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  • Confidence

    Sakura: “So Ebby, I’ve been wondering…” *Notices that Ebony was once again wearing her new outfit with only two buttons done up, showing a very good amount of her cleavage*

    Ebony: *Tilts her head a bit* “What is it, Saki?”

    Sakura: “I’ve noticed that you’ve still been wearing the same kind of tank tops as before after your boobs grew, and you didn’t try to have anything else made to cover up your boobs more…”

    Ebony: “Well those are really comfortable and I like how they look!”

    Sakura: “So do I~” *Giggles* “The point is, I know you haven’t been the most confident in your body, so seeing you not mind tank tops that revealing always made me a bit curious.”

    Ebony: “I… dunno if I know where this is going.”

    Sakura: “Patience, Pretty Kitty. I’m getting there.”

    Ebony: “Oh, sorry Saki!”

    Sakura: *Shakes her head a bit* “Anyways, I’ve been seeing you wear your new outfit for a while and most of the time you wear it, you only have two buttons fastened and it shows of a lot of your boobs, and everyone knows you don’t wear a bra. So… I was wondering why.”

    Ebony: “Ohhh I get it…” *Hums a bit* “Well… I think I’ve actually been getting more confident and happy with my body. Like… I’m starting to not mind how people like to stare at me because it kinda started making me feel normal?”

    Sakura: “Oh, really?”

    Ebony: *Nods* “Yeah! I see guys and girls stare at me a lot when they see me in my new outfit, and I just… don’t mind. I… kinda like it a bit now? That’s mostly because I know girls and women that like when people stare, and it makes me feel more normal. I’m… also starting to really like my boobs and how big they are?”

    Sakura: *Smiles* “Ebony, I’m so proud of you!” *Jumps in Ebony’s lap and wraps her arms around her neck in a hug* “What made you start to think that?”

    Ebony: *Returns the hug* “I’m not sure. I think I kinda realized that… no one is really normal. Everyone is different in a lot of ways and I know I’m the most different out of everyone, but I really shouldn’t think I’m weird because I’m bigger and I have such huge boobs and I have a penis. Some girls have penises too and they’re awesome and confident in themselves! I know I’m not the same as them because they’re trans and I’m a futa, but still!”

    Sakura: *Pulls back from Ebony and stares into her eyes* “So you’re finally getting comfortable with yourself, Big Kitty?”

    Ebony: *Nods a few times and smiles back* “Yeah! I think I really am! I kinda like showing more of my boobs like this too. K-kinda showing off what’s yours, y'know?”

    Sakura: “Awwww I think that’s cute~” *Giggles and kisses Ebony on the nose* “I’m really, really happy to hear that, Ebony. I know everyone else will be too.”

    Ebony: “It’s because of you and everyone else that helped me realize that. I know you guys all hated when I called myself weird or a freak… but I’ll do my best to never do it again! Because everyone’s weird in their own way and I shouldn’t feel bad for being weird too!”

    Sakura: “Right!” *Hugs Ebony again* “I love you so much, Ebby. You’re such a wonderful, beautiful, funny, smart, adorable, absolutely sexy kitten and I love you, and you deserve to be happy with your body.” *Reaches a hand up and scritches Ebony’s ears*

    Ebony: *Purrs happily and blushes a bit* “Thank you, Saki. I love you too. Thank you for always being there for me.”

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  • Kittens

    Sakura and Ebony are walking down the street and walk by a pet store

    Ebony: ahh~! I want them all~! I want kittens soooooooo bad~!

    Sakura: well I know a way we can have some kittens of our own~.

    Back at their house.

    “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK~! POUND ME HARDER~!” Saki yelled as Ebony was pounding her cock balls deep inside her in a mating press. “BREED ME~!” Saki said as her legs wobbled in the air as her toes are curled. Ebony moaned as she thrusted into Saki and gave her the biggest load she has ever had. Saki’s legs twitched as she was cumming hard from being filled to the brim with her lovers cum.


    Sakura rubbing her full stomach: I’ll make sure to give you all the kittens you want~



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  • “Something wrong?” Rivy asked Sir Integra, having noticed the rather deep frown on the woman’s face.

    “There is.” The Hellsing head replied, her eyes narrowing when she looked up at the dragon Faunus. “Your dog has been growling at nearly everyone who’s approached your children. And she’s refused to let anyone but you and Ryder near them.”

    Rivy sighed, and sat across from the small table where Sir Integra was sitting. “I’ve noticed that. And she’s normally not like that … though it may have to do with what’s happened recently…”

    Sir integra’s frown deepened, and Rivy noticed that her hands had tightly clenched. “Do not remind me of that.”

    “I’m sorry… I’m still trying to calm down from that myself.” Rivy sighed yet again, releasing her grip on her sword resting in her lap. Simply the mention of Ryder’s father made her see red. “But I don’t know what’s gotten into Momo…”

    “U-um excuse me…” Both women looked up, noticing two other women had joined their conversation.

    “Ebony, Sakura.” Rivy began, still attempting to calm herself. “What can we do for you?”

    “Well, I was thinking.” Sakura began. “Maybe I could use my semblance to talk to Momo. Maybe see why she’s been acting the way she has?”

    Both Rivy and Sir Integra shared a look, both shocked that neither of them had thought of that. “That … isn’t a bad idea.”


    Momo growled, as Sakura approached the crib where Fay and Thorne were sleeping in. 

    “Momo.” Rivy said in a soft, but firm tone, and the Atlesian Shepard stopped growling at once. Though her ears were still slicked back, and her eyes narrowed in Sakura’s direction. 

    “It’s okay Momo.” Sakura said soothingly, before she heard a voice in her head.

    ‘Don’t you touch my pups…’

    Sakura tilted her head. “What do you mean?”

    Momo’s ears perked up, and her head tilted curiously. ‘You can understand me?’

    “Mhmm~” Sakura nodded. “Why have you been growling at everyone who’s been coming near Fay and Thorne?”

    ‘All of Master’s pups that I have been around to see grow up, have all been fussy when they have woken up from their naps. I wont let others wake them, and make them cry.’

    “That explains it~” Rivy couldn’t help but giggle when Sakura translated what Momo had said from her growls and soft barks. “But why just Fay and Thorne Momo?”

    ‘They’re my pups. Yes there are many other pups in this home, but these two are mine~’ 

    “Aww you’re such a good girl~” Rivy gently scratched the Atlesean Shepard behind her left ear, when she heard Sakura translate.

    “Um, she wants you to scratch the other ear.” Sakura said softly.

    ‘Ohhhh there we go~’ Momo said leaning into Rivy’s hand. though to anyone without Sakura’s semblance, all that was heard was a happy growl. 

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  • Is there a petition I can sign to have Gakuen Alice/ Alice Acedemy to get an anime reboot like fruits basket did (and sailor moon and Tokyo mew mew). Or to have the manga re-liscenced(if that’s even a thing) to another publisher in America in order for it to be finished since Tokyopop went out of business half way through the series???

    Honestly, I miss this series and I’m so sad it got such a half ass treatment being published and not even getting a second season.

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  • Ok finally calling this done, there are some points where I could have done little better I am. Not 100% happy with the face but if I do any more I will end up scraping the project and we done want that do we.

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  • “Your love is too difficult to understand” ~Mikan about Hotaru chapter 1.

    I wanted to make a post showing the beginning and the end (sort-of) of Gakuen Alice, where Hotaru leaves Mikan with the purpose of bettering Mikans present situation, an act defined by her self-less love for Mikan.

    Hotaru saying goodbye (chp 1:chp 167 side by side):


    Mikan watching Hotaru leaving (chp. 1: chp. 167 side by side):


    Hotaru’s reason for leaving Mikan (chp. 1: chp. 167 side by side):


    In both chapters Hotaru prioritizes Mikan’s happiness and sanity over her own. (Granted the story has been pushing for the two Imai siblings to actually spend time together so Hotaru does get some happiness out of the deal.) In the first chapter Hotaru leaves Mikan to head to Gakuen Alice, and wishes for some of the money that the academy gives to her family to go towards saving the school where she met Mikan. In chapter 167 she wants to save Natsume so that Mikan won’t lose everyone who she loves. (Apparently she doesn’t see herself as enough for Mikan.)

    Perhaps Hotaru and Mikan were always destined to be driven apart despite how strong their friendship is.

    Images 1, 3, and 5 are from chapter 1; images 2, 4, and 6 are from chapter 167. Gakuen Alice belongs to Higuchi Tachibana.

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