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  • imaginedreamwrite
    17.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    Safe Place To Land: Part 9

    Jake huffed again and stretched his legs in front of him as the plane made its final descent, and Pooch made another idle threat to stab him if he didn’t shut up. It had been longer than he thought, longer than he wanted, a stretch of pining and whining that he couldn’t wait to see his omega again, and while the team had primarily sympathized with the young beta, it had gotten to the point where Jensen had crossed a line between earning sympathy and earning condemnation.

    Of the whole team, only Jake and Pooch had been in serious, stable relationships, and only the two had been marked and mated. Cougar had his a fair share of omegas, alphas or betas that he had been with, and Clay and Aisha still had their on and off thing that had spanned continents and events that seemed more loathsome than not, but they fit oddly well together.

    “We’re touching down.” Pooch nudged Jake, stirring him from his inner thoughts and making the youngest member of the team bubble with excitement.

    Jake had leaned over and peered out of the window, staring down the tarmac as the plane jolted when it touched down, and although he couldn’t be positive, he had hoped you would be waiting for him. He hoped he would see you in the airport terminal eager to welcome him back, eager to finally celebrate your mate-ship correctly, as it should have been before he had to leave.

    It was what he had hoped for; it was what he was eager for. He had been hoping to see your beautiful face and feel your eagerness to see him again. He had hoped that he could feel your lips caressing his and have your hands gripping him as tightly as he was gripping you.

    And then, he would take you home and spend days feeling you quiver against him while he was rocking into you. He would spend days feeling you beneath him; he would spend days in bed with you, no urgency, no rush to go anywhere. He just wanted to be with you; he just wanted to be surrounded by your scent and your touch. He tried to fall asleep to the sound of your voice and wake up to your face in the morning.

    “I can’t wait to see her,” Jake whispered under his breath as the plane had slowly come to a stop, and the flight attendant had been cleared to stand and give the final announcement before the aircraft could be disembarked. “You think she’s here?”

    Jake had grounded himself in his seat, forcing himself not to jump the seats and take off the plane before anyone else had a chance to move. He had forced himself to remain seated, to remain where he was until he could grab his bag and disembark like everyone else before him. As he had started off the plane down the passenger's bridge that led from the aircraft to the airport, Jake had revelled in the excitement to see you. In the excitement to be home and experience a relationship with an omega, he was wild about.

    “Jake,” Cougar had softly called behind him, drawing his attention away from the luggage carrousel toward the waiting area, “is that your omega?”

    Jake had turned his head and scoured the crowd that was waiting for their loved ones, and when he had registered that you were there, he had dropped everything and started to cross the distance between you two. The way that he had felt so alight and eager, the way his heart had almost stopped entirely when you had noticed him coming toward you, and the smile on your face was wavering slightly and a little soft, though he hadn’t thought anything of it until he had gotten closer and seen the apprehension in your eyes.

    “Babe,” he sopped short and furrowed his eyebrows, “are you okay?”

    “Jake-” you exhaled slowly and shifted your weight from one foot to the other, your attention being stolen by his team who had been following him, interested in meeting you.

    “This is your omega?” Clay had been the first to talk, and as you had verbally squeaked out of natural unease around alphas, Jake had been re-endeared to you.

    “It’s okay. They’re good.” His attempt to ease you had been faltered by a sensation he had felt before through the bond; the tainted and sudden onset symptoms of nausea had been cause for concern if you hadn’t sharply turned on your heel and hurried to the nearest garbage can.

    “Hey,” Jake jogged after you, quickly gathering your hair to hold it out of your face as you hurled into the trashcan, “you okay? Are you sick?”

    “Jensen,” Aisha scolded and hip-checked him out of the way to run her hand down your spine and put a small amount of pressure on your lower back, “have you ever been with an omega?”

    He frowned and watched you; he listened to you until it seemed you were done, and when you had stood and wiped your mouth on the back of your hand and slowly righted yourself. You exhaled slowly and rubbed at your temples, drawing your attention toward Jake and his look of concern. He knew you had been sick lately, but he had thought it was something simple like a stomach flu, but the longer you seemed to hold his gaze, the quicker he had come to realize that it was something else entirely.

    “Are you okay?” He had grasped your hands and drew his thumbs across your knuckles, soothing you not only with his gentle touch but through the bond that you both shared.

    “I have to tell you something,” you had chewed on the inside of your cheek, glancing at the alphas gathered around you and Jake, before you had focused on your mate and the gentle prod to say hi the truth, “actually before I do I should tell you that I had to go to the hospital while you were gone. I’m fine, well I’m not precisely refined because I had to get medication, but it’s not bad-“

    “Babe,” he laughed under his breath and eased you as only he could, “there’s only room for one person to ramble in this relationship, and I don’t want you stealing-“

    “I’m pregnant. And I have hyperemesis gravidarum. Which is extreme morning sickness which is why I’ve been so sick-“ You stopped yourself from carrying on when Jake’s eyebrows had furrowed, and his lips had become pursed.

    “Jensen,” Aisha hissed at the young beta, urging him to say something, do anything, “now would be a good time-“

    “You’re pregnant?” His voice wavered, and his smile was bright, nearly splitting as he stepped closer and dropped one hand to your belly, his fingers brushing against the soft shirt you’d been wearing as if he was trying to feel or find a bump. “We’re having a baby?”

    “I know I should’ve told you the moment I found out, but you were gone, and I didn’t want you to worry, and then I had to go to the hospital, so I called your sister, and your sister dove me-“

    “We’re having a baby.” His vision had blurred, and the elation surging through the bond had affected you just as much as him, and the rounds of congratulations from the team had been lost on him. All he saw was you, all he felt was you, and all he hoped for was you.

    “Yeah…but that’s the other thing….” You muttered, and your hand slipped into your bag resting at your hip, and he had followed the motion with his blurry vision, studying you as your hand had fallen between the leather flaps, only to produce a folded sonogram from within your bag. Your name was written across the back, and if taking his last name wasn’t enough to steal his breath eternally, then the image on the paper you’d handed to him would have been.

    He had taken it from you, studied the image with growing pride and joy, with a brightness about him that had only increased when he moved his attention from one half of the sonogram to the next.

    “Twins,” he blanched as he read the words, as he studied the two tiny babies in black and white, “we’re having twins?”

    “The doctor said it’s why I’ve been so sick.” You smiled small and folded your arms in front of you, basking at the moment when Jake had inhaled sharply, and a few tears visibly rolled down his cheeks. He ha wiped the tears than laughed loudly and pumped his fists, as he celebrated, his voice boisterous and loud as he cheered for the two of you. “We’re having twins! I’m having twins!”

    His body collided with yours as he picked you up and spun you twice in the middle of the airport, the bond flourishing between you two. The celebratory moment changes the entire scope of your relationship.

    It was the best welcome home Jake had ever, and would ever, receive.

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    #beta!jake jensen x reader fluff #beta!jensen and omega!reader #beta!jake jensen #beta!jake jensen and omega!reader #beta jake jensen x omega reader #beta!jake jensen x reader angst #beta!jake jensen imagines #a/b/o#alpha/beta/omega #jake jensen x reader #jake jensen x reader fluff #jake jensen x reader angst #jake jensen x reader smut #jake jensen imagines #jake jensen imagine #safe place to land series #safe place to land #safe place to land masterlist #safe place to land part 9
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  • talesfromaurea
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Pathfinder day!

    Last we left off, the party had to flee the city of Thasrah which collapsed under the claws (and lightning) of a tyrannical blue dragon and his army of homemade Fallen

    I'm sure everyone wants to go back and help the citizens but then there's Sakrattars like "am I the only one who saw the giant dragon calling for *our* deaths specifically...?"

    #thasrah is... probably the 8th or so major city to fall to the irkallu/dragons in the campaign #things are looking quite grim for the world #the number of safe places is now basically zero #pathfinder talk
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  • xtime-waits-for-no-one
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago
    #The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. x Home x Shenzhen
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  • annyllel
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Or you can run lickety split past the monsters that roam in the dark. If I’m not in the mood to fight them, I’d just leave them in the dust!

    #breath of the wild #the legend of zelda #botw#satori #lord of the mountain #glendo#npc#traveler#mounted traveler#ridgeland region #the night belongs to monsters #urge your horse to hustle #find a safe place to hide #glendo's advice#tloz#tloz botw#screenshot#botw screenshot #I am op
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  • fruitbasketnews
    17.01.2022 - 12 hours ago


    #number one cause of me blocking and unfollowing people #is daddy/mommy kink out of fucking nowhere #do me a favor if i follow you and youre gonna pull this shit block me ahead of time #also just had to block someone like this who followed ME and clearly didnt read my bio even though it says right there to read it #im honestly at a very comfortable place with this kink but i cannot say the same about the community for this kink #im constantly following then unfollowing blogs here and i just want to find people i feel genuinely safe around
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  • kanoaconfessions
    17.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Grief over abandonment is definitely a thing with me.

    Not letting go of the love I feel abandoned me is definitely a thing with me. I get stuck on one thing or one person I felt safe with, and then I obsess over it and never let go of that feeling, that memory, that person. I never let it go. I can never accept the present and accept that they're not actually here and that that is a part of reality with them-- that they chose to leave or not hold on. That this is part of what it means to be in a relationship with them, this hurt and pain of them not being here or them choosing this for me. That anger and betrayal only comes when you finally see the present as it really is: a reflection of their choices regarding you and the inevitability of it. The way you couldn't stop it or change it.

    The present is proof of their choices, even if their choices were different earlier.

    Understand what you don't want anymore. Maybe to be engaged to this feeling for them or devotion to them when it means having to live with being alone because they chose that. I don't want it anymore.

    When I'm grieving I won't let go. When I believe a person is good and loving and safe, then when they abandon me I can't see it as it is. I hang on and it hurts and I won't accept that they're gone. I never blame them or see it as it is. I never see them as they are. I never see reality and what I'm dealing with for what it is. Instead I hang on, ignoring my own needs, ignoring my own happiness. I choose to hold onto this and not move on. I don't grant myself freedom from them or the weight of loyalty to them. When I'm grieving, I hold on and make a memory a concrete weight, an anchor, a chain. To a place where I was safe, a mooring point, a place of brief stability that I can't have anymore. I don't want to let go.

    I need to deal with my abandonment issues and let people go even if they were good to me.

    #my #understand that anything with them involved this reality for you #and you dont want this reality anymofe #you're escaping to those memories but really you just don't want a reality that involves not feeling safe loved and happy #so you're running back to your memories and living there #not looking at the place you're most unhappy #because you associate it with them leaving rather than with you needing something or someone or some concept
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  • withoneheadlight
    17.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    hey! thank you so much to everyone who sent me a message yesterday. i had rough, rough day and you people helped me so fucking much with your words and with being there when i most needed it .

    i have a busy day ahead and won't get to answer anything to at least tomorrow but i wanted to let you all know that I'm ok 💗💗💗

    thank you thank you thank you. honestly.

    #i feel a bit t e r r i b l e for getting dr3and go cry ln the internet but harringrove makes me feel safe and happy. #so does this place and all of you #💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
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  • hoodiecladknight
    17.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    I’m so tired of people trying to connect my nursing qualities to my bits. Yes I have a uterus, yes I do like kid and like being nice, no that have nothing to do with my ovaries. Do people really associate shit with their balls and dick? Like I am not my live or my spleen. They’re bits of me! Bits that I care about but I do have good nurturing qualities cuz my bits. I’ve learning how to care for people

    #but I also wanna throttle people #also I have cystic orvaries which is fun #I’m afraid to good what it could be and my doctors just dodged the question #which is… lovely #I’m trans Marc to but like weird baby brain recently too #it’s silly and I don’t really have place to talk about it so #it’s going in the tags here? #mainly coming about cuz I’m getting a new baby sister soon #I’m delight honestly #but terrified #she’s being raised by my father and a woman who willing chose to marry my father agtwr knowing me which is #diaaspinting #like if her kids Ever ask me if I think they’re safe with them I still don’t know what to tell them #no?? the honest answer #which will make everyone hate me again lol #but any back to the topic #babies are adorable I like keeping people sage and happy #and like - getting to see someone learn the world? and see what they love and help them achieve that? oh that’s be awesome
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  • grfields
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #❛ inbox!💌 #would you like a tag <3 #ur acc looks like a safe place if you get what i mean #it's so pretty there
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  • fastandfsad
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    i promise will love you even in the day you have indifference, in the morning when you wanto go get some rest ill stay in your side giving you kisses. . and also fall sleep too

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  • many-gay-magpies
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    looked up deet fanart bc wife but now i feel like ive seen smth i shouldnt have

    #i mean i didnt even see MUCH but #i saw. a couple.. fam what.. gODDAMNIT NOT EVEN FANART IS SAFE FROM SPOILERS HADJFBFJBFJ #and whats worse now im just jumping to conculsions all over the place bc i dont even have that much info #just . no not my girl ;-; my baby ;--; #magpie thoughts
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  • herondalesunsetcurve
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago


    #i feel worthless #i just feel like i'm a big disappointment and i hate it #my mental health has been getting so bad lately and i know that i need help but i can't talk to anyone #and fuck maybe the pills i'm on isn't helping #but the doctor wants me to take it for at least a month #and on top of pressure to do extremely well in exams i also have to lose weight cause apparently that's the only way my pcos will get bette #better* #i don't know what i want #in life and in general #i hate being this indecisive #i don't know if i want to be a doctor because i want to be one or because my parents want me to be one #sometimes i feel like they've stuffed that idea in my brain since i was so young that there's no room left for me to figure out what i #would've wanted to be if they didn't plant that seed in my head #sometimes i think of deactivating but then this is one of the only places where i can be myself #where i feel safe
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  • solidarity-gayming
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    i need to move out so bad i want to live w friends and have birds and have a job and have free time and AUGSHGHGHHHHHHh

    #i want somewhere where it feels like home not because its a good house but because its a place with my family #because its a place i can call home and have my things and have my pets #its a place to rest after a long shitty day not one where i have to pretend even harded #harder* #a place where i feel comfortable at my highs and lows and where im okay with being vulnerable because i trust its safe #i need to sleep gn
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  • evisconti
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago
    i   wish   ercole   felt   like   he   belonged   anywhere   tbh
    #hes never ... felt like he could call anywhere home #everywhere he went he never felt. safe or happy #maybe the only place being ciccio's home that made him happy #but he had to be anxious and quiet most of the time. afraid to be caught. #but everywhere else? nobody even likes him #maybe that is his fault and all and he doesnt CARE about not having anywhere to call home (consciously) butman #frowns #he never will think anyone truly wants him around he will always have doubts and hell always put himself down #he just fucking cant. let himself be happy. #he can put up a facade and he can prance around and get his 'joy' out of the ridiculous shit he does that he THINKS makes him happy #but he will never think he belongs or can go anywhere to be safe or happy #that's all he wants tbh. stability. happiness. a place he can call home and not be scared to be inside of. #ugh #ooc .
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  • foreheadtouch
    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    i was already having a bad day social anxiety wise… i tried going to a new coffee shop to do work but as soon as i drove there i got way too anxious to even go in so i just went home…

    #idk if other people with social anxiety experience this #like i have these ‘safe’ places i can go by myself #because i’m used to them #but it’s stresses me out so much to go somewhere new #and have to figure everything out all over again #it’s so stupid i hate that my brain does this
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  • solarpunksoup
    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    rambling about poverty and solarpunk

    i know for me at least my interest in this sort of stuff stems from growing up poor. i was constantly in a mind set of “make it” before buy it, just because i knew i’d have to save my pennies for weeks to buy soap or something, so the diy aspect comes naturally to me.

    so i guess just a reminder that if you’re like me, it’s okay to buy things. you don’t have to make your toothpaste or shampoo or pads or whatever anymore unless you genuinely want too and find value in it. it’s okay to buy things, you aren’t surviving on scraps anymore. please take care of yourself.

    it’s also why i find gardening so comforting, because i know i’ll have something to eat. so it’s okay if solarpunk helps you cope. i understand, and you’re valid.

    #if you need to rant about it this is a safe place btw #anon in inbox or in the rbs or whatever you need to do
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  • drewstarkeysbitchh
    17.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    i love that he invades my brain only when im about to sleep

    #i mean all day i was playing homescapes and listening to taylor #but nope #brain said: you won't sleep #jo rants!! #tumblr is jo's safe place
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  • pseudohaunt
    17.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    @deatheld​​​ sent:  ❛  i  need  you .  ❜  ( the enormity of my desire ) » okay hear me out ... tannis moment :0  /  accepting!

    glossy lips quirk up into a teasing smile — it’s not often that dennis says something like that all on his own. for so long, she’s been all but training him, letting him know beyond a shadow of a doubt when she’s displeased with him, giving him the old carrot-and-stick until he learned just what she liked — and what she didn’t. does she feel a little guilty for what she’d done to the guy? how she’d led him astray, like how anne says? ...well, maybe a little. but her desire to exert control stems from a genuine fondness for the most aggressive of the clarkes. deceptive and cloying, tanya makes a show of thinking about it, pouting as she hums. “i don’t know,” she sighs. “do i feel like putting up with an aggressive asshole today?” an unknowingly perfect echo of her personal boytoy — a fact that’s only apparent to anthony, who has to put up with both of them, all the time.

    she idly dabs some concealer on her face (getting ready for a date with vince, and the idea of messing around with dennis beforehand is admittedly one that makes her skin warm with interest) and glances at dennis’ expression. his deep eyes so dark with desire that goosebumps prickle along her arms. “what’s got you so riled up, anyway?” not that she particularly wants to know the answer or cares to guess. that much is obvious when she continues to talk, oblivious to any answer dennis might have given. “i don’t have much time. vince is taking me out to some steakhouse, which isn’t romantic at all, but what can you do.” complaints she’d usually air to her darling little brother, but anthony’s avoiding her tonight, for some reason. (ugh, maybe dennis’ attitude got to him. he’s always more irritable when he’s thinking with his dick.) a thought that forces her to suppress the fond smile that threatens to blossom over her pretty features. looking dennis up and down, her gaze lingers a bit too long on the tent pushing up against his jeans. green hues flick back to his face. “not that you’d do much better.”

    she turns purposely back to the mirror, continuing to apply her makeup. with a dismissive air that she always likes to flaunt around rather than admit to the voracity of her feelings for the rockstar, she speaks again. “you have until i’m done with my makeup.”

    #deatheld #answered. #tanya clarke  /  you need a woman’s touch in your place; just protect her and keep her safe . #ive been thinking abt that one t/anniscore makeup post. that one post #i think its somewhere on my blog #anyway <3 for you
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  • pseudohaunt
    17.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    adding some muse tags rq

    #nagito komaeda  /  you and i you and i; we’re not that different you and i . #abraham alastor  /  things cannot be reversed; we learn from the times we are cursed . #andrew  /  reeling through an endless fog; we are the ever-living ghost of what once was . #james clarke  /  i don’t have a drinking problem; don’t have a drinking solution . #tanya clarke  /  you need a woman’s touch in your place; just protect her and keep her safe . #unity  /  you’re always talking but you’re not playing; it doesn’t match your face . #blake belladonna  /  you found me dressed in black hiding way up at the back . #cinder fall  /  the embers that remain will light the fuse of condemnation . #james ironwood  /  trust me to be strong; i’ll be your hero just hold on .
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