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    09.12.2021 - 1 hour ago


    (Some are linked to AO3 works because I’m too lazy to post them over here)



    Welcome to Rapture:

    Chapter 1: Ocean Tides < | > Chapter 7: Act 1: Setup

    Fountaine’s Experiment (Oneshot/non-canon)

    Masquerade Mishap (Oneshot)

    Memento Vori:

    The Dragon in the Pale Forest (Complete)

    Consuming Obsession (Complete)

    Genshin Impact:

    Stained Ruins Pt.1 (Complete)

    Stained Ruins Pt. 2 (Complete)

    A Different Kind of Birdcage (Oneshot)

    Healing Rock (Oneshot)

    Downed Bird (Oneshot)

    Shall We Vore:

    The Animal Incident (Ongoing)

    Beel, no! (Oneshot)


    Therapy Prey (Complete)

    Naga Cuddles (Complete)


    Flood the Shop (Oneshot)

    Contained (Oneshot)

    Be Vore Chill (Oneshot)

    Self-Care (Oneshot)

    Don’t Enter the Basement (Oneshot)

    Within Us (Oneshot)

    Shrunk in Minecraft (Oneshot)

    Blood Bath (Oneshot)

    Accidental Pact (Oneshot)

    Mixed Help (Oneshot)

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    09.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    something simple with another oc

    #this is l’s art #v.ore #vore art #vo.re #vor.e #safe vore#soft vore #these are l’s ocs
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    Y’know that ‘comfetes’ user? The one that was sending all the asks around? Well, turns out they’re a Trump supporter and antivaxx.

    Aside from the fact that this ‘movement’ they’ve attempted to start would be very damaging to the vore community ( @nom-central explains it the best), this kid really shouldn’t be supported. Don’t use ‘comfetes’ or their other alternative name ideas, use vore.

    Regardless, do NOT send harassment to them. It won’t help anything.

    #maud speaks#comfetes#sfw vore#soft vore#safe vore#extreme cuddling#comfort vore#vore community #v.ore #v/ore #adding these tags since they’re relevant to the topic #but yeah I literally just found this out and since there were some people on board with this i figured this needed to be said #and yeah yeah I swore off callouts but this comfetes thing was a mess to begin wth
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    09.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Someone need new hair style, let's see what we can do my friends?^^

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    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #safe vore#soft vore #im tagging as #feral vore #just in case #tbf the wolves are usually people level intelligent #but the image doesnt convey this #same size vore #also just in case
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    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago
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    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #I mean those kids really did make a bunch of stand users their allies by beating them up huh #like Rohan yukako hazamada……. #jjba vore#jojo vore#safe vore#soft vore#extreme cuddling#pred jotaro
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    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Frodo in a tum cause it’s my birthday and I get to choose the comfort characters

    #let him rest he deserves it #best boi #best lad who needs a nap desperately #soft vore#safe vore#g/t vore#fandom vore#arts#willing prey#extreme cuddling
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  • solar-tumtum
    08.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    Grading criteria:
    How safe? Stomach quality? vibes????
    -/10 system

    First group: Flagships part 4 [MHW-MHR]

    Nergigante: 3/10 dead but good coffin

    Known as the extinction dragon, bud is hyper aggressive and know to kill anything in it's path

    You're getting hurt bad, like need physical therapy after recovery bad

    Elder dragon so I'm gonna say very spacious and warm stomach

    Maybe some glowing bioenergy just for the vibes-

    Your knocking on deaths door but damn is it a nice porch.

    Velkhana: 7/10 I can't stand being cold but nice

    Velkhana knows it's very strong making it rather calm, since few things can face it

    So your safe as long as you're dresses for the cold!

    It's mouth would be freezing at first since it uses water store in its body to shoot ice

    However the stomach would be warm! ( The wiki says it uses a counter cooling technique like ducks)

    I call for glowing cause of the ore that it often eats-

    This is superb but cold-

    Magnamalo: 4/10 the usual

    Magnamalo is described a belligerent, attacking beasts and hunters- so your getting hurt, burn, bashed, you name it

    Bud can produce fire so hot stomach, soup tummy-

    With the smoke I think it would be neat if it filled the tum but that would probably be bad for you lungs.

    The usual case of dangerous but comfy

    This is the end of the flag ships until Rise: Sunbreak releases unless I feel like doing Frontier/online/explore- Which I honestly might-
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  • art-of-erneztkyer
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I wanna find English-speaking friend!

    Hello, I'm nearly 19 y.o, asexual, infp-t and russian, hehe!

    Maybe some safe vore or g/t talks, it will be fine!

    I also love playing games, for example: Owlboy, SW: Fallen Orden, Astral Chain, The legend of Zelda: BoTW, Hollow Knight, Rain World, Stardew Valley, DST and Genshin

    Just wanna talk and improve my English, if you wanna improve your Russian - I can help! Just DM me to chat anyway✨

    Thank everyone for hearing me out 👉👈

    (Art is mine✨)

    #Wanna improve my english #searching for a friend #oc#safe vore#g/t #wanna talk? #Russian#English
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  • lstories
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Noah's perspective: Life Under the Sea Pt:2

    My mind is only giving me inspiration for this story. It may be inspiration, but that doesn't mean it's good inspiration.

    (Safe, soft, willing, vore, tiny mer, tw blood)

    Word Count: 4693

    Noah slowly woke up, a minty smell filled his nose as he rubbed his eyes. Wait, why didn't he have his visor? His eyes darted around the cave before he saw the glass sitting next to him. He picked it up and turned it around in his hand for a bit with his other hand protectively on his stomach. He looked around, trying to remember what happened. It didn't register to him for a few seconds about how big his stomach was. He looked back down as the memories started rushing back to him. The tiny person that pretty much begged him to eat it was still in his stomach. He rubbed a little harder at where he thought he could feel the tiny body under his suit and skin. After a bit he felt tiny hands press back and heard quiet chirping. He sighed in relief knowing it was alive. He could feel every movement from the small eel, it felt too good to let out so soon. It wouldn't hurt to keep it in there for a bit longer, would it? Noah stood up and started walking around the cave, holding his visor under his arm. The orange light was still glowing and illuminating the cave, the only notable thing was the small hole they came through.

    Now that he could see the cave more clearly he realized just how big it was. Maybe about two football courts. He got up and started walking around the edge's, trying to find something new. There wasn't anything to see though, just the same green and orange algae. The weight swaying in his stomach was distracting at times but it felt amazing. He eventually returned back to the hole, dipping his legs into the water and letting more warm water fall down his head and back. He rubbed at his stomach again, feeling at every groove and wrap of the tail, revelling at each movement from within. This was much more comfortable than back at camp, and it's not like he had anyth- oh shit. He rememberd the sub he had to destroy, his team needed those materials. He panicked, that was his one job and who knows how long hes been out for. He leaned up and shook his stomach, making sure to wake up the small occupant. The tiny eel moved in his stomach and he had to force himself to not focus on it. He had to get to that submarine and deconstruct it.

    The eel in his stomach started angrily chirping at him, it still sounded tired. He shoved two of his finger into the back of his throat, forcing himself to gag. He could feel his stomach flexing as he tried to force himself to throw up. The tiny person was making more distressed chirps. He guided the tiny's torso up to the top of his stomach until he couldn't feel it anymore. Everything was starting to hurt as he shoved his hand further into his mouth and practically punched the back of his throat. His other hand was pushing on his stomach, trying to force the eel out. Nothing was giving until finally his stomach shrank, even just slightly. He kept forcing it further up until he felt tiny hands pressing onto the back of his tounge. He griped the tiny body and dragged it out, it gently flopped onto his hand before glaring at him. The tiny eel wiped the stomach juices and saliva off his face and arms. Noah kept pulling out its body, his was starting to feel like it was about to shut down.

    His stomach shrank and each inch of the eel he pulled out hurt more and more. After a while, his stomach was empty, he just had to pull it out of his throat. Every last bit he pulled out felt like needles in his throat. Once all of the eel was out of his mouth he took a deep breath, holding the eel away and coughing as he exhaled. He could feel tears streaming down his face as he caught his breath. They felt like they were already there for a while. The ringing in his ears started to subside and he heard frantic chirping. He opened his eyes to see the eel, it looked horrified as grabbed at the air towards Noah. He brought the tiny person closer to his face, it immediately grappled to the bridge of his nose and started started chirping even more. Noah brought both his hand to his face and returned what he thought was a hug. "Hey, hey, I'm all right. I'm fine" the tiny body clinging to his face was shaking and he wanted to help it however he could, but he needed to move. His stomach let out a loud growl, he hasn't been this hungry since he was on the surface... He could probably take a quick snack break.

    He grabbed the tiny body still clinging to him and set it on his leg. He could see the sadness and fear still plastered on their face. It let out a quiet chirp and scooted closer to Noah's stomach. Noah reached into his bag and pulled out a small granola bar, this would more than hold him over until he got back to camp. He looked back to the tiny on his lap, when was the last time it ate? He ripped off the biodegradable wrapper and threw it into the water. He tore a small chunk off the granola bar and handed it to the tiny eel. It stared at it for a second before trying to hand it back to Noah. He chuckled and pushed the small chunk back to the tiny before he took a bite out of the rest of the bar. It looked back to the tiny piece in his hands and took a bite of it. Pure bliss seemed to cover its face before it ripped into it like a starving animal. Maybe it was. Noah broke off a bigger chunk of the bar before finishing the rest. The tiny was finished with the small piece of food he gave it and it looked more than satisfied. He gave it the bigger piece and started washing off its tail in the miniature waterfall.

    The tiny was still trying to eat the granola, the piece was nearly the size of its torso but it didn't slow down at all. It kept eating and it looked like it was squishing the food into the shape of a ball. After a while, Noah had almost finished washing off the tail when he heard a pop. He looked over to see the tiny had unhinged its jaw and was trying to swallow the ball of granola whole. Noah watched as the tiny struggled to fit it's mouth over the ball. Finally something gave and it got it into their mouth and started swallowing. Soon it got the ball down, the shape settled in its stomach as it layed down over Noah's thigh. He stared for a bit before cautiously poking the tiny's stomach. It let out a quiet click and swatted at Noah's finger. He pressed down a little harder, the ball gently squished under his finger and the tiny let out more angry clicks before pulling itself off his leg and into the water. The now clean tail quickly followed down as the tiny sank further into the water. Noah pulled up his hood and made sure to tuck his hair in. He put on his visor and dropped into the water after it.

    Noah looked around as the bubbles started to clear. He saw the tiny's glowing hair buried halfway into the sand. He reached down and picked it up by where he could tell its waist was. It didn't protest as it was raised to eye level with Noah, its eyes were closed as it held its belly. It deffenetly wasn't going to be swimming with him so he would have to carry it. Why was he getting so attached to this thing? He looked around the small cave, only one pipe and not much else. He's seen the trees, it could easily hide in there so why didn't it? He'd have time to think about it on the walk. Noah slowly wrapped the tail around his neck, making sure it wouldn't fall off while he walked. Once the tiny was secured around his neck he started to climb back through the tunnel. It was a tight fit and he had to crawl to get out. He reached the hole out and started to climb. It wasn't a very long climb and it didn't take too long to orient himself and find the forest. He saw a tree directly strait from the hole and walked towards that one.

    As he walked towards it he could see where he had previously tried to sleep. He was glad he didn't or he wouldn't have been able to help his tiny. Wait no, the tiny wasn't his, it probably had a family or friends. His feelings were starting to get conflicted but he reached the tree and focused on that. After searching around in his bag for bit he felt the small thing he was looking for. It was a beacon, he set it to blue to remember this as a point of interest and pointed it towards the hole. He set off walking and continued his journey. He occasionally found stray peices of scrap metal, he deconstructed them and kept walking. There wasn't much out here. The forest providing light on his left and pure darkness on his right. He would occasionally unwrap the tiny around his neck a bit and hold it in his hands. He would study it for a bit before it started to complain and he would give it a gentle massage. This went on for a while, the boredom of endless trees and examining his tiny sleepy friend.

    Timeskip: maybe a few hours

    The scrap metal was getting bigger and more frequent, Noah's intrest peeked when he saw a rusted piece of metal with a pattern under it. He wiped off the rust and saw what was deffenetly a piece of a German flag painted on. Noah kept deconstructing every piece of metal he came across, every bit was necessary. Noah jumped as he felt movement from around his neck. The tiny woke up and partially unwrapped itself from his neck. It swam back in front of his face, pressing on the glass again. Noah gently ran his finger down it's back, the notable lump of food in its stomach was gone. It leaned into the rubs and hugged his thumb. Noah brought it to his shoulder and gave it more rubs as he walked. He wasn't really focused on were he was going, content to just give the tiny more rubs. A faint glimmer soon caught his eye though. He looked up to see the submarine, its tail end caught on some trees and a broken flood light on the ground that his helmet light was reflecting off of. It was a spectacle to be sure.

    There was a faint touch along his back that made him shiver. He looked at his shoulder expecting to see the tiny's tail tickling him. Instead, the end of the tiny's tail was next to their own face as it sat on Noah's shoulder staring at the submarine in horror. Noah turned around as something touched him. A dark red tentacle was already wrapped around his waist and two more were quickly coming at him. He flailed and struggled as he was lifted up away from the glowing forest. Two tenticals raced towards his arms as he tried to get away. The tenticals reached all the way into the darkness and he couldn't see the source. He pushed at the tentacle around his waist with one arm while trying to reach into his pack with the other. A tentacle grabbed his left arm, he was able to punch the tentacle coming at his other arm before it could grab him. He looked over to see the tiny trying to pry the tentical off his arm as the other one came for it. Noah grabbed the tiny and threw it towards the darkening forest. "HIDE!" Was all he could yell out as the glowing blue hair disappeared towards the slowly fading forest.

    He watched in horror as the tentical raced after the tiny. He forced himself to look around as he heard a sound. His light shined over more tentacles coming from every direction, 20 to his left, maybe 30 to his right, who know how many more above him. His hand finally brushed past what he was trying to grab, he gripped onto the deconstructer and shot at the tentical moving towards the tiny. A large chunk of it vanished as the bottom part of it slowly sank to the ground. A low bellow of pain came from whatever abomination was holding him. He vaporized the tenticals coming at him and the ones holding him. More followed as he sank to the ground, red stained the water around him as chunks of meat also fell to the ground around him. More tenticals grabbed at his legs, he was just barely able to get them away before destroying them. He hit the ground frantically aiming into the darkness, more bits of meat fell around him as he made a dash towards the sub. He found a torpedo hole and bent the metal to make it bigger. His breathing was frantic and he's sure he was screaming the entire time. As he caught his breath everything became clearer, he could hear the tiny chirping and clicking somewhere in the sub.

    Noah fallowed the noise, deconstructing minor walls and other oddities he found. He still had a job to do. His heart was still racing from the adrenaline high and he nearly fell over a few times. The quicker he finished this, the quicker he could return to bace. After a bit of checking hallways and rooms he looked back to see that most of the interior of the ship was gone. He could still hear clicking so he knew the tiny eel was still alive, but where? There wasn't a lot in the ship, already emptied out from who knows how many years down here. As he was deconstructing a wall, the ship bent a little, letting out a loud creak as gravity shifted. He could hear the tiny's chirping and clicking getting more panicked as he tried to run further up the ship. His feet didn't touch the ground for a few seconds as the walls soon became the ceiling and floor. As Noah reoriented himself he heard shrill chirps and clicks from somewhere in the back of the ship. What had he done? His mind raced with horrible thoughts of what could have happened and his breath quickened. He moved as fast as he could up and down the hallways, not even bothering to deconstruct anything anymore. The noises only got louder as he moved through the ship. He could see a faint blue light coming from one of the open doors. He rushed in to see that the blue eel wasn't the one making the noise. It was trying to lift something that was crushing another tiny.

    Noah cautiously moved over to the tiny, he saw it was trying to lift a wrench from a pile of tools. The chirping came from inside the pile of tools and he could see a faint red glow coming from between the cracks of the tools. He moved the tiny eel out of the way and started moving the tools off of whatever tiny he crushed. The tiny eel looked stunned for a moment before it grappled to Noah's arm and hugged him. He continued to take tools off the pile until he saw the glowing red hair of another tiny. He scraped the last of the missalanius supplies off its chest, its torso was maybe two times the size of the blue tiny. He wrapped his hands around it and... oh, no. He saw ten tenticals protruding from it's lower half. His heart sank as he realized what he had done. The tiny blue eel rushed over to it. Noah could see a large insision on its chest and its arm was bent out of place. The tiny's chirped back and forth for a few seconds before the tiny eel swam up to his visor. It slammed on the glass and tried to pull it off, only managing to slip and almost ram into the wall.

    Noah held the tiny red squid closer to the face plate. It weakly held up a hand and pressed it into the glass. Noah knew what it wanted. The tiny blue eel swam up to his visor again, sadness riddled its face. Noah sat down on the rusting metal, his eyes focused on the red tiny in his hand. Noah held his free hand to his face plate. Every minor movement caused the tiny to let out a chirp of pain. Noah took a deep breath and quickly took off his visor, the cold water rushed onto his face. He quickly shoved the tiny squid into his mouth, the metallic taste caused him to gag slightly but at least it didn't struggle. He forced himself to swallow as quick as he could, the tenticals limply fallowed down his throat. The salty water was starting to sting his throat so he forced the face plate back into position and the water quickly drained from the mask. He could still feel the tiny cold body moving further and further down his esophagus. The tiny finally entered his stomach, he could feel its suction cups on the edges of his stomach, and tiny hands on the outside.

    Noah looked down to see the blue eel pressing itself against his stomach. He heard clicks and chirps from both of the tiny's. The conversation was short lived as the tiny eel darted off. Noah got up and started to fallow the tiny. It was much faster than him but stoped when it heard Noah following them. It let out a small chirp and held out its hands before darting out of the ship through a bullet hole. Noah tried to fallow but fell to his knees, he could feel the tiny squid pulling his stomach inwards. He forced himself through the pain and watched the end of the tail dash into the forest. He leaned on a nearby wall and rubbed at his stomach. Maybe the tiny went to get help or to get stuff to heal the tiny in his stomach. It might be going to get someone to take him out now that he was immobilized. His mind started racing with every worst case scenario. He gently rubbed along where he could feel the tendrils holding onto his stomach. They slowly released, letting his abdomen expand back to normal and letting the pain subside.

    Noah held the deconstructer in his hand, he felt horrible for what he had done and what he still needed to do. The light from his helmet shined on the rest of the ship, his team still needed this metal. Maybe he could get Michael to build a habitat for this thing. His mind started to wander as he thought about what his team would think of when they find out that there are tiny people down here with them. He deconstructed part of the top of the ship which was now a wall and stepped out of the ship. He looked over the sand and into the darkness, there was a few, small, regular fish picking away at the scraps of the monster. Tears welled in his eyes for a moment before he started deconstructing the bloody flesh. Who knows if his team might need this, he just needed to make himself believe they did so he would feel better. Once he was done with all the big pieces he went back to deconstructing the ship. Piece by piece he destroyed the ship, his team needed this metal and he knew if he didn't destroy this ship, someone else would.

    Timeskip: a while

    Noah destroyed nearly the entire ship, he stoped when he reached the maintenance room. He walked back inside, small trinkets lined the floor. A few bottle caps, a bottle opener, even an old German pin. He picked them up and put them in his pack. He sat down putting a hand to his stomach and chest. He could feel the tiny heartbeat in his stomach, it was slightly faster than his but it wasn't even close to the eels. He hoped it was ok. He slowly stood up and started deconstructing the room. His eyes started watering as tears started rolling down his cheeks that he couldn't even wipe away. It didn't take much longer to get rid of the rest of the ship. He looked back on what he'd done. A bloody mess in the water, a crater where the ship was, and about half a dozen broken trees. He stood in silence as he surveyed the ground, it was only a shadow of what remained. Noah walked over and sat down on one of the uprooted trees, taking off his mask and letting the cool water wash over his face. He thought he could feel the red tiny's heartbeat on the wall of his stomach when he focused hard enough.

    After a while of holding his breath he put his mask on. Letting his emotions wash over him instead. He sat there, contemplating, thinking, remembering everything that was happening and how weird it was. He was a pilot, sent on an underwater habitation mission next to a forest made out of coral. He was given experimental drugs that gave him super human strength and fitted with an indestructible suit. In the forest he has to stay next to, there are tiny glowing people the size of his fingers that like to be eaten alive. His thoughts were quickly interrupted when he heard a loud boom. He got up and looked around as fast as he could. There was a white capsule quickly rising from the tree's. It looked advanced even for his team, and he wouldn't be able to see it with how far away from bace he was if it was them. There didnt seem to be any words or symbols on it. The thing quickly disappeared into the darkness as he stood up. He heard faint chirping and clicking in the distance. He looked over to see the blue eel and another new tiny swimming next to it. This one was purple and had a small fish tail that was nowhere near close to matching the length or size of the eels tail. It had long glowing purple hair with small strands of algae stuck in it. They were also carrying a small woven basket made from a multitude of different colored algae.

    The blue tiny seamed to swim a little faster when it saw Noah, the purple tiny fallowed and tired to match the other's speed but couldn't keep up. They dashed through the branches of the trees, never making a mistake while they swam. The blue eel slammed into Noah's chest and wrapped itself around him. The purple tiny soon caught up, it slowed down as it came closer to Noah. Their long hair flowed in front of their face as they came to a stop, their eyes widened in horror as they looked up at him. It watched him for a bit before backing up, fear still glued to its face. It tried to swim back into the forest before the blue eel unwrapped from his torso and dashed up to it. Noah tried to walk towards it until he herd a shrill chirp from the purple tiny. The tiny's chirped and clicked back and forth for a bit, then a few chirps came from in his stomach. Both the tiny's looked over to Noah, the purple one looked slightly less afraid of him. They slowly swam up to Noah, flinching at every tiny movement he made. They pressed their hands to his stomach, more clicking came from inside before they started talking.

    All three of the tiny's talked next to his stomach for a while, Noah eventually moved a bit and laid down on the ground. The purple tiny recoiled away from him as he moved, it soon came back and sat down on his stomach next to the blue tiny. Noah stared up at the darkness while watching the small specks floating in the water around him. The feeling on his stomach disappeared as the purple tiny came closer to his mask. It started chirping at him until the blue tiny came up to it and stopped it. The blue tiny gently knocked on his mask and pointed at the purple one before swimming down to his stomach. Noah sat up and watched as it patted at his stomach. He looked over to the purple tiny who slightly swam away from him as he turned. He held his hand out to the purple tiny, it slowly moved closer and sat down on the ball of his hand. He slightly closed his fingers around the tiny, the fear in it's eyes hurt him. He brought it closer to his face and it quickly backed up to the edges of his finger's. He watched the tiny in his hands, they held the basket close to their chest and closed their eyes, quickly nodding to Noah.

    Noah moved his hand up to his mask and brought the tiny closer to it. He looked over to the blue tiny who looked back at him, they gave a gentle nod as they swam a bit closer. He took off his mask, the cold water rushed back over his face. He moved the purple tiny between his lips, the salty water diminished the taste but they were... delicious. He had to force himself not to just swallow them down with the water. He was able to fit the entire tiny in his mouth with little effort. He shoved his mask back on and let the water drain away. After a bit he positioned the tiny onto the back of his tounge, he hadn't realized how much they were shaking until now. He gently swallowed, letting the small weight fall down him.

    Noah opend his eyes, watching as the tiny eel fallowed where he could feel the tiny purple in his chest. He could hear chirping from two of the tiny's, before all hell broke loose in his stomach. He could feel the tiny purple in his stomach thrashing and throwing itself against the walls of his stomach. Noah layed back down and let out a groan. It felt amazing but it made him want to puke at the same time. He heard more chirping from the tiny's as the struggling came to an abrupt stop. His eyes were heavy and could barely stay awake. Why did that feeling make him so tired? The chirps and clicks of the tiny's talking acted as a white noise and unintentionally helped him fall asleep. He gently rubbed the blue tiny's back, they were still clinging to his stomach. He felt a gentle rubbing from inside his stomach. He would make sure to apologize when he let them out. For now, he just needed to sleep.

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  • lstories
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Marin's perspective: Life Under the Sea Pt:2

    I'm just going to post both on the same day. I'm tired and running out of ideas, please send some prompts.

    (Safe, soft, willing, vore, tiny mer)

    Word Count: 4526

    Marin's eyes fluttered open to a reddish blue wall surrounding his scrunched up body. Something was pushing at his stomach from the other side of the squishy wall. "Quit it" he tiredly said as he pushed back at the pressure on him. The pressure released and he started to rest again, thinking about what happend. The warmth that seamed to seep into his bones got a bit warmer as he heard a bit of wind moving above him. He ran his hand along the slimy wall and realized he was still in the giants stomach. Gravity shifted for a bit before the stomach started to sway back and forth. The giant was moving and for how big it is, it would probably be going an impossible distance for Marin to follow if he was outside. His stomach let out a tiny growl but he was to tired and too comfortable to care. He nestled back into the folds of the flesh and went back to sleep.

    Marin woke up to his world shaking violently, if the giant wanted him awake this was working. He moved in and out of his coils to make sure nothing was getting tangled. Once he knew everything was secure he came back to the wall of the stomach. As he got to the edge it started to compress his body, everything was tightening as he heard a sound from above him. He hated whatever sound the giant was making and all the tightness that came with it. "Hey! What are you doing, I was trying to sleep!" His words didn't seem to travel very far as he could feel the giants fingers pressing at him again. He was forced upwards to the top of the stomach when the pressure disappeared. He was starting to get mad at the giant, they were just moving him around like a toy. He flailed his tail in an effort to make the giant stop whatever it was doing. It seemed to work for a while until his arms were gripped.

    His body was forced upwards, he tried to flail but the muscles massaged him still. His tail was slowly dragged up with him as he was continuously massaged by the tight muscles. He was eventually deposited onto the giants tounge, he looked around to see the giants hand in it's own mouth pushing at their uvula. It came down and pinched him between their fingers. They pulled him out and gently set him onto their free hand. The cold air pierced his skin and he shivered a bit before looking back to the giant. He glared at it before flinging away whatever stomach juices were still left on him. They looked relieved to see him before clutching over in pain. He flicked off a bit more of the odd mixture of liquids and was going to start beraiding the giant but stopped when he saw tears welling in their eyes. They were in pain, but why? He saw his tail creating a small lump under their neck that was crushing their wind pipe.

    "Hey, don't pull it out, it'll only make it worse!" Most mers had to practice to let whoever they were protecting out. It's a painful process if a mer tries to force them out and some mers have choked on who they were protecting. Marin didn't want his new friend to die but he couldn't help them, they either couldn't understand him or couldn't hear him. He watched in growing horror as the giant kept pulling his tail out of their mouth and each bit looking more and more painful. He tried to help pull his tail put but only succeeded in nearly slipping of their hand before catching himself on their thumb. The tears in their eyes started streaming down their cheeks. Marin started to cry when he saw that their lips were starting to gain a blue tinge. They were losing air to quickly, he was going to lose his first protector in forever because he was too long and he couldn't do a thing about it. He could feel the last bit of of his tail in their throat, they just needed to get that out and they would be safe.

    The end of his tail came up their throat and they yanked it out just as their lips were turning entirely blue. They quickly took in a deep, shaky breath. Marin was held out far away from the giant as they coughed into their arm. "Hey! Hey! Are you ok? Do something, anything to show your ok!" His words came out frantic but it didn't stop him from trying to get the giants attention. Soon enough their attention settled on Marin, his hands were extended towards the giant as he scooted closer to the edge of the giants palm. They brought him closer and he immediately latched onto their face and hugged them. They slowly cupped their hands around him in an attempt to hug back, making a few low growls while hugging him. He could feel himself shaking in fear, he didn't want to lose his new friend. The giants stomach let out a loud growl without Marin in it. He didn't want be their snack again, not yet at least.

    The giant set him down on their leg before reaching into their back and pulling out a shiny brick. They took the shiny off and threw it into the water before pulling off a small part of the odd golden brown material. They handed a small piece to Marin, what did they want him to do with it. He tried handing it back to the giant, they pushed it back to him before taking bite of the bigger piece. Marin took a bite of his piece and was stunned. It was the sweetest things he'd ever tasted. His stomach let out a low groan as the bite fell into it, he had forgotten how hungry he was. He tore into the small piece of food, finishing it with ease. He felt a little satisfied but he was still hungry, maybe he could- the giant interrupted his thoughts by handing him another piece of food. It was nearly as big as he was! Maybe he could even practice using this as something to be protected.

    He took bite after bite out of it, making sure to try and make it ball shaped. He could feel the giant messing with his tail, it didn't hurt so he just ignored it. After a while he finally had it just small enough to swallow. He unhinged his jaw to fit it over the ball. It wouldn't fit for a bit, just slightly too big for him to eat. He kept forcing it in, his jaw stretched farther than it should have and finally got it through. Swallowing it wasn't as difficult, but when he got it down he was in paradise. The taste was still lingering on his tounge and the feeling of being this full was amazing. He laid down over the giant's leg and let every nerve fire. He let out an annoyed groan as the giant poked at his stomach, he couldn't explain it to the giant so he just wanted to sleep off his meal. He made an odd noise even to him as the giant poked his stomach again. He pulled himself off the giants leg and fell into the water, letting himself sink to the floor.

    Marins back hit the cool sand, he just wanted to go back to sleep. He dug his way into the ground and burrowed into the sand. Keeping just an eye above the sand. The giant soon fell into the water, the bubbles surrounding him floated upwards back into the hole. He nuzzled his face into the sand to try and fully bury himself. It didn't take long for the giant to grab him, the warmth of their hand was a nice contrast to the cool water and sand. He held his stomach a bit protectively, he didn't want the giant to poke him again. For some reason though the giant decided to wrap him around their neck. They eventually got out of the cave and started walking again, his mind was getting fuzzy. After a while of walking the giant would occasionally check on him then give him messages and they would occasionally make a big piece of metal turn into water and bubbles somehow. This went on for a while and Marin eventually fell asleep.

    Timeskip: a nap

    Marin slowly woke up to the rhythmic pace of the giant walking. His eyes had to adjust to the light from the forest and the pure darkness ahead of them. He swam slightly upwards in front of the giants face and pressed his hands onto the invisible barrier. He wanted to make sure that his friend was with him. The giant rubbed at his back, he leaned into the warmth of the giants finger. He snuggled up to the giants thumb as it gave him rubs from all around. They brought him back to their shoulder and kept rubbing his back for a while. It didn't feel like too long before the giant stopped in its tracks. Marin turned to see what the giant was looking at. He saw what he never wanted to see again. The huge, long, oddly shaped piece of metal was still propped up on some uprooted trees. It looked like holes were torn into it and blown outwards. He knew the kraken didn't destroy it but whatever did was much more powerful. Marin was jolted back by the giants neck, his tail was still wrapped around them. He looked back to see three red tentacles coming at the giant. One was already wrapped around their waist and the other two were coming at them.

    The giant was reaching into their back with one hand and trying to pry off the tentical with the other. Marin didn't want to go threw this again, and this time without even being protected. Marin was frozen with fear and sadness. A tentical griped onto the giants arm, he couldn't go through this again, he wouldn't let himself go through this again, if he could help, even just slightly. He snapped out of his fear and untangled himself from the giants neck, dashing towards the tentical around the giants arm. Marin pulled with everything he had, just able to unpop a single suction cup before he was grabbed. He looked back to see the giant holding him. They readied themselves and threw Marin towards the forest. They yelled out "HIDE" as Marin rapidly descended. He understood the giant! They could finally talk and... and... the slight optimism was soon crushed as the flailing siluet of the giant disappeared and the light from their head went out. Marin gently hit the sandy ground, sadness overwhelmed him as he was barely able to think. He was a curse on everyone around him, every protector he had would die. He staired into the darkness, there was a faint glimmer in the distance and his hope swelled before immediately being crushed.

    A tentacle darted out towards him and Marin let out a scream as he began to swim towards the metal. There was a large gash that he swam threw, he looked back to see the tentical following him in. It was dark in the large piece of metal but he was glowing just bright enough to see where he was going. The massive piece of metal was neatly hollow, odd perfectly rounded ovals and rectangles leading into more rooms. He looked back again to see that the tentical wasn't following him anymore. He let out a small sob before going to explore the ship. He had outrun a kraken, but why was it protecting this piece of metal. He scoured the ship, there had to be something to indicate why it needed to be protected. Marin swam into a bigger room, there was rot covering six big rectangles and an odd substance was floating in the water. He was about to leave when something caught his eye. He looked over to some of the rot, there was something shiny caught in the deep green substance that didn't seem to be rusted over.

    Marin cautiously swam over to the shiny metal, getting just inches away from it before being stopped "I wouldn't do that." Marin turned around as fast as he could towards the familiar voice. A barely glowing, deep red mer was swimming in place in the middle of the oval doorway. "The rot isn't very nice to touch." They slowly swam towards Marin, and he could finally see their facial features. He didn't need to see everything about them to know that it was Lamarr, there wasn't any other red squid mers that he knew about. "So, why are you in my home?" Lamarr's words came out less enthusiastic than normal and he didn't seem as 'on top of the world' as he normally was. Marin swam in place for a few seconds, stunned to see a friend where he was told no mer should ever go. He didn't realize as his tail drifted closer and closer to the rot, too entranced with his thoughts. He jolted upwards as the light sting turned into a full burning sensation. Lamarr let out a delayed sigh "Come on, I've got something to treat that." He left the room and swam down the huge, empty corridor as Marin followed behind while cradling the hurt part of his tail.

    Lamarr swam into a side room as Marin followed, the pain in his tail was only getting worse. Marin looked around in amazement, Lamarr had gotten so many things past that kraken. A small algae bed rested idle between two metal cylinders and they had more shiny things on one wall than Marins entire collection. There was a large rectangular piece of colored rot on one of the walls with odd shapes throughout and a small hole in the opposite wall letting in light from the forest. He looked back to see Lamarr swimming towards him, rubbing green and blue algae together with an orange berry under his arm. He gestured to Marin to hold out his tail, rubbing the aquamarine colored paste onto the hurt area. It was cold compared to the burning feeling as Lamarr rubbed it on. He smashed the orange berry and put it over the paste to keep it in place. Marin cringed at the odd feeling but sighing in relief as the pain quickly subsided.

    "So, I'll ask again, why are you in my home." Marin never heard their voice so cold, they seemed like a completely different person.

    "I was with my protector when the kraken... it..." a wave of emotions flooded his mind as he remembered what happend to his newest protector.

    "What? What did my mother do?" They sounded confused yet bored at the same time.

    "Your... mo-!" Marin was cut off mid-sentence as the walls shifted around them. Marin looked around as a large metal rectangle fell towards them. Lamarr lunged at him and pushed him away just in time to be hit by a barrage of large metal trinkets that fell out of a smaller, red rectangle. Marin slammed into the wall as he watched Lamarr sink under the pile of metal. It didn't take more than a minute for Marin to come to. He looked around the room, everything was in shambles as the walls had shifted to the floor and ceiling. He looked up to see the thin rot floating towards him. He dashed away and swam in quick circles to make sure his tail wouldn't be hurt. He sighed knowing he was alright, but mad that he brought destruction with him everywhere. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Lamarr's panicked voice muffed by the metal on top of them.

    "Marin! Please, Help I.. I.. I Can't Breathe!"

    He bolted towards the top of the pile, trying to lift the oddly shaped metal. He tried everything, pushing it, pulling it, slamming into it, but nothing he did made it budge an inch. Everything started to shake but Marin didn't stop trying to free them. Lamarr's voice was starting to go hoarse and it sounded like he was on the verge of tears. Soon he was shoved out of the way, Marin looked over to try on fight whatever moved him but stopped when he saw his protector, alive! He moved over to hug their arm as best he could while they were moving. He looked down to see what they were doing and saw them flinging away the oddly shaped metal with ease. Lamarr's red glow started to shine threw the metal and a few strands of hair poked out. Once everything was out of the way the giant picked them up, the tenticals hanging idly off the giants hand. Marin swam over to them, Lamarr's arm was bent around and there was a huge cut on their chest.

    "I- I'm so cold."

    "Hey it's ok, uhh..." Marin didn't know what to do, he didnt know how to mix the algae to heal them. Lamarr seemed to know what to do so they could teach him while he did it. "I'll go get some supplies, but for now, you need to be protected."

    "I- I don't h-have a protector."

    "Umm, I'll try to get the giant to protect you."

    Marin swam up to the giants invisible barrier and started pounding on it. He tried to take it off, swimming into the side but slipped and nearly slammed into the wall. He reoriented himself and turned around, ready to try again when he saw the giant bringing Lamarr closer to its face. Lamarr put his hand onto the invisible barrier, he seemed like he was about to cry. Marin swam up to the giant as well, he needed to make sure his friend would be safe. The giant looked at them both for a bit before taking off its barrier. Lamarr groaned at every movement from the giant, once Marin knew that Lamarr would be safe he needed to find supplies fast. The giant quickly slid Lamarr into their mouth, their face twisting in disgust before swallowing. The lump Lamarr created slid down the giants throat and quickly disappeared past their collarbone.

    Marin swam down to the giants stomach, looking up for just a second to see water somehow draining from the inside of the barrier. Marin touched the giants stomach, after a few seconds, Lamarr weakly touched back.

    "Are you ok in their?"

    "Yes, it's much warmer in here."

    "Good, I'll be back soon but I need you to find a way to keep the giant from falloing me for a few minutes."

    "I'll try."

    With that, Marin bolted off. The thuds of the giant echoed threw the metal chamber, he turned around to see the giant falloing him as he expected. He held out his hands to try his best to communicate to the giant. "Wait here." was all he said before swimming threw a small hole in one of the walls. The forest was right outside so he didn't have to worry about the kraken trying to get him. He dashed threw the branches, his tail barely touching any algae or coral. There wasn't much to determine where he was but luckily the town was at the center of the forest so he knew where he was going. Something was off tho, he shouldn't recognize these trees but somehow he does. His eyes darted around as the trees became disturbingly more familiar as he swam. He suddenly came to a stop, there was just something about this place that hurt him. He looked up, seeing the darkness threw a crushed opening in the branches. Why was this so familiar? He swam up to one of the trees, seeing red berries growing inside the hallowed trunk. A thought raced a cross his mind and just as soon as it came, he shoved it away. He bolted off towards the town, his eyes stang and he had to force himself to believe that it was beacuse he was moving so fast.

    The yellow orange lights lit the town in the distance. He swam closer, slowing down just a bit. He swam deeper into the town, there seemed to be some sort of farmers market going on. He looked around for a stall that could help him, but he noticed that people were staring at him. He didn't have a protector, he shouldn't be here, he shouldn't be in this town. He shoved those thoughts away and continued looking for a medical stand. A pattern of red algae caught his eye, he swam closer and saw the spiral of the krakens tenticals indicating the medical supply's. He darted over as fast as he could just to see that the stall was closed. No, there had to be something else to help Lamarr. He looked around swimming above the crowd onto one of the less crowded branches to look around. He couldn't see another stall that had medical supplies. He nearly gave up hope and would buy the bace materials to try and heal Lamarr when he saw familiar long purple hair swimming next to a deep green. He swam down, seeing Amara swimming next to her dad. Amara was training to become a healer at the main medical center! This was perfect!

    "Amara!" Marin yelled out as he quickly dashed over to her.

    Amara turned around with a multie color algae basket hanging from her arm. "Marin?"

    Marin saw medical supplies in the basket, everything was already gathered in one place. "It's Lamarr, he got hurt and I don't know how to heal him! Can you help!?"

    "What happened? Where is he?"

    "We were near the edge of the forest at his home. His arm is all messed up and bent and there's a huge cut in his chest."

    "Was he getting colder?"

    "Yes, but I found a protector that we could trust."

    Amara looked up at her dad, he had been listening to their quick conversation and gave a slight nod. "Then we have to go now!"

    Marin bolted off, they shoved through the crowds of people to get the edge where Marin had emerged from. Once they left the town, Marin slowed down so Amara could catch up. Being an eel ment that he was fast but it ment that he had to go slow so others could keep up. He led the way for wat felt like an eternity compared to how fast he got to the town. Amara's fastest was barely keeping up with Marin as he tried to slow down. They kept going, Marin quickly slipping into a tree and grabbing two berries, giving one to Amara and quickly eating the other one as they swam. He started to recognize the trees again and took a longer route, trying to convince himself that he didnt know why he was doing that. They kept swimming, Amara seemd like she was going to collapse soon. Finally Marin could see the edge, the giant was standing up and looking into the darkness above the forest and he couldn't help but yell out "Protector!" as he swam faster towards them.

    The giant didn't seem ready for Marin to full force slam into them. Marin loosely wrapped himself around the giant and looked back to see Amara, she looked so scared that her scales were turning from purple to pink. The giant barely took a step towards her as she screamed. She started to back away before Marin caught up and wrapped his tail around her to stop her from running away.

    "Marin, let me go! We have to get away from that- that thing!"

    "No, that's what's protecting Lamarr, just like it protected me!"

    "No way, that's a full on monster like the kraken! We have to get away from it or it'll-"

    "Marin, is that you? Did you bring Amara?" Lamarr called out from the giants stomach their voice was muffled and barely audable but, they could hear him.

    Marin let go of Amara, she didn't swim away but shyly moved towards the giant, looking up to their face every so often. She slowly reached out towards the giants stomach until she was barely touching them. "Lamarr, are you really in there?"

    "Ya, i-it's gett-ting colder."

    "Ok, tell me what's going on."

    Lamarr began to tell her what had happend, Marin swam a bit closer to try and listen better. It didnt take very long for the giant to move. Amara moved away as they moved and layed down on their back. Amara slowly came back, sitting down on the giants stomach next to Marin. Eventually Amara found out that the only way to help Lamarr was if he was kept warm in the giants stomach while she healed him. Amara definitely didnt like what she had to do but there was no other way. She cautiousaly got up from the giants stomach and swam towards their face. The giant was staring into the darkness before tilting their head up to look at Amara, she recoiled away when it looked at her.

    "Umm- c-could... I-I need you to eat m-me so I can help Lamarr-"

    "They don't understand what you're saying."

    Marin swam up to the giants face and knocked on the invisible barrier, their eyes focused on him. He pointed at Amara before swimming down to the giants stomach and quickly patting on it. Amara looked at him in confusion while he did that. The giant turned its head towards Amara, she backed away from it a gentle whimper echoed in her throat. The giant moved their hand towards Amara, she backed away but eventually sat down on their hand. The fingers slightly cupped around her and she backed up into them as she was brought closer towards the giants face. The giant brought their other hand up towards their face and looked over to Marin. He gently nodded, Lamarr needed help and he trusted the giant. A mass of bubbles escaped from the invisible barrier as the giant took it off. They quickly slid Amara into their mouth and put the barrier back on, water quickly draining from it. They soon swallowed and Marin fallowed Amaras form as it quickly moved down the giants body.

    "Hi Amara, it's good to see you, Heh."



    "Get me out of here! Marin, get the giant to spit me out!"

    The giant let out a groan as Amara flailed in their stomach. Marin and Lamarr tried to calm her down. The giant started to rub at Marins back causing tiredness to flow threw him. He forced himself to stay awake unknowingly wrapping his tail around the giants wrist. Amara eventually calmed down and started to hel Lamarr. Marin let himself fall asleep, he couldn't help any more today. Maybe when they woke up they could show the giant the town.

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    #don’t eat hairspray it’s badddddd #I didn’t expect Jotaros stomach=jail to stick like it has #that makes me laugh like EVERY TIME I see it #Jotaro is also NOT the type to give prey a warning before eating them #jjba vore#jojo vore#safe vore#soft vore#extreme cuddling#prey josuke
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    Grading criteria:
    How safe? Stomach quality? vibes????
    -/10 system

    First group: Flagships part 3 [MHG-MHGU]

    Glavenus: 1/10 all pain

    Very aggressive- smart. but just angry. You are getting burnt and you are getting cut

    It is way too hot in there, even if they are melting the ore in a different pouch their entire body is way too hot for you to hang out in

    The stomach does likely glows though

    Just not a good time

    Mizutsune: 8/10 lovely bath

    They aren't aggressive to hunters unless it's a berserk male, so I'd say safe! perhaps they would even be gentle!

    I feel like it wouldn't be too cold in there but you'd at least want some warm clothing

    The stomach isn't much but it has Mizutsunes iconic bubbles, so careful with your eyes-

    I'd say the highlight would be the trip down!

    Gammoth: 4/10 painful

    Bammoth is pissed all the time so you are lucky if you come out without broken bones

    It would be a super cold entry but the tum would feel like heaven compared t the cold outside

    It's a nice spot but given the snow gear you likely wore just to get there your gonna be sweating after a bit

    Its nice but not worth the broken bones

    Astalos: 1/10 noisy and cramped

    Another hyper-aggressive wyvern you are getting cut up and possibly going down while paralyzed

    It is cramped in there, though maybe it being tight isn't a bad thing for some folks

    The electricity is a huge negative right next to being built like a cricket

    but could have glow stomach

    The vibes are terrible

    Valstrax: 3/10 safe but soup

    As long as they don't feel threatened they are rather passive so you should be fine!

    Bud is a living jet engine so guts are really hot- like temp wise you're boiling

    Apparently, it hunts ludroths so probably smells like fish and soot in there

    Way too hot and smelly

    Bloodbath Diablos: 1/10 you die

    It's on sight for this deviant and your lucky if you get out of there

    apparently diablos are herbavores????

    they have a strong stomach very stiff but spacious

    it might be nice if it wasn't well, a bloodbath-

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