortitude. He lays the brickwork for his team; it’s due to his ability to cover their asses that Kageyama and Hinata can do the wack shit they do (you’ve seen the Johzenji match).

    Ennoshita Chikara is Wakutani’s, show us your tenacity. He had to try again and again before he actually got put on the court, and even once he’s on it was a struggle for him. But he keeps trying. He picks himself back up, over and over again, and that’s why he’s Wakutani (again...you’ve seen the Wakunan match).

    Kinoshita Hisashi’s is Tsubakihara’s, even small streams become large rivers. He never gets his “big moment”; he’s nothing special; he doesn’t get to be a hero in the way Ennoshita and even Narita got to be (see stz match, fifth set). But he’s still important; it’s his call to Noya that helps them win the Inarizaki match (you should rewatch the Tsubakihara match btw). 

    Speaking of iInarizaki, Nishinoya Yuu is the embodiment of their banner, we don’t need memories. That’s why he ditched Karasuno! Asahi left because he physically couldn’t shake off the memory of being shut out, which was so frustrating to Noya because he knew that he had to get the ball up for Asahi next time. They had to shake off the memory of that match in order to evolve into better versions of themselves. Also take into consideration Kita’s speech (the “I am built of the small things I do every day” one), as Noya too is built of the small things he does every day as well. His finger push-ups mid match is his way of shaking off the memories of the game and focusing on what to do next play. He had to forget the past memories, and so that is why Nishinoya is the embodiment of Inarizaki's banner. Consider Noya's timeskip too: he goes off to make new memories while keeping his old ones.

    Sugawara Koushi (my personal fave krsn member!!) is the embodiment of Nohebi’s banner, fair and square. His entire thing is that it's fair. He recognizes that Kageyama is a better setter than him and gracefully accepts the decision to make Kageyama the starting setter as opposed to him. He's been replaced, and he doesn't try and overturn that decision with an excuse of seniority. Instead, he looks for ways to improve himself. He doesn't sabotage Kageyama, instead working alongside him to improve the team. He looks for his own way to fight, fair and square. Whenever he's put on the court, it's because of his own merit (when he's actually on it anyways T_T) and all of it is due to his own hard work to make himself the best player he can. It’s a sharp contrast to the irony that is Nohebi’s play style and their banner, but he truly represents Nohebi’s banner.  

    Tanaka Ryuunosuke is Itachiyama’s banner, effort. During the Inarizaki game, he says that he’s nothing special in the team, but then he goes on to say, “if I try try again, I can do it”. That’s his thing–being the reliable senpai to the first years, being their rising ace, putting in the effort to be a strong player in his own right. He’s a hard worker and he’s a strong player–even if he’s not as intense as Hinata or Kageyama–but he still puts in the effort, every single time. 

    Azumane Asahi is Sarukawa’s banner, rising up every time. First of all–his name; he’s the rising sun to Noya’s evening. Secondly, he is the one who has to rise up to the challenge: namely, his fear of being shut out. That’s what his arc is about–whereas Noya had to focus on getting the ball up regardless of what had happened earlier, Asahi had to accept the fact that he may get blocked, and jump up and hit the ball regardless. And that’s why he’s Sarukawa’s. 

    I’ve run out of banners (I’m not a manga reader anyways) and narita doesn’t have enough of a personality for me to properly support him so...to the Kiyoko, Narita, Takeda, and Ukai stans: sorry but I’m out of ideas. I still love them. If you have ideas feel free to let me know though!! I’d love to hear them! 

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! 

    #lyz speaks#haikyuu meta #the banners!! #Karasuno#hinata shoyo#kageyama tobio#tsukishima kei#yamaguchi tadashi#yachi hitoka#sawamura daichi#ennoshita chikara#kinoshita hisashi#sugawara koushi#nishinoya yuu#azumane asahi#tanaka ryuunosuke#fukurodani#aoba johsai#nekoma#shiratorizawa#tsubakihara#wakunan#johzenji#nohebi#itachiyama#inarizaki#sarukawa tech #YES i tagged every school mentioned. im annoying like that #can u believe this began as a joke text to my friend where i was like lol each first year has parents on another team. except yams #and then...a year later ive got a whole essay about banners and themes and whatnot
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  • lemondragon42-art
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Sorry for the lack of art on this art blog of mine but my creative process is...slow to say the least. But here! Take some Modern AU designs for Ryunosuke and Kazuma! Featuring my silly little notes. I also tried to do different body types for the two of them. All in all they turned out great! Two versions of the image, one regular Photo and a scanned copy using an App which will hopefully make my art look a little nicer till I start doing digital. Also I do have a follow-up design for Kazuma's Jacket.

    #the great ace attorney #dgs#ace attorney#kazuma asogi#kazuma asougi#tgaa #dai gyakuten saiban #Ryunosuke Naruhodo#ryuunosuke naruhodou#Modern au#character design #my notes don't mean all that much and I'm pretty sure there's a mistake in there but #here y'all go
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  • thissoiledsorrow1934
    22.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    thinking about the demon prodigy/ rabid dog/ slaughter made flesh cycle of abuse and the names they were given and i’m going insane!!! it’s about the dehumanization it’s about being denied humanity just for the sake of being human it’s about destruction being their purpose and the sole thing their worth as individuals was tied to it’s about ruined childhoods. don’t talk to me for an hour

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  • nerd-of-karasuno
    22.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #haikyu#tobio fluff #tobio x y/n #haikyuu fluff#haikyuu headcanons #haikyu x reader #haikyuu!! #hinata shoyo#nishinoya#tanaka ryuunosuke#haikyuu #haikyuu!! x reader #haikyuu!! x gender neutral reader #haikyuu!! x y/n #koushi sugawara
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  • fukoronoko
    22.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Ennotana drawing for @silvercrane14 the Kyouhaba angst is coming as well

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  • legobatman2
    22.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
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  • viktuurishipper96
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    image depiction: [The Great Ace Attorney] Ryunnosuke Naruhodo in a style of Katsumi Tamegai aka ryuu on the laserdisc of TGAA anime adaptation!!

    #asoryuu#ace attorney#tgaa#大逆転裁判 #the great ace attorney #ryuunosuke naruhodou #sailor moon redraw #ace attorney fanart #asougi kazuma
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  • scaramouchestims
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Akutagawa Stimboard

    Ok to tag as kin/me/etc

    🥀 💀 🥀

    💀 😳 💀

    🥀 💀 🥀

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  • andstuffsketches
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    [image description: comic set on the SS Burya before case 2 of TGAA.  Ryuunosuke and Kazuma are sitting at the table in the cabin, and Ryuu says, “Well, the ship’s set off-- I hope Miss Susato isn’t too put out by our deception. I’m surprised we haven’t met before! She’s your other close friend, like a sister to you, right?” Kazuma puts his hand on Ryuu’s shoulder an smiles, saying “Our other close friend who’s like a sister to us.” Ryuu asks, “What?” in confusion. The last panel is Kazuma doing a peace sign and fading away (like the meme). end id]

    on the SS Burya

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  • viilocitee
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    LIKE A MAGNET - Asoryuu Version!

    twitter | instagram

    #asoryuu#kazuma asougi#ryuunosuke naruhodou #asougi x naruhodou #OTP 5ever #OTPS FOR VII #dai gyakuten saiban #the great ace attorney #this otp will be the death of me
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  • daigyakutenzine
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    We are happy to introduce you all to @manifestephanie! Stephanie is bringing her unique papercut art to The Great Turnabout for a full page piece illustrating a funny moment between a detective and his young apprentice.

    Stephanie is on Twitter, also @/manifestephanie

    #ace attorney #the great ace attorney #ace attorney fanzine #dgs#tgaa#zine#fanzine #dai gyakuten saiban #herlock sholmes #sherlock holmes dgs #barok van zieks #naruhodou ryuunosuke#ryuunosuke naruhodou
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  • doctordragonisback
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    This is what you get when I'm bored in class

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  • blueclearcloud
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Do u ever see smth so beautiful it makes u scream.

    Nyasougi really saw Chuunosuke fall and go "all right, c u Usato. Aiboooooouuuuuuuu, 🤣!"

    #tgaac #the great ace attorney #ace attorney#dgs#nyasougi#chuunosuke#my beloved #ace attorney 20th anniversary artwork #Kazuma Asougi#Ryuunosuke Naruhodo #i cant reread my posts worth anything
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  • tisdonuts
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago




    Damn shin soukoku shippers are winning this year aren’t they

    #they love each other and you can’t tell me otherwise #they’re in love your honor #shin soukoku#ryuunosuke akutagawa#atsushi nakajima#bsd atsushi#bsd aktugawa #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs beast #beastmode
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  • dazaiskinnie
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i saw this picture of tanaka with hair and all i can think about is he looks like kageyama’s emo older brother

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  • prxncekxsses
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tee hee… Cozy :3

    #bungou stray dogs #bsd #bungo stray dogs #bungo sd#bungou sd#atsushi nakajima#ryunosuke akutagawa#akutagawa ryuunosuke#shin soukoku #atsushi x akutagawa #akutagawa x atsushi
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  • iwillbecomealawyer
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    so updated anni art just dropped and..


    #shut up vie #dgs#tgaa#tgaac #the great ace attorney #the great ace attorney chronicles #kazuma asougi#kazuma asogi#nyasougi#ryuunosuke naruhodou#ryunosuke naruhodo#chuunosuke
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