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  • zerocvt
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Larry and Sal eating normally with Lisa after they flipped Kenneth off and threw eggs at his house

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  • animefictives
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    "Could you do a stimboard for Sal Fisher from Sallyface with foggy themes? He’s a caregiver in our system but I haven’t felt him close in a while and miss him. Thank you (*´ω`*)"

    x x x // x x x // x x x

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  • appl3sl1ces-uni
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Sal Fisher drawing!! 

    Sally Face is an awesome game and I couldn’t resist drawing this lil’ cutie! 

    Click here to see more of my work!!------> https://unijean.carrd.co/

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  • salsblackwidow
    04.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    sal: *watches morgo and remor tormenting young children like the red-eyed demon did him*

    sal: they’re like every other bitch 🤨

    #he would not be amused #sal: do i need to watch this i’ve already seen this movie 😐 #sal fisher#fran bow#little misfortune
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  • sallypilled
    04.08.2021 - 12 hours ago

    haiii i just made a sally face discord!! we can all hang out and chat :)


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  • shinebrightlikeanarwhal
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    My brain is being plagued with various ideas lssksksk I might just get back in Wattpad or sumn to write it out, or maybe Ao3 (has been avoiding showing life on there ;;; )

    But just for shits and giggles

    Travis’ ringtone on Larry’s phone is that “Cat kitty cat cat” song (I can’t remember the name or probably spell it I’m stupid and tired)

    Travis has jokingly called Larry “Daddy” and no one knew he could run as fast as he did that day. Boy was booking it to avoid getting his ass beat. Didn’t even know if it was a good beat or a bad beat but he saw Gods sign to run and took it

    Sal does indeed have Travis listed as BabyBoy Baby and when Travis found out he almost blocked him. Sal had to change it whenever Travis comes over or risk getting caught

    Todd and Travis once sat through the entirety of the infamous alien porn book and bonded over their fear of women’s imagination

    Travis and Soda: two toddlers not allowed to be alone or god forbid they have a sugar coma by noon when you left them at 11:45

    Strays. House full of Strays. Travis will fight tooth and nail to keep the random fucking scraggly cat he found in a dumpster. He may be scrawny but he will beat ass for his babies

    Larry would be too afraid of offering marriage since both have a bad history with adults in committed relationships. Travis would find the papers and wait patiently for him to ask. Hinting when Larry takes too long

    Sal being captain save a hoe when Travis starts getting to flirty to spite Larry. “Stop you don’t really want anyone but him” Travis in tears “he just watched!! He didn’t even try to grab me!!!”

    Walking around half naked because sexual and self confidence! Whoever he lives with will know no peace now that Travis is liberated. They would be lucky if he wears an oversized shirt, let alone pants! Company cannot stop by suddenly or risk being chased away by his partner (Travis is a-okay with being seen now that he’s an adult. Marvel at this tanned god! Bask in his butt naked glory! Bask!)

    Size queen- pls I’m just joking don’t slaughter me (I’m not joking)

    Kids!! Travis would bond with kids so easily. Oh he’d be so excited when Soda is brought over. Or if anyone else brings a baby to visit. He’s a little sad he can’t have his own kids (until his beloved hubby offers adoption or surrogacy and Travis all but wails in happiness)

    If clothed Travis is in bright colors and different patterns. One day he may be goth male wife in a corset, platforms and a tulle skirt. Next day, cartoon bunny patterned poodle skirt dress! His theme and creativity would VARY shameless fashionista. Make up hoarder! Wig closet! God save his hubbies wallet if they make him mad!

    Travis in highschool getting caught in a dress and fearing Larry will out him. Oop? Larry doesn’t notice?? Larry is embarrassed and shy about the pretty ‘new girl’?? Travis doesn’t wanna get close by lying so he does the first thing he can think of… run

    Track star Travis, always running from his problems

    Doesn’t know shit about cars. Sits on Larry or Sal if they decide to teach him anything. “Babe I can’t get under the car if you’re sitting on me” “oh well, guess I’ll need lifts from my dear husband~”

    Thot. Deceptive thot. Knows he’s pretty and uses it against his partner. Doesn’t matter WHAT or WHY. Wants chicken nuggies? Bats eyes and pouts. Saw a shiny new necklace? Cooes and gets really touchy~

    In college was a nude model for classes. Larry knew no peace if he got paired with Travis. No such thing as on time assignment when he couldn’t keep his model still

    Mr Phelps getting his karma. That’s it, that’s the tea. Don’t care how but hit him like a freight train

    Mama Phelps (alive) doting on her son and in laws!! Constantly bringing treats and dressing Trav up for dates. Helping him practice make up looks and matching clothes. She def cries at the wedding and the first time Trav brings a new grand baby.

    Emotional support/Service animal. He needs one after his horrific abuse. God only knows what could be the root of his aggressive tendencies. (Also just me adoring the idea of Travis having a service animal to calm him and regulate him)

    Curious bby biting off more than he could chew. Sal and Larry (the main people I’m letting him get with tbh) are freaks. Freakay, nasty boys. Travis, a new recovering abused and isolated Christian boy, wouldn’t know anything. The power those two would have convincing this curious bab to try things??? Omfg they’d start off small. But then start exploring their heavier interests and Travis is just gradually concerned for his safety

    Ash hating Travis for a while and Travis just trying to be nice. (He doesn’t know it’s not cause he’s changed but because he’s usurping the boys time and attention). He tries to get her to like him but lbh she won’t get over how he took someone she loves

    Brain go brrr for plots, aus and HCs when I hyper fixate oml

    #sal x travis #larry x travis #travis phelps #sally face au #sally face#salvis#larvis#laravis#larry johnson#sal fisher #i am a mess #a menace
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  • jubisl3n3
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago
    Sally Face Fanart

    Heya, fanart of one game that i love so much, yeah Sally Face. I hope you enjoy

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  • dykyle
    03.08.2021 - 16 hours ago

    recently got into sally face!!

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  • killemwithkawaii
    03.08.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #K.E.W.K. answers #K.E.W.K. writes #sally face headcannons #sally face imagines #sal fisher x reader #sal fisher x y/n #larry johnson x y/n #larry johnson x reader #ashley campbell x y/n #ashley campbell x reader #todd morrison x y/n #todd morrison x reader #tw body image
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  • tommy-christmas25
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Stinking Of You

    #sally face#sal fisher#larry johnson#ashley campbell#todd morrison #larry x ash #ash x larry #larry x ashley #ashley x larry #ibispaintx
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  • keravnito
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sally Face

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  • shinebrightlikeanarwhal
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Travis-centered plots because I Like fix it’s… (I just finished typing them all, I’m ashamed for my sinful brain oml)

    - Larry and Travis having once been friends but being torn apart by Travis’ father. Larry keeping an eye on Travis for years but then turning his attention to Sal, whom in turn receives the sudden disdain of Travis.

    Sal confronts Travis in the bathrooms one day and Larry listens from the door. Eventually Sal talks Travis into tears. He confesses to being jealous of Sal and not wanting Larry to stop focusing on him, even if Larry ends up hating him. How his dad would beat him if Travis and Larry ever got close again. Larry barges in and holds Travis close. They reconcile (Sal opting to let the boys talk, clearly not in the mood to see Enemies to Lovers tonguing den in the school bathroom.

    They uproot and destroy the cult, blah blah blah, Happily ever after and Travis gets help for his trauma induced depression and anxiety.

    - Travis has been off for a few days. He doesn’t antagonize anyone. Philip does more talking and ginger touching that Travis violently jerks away from. During class he barely responds and teachers don’t try to force him. Sal didn’t expect to find Travis sleeping on a bench one day. His worn shoes now tattered with holes at the bottom. His black eye prominent but accompanied by a busted lip and what looked to be severe damage to his legs.

    Not sure how he did it, but Sal managed to convince Travis to come home with him. Introduces Travis to Henry and leads him to the bathroom where he washed off and got treated. His damage was severe and Sal really wanted to call the police but just seeing a fearful Travis weened him off the idea.

    Larry was not too pleased to find Travis at Sals. He almost yelled until he noted Travis look at his raised hand and cower from him. Larry pausing and pulls Sal to the side to understand. Of course they don’t know the full story but it’s enough to have Larry texting the group for help. Most were curious about what could lead them to wanting to help Travis. Ash, however, seemed to know a lot.

    They find out about Travis’ abuse, the cult. Travis helps a little. He is still terrified of them but they start to grow on him with time. He even allows contact with Sal rarely, who shows him his face during a bonding moment at the dead of night. Larry makes playlists and CDs to help Travis get accustomed to loud noises (many of which are songs Larry personally thinks Travis would enjoy.

    After the gang destroys and puts the cult behind bars. No demons, no murders, and no dead friends. Sal manages to convince Travis to report his father, thankfully they kept his clothes to give to the state police, Todd refused to trust the local police after further investigating the cult and their connections.

    Healing and coping, cuddling and coddling. Travis getting the love and attention he deserves! Could end with him dating someone or him just being under their care for a while.

    —Salvis but Sal is a bit more aggressive with Travis. Fuck it ABO, Travis is a very spicy omega that pretends to be a Beta. Sal is a strong scented alpha, like it’s a musky and domineering scent compared to his appearance. Larry is an alpha, though his scent is murky and smoky, and he doesn’t act like the stereotypical alpha. Travis nitpicks them like usual, though sometimes they are too distracted by the nice smell seeping off of him. Larry sneers and asks if Travis mom scented him before school. Travis is upset at this. Much more emotional than usual. Sal notes the spike in scent and jabs Larry.

    Uh oh, Travis is presenting in the bathroom, and beta Philip isn’t able to fight off the alphas coming to investigate the scent, thankfully Sal is here to soothe and calm the terrified Travis while his friends help fend off the other students.

    Mr. Phelps is pissed about an omega son. Travis is constantly scented with distress. He isn’t allowed to talk about it but everyone can smell it. They are well aware of Travis’ fluctuating weight, fatigue and his tan skin turning pale and bruised worse than before. Larry is annoyed by this but can’t tell whether it’s the scent affecting him or his stern belief in protecting omegas from abusive alphas.

    Sal hates it, he knows he felt the mate bond but Travis doesn’t seem to notice. Travis’ suffering eats away at Sal until he all but corners Travis and propositions him to save him from his father and give him sanctuary. It takes a lot to convince Travis. Heck, he has to promise Larry wouldnt hurt him (Larry later seeks Travis to reconcile their bad blood).

    They get to know eachother. Sal is head over heels and watching Travis grow and blossom into his omega blood. Travis starts falling for someone else and Sal tries to be supportive (until he can’t even look at Travis without feeling heartache). But Travis notes he doesn’t love ____ And follows his heart to Sal. They bond, they love and boom, happy little family. (With three cute babies because Travis and Sal deserve happy families)

    Larvis: roughly the same as the salvos ABO but Larry straight up picks up Travis and carries him home. Travis tries to fight but is swaddled and pampered until he’s fast asleep and purring in Larry’s arms.

    Mr. Phelps doesn’t have much ground to stand on when he tries to take Travis back. Larry confirming that Travis is his mate and based off of Phelps’ beliefs he should reside with his mate.

    Travis is surprised his father backs off so easily (because how could the pastor refute what he preaches?? Such blasphemy would be heard by the church blah blah blah). Larry and Travis talk and Larry admits that they are indeed mates, he never brought it up for Travis’ health. He was already struggling to care for himself, a mating bond would send his already feeble body and fragile mind spiraling. Larry also admits he knew they were mates ever since he presented, which wasn’t that long after entering highschool. But, Travis was so proud to be ‘normal’ and not some horny mess like the others. He also didn’t like seeing Travis harass and bully others, which probably aided in his aggressive rejection of the omega and prolonged Travis’ presentation.

    Life goes on and Larry and Travis are happily married with four kids (two more in the oven, because Larry is a very affectionate husband). Cult was handled and Sal is NOT dead and very much the worlds best uncle.

    -Travis having a hot girl summer.

    That’s it. That’s the plot.

    Thotty church twink marching about in short shorts and tank tops (sinful!) showing off his goodies to the masses. Larry shamelessly offers to partake, and gets thrown for a whirlwind when Travis’ phat ass is delightfully uncontrollable. Sal jokingly shoots his shot and winds up slumped in the back of the church from immaculate head.

    Mr. Phelps is away so the thot is out to play. (Courtesy of Mama Phelps aiding and abetting her sons growth as a person. He may be throwing it back to the boys he once sneered at but at least he’s nicer to people)

    -Travis being rescued from the Phelps home after a concerned report to the state police. The church closed and his father put behind bars for many accounts of child abuse and neglect and the disappearance of Travis’ mother.

    Sal and gang are curious about what the new home will do to Travis after months of rehabilitation, and all damn near faint when they see Travis with long pink hair and a cute sun dress marching into the school. Directly towards them and apologizing for his horrible treatment of them, specifically Sal. They can’t believe his change at first but after weeks of watching him, he seems genuinely happier.

    This new happiness starts to get unsettling to Larry, who watches Travis and Philip be closer than before. He shouldn’t care he hates Travis! But god he wished the boy would wrap his arms around his and march down the halls. He would kill to get surprise back hugs or do the hugging. He wanted to share lunch with Travis. Be hand fed meals and have his mouth cleaned whilst being scolded.

    Fuck, he’s in love! He thought he nipped that in the bud when Sal started getting bullied by Travis. But no, Travis being rescued from his awful father and being a genuinely good person from then on was astounding. Hell, he even brought Sal treats as an apology for walking in on him with his mask off once. Sal said it was fine but Travis babbled ok about feeling bad because Sal looked terrified even though Travis didn’t think Sal was any less cool. (Yes, Sal cried in his room about how much it meant for someone to say that).

    For fucks sake, Travis had pictures upon pictures of his new family and their pets. PETS. He had dooogs, god Larry lost his mind seeing Travis jogging around town with dogs in shorts and a sweaty, almost see through tank top!! He’s too gay for this.

    He finally confesses, maybe tries to play it off as a joke, but Travis just smiles sweetly and pecks his cheek. He’s sorry but he’s already dating someone. Larry tries not to let his disappointment show, but he just can’t feel the need to go to school for a couple of days. Hides out in his tree house and just smokes. Cause, cmon.. who’d wanna date him?? All he does is smoke and play around! He hasn’t had a stable relationship in years and most he’s known for is sleeping with whoever he deems the hottest.

    Sal notices his behavior and tries to comfort him, not sure why Larry is like this, by offering to introduce him to his partner. Maybe they have a friend Larry is interested in. Larry wants to be supportive but he really doesn’t care to see Sals new beau(ty). He really just wanted to camp out in the tree house and smoke away the pain. Or, he did until he sees Travis and Sal holding hands and nuzzling on the couch one day. Sals legs on Travis’ and Travis combing Sals hair. Larry felt like his world came crashing down, his best friend?? And his first and worst crush?? The crush that sent him spiraling for what could have been weeks? Sal is innocent, he didn’t know that Larry was madly in love with Travis. Didn’t know that Travis so politely rejected him and offered to cease contact if Larry felt he couldn’t be around him.

    Larry wasn’t much of a romantic after that. He played around with whoever he felt needed love. His partying spiraling out of control in adult hood. Travis tried to contact him and help him find a good person, but any attempts to help Larry ended with Larry crying to him drunkenly. Asking why he wasn’t good enough, why he couldn’t have been Sal. Travis wasn’t allowed near Larry after Larry drunkenly made advances at him, he doesn’t blame Larry he’s extremely emotional, but Sal felt Larry would only get worse the more they stayed in contact, so they were kept apart.

    Larry never loved anyone as much as he loved Travis Fisher.

    -Last one was a sadder Onesided Larvis, this one is Larry teasing and cornering Travis so much that Travis tries to shock him by kissing him. He came home with some hickies and a very prominent limp.

    They’re not saying, yet, but Wingman Sal is politely judging Travis into Larry’s arms. They are constantly alone together. Larry blowing Travis’ back out in an abandoned amusement park when the others split up to explore. “He sprained his ankle running from a shadow” Hmph, Travis smelt like axe. He HATES the smell of axe… but okay lovebirds.

    Sal has 100% walked in on the secret lovers getting frisky when moms out. Later helps Travis shop for more pretty clothes, because who wouldn’t want a shopping body??? That’s almost illegal to not take the opportunity.

    Larry eats ass. A lot. Travis can literally be on FaceTime shopping with Sal and Larry just slips under the covers and enjoys his fill of boyfriend cheekies~ yum!

    Travis, as revenge, will give the gawk gawk 9000. Larry is NOT safe if he thinks Travis has forgotten the embarrassment of Sal chuckling and telling him he has to go walk his homework. He could be on the phone with his boss or Lisa and Travis will give the sloppiest top he’s ever had. (Praise the son for horni bratty bottoms)

    #travis phelps#laravis #Larry x Travis #salvis #sal x travis #larvis#sal fisher #sally face au #sally face#larry johnson #I’m but a hole #so Travis will be too #I have more but I so tired ;u; don’t wanna think #but yeah Travis either getting help or being adopted and rehabilitated #god I love the idea of Travis with long luscious hair in the prettiest gowns #prancing around the school and bringing hand made treats to his peers #special treats to the one he likes
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  • angelwithsomeartwork
    03.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Top Ten Anime Deaths

    Image ID: The first image is a dark hallway. The camera is set at the shoulder of Drogito, a black cat with a white patch on his chest. Beside him walks Mono, seen only from the knee down. Mono is barefoot, in a long tan coat and dark brown pants. Thought bubbles coming from Drogito say “No need to fret, Mono-boy. I know all the hiding places.”

    The second image is a wide shot of a yellow room with the lights on. In the background of the image, in the doorway leading to the hall, Mono--a small boy with a brown paper bag on his head--stands shocked, the eyeholes of his paper bag wide. Drogito the black cat stands at his hip, green eyes wide and confused. The thought bubbles above the cat’s head read “Oh hell. Or she’s already in the living room.”

    In the foreground of the image, Six--a small pale girl in a yellow raincoat and grey shorts--lunges for her opponent. Her face is contorted with rage, displaying very sharp teeth. Leaning away from her with hands up is Sal Fisher--a pale-skinned teenager with bright blue hair, dressed in a black t-shirt and red pants, and wearing a two-toned mask. Behind his mask, his one visible eye is constricted with fear. He is shouting in all capitals: “We’re friendly! We’re friendly!” Six is being held in the air by Larry Johnson--a light-skinned teenager with brown dreads pulled back into a ponytail, wearing a tan t-shirt and blue jeans. Larry is visibly panicked, shouting in response to Sal, “I don’t think she believes you, pal!” End Image ID.

    #mono little nightmares #larry johnson sally face #little nightmares six #sal fisher sally face #little nightmares 2 #sally face #drogito 1313 sanctum street #1313 sanctum street #angelwithsomeartwork #back by popular demand: six vs masked people! #i love drawing feral children #they're so fun!
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  • korbydaze
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago
    #my art#sally face#sal fisher#self insert#my oc#korey howell #look who artd today its meee #sal fisher x reader
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  • dogboyenby
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    then i will stop you myself

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  • shinebrightlikeanarwhal
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago
    #sally face au #travis phelps#sal fisher#sally face#larry johnson #like I have many ideas #my phat lil brain has locked on this wretched bottom
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  • ghostofsal
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    just finished episode 5. wtf.

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