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  • warlocks-are-attacking
    03.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Logical part of my brain: Don’t idealise human beings, especially people you don’t even know. It’s a form of dehumanisation, and can lead to all sorts of disappointment and grief and-

    That one fucking brain cell: I just wrote two poems based on Tucker Smith :)

    Rest of my brain: *holding back tears* th- that one gay actor from the original West Side Story who did ballet?

    The motherfucking brain cell: :)) I made myself sad :))

    #yall don’t understand I’m going through some shit okay #like listen #the dude was a brilliant dancer actor and singer but #wss was his only role bc he basically had to quit showbiz for being openly gay #and then he died onky twenty years after wss from cancer #and like #it made me so sad over these past few days?? #he could have such a good career he was so talented #but bc he was gay he had to quit #and then to die of cancer I just #im a sad bean and sad beans write poetry and low key I think I did a good job #anyway #west side story #tucker smith
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  • thereallarvae
    03.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    The New World

    In high school I thought I'd be praised for my writing

    because it was something I was very proud of,

    but instead

    it got picked apart and I was told to do it again.

    I often found myself waking back to my desk thinking of a new idea,

    the only sound that filled the air was the aggressive typing on the keyboards.

    So I stopped writing.

    In highschool I had a friend who loved listening to metal,

    but the relationship dwindled and she left CGS.

    We don’t talk much anymore.

    In high school,

    I felt alone in my own world.

    The only thing that could give me peace was music.

    My world was a computer at a desk.

    Always treated with disrespect by my sister.

    My world was a void into the internet

    where I could never explain where the time had gone.

    My world allowed me to stay up hours after everyone had gone to sleep.

    My world made me feel isolated.

    My world was a place where I always felt the breeze

    from a cracked window

    or the heat from a vent on the wall.

    My world was a place where the only sound I could hear

    was music in the background.

    My world was a place where the only smell

    was dust

    and you could not help but sneeze after you inhaled it.

    My world was where bright light was filtered through your eyes

    and could sometimes give you a headache.

    My world was when the only thing you could feel

    was a mouse

    beneath the palm of your hand

    which you clicked



    I sat in my world



    I thought

    just get up and walk away.


    my world was my sanctuary.

    In high school,

    my world was invaded.

    The new world allowed me to waste the dawn.

    The new world allowed freedom.

    The new world was a portal

    to understanding the struggles of others.

    The new world was my literature class.

    In the new world,

    I heard a bunch of other voices.

    In the new world,

    I could see other people.

    In the new world,

    I could feel others' struggles.

    In the new world,

    I felt


    In the new world,

    I was prompted to write again.

    In the new world,

    I felt no shame in sharing my love for metal.

    In the new world,

    I filled papers

    with new writing ideas


    in the new world

    I had a purpose again.

    In the new world,

    I joined a club and started designing again.

    In the new world,

    I signed up for an art class and started drawing again.

    In the new world,

    the disrespected desk

    was now polished.

    In the new world,

    the air

    smelled of fruit

    and newly washed laundry.

    In the new world

    it was bright and art covered the walls.

    In the new world,

    there were finished books

    and instruments waiting to be mastered.

    In the new world,

    there were new things always being put to use.

    The new world helped show me that the old world wasn’t a bad one,

    it just needed a push.

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  • xxurlordxthexunbelieverxx
    03.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    in my room,

    in my room,

    alone and sad..

    I tried and gave it

    all that I had..

    visions and voices,

    most of them bad..

    tripping me up,

    wanting me dead.

    tears of frustration..

    silent shouts of fear..

    bouts of depression..

    its like nobody cares.

    can't they feel my pain?

    why can't they see..

    this stress and this strain,

    fuck,its killing me.

    all that I want,

    is to be left all alone..

    let me live my life,

    let me write my own song..

    make my decisions..

    even if they're wrong.

    I guess what I'm trying to say,

    is I do understand,

    a bit anyway..

    I'll try to do better,

    and make you want to stay..

    and love you more ,

    each and everyday.

    in my room ,

    I think of you..

    quite and sad,

    you sit and brood.

    but know I'm here,

    my love is true....

    and that's my poem

    from in my room....

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  • xxurlordxthexunbelieverxx
    03.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    bright sunny days

    I look out my windows on a bright sunny day,

    All that I'm seeing,

    are the blacks and the greys.

    A world that's devoid,

    of judgement and pain.

    A world all alone,filled with sorrow and strain.

    Nothing is easy,

    and nothing is free,

    Inside my dark world,

    there can only be me.

    For my demons are strong,

    and never give in.

    They know all my weaknesses,

    Exploiting every sin.

    They bargain for freedom,

    screaming to bleed.

    Deep in my soul,

    feeding my need.

    Scratching and clawing, destroying my mind.

    Seeking and searching,

    there's no place to hide.

    Now that their out,

    my worlds gone insane.

    The blood and the gore,

    that litters the stage.

    As lyrics from Cooper,

    swim in my head,

    I look in the mirror,

    it's just like I'd read.

    No ones alive,

    no breathe to be found,

    My eyes are as dead,

    as that corpse on the ground.

    Soul dead.

    Spirit lost

    Darkness found...

    But what the cost.......

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  • ritmos-eternos
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Mis ojos se derraman por mis mejillas

    intentando encontrar cosas que no hay.

    Intentando salir de aquí.

    Detengan la vida, en lo que me encuentro.


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  • emilliajustina
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Know that I loved you so bad

    I let you treat me like that

    I was your willing accomplice honey,

    Those things I did

    Just so I could call you mine

    The things you did

    Well, I hope I was your favorite crime,

    Cause baby, you were mine.

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  • schizophrenicpoems
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I look at you as the sun set reflects in your eyes

    The night is young, but we will soon be over

    The memories of us already fading away

    I swollow my words to enjoy the moment

    Afraid you will disappear forever

    Disappearing from my mind never to return

    I don't want this moment to end

    But you get up and walk away

    Not looking back

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  • chaspalette
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Final Farewell

    Here I am once again in this cold dark room Lying on the floor naked, facing my morbid doom I looked back on the days we used to share Trying to relight the fire, leaving my wounds bare From opportunities lost, moments I didn’t dare

    Trapped in the realm of melancholic bliss By illusions, I savor the sweetness of thy kiss Images of a long-forgotten past blinded me As I held on to broken promises of eternity Yet I know it’ll never come, so I have to set me free

    These tears won’t change a thing Even if I curse this painful poetry love brings I’ve done my best to win his heart back Yet I was slapped by a pitiful fact His soul is nowhere to be found, his heart is black

    It’s hard for me to defeat all things wonderful To face a life that used to be colorful But I must go to satisfy my needs Though I’m confused as to where my path leads This is my curse, my soul on tears do feed

    My lovely one, I’m going now I’ll let go of illusions, our broken vows To forever, may you find happiness And the arms where you’ll find sweet caress And I… To confine in this total darkness

    chaspalette - 30Jul10

    ~~~~~~~~~~ Saying goodbye is sometimes the most sensible thing to do. For you can never pick up something greater, unless you lose grip of the thing that stabs you.

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  • olayoxyfree
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago


    You told me you loved me.

    I sat soaking in your lies.

    You told me everything will be ok.

    I suffer everyday, hoping your gift will arrive.

    You gave me hope.

    You told me to go to bed.

    I never did...


    Why am I me?

    You aged my youth and wasted my life!

    I don’t ever want to be you!

    But, unfortunately you are me.


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  • chaspalette
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Losing A Piece of My Soul

    Someone captured my heart and gave me smiles We’ve been close and friends for quite a while I gave up my heart and loved him secretly Though I know a friend to him I’ll always be

    Came in sweet mornings and warm afternoons I never thought goodbye would come too soon I didn’t know I would ever fall in love this hard My sanity faltered, my emotions now are marred

    Smiles and laughter we shared as time passed us by I cannot control my heart no matter how hard I try Came in a feeling I cannot breach, a love I cannot contain A force that cripples my soul with a love he can’t sustain

    All things come to an end, to a farewell and goodbye A situation we have to face, though we break down and cry The end is near and our half-waking dawned upon us He would walk away leaving memories made to last

    Though I wish for him to be with me and stay I know he wouldn’t for it is destined for him to go away He would carry with him a love I’ll forever possess A love, though I gave up my all, he failed to express

    As he walks out the door, my heart weeps His goodbye and memories, stabbing my soul deep I wish that without him I would endure the toil Though I’m dying, for I’m losing a piece of my soul

    chaspalette - 28Jul10 ~~~~~~~~~ No matter how much we deny it, people from our past would remain rooted in our hearts. We may have said goodbye, we may cease to communicate, but the memories of them once passing by our lives would stay etched in our soul.

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  • chaspalette
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    If Only I Were

    If I were a rose, I would bloom independently. Yet even flowers needed sunlight, And you are my sun…

    If I were my heart’s song, I would ring the words out loud. But songs are merely words if without music, And you are my melody…

    If I were my poetry, I would be just words devoid of truth. A masterpiece can only become one if the poet’s heart beats, And you are my life…

    And in as much as I wanted to run away from you, I couldn’t. I couldn’t bloom, I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t write, For you are my sun, my melody, my life…

    I could be brave enough to break free, And then pretend each day that I am alright.

    Maybe I could, If only I were strong enough to stand.

    chaspalette - 27Jul10


    Longing. It’s what makes most break ups difficult. Oftentimes, we fool ourselves thinking that we love the person and we are bound to keep them in our lives. Some, after separation, try so hard to win the other back. But then, what we don’t realize is that the feeling that haunts us is no longer love, but of longing. In relationships, we get obsessed with the idea of being in love that we grab a chance to make it right once there is a threat for us to lose it. And when we do, we do all sorts of moves just to have it back. We long for the feeling so much, and not the person.

    Right now, I feel that very thing. I long for some things that I used to do, used to share with another soul, and I miss the romanticism of love. I miss the walks under the moonlit sky, the smell of roses, the movies, holding hands, and everything cliche about love. Then, my maturity swallows these thoughts away as I think about responsibility entailed on a long-term relationship like the one I have now. I could not bring the feelings back, but I can re-create experiences with the person I am with today. And yes, that is something I have to look forward to. It kills the longing and replaces it with anticipation, knowing that tomorrow will be something better.

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  • chaspalette
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I Will Remember You

    I will remember you as the person, I have once loved and hated…

    I will remember you as the soul who cradled me in his sweetness who killed me with his bare hands and let me resurrect in drying tears…

    I will remember you as a vivid memory which faded as all colors drained from my world leaving me an old photograph…

    I will remember you as a painter’s palette filled with shades and hues slowly drying and gently cracking…

    I will remember you as a lovely melody sung by my stupid heart slowly fading into the night…

    chaspalette - 26Jul10

    ~~~~~~~~~~ We all fall in love, lose it, then fall in love again. For some peculiar reasons, nostalgia hit me and I started to wonder about my past relationships. I wonder where they are now, what happened to them, and how time changed them. I can’t imagine how I went through some difficult and complicated ones, and even how I let good ones slip out of my grasp. I also realized that the heartaches I have gone through just made me a better individual. Whatever I learned from my past, I carried to my present relationship (making it the strongest and worth keeping). I am just thankful that they became parts of my life, as I would never be where I am without them…

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  • chaspalette
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Her Dying Day

    On the floor were photographs Articles they used to share Broken images from the past… Where she found a solitary bliss And left her heart…

    She lay in the middle of the cold room While her soul floats in oblivion… Arms opened wide Deceiving herself someone lays there with her… She stared at the ceiling Pain, confusion, despair All were written in her eyes Together with her drying tears…

    Her lips were pale, Quivering, Barely breathing…

    Her cheeks lost their captivating rouge Her face felt cold…

    Her body lay naked, Without a sign of life…

    Her wrists where blood fountains Were torn As she held the knife which killed her…

    Then I came in Too late to save her For she is already dead…

    And his name is on her lips.

    chaspalette - 23Jul10

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  • useless12sstuff
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    And all I loved, I loved alone.
    ~ Alone by Edgar Allan Poe
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  • chaspalette
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


    You look at me as if there’s no tomorrow Your green eyes probing, Seeking deep down to my soul. My knees weakening at the touch Of your fingers. Crawling along my skin On the mountains of my cheeks, On the contours of my neck.

    Fluids forming in my throat, I forced them down – To give way to the words that crave to get out Of my mouth. Intoxicated by your flushed cheeks, Hypnotized by your gaze. Staring at you, Anticipating one perfect kiss.

    I tried to let words escape my mouth, Opened my lips idly, Until the word standstill… I find my lips, Trapped inside yours. Teasing. Tasting. Igniting flames in me, Awakening emotions, Stirring unfound solitude, Making me sink in the pit of my existence, Where reason struggles against passion.

    The wind blows hard, I struggle to open my eyes. And you are no longer there…

    chaspalette - 19Jul10

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  • sheikhfaizariyaz
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    3 Things You Need To Know:

    1) Don't let people affect your mental sanity.
    2) Focus on your life. You are precious.
    3) Radiate Love and peace.
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  • duskyrapunzel
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago



    Shot my head,

    And gut my heart.

    You should cut my veins,

    To stop my hell.


    Take my neck,

    Make me your slave,

    And end my grief.

    -Dark Rapunzel.

    My book available here🖤

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