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  • traphousefam
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Heya lovlies, I know I've been slacking on giving you guys consistent content. With it being the holiday season, I've been busy with work and family.

    With that being said, I do have some content coming your guys' way. Please lmk if you wanna see more of someone specific. But I hope you are all having a good day!!

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  • basicallybarnes
    07.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Here are a few Colby anatomy edits i made a while back! ✨

    #colby brock imagine #colby brock #colby x reader #sam and colby #sam golbach #colby brock fanfic #colby brock fanfiction #colby brock angst
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  • colbybrockswifey
    07.12.2021 - 16 hours ago


    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    A/N: Hey my lovelies! This fic is darker than my other fics so please, if kidnapping in any way shape or form upsets you, please don't read the fic. Your comfort comes first before anything else. That being said, I hope that those of you who read the fic enjoy it! <3 (P.S. please don't mind the spelling mistakes)

    Requested: "hi! I have a request with colby where the reader and kat work together to prank sam and colby somehow and it ends up making the boys super worried and like frantic before they realize it’s a prank, you can decide where it goes from there"

    Word Count: 1.5k

    Warning: Kidnapping, comfort at the end, a little angsty

    ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───

    You and Kat, Sam’s girlfriend, were absolutely done with the shenanigans Sam and Colby were doing on you two. You two did a lot of brainstorming to find a way to teach them a lesson. Finally, you figured out a prank that would scare them to the point of never pranking either of you again.

    “Hey Kat, what if we prank them into thinking that we got kidnapped.” You excitedly suggest.

    You and Kat are chilling in the living room of Sam’s apartment while Sam and Colby are out filming an exploring video.

    “That’s actually genius. Who are we gonna get to be the kidnappers?” Kat asks.

    “I have a friend of mine that will be willing to do it because if it’s one of the guys they will recognise their voice,” you say.

    You two start thinking about the logistics of the plan. You think of hiding cameras around the apartment for when they get back. Your friend, Derek, was able to get to the apartment fairly quickly. You feel yourself starting to get excited about the prank. Kat put up a backdrop in the apartment so the guys don’t know where you and Kat are in the kidnapping video you two are going to film. You spread live cameras around the apartment so that you and Kat can watch the boys reactions from a different place.

    Once everything has been set up, you and Kat do each others makeup. Putting fake bruises and using fake blood. When you two were done, Derek zip-tied both of you to chairs infant of the backdrop that Kat put up.

    Derek puts up his hood and ties a bandana around his head so that only his eyes are showing. He presses record and you and Kat act unconsciously.

    “(Y/N) and Katrina are hostages and will only be released once the ransom has been paid. I will contact you for details. If you call the police, none of them will survive. You have until the end of the day to respond.” Derek says to the camera.

    You and Katrina end the act once Derek hits stop on the camera. He cuts you two free from the chair that you two were on.

    “This is going to freak them the fuck out,” Kat says to the both of them.

    “Giving them a taste of their own medicine,” you smirk.

    You and Kat clean everything up and put everything back where it was. You edit the video clip and distort Derek’s voice. You call Colby to see how far away they’re from home.

    “Hey, baby.” You greet once he picks up.

    “Hey, babe. Is everything okay?” He responds

    “Yeah, everything’s fine. I just wanted to ask how far you are from home?” You ask.

    “We’re about 20-30 minutes away. See you soon! I love you,” he replies. You smile at his kind words and feel a small amount of guilt about what you are about to do.

    “See you soon! I love you too.” You say before hanging up.

    “They’ll be here in 20-30 minutes,” you say to Kat and Derek.

    You three chill for a bit before it’s time to leave for Derek’s car to see the prank unfold. You quickly turn on the cameras to record and make sure that you’re able to watch it live.

    All of you pile into Derek's car, you in the passenger seat and Kat in the middle backseat. The moment you are all in the car you see Sam and Colby pull into the apartment parking lot. You all duck out of sight and wait for them to leave. Once they left you open up your laptop and switch to see the cameras in the apartment. It’s not long until the guys enter the apartment to see that you and Kat are not there. They both furrow their brows in confusion.

    “I’ll call (Y/N) and see where they went,” Colby suggests, through your computer speakers. Colby takes his phone from his pocket and calls your number. Your phone rings in your pocket but you leave it.

    “(Y/N) isn’t picking up, try Kat?” Colby says, his face already looking a bit panicked because you always pick up your phone.

    Sam takes his phone and call Kat, her phone ringing in the car but leaving it. Sam looks equally as panicked.

    “I feel so bad, but I really want to see what they’ll do,” Kat says, squirming in her seat. You were about to respond when Sam’s voice is heard over the speakers.

    “Kat didn’t pick up either,” Sam says, worryingly.

    “I hope they’re okay,” Colby says, rubbing his chin in thought.

    “I’m sure they are,” Sam says. Colby starts taking the camera equipment and putting it away. Sam gets a drink for them from the fridge.

    “I think it’s time,” you hear Derek say from beside you.

    “Here goes nothing.” You say before pulling up a random temporary email address you created to send Colby the video. You hit send and wait for the chaos to ensue. Not even a minute later you hear a shout from the computer.

    ‘Sam! You need to see this!” Colby shouts, entering the living room. Sam shoots up from the couch and sees Colby fearfully look at his phone.

    Colby plays the video again for Sam to see. Sam’s face pales of all colour.

    “We have to call the police,” Colby says, frantically dialling on his phone. Sam stops him.

    “You can’t, he’ll kill them,” Sam says, his voice shaking.

    “Then what do we do?!” Colby cries, his face pale and eyes wide in panic.

    “We do what the man says, wait for further contact,” Sam says, trying really hard to stay calm.

    Colby paces around the room, tears starting to leak from his eyes. Sam stops him in his tracks with a hand on his shoulder. Tears formed in his own eyes.

    “It will be okay,” Sam says, his voice cracking with fear.

    Colby pulls him into a hug, both of them crying in each other's arms.

    “I can’t lose her man, she’s my future, my everything.” Colby sobs into Sam’s shoulder.

    Kat, Derek and you watch the two men sob in each other's arms, I think it’s time to stop this.

    “I think it’s time to stop. This is going too far,” you say. Everyone nods in agreement.

    You and Kat hurry out of the car, leaving the laptop, just wanting to get to your panicking boyfriend.

    “I’m really regretting doing this, it went too far,” Kat says as you two rush to Sam’s apartment.

    “I couldn’t agree more,” you respond, finally getting to Sam’s door.

    Kat slams the door open, both red and tear-stained faces turning towards us. Kat runs into Sam’s arms as you run into Colby’s. You wrap your arms around his neck, him wrapping one arm around your waist and the other is cradling your head.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you whisper in his ear. Holding him tightly against you.

    “Sorry for what love? I’m glad you were able to escape,” Colby whispers into your ear, a new wave of tears leaving his eyes.

    “No, baby. It was a prank. I very cruel and horrible prank,” you explain, leaning back a bit to face him. His face shows pure pain, your heart breaks at what you’ve done to him. Your thumb wipes the tears away.

    “A prank?” Colby sighs, in disbelief. You nod.

    “You one cruel but a clever person. Oh my god, never do that again.” He says, burying his face into your neck.

    “I wouldn’t dream of it.” You say, holding him close.

    You hear the door open to reveal Derek holding your laptop, a sheepish smile on his face. Colby moves you so that you’re behind him, Sam does the same thing. The prank really affected them.

    “Thank you for bringing my laptop back and for helping us with the prank. I owe you one.” You say, moving from behind Colby, much to his dislike, to grab your laptop and giving Derek a short hug as thanks.

    “You definitely owe me one, you scarred your boyfriend for life,” Derek points out before leaving with a small smile on his face.

    “Who was that?” Sam and Colby say at the same time.

    “That was an old friend of mine that was in the video,” you explain, cheeks reddening in embarrassment.

    “I’m so sorry, this prank went way too far and we really are sorry,” you say, regret written on your face.

    “Just never do that again,” Colby says before pulling you towards him, wrapping an arm around your waist.

    “Yeah, please don’t,” Sam adds, Kat pulled tightly against him. Regret was written on her face.

    “After seeing your reactions, we will never do a prank like this ever again,” you reassure. “I think we should watch a movie to calm down a bit,” you add. Everyone nods in agreement.

    Ever since that day, Colby always hugged you a little tighter and kissed you a little bit harder every time you left to go somewhere.

    #colby brock fanfic #colby brock #colby brock blurb #colby brock imagine #colby brock oneshot #colby brock x reader #colby brock fluff #colby brock angst #sam and colby #sam golbach
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  • xplrvibes
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    I just finished watching the Villisca Axe Murder episode, and I have a few quick things I want to point out:

    Cats know, man. They know.

    They got scammed by those cops. That wasn't paranormal, that was "cops see out of state plates and know they can make easy money for their quota"-normal.

    Colby mentioning intrusive thoughts, and having issues adjusting after doing haunted investigations: I find this topic fascinating, because I don't know if this is psychological or paranormal in nature but it is an interesting phenomenon. Colby mentioned having intrusive thoughts at Waverly, as well. Whether you are inclined to believe that it's psychological, or that something attached or imprinted itself to him or them, it's definitely something that everyone needs to consider before going down these roads.

    I'm with Colby on the theory that the killer hid in the attic and came out while the train was passing by.

    The mirrors being covered: it was long believed that if someone died in front of a mirror, their souls could potentially be captured in that mirror and they wouldn't be able to move on. The killer covered rhe mirror to prevent that happening (this was common practice at the time with deaths).

    I give them props for being respectful as possible with the extremely difficult subject matter (for those who have not yet watched- this murder was gruesome and contained some gross sexual misconduct, among other things. Viewer discretion is advised)

    Colby getting touched and claiming he had never been touched before: do the back scratches at Satan's Castle mean nothing to him???!!!??

    I love snc to death. But sometimes, they need to chill out. There is so much yelling and shit going on, and it isn't always needed. I'm old, I need calmer ghost hunters lol.

    The Estes Method remains creepy and intriguing, but I really need for them to start recording what they are hearing. Some of these full sentences are hard to believe.

    I love how they decided they solved the case 🤣.

    Overall, this was a good one. I do like that they are getting more into researching these thing, and- more importantly- interviewing experts. I may be alone in that lol, but it definitely gives them a more professional feel (which they then ruin by blowing their tops when a flashlight turns on 🤣).

    BONUS: this is my new favorite youtube comment 🤣:

    Let me know your thoughts!

    #sam and colby #colby brock#sam golbach#xplr #wasn't intending on reviewing this but i had thoughts lol #snc video review
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  • samandcolbypost
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    The fact the guide told them the night before (could be wrong) that someone fainted after seeing a light in the closet that the 2014 guy saw too.

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  • samandcolbyfan
    05.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Prank gone wrong| Solby

    Warning: might be slightly triggering for some people

    The trap house was in the middle of a prank war right now and Colby was about to do his last prank. He is risking a lot with this prank. He's risking his entire friendship with Sam, he was second-guessing this idea. But since they survived the stupid killed best friend prank, they will survive this too right?

    " What's up guys and today I'm going to be pranking Sam with the help of Kat, his girlfriend and it's a cheating prank. This is such a bad idea I'm scared."

    " You're scared? What if he breaks up with me?!" Kat exclaimed and Colby barely resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Yes she was Sam's girlfriend but he was his other half,he knew him since middle school, way longer than she did. Plus he might have a crush on him.

    They went to Colby's room, Colby taking off his shirt as they climbed into bed, Kat covered herself up to her head so Sam wouldn't see she was fully clothed. They talked and waited for Sam to open the door.

    Both their hearts pounding like crazy and both for the same reason, fear of losing the person they love. About a minute later it happened, Sam opened the door coming in, seeing his best friend in his bed with his girlfriend.

    Sam's heart stopped the second he saw the two of them. He chuckled bitterly.

    " Just don't talk to me." He said and walked out as quickly as possible. Ignoring Colby's voice calling after him. He walked out of the house to his car, not listening to anything Colby was saying. He got into his car and started it, he didn't even look when Colby tapped on his window and if he did, he would have seen the camera and they would be able to explain. But he didn't and he just drove away, tears in his eyes.

    It hurt so bad. Colby, his best friend, a person he could always count on, a person he trusted with everything, even his own life, betrayed him like that. The most painful and confusing fact however, was that Sam wasn't mad or even sad that Katrina cheated on him. He was angry and sad that it was Colby she did it with.

    Once Sam realized that he feels more hurt because of Colby than his girlfriend he stopped the car. Looking around he chuckled to himself he was a few feet away from a cliff that him and Colby frequently went to, just to talk and spend time with each other, sitting on the edge feeling the rush and the adrenaline of the fact that one wrong move would be deadly.

    He got out of the and walked to the edge of the cliff looking over at the view, seeing the lights of L.A. His eyes automatically dropped to the edge and below the Cliffs where the wild ocean waves were crashing on the rocks. A single thought appeared in his head.

    How easy it would be to just step into nothingness and leap off, let himself free fall and allow the ocean to take him, to swallow him and spare him this pain in his heart. Sam spread his arms out like a bird would spread its wings and just let the cool wind hit his skin. He didn't even bring a jacket, he was just in his white short sleeved T-shirt and it was getting close to midnight by now.

    But Sam wasn't cold, no he didn't feel cold at all, the only part of him that felt like it was slowly freezing was his heart. Colby... out of everyone...he would never expect Colby to be the reason behind his broken heart.

    Meanwhile Colby was freaking out, calling and texting but it went straight to voicemail and he was panicking so bad. He jumped into his car and drove through the city thinking of all the places Sam could possibly be right now. He shouldn't have done this stupid prank, but he didn't learn from his previous mistake apparently.

    After about half an hour he parked next to Sam's car letting out a breath of relief. He found him. Colby went up to where Sam was standing, approaching him slowly.

    " Sam I'm sorry it was a prank, I would never do that to you."

    Sam closed his eyes, tears falling down his cheeks, his heart beating rapidly, he wanted to believe Colby's words, he wanted to believe it so much. He turned his head towards him, looking into his blue eyes.

    Seeing nothing but honesty and regret. He nodded, looking back on the city.

    Colby came next to Sam sitting down on the edge of the cliff. Sam doing the same, leaning back, his hands on the ground. Colby mimicking it and covering Sam's hand with his.

    "I should have guessed you would come here. You always do when you're upset, even though now you're upset with me."

    " Why would you do that? Do you know how much it hurts when someone you love so much betrayes you like that?"

    " I'm so sorry Sam, it was my idea Kat wouldn't do that."

    " I'm not talking about her Colby... I'm talking about you."

    They locked eyes staring into each other's souls. Their eyes shining brightly in the dark of the night.

    " Colby, I was more hurt because of you then Katrina."

    "Why? She's your girlfriend."

    Sam didn't answer and looked down the cliff again.

    " I didn't understand your fascination with heights, but now I do, it's calming but thrilling at the same time."

    "Sam…" Colby was listening to him but he really wanted and needed an answer to his question.

    " You're everything I have." Sam looked at him, giving him the answer the brunette needed.

    " But that's not true I.."

    "Yes it is. You're everything I have Colby, Kat came to my life not long ago and can leave at any moment. But you, you will stay, I know you will. It's Sam and Colby versus the world and it always will be."

    Colby didn't know what to say, he felt happy tears prickle in his eyes and he hugged Sam tightly. Resting his head on his shoulder as they sat like that until the morning, watching the sunrise together. Their hands intertwined together. Gentle smiles on their faces...

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  • socialanxiety-queen
    05.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Queen-Mas Day 5: Solby in Toyland • Colby as Tom Piper • Sam as Mary Contrary 🧸 DO NOT STEAL MY WORK GIVE CREDIT💋

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  • samandcolbypost
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    I swear I posted this but I can’t find it through the tags 😂

    3:40 - first see them

    #sam and colby #sam golbach#colby brock#2015#fanrave#youtuber#snc#samandcolby #the video is also linked now
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  • socialanxiety-queen
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Sam supporting Colby by using his music for a run video, a run he did for syrup. That’s love.

    #sam and colby #colby brock#sam golbach#solby #solby vs the world
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  • samandcolbypost
    04.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Happy for everyone involved

    But especially Sam, Abbey, and Justin for making this possible for Colby! 💖

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  • xplrvibes
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    The only review that matters tbh.

    #colby brock#sam golbach #colby brock: skin review
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  • golbrockstar
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    And Colby with the creatures strikes again

    #the lizard is actually Sam’s though apparently lol #sam and colby #colby brock#sam golbach
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  • jesserutherfrd
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Witch

    Colby Brock is a novice spell caster drawing the unwanted attention of his new neighbors. They demand he join their coven and follow the proper guidelines of witchcraft.

    And well, Colby doesn't like to play by the rules.

    The Seer

    Sam Golbach has the demonic Sight, bestowed upon him by… well, he's not really sure. He's still trying to figure that one out.

    In the midst of discovering the truth behind this curse, Sam and his friends find themselves caught in a crossfire of practices between witches and… each other?

    Not to mention this new guy on the scene. Two, actually. One is someone we're well acquainted with, and the other *might* just tear Sam and Colby apart completely.

    The Origins

    It's the firsts that determine a relationship. First confession, first kiss, first spell, first reveal of the demonic Sight. You know, the important stuff!

    This is the foundation of their relationship, and the beginning of their supernatural journey. Ten chapters, ten experiences that changed their lives forever.

    The Outcast

    Colby Brock is an intermediate—Sam would argue that he's advanced—witch with a few impressive battles to his name: A werewolf; a demon of Goetia; former High Priest of the Coven of Los Angeles, Casey Claiborne. Now fully submerged in the world of witchcraft, he's quickly becoming a person to watch out for. Let's hope, for his sake and his friends', that he can also become a person not to mess with.

    Sam Golbach still has his demonic Sight, and he still doesn't know why. Every time he feels like he's getting closer, a new surprise is thrown in his face. He's becoming more confident in his current ability, but now he's got a new power to deal with! And a new temptation strung by a man with pretty eyes…

    In the mess of them trying to strengthen their magic, keep their group from expanding any more, and protecting those closest, there's a danger lurking in the depth of Los Angeles. It's a threat not only to witches, but to the entire supernatural world. It's a target on their backs. It's the driving force that will put relationships to a test like never before.

    It's a classic Good Guys vs the Bad.

    Who will win?

    Place your bets now, but be careful.

    It's not all black and white.

    Occult series by spa_ghetto (@the-edge-of-great)

    #solby#solby fic #sam and colby #sam golbach#colby brock #it's sooo good #please go and read it
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  • goddess-of-time-and-magic
    03.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Sam Golbach x True Crime

    "Sometimes the only sane answer to an insane world is insanity." - Fox Mulder
    Sam sat on the floor of his childhood bedroom, the carpet rough beneath his skinned knees. His palms were stained blue and red from the link of his pens as he scribbled across documents and photos. He raised his head to the wall of his closet. Red strings were pulled across the space and he smiled. 
    He was so close to discovering who was the murderer. 
    #sam golbach #sam golbach au #sam and colby #true crime#trap house#xplr #trap house 2.0 #sam and colby au
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  • ditzyshifter
    03.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    hi! welcome to my account, i'm alie and i am the owner of this account if that wasn't already obvious.

    my reqeust are currently open so if you somehow happen to come across this unpopular account then send one over!

    i write for:

    - sam and dean winchester

    - batboys

    - the ousiders (most characters)

    - mcu

    - sam and colby

    - black veil brides

    - asking alexandria

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  • samandcolbypost
    02.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    A page dedicated to Sam just dancing 🕺

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  • samandcolbyfan
    02.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    What song you have connected to or think would fit Solby? I'm in a mood to write some song fics

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  • samandcolbyfan
    02.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Beyond the norm (5)

    You blushed and looked down before looking Colby in the eyes. " Morning Colby."

    "Morning y/n. Sleep well?"

    "Yeah thank you guys again for letting me stay."

    You went to the bathroom and fixed yourself up going down the stairs, taking your things you had from the night before. You said your goodbyes to the guys hugging each and every one of them.

    The next few weeks went by in a blur with you and the boys texting every day. It was mostly Sam and Colby that texted you but you didn't mind at all.

    It was about three months after when Elton reached out to you with an offer to accompany them on a few weeks trip to Egypt and then Dubai and you immediately agreed.

    Packing up all you will need but not too much you were ready in two hours. The next day at 5 in the morning you arrived at the airport and met up with Elton, Sam and Colby.

    You greeted each other with a hug, the one between you and Sam lasted a bit longer than the others.

    "Are you excited y/n?" Sam asked with a grin.

    "Very, it's going to be fun and I'll get to know you guys better too." You returned his grin and looked at Colby and Elton.

    On the plane you were lucky enough to sit between Sam and Colby. You three were talking almost the whole flight but at some point everyone dozed off. You're head ended up on Colby's shoulder and Sam ended up holding your hand in his.

    When you landed in Dubai you checked into a Hotel and decided on room sharing, you ended up sharing it with Colby, leaving Sam sharing with Elton.

    The four of you walked around Dubai for the rest of the day, talking, laughing and recording. When you were finally back in your room you just flopped down on the bed feeling exhausted.

    " Tired?" Colby asked with a chuckle.

    " Aren't you?" You raised an eyebrow at him.

    " Oh I am."

    You both showered and climbed into the bed, under the covers. Colby was staring at you for a while before he spoke.

    "Hey Y/n.. I was wondering. What's going on between you and Sam?" He bit his lip, nervously waiting for your answer.

    " I don't know, we just really clicked. But did you and I." You said truthfully looking at him with a small smile.

    " Okay I just.. I don't want to mess with something I shouldn't. He's my best friend."

    " I know but it's okay we're not dating or anything like that."

    "Good... I mean... you guys surely can date if you want to. I was just…" he was rambling but you didn't let him finish as a rush of emotions came over you and you leaned over to Colby kissing him...

    #colby brock #sam and colby #colby x reader #sam golbach #sam x reader #elton castee#youtube#youtubers
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  • samandcolbyfan
    02.12.2021 - 6 days ago

    Solby| skin

    Colby was recording his song in front of a couple of his friends including Katrina and of course Sam. It wouldn't be it without having Sam there with him. Once Colby started singing, Sam was immediately pulled in, listening to every word intently.

    She said you don't know me. Sharp words that I just can't believe.

    Fake friends or wannabes, we smile and lie behind our teeth.

    He glanced over at Katrina who was moving her foot to the music but Sam could see on her face the fake smile, the jealousy in her eyes. Because Colby was better than her.

    So unzip my Soul and let me be the person nobody else sees.

    Under the lights it's hard to breathe but I'm holding it in.

    He focused back on Colby, his best friend, the only person who's always there for him. Knows about everything, every little thing that goes on in his life, every emotion Sam is feeling.

    Just wait until the walls come down. I'm breaking out.

    Cause I can't forgive myself if I'm just a servant to my pain.

    Fake face, I'm not well.

    With this pill I don't wanna taste.

    Katrina didn't know how unhappy Sam truly was, how pulled towards Colby he felt and how disconnected he felt from her. His own girlfriend didn't know any of his inner struggles. But Colby did.

    And you'll never know what's real. You're on the outside looking in.

    To only what I reveal.

    You're not gonna get under my skin.

    Truth was that Sam had enough. Enough of pretending. Colby singing this right now somehow opened his eyes. Made him let his true self out for the first time in a long time.

    Well okay you like this show. Well I'm done pretending like I don't.

    Sam let go of Kat's hand and jumped on the stage Colby was on and grabbed the guitar sitting there playing it and dancing and jumping around to the music and Colby's voice, big smile on his face.

    So take off, lose control, I'm not holding it in.

    He locked eyes with Colby bumping his head up and down and sliding down Colby's back while still playing the guitar. Lip Syncing the song, because of course he knew it beforehand. Just like everything else and like Colby knew everything about him first too.

    Cause I can't forgive myself if I'm just a servant to my pain.

    Fake face, I'm not well.

    With this pill I don't wanna taste

    Both boys had big smiles on their faces, intense looks in their eyes, paying attention only to each other. Feeling alive and otherworldly right now.

    And you'll never know what's real. You're on the outside looking in.

    To only what I reveal.

    You're not gonna get under my skin.

    They finished the last chorus, singing it together and when they did they were both out of breath but extremely happy and drowning in their high, drowning in each other. Not caring about anything else, Colby grabbed Sam's shirt and pulled him into the most passionate kiss, letting all emotions show in it.

    They snapped together like puzzle pieces. After all Colby was nothing without Sam and Sam was nothing without Colby…

    Well this came together better and faster than I expected. I'm high key obsessed with the song 🥰😍

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  • samandcolbypost
    02.12.2021 - 6 days ago

    Sam: 🪟 💨 🌲 🧍‍♂️

    I’m glad they’re okay tho 🙏🏻

    #sam golbach #sam and colby #colby brock #what are the odds tho
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