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  • For years, I thought that the Grammy awards were short for Graham Cracker award ceremony

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  • “I fell from the sky,

    I didn’t bat an eye,

    I hope I didn’t die.”


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  • I see you comin down
    Your life is flashin before ya
    I see you comin round
    You’re talking over and over
    You know I tried to please ya
    You’re under anesthesia

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  • Stranger: *talks to me*

    Me: what are we?

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  • Me: I’m so emo
    *wears sweaters with cats*
    *has little rose earrings*
    *has on sparkly flip flops*
    Me: So emo.

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    • me: *reblogs some LGBT stuff*
    • my blog: *gets unfollowed by 20 people*
    • me: Goodbye motherfuckers
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  • Heres just a little blog about my life and the challenges I have had to encounter and overcome, over the past 18 years I have had many obsticles put in my way. some were very big scary obsticles and others were just small hurdles. One of the biggest challenges i have had to encounter so far would be moving to Australia with my Mum and StepDad and little brother, see its not that I dont like it heres its just that I have no family here or no true friends, because I’m still trying to figure out where im going to be in 5 years time. Ive never been someone to really open up about my feelings about the move from uk to australia because no body ever truely wants to listen. They dont see what youve been through because they dont live in your shoes. they havent seen what a monster you’ve become since you got off that plane because they dont want to hear about it. My life before I moved to Australia was perfect I had my Family always around me and i had the most amaizng caring friends that I sometimes still talk too, I was happy and didnt know what it was going to be like too loose it all just because My Stepdad got a job offering over in Australia, I had to pack up everything and moe to somewhere I’d never even heard of before. Once things finally settled down once we moved to Australia, I had to go back to primary school for a couple of months due to schooling term differences, i met a lot of really good friends and we promised we would stay in touch when we all headed of in different directions for high school, but honestly who was i kidding i wouldnt hear from them again. So I just before i started high school I met a bunch of kids that were going to be at my new high school and i would hang out with them everyday and do the things they did, which at the time i didnt realise just what would happen once i went to school in Febuary. The first term of High school was really good i made loads of new friends and made lots of good memories but during the school holidays i started hanging out with the older kids at my school, going out partying and getting high all the time, i became so used to this life style that i started to believe that id always live like that partying till 2am every night. When we returned to school after the holidays i started to loose it, i couldnt deal with the stresses of being so far away from parties and having to go to classes everyday so i started getting high at school, i even got drunk a few times as well because i didnt know what else to do. once term two was over thats when i really started heading down hill fast, i went to a party and got so drunk that i agreed to having sex for the first time, I was only about 11 maybe 12 at this point. I rememeber going home the next morning and having a shower to try and wash off the shame of what i had done, i sank into the water and let the heat wash away what i had done. with stories like these you always kno whats next, i didnt! I got extreamly badly bullied to a point where i was self harming everynight, i was never alound to forget thst horrible night. even to this day i still rememeber that night as if it were yesterday

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  • everytime i wanna do sports im so enthusiastic but when the moment is there im just like nah no way i can do that the next day 

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    • Brother: So...you ship Solangelo?
    • Me: Yeah.
    • Brother: ...are you lesbian?
    • Me: Excuse me?!
    • Brother: Yeah. You ship Solangelo, so that must have a link to your sexuality.
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  • So me and my dad were talking about Benedict Cumberbatch and he says: “Well he’d have to go into acting with a name like that-otherwise he couldn’t afford a tombstone!”

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  • Honestly if you add “violently” to the end of your last action, it becomes 99x funnier.
    I was writing violently.

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    • Dad: Look! Evangelique! Come over here they are talking about you on TV!
    • Me: What? Really???
    • Dad: *points to the screen of a man taking out the trash*
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  • When I was a kid and my shirt got stuck in the door handle, I used to think that the doors were trying to convert me and that they were after me, so I freaked out whenever that happened and started crying.

    I was, different….

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  • If you ever feel stupid just remember that when I got my first tablet and hooked it up I accidentally grabbed a real ink pen and scribbled all over my brand new tablet and was confused as to why it wasn’t working until I noticed the stylus was sitting right next to the laptop…

    #sadlytrue#true story #i still hate myself for it
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  • The difference between you and I is that when I say: “I’m always here for you” I actually mean it from the deep depths of my heart, but when you’re saying it seems as though you’re just telling me what I want to hear. It hurts most because I know that but I do nothing to stop you.

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  • When life gives you no friends to hang out on a Friday night..

    there’s always teenwolf..

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