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    01.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    Lee Jung-Jae and HoYeon Jung attending the 2021 Gotham Awards.
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  • thirstghosting
    01.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    first I was like "how did mi nyeo and deok su have time to FUCK in the WOMENS bathroom" then I remembered she literally was the person who set the precedent for extended bathroom privileges LMAO

    #her and sae byeok ofc #mental hospital flashbacks as fuck #if u kno u kno
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  • lawxrussos
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago


    #just saw this on twitter and it ruined my life #THEY DESERVED TO GET OUT AND HAVE THEIR FATHER DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIP #squid game #seong gi hun #seong gihun #kang sae byeok #jung hoyeon #lee jung jae
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  • sword-dad-fukuzawa
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago


    woke: sometimes people engage with media for the deep social commentary. and sometimes people engage with media for the soft gay romance. it's perfectly fine to wish people engaged more with media on the deep social commentary level, but some of us can appreciate the deep social commentary while writing soft gay fanfiction.

    you pretentious asshole.

    #this is a very specific rant in response to a very specific pretentious post on my dash about squid game #you know what sometimes #sometimes i care more about lesbians #than about how capitalism is evil #not all of us can be staunchly anti establishment 24/7 AND SOME OF US TURN TO FANDOM TO COPE with being staunchly anti establishment 24/7 #like#yes #squid game is about capitalism bad (+ nuance obviously) #but news flash you can think Capitalism Bad and still think that sae-byeok #and ji-yeon could have been girlfriends #nfksjdfn IM SO PRESSED AND I HAVENT EVEN WATCHED SQUID GAME HELP LMAO
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  • tellie-vision-art
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I TRIED AGAIN AND IT LOOKS BETTER THIS TIME?? But also worse simultaneously—yes I know the pose is horribly uncomfortable

    Once again, this is an AU—the one CUTTLEFISH is based on/inspired by, but also the AU is currently being inspired by CUTTLEFISH too so it’s… INCEPTION. Anyway, those are brands on their faces if you were curious. And all the characters dress in suits the whole gameshow

    Anyway I was listening to “Breaking Bread, Broken Hearts” by YourEnigma while drawing this which slightly influenced it, song has Jiyeong top energy imo

    #saebyeong #kang sae byeok #ji yeong#squid game#digital art#sketch#WIP#fanart#OE AU#my art #lmao entertaining octopi #once again please don’t hurt me I’m fragile 😭 #the terminally annoying and terminally annoyed #but annoying girls are her type 🥴 #I might actually draw Minyeo for this AU because my headcanons for her are the best and I am in love with her #all the female contestants have small hats except her she gets the real deal magician hat #which is relevant to my headcanons #family of magic performers that neglect their daughter unless she impresses them/conditional love #also known as Minyeo has BPD headcanon my BPD ass claims her #and because this was influenced by CUTTLEFISH she has like real children #that she has no contact with because they were taken from her 🥴 #you’ve already seen one #the other you’ll see soon enough #but those designs also double as humanizations of CUTTLEFISH characters so yes it is confusing #they’re AU versions of each other
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  • themindfulwriter16
    01.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    High School Imagine: Put Out the Old Flame-2(Female Reader)

    You were already standing outside your house waiting for Sang-woo to pull up.

    “Y/N, don’t you think you’re putting yourself in danger doing this?” Your mom asked.

    “If I don’t step in, Mi-nyeo will get hurt or taken advantage of.” You said. “She wasn’t the best to me but she still doesn’t deserve this, no person does.”

    “I understand that but I don’t want you back in that hospital again.” Your mom said.

    “I’ll be fine mom.” You said. You heard a horn honk and looked up to see Sang-woo’s car. You got up and got into the back seat.

    “Y’all ready?” You asked.




    “Alright let’s roll.” You said as Sang-woo hit the gas pedal. During the drive, you looked out the window filled with rage. Sae-byeok saw this and kissed your cheek.

    “You know, I’m liking this tough side of you babe.” Sae-byeok said. You smiled.

    “I only get like this when I know some bullshit is about to happen.” You said. “Right now I’m trying to think how far I’mma shove my foot up Karter’s enby ass.”

    “And I’m trying think how many hours I can go so I can rock your world tonight after this.” Sae-byeok mumbled.

    “What?” You said.

    “Nothing.” Sae-byeok said.

    “This must be the place.” Sang-woo said as he pulled up in the parking lot. You looked out to see Mi-nyeo sitting on the porch. She must’ve been waiting for us.

    “Guys you came!” Mi-nyeo said as she saw y’all get out the car.

    “Where’s Karter?” You asked.

    “He’s inside but I th-” You didn’t hear the rest as you ran inside. The rest of the gang followed you inside. You found Karter taking out some alcohol drinks.

    “Oh! You’re here.” Karter said happily.

    “Cut the bullshit! Why did you invite Mi-nyeo?” You said as you pinned them to the wall by your arm.

    “Whoa whoa! I just thought she was cool so I just invited her and I said she can bring some friends as well.” Karter said. “I didn’t think she was gonna bring you guys...are you friends with her?” He asked.

    “Don’t worry about it.” You said. “If you lay a hand on her, I swear to God I’ll-” Ali cut you off.

    “Y/N, please think this through.” Ali said. “What if he really don’t have any ulterior motives?” You looked at Ali then back at Karter who was just standing there scared. You sighed as you let Karter go.

    “Oh, thank you.” Karter sighed out. “I really thought you came here to cut off my Peter parts.”

    “I should’ve, 2 years ago.” You said. “But, I gotta learn to accept the apology that I’m never going to receive and what you try to pull back then was some pretty foul fuck boy shit.”

    “Preach baby.” Gi-hun said. Sae-byeok elbowed him to be quiet.

    “But, I guess I can believe you’re a changed person.” You said.

    “Good.” Karter said. “And I still can’t believe you’re still the same partially gullible goody goody I tried to fuck back then.” You looked at him confused as he snapped his fingers. You felt someone grab you and escort you to the door. You turned around to see that it was one of your exes, John.

    “Oh Karter you low down bastard son of a bitch!” You yelled out as John threw you out the door. Each one of your exes tossed out your lovers one by one with Ali being the last one to get tossed out. Good news is that you guys cushioned his fall but the bad news is that Gi-hun may or may not have a slight whiplash from Ali landing on him.

    “Now excuse me, I have a party to attend, peace.” Karter said as he closed the door. You got up and grunted in anger.

    “I knew I should’ve rip that bastard’s balls off when I had the chance.” You said as you ran up to the porch and began banging on the door.

    “Honey, honey, honey!” Sang-woo said as he picked you up. “Don’t get worked up.”

    “What do mean don’t get-” Sang-woo cut you off.

    “You’re letting past stuff get the better of you!” Sang-woo yelled out.

    “Past stuff my ass! You think after two years he has changed? People don’t change for the better, they get worse!” You yelled back. Ali stepped in and separated you two.

    “My loves, please calm down.” Ali said. “Why don’t we just go get something to eat to calm this tension? My treat.” You and Sang-woo looked at each other and sighed as Sang-woo set you down and you both walked off the porch.

    During the party

    It hasn’t been 5 minutes and Mi-nyeo has already had too much to drink, much to Karter’s delight.

    “Whoa there missy.” Karter said. “Looks like you need to lay down for a bit.” Karter said as he lead her down the hall into his bedroom.

    “You know you l-look s-exy for a non*hic*binary man.” Mi-nyeo said as she leaned into his chest.

    “Alright you, lay down and tell me more on how sexy I am.” Karter said as he laid her down on the bed. Mi-nyeo was just a giggling mess as Karter tried to unbutton her blouse.

    “Whoa there buddy...only a good boy gets a *hic* cookie out the cookie jar.” Mi-nyeo giggled out.

    “Well sometimes you have to break a few rules.” Karter said as he continued to attempt at undressing Mi-nyeo. Mi-nyeo’s drunken mind finally caught up to the reality of what’s going on and tried to push Karter off her but he pinned her down. Mi-nyeo tried to scream out but they covered her mouth. While Karter had her pinned down James, John and Bobby came into the room.

    “Alright toots here’s what’s gonna happen; You’re going to be a good little lady and take us all like a big girl...alright?” Karter said, Mi-nyeo shook her head no while tears began to slide down her face. All of a sudden they all heard a glass shattering crash coming from the bedroom window and as you flew in. You landed on the floor and quickly got up.

    “What’s up Karter?” You nonchalantly said as you cracked your neck. John and James charged at you but Sae-byeok jumped in and drop kicked John while you kung-fu flipped James out the window. The door busted down revealing Sang-woo, Ali and Gi-hun. Gi-hun tackled Karter to the ground and he and Sae-byeok began to stomp on the dude. Mi-nyeo quickly got up.

    “G-guys you’re he-” Mi-nyeo cut herself off as she threw up on the floor then collasped on the floor.

    “Sang-woo, Ali get her outta here.” You ordered as Sang-woo and Ali carried Mi-nyeo out the bedroom. Karter tackled you and began to strangle you but you cheap shot them and then pushed them off you. You just began wailing on him as Gi-hun took out his phone to dial 911. Sae-byeok joined in on the action with you as she began taking slashes at Karter with her pocket knife. Ali came back in and tried to get you to stop.

    “Y/N that’s enough.” Ali said. “That’s enough.” Ali said again. You continued punching Karter repeatedly. 

    “Y/N THAT’S ENOUGH!” Ali’s voice boomed as he pulled you off him and carried you out the bedroom. Everyone in the living was just watching everything unfold. You and Ali got into the car but Ali had you on his lap with his arms wrapped around you so you couldn’t move.

    “Ali, let me go.” You said calmly. “I wasn’t done.”

    “No, now calm down.” Ali said. You looked over to see Mi-nyeo passed out drunk.

    “Where’s Gi-hun and Sae-byeok because we gotta get her home and I don’t want her vomiting in my car.” Sang-woo said. Gi-hun and Sae-byeok came out and got into the car.

    “Drive, drive, drive!” Gi-hun yelled out as you all saw Karter limping out. Sang-woo hit the gas pedal and drove off. He looked through the rear view mirror to see Karter yelling but couldn’t make out what he was saying.

    During the ride, you and Sae-byeok was asleep leaning on each other. Ali looked at you two sleep and kissed your forehead and Sae-byeok’s cheek. You smiled in your sleep. Once you guys got to Mi-nyeo’s house, her parents thanked you and gave you each 10,000 won much to you guys declining. When you guys got back on the road, You were snuggled up with Ali and Sae-byeok in the back seat.

    “Man, Y/N can I crash at your place tonight?” Gi-hun asked. 

    “Only if my mom is cool with it.” You replied.

    “Cool.” Gi-hun said then you began to hear snoring making you chuckled. When Sang-woo dropped you off along with Gi-hun you all kissed each other goodbye as you carried Gi-hun in. You tossed him on the couch and threw a blanket over him. You walked off but heard Gi-hun mumble something.

    “Stay.” You heard him mumble out as he reached out for you. You smiled as you squeezed next to him on the couch and felt him arms wrap around you.

    “Goodnight my little fighter.” Gi-hun said.

    “Goodnight sleepy butt.” You said.

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  • httpkittyyx
    01.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Yoo mi lee 💭 . ⾕ֹ ּ ׁ 🛒 㰙 * wallpaper 🔨 㶋 🦷 ⩩

    ⩩🕊why is yoo mi lee so beautiful?📃𝄜...₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎﹏變﹏

    🔪 𝗠!𝗬𝗘꩜𝗡 ⛏

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  • themindfulwriter16
    01.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    High School Imagine: Put Out the Old Flame-1(Female Reader)

    You woke up to the sun shining in your face. You groaned and rubbed your eyes as you felt a pair of arms wrapped around your waist. You turned over to see Ali smiling at you with his curly hair plastered on his face.

    “Good morning your royal darkness.” Ali said in a raspy voice.

    “Good morning Prince Ali.” You said. All of a sudden you had a feeling that you’re forgetting something. “Um, Ali? What day is it?” You asked. Ali checked his phone and shot out of bed.

    “It’s Monday and school starts in 45 minutes!” Ali yelled out as he frantically looked for his clothes. You looked at your clock to see that it’s 7:15 then tried to get out of bed only to fall to the floor.

    “Dammit! My legs.” You said. Ali scooped you up bridal style.

    “Sorry, I guess I was a bit rough last night huh?” Ali said as he chuckled nervously.

    “For a first timer yes.” You said. “Take me to the shower.” Ali’s face turned red.

    “D-do you wanna do it in the shower or...” You smacked him upside his head.

    “Boy no! So I can shower.” You said. 

    “Oh, right.” Ali said as he carried you into the bathroom.

    You two booked it to the school as fast as you could and by the time you got there, the bell rang signaling everyone to get to first period. You ran into your first class almost falling in the process and scurried into your seat. Your teacher looked at you weird but shrugged it off.

    “Where the heck were you?” Gi-hun whispered.

    “Still at home.” You panted out. “Ali came over last night and we crashed.” Gi-hun gave you a smug look.

    “Yeah I can tell.” Gi-hun said. You looked at him confused as he pulled out his phone and switched the camera app and aimed it at your neck. You looked to see your neck covered in hickies. 

    “Dammit Ali.” You thought to yourself as your face turned red. Gi-hun chuckled.

    “Shut up.” You said as you covered your neck with your scarf. “What did I miss?”

    “Nothing much, just some transfer student coming here.” Gi-hun said. 

    “Really? Where is they from?” You asked. Gi-hun shrugged his shoulders indicating that he doesn’t know. The door opened. The minute you looked up...your heart dropped.

    There standing at the door was one of your exes from your old poly-ship, Karter. Karter looked at you and their eyes widen.

    “Y/N?” Karter said to making sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

    “K-Karter.” You stammered out. Karter began to smile as they ran up to you and smashed their lips onto yours. Gi-hun quickly shoved him off.

    “Hey man back off! She’s taken.” Karter put his hands up in surrender.

    “My bad man, I didn’t know someone cuffed this beautiful flower already.” Karter said. You crossed your arms.

    “Flattery gets you no where Karter.” You said.

    “Still got that feistiness huh? I miss that.” Karter said. You rolled your eyes.

    “So what brings you here out in South Korea?” You asked.

    “Eh, there’s a legit college here and I wanted to finish my senior year here.” Karter said. “But it looks like I’m glad I moved out here.” Karter grabbed your hand but you quickly snatched it away.

    “Karter don’t act like what you and your friends put me through back in HT/N didn’t happened!” You scolded. Gi-hun looked at both of you confused.

    “Uhhh, let me in on the reunion.” Gi-hun said.

    “Gi-hun, this is Karter...the ring leader to the last poly-ship I was in.” You said. Gi-hun looked at him then back at you then remembered what you had said about how your last poly-ship.

    “Ohhhh...” Gi-hun said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

    “I’m guessing Y/N told you about me and the boys huh?” Karter said. “Babe, why can’t you let go of the pa-” You cut him off.

    “Don’t call me that!” You snapped. “We’re over and you know it because you guys only agreed to the poly-ship was to gangbang me and brag about it.” 

    “But that’s in the past...can’t you let it go?” Karter asked as they groaned. 

    “Oh really? You really want me to forget about the times you guys pressured me into doing something that I didn’t want to do...dude that’s like telling me to get over being killed or being raped.” You scolded at him. Gi-hun grabbed your hand and rubbed it.

    “Okay, okay I get it. You’re still mad about that.” Karter said. The teacher cleared his throat.

    “Alright since you’re done bringing up the past, would you please come up and introduce yourself and make it quick because class is almost over.” The teacher said. Karter stood at the front of the classroom.

    “Hey everyone, the name’s Karter.” Karter began. “I’m a nonbinary dude so my pronouns are he/they and I came from HT/N in S/N.” Karter said as he looked at you. You secretly flipped them off. Karter was told to sit behind you which made you die inside...and not in a gushy lovey dovey type way either. Luckily the bell rang before Karter could even sit down so you were spared the possible discomfort. 

    During lunch you and Ali received smug looks from Sang-woo and Sae-byeok as they examined your necks. 

    “So...did you enjoy y’all roleplay night?” Sang-woo asked. You playfully punched his shoulder.

    “Shut up!” You said as you blushed.

    “Not funny hyung.” Ali said.

    “Well...I feel left out...maybe you can give me the same treatment on our date tonight.” Sang-woo said as he nibbled Ali’s ear. Ali shuddered.

    “Same goes with you Miss Y/N.” Sae-byeok said as she gripped your neck. “I know you got some wildness in you.” You whimpered at Sae-byeok asserting her dominance. Your little flirt session was cut off by Mi-nyeo running excitedly over to you guys.

    “Guys! Guys! There’s this new dude at school and he’s really cute!” Mi-nyeo squealed out.

    “Good for you, Mi-nyeo.” Sae-byeok said as she rolled her eyes.

    “And the best part is...he invited me to his party tonight with some friends and I was wondering if any of y’all wanna come.” Mi-nyeo said.

    “Sorry, you said friends and we’re not friends.” Gi-hun said.

    “C’mon...Y/N?” Mi-nyeo said.

    “Look, I want no part in this plus who is this new guy you talking about?” You asked. You were hoping she’s not referring to who you think she was referring to.

    “Oh I think his name was Carlton, or Carson, or something with a C.” Mi-nyeo said. You finally realize who she was talking about.

    “Their name is Karter and it’s with a K.” You said.

    “Their?” Mi-nyeo said confused.

    “Karter uses he/they pronouns.” You explained. “He’s a nonbinary male.”

    “Oh...wait how do you know him...or them?” Mi-nyeo asked.

    “It’s a long complicated story but I really advise you to not go to that party.” You said.

    “Why not?” Mi-nyeo said as she put her hands on her hips.

    “It’s for your own good plus who really goes to a party alone...” You stopped yourself because you just denied her invite so you didn’t wanna come off as hypocritical. “On second thought, I’ll go with you.” You said. Your lovers looked at you shocked.

    “Really? Yay!” Mi-nyeo said as she hugged you tight and walked off.

    “Are you mad woman?” Sang-woo asked.

    “What? What’s the problem?” You asked.

    “It’s Han Mi-nyeo.” Gi-hun said. “The same girl who beat you down when she thought you wanted Deok-su and the same girl who was that same man’s sidekick when it came to bullying us.”

    “Hey, I’m only going just to keep an eye on her and to definitely keep an eye on Karter.” You said. “I don’t want Mi-nyeo to go through the same shit I went through with her ex and what I almost went through back when I was with Karter.”

    “What did he do?” Ali asked.

    “What didn’t they do?” You asked as a flashback played into your head.

    It was junior year back at your old school. You was at an after party after homecoming with your previous poly-ship; Karter, James, John(Twin brother) and Bobby. You was a reclusive person back then so parties weren’t your thing until Bobby begged you to tag along with them at a party. You complied because you thought they wanted you to have fun as much as they would. 

    At the party you mostly just sat on the couch babysitting your drink. Your mom lectured you on the dangers of partying so you was prepared but also really anxious. Karter noticed you sitting down so he came over and sat next to you.

    “Hey babe, what’s wrong?” Karter asked. “Why you not shaking a little some out there?”

    “Because I’m a lady with some class.” You replied.

    “Nah, not yet.” Karter said.

    “What?” You asked.

    “You ain’t a lady yet.” Karter said. “You see...women has to go through this...one part in life where they have to...do something in order to become a lady, a woman exact.” Karter explained. 

    “You want me to give my v card up, do you?” You asked.

    “Wow, you catch on quick but, yes.” Karter said as the other guys came over.

    “Sorry but not happening.” You said. “You know I’m only saving until marriage.” The guys groaned. 

    “C’mon Y/N, drop the goody goody act.” John said.

    “Yeah, it’s okay to break a few rules.” James said.

    “I’m sorry but no and especially at a party, now you guys must be out your mind.” You said as you got up and made your way to the exit.

    “Hey! Where you going?” Karter asked following you.

    “Home.” You simply answered as you began to walk.

    “Girl why you so afraid of having sex? It’s high school! Everyone is losing their v card.” Karter said.

    “Well that’s their bodies, their business.” You said. 

    “You acting like you actually gonna go to Hell.” Karter said. “C’mon, come back.” Karter grabbed you by the arm. You quickly snatched away.

    “Karter no! If I say no it means just that; No!” You yelled as you stormed off.

    Cut to the very next day in school. You felt guilty of yelling at Karter so you went to go find him to apologize and to talk things out. You were walking the halls in search of him when you heard his voice.

    “Man, she never gonna give it up.” You heard Karter say.

    “Well you lose the bet man.” James said.

    “Damn, and I had the camera ready and everything.” John said. You were shaking with rage as you stepped around the corner.

    “Man, why did we agree to this multiple person relationship?” Karter asked. “I thought chicks do that just to have orgies and what not.” The 3 guys’ eyes grew big as they saw you right behind Karter and were trying to signal him to stop and turn around.

    “What? Do I have something on my face?” Karter dumbly asked.

    “Dude...turn around.” Bobby said. Karter turned around and had the look like he was going to shit bricks.

    “Oh...um, hey ba-” You cut him off. 

    “Save it! We’re done!” You snapped. “I knew something was up from the minute you tried that shit the other night.” You stormed off much ignoring Karter’s cries and excuses.

    “Wow, what a prick.” Ali said. You nodded your head.

    “And I don’t want Mi-nyeo to fall for the same trap so that’s why I’m going.” You said as you stood up.

    “Well, I’m going as well.” Sae-byeok said.

    “I’m going as well.” Sang-woo said. “Someone’s gonna need a driver.”

    “Count me in.” Gi-hun said. “It’ll feel like we are doing a spy mission!”

    “Well, I’ll go...only because you’ll need an enforcer.” Ali said as he cracked his knuckles.

    “Ali babe, I don’t want you to get hurt.” Gi-hun said. “Because if someone lays a finger on you...I’ll have no problem with painting that guy’s place red.”

    “Well we all meet at my place, tonight.” You said as you slammed your fist on the table.







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  • bisexualklausmikaelson
    01.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I see your fingerprints on household things -

    roommates au or the one where Sang-Woo and Gi-Hun are fighting like an old married couple and collecting strays along the way (featuring Saebyuk, Ji-yeong, Ali, Mi-Nyeo and even that slimy old man - Il-Nam)


    When Sang-Woo signed up to live with his childhood friend Gi-Hun, his goal was always this: saving money.

    Sure, this guy was, at times, unreliable, a total flake and even absentminded but - he had good intentions. Gi-Hun somehow made just enough every month through picking up a couple customers to chauffeur around and that dreaded gambling scheme while Sang-Woo did things like help his mom at her stall, do odd cleaning jobs, maybe even sell some of his old paintings -

    And yeah - they weren’t in the nicest of areas or in the nicest of apartments but, one thing was for sure, they had each other.

    If anything could raise Sang-Woo’s spirits, it would always be Gi-Hun’s wide toothy smile (though he’d never admit that). So, it’s no surprise that that’s exactly the sweet expression his friend has on his face when he comes home from driving around his last customer…only for a strange curly haired man to appear behind him.

    “Gi-Hun,” Sang-Woo sighs, opening the door and staring in shock. “Who is this?”

    “My last customer, Ali,” Gi-Hun responds. “He couldn’t pay me and has no place to stay, so I told him he can stay with us.”

    “Hi there!” Ali excitedly sings, offering his hand towards Sang-Woo.

    And, expectedly, the other man avoids him and instead, takes his roommate aside.

    “Why didn’t you ask me about this beforehand?” He whispers. “This man is a stranger, he could rob us!” Sang-Woo goes on to say.

    “I didn’t ask you because I know a heartless fool like you would say no,” Gi-Hun offers. “Besides, he’s a total softie, couldn’t hurt a fly - when I picked him up, he was hiding from a mouse!” He laughs.

    Sang-Woo takes another look at Ali - he’s not sure what it is but, perhaps something about his shy, mild-manner appearance somehow persuades him.

    At least it be an extra helping hand around the house, he thinks.

    “Fine,” Sang-Woo breathes. “But only for tonight and - he’s staying in your room.”

    “But then, where will I stay?” Gi-Hun wonders, moments before his friend points to their living room couch.


    (In a faithful twist of events, Sang-Woo begins to grow fond of Ali.

    He has to admit that, his cooking is divine and that it sure is nice to have someone to make all their meals for them.

    Another great thing about Ali is that he is hardworking and, as it stands, splitting your rent three ways is a lot cheaper than splitting it two ways.

    A deal this good is something Sang-Woo definitely could not and would not pass up on.

    And so, he lets Ali stay).


    The next poor unfortunate souls Gi-Hun brings home are two young girls named Sae-Byuk and Ji-Yeong.

    Sang-Woo takes one look at them and begs to differ.

    “Absolutely not,” he scoffs.

    “Sang-Woo,”Gi-Hun pleads. “I found them out on the streets, on their own,” he explains. “They’re girls, it’s dangerous for them!”

    “Gi-Hun,” The other sighs, with a hand on his shoulder. “We already have Ali staying in your room and you’re in the living room - even if I let them, where will they stay? You can’t possibly expect them to share a room with a man!”

    The two girls stammer behind him, one like a lost puppy and the other, like a wild mutt ready for the attack.

    “They don’t have to,” Gi-Hun says. “Ali can move into the living room that way, the girls can have my room!” He smiles, feeling like he has it all figured out.

    Of course, there is one crucial detail that he has yet to discuss with Sang-Woo.

    “And then,” he sighs. “Where will you sleep?” He wonders.

    “Well,” Gi-Hun shrugs. “Remember when we used to have sleepovers as children? It could be like that, but every night!”

    Sang-Woo can’t believe what he’s hearing.

    But, once again, one more look towards the two girls and he couldn’t help it. They are so young and vulnerable - easy targets for any poachers or traffickers. He’d hate to be part of something like that.

    Plus, they seem able-bodied, energetic, maybe they could contribute to the household as well.

    “I swear to God,” Sang-Woo exhales. “If you still have that bad habit of sleep talking, I’m tossing you out into the streets!”

    “Oh Sang-Woo,” Gi-Hun whines, following him into his room. “Underneath all that hard-armour, you’re just a teddy bear, aren’t you?”


    (The girls stay prove to be short, after all.

    Sae-Byuk is quiet and Ji Yeong is resourceful.

    They quickly find work, save up just enough to run off to Jeju island to drink margaritas.

    Their next destination remains unknown).


    Later that night, his mother hands him bags filled with fresh vegetables.

    “Here,” she chides. “Give them to Ali, he’ll make something good for you,” she nods as her son eagerly wraps his fingers around the bags.

    “Thank you, mom,” Sang-Woo replies. “I really appreciate it,” he honestly says, the most honest he’s been lately anyway.

    “And how’s Gi-Hun doing?” She asks. “When his mother passed, he seemed so down in his spirits, I know he’s a slacker but, I think after the shock of losing her, he really tried to turn things around, you know?”

    “I guess so,” Sang-Woo realizes, feeling so much fondness in his heart for his good friend. “He still a handful though,” he shrugs.

    “You tell him that I said to give you a break,” she scolds.


    And, as predicted, Sang-Woo comes home to yet another visitor.

    “You won’t believe it!”

    “That’s enough! We can’t do this anymore!”

    “But wait! Just listen to me.”


    Finally, Sang-Woo puts his foot down.

    “I appreciate your good-hearted nature, Gi-Hun, in fact, it’s what I admire most about you. But, an old man? Really? At least with Ali, and even the girls, they were young, they were able to get jobs and help out a bit. What good is this old man to us?”

    Gi-Hun looks at his friend - really looks at him.

    Sadly, he fails to recognize him.

    “You’re so awful Sang-Woo,” he says. “You judge everyone around you, before you even meet them,” he insists. “Can’t you just trust someone, for once in your life?”

    His finger is pointed at the other man’s chest and, if Sang-Woo weren’t such a fool, wasn’t such a damn coward, he would be able to take just a few steps forward and close the short gap between them.

    “Excuse me,” the old man suddenly says. “I’m sorry, I seem to be interrupting your evening,” he apologizes softly, with a voice so faint that both men decide to end their quarrelling.

    “No old man,” Gi-Hun starts. “It’s okay, I wanted you to stay for dinner - especially after such an amazing tip,” He pulls out the huge wads of cash the old man had left him as a thanks for keeping him company and playing a few childhood games with him.

    “C’mon, Ali made us an unforgettable feast.”

    Sang-Woo stares at all the money in awe - it look like enough to pay rent for the rest of the year.


    (And for the rest of the week, Gi-Hun’s words never leave his mind.

    He can’t trust anyone - was that true? Was that really what he was like? What everyone saw him as?

    “Hey there handsome, you looking for some fun tonight?”

    He figured that, if he was going to prove his friend wrong, he’s gotta take a risk).


    “Ga-yong,” Gi-Hun excitedly leads his daughter down the sidewalk. “Did you enjoy our time with Sae-byuk and her little brother?” He asks.

    “Yes,” the little girl nods. “I liked it when we flied paper airplanes together, and my plane won,” she cheers.

    “That’s right,” he says. “Because my little girl is a winner,” he believes, with a huge grin plastered on his face.

    His daughter can’t help but smile too. “I’m really happy I can have dinner with you and your friends, dad,” she tells him. “You seem…better now,” she comments, looking relieved.

    “I am better now,” he offers.

    Sang-Woo will be glad, he thinks, for once the visitor he brings is someone his friend already knows very well.

    “Well, what do you know? This place is a total sausage fest.”

    Gi-Hun confusedly walks passed the strange woman opening his door.

    “What is going on here?” He asks Sang-Woo.

    “I picked her up on my way home,” he sings, sounding so unlike himself. “She was hitting on me - I think she wanted me to sleep with her for money.”

    “I did,” the long, wild haired woman says, eyes-wide and round. “But who would’ve thought a hot guy like you - ended up playing for the other team,” she rolls her eyes and both men.

    “So anyway,” Sang-Woo begins again. “I said no - but I told her that if she wanted, she could have dinner with us.”

    “What?” Gi-Hun exclaims. “Why in the world would you do that?”

    “To prove you wrong,” the other man insists. “You said I can’t trust anyone - so, here I am, trusting a totally stupid and annoying stranger."

    “Hey!” The woman shouts. “I’m right here, you know?”

    Then, Ga-Yeoung tugs at her father’s sleeve.

    “Dad, can we eat now? I’m starving!”

    She pulls him out of shock, like always.

    “Sure sweetie,” he says. “Sang-Woo, we will discuss this later.”

    Sure enough, Sang-Woo gets to have the last laugh that night.


    And that woman, Han Minyeo, actually ends up staying in Gi-Hun’s room, as predicted.

    “At this rate, we should just make your room into a guest room.” Sang-Woo mentions, turning to his side to lock eyes with his friend, who was also sharing his bed.

    “Or move into a three bedroom, we can finally afford it now. Hopefully this woman doesn’t continue to stay with us, until then.” He responds with, hands clutching his sheets close.

    “Gi-Hun - well I never thought, your benevolent soul would turn away a stray!” The other man begins to laugh, in disbelief no less.

    “God, she’s just so annoying, why does she keep flirting with us? We’re fucking gay!” Gi-Hun admits.

    “Eh well, you know people in this town, so uneducated,” his friend rings.

    And then, both their hands are under the covers, slowly they begin to hold hands.

    It’s so warm, too warm even.

    “I was thinking,” Gi-Hun breathes. “You and I, we could just share this room, give Ali my room, get our living room back…”

    “I guess that could work,” Sang-Woo squeezes his fingers tighter. “You’re here most of the time now anyway - I suppose it’s no different really,” he recalls.

    Finally, they tilt their heads, quickly their lips meet like two starved hearts.

    “Wow,” Gi-Hun sighs, pulling away. “I finally got-through it, that steal fortress you built around your heart - I’ve finally broken it down.”

    Sang-Woo offers him an eye-roll. “Just, get some sleep, would ya?”


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  • falllpoutboy
    01.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    oh sang-woo has completely lost it

    #he did ali and sae-byeok so dirty ughhh
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  • freshranchfirefestival
    30.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Here's a random post for random people.

    Part: 10

    #Random#squid game #kang sae byeok #meme #squid game shitpost #shitpost#:)
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  • obsessedsaebyeok
    30.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    HD lesbian

    #squid game#saebyeok #kang sae byeok
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  • dailymimikeene
    30.11.2021 - 17 hours ago
    HoYeon Jung for the 2021 Gotham Awards.
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  • femalekorea
    30.11.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Kang Saebyeok~!

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  • theinsanelyawkward-firelordzuko
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    squid game incorrect quotes

    so i finished squid game this weekend and i wanted to make incorrect quotes cuz i cant stop thinking abt them (some ships, major canon divergence if ya know what i mean😭😭 and semi-spoilers ig if that bothers u

    gi hun: I don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate or malewife our way out of it this time...

    sang woo: *cracking his knuckles*

    sang woo: Manslaughter it is!


    ali: So are we flirting right now?


    ali: That doesn’t answer my question


    sae byeok: I like to play this game called nap roulette, I take a nap and don't set an alarm

    sae byeok: Will it be 20 minutes or 20 hours? Nobody knows



    gi hun, pouring milk directly into the cereal bag: And you thought I could help?


    gi hun: I'm incredibly fast at math.

    sang woo: Alright, what's 30x17?

    gi hun: 47

    sangwoo: That's not even close.

    gi hun: But it was fast


    gi hun: what’s it called when you’re, like, bisexual, but for your hands?

    sae byeok: AMBIDEXTROUS?!


    minyeo: what time is it?

    il nam: idk hold up

    ilnam:*starts screaming*

    deok su shouting from somewhere: who tf is screaming at 3am!!!??

    ilnam: it's 3 am


    yi jeong: Yeah, I'm down. Can I bring my weird roommate along?

    sae byeok: Can you stop calling me that now that we're married


    yi jeong: I’m asking for permission to date your daughter, sae byeok

    gi hun: You’re asking for permi— what is this the dark ages??? You know what, since you asked, no, you can’t. Beat me in a duel


    sae byeok:yi jeong and I-

    minyeo: Are getting married?

    sae byeok: No, we-

    gi hun, pulling out a giant binder: Sit down, we've planned out the entire thing.


    sae byeok: I would marry you in a dumpster.

    yi jeong: Awww, I would marry you in a dumpster too.

    sang woo[who's in charge of the wedding planning]: Cute, but don't.


    sang woo: *sees a group of people doing something stupid*

    sang woo: God. What fools

    sang woo: *realises it’s his team*

    sang woo: Wait, those are my fools


    minyeo: This is my life now, I have climbed this hill and I will die upon it.

    deok su: Shut up. We’ve only been hiking for twenty minutes.


    minyeo: Think you can answer some questions without the usual level of sarcasm?

    sae byeok: If you can ask the questions without the usual level of stupidity.


    sae byeok: Be the bigger person!

    yi jeong: I'm 5'3. You go be the bigger person


    ali:*attempting to scan his arm at the library* You see how I can't scan myself? It's 'cause I'm priceless

    sang woo: Or you're worth nothing


    ali: Oh.


    ali: I would like your undivided attention, please.

    sang woo: You couldn't handle my undivided attention.


    ali: So, you lied to me?

    sang woo: That depends on how you define lying…

    ali: Well I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it?

    sang woo: … reclining your body in a horizontal position.


    sae byeok, t-posing in the doorway: Good morning, parental figure

    minyeo not looking up from her coffee: Good morning, problem child


    gi hun: so I’ve been having this problem with..

    sang woo: kill them

    gi hun: literally why do I still ask you for advice


    ali: We have a problem.

    sang woo: No, YOU have a problem. I have an idiot who keeps making them.


    ilnam: I believe you have PTSD.

    gi hun: Yeah, I have PTSD - Proficient Talent for Sucking Dick.

    ilnam: I think we also need to talk about your use of humor as a coping mechanism.

    gi hun: I don't think you understand how genius what I just said was.


    ali: running towards sang woo with open arms

    sang woo: moves out of the way

    ali: Hey, why'd you move?!

    sang woo: I thought you were going to attack me.

    ali: I was going to hug you!

    sang woo: Why would you hug me?



    yi jeong: Assert your dominance over your friends by kicking them in the face, and then giving them a little smooch on the forehead!


    gi hun: Why are you like this??

    sang woo: I used too much "No More Tears" shampoo as a kid and I haven't felt a single emotion since.


    sae byeok: Am I in trouble?

    sang woo: Take a guess.

    sae byeok: No?

    sang woo: Take another guess.


    gi hun: Do you mind if I slyly mention that you’re single?

    sang woo: Do not do that.

    gi hun: You won’t even notice!

    ali, entering: gi hun,you wanted to see me again?

    gi hun: Sang woo’s single!

    sang woo:


    minyeo: Why would you think any of this was a good idea?

    deok su: Probably because I’m a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence.


    deok su: I don’t know how you keep forgetting this.


    sang woo: I’m telling you, my team is competent.

    minyeo, rushing in:sang woo! gi hun tried to make pasta in the coffee pot and now it's broken!

    #squid game #seong gi hun #kang sae byeok #cho sang woo #abdul ali#yi jeong#han minyeo #oh il nam #deok su
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  • theteapotofdoom
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Because I keep thinking about That Pic™️: Squid Game AU where the games don’t happen but the main cast still meet anyways and Sang woo and Sae byeok just do crimes together as besties like I think we deserve this.

    Sang woo does white collar crimes and Sae byeok stabs people and they both use their good looks to scam billionaires an absolute dynamic duo.

    #this au is my gift to the bisexual community you’re welcome #squid game #cho sang woo #kang sae byeok
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  • er6nsville
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    saebyeok loves affection. but she refuses to admit it. and to make things worse, you think she doesn't like it; so, in an attempt at respect, you dare not touch her in certain ways, thinking that physical touch does not please her. and she hates it, but she hates showing her loving and needy side even more. so she remains silent and says nothing about wanting your affection.

    until one day, she is tired in the late afternoon. (she works a lot). then she forgets all her pride and crawls over to you, rubbing herself and asking for a hug. obviously you are surprised but happy, holding her in a hug, drawing circles on her back with your fingers; as she hugs you tightly, muttering a simple thank you. you could enjoy her affectionate side all day long.

    #saebyeok headcanons #saebyeok x reader #saebyeok x you #squid game headcanons #squid game imagines #squid game x you #squid game x reader #squid game#sae byeok #kang sae byeok #kang sae byeok x reader #headcanon#x reader
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  • llamaalpacca
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    my first watercolor art that i actually like

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  • janus-cadet
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hello ! :D Long time no see, uh ? Totally not going to talk much, tho. Let's get straight to the point !

    Here are three profile icons I did for my three favorite Squid Game characters. I had a blast doing them, and I'm quite proud of how they look ! I can't believe how much my art improved since last year.

    I hope you like them ! You are free to use them as your own profile picture, as long as you are crediting me.

    #squid game #squid game fanart #squid game spoilers #tw blood #because of Sang-woo #anupam tripathi#ali abdul #ali abdul squid game #player 199#player 067#Sae-byeok#hoyeon jung #squid game sae byeok #park hae soo #cho sang woo fanart #cho sangwoo#sangwoo#artwork#digital art#fanart #spoilers in the next tags beware #Sang-woo is my favorite character but like #it's weird looking at those and realising he technically killed all three of them
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