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  • centaur gfs (sagittarius and andromeda)

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    the orbit of venus, like that of mercury, lies between us and the sun. venus is known, astronomically, as the second inferior planet, and it can never be more than 48 degrees from the sun as seen from the earth. it will therefore share the same sign as the sun or be in one of the two signs on either side of it. for instance, in a chart with a gemini sun sign, venus will be in aries, taurus, gemini with the sun, cancer, or leo.

    venus influences the way in which we relate to other people, both socially and economically. our attitudes toward money and possessions are also the concern of this planet.


    the fiery, passionate emotion of leo is expressed to the loved one, and the subject will want to be proud of the partner. great encouragement will be given to the development of their potential, but a tendency to be bossy must be watched. here is big-heartedness, generosity of spirit, and an enjoyment of all aspects of life. the sex life is usually exuberant and must be fulfilling. loyalty and faithfulness are also usual. an enjoyment of quality and luxury will be shared with loved ones; appreciation of the arts, and even creative potential, will also be present. a tendency toward showiness and a sense of drama may need controlling. this placing encourages a desire to earn a lot of money, principally to add to the richness and enjoyment of life. however, the sense of owning a part of large companies through shares gives considerable satisfaction. here is a faithful friend whose enthusiasm and optimism are infectious.


    emotion is heightened, with the subject aiming for a fulfilling and rewarding relationship. they may be boastful toward, and about, the partner. generous, with a sense of occasion and a need for sexual and social variety, this is a fun-loving if not always faithful partner. leo loyalty, however, will help counter geminian duality. here is a rewarding and lively friend. extravagance and impulse-buying can, on occasions, cause financial problems.


    in this placing, an extrovert exuberance is added to the cancerian expression and emotional needs. constancy and loyalty are important factors, but cancerian moodiness and snappiness may combine with leo bossiness and, if so, must be controlled if the individual is to relax and enjoy this sphere of life. nevertheless, this is a caring and warm-hearted friend. special collections, maybe of silver, are good investments.


    if an overextravagant expression of emotion can be controlled so that dramatic scenes do not cause problems, here is someone who will look up to and admire a partner, giving considerable encouragement and support. if bossiness can be exchanged for diplomacy and tact, partnerships should be rewarding. there is usually no lack of sexual enthusiasm, and the sign interpretation (see above) is especially applicable. money will be spent to enhance the quality of the subject’s life.


    this placing bolsters the self-confidence of the rather shy virgoan. the tendency to be overtalkative when nervous should be controlled. natural virgoan modesty can easily clash with venus in leo showiness, both sexually and image-wise. this is a lively friend who will be eager to organize events for everyone’s benefit. occasional extravagances should be enjoyed to the fullest rather than viewed more negatively as reasons for guilt.


    venus rules libra, so there will be some leonine traits, and the influence of venus will be strong. generosity is usual, and if love and affection are lacking, the subject may try to buy them with elaborate presents. at their best, the individual is romantic, with a love of good living, and will give a lot to a partner both through warm-hearted affection and sex. this is a considerate and sympathetic friend. although extravagant, money is usually managed quite well.


    the critical acumen of virgo will often be directed toward the partner, and awareness of any tendency to nag or complain is essential if emotional fulfillment is to be achieved. nevertheless, there is a delightful, natural, unassuming, and totally genuine modesty that is charming, whatever the age of the subject. sexual inhibitions and tensions must be overcome so that the individual can enjoy all aspects of emotional relationships. just how easy or difficult this is will depend on the signs of sun, moon, and ascendant, and to some extent on the influence of mars. there will be willingness to give practical help to friends and partners whenever necessary. the financial situation may frequently be viewed in a pessimistic way (whether justified or not), with a resulting stinginess. sometimes career and emotional relationships are sacrificed for the care of an elderly relative.


    the cancerian tendency to worry will be directed toward the partner, and the subject may find it a little difficult to express feelings as freely as is desired. cancerian moodiness and the critical tendencies of venus in virgo should be recognized, and the individual must learn to relax into relationships and derive real pleasure from them, especially as cancerians have so much to give in this sphere of life. this is a kind, if somewhat critical, friend. reluctance to part with money is a common characteristic.


    leo emotions and exuberance are toned down, and occasionally aloofness can mask sexual inhibition. leo bossiness and virgoan critical tendencies can cause problems, so they must be consciously recognized and controlled. there are usually good powers of communication within relationships, and aiming to use these positively will be rewarding. shared interests and work projects are particularly stimulating. the subject makes a lively and rewarding friend. flair for investment is common, but the modest needs of virgo will clash with leonine extravagance.


    self-confidence, especially related to sexual appeal, is not strong. virgoan modesty will present a charming challenge to prospective lovers, but the subject should learn to break down any barriers that may come between the self and fulfillment in all aspects of relationships. the description of the sign interpretation (see above) is very applicable. money will be spent with some degree of caution.


    this is not an easy combination, as libra needs love and harmony while virgo will tend to be shy at expressing feelings and responding to love. as venus rules libra, there will be a powerful element of virgo present in the individual, and any resulting conflicts must be evaluated and countered. the subject is a lively, talkative, albeit indecisive, friend. financial affairs are approached in a practical way.


    this powerful but tricky combination can make the subject obsessive about sex. conversely, there may be a clinical attitude or a feeling that sex is dirty and undesirable. much will depend on how the scorpio sun is aspected and on the moon, ascendant, and mars signs. at its best, this placing makes for an energetic friend and thoughtful partner. financial flair is considerable.


    libra is the second sign ruled by venus, the influence of which is increased when placed in this sign. the attitude toward love is romantic, affectionate, and idealistic. the subject may even fall in love with love, but here is someone with such a strong need for a loving relationship that their potential may not be fully developed when alone. there is a lot of kindness, sympathy, and understanding, with time spent listening to the problems of others and lending moral support. tact and diplomacy are common, as is a great love of beauty and a comfortable (sometimes luxurious) lifestyle. rich food eaten in congenial surroundings can make life worthwhile for someone with this placing. negatively, there may be resentment, indecision, and sybaritism (if laziness is shown elsewhere in the chart). money will be spent openly and freely but may be used to buy affection.


    this placing will tend to make the subject rather laid-back. leonine generosity is increased, and there will be a tendency to put the loved one on a pedestal, increasing the possibility of hurt should the partner fail to measure up to the exacting standards required. the pleasures of the good life will be important and enjoyed, and creative flair may be shown in design or music. as a friend, they will make very sure that every event is an occasion. a great deal of money must be earned so that it can be spent!


    this placing often helps the shy, not-so-self-confident virgoan to relax and enjoy love relationships and other luxuries. it will also ease the harsher, more critical side of virgo. there is often a flair for creative handiwork, such as woodcarving or sewing, and any such potential must be fully developed. here is a helpful, sympathetic friend who will enjoy doing good turns for others. the subject will want to work hard for every penny earned but will not be averse to enjoying the pleasures that extra money can bring.


    the influence of venus is very strong in this placing, adding all the qualities and negative traits mentioned in the sign interpretation (see above). all the attributes of libra will be considerably strengthened by this placing, especially if the sun and venus are in conjunction. money may be extravagantly spent.


    this adds a colorful, romantic side to the intense passion of scorpio, increasing sympathy and understanding of partners and encouraging the warm expression of feeling. the liking for comfort and luxury is enhanced, but the resentfulness of this placing can combine with scorpio jealousy and must be controlled. here is a good friend, but one who may become suspicious. generosity and financial flair will be present.


    this gives a sense of romance to the exuberant, enthusiastic sagittarian who will enjoy the relationship as much as the chase. (not always the case for people with this sun sign!) the power of venus will help quell sagittarian restlessness and encourage a philosophical outlook. financial security is of above-average importance, since creature comforts are sought more than is usual for most sagittarians.


    the need for a rewarding, harmonious, and loving relationship is intensified by the passion of scorpio: sexual desire and romance are both fulfilled and seen to be fulfilled. the jealousy of scorpio will make itself felt from time to time, and it is possible that an element of resentfulness or an inability to forgive and forget can cause pretty serious problems. even if venus is the only planet in scorpio, its energy will need a positive outlet, not only through sex and mutual affection, but also more aesthetic interests. if neptune shares scorpio with venus, romanticism can be disproportionate, as can negative escapism under stress. at best, here is venus working at its sexiest. a certain rivalry, not to mention occasional jealous scenes, will occur in friendship. financially, this is an excellent placing, as security is important and there is usually a flair for investment and business, although spending is often considerable.


    a conflict can arise between virgoan modesty and the sexual desires of venus in scorpio. while the subject is extremely sexually attractive, they may not want to appear so! if self-confidence and relaxation into sexual enjoyment can be developed, the influence of venus will do a lot of good for the possibly sexually inhibited virgoan. this is a wholehearted friend who may become overcritical at times. money is managed well.


    on the whole, librans should gain much from this placing of the planet that rules their sun sign. it will give them an air of romantic mystery. the increased sexuality of this combination weakens the otherwise wholly romantic libran outlook on love and adds an intensity and sense of purpose that can otherwise be lacking. this is a friend who wants to enjoy all aspects of life and will have the capacity to do so. the individual will make money - and spend it!


    the passion of scorpio will have some very romantic overtones, which will add to the sexual attraction of the subject. scorpio jealousy will be increased, as will a tendency to become obsessive about the partner’s every action. the description of venus in scorpio (see above) will apply. moneymaking acumen will be present.


    the lively, fiery passion of sagittarius is increased, with the need for independence clashing somewhat with the scorpionic intensity of feeling. the individual will probably feel pangs of jealousy from time to time and loathe them, doing everything possible to rationalize these difficult feelings. awareness of the conflict will help counter it. the sagittarian enjoyment of life will be enhanced; here is a friend who will be a wonderful host, full of suggestions for enjoyable experiences. financial risks will be taken, with mixed results.


    the love life will be taken very seriously, and perhaps the individual will refuse to realize that they have some deep, intense, and very powerful feelings. there will be loyalty once committed, but there can sometimes be a conflict between emotion and a practical approach to life, resulting in the delaying of commitment. friends will be put to the test in some way before being fully accepted. financial security is important and will be achieved.


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  • Daily Horoscopes, 10.21.20

    Aries: We think of certain parts of our bodies as especially private or intimate. But we all know the joke of puritans showing each other their ankles, or perhaps have heard of geisha painting the backs of their necks red, considered one of the most sensual parts of the body in Japanese culture. Look to the veins inside your wrist, their greens and blues and tiny snaking up your arms. It would be intimate if someone were to trace it alongside. Find new, personalized ways of honoring your soft parts. Beauty is not an option. 

    Taurus: How much do you need to feel steady? How much do you give before you feel depleted? Think about balance, about boundaries, about solutions trading particles of salt until both sides of equal. Osmosis is in part about taking but it’s also about harmonizing. Equality is not easy. Find comfort in the midst of shifts. 

    Gemini: Imagine your inner world like a mosaic; a memory from childhood over here, your favorite color over there, what you like to wear to bed in another place. It all fits together, despite the eclecticism because they find a home in you. Think back to how it used to be different, how you have evolved what you do and do not let in as your self-respect has grown. Consistency is a myth. Let it all be different and the same. 

    Cancer: “I’m not looking to hold you down,” James Blake sings on “Choose Me”. “I’d rather you chose me every day” he tells the unnamed other. When do you force yourself into unnamed contracts or binding agreements that limit your individual flourishing? What do you really owe to other people? Notice when your desire for commitment or love becomes harmful. Find the trust in choosing and being chosen anew every day. 

    Leo: In order to generate new connections, inspirations, chances, one must notice what parts of one’s life must be decreased. Treat it like a closet cleaning. Be pragmatic. What beliefs or habits no longer fit or make you feel good? What do you keep convincing yourself you need to keep? Notice how a belief or interaction feels in the body. You will find your wisdom there today, thing matter, in things. 

    Virgo: All your lust, your disappointment, your uncertainty, your intensity: transfer it away from the problem for a while. Call it sublimation or skillful means. Sew a garment. Free write for twenty minutes. Make a nourishing meal. Beyond creating something, you have the power to find creative solutions to your current “problems”. Let doing and not going converge and watch insight grow. 

    Libra: Be an economist with your time. How much do I have to give? How much reflection or solitude do I need? How can I bring these two sides in right relationship to each other? What we owe others means little if we are constantly breaking our own promises to ourselves. Make your solitude irresistible in its lushness, pleasure, effusion. 

    Scorpio: Notice how you dress yourself up today. Notice when your appearance acts as armor, protective, and when it acts as a portal, deep. Worry less about others’ reaction and more about how you feel in a certain getup. Notice how you move through a neighborhood, compile your thoughts, go through your day in a particular outfit. Use the outer to prime the inner, which, when engaged, will do what it needs to without your control. 

    Sagittarius: Today is about being ordinary. Answer emails. Put your shoes on. Feel your feelings. Make your art. Ordinary does not mean boring or conformist. Ordinary means facing whatever comes up today and greeting it with the same thought: “This is normal”. You get to decide your baseline. You get to include it all and watch yourself grow. 

    Capricorn: If you feel the need to get big, make some grand gesture for yourself or another, then do it. I give you more than permission. I give you space. I give you attention. I encourage you to notice all the beauty you have to offer. The more of it you can give away, the more you are able to receive. What joy. It all comes back, but in better form. But first you must let go.

    Aquarius: There’s a lot being darkened, a lot of unknowns entering your field of vision. There are caves, holes, wells, you’ve visited and if fear or grief come up, then know you are at the precipice of the next thing. Stay tethered to your activity, that which is not changing the way you are. Thank goddess you are not steady all the time. Thank goddess that sometimes you are. 

    Pisces: A lover displaces some of your solitude. A rock displaces the water in a full glass. Matter is neither created nor destroyed but it moves, it changes shape. What parts of your are displaced right now and have not found their new home? What part of you is not fulfilled. Call on your relationships, your community to help you reflect yourself back, come up with creative solutions. Being in constant connection, with people, plants, animals, is a gift. Don’t neglect it today. 

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  • Me: Hey what do you think of me getting a sagittarius centaur archer for a side tattoo?

    Partner: Zodiac signs are demonic.

    Me: Here is all of my research including academic references such as Nasa and Greek historians.

    Me: They are simply how the stars align during the year.


    Partner: Well where is their penis at?

    Me: (Googles centaur penis)


    Me: (Slowly closes laptop)


    Me: (mumbles under breath) god damnit internet. This is why we can’t have nice things.

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  • » Sagittarius Female and Aquarius Female friendship

    Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion

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  • 🌟TODAY, October 21, 2020🌟

    Astrology Transits by TripleAqua 💜


    Originally posted by wonders-of-the-cosmos

    • Lilith enters Taurus ♉️ (ends July 18, 2021)

    Black Moon Lilith in Taurus will bring out our earthy qualities. The rebellious will become more grounded. We may show our more sensual side, and even a mythical, earthy part of us can shine through. This is a good time for Earth focused rituals and spells. We may show more concern for our Earth and focus on trying to improve our home. If you have Lilith in Taurus in your natal chart, WELCOME TO YOUR LILITH RETURN!! 💜 you may be more aware of blocks and obstacles around being able to stand up for yourself. You could even be forced to face a situation that requires you to stand your ground and know your worth.  Be sure to embrace your inner Lilith!

    • Moon Enters Capricorn 02:44 EST

    Expect to be more reserved, grounded, and responsible. You may be digging for internal security and creating your own standards. It may seem like you are coming off as cold and at disregard to others’ feelings. When in reality, you are just trying to give yourself validation and recognition that you have been seeking from others.

    • Virgo Venus trine Capricorn Pluto 1° orb

     This aspect could give you the possibility of a personal transformation!  Your emotional experiences could come from a higher source and can be intense enough to cause realizations, enlightenment, and transformation. This is a collective aspect. All will experience an optimistic look of life and that everything will work out in their favor. This will manifest and create a fundamental faith in life. You may feel the need to share your philosophy of life with others. Your realizations and enlightenments will most likely focus on relationships with others. You could see what the foundation of a relationship needs in order to survive. Honesty, commitment, responsibility to mutual obligations, and mutual love and affection are all topics. There also may be realizations of allowing mutual space to be given to each other in order to express each other’s unique personalities and creative sides. All in all, there will be a feeling of gratitude for all of those you love.

    • Virgo Venus square Gemini North Node rx

    This energy can bring us to a decision that needs to be made in our lives. Whether it’s time to stay or to go. Virgo Venus will make us decide with our hearts while the other transits will make us logically think about our situations. Look to where the desire of perfectionism is holding you back. If you realize that the situation doesn’t have to be perfect,  this energy will give you the chance to evolve!


    Originally posted by justbeingnamaste

    -TripleAqua 💜🔮

    Natal Chart Interpretations🪐, Tarot Readings 🔮, Holistic Healer🌿, Crystal Healer 💎

    💫“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung💫




    Venmo~ TripleAqua


    Credit: tumblr blog @tripleaqua

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    Gemini Rising Culture 🥳

    • FUNNY!!!
    • Crackheads
    • Teen vibes no matter what age!
    • Cute 😍
    • Coy, breezing voices
    • Cute pixie like features
    • Literally an elf
    • Ruled by Mercury, so well defined features!
    • Best example: Priyanka Chopra
    • Talkative af
    • They never get tired!!
    • Thrive in chaos
    • Very childlike 🥺💕
    • Good with kids
    • Social Butterflies
    • Bookworms
    • Overthinkers
    • Needs to learn something new everyday
    • Also they love learning
    • Charming af!
    • May have breathing problems ( even Priyanka has asthma 😕)
    • This is because Geminis are Mutable Air and are overthinkers so it’s literally like they lose air.
    • Fashion Queens 👸
    • Sarcastic af
    • Savage af
    • Always fidgeting
    • Make great teachers because intellectuals and their way with words 👏
    • Sparkling eyes
    • Long arms
    • Bubbly
    • Looks great in yellow 💛
    • Like literally they resemble sun although leos are associated with it.
    • Always smiling 😃
    • Moody!
    • Really well liked 👌
    • Creative
    • Master Roasters
    • Good at learning foreign languages
    • Needs v a r i e t y.
    • Lucky in marriages 💑 as jupiter in the house of marriages
    • Very adaptable
    • Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever ” is the theme of their life .
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  • I am aware of the fact that i have many emo followers on here, so this one’s for you. If not, just keep scrolling. You most likely won’t get it, but just in case, it’s about All Time Low.

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  • Aries: Slow people

    Taurus: Any sudden changes 

    Gemini: Being told to be quiet

    Cancer: Being criticized

    Leo: People who try to one-up them

    Virgo: Loud noises

    Libra: Ruse, confrontational people

    Scorpio: Liars

    Sagittarius: Being told to “chill”

    Capricorn: People who doubt them

    Aquarius: Being told that they’re wrong

    Pisces: Unkept promises

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  • the hard truth series 1 🌙apply big three + mars: Oct. 2020

    Aries🍓: now i know this rx is really beating the shit out of you right now, but this is not a time to burn bridges & stop communication with people because they’ve pissed you off. this retrograde is making you make rash decisions, but you’ll only regret it once it ends. instead of exploding on a person and cutting them off, find the peace & harmony like your sister, libra, would.

    Taurus🍏: taurus! what’s going on boo? you’ve been having such a rough rough month. i know it’s been hard and October doesn’t seem promising, but the light is at the end of the tunnel. keep moving forward. the world isn’t against you. youre destined for greatness, but you need to meet it halfway and put in equal effort. despite the lazy stereotypes, you know how to get what you want & be where you want to be. at any and all costs. do it, put your own feelings first.

    Gemini🥥: i’m getting the feeling there is someone in your life you just can’t stop going back to. and because of your adaptable personality, you’ve adjusted to said persons needs. this person doesn’t sound beneficial to you. and deep down inside, or at a surface level, you know they’re not good for you either. because if they were, you wouldn’t be so hungry for information that would indict them. you’re looking for a clear reason to leave them, when your intuition and their actions that are right in front of your face, should be enough.

    Cancer🥣: hold on, what? you’re glowing, seriously. everything has been falling into place for you guys and you seem genuinely happy. i can feel your relief. new things have seemed to be heading your way that you’re so excited about. not to say you don’t have bad days, you do. you definitely do. but there’s a shift in your attitude. just be careful about being too overly indulgent. take care of yourself, but you still got responsibilities.

    Leo🍓: I need you guys to stop being so trusting. that sounds bad, but listen. you guys are friendly and open and expressive people. and it’s something everyone admires about you. but you’re so ride or die, you miss red flags sometimes. so next time you’re thinking about copying a key to your house to give to someone you “trust,” i want you to really and i can’t stress this enough, reallyyyyyyy think about it and trust those second guesses. don’t ignore them. because it will either end very great or very bad. and i don’t want you guys to get screwed over…AGAIN.

    Virgo🍏: are you feeling relaxed? probably not, you have virgo placements. not everything needs to be stressed over. not everything is a huge decision. i’m telling ya, you guys seriously know how to blow things out of proportion. so what i need from you virgo, is to breath in and breath out. take a step back. you don’t always need to be in control. i know you’re afraid of being disappointed, but it is a natural part of life. people will disappoint you and you’ll disappoint yourself.it’s not as scary as you think.

    Libra🥥: are you nice? or just a people pleaser who hates creating tension? i’m gonna need you guys to do one thing for me today, and it may be a real challenge for some of you. but what i need from you, is to be vocal about what bothers you. i know you’re afraid if intense feelings, which causes you to shut down and invalidate your own feelings. but i need you to take your anger and really tell someone “hey! that really annoys me when you….” because in life, you’re gonna ruffle feathers. but the good thing is, people get over it! (unless they were a scorpio or taurus…) and you will get over it and feel amazing , like a huge weight was lifted off your chest. and who knows, maybe you’ll want to do it again…

    Scorpio🥣: let’s cut to the chase, my loves. stop the lying & the bullshitting. you’re pretty damn good at it, but i see right through you scorpio. i know u don’t like being predictable, letting people know what your next move is, but you dont need to accomplish that through lying. they’re not just little white lies, they’re huge lies that will probably come back and bite you in the ass. and i know you might not think it, but it can be a little…manipulative. because it’s not like you just lie to people on the street, you’re lying to people closest to you. and for someone that loves the truth and secrets, you sure do a lot of lying.

    Sagittarius🍓: PEOPLE ARE NOT DISPOSABLE, SAG. like your aries sibling, you tend to burn bridges and leave off on a bad note with people. aren’t you supposed to be the optimists!? i know it eats you alive at night, but you are prideful and too be honest, a little stubborn. so it might take you weeks, months—years to reach out to them again. but by then it’s too far gone. and you won’t even come at them on some apology shit, you’ll probably just act like it never happened. i know you don’t want to hear this but, time is not an apology. just because months have passed certainly does not mean the person is over it like you are.

    Capricorn🍏: I don’t want to make y’all feel bad, but at the same time i do. get off your high horse. sometimes, you can be a little condescending. and trust me, i know you don’t mean to be. i know you don’t, but not everyone has the same mindset as you. you don’t need to talk to your 55 year old mom like she’s a fourth grader. you are very smart and do posses a lot of knowledge, but you’re not everyone’s teacher. not everyone needs or wants your advice.

    Aquarius🥥: you guys love playing devils advocate. like seriously. agree to disagree…hmmm rather not. i know you are obsessed with being different than everyone else, but it doesn’t mean you gotta argue for fun. it’s tiring. very tiring. but the main thing i need to tell you is, learn how to take accountability for your actions. i know the mercury rx got us all fucked up, but if someone is coming at you on some respectful and factual shit, take it and apologize. stop flipping the script. it’s narcissistic. you fucked up, we all fuck up but you need to take accountability! y’all some stubborn stubborn mfs, no wonder you’re a fixed sign.

    Pisces🥣: what’s going on pisces? where are my bubbly little friendly fishies at? you guys been being so meh. you know, you’re friends are starting to think you hate them. reciprocate their kindness! you normally do, but lately you’ve been a little standoffish and to put it bluntly, rude. turn that attitude around & get out of your head! i know you notice it too, and i know you’re probably like “tf is wrong w me?” yeah, what is wrong you? take a day for yourself and recharge. call out from work or sleep through your classes, whatever it takes to get you back to your happy point again.


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  • thank you to the amazing @ricciardosmile for making this mood board based on my astro info 🥺💖 fits my aesthetic perfectly 🥺✨

    #she is literally the best #mood board#astro#sagittarius#leo#cancer #thank you anna! #asethics
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    Hey, I’m Piaget and I’m 20. Looking for friends mainly.

    Feel free to message me on here or add my snap: scarypiaget

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