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  • Flower Tattoo V3

    - works with all skins and overlays
    - teen to elder
    - for female and male
    - custom thumbnail
    - base game compatible

    Please don�t
    - re-upload
    - claim as your own

    Please tag me @gossipgirl-s4 and show me your pictures 


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  • image

    I still want this for my sims 4 game. Could someone convert it? 🥺 plz or let me know if someone has. I’d be forever appreciative!

    #i tried doing it but i couldnt #id try again but my laptop doesnt have sims 3 anymore cause i uninstalled #it was super wacky on my #cc request#ts4#s4cc #sims 4 interior #ts4cc request#s4mm#s4buy
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  • hair | beret | earrings | top | bottoms | eyeshadow | lashes | nails
    thanks to all the amazing cc creators: @okruee @nucrests @pralinesims @trillyke @clumsyalienn @crypticsim @dream-girl

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  • I need a double bed for my build. It has to be a double bed and a alpha (realism). Can anyone help me?

    #ts4#ccts4#ccts4download#ts4cc #the sims 4 custom content #sims 4 custom content #ts4 custom content #the sims 4 cc #the sims 4 download #the sims 4 cc download #ts4cc download#thesims4cc#s4#s4ccfinds#s4cc download#S4CC
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  • Finally!

     My first Yellow Top LookBook!!! I decided to make something colorful during the quarantine

    #yellow#ts4 lookbook#ts4 simblr#ts4#ts4mm#ts4mm simblr#ts4cc#ts4 cas #sims 4 custom content #ts4 default replacement #s4cc #s4cc maxis match #sims4 cas
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  • Princess Nokia!! From the cover of her latest album Everything Sucks.

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  • image

    Emerson Sunstra Rose

    • Age: 32
    • Birthday April 19th
    • Born in Bangkok, Thailand
    • Thai, White, Black
    • Writer and stay at home mom
    • Relationship Status: Married
    • 1 child and another on the way :)
    #sims 4 #sims 4 custom content #sims4#s4cc #sims 4 reshade #sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 roleplay #my sims#Emerson Rose#Rose Family#ts4 simblr#ts4
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  • D O W N L O A D:


    @afro-sims-for-you​  Toddler BOW SHORTS  by  @blewis50

    You Need the Mesh:   https://www.patreon.com/posts/my-lovely-34643866

    @annett85​​​​ Toddler BodySuit  by  @blewis50​​​​​

    You need the Mesh:  https://annettssims4welt.blogspot.com/2017/03/accessory-bodysuits-pastel-for-toddlers.html

    @afro-sims-for-you​​ Tot Summer Cute Top by @blewis50​​​​​

    You need the Mesh  (recolor pic below 2 tops on far left)


    Love the CC?  It’s Listed Below:

    LookBook  425 


    Note: @blewis50​​​​​ & @littletodds​​​​​ shoe recolors coordinate perfectly with most swatches

    Designer Bow Shoes by the Fabulous  @blewis50​​​​​​  mesh by @zurkdesign​​​​​


    Ballet Shoes by @blewis50​​​​​  Mesh by  @zurkdesign​​​​​


    Designer Shoes by @littletodds​​​​​


    @by2ol  Lace back Shoes by @hbcu-black-girl​​​  Mesh by @redheadsims-cc​​​​​


    KieGross Ugg Slides for Toddlers by  dessysim  


    Kitty Slippers by  @simlaughlove​​​​​



    Hair Rollers  by  @hbcu-black-girl​​​​


    Lyric Hair  by @jaysims0​​​​​


    Mid curly CD Hair by  @redheadsims-cc​​​​​


    Pretty Toddler Hair  by  @afro-sims-for-you​​​


    Connie Sarhi Conversion Hair by  @dbasiasimbr​​​​​


    Cakes Lidia Converted to Toddler  by  @hbcu-black-girl​​​​​


    Diversedking SMD CURLY HAIR V2 converted to Toddler  by  @hbcu-black-girl​​​​​


    NARAYA HAIR  by  @redheadsims-cc​​​​​


    Peggy 494 Hair by  @simiracle​​​​


    Butterfly Accessory  by  @jennisims​​​​​



    SaraMoon Rings  by  @simtographies​​​​​


    WIP Left & Right Crystal Bracelets For Girls and Toddlers   by  @quen2n​​​​​ (RoseGold & Gold Coming), so  B E A U T I F U L.

    Alphabet Socks by @simphanysims​​​​​


    Frill Socks  by @giuliettasims​​​​​


    Accessory Blanket 01 by @sims4nexus​​​​​


    Toddler Ribbon Bow   by  @hbcu-black-girl​​​​  Mesh by  @moo2shelly​​​​



    Toddler Bow Recolor  by  @bebebrillitsims​​​​  Mesh  by  @moo2shelly​​​  



    Toddler Body Preset  by  @thelpethondiel​​​​


    Baby Body Toddler Preset by @redheadsims-cc​​​​


    Toddler Skin by @kadilenia​​​​ (Photo 2 fat left Tot in Red Summer Top)


    Toddler Model  Credit:

    @qdogsims​  (with some cc skin edits) &  @ strawberrymilkshakesims (with CC skin edit)

    Disclaimer: The Beautiful CC Featured Here Was Not Created by @ilovesaramoonkids​​​​ or @ilovesaramoon​​​​  All Credit Goes To the Talented Creators.

    More LookBooks Here  (X)

    Adopt my Sims Here  (X)

    Note: I use a lighting Mod (overexposed) plus Reshade.


    Thank you:

    @redheadsims-cc​  @qdogsims​  @blewis50​   @kadilenia​   @littletodds​

    @bebebrillitsims​   @thelpethondiel​  @moo2shelly​  @giuliettasims​

    @simtographies​  @jennisims​   @sims4nexus​   @simphanysims​  @simpliciaty-cc​  @simiracle​   @hbcu-black-girl​  @quen2n​  @dbasiasimbr​ @jaysims0​

    @simlaughlove​  @theblacksimmer​  @afro-sims-for-you​  @zurkdesign​


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  • Hi! Can someone please point me in the direction of a sims 4 builder who does commissions? I prefer alpha build and I’m fine with CC filled builds. I want a pink glam instgrammer style house. Please and thank you.

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  • image


    #sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 #sims 4 cc #sims 4 legacy #thesims4#s4cc
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  • Willow Sweater Dress || SFS

    One last treat for all of my lovelies! I give you all Willow, a full body sweater dress that probably won’t keep your sims warm, heehee, but at least they’ll look cute! I’ve got a sweater just like this of my own and I thought my sims should have one too. It comes in eight swatches for your teen to elder simmies. Enjoy <3

    Previews Below

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  • Moku Seating Suite

    More Berry seats!

    This set comes in only 1 palette.

    • Sorbet Remix 76 Colors
    • 6 meshes in this set.

    You MUST download the MESH for these items to work.


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  • Samantha Jeans

    • 7 swatches


    • Don’t claim as your own
    • Don’t reupload on other web resources



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  • TheDunlaps Mini London PART 1 

    A whole bunch of CC I made/converted for the Sims 4 <3 

    The Bin is functional 

    Do not convert/Reupload 

    Enjoy <3

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  • So how about another pretty dress recolour. I did a non lace version since I had trouble with getting the lace to look right. Original dress by @pixelette-cc


    ⋅ 73 Recolours

    #sims 4 #sims 4 cc #sims4cc#ts4cc#s4cc#ts4#s4 #sims 4 clothing #sims 4 clothes #sims 4 outfit
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  • If you don’t like the new Tumblr look just go under -> Settings -> Dashbord and turn on Use the old dashboard

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  • OBJECT TROUVÉ, Separated Objects 

    Hi everyone!

    This is the first time i shared my own custom contents, it’s not too much but I’m confident that it may help someone or that someone really wanted this objects separate as much i wanted, i don’t know if this was separately by someone before but either way, here it is!

    And this is also a gift for all you, because i almost reach 700 followers here and I’m so so happy and thankful for that!

    DONWLOAD HERE! (SimFileShare)

    • all the objects comes with the original swatches.
    • and feel free to use my creations in any way you’d like, you can also include the mesh in the package if you recolored this just be sure to give me the proper credits.

    (made with S4S and Blender)

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    New hair coming pretty soon. As the image suggest it will come in 2 versions; one with bangs and another without bangs.
    I love how this hair turned out; I really like dreadlocks and also headwraps, so I thought “why not put them together?!”.
    Also one of the most requested hair style that I received in the last few months is do more dreads. (I count 58 but maybe have more, my e-mail’s inbox is a lil bit messy now)
    The headwrap have been made based in a looooot of pictures that I saw in Pinterest (I loved a lot of them, so maybe I’ll do more hairs with headwraps).

    As usual info, 360º photos and release date bellow the cut!

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    #s4cc#s4hair#s4wip #work in progress
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