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    28.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Bratty BabyGirls Need Punishments and Aftercare Pt. 1

    Summary: Babygirl puts the b in brat when she takes out a week’s worth of frustrating misogynistic pigs on her Daddies.

    Warning: 18+, Minors DNI, cussin, smut, D/s and DD/lg themes, somnophilia themes, cockwarming, whatever debauchery I can concoct

    A/N: Let’s just say it’s getting harder and harder to let misogynistic comments and actions roll off my back. This is mostly a vent cause these mfs out here trying the last of my nerves. Pt. 2 coming either later today or sometime tomorrow, I wrote way more than orginally intended.

    A/N: My work is not to be plagiarized or reposted (on any site other than this) without my explicit consent and recognition.

    Y/N had just about had it with men this week. Usually she could handle the prejudice, catcalls, mild stalking, lood comments, and unnecessary roadblocks to getting shit done but it seemed as if their behaviour had been amplified, especially at her job. All she wanted was to get home and hide for the entire weekend.

    At the ass crack of dawn Monday, a power tripping type A white man did the most at the airport on her way home from visiting her family, purposefully keeping her from getting on her flight. Gave her some bullshit about how her personal bag that was fine on the way was no longer considered a personal bag with this airport. Same company and same type of plane. Repeatedly quoting that she would have to pay extra because it was policy and he wasn't responsible if other employees did not follow through. Then when she got rightfully upset, he threatened to have her and anyone that tried to help her arrested for disruptive behaviour. By the time she got home, well after the close of the work day she was supposed to be able to complete, she could do nothing but shower and sleep away the emotionally tasking effort of not becoming a full out angry black woman.

    Tuesday, the barista at the Starbucks around the corner, couldn’t focus on the words coming out of her mouth, only the movement of her chest. It took him 20 minutes and 5 tries to get her drink right and then had the nerve to leave his number on each wrong drink. The only thing keeping her from ripping his head off was a female associate who obviously had to deal with his behaviour on a regular basis. She gave Y/N a free brownie that helped to sweeten her day slightly. He was doubly lucky she still had 10 minutes to clock in or the sweetness might not have soothed her ever rising flame of anger.

    Wednesday, the new security guard who barely made it through the week didn’t understand the word no. Every day when she came in, instead of just scanning her in, he held her badge hostage with a long drawn out telling of why they belonged together. It didn’t help that his trainer was swamped with trying to fill the positions, fulfill the duties of the still empty positions, and train the new hirees; so he couldn’t monitor the shenanigans like he usually had time to and weed out the undesireables. The skeeze would hold out her badge at the end of each spiel, waggling his eyebrows with that stupid grin on his face, and ask, “so what time should I pick you up?” to which should muster up a somewhat polite, “no thank you.”

    Thursday, this pair of disgusting construction workers found any way to not do their job. They always ended up on her floor, flirting endlessly, telling her how good she’d look in one of their beds. It didn’t matter how many times she changed her route; those two were waiting for her, at her desk, the front desk, the bathroom doors, the cafe, the water fountain, they were there. She was so relieved when she found out construction was only for the day. Too bad the relief was short lived through the night.

    Friday was the worst day of them all. She came in feeling more ready for the day than she had throughout the week, having made it through her entire morning without any mishaps. The day had lulled her into a false sense of security, allowing her to complete her morning tasks and even take an early lunch. She should’ve known that when it rained, it poured. One of her team’s clients had come in a week early and demanded they do their presentation immediately because he had a new vacation home calling his name. Apparently the rich could afford to go on long holidays at the drop of a dime, but not be patient enough to allow the team to actually complete their jobs before providing actionable criticism. The older gentleman’s salt and pepper hair and sharp features made all the women swoon, until he opened his mouth.

    “Shames me to see so many women shirking their duties. My wife would never,” he said.

    And just like that, the delighted swoons turned to disappointed sighs and rolled eyes. Throughout the entire meeting, he would question any female personnel’s qualifications for holding their position and providing information, dismissed any idea presented unless it came from a man’s lips, all while making passes at anyone who glanced his way. It turned what was supposed to be an hour meeting into two and half. He kept making “a woman’s place” comments and ended up ranting about how inferior they were to men. Even worked himself into a tizzy about how “incapable a bleeding woman was of making logical business decisions”. The cherry on top though was when he slapped her ass on her way out the door after everyone else had left the room.

    He said, “If you’re needing a lesson on how to be a real woman, then give my secretary a call. Tell her daddy said he needs some sugar and you’ve got just the dessert I’ve been looking for,” and handed Y/N his card with a wink. She was so shocked at his boldness that she just made a beeline to get her breathing under control.

    Y/N wanted to punch him dead in his throat like Bucky had taught her but knew that without any witness to back her up, her equally misogynistic boss would say some bullshit like, “you should be glad a man of his caliber is even looking at a woman like you.” How’d she know? Because the last time a rich client got fresh with her and she slapped him, she almost lost her job. With barely a few hours left in the work day, she chanted he’s not worth her 401k and prayed that God stayed her hand from knocking these fools into the next century.

    Fucking men, with their ingrained entitlement and inferior perspectives steered by their vulnerable appendages that apparently warrants them as supreme beings.

    There is only so many ways one can politely say “no thank you, I’m not interested,” “you’re absolutely right sir, why didn’t I think of growing balls and saying the same damn thing so that you didn’t feel obligated to steal my idea,” or even, “oh, it’s absolutely okay with me if all i’m worth is what's beneath my clothes.” And if Y/N was anything, it was overly polite and determined to avoid conflict at all costs. Needless to say, her socially acceptable silence had stewed her rage into a bursting volcano; her polite meter was beyond empty, her patience past nonexistent, and her fury reached new fiery heights.

    Pity the man in the line of fire when she finally erupts.


    Bucky was surprisingly the one to pick up on her growing silence first. Sam was too busy taking on the duties of being Captain America to really do anything but sleep and eat between all of his duties, so Bucky had been in charge of keeping up communication with their Babygirl all week. He didn’t mind as much since Y/N had been helping him get the hang of his phone the last few weeks.

    He didn’t have time to reach out Monday, so he first noticed when he called her on Tuesday morning around the time she usually got to her desk. Instead of one of her sweet greetings, she answered her desk phone with a rude “what.” She backtracked and apologized when she realized it was him, dismissing her attitude as lack of sleep and a heavy workload, but he knew there was more to the story. Somebody hurt his bunny. But from past experiences he understood how uncomfortable Y/N felt having one or both of them come to her rescue. She was used to taking care of herself and fighting her own battles and he was going to let her…

    ...for now.

    The rest of the week she had any and every excuse not to facetime or talk with them over the phone, leaving their correspondence to just text. She knew how much Bucky hated texting, in fact it was a habit of hers to text the groupchat and then call Bucky to help him feel more comfortable with technology. But, this week? This week, she skirted around telling them what was wrong, giving them short responses or saying she had too much to do and would talk to them later. Only later didn’t come and before they knew it, it was Friday night with at least 60 hours since the last time he got a response from her.

    “Hey iRobot, did Babygirl call you yesterday like she promised on wednesday? I haven’t even had a chance to say hi all week.” Sam pouted.

    Bucky sighed, “No, and she didn’t answer any of my calls or texts yesterday and today. She didn't even tell me if I used the mojis right.” Bucky’s pout matched Sam’s, “She always praises me for trying at the very least.”

    “E, Bucky, it’s emojis, how many times-”

    “-babygirl doesn’t correct me when I say mojis so…”

    Sam rolled his eyes.

    “Anyway! When was the last time you got to hear and/or see babygirl over the phone, old guy?”

    Bucky growled out “Since Tuesday bird brains.”

    Sam’s joking manner instantly dropped. “Bucky, something is very wrong, we need to get our babygirl.”

    Bucky’s scowl turned into a matching grimace, “You got the same feeling in the pit of your stomach? I’ve had it all week, but I didn’t want to seem like I was overreacting.”

    Sam nodded and gulped. “No, you’re not overreacting. I have a feeling that you’re absolutely right. We gotta do better at paying attention.”

    “I know. But we have got to be even better about pushing these issues.”

    Sam agreed. “Her communication and lack of vulnerability outside of cumming and roleplay, right?”

    Bucky said, “ Yea, we let her be a vault too much. As much as we get on each others nerves though, I am never more grateful for you than when we are on the same page for our babygirl.”

    “Likewise, now let's go make our princess feel better.” Sam said.


    Y/N had given Bucky and Sam each a personalized key to her place about 6 months into their relationship. No partner, let alone 2 had made it that long with her affections so she figured they’d be the ones she could truly trust with this. In this moment they were grateful that they wouldn’t have to take criminalistic measures to get in. Even though it was late/early, this is usually when she would be up, especially on the weekend. They’d hate to add possibly scaring the shit out of her to their surprise visit.

    Bucky and Sam came into her place and it was completely dark and quiet save for a few night lights throughout the place, her white noise playing over the house’s sound system, and light whimpers that could just barely be heard coming from her bedroom.

    Bucky started to go up the stairs but Sam had stopped him with an arm earning himself a death glare.

    “I know, but wait, look at the kitchen.”

    “Nothing is in the kitchen, this is the cleanest I’ve seen her place Samuel, let me go to her,” Bucky said with increasing frustration.

    Sam answered, matching his frustration, “That’s right James. This is the cleanest her entire house has ever been since we’ve known her.”

    Bucky started to take note of everything. Yea, Y/N kept her house clean, but as a creative at heart, her home was always full of corners with her various creations. A knitting project on her couch or books strewn about her reading nook, even leftover flour and stacked sweets from her midnight baking escapades. In all the time they had spent with her, she had always kept some kind of mess nearby to help soothe her restless ever-creating mind. But her home was sterile, something she swore could never be used to describe anything of hers. Bucky could barely smell her scent, mixtures of the natural oils and butters she used on her skin and in her hair that was always magnified in her home.

    Sam locked eyes with Bucky and let his tears go seeing that mirroring tears were welling in Bucky’s eyes.

    Sam, on the edge of sobbing, said, “It’s like she tried to erase herself. I can’t smell anything that makes this place hers.”

    “She did try, but I still smell her. Sam, focus on that. She still smells like a warm hug on a rainy fall day.” Bucky said with a sniffle, “But I gotta say this reminds me a lot of that time when we were on the run, only she’s done it in a completely backwards way.”

    “What do you mean?” Sam asked.

    Bucky said, “Well, I destroyed the fucking place after I almost killed you waking up from a nightmare. I broke everything in that safe house to try and get you all to just leave me to die next to all the broken glass. Away and safe from the monster that should’ve died long ago.”

    “You know Steve could never leave you, especially when you were like that.”

    “And, you?” Bucky asked hesitantly.

    “Now you know that I was a veterans counselor. You got on my nerves but I was never going to leave you to the tortures laid out by a mind that had been manipulated by wars that weren’t yours for literal decades.”

    They hugged it out and shared a look of understanding.

    Bucky broke away, “We gotta breathe some life back into this place, hopefully it’s fully stocked like usual.”

    Sam paused his retrieval of her pots, pans, and bowls when he could only hear the thrum of the refrigerator door open. “What does she have for us to work with?” he asked as he turned to look with Bucky who was stark still with the door hanging openl.

    Sam had never been gladder to have nothing in his hands cause if he did it would be broken on the ground. “There’s nothing?”

    “I’ve been standing here trying to make something appear and I can guarantee she has nothing to eat but condiments and wine.”

    Sam leaned on the island, trying to bring his anger under control, “I am going to break every bone of the fucktard that did this to our honey bun.”

    Bucky closed the door and laid his right hand over top of Sam’s as he leaned over the island and his left on his back, rubbing in small circles.

    “We’ll get to them later, but right now we have to focus on fixing this right here. Focus on what we can control for now and fix that, right? Isn’t that what you always say to your classes?

    Sam let out a deep breath, “yea, that’s what I say. I just…”

    “...I know. But later, remember?”

    Sam sighed, “Okay, later.”


    Y/N groggily woke up to the smell of good cooking. Her bladder was screaming and so was sunrise right into her face. After relieving herself, she made her way downstairs, hiding as best she could from her knights in shining vibranium armor.

    Bucky was working on some brownies and Sam was slicing up some fruit into a bowl, adding it to the brunch spread. Neither looked up from their tasks, but both had known the second she got out of her bed. Bucky however, was the first to address her as he poured in some chocolate and butterscotch chips in the waffle batter.

    “Go sit with Sam babygirl, you’ve lost weight,” he said with a frown.

    Sam looked over his shoulder at Bucky’s assessment, his face instantly fixing itself into a twin frown. He sat down and patted his thigh, usually her favorite seat. His words came out a little rougher than intended in his efforts to mask his emotions, “Sit princess, time to eat.”

    Y/N crossed her arms and mumbled out, “not hungry.” She walked past Bucky instead and put her kettle on. Completely ignoring them she set up her favorite cup and loose leaf tea into one of her reusable bags.

    As soon as she stopped moving to gaze out the kitchen window, Bucky lightly grabbed her elbow with his flesh hand in an effort to guide her towards Sam. “Princess, please go sit with Sam, I’ll bring your tea.”

    She was just shy of flinching when she pulled away from him, but he still noticed. “No. I’ll make myself my tea and go back to my room. You two can finish whatever it was here that you were trying to do, clean, pack it up, and take it home,” and she definitely noticed the twin flashes of pain on his and Sam’s faces, striking her right in the center of her chest. Still, her pride was telling her to get them out of the house yesterday, unwilling to have one of her breakdowns in front of them.

    Sam got up and tried to get closer, “You don’t mean that princess. You’ve just had a bad week is all, right? Just come have breakfast with us and let us make it better,” but she flinched the second he took a step.

    “I do-” she slammed the silverware drawer closed and spun on her heels, “-and I changed my mind. You can just stop and leave now, I’ll clean up.”

    If feelings were knives then Bucky and Sam’s face would’ve been a freshly sharpened chef’s knife, and telling them to leave when all she wanted was to be held, felt like she was watching her chest being opened with one.

    Bucky, with unshed tears in his eyes, became unsure, “Babygirl?”

    Thankfully, Sam was somewhat experienced with the mind and pride of a black woman that was too scared to ask for real help. “Buck?”

    It took a few times before the super soldier could turn his gaze from Y/N and when they locked eyes, it just about knocked the wind out of Sam. “Why don’t you start putting the food from the table away? Colds in the fridge and the rest can stay warm in the oven.” He looked back at Y/N and sighed, “I have a feeling it's going to be a while before any of us eat.”

    “Yes it will, if you’re leaving the food here then you can go now. I don’t fucking care, just leave!” she said, raising her voice and folding her arms defensively.

    The kettle reached its boiling point at that exact moment, adding to the tension in the room.

    While Bucky despondently put the food away, Sam walked into the kitchen, squeezing Bucky’s arm reassuringly as they switched places. Sam took the kettle off the eye and made sure everything was turned off. When he turned to Y/N and saw she hadn’t changed her defensive stance or bad attitude, he matched her and raised his eyebrow.

    Y/N usually fixed her attitude when Sam gave her that look, but today her brat was fully in control. “The hell you looking at? Did I fucking stutter?”

    Bucky gasped and Sam’s shocked face quickly turned lethal.

    “Alright! I’ve had it with this attitude! You don’t want to talk to us? You don’t want us to do the best we can to make you feel better? Fine, but you will not keep insulting us when all we want to do is help!” Sam said as he grabbed one of Y/N’s fists and made her unfold her arms, holding her wrist in his hand.

    Y/N wrenched her arm free with a hard yank. “I’m sick and fucking tired of men telling me how the hell I should look, talk, walk, and fucking feel!” She started out yelling but ended in a sob, “Tired of my value being attached to my body and how good I am at keeping quiet in the face of misogyny. I’m just so damn tired.”

    She curled into a ball on the floor and let the entire week out. Unable to catch her breath she succumbed to a full blown panic attack.

    Bucky and Sam immediately stopped what they were doing and came to her aid. Sam crouched in front of her, grabbing her hands to rub on them soothingly, and Bucky started rubbing her back.

    Sam spoke softly, “Babygirl, I need you to breathe and focus on us. Feel Bucky rubbing circles on your back and my thumbs on your hands. Keep listening to the sound of our voices.”

    Bucky joined in, “Yea, keep listening to Sam. He’s the best person to bring you back to us. Trust me, I know.” He leaned next to her ear, stroking her head. “Can you look at him for me bunny? Please?” he said, his voice cracking on the ‘please’.

    Y/N slowly lifted her tear streaked face and let out a wheezing sob when she locked eyes with Sam.

    “That’s a good girl,” said Sam. “Alright babygirl, I need you to take some deep breathes with me. In for 4, out for 8.”

    Bucky added reassuringly, “You’re doing so good bunny,” still rubbing her back.

    Sam guided her through the breathing exercises and she followed, slowly calming down until she wasn’t hyperventilating anymore and her sobs had quieted to whimpers.

    “Bucky, can you grab some water please?” Sam asked as he stood, scooping Y/N into his arms and heading upstairs.

    Bucky made her a giant glass and started to go behind them but decided to grab some fruit, cheese, and crackers as well. When he was satisfied that he wouldn’t need to come back downstairs anytime soon, he followed them to her bedroom just in time to hear the tail end of her story.

    Hiccuping through her story, Y/N finished with, “I wish I wasn’t born a woman, let alone a black woman with this body. I’m not even allowed to be angry about what I’m subjected to on a daily basis.”

    Bucky put the food items down on her side table as Sam sat back on the headboard with her cradled in his arms. After handing the water to Sam for her to take a few sips and putting it on the side table, Bucky didn’t know what he could do, so he just sat on the edge of the bed and twiddled his thumbs.

    Sam said, “I can’t say I entirely understand, princess, but I have to say I’m really disappointed in you for taking your frustration out on us in such a negative way. We’ve talked about your communication too many times for you not to utilize all of the methods we discussed.”

    Y/N tucked her head into Sam’s neck, finally letting her embarrassment settle in.

    “I didn’t mean it! I just don’t trust myself being this vulnerable with anyone but me. My previous partners always made me feel worse whenever I would let them in.” she said, looking up into Sam’s eyes with fresh tears brimming.

    Sam sighed and swiped them away.

    Y/N looked up at Bucky’s soft words, her heart cracking with each one, “But you didn’t even give us a chance to prove you wrong,” he said, unable to hold back the pain in his voice and his unshed tears from this entire ordeal, “you just, rejected us. Are we that bad at taking care of you?”

    He locked eyes with her shattering the last pieces of her high emotional wall. She quickly climbed into Bucky’s lap and started kissing all over his face. “No no no. I’m so sorry dada. I didn’t mean to hurt you guys. Please make me feel better now.” Holding Bucky’s face in her hands, she looked back at Sam, “You two are the best at taking care of me. I just forget to let you sometimes. Forgive me? Pweaaaaasee?”

    Bucky half smiled, burying his face in her neck and breathing her in, in an effort to quiet all the negative thoughts that had been swirling around his head since their earlier interaction. “I can’t stay mad at you bunny, but I have a feeling that Samster the hamster brain may need some more convincing.”

    They both looked over at him and sure enough he had his retribution face on with his arms folded.

    “Your skills of deduction would be right detective robocop.” Sam replied.

    Y/N giggles at their banter turned to a whimper as she wrapped her arms around Bucky even tighter, squeezing the life out of him if he hadn’t been a super soldier. “Don’t let him get me Buck, I said I was sorry.”

    “Bring me the bratty princess, she needs to learn a few lessons in manners.” Sam said.

    “Bucky stood and moved to hand a squirming Y/N off to Sam, “I’m sorry bunny, but you know I can’t go against him when it comes to discipline. We all agreed that he would be in charge of that since I can't bring myself to really chastise you past words.”

    “But, but, but-”

    “The only butt we’re focusing on here is yours so stop it. You earned this punishment fair and square,” Sam said as he rearranged her body so that her bottom was up, managing to get her sleep dress off in the process.

    Bucky bent down to stroke her head and face as Sam doled out 25 swats with his bare hand. Y/N whined and wiggled the whole way through since Sam did not ease her into it like he usually would. He had a point to make and was intent on making sure it stuck.

    “Bucky, you want your dick warmed up first since babygirl was especially cold to you?” said like a command though it was phrased like a question.

    Bucky and Sam traded places with Bucky clutching Y/N to his front facing an evil smirking Sam. Sam laid down so that he was in front of their private areas and pulled Bucky’s rock hard dick out, swiping his precum with his thumb and sucking it into his mouth and getting him more worked up.

    “Such a good boy for me when I’m commanding you, aren’t you?” Sam said

    Bucky instantly became the sub Y/N rarely got to see, nodding his head at Sam’s praise.

    “Now, go ahead and bury yourself to the hilt, she’s soppin’ wet so you shouldn’t have much trouble.”

    Bucky followed directions, eliciting gut wrenched moans from both himself and Y/N. He started to move a little, too overwhelmed with how snug she felt around him and the pressing need to get the friction he was so desperately craving. He was halted by the quick pop Sam gave his outer thigh, jostling their joined bodies even further.

    “Did I say you could move?” Sam said with a raised eyebrow.

    Bucky whimpered out a weak “no, sir,” and let gravity drag Y/N’s convulsing heat down to the hilt.

    “That’s what I thought.” Sam took off his shirt and finished undressing Bucky, wriggling his pants and boxers all the way off. Finally satisfied with his bare partners, Sam laid back down, getting eye level with their joined sexes. He blew on Y/N’s swollen clit and laughed at her tortured moan and Bucky’s echoing one from her nonstop squeezing.

    Looking up at them both he said, “Now, here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m hungry, so I’m gonna eat until I’m satisfied. Bucky, you will stave off your orgasm until I say, but Y/N-” he rubbed on her inner thighs, moving closer and closer to her sex, “-you’re not allowed to cum at all. Anytime you get close Bucky is going to tell me so I can stop and then start the process all over again.”

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    The World Is Too Heavy// Sam Wilson x Reader

    Summary: You feel too deeply and the world is too much sometimes. You just needed to be heard. Sam will always make that happen.


    "Are you okay?"

    Sam Wilson is one perceptive man, you know that. But you were used to hiding your heart, your pain. You thought you were good at it, you had to be since no one bothered to question otherwise. But as it turns out, Sam Wilson was one perceptive man.

    It felt like you were born with a perpetual heaviness in your heart, like your soul's purpose was to hold onto other people's hurt for safekeeping along with your own. You had handled it pretty well thus far, you believed. But sometimes it just gets too much.

    "I'm fine, love, nothing serious." you answer, avoiding his gaze.

    "It is serious if it's got you on the verge of tears, baby." He comes up to you, taking your hands in his gentle ones.

    "It's nothing. I'm just overwhelmed. I tend to get like this sometimes. It is hard to see anything but pain in the world some days, especially when that's all people talk to you about." A tear slips your eye and Sam wipes it away, it almost seems like a reflex, like this is just how his heart works, like this is just how his hands move when they see someone in pain. Or maybe it's just you. "So much is wrong with the world and I hate that I can't fix it. It's so stupid to believe that I can change the world and make everything okay but I just want everyone to live a happy life. Don't they deserve it?" You felt weird saying it out loud. Other people did, too, when you let them know what you thought. Sam nods in understanding. He always understood, somehow, someway, he always made it feel like even the most outrageous reasons for despair were valid.

    "I like being someone that people can rely on, that's the only way I feel important, like I actually mean something to the people I love. If I'm not there for them, if I don't listen to their hurt and their sorrow, what am I worth? What am I bringing to their life? I might as well not be in it. What am I worth if I'm not helping the world get better? " You want to cry and scream but it all stills in your chest.

    Sam grabs your chin and makes you look up at him. It's heartbreaking to see the love in his, like you haven't done enough to deserve it.

    "I don't deserve you, Sam."

    Sam hears his heart crack.

    "Baby, that's for me to decide and I decided a long time ago that you do. You hold my heart in your hands and you haven't dropped it, not once. You could squeeze it till I feel it in my chest and I would still let you have it. I promise you, sweetheart, you deserve my love." He presses a kiss to your forehead. "And for not feeling like you're doing enough for the people you love, for the world, that's simply not true, my love. I know it won't be easy to convince you that people can, I don't know, just love you but I will keep reminding you. Maybe, just maybe, you'll end up accepting that fact one day. I love you, okay? And you might not be able to fix every wrong thing in the world, but you sure as hell remind everyone that the world isn't just pain. You are a living, breathing reminder that there is goodness in the world, baby. You make so many lives brighter just by being in them. I mean, exhibit A, me." He does a silly little turn that earns a giggle out of you.

    "You always know the right thing to say, you know that, Mr. Wilson?"

    "Well, I try my best. With you, I always will."

    This man was hell bent on making you cry.

    "I'm sorry for being a sad bitch today."

    "You can be a sad bitch anyday, just know that you don't have to be one alone, okay? C'mere."

    He hugs you tight, pressing a kiss to the top of your head and rocking you gently. This was his reminder that everything ends up okay. And Sam Wilson doesn't really lie.


    A/N: Heyyyyyy! Hope you liked this one! A shorty, I know 🤷‍♀️ This is totally self-indulgent (which of my fics isn't, let's be honest here) and I really needed to hear this so I hope you guys found comfort in this too! Love you so so much! Please reblog and comment, it helps me loads! Peace out 😌

    Tagging the homies : @lil-stark @sexysamosa @janetsnakehole02 @blueberrynonnie ❣

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    After much labor, the Sambucky zombie romance fic is here. 😂 Should I post daily? Weekly?

    Title: The Way Out Is Through

    Pairing: Sambucky; background Ayo/Sarah Wilson, past Sam/Steve/Nat mentioned

    5 chapters, 12k, completed | Explicit

    Summary: Sam and Bucky fell in love in Wakanda. Instead of bringing the Blip, Thanos’ minions bring a virus. Sam and Bucky try to survive.

    Written for @sambuckylibrary’s Halloween event!


    Sam was smiling that same sunshine, gap toothed smile that Bucky would move hell for. “You’re lucky I can’t resist that look.”

    “Look?” Sam said, mockingly abashed, fingers to his chest. “When have I ever had a look?”

    He just gave Bucky that look even harder. Bare chest dripping water, the Wakandan sun making him glow like some fucking angel. That wasn’t fair.

    Bucky licked his lips, saw Sam watching, hungry. “C’mere and show me more of that 21st century PDA. Makes Steve uncomfortable.”

    Bucky woke up to screaming.

    Two shambling figures jumped out of the shadows of the alley, trash bins sprawling. A man yelped in surprise, scrambling to run.

    Time to go to work.

    #sambucky#sam wilson#bucky barnes#my fic#sambuckyhalloween2021 #I wanted to write three separate fics for the bingo but wasn’t able to #this fic got away from me #I hope folx enjoy it #next two chapters are Sam heavy
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  • writtenfangirl
    28.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Passage of Time

    Sad girl autumn is here and I love me some angst.
    Steve Rogers Fic
    3,425 words
    Inspired by the song All I Want by Kodaline

    All I want is nothing more

    To hear you knocking at my door

    Cause if I could see your face once more

    I’d die a happy man, I’m sure

    She didn’t know why he did it let alone how he could have done it.

    They had a whole life planned out together. A whole book about their lives that hadn’t been written and yet, somehow, Steve Rogers decided to end it on the prologue.

    Y/N knew she should be angry. She should curse god for her sour luck, curse Steve Rogers himself for making her love him only to have him leave her while he lived a full life for himself. She should hate him for everything that he did to her. Making her look like a stupid, lovelorn fool was one thing but leaving her when he’d promised her that they would have a lifetime together was another thing entirely.

    She had to hate him. She had to. He mercilessly shattered her heart and didn’t once look back. She should hate him.

    In truth, all Y/N really wanted was to see his face once again. To hear the familiar rap of his knuckles against the wooden door of their shared bedroom as he gave Y/N one of his warm smiles. And if she saw that again, Y/N was sure she could die a happy woman.

    When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside

    I lay in tears in bed all night Alone without you by my side

    Wanda told her to remember happier times.

    “It’s my trick,” she had told her when she found Y/N sobbing on the floor in her room in the Avengers compound. “When I feel as though the grief will suffocate me, I remember all the good things Vision and I did together and suddenly, I can breathe a little easier.”

    And as Y/N laid in bed as insomnia clung to her, she found that she couldn’t conjure up a single good memory.

    No matter how hard she tried, all she could remember was the pain of Steve’s last words to her before he went back in time and his words as he returned to her an old man.

    His goodbye had been so strange, Y/N noticed. She had brushed it off, thinking only of the peace that retirement would bring them.

    It had been a beautiful summer day. The birds were singing, the sight of the faraway lake brought with it images of tranquility. After Steve’s mission, Y/N had made plans to take him on a picnic where she’d propose to him. She’d grown tired of waiting for him to ask her and Y/N was always the type of person who went after what she wanted.

    “I love you, Y/N,” Steve had told her. He planted a kiss on her temple, one that had Y/N’s eyes fluttering close. “I hope you never forget that.”

    “How could I ever forget? You’ll always be there to remind me.” She had sent Steve a warm smile, one that he did not return. But she pushed down her feeling of apprehension. This was a dangerous mission after all and Steve was most likely focusing his mind to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

    At least, that’s what she told herself.

    But when Bucky pointed to the lakeshore after Steve missed his minute mark, the pit in Y/N’s stomach only deepened.

    She had approached him cautiously. It would have been easy to deny that it was Steve Rogers. His once blonde hair had turned into a shiny silver, his muscular frame thinning into that of a frail old man, his once immaculately straight posture was now hunched. But there was no mistaking his startling blue eyes. Blue eyes marred with green.

    The eyes that Y/N fell in love with.

    She fell to her knees at the sight of him, tears welling up in her own E/C as he smiled kindly at her.

    “Hello, Y/N,” Steve said, reaching out for her.

    She flinched away from him, the sharp feeling of betrayal stabbing her heart. “Tell me you didn’t. Tell me that this wasn’t your choice. That something went wrong in the mission and that this wasn’t what you wanted.” But there was no mistaking Steve’s look of pity.

    “I’m sorry,” He said sorrowfully. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

    She stood up from her kneeling position, angrily swiping at the tears that fell from her face but there was no stopping that dam that broke within her. Flashes of the life that they could have had, the life that Steve had promised, shattered right before her eyes and devastation had her in its icy grip. Despite the warm summer day, all Y/N felt was cold.

    “You’re sorry for hurting me,” she echoed. Even in her own ears, her voice sounded broken. “But you’re not sorry you did it.”

    “No,” Steve replied with a shake of his head. “If you let me explain—“

    “No explanation needed.” Y/N took a step away from Steve as he tried to reach for her again. “What’s done is done.”

    And she ran from him. Ran from Bucky and Sam and Bruce and she didn’t once look back. No matter how hard she tried, there was no running from the pain, no running from the death of her own heart. So she ran faster until all she could feel was her lungs burning for air.

    The memory flashed against her mind, searing into her eyelids.

    She wished she could forget it all. Forget not only Steve’s betrayal but forget the whole relationship. What good were cherished memories when they were tainted by heartbreak?

    She repressed the tears that threatened to flow from her eyes as she turned in her bed. Her eyes landed on the space next to her, an open chasm of emptiness that served as a reminder of her pain. She had thrown all of Steve’s stuff in an empty closet in their shared apartment but she never thought to throw his pillow in as well. It laid empty next to her, the shape of Steve’s head still imprinted on its surface.

    She pulled it to her, burying her face against it. It still smelled like his shampoo but it brought her no sense of comfort.

    This time, when the fresh wave of tears came, she let it flow.

    So you brought out the best in me

    A part of me I'd never seen

    You took my soul and wiped it clean

    Our love was made for movie screens

    Before Y/N became an Avenger, she was an assassin for HYDRA. A trained killer that had done monstrous things all in the name of an organization who saw her as a living weapon. Her destructive ability to wield the four elements meant that a lot of people died with her around. Not only was she a villain, she was a monster too.

    When she was sent to retrieve the Winter Soldier in Romania, it was Steve who found her. He brought out parts of herself she didn’t know she had. He helped her navigate through her grief and guilt until she became someone she hardly recognized. Steve wiped her slate clean and somehow, Y/N hadn’t even minded.

    As he helped fixed the broken parts of her, Y/N began to fall for him.

    At the beginning, she hated that she fell for him. It seemed so stupid to do so. Clearly, Steve was still hung up over Peggy and only saw Y/N as a friend. And, if anything, Sam had been pushing a relationship between Bucky and Y/N.

    “It makes sense!” Sam told her once. “You’re both trained assassins with dark pasts. You both helped the other to heal. It just makes sense.”

    But Bucky didn’t make sense to Y/N. Bucky was her friend, a person whose soul she intimately knew because his mirrored her own but he wasn’t anyone Y/N could the spend the rest of her life with. Steve was her hope, her salvation. The one person who made her want to be better, to do better. The one person who helped her see that her past, her mistakes, weren’t the only things she should have. He showed her a better life, one without guilt. One that meant Y/N could do some good in this world.

    She kept her feelings close to her heart. Hadn’t uttered a single word of it to anyone much less Steve.

    He’d set boundaries after all, the least she could do was respect that.

    But then Steve told her that he was falling for her too and it was the most amazing thing Y/N had ever heard in her life.

    The life they shared after confessing their feelings to each other was something straight out of a movie. Magical and beautiful and full of ups and downs but was nevertheless enduring.

    They experienced a lot of hardships together yet somehow, the pain made their love worth it. The pain was a reminder of everything Y/N could stand to lose, everything Y/N would die to protect.

    Their movie screen love seemed like such a joke now. Because what were movies if not fake?

    If you loved me, why'd you leave me?

    Take my body, take my body

    Y/N wasn’t sure what she was doing here.

    The door before her seemed foreboding. A scary, ominous sign of her heartbreak. She knew who stood behind the door but she couldn’t bring herself to knock on his door.

    The ghostly feeling of her hurt haunted her. A reminder of Steve’s betrayal.

    She couldn’t do this. Why was she forcing herself to do this? To torture herself and hurt herself like this? She turned around, ignoring the fluttering butterflies that threatened to have bile rising up her throat.

    She was halfway down the steps when she heard the door swinging open. The sound had her frozen in her spot and the butterflies in her stomach turned into a raging storm.

    She turned around slowly and found Steve’s old and weathered face smiling at her.

    “Hello, Y/N,” He said with a smile. “I’ve been expecting you. Why don’t you come in?” He beckoned her in but Y/N stayed rooted in her spot. The crisp autumn air swept through her hair making goosebumps rise on her skin despite the warm jacket that hung on her shoulders.

    “You’ve been expecting me?” She asked, her eyebrow rising at the thought.

    “You hated leaving problems unsolved,” Steve said with a shrug. Despite his weathered appearance, Steve’s voice remained the same. If Y/N closed her eyes, she could almost imagine that the Steve talking to her now was the Steve she always knew. It didn’t give her any sense of comfort. Instead, all it did was remind her of everything she’d lost.

    “Please, come in, Y/N. I know there’s some things we both want to say to each other.”

    Y/N contemplated running away. In his prime, Steve would have been able to run after her. But right now, while he was an old man? She doubted he could even get within ten feet of her.

    “I hope you’re not thinking of making me chase after you,” Steve said with a grin. “My knees aren’t what they use to be, I’m afraid.”

    Y/N sighed but nonetheless entered Steve’s home.

    She wasn’t exactly sure what she was expecting but the apartment was small. Big enough for only one person judging by the single bedroom and single bathroom. The kitchen wasn’t very big either and neither was the living room. The intimacy of the apartment wasn’t lost on Y/N. Despite the unfamiliar setting, she saw parts of Steve in the place.

    The cleanliness of his living space was there for one thing. Everything was kept immaculate, each item having their own place with a notable exception being his art materials. They were scattered on a small table, stacks of sketch books strewn around, mason jars containing his paintbrushes, the dust from his charcoals decorating the wooden space. There were picture frames around the apartment too. Pictures of him and Peggy, of their children and their grandchildren.

    She felt like an intruder. As if she wasn’t meant to see any of these things. It was a good thing the space was dark and, strangely enough, cold. Her hands sparked as a steady ball of fire erupted from Y/N’s palm, bathing the space with warmth and light.

    “I’m sorry it’s so dark in here,” Steve said as Y/N took a seat on the couch. “It’s an old building. The power goes out sometimes.” He was busying himself as he took candles from a cupboard in the kitchen.

    “It’s okay,” she said with tight smile.

    “Do you mind?” Steve gestured to the unlit candles. “It’s getting harder and harder for me to use a lighter nowadays.”

    Y/N extinguished the fire in her hand as she gingerly took the candles from Steve’s hand.

    Her fingers brushed against his hand, feeling the papery skin that comes from age. Steve took a seat on the leather armchair that was across from the sofa that Y/N sat on. She busied herself lighting the candles and setting them on the coffee table between them, grateful for the distraction.

    “I’m glad you came,” Steve said with a small smile.

    “Really?” Y/N said with a cocked eyebrow as a flame danced on her fingertip. She brought the flame close to a candle’s wick, letting the fire spread until the candle held its own steady blaze. “Most people generally don’t like having conversations with their ex girlfriends.”

    Steve’s smile widened. “Well, you were more than just an ex girlfriend to me.”

    Y/N tried not to think about what that meant. She lit the last candle and carefully placed it on the coffee table in front of them. There was enough light in the room to illuminate their faces but it didn’t dispel the chill that gripped Y/N.

    “Is there a reason you came?” Steve asked her.

    “I still have some of your stuff. They’re in a box in my car. I figured, I should give them back to you.”

    “Keep them. Maybe something to remember me by.”

    Y/N couldn’t stop her scoff at Steve’s words. “To remember you by? Did you have anything to remember me by when you left me like that?”

    Steve made a move to answer but Y/N cut him off before he could. “Actually, don’t answer that. I already know the answer. You didn’t. You didn’t want to remember me because why would you, right? I was just nothing to you.”

    “That’s not true,” Steve shook his head. His sorrowful eyes made Y/N want to rip out her own hair. How dare he look at her like that, like she hurt him after the heartbreak he put her through. “I loved you, Y/N. I really did.”

    “If you loved me, why did you leave me?”

    The question hung in the air. It pulled the air in the room, thickening it until Y/N could feel the tension cling to her and Steve.

    He gave her a tired and weary look. She expected him to argue with her, to explain why he left when he promised her the world. But instead, all Steve said was, “I’m sorry.”

    His apology made things so much worse.

    Somehow, it made things so much worse.

    She didn’t say anything, only staring at Steve. His face was bathed by the candles’ orange glow and, with a jolt, Y/N noticed that his face would look younger in some angles, reminder her of the same face that she fell in love with.

    He reached into his pocket and brought out a small ring box. He opened it and set it on the table before them. The ring inside was simple, the diamond cut into a striking circle and set on a rose gold band. It looked clean and well cared for.

    “This is how I remembered you,” Steve pushed the box towards her. The diamond glinted orange against the candles’ light, winking at her in mockery. “I was going to propose.”

    She tore her eye away from it, steadying her gaze on Steve. “It’s beautiful,” she said flatly.

    “Tony helped me pick it out. I was suppose to propose when I came back. You planned a picnic for us, do you remember?”

    “Funny,” Y/N replied bitterly. “I was going to do the same thing. Propose at the picnic, I mean.”

    He gave her a tight smile. “I figured, I shouldn’t make you wait.”

    Y/N stayed silent, her eyes trained on the ring.

    “It’s yours. I want you to have it.” Steve said as he pushed the box towards her. Y/N felt a lump lodge itself in her throat as she gingerly took the box from the table and pocketed it. It felt heavy in her jacket, a weight as solid as her pain. She should leave it here. She should give it back to Steve and have him sell it. She doesn’t need more anymore reminders of her heartbreak. But a piece of Steve, even one as small and as little as this ring, was better than nothing at all.

    It made her feel pathetic. Pinning after a man who hurt her, who clearly had no desire to be with her, who had wanted someone else. She was being pathetic and she hated it. She hated him for making her feel this way, she hated the world or the universe or fate or whoever was pulling their strings for pushing them together but most of all she hated herself for still loving him despite everything he’d done to her.

    “I’m never going to get an explanation, am I?” Her eyes met Steve’s and she felt her heart sink as he shook his head.

    “There isn’t one,” Steve replied sadly. “There’s no explanation. There is nothing I can say that can explain why I did what I did.”

    All I want is, and all I need is

    To find somebody, I'll find somebody

    Like you

    She stayed silent, watching Steve. The lump in her throat refused to disappear and the heat in the back of her eyes had her eyes watering but she pushed the feeling down. She refused to show Steve how much he hurt her, not when there’s nothing she could do about it.

    She stood up abruptly. “I should go. There’s nothing for me here.”

    “Y/N—“ Steve tried to stand but Y/N shook her head.

    “Don’t bother. I’ll see myself out, Steve.” She took a deep and sharp breath and when she met Steve’s eyes, she let her walls down. She wasn’t sure what Steve saw when he looked at her but she wasn’t willing to stay to find out.

    She wasn’t sure what else to say but not saying anything else as she left made her feel awkward and incomplete. She turned before she reached the door and in that moment, the lights came on, illuminating the once dim room.

    For the first time since she came in his home, Y/N truly saw Steve as he was now. Saw the wrinkles on his face for a life well lived, saw the pictures of his family and his loved ones on the walls and tables of his home. Saw the life that he had built for himself and only himself. He aged before her eyes, saw the passage of time touch him and there was nothing Y/N could do to stop it.

    A flick of her hand had the wind whooshing in, extinguishing the candles.

    “I always loved it when you did that,” Steve said. He gave her another small, nostalgic smile and this time, Y/N returned it. It wasn’t sincere, not by a long shot, but it was better than staring at him blankly.

    “Good bye, Steve.” She hesitated before she said the next words. “I’ll find someone else.” She wasn’t sure who she was reassuring. Was it herself or him? In either case, her words brought her but a small amount of comfort.

    This time, when Steve smiled at her, she made sure to commit it to memory. “I’m sure you will, Y/N. You’ll find someone else, someone better.”

    This time, when she turned to leave, she didn’t look back.

    #steve rogers oneshots #steve rogers imagines #steve rogers x reader #avengers oneshot#avengers fanfic#avengers imagines #steve rogers au #captain america #captain america oneshots #captain america imagines #captain america x reader #steve x reader #chris evans#bucky barnes#sam wilson#bruce banner#Spotify
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  • socialite-ghost
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Oneshot request are now open, I'll only be taking 5 request. Please put the characters and plot when you request.

    Ships I'll write -

    Bruce Wayne x Clark Kent (batman & superman)

    Bruce Wayne x Jack Napier (batman & joker)

    Starfire x Nightwing

    Din Djarin x Luke Skywalker

    Padme Amidala x Anakin Skywalker

    Spiderman x Deadpool

    Wanda x Vision

    Sam Wilson x Bucky Barns

    Iwazumi Hajime x Oikawa Toru

    Akaashi Keji x Bokuto Kotaro

    If you don't have a ship you want me to write, that's okay. Give me a plot, and the main characters you want included.

    Fandoms I'll write -



    Star Wars


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  • playboyphilanthro-pissed
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sam Wilson looks like he gives really good hugs which I appreciate and would like to be on the receiving end of

    #personal#oliver writes #sorry he looks like he would be comfy #sam wilson
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  • livkero
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i had to take this idea of my head somehow so I just did a little sketch but I really like it

    #sambucky #james bucky barnes #sam wilson #sun and moon
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  • medijolola
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Prompt: Helmut Zemo very tragic past

    I’m a sucker for characters with horrendously dark back stories, just a lot of angst and hurt. Where their teammates/coworkers would never even begin to suspect from the character’s general behavior.  

    So prompt:

    Bucky and Sam continue to recruit/enlist Zemo from the raft for missions. As the missions continue they just keep discovering tidbits of Zemos Greek tragedy of a life. Every time they think they've reached the tip of the trauma iceberg, something else comes up, usually in the form of an offhanded comment or in the form of a totally logical explanation of why this behavior is normal (example to hoard food on ones person for x, y, & z; Zemo totally nonchalant). 

    Sam feeling betrayed because he thought Bucky's Depression/WWII/Hydra backstory and his lettuceless lettuce sandwiches were the saddest thing he'd have to deal with in this team-up. 

    Up strolls Zemo with abuse (physical abuse from his father (comics)), dead mother, growing up in a country of civil unrest/civil war, which likely led to famine, drafted at a ridiculously young age (15-16), his first kill taking place not long after, being trained to withstand torture, witnessing the torture and subsequent death of comrades, being torture at the hands of the enemy, the death of his family, the deaths of the EKO scorpion team, end of his country etc. Plus all his suicide attempts, what was it 9? 10? Total if you count suicide attempt via Bucky… not to mention years of solitary confinement... 

    Bucky nodding along too Zemo’s survivalist logic (sees no problem, makes sense) mother Russia, the depression, the war, etc taught many such lessons. 

    Just Zemo’s potential backstory in the MCU seems like it could be a trove of tragedy, beyond what we already know about. 

    So I humbly submit this prompt for your consideration/ discussion. How much tragedy do you suspect lived through Zemo’s, love to hear your logic/ reasoning.

    And how do you think the guys react, I figure Bucky’s first instinct is to, as I mentioned above nod along in agreement.

    --> Sam rolling up his trauma sleeves (did not sign up for this) 

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  • neverlandsky
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    im still very grateful they let sam wilson say curse words in tfatws like !!! very in character. very fun.

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  • medijolola
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    Hurt Sam Wilson

    This is the culmination of a discussion on the discord between myself and @sublimepigeon with input from @sholiofic​​

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    #sam wilson is love
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  • i-ll-be-the-moon
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    sam wilson 🤝 mobius m. mobius

    human weighted blanket

    #i-ll-be-the-moon#sam wilson #mobius m. mobius #marvel#mcu #sam wilson my beloved #mobius my beloved #i will elaborate actually
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    Misc. Characters | masterlist

    Carol Danvers

    See You Soon (fictober)

    No matter how much you wished it didn’t end, some things can’t last forever.

    Sam Wilson

    Cohersion (fictober)

    It was rare, but there were times Fury’s information was wrong. You just wished it wasn’t that time.

    Joaquín Torres

    Sleep Rescue (fictober)

    Just another sudden burst of motivation at 3am. Just one more time Joaquín needed to come to the rescue.

    #ignore this... just me trying to fix up my blog #masterlist#misc masterlist #joaquin torres x reader #sam wilson x reader #carol danvers x reader #asgardwinter masterlist
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    Zemo in FatWS and the Fall of Sokovia May 6th.

    @Shimmerchicken pointed out a really interesting bit of information regarding FatWS’s timeline/dates. Novi Grad fell on May 6th

    I’m curious if anyone has written any fiction addressing Bucky and Sam realizing after the fact that they had Zemo working on the anniversary of his loved ones death.  What triggers the realization, does it change how they view him at all, does anything come of it. If anyone writes this I’d love to read it.

    I just figured I’d add this tidbit to the discussion, since I had no idea as I watched show; it really did affect my view of Zemo behavior throughout the show. 

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  • aynanasstuff
    28.10.2021 - 5 hours ago


    wow that was...aggressive

    BUT LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS MAN, i need it 😤

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  • sammy-souffle
    28.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Never thought I'd love a character as much as I love Sam 😭

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  • imaslutformaybank
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    A/N: this is such a cute idea, i love it so much.  this is my first blurb, so i hope you enjoy!

    one shot, blurb, or head canon?: blurb

    summary: sam comes to a revelation about bucky and the reader one night.

    pairing: bucky barnes x reader

    warnings: like one sexual innuendo 

    “you know, i would much rather stay at home and have some.. alone time than go out to a fancy restaurant,” bucky stated as he looked down at me.  i wrapped my arms around him and rested my chin on his chest, looking up at him fondly.

    “but if we go out, we won’t have the risk of being caught together.”

    “so you’re saying you want to have sex in a public place? that’s dirty,” he said.  i rolled my eyes.

    “that is not what i-”

    i pulled away from him as soon as i heard footsteps heading toward us.  sam walked into the kitchen and i cleared my throat, acting like i was reaching for a cup.

    “hey guys, wanna do something tonight?” he asked.

    “i can’t, i have a date,” i said as i filled up a cup with water

    “yeah, so do i,” bucky said, leaning against the marble island.  i glared at him, scared that he just gave up our secret.

    “ooh, with who?” sam asked, obviously not catching wind of what was going on between bucky and i.  the both of us stayed quiet, trying to come up with random names.

    “oh,” sam said, looking in between the two of us skeptically, “OH! finally!”

    #marvel#marvel avengers#avengers#the avengers#Buck#bucky#bucky barnes #james bucky barnes #james barnes #james buchanan barnes #winter soldier #the winter soldier #sam wilson#the falcon#falcon #captain america and the winter soldier #the falcon and the winter soldier #bucky x reader #bucky x y/n #bucky x you #bucky barnes blurb
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    not gonna lie it was very gay of him to bite his lips while checking sam out like that

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  • hawksonfire
    28.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #sambucky#bucky barnes#sam wilson#hawkie's ficlets #did i write this because i just got my wisdom teeth out??? #yes #i want a bucky to take care of me
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