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    28.07.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    “Brunch?  Is that what they’re calling it?”  Bucky asked.

    Sam smiled again, “Don’t tell me you didn’t have brunch in the stone ages.”

    “I’ll have you know Sammy,” Bucky said, leaning forward.  “We invented brunch.  I just never had enough money.  Brunch was for the rich folk, not us beat joes.”

    Hard to believe it (it's not over tonight) by ABitNotGoodieBag

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    28.07.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    For @nachodiablo, Who won one of my @marveltrumpshate Auctions. This is the sixth, and finale aesthetic I’ve made for Nacho for MTH 2019!

    Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes - Star Wars AU.

    Also on Ao3.

    It’s the quiet that makes Sam draw up short, when he slides into the shadows and darkness of the hanger. Settling into lean against the durasteel wall, he presses his hand more firmly against his side — where his Commander’s blaster shot had skimmed him — and lets himself settle. Waiting, watching, to ensure none of his troopers had followed after him.

    He goes to take a break, but finds a sob catching in his throat when the force — normally a soft, soothing lullaby of light and love and peace — twists with screams of agony and fear and pain.

    His men had turned on him.

    Which meant, his brothers and sisters, his family's men had turned on them as well.

    Oh, he thinks, his eyes welling up with tears, that’s what he was feeling.

    Their deaths.


    Squeezing his eyes shut, he presses his palm against the burning of his wound, and gives himself just a moment longer to feel the anguish and loss, before taking a breath and centering himself to release his feelings into the force.

    There would be time later to properly mourn their passing, the loss of his people — of his entire culture's loss — but that time would come later. Once he was off Coruscant. When he was far away from the inner core, and this, this new Empire.


    Startling violently, Sam let out a hiss as he pulled at his wound, but didn’t let that stop him as he called his lightsaber to his free hand, igniting it as he moved into a defensive stance. It was only then, that he took in who was standing before him, staring like he didn’t understand what was happening.

    It’s Bucky. He’s safe. He hasn’t been found by anyone he didn’t want.

    “Sam?” Bucky calls, strangled and high pitch as his eyes adjust to the darkness and he sees the state the other is in. “ E chu ta !” He spits out, anger and worry twisting his face into a deep frown as he rushes forward. Gently, he presses his hand over Sam’s and lets out a low growl of anger. “Kriff, Sam, what happened to you?” he asks, as he moves his other hand up, to curl around the side of Sam’s neck, thumb pressing gently against the pulse point.

    As if he needed to feel, to know, Sam's heart was still beating. Still thrumming with life.

    “My, my men,” he murmurs out, words catching around the hard lump suddenly in his throat but cuts himself off. The words seemingly too much to speak into existence, even after living through what had happened. Instead, he swallows thickly, he tries to continue on haltingly. “I need to. I. I need to,” Sam cuts himself off with a low moan of pain, as he squeezes his eyes shut. He takes a moment, as long as he dares, before adding on, “Need, need to get off planet.”

    Opening his eyes, he peers, pleads really, at Bucky, before quietly asking, “Will you help me?”.

    Bucky stares, almost dumbfounded, before answering hoarsely, “Or course. Of course, Sam,” his tone laced with durasteel. “You don’t even need to ask. You know that.”

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    28.07.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    The Tower: Happily Ever After - 14

    The Tower: Happily Ever After An Avengers Fanfic

    Series Masterlist | Character Refrence PREVIOUS //

    Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)

    Word Count: 1763

    Warnings:  breastfeeding

    Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.

    Chapter 14: Familiars

    “What do you mean they’re family?”  Sam asked, sitting up properly.  He looked at the two little creatures that were watching us from the edge of the clearing.  They looked like tiny foxes, one in black and one in blue and white, both with three fluffy tails each.  Threads were connecting me to them the way I had threads connecting me to all my family members.  They were wagging their tails excitedly but hadn’t made a move to approach us.  “Don’t you need a connection to them to have the threads?”

    I shook my head.  “I mean, the babies were all born with them.  Even Thour and Nova who I was having trouble bonding with had the threads bright as day.  Same with the grandkids.  But yeah, normally the bond grows.  I figured it was about love.  But I guess not?”

    I held out my hand and made a little clicking sound.  The little animals bounced on the spot and dropped down, rolling over to expose their bellies.

    “This is weird, Elly,” Sam said.  “I don’t trust it.”

    “It’s my power, Sam,” I said, tapping the ground.  The little foxes flipped back over and took two large leaps towards us, before crouching again and wiggling on the spot.  “I can feel them.  They’re excited and they want us to touch them, but they’re not used to people so they’re a little scared too.”

    Sam huffed but he sat still and the little animals moved closer still, crawling towards us in little bursts until they were at our knees.  They rolled onto their backs and wiggled on the spot, chittering excitedly.  I put my hand palm side up on the ground and the little black fox wiggled into my palm.  I rubbed my thumb over its head and then when I saw it wasn’t going to bite me, I began patting its belly and the noises it made became more like a purr.

    The blue fox pounced on the black one and moved under my hand as I was still patting the black one, and then as I was patting them they kept wriggling around and wrestling each other.

    “See,” I said.  “They’re friendly.  They’re supposed to come home with us.”

    “You can’t just take wild animals home,” Sam argued.  “Elly, you’re a biologist, you should know that better than me.”

    “I don’t think this is normal circumstances, Sam,” I said, picking up the little blue fox.  “I’m joined with them.”

    “El,” Sam said.

    I turned and looked at him.  “Sam, maybe you’re right, but maybe I am.  We can take them back and ask Thor and Loki, and if they say it’s okay we’ll keep them with us. And if not, we can bring them back.”

    Sam sighed.  “Fine, El.  But if they bite you and they end up being venomous, then don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

    “It’s all on me,” I agreed.

    Sam stood up and stretched.  “Alright, how are we getting them home?”

    I pressed my earrings and the suit bled out, encasing me.  “Synergy, can you make me a little pack so I can safely carry those two little guys in?”

    “Certainly,” Synergy replied and a little bubble on the chest part of the suit.  It had a clear window and slits for air.  Sam lifted each one in and it closed up around them.  They chittered nervously.

    “Ready?”  I asked.

    “As I’ll ever be,” Sam agreed, as his light wings spread out behind him.

    We took off together, heading back towards the palace via a slightly more direct route.

    We landed on the balcony and when the suit retracted I carried the little animals inside with me.

    Thor, Natasha, Tony, and Bruce were missing, but Loki, Marya, Billy, and Teddy, and their kids were all there.  Loki was going through a book with Billy while Wanda and Bucky were walking around with the babies who had started to whine a little.

    Wanda looked over as soon as we stepped through the door.  “Hey, you got back just in time to feed them - if you want that is.  We can do bottles of course.  And let me see them.”

    “Whoa, Wanda,” Sam chuckled.  “That was a lot of words real fast.”

    “Here,” I said.  “I’ll swap you.”

    I went and sat down on the couch, putting the little foxes down and dragging my breastfeeding pillows over.  The little animals began scampering around, sniffing everything that they came across.

    “So,” Bucky said, putting Thour onto the pillow so her legs were curled around my side.  “What exactly did you bring home with you?”

    Flynn and Piper both started chasing the little foxes around giggling as they watched them gambol around.

    “I told her not to bring them,” Sam said.

    Loki got up and approached them, crouching on the ground and holding out his hand.  They ran into it and rolled around rubbing their faces on his fingers.  “They are vulparev,” she said.  “Usually safe - unless you threaten them.  But you have to really threaten them.  They aren’t easily started.  Why would you bring them back here?”

    Wanda helped me get Nova to latch on my other breast, though she was a little distracted by the vulparev.  “I have threads connecting me to them.  Like I do with family members.”

    “Are they safe to have around?”  Sam said.  “I don’t want them hurting the kids.”

    Loki picked the black one up and carried it to the couch, sitting next to me.  “You’re connected?”

    “Yes,” I said.  “It felt like someone from the family was walking toward us, and I sat up and there were threads of light connecting to these two.  I wouldn’t just randomly bring home wild animals.”

    “Tan we keeb dem?” Piper asked as she sat on the floor with the blue one.  Wanda went and sat with her.

    “Perhaps, little one,” Loki said, as he caressed the black vulparev’s head.  “Where did you find them?”

    “We flew out over to the forest,” Sam said.  “There were ruins.”

    Loki gave a nod.  “The ruins of old Asgard.  The magic is denser there.”

    “There was a door,” Sam said and started laughing.  “El thought it would open to some nightmare world.  So I pushed it open and went through and then snuck up on her from behind.  You should have seen her face!”

    “Oh my god, El,” Clint laughed.  “You dork.”

    “What?” I said.  “You don’t know.  It could have been a gate to hell.”

    “You did close the door, didn’t you?”  Loki asked.

    “No.  It was just a door to nothing,” Sam said.

    Loki sighed.  “Mortals.”

    “What?”  Sam asked.  “What’s the matter?”

    “Do we need to worry about anything?”  Steve asked.

    “I’ll take care of it,” Loki huffed, shaking his head.  “I’ll make this part quick while I go clean up after you.  Again.  Have you ever heard the story about Fenrir being my son?”

    Clint started snickering.  “Yeah, we heard it.”

    “You Midgardians are obsessed with animals rutting,” Loki snarked, rolling his eyes.  “The rumor was started because Fenrir and I are linked.  Sometimes when someone is gifted in the magical arts an animal will bond with the magic-user.”

    “Like a witch’s familiar,” Wanda said.

    “If you say so,” Loki said.

    “But I’m not magical,” I said.

    “Well, perhaps they aren’t your familiars,” Loki said.  “Maybe you just see the threads because they’re the familiars of one of your children.”

    “How will we know?”  Bucky asked.

    “It should become clear,” Loki said, standing.  “But for now, I should go clean up after you before it becomes an issue.”

    “Wait,” Billy said.  “You said they’re only dangerous sometimes?”

    “Yeah, what did you mean by that?”  Steve asked.

    “Predators, people trying to hunt them for their tails,” Loki said, putting the vulparev down.  “Not to worry, you’re their family, they won’t hurt you.”

    “But… Uncle Loki?”  Billy said.

    “Later,” Loki said and strode out of the room.

    “How could they be that dangerous though,” Billy said to us.  “They’re tiny.”

    “You don’t think they’re venomous do you?”  Steve asked.

    “Surely Loki would have warned,” I said.  “I mean, if it was just us, I’m sure she would have found it hilarious if we got bitten, but she wouldn’t do it to the kids.”

    “I suppose you’re right,” Steve said, coming over and kissing me on top of the head.  “Did you have a nice fly?”

    I nodded.  “Yeah.  It really helped.”

    “Yeah it did,” Sam said suggestively.

    “God, dad!  Your kids are here!”  Marya complained.

    “How about we think of names for these little guys,” Steve said, quickly changing the subject and picking up the black vulparev.

    “Yeah, Piper.  Do you have any ideas for names?”  Clint asked.

    Piper seemed to think it over and the blue vulparev began licking her face, making her giggle.  “Umm… da bwack one is Inky.”

    “Inky is a great name,” Bucky said, sitting next to Steve and patting it.

    “Ingy, Ingy, Ingy,” Flynn babbled.

    “What about the blue one?”  Teddy asked.

    “Umm… Icy,” Piper said.

    “Inky and Icy,” Wanda said, scooping Piper up and kissing her cheek.  “That sounds perfect.”

    “Dadeski Dej!”  Piper squealed, making Icy bounce around and chitter excitedly.

    “Looks like Thour is asleep,” Steve said, tickling the infant's cheek.  She let go of my breast and her head fell back with her mouth open - a trickle of milk ran down her chin.

    “What a charmer,” Bucky laughed.

    “Here let me put her down,” he said, taking her as I put my breast back away.

    He carried her to the bedroom and Icy quickly pulled away from Wanda and the kids and chased after him.

    “Does that mean Icy is Thour’s familiar?”  Bucky asked.

    “Aww man, I want a familiar,” Clint complained.

    “Yeah, what the hell?  I can actually do magic,” Billy added.

    “Maybe Inky is your familiar,” I said, patting the little black animal.

    “That doesn’t seem likely,” Marya said.

    “Thanks, Mar,” Billy said.  “Keeping it positive.”

    I looked down at Nova who was still eating like a champ.  Inky had started creeping closer to him and was sniffing him as he ate.  “Are you Nova’s?” I asked him and he wagged his tails excitedly.

    “You think we need to worry about the door thing?”  Sam asked.

    “Yeah, that was a little worrying,” Wanda said.

    “If it was that big of a deal I’m sure Loki would have rubbed it in more,” Clint said.  “I bet he’s not even going there, he just wanted to make you think you’d done something wrong.”

    Bucky shrugged.  “Guess we’ll find out sooner or later.”

    // NEXT

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    You’ve got Avengers and space aliens and Baron Zemo and that acrobat guy with the big mustache and stuff. 

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    It’s Autumn in Paris and Bucky and Sam are riding bikes to the marketplace, laughing, as if they are young only in this moment.

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    Sam is twisted in his sheets, hands fisted against the pillows, and his chest rattles with ragged breaths. Alpine is perched on the corner of the mattress, watching him curiously.

    “Shoo, baby girl,” Bucky whispers and nudges the cat out of the way. She nips at his hand but otherwise slinks away good-naturedly to stretch out across Sam’s desk.

    Bucky clambers into bed beside Sam and tentatively rubs his friend’s shoulder. “Hey, buddy, you’re okay.”

    don’t apologize by tenderlybarnes

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    Anybody have any good gen Sam Wilson-centric fanfic recommendations? I can’t seem to find any that center Sam.

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    ALL I SEE IS RED. (Bucky x Original Character) Chapter 6: motel blues.

    Status: in progress. Masterlist. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5.

    Fandom: Marvel

    Pairing(s): Natasha Romanoff & OFC, Avengers team & OFC, Eventual Bucky x OFC

    Warning(s): Graphic Descriptions of Violence, Swearing, Heavy Angst, Substance Abuse, Reference Past Child Abuse, Canon Typical Violence, Manipulation, Depression

    Tag(s): Slow Burn, Enemies to Lovers, Friends to Enemies, Thriller, Dark Comedy, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

    chapter 6: motel blues.

    “Just up here,” Anastasia voiced from the back of the taxicab. She could see the driver eyeing her from the rear-view mirror with a furrowed brow.

    “Whatever you say, lady.” He replied, pulling into the parking lot of the decrepit motel, the only evidence of its operation being a flickering Vacancy sign. “I’ll pop the trunk and you can get your things out.”

    Ana muttered a thank you, paying the fare before she pulled on the door handle, letting herself out. She walked around the back of the car and lifted up the trunk’s lid, revealing an assortment of purchases she’d made that day. Nothing too excessive, just some provisions, a gown she was sure fit the gala’s dress code, and some makeup that put a pretty dent into her spending budget. Ana pulled them out with ease, the amble accumulation of weight was no match for her unnatural strength.

    There was one thing left, a cello case that concealed an instrument of a different art form. Ana reached down and pulled the leather straps onto her shoulders, making sure to lift the case out with care.

    Once she was sure everything was secure, Ana closed the trunk and gave the driver two knocks on the side of the car to signal her departure. He seemed to understand because as soon as she turned and made towards where her room was located she heard the screeching of tires as he sped off into the night.

    As the door to room 13 came into view, Ana felt around her jacket pocket, pulling out her key and sticking it in the lock. From down the line of rooms, she could hear the creaking of a door being opened, quickly she unlocked her door and crossed the threshold, making sure to lock the deadbolt behind her.

    Ana’s fingers found the main light switch and with no delay, she flicked it on. The sight of a generic fifty-dollars-a-night motel room greeted her. Her feet took her to the queen bed pressed against the far right wall, while her eyes swept the room, instinctively assessing for threats. Seeing none, Ana took a seat at the edge of the bed, letting all her bags fall onto the stained carpet around her.

    She took a deep breath, inhaling the stuffy air before letting out a heavy sigh. The weight on her shoulders reminded her of the cello case still strapped to her back, removing it as one would a backpack, she let the case bounce back onto the bed behind her.

    Her freed hand rubbed at her temple, trying —but failing— to stop the headache that was starting to form behind her eyes.

    The last two days had been hell.

    While she had gotten lucky with the plane ticket, finding somewhere to stay hadn’t gone as she had hoped. Which was why she was staying in this less-than-desirable motel room.

    But she wasn’t really complaining, the cons of this place dulled in comparison to the ones of some of the other places she’s had no choice but to stay in. And it wasn’t all that bad, the anonymity that came with staying here couldn’t be found deeper into the city.

    Not to mention, she had struck gold by getting in contact with a black-market arms dealer on such short notice, who provided her with the perfect instrument to aid her in her mission. The high-priced sniper rifle laid perfectly disguised in the case behind her.

    That reminded her, standing to her full height, Ana walked around to the side of the bed, and with precaution, she turned the case over. Slowly drawing her hands down to where the case sealed, she unclicked each latch.

    For a moment Ana hesitated, with her hands on the top of the seal, ready to shove the case open, but the notion was quickly vetoed in her mind and the moment passed.

    Done relenting, the top was lifted and the pungent smell of old gunpowder reached her nostrils. The complex sharp, chemical smell had washed over her a wave of nostalgia, and as much as she hated to admit it, her fingers had twitched with taboo anticipation.

    The temptation to test her skill and see if she could still keep up with the record she set for fastest disassembly and reassembly of a rifle was hard to ignore, but checking her watch, she knew that there was no time to mess around with trivial things such as that.

    Ana skimmed the rifle with calculating eyes, a dark grey foam insert covered the majority of the inside of the case, preventing the gun and any of its loose parts from sliding around and damaging themselves.

    From the looks of it, the gun was in seemingly perfect condition, maybe in need of a clean, but nothing that prevented it from doing its job. Ana decided that she ought to send a fruit basket to the guy who sold it to her.

    Honest and quite charismatic, were the words she’d use to describe him. He didn’t bullshit or pull anything with her during their meeting, two more qualities she appreciated. And he had mentioned he dabbled in other fields of work that could prove useful if she needed them. Ana pulled out her phone, saving his number.

    Now that she was sure she got exactly what she paid for, she closed the case and heaved it off the bed, pushing it under the frame for safe-keeping.

    A sense of accomplishment filled the woman, for what reason she was unsure. Ana placed her hands on her hips and remained stoic, as if in deep thought, before the smell of a day’s worth of activities filled her nose and she decided the smell was not one she enjoyed, especially not coming from her.

    She walked across the room, grabbing the clothes she left on the dresser that morning. The bathroom door clicked shut behind her before the sound of running water filled the quiet Tuesday night atmosphere.

    After her shower, Ana set on packing up the things she no longer needed, readying herself for the hasty exit she was sure she would make tomorrow. She also made sure to prepare a separate duffle bag to take with her to the gala, just with a change of clothes and some last-resort methods of defense. Once she was done she placed her bags next to the door.

    Now she sat cross-legged on the bed, occasionally dipping her spoon into her container of pudding, as she surfed through the television’s available channels. Most ran boring infomercials that made sense to play in a place like this.

    Settling on what looked like an old Bond film —Moonraker, she decided by the costuming—, she sat back, pulling the strap of her cotton camisole back up as she relaxed against the headboard.

    “Mr. Bond, you defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you…” Hugo Drax, if she could recall his name correctly, recounted.

    “...You're hardly a sportsman, so why did you break off the encounter with my pet python? “ Ana said in a deepened voice, speaking in tandem with Michael Lonsdale‘s character.

    “Because I discovered he had a crush on me.” Bond replied, making Ana’s smirk grow.

    Soon her pudding cup had emptied and her mind had started to drift, and Ana tried, she really tried to focus on the movie, but she couldn’t keep from letting her dark thoughts take over.

    She had everything she needed so logically, Ana thought, she should be ready for tomorrow. But there was that lingering doubt, a feeling deep in her gut that something was going to go wrong, that this was the time her luck would run out.

    It wasn’t long before the television was shut off and her hand found its way into her suitcase, rummaging around for the stashed allergy pills again. The rosy oval tablets mocked her as she fiddled with the kid-sized bottle of vodka she bought earlier at the closest 7/11, only to be silenced as soon as she felt the cap give and unscrew and was able to wash them down.

    A sigh left her lips, all she had to do was keep her mind quiet until those pesky pink pills worked their magic and put her to sleep, but even that felt impossible right now. Ana turned on her side and closed her eyes, trying hard to ignore the low hum coming from the AC unit and the voices of other guests that could be heard through the seemingly paper-thin walls.

    Soon Ana felt herself becoming lighter and lighter, while her eyelids became heavier and heavier, before she gave in and let the dark blanket of sleep cover her.

    Goosebumps covered the woman’s arms and the tip of her nose was about two minutes from freezing off but that wasn’t what had awoken her from her deep slumber, it was the rhythmic thumping her ears had picked up from a few rooms over.

    Ana sighed, her face screwing up in annoyance as her mind caught up with her and realized what the thumping was.

    What a lovely way to wake up, she thought with a scowl, wishing she could go back to sleep. Grabbing her phone, Ana quickly slid out of bed and locked herself in the bathroom, messing with the shower faucet as she checked the time.

    09:27, at least they have good timing. Gala starts at 12:00, but I should get there early.

    Ana removed her clothes and stepped into the shower, relishing in the feeling of the warm water practically defrosting her after having kicked off the covers sometime last night.

    As she continued her usual routine, Ana thought of a plan; the cleverness of the cello case was not lost on her and she knew this would be her way in. She would arrive early, find an inconspicuous way in, and if anyone questioned her she would feign the role of one of the musicians hired for the event.

    The previous day she had gotten her hands on a floor plan of the banquet hall holding the gala, so she had a few ideas. Ana favored one idea over all of the others she had come up with, though.

    Unbeknownst to the public, there was an underground network of hallways built below the property, mostly for the staff to navigate the place without ‘bothering’ any of the higher-paying guests.

    However unethical they were, Ana couldn’t help but thank the owner’s classism for giving her the perfect way in.

    There was one thing however, the owner seems to also have chronic paranoia because there was a camera around just about every turn down there. The chances of getting away unseen were low, but all jobs had their risks, and this plan was definitely the option with the least.

    Satisfied with her plan, Ana turned off the water and soon she emerged from the steaminess, pulling on her underclothes and ready to doll herself up.

    Hot air hit her freshly-plunked face as Ana messed with the tiny hair-dryer provided by the motel, attempting to give herself a blow-out with the faulty thing. At this point she might have more success just sticking her head out of the window of the taxi she would soon call.

    Frustration filled her and Ana set the dryer back into place on the wall, the work she had already accomplished with it would suffice. She retreated into the room for a moment to grab her newly-obtained bag of cosmetic products, each one priced far too high by the companies who preyed on the forced insecurities of makeup-wearers from all walks of life.

    Ana cringed, gazing at the white sponge filled with liquid skin, before she pressed it to her cheek, painting her face. She found the clammy feeling wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be and that she enjoyed the smooth look it presented. Recalling what she had learned in the academy during the cosmetology unit, she continued applying her makeup.

    Throughout the process, Ana found there was something therapeutic about the way the brush would glide across her skin, how everything would blend together, making her look as perfect as a painting done by an artist remnant of the turning of the fifteenth century.

    Once she finished, she picked up her phone, dialing the number of the taxicab company she had used the night prior, giving them the motel’s address.

    “...we’ll have someone over in twenty minutes.” The woman on the end said, her tone clearly lacking the caffeination to sound peppier.

    “Thanks,” Ana replied before she ended the call, her tone lacking the amusement to sound peppier.

    As she set her phone down on the dresser, Ana looked around the room before her eyes settled on the closet. She walked over and slid open the door, revealing the gown she had chosen yesterday, the navy-colored satin gleamed in the pale morning light.

    Careful to not smudge her newly-applied makeup, she slid into the dress and zipped it up. While it fit beautifully, highlighting the natural curve of her body while also leaving some to the imagination with its cowled neckline, it fit snugger than she would have liked, having gotten used to the loose-fitting clothes she usually wore on missions.

    Pulling on the pair of heels she packed with her, Ana silently thanked herself for bringing shoes that she had already broken in, now having one less thing to worry about. And the nice thick heel the suede boots provided gave her just enough stability to make a speedy exit if she had to.

    Ana walked over to the dresser, grabbing the necklace and earrings she had laid out for today. They went well with the gown, the blue jewels matched the color of the dress so well they looked like they had been cut from the same satin cloth.

    The cool chain brought chills to her skin as Ana clasped the necklace, gazing at herself in the bathroom mirror as she did so. Careful fingertips skimmed her collar bones before they ran down and smoothed the sleek navy material that wrapped her body.

    Ana took a deep breath before nodding to herself. For a split second, she could imagine herself playing a different role, that she wasn’t getting ready for her mission, that she was getting ready for something else, anything else.

    A honk came from the parking lot and she cursed herself for losing track of time.

    Scampering out of the bathroom, Ana kneeled down and pulled out the cello case, slowly pulling on the straps. She hoped she hadn’t rustled the rifle around too much as she pulled it on.

    ...what else, what else, what else...

    Ana walked to the dresser, pocketing her phone and keys. Another honk came from outside. Rushing to the door, she bent down, hanging the bag she prepared last night onto her shoulder.

    Her hands worked quickly as she unlocked the deadbolt and tugged on the knob. The cold air of a spring that had yet to break through bit at her skin, reminding her to pull on the jacket she had stashed in the duffle as soon as she could.

    A few seconds passed as Ana allowed her eyes to adjust, briefly squinting in the general direction she believed the cab to be in as she locked the door.

    “Hey!” She called out as marched over to it, holding up the hem of her dress to keep it from getting dirty before pointing to the back of the car. “Can you pop the trunk?”

    “Can’t, the lock’s broken.” The man replied, making Ana pause for a moment. Sensing her apprehension he said, “Just set the- what’s that, a cello case? Anyway, just set it in the seat next to you.”

    Ana turned and looked around, cursing under her breath. Not seeing another option, she walked over and pulled open the door, throwing the duffle in before carefully pulling off the leather straps, lowering the case in with precaution.

    Easing herself onto the well-worn seat and closing the door, she only had one thought in mind.

    Better pray this guy doesn’t get pulled over.

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  • sagegarnish
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Zemo’s Apartment in Riga, Latvia

    Edits by me

    #i removed all the characters #feel free to use these for your own art #a credit would be nice #but not neccessary #zemo #the falcon and the winter soldier #winterfalcon#winterbaron#sambucky#bucky#bucky barnes#sam wilson #baron helmut zemo #helmut zemo
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  • zemosimp05
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #daniel brühl#tfatws#zemo#bucky#sam#baron zemo#bucky barnes#sam wilson #the falcon and the winter soldier #alpha zemo#helmut zemo#mcu#marvel#zemo imagine #baron zemo x y/n #baron zemo x reader #baron zemo x you #bucky x zemo #bucky x reader #bucky x you #sam x reader #sam x bucky #incorrect bucky quotes #incorrect zemo quotes #incorrect sam wilson #incorrect tfatws #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect bucky barnes #sebastian stan
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  • fangirllife98
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ~ He Promised Part 8 ~

    AN: Part 8 was my favourite part to write - its just gonna get more fluffy from now on!

    Parings: Bucky Barnes x f!reader

    Characters: Sam Wilson, Dr. Raynor, John Walker & Lemer Hoskins. Steve Rogers, Dot and Howard Stark are mentioned.

    Warnings: swearing (as per), talks of hospitals, crying, tiny bit of angst (if you squint), implied smut and lots of fluffy fluff!!! (Finally huh???)

    (gif not mine)

    You were in the hospital, the guys wanted to stay with you but you insisted they’d leave and get on with the mission.

    You had broken your wrist, no doubt. Luckily, you didn’t need an operation. Just had to wear a cast for six weeks.

    “Yeah, looks like I won’t be able to help with the mission,” you sighed, you were speaking to Sam on the phone while you waited for a cab.

    “Shit, sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have called you,” Sam said on the other end of the phone.

    “No. I’m sorry. I’m a liability,” you sighed.

    “You’re not, pumpkin. Don’t say that,” Sam said gently, making you smile.

    “What’s up, Sammy? You’re acting weird,” you said softly, noticing Sam’s way of speaking was a little off.

    “Alright, but don’t freak out,” Sam said.

    “Great I’m freaking out!” You said.

    “Bucky’s been arrested,” Sam said slowly just as the cab pulled up.

    “Wh…what why?” You breathed.

    “Y/N. It’s okay. He missed a therapy appointment,” Sam said as you got in the cab.

    “Sam. Tell me where you are. I’m coming,” you said firmly.

    Sam sighed but also learnt not to argue with you, you always won arguments. Sam told you the address and you told the cab driver.

    The cab drive wasn’t very long but the entire way you were stressing over Bucky and his mental well-being. You got out of the cab, thanked and paid the driver then ran into the police station.

    “Hi … is James B. Barnes still here?” You asked the receptionist, suddenly feeling shakey and weak.

    “Mr Barnes is still here but may I take your name please?” The receptionist asked.

    “Yes, of course. My name is Y/N Y/L/N,” you said.

    “Doll?” Bucky said, his voice caused you to whip your head around, giving you a slight headache as you did so.

    You thanked the receptionist then went over to Bucky, Sam was with him and so was Bucky’s therapist.

    “James Buchanan Barnes! You dumb dumb stupid idiot!” You snapped, hitting his chest with your free hand.

    Bucky stared at you, so did Sam and Dr. Raynor.

    “You silly … soldier. You promised. You PROMISED you wouldn’t miss a therapy session! Do you not care about your mental well-being at all?” You snapped, you were so angry with him.

    “Doll -“ Bucky said gently.

    “Don’t you “doll” me. Not until you -“ you said.

    “Excuse me, miss, but shouting at James isn’t going to fix what happened,” Dr. Raynor said gently.

    You turned your head to see a lady standing the other side of Bucky.

    “Hi. Sorry, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you said, holding out your unbroken hand.

    “Ah. The famous Miss Y/L/N,” Dr Raynor said gently shaking your hand, “I’m Dr. Raynor, James’ therapist. James has told me a lot about you, and you really are very pretty,” she added.

    You smirked up at Bucky who had turned very very red.

    “Well. I need to have a little session with these fellas,” Dr. Raynor said gently.

    You three followed her.

    “Oh, sorry Miss Y/L/N,” Dr. Raynor said gently, “just the gentlemen, please.” She added gently.

    You nodded.

    “Doll,” Bucky said as you turned around to make your leave.

    “Yeah?” You said, turning to face him.

    “Wait for me. I’ve got something planned,” Bucky said, giving you a gentle smile.

    You nodded. You went outside to get away from the heat of the station. You were sat on a bench outside, randomly scrolling through Instagram.

    “Hi, Miss Y/L/N,” John Walker’s voice came.

    You looked up to see him standing with Battlestar. You gotta admit, you admired Walker a little for being respectful for your wishes, but not too much.

    “Hi, Walker. Battlestar,” you said, looking at Walker’s friend.

    You could tell by the look on his face that people never refer to him as Battlestar, he smiled gratefully at you.

    “So huh … I’m …” Walker said, stroking the back of his neck awkwardly. “I’m sorry about the other day. I got worked up. It’s not an excuse and it doesn’t make what I did okay, I’m sorry. I hope … we can be partners … in the field, I mean,” he added slowly.

    “Thank you for apologising, Walker. It takes a lot. But I’m sorry, I don’t want to be partners, not even in the field,” you said softly, sliding your phone back into your pocket.

    “Oh come on, Y/N. You don’t have to do everything those two do. You and Steve made a fantastic team,” Walker said, you tensed at Steve’s name.

    It was true. Back then, you and Steve were the ideal team. And if you put Natasha Romanoff in your team? Unstoppable. You did miss working with your OG team.

    “I’d appreciate it if you stop bringing Steve up in every conversation we have. Do you have any idea how much it hurt when he left? Of course you don’t. The government didn’t tell the public what happened to him,” you said tearfully, avoiding both the men’s gazes. “In short, Steve ripped my heart out. It’s been horrible. I’ve spent months trying to get back to feeling like myself again, and I’m only just beginning to. There’s a promising new relationship blooming and I’d love to just forget about Steve. So please please please PLEASE stop bringing him up constantly. Okay? Thank you,” you added, standing up.

    You didn’t let either of them say anything before you moved to a different bench far away from them.

    You turned your back to them, hid your face in your hands and gently sobbed. You were sobbing because you were angry. People are only going to see you as the fiancé of Steven G. Rogers. That was it, and you hated that.

    You were too busy crying to hear the argument Bucky and Sam were having with Walker and Lemer.

    “If you’re not gonna help us then stay out of our way,” Walker said.

    Bucky and Sam ignored Walker, Bucky scanned the Park for you. He spotted you, he saw your shoulders moving up and down and heard the gentle sounds of sobs coming from you. Sam looked sadly at you.

    “I’ll go to her. We’ll meet you in the morning,” Bucky told Sam.

    He nodded.

    “Take care of her, okay?” Sam said gently, Bucky nodded and went over to you.

    “Doll?” Bucky asked gently, pulling you out of your gentle sobs.

    You turned around to be greeted with a gentle face. You wiped your eyes quickly.

    “Hi. Buck. What did Dr. Raynor want?” You asked softly, your voice wobbling still.

    “Oh. Nothing,” Bucky said, you could tell he was lying, he sucked at lying. “What happened, Y/N? Why were you crying?” He asked gently, wiping tears away from your cheek with his thumb.

    “It’s nothing, honestly, bub. I’m just emotional. I think it’s the strong pain killers the doctors put me on,” you smiled.

    “Was it Walker? Did he hurt you?” Bucky asked, looking over at Walker.

    “No. No,” you said gently, reassuring him with your best smile.

    “Alright then. So, Y/N. Since we’ve got a little bit of time before I go get …. Before the mission continues,” Bucky said, you didn’t fail to notice he ended his sentence differently to what he had in mind, you narrowed your eyes at him. “We have a little time to kill, so would you like to follow me and we can get started on our first date?” He added, offering you his arm.

    “Well, that was very formal, Mr Barnes,” you chuckled, making him smile as you linked your uninjured arm with his. “I’d love to have a date with you, kind sir.” You added.


    Bucky took you on a nice moonlit walk around a lovely park. You two chatted.

    Even though you both have known each other for at least seven years, and you know everything about each other, it just felt nice to just talk, and for a while, forget everything that happened or is about to happen.

    For the first time in a long time, you felt happy.

    “Okay, to be fair, I didn’t know that was the plan. My friend just told me we were gonna go drinking, we had one too many shots and I accidentally drunkenly texted a guy who actually turned out to already have a girlfriend. She wasn’t impressed with my awfully embarrassing text, so she sent a rather strongly worded text back, practically claiming him as her own,” you said, going red at one of your embarrassing stories before you and Steve were an item.

    “Wow, you’ve had some interesting moments,” Bucky chuckled.

    “Go on then, Buck. What about you? I heard back in the day, women were practically lining the streets to go out with the very handsome and famous James Buchanan Barnes,” you said.

    “Well. Yeah. When I was a teenager, I knew I was pretty attractive,” Bucky shrugged.

    “Way to be subtle, Bucky,” you laughed.

    Bucky laughed too, his laugh makes you smile and sends your heart beating a little faster.

    “Come on seriously. Did you have anyone back then that you thought you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?” You asked.

    Bucky didn’t know what to say.

    “I promise I won’t be jealous,” you said softly, knowing what he was thinking.

    “Alright. If you insist,” Bucky said. “There was this cute dame, Dot. I took her, Steve and her friend to Howard Stark’s expo before I went to war. Dot was cute, she was friendly. I guess I did think she might have been the one.” He said softly.

    “Well. I’m sorry Miss Dot missed out. I’m sure you would have treated her like royalty,” you said gently as you came to a stop by the lake.

    “I guess she did. But I like to think she sent me you. So I can treat you like royalty, Y/N,” Bucky said gently, tucking your hair behind your ears.

    You smiled up at him. The only natural light was from the moon. The way the moon hit him made you swoon.

    “Hold still,” you said gently, taking your phone out of your pocket.

    “What’re you doing, doll?” Bucky asked, smiling slightly as you got your camera ready.

    “You look beautiful in the moonlight. Besides, if I take a picture, it’ll last longer,” you said gently, snapping the picture.

    Bucky smiled at you as you smiled at him, then slid your phone back into your pocket.

    “I need more photos of you, Buck. I don’t have any,” you said gently as Bucky gently grabbed your waist and pulled you close.

    “I promise that’ll change,” he said gently, looking into your eyes.

    The Moment was perfect, Bucky was lit by beautiful moonlight, the stars were shining above you, then you both lent forward and your lips touched. You both kissed. It was loving and passionate.

    “Fancy coming back to my place to take this kiss further?” Bucky asked gently as you pulled away, your foreheads touching.

    “James Buchanan Barnes! Your 40’s self is showing you big flirt!” You laughed.

    Bucky shrugged, grinning at you.

    “I’d love to come back to your place,” you said gently.

    “Right then,” Bucky said gently, picking you up bridal style.

    You giggled as you kissed again.

    “Buck, you’re not walking all the way back to your apartment with me in your arms,” you said gently, “I’ll fall asleep!”

    “Alright. You can call us a cab, but doll …” Bucky said gently, looking down at you as you took your phone out again.

    “Yeah?” You said looking up at him.

    “I love you,” Bucky said gently.

    “I love you too,” you said as you called the cab company.

    You both admitted it, you were smitten for each other. You were finally free of worrying about Steve’s feelings.

    Wherever Steve was, he was happy for you. He was happy for his best friend, he couldn’t have wanted more.


    Tag list:





    Extra note: this series is coming to an end soon. I’m thinking it’ll end either part 15 or 20, haven’t decided yet. Thank you all for reading 🫂❤️✨

    #bucky x reader fluff #bucky barnes #new writers corner #avengers#mcu#marvel#Sam Wilson#John Walker#Lemer Hoskins#Howard Stark #the Falcon And The Winter Soldier #sebastian stan#anthony mackie#my writing #he promised series
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    I love that most fanart gives Sam the biggest brown doe eyes with long lashes and lil sparkles like,,,,

    Yeah. You’re right. He do be looking like that.

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  • ronbowie
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Nothing makes my heart melt more in a fic than when Tony is just… interacting with his babies. Being snarky with JARVIS and playing with DUM-E, U and Butterfingers, being all sweet with FRIDAY. It makes me so happy and literally every fic gets hundred times better in my books when characters are interacting with Tony’s bot children (especially Rhodey, Sam or Bucky just loving them as much as Tony 🥺🥺🥺)

    #marvel#mcu#Tony stark#dum e#butterfingers#U #Tony and his bot children own my heart #avengers#bucky barnes#rhodey#James rhodes#winteriron#ironhusbands#sam wilson #you know he’d love them like he loved redwing #he’d get along so well with them #fanficton#ironfalcon#JARVIS#Friday
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  • softhauntedwinds
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    I want to see Sam in quiet moments,,,

    In his apartment, alone holding a cup of coffee looking out the window when he wakes up, sipping and watching sunrise. How he does his mission research at home, laptop on his thighs, corking his head and mumbling to himself when he finds something intriguing… Jogging on a shaded path, stopping to look up when a flock of birds pass by. Wine shopping. Holding a cup of red dancing alone in his living room, music softly playing from one of his ten thousand speakers. 😩 … is it too much to ask

    #intimate Sam moments pls #I love him help #sam wilson
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    Kiss me like you mean it// Sam Wilson x Desi!Reader.

    (A/n) : Hey y'all, this is a little something I wrote to get out of a slump. She's small but she's fun. Is it a drabble? Is it a blurb? Is it a one shot? I don't know. But what I do know is she's cute and I really like her so yeah, enjoy and lemme know what you think! Also, Sam and Y/N are teenagers in this so keep that in mind.


    Summary: How you and Sam finally got together.

    When you first met, Sam greeted you with a handshake. His warm hand in yours was comfortable, your fingers met perfectly.

    You'd seen him around, he was Sarah's brother after all; almost all your teenage years were mostly spent in that quaint little house in Delacroix hanging out with your best friend. You also found yourself hoping to bump into Sam everytime you went over there but Sarah didn't need to know that.

    As cliche as it is, over the years, you found yourself falling for Sam, pining for him, dedicating your daydreams to him, imagining what life with him would look like. But you didn't want to upset his sister considering she was like your sister, too, and you were scared of how she'd react to finding out her best friend loves her brother.


    You were a blubbering mess the day you asked for her permission to ask Sam out, " I-I know it's weird and- and I totally get it if- if you don't wanna be friend- friends with me anymore. I just can't act- I can't act like, like I'm not in- in love with Sam anymore. If you hate me I-" "Bitch stop! I know!" Sarah interrupted you, "I know you love my brother! I've seen you make those heart eyes at him, thinking no one notices. I think I even heard you say his name in your sleep when you were napping here the other day, which was weird as hell. But anyway, I don't hate you, you're my best friend and honestly, I don't think you're the only one in their feels." "What do you mean?", you asked, impatiently. Sarah answered, raising an eyebrow, "I have good reason to believe that my brother feels the same way about you." "How do you know for sure?" "A little birdie told me," Sarah smirked. "So you're not mad?" "Yes I am mad. Mad that you took so long to tell me!" she teased. You smiled sheepishly, "So you're okay with me asking him out?" "Yes I'm fine with it! Go ask him! He's in his room!"


    The walk upto Sam's room was nerve wracking, to put it plainly. Cold hands, sweaty face, pounding heart. While Sarah's words were good to hear, they did little to silence that nagging voice in your head that said you were going to have to prepare for heartbreak. Maybe your best friend was wrong, maybe Sam doesn't feel the same, maybe-

    "Hey you!" Sam's door opens and he greets you with that same wide smile of his you'd seen countless times, each time you'd hold your breath unknowingly because it was your favorite smile ever. Also he was shirtless which did nothing to calm your damn traitor of a heart. "Hey Sam," you grin nervously, "what's up?" "Nothing much, was gonna go grab a snack downstairs. You want something?" "Nah, it's fine. Actually I wanted to talk to you." "What about?" Sam asked curiously.

    "God, don't mess it up, y/n." you mumble under your breath. "What was that?" "Nothing! I, um- I just wanted to say that... "

    "Say that?" He coaxed.

    "That I..."

    "That you?"

    God why was Sam the most understanding person ever?!


    "I didn't catch none of that, sweetheart. What'd you say?" Sam asked. You sigh, "I said I love you. I've loved you for the longest time. And if you don't feel the same way it's totally fine, you can forget that I ever said anything but I was kinda hoping you'd say you feel-" His lips crashed on yours like that's all they were made to do, like they were longing to do it. "-the same. Wow, that was the best thing that's ever happened to me." you laugh breathily. "That was the best thing that ever happened to me,too." "So do you feel the same?" "Woman I just kissed you like my damn life depended on it and you still want confirmation? Yes! I love you! Now come here, let me kiss you again."

    There's nothing else you'd rather be doing.


    Hope you enjoyed it! Like, reblog, comment, do all of that shit, it's really validating for me lol. Also don't plagiarize because that just makes you a pissant! Bye y'all!

    Tags: @lil-stark @janetsnakehole02 @blueberrynonnie ❣

    #sam wilson #sam wilson fic #sam wilson one shot #sam wilson x desi!reader #sam wilson x reader #the falcon#anthony mackie #x desi!reader #sam wilson appreciation
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    Help me not spend $600+ of my own money to get these books for my kids!

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    Wasn’t sure which I liked more but uh, if y’all wanna use any of them as a Lock Screen ✨

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    #☆ orders received ☆ #sam wilson #thank you for sharing
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  • fictioninmyblood
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    BabyGirl Gets a Cold

    Summary: After everyone came back from the snap, Steve left the shield to Sam, and both Bucky and Sam had to save the world, again - this time from itself. Sam and Bucky need to find an outlet from the pressures of constantly saving the world. Insert Y/N, their submissive and little, always taking their mind off the weight of the world, just by being her most authentic selves. Although it took a while to fully accept and balance out, they’ve never been happier sharing, what's yours is mine is ours.

    Warning: 18+, Minors DNI, cussin, smut, D/s and DD/lg themes, whatever debauchery I can concoct, read at your own risk.

    A/N: I finished TFATWS, been wanting a Dom and/or Daddy to take care of me since I accepted this part of myself, and I’m using this head cold as a reason to finally work on/share this series I been keeping to myself (ESPECIALLY since my period decided to have the audacity to come in the middle of my recovery - thanks for coming to my oversharing TEDTalk). Please don’t judge. Constructive criticism or praise welcome. Fair warning: I kinda my proofread and kept my back and forth points of view.

    A/N: My work is not to be plagiarized or reposted (on any site other than this) without my explicit consent and recognition.

    Friday night

    Y/N woke up around noon to a pounding headache and pressure in her nasal passage. She could only breathe out of one nostril, but still tried to push some air out of the other in hopes that she was wrong. As soon as she sat up her nose started running and her chest tightened confirming that she was indeed sick. Every fucking July when the temperatures outside is on straight Hell and the inside of everywhere felt like the Arctic, she got sick. This year, it seemed, was no different.

    She screamed the best she could to the ceiling, letting it trail off into a whine, “Why todaaaayyyyy?!”

    As if she conjured her dread, her phone started ringing. It seems her daddies were more attuned with her than she knew. She answered, hiding underneath her covers the best she could, using her favorite stuffy to help hide her - Seyo the Sea Otter from their trip to the aquarium.

    With the biggest smile on his face, Sam said, “Hey there babygirl, you excited for today? We finally get to come over and spend 24 straight hours with you!”

    Bucky tried to move Sam out of the way to get some facetime with you as well, “And then we get to spend the whole next day showing you off to our friends and family! We’ve been looking forward to seeing you all month babydoll! How ya been?”

    Their excitement just made her regress more, so she let out another whine, tearing up at the almost guarantee of not seeing them.

    “Now come on, you know to use your words, don’t tell me we have to start with discipline when we get there.” Sam said.

    “Nooooooooooooo.” Y/N said.

    “Well tell us what’s wrong so we can fix it babydoll.” Bucky said.

    “You can’t fix. I sick,” Y/N pouted and started to work herself into a tizzy, getting more unconsolable as she went on, “and now you can’t come and we can’t play, and, and --” she stuttered her words out through tears and an increasing amount of hiccups, “and I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you againnnn.” She burst into tears, making her stuffy nose even stuffier and her stuffy snottier.

    “Oh no, babygirl! Please stop crying, you’re only going to make your symptoms worse,” Sam tried to soothe her.

    “Yea, babydoll, we’re still comin to see ya, we just gotta make an extra pitstop or two now, but I promise we’ll be there soon, right Samster?” Bucky said.

    Sam and Buck had a mini stair off.

    “Oh yea, babygirl. Now you know Buckington and I would never miss the chance to see our girl. Don’t you?” Sam spat back, only sweetening his words when talking directly to Y/N.

    Y/N started to visibly calm down, only hiccuping at the opportunity to see her two favorite people in the world still. She really just wanted to be taken care of and where would she find two better experts?


    Both of the men nodded their heads vigorously.

    “You keep your cute butt tucked in that bed until we get there sweet pea, your Daddies are on the way to save the day.” Sam said.

    Y/N’s face brightened and she made a show of doing just that, snuggling into her covers more and tucking herself in with one hand.


    A few hours later

    Y/N woke up from her nap to the sound of bickering coming from her kitchen. She felt even worse than before she went to sleep now that the cold had time to set in.

    Thankfully, Bucky’s super soldier ears picked up on her awakening, the second her stuffy nosed whine built in her chest. He took the opportunity to “accidently” hit the center of Sam’s chest too hard to shut him up and clue him in. When Sam finally got over the abuse, that he was definitely bringing up to Dr. Raynor, he quickly started helping Bucky gather together their hard work. Well, more like other people’s hard work, but they were making it pretty and easily accessible for them to take care of you so same difference.

    What Y/N thought was the boys finally coming to a civil agreement, was in fact them agreeing to disagree until after you were asleep again. You had only recently begun to pick up on the fact that you were kinda like Switzerland between the everbickering men. They had cut back on the ferociousness of their verbal wars whenever you were around, sometimes most of the time finishing them when you were sleep or not around again. But they had really proven that they would always come together at least semi-peacefully for your sake.

    After she listened to see what they were up to for a little while, Y/N began patting down her bed and looking around her room for Seyo. She spotted him across the floor, at her doorway as soon as Sam, holding a tray of soup and tea, and Bucky, holding all the medications they could find in Walgreens in his arms, rounded the corner to enter.

    If there was one thing that Sam and Bucky could whole heartedly agree on, was that they would both die 1000 deaths to see your eyes brighten the way they do any time either or both of them were around. Among the naughty reasons, knowing that they were the only two people to ever elicit that magnitude of a reaction out of you upon each meeting was one of the top reasons they both fell in love with you. You never lack in ways to show them how much they mean to you, especially when it comes to your facial expressions.

    Bucky rushed to your bedside, releasing the mountain of medicine on you bed to come lay behind you and shower your face in a storm of kisses.

    “Buuuuucccckk, stop it. I gon get yous sick,” Y/N said through coughing giggles.

    “No you’re not. Super soldier. Remember bunny?” Bucky replied and continued his antics.

    Sam looked down on you two with a frowny face as he held the tray. “Hey old guy,” Sam said, taking a second to laugh at Bucky’s displeased expression, “would you stop jostling her around so I can set this down and get my love in too?”

    Bucky’s smug smirk did nothing but ruffle Sam’s feathers even more as he said, “I’ll stop, but no kissing for you since you’re just a regular soldier.” He leaned on your headboard, folding his arms behind his head, looking like the cat who ate the canary. “Don’t want you getting sick now do you little bird?”

    “Boy, I ain’t never been sick a day in my life,” Sam said as he finally was able to sit the tray on your side table without fear of it being knocked over and move Bucky out of the way. “Now move so I can get me my sugar.”

    Y/N couldn’t stop the giggles as Sam kissed all over her face, much like Bucky did, as said person tried to mush Sam away from you. They only stopped their antics when you went into a horrible coughing fit, bringing them back to the task.

    And so, daddy mode was activated. While Bucky checked your temperature, Sam measured out some cold medicine and cough syrup into two separate cups.

    You were still for the temperature check, breathing a sigh of relief when Bucky announced that you only just barely had a fever. However, the second Sam inched towards you with the first medicine cup in hand, all rational thought left your brain with one message: Beware of the nasty medicine. After throwing away the thermometer cover Bucky came over to help Sam by grabbing your hands that were trying to nudge Sam away and pinning them on the bed.

    Cooing while trying to soothe you the best he could by running his fingers back and forth on the back of your hand, Bucky said, “Come on doll, you’ve been so brave up until now. Be good for Sammy.”

    Sam held the small measuring cup closer to your face and still you turned your head with a defiant, “no.”

    Sam grabbed the sides of your face, smushing your cheeks together and turned your head to face him. He said, “You want a sore bottom to go with that sore throat? I understand you don’t like medicine, but you need it to get better, now open.”

    You pressed your pouting lips together, still unwilling to allow the logical and inevitable choice, come to fruition.

    Sam’s frown deepened and his gaze hardened. “If that’s how you want it.” He held your nose and applied pressure to your cheeks until you opened your mouth enough for him to pour the first one in, quickly following the second behind that.

    He held your mouth closed. “Swallow all of it.”

    You did and he pecked your lips before pulling away to grab you the glass of water from the tray. Bucky followed his lead and did the same before releasing his hold on your arms. While you were briefly distracted, he scooped Seyo up and took him to the laundry room to be washed since it was obvious that he was desperately in need of it.

    After Sam was satisfied with the amount of water you had you started getting antsy, noticing simultaneously that Seyo was no longer on the floor and Bucky wasn’t in the room when Sam tried to get you to swallow something else. This time soup, another non-favorite, even to Big you.

    “No! Where’s Seyo? I wan my stuffie! I wan Bucky!” Y/N screeched out between coughing fits.

    Sam quickly upended you over his knee, pulling down your bottoms and panties, he let loose a quick succession of rough swats that were honestly more of a surprise than anything. Yes, Sam was the rougher of the two men, but you still got away with a lot. Something you apparently couldn’t depend on when sick.

    “Now I’ve had enough of your bratty ass behavior. I don’t care if you’re sick little one, I will spank you raw and leave you unfulfilled even after you’re better.” Sam threatened.

    Y/N sniffles put pressure on her already stuffy nose as she let the tears run freely. “Please, no, daddy. I’ll be good. Please don’t take away my cummies. I let you doctor me till I better.”

    Bucky came back in at that statement and crossed his arms, giving you his mean daddy face too. “You better be on your best behavior for the rest of our time taking care of you.”

    “I am, promise,” Y/N said, crossing your heart as you rubbed your bum and sat gingerly.

    “You better because you know I can do worse and I really don’t want to while you’re sick.” Sam said with a small pout.

    “Yes daddy,” you replied contritely.

    Sam picked up the bowl of soup and fed you, pausing to allow bucky to feed you crackers in between.

    Sam pulled up your favorite Tinker Bell movie while Bucky got you to drink half of the tea.

    They both cuddled around you as you snuggled in for the movie, passing out before the opening credits could finish.

    Bucky woke you a few hours later and in the middle of another Tink favorite for some more meds and the rest of your tea. You were much happier too since Seyo had finished drying and was rejoined with the love pile.

    Bucky said, “good girl” and planted a  forehead kiss, rendering you utterly pliant to the rest of their care for the remainder of the weekend as you cuddled up next to your 3 favorite men.

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  • samwontshare
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    What if just as Steve was getting on the platform, Loki portals in and tries to yoink the infinity stones. Just like, “I just need to borrow these for a moment.”

    And they’re chasing Loki around but he’s very hard to catch with the illusions and all. Isn’t he supposed to be dead? And wait, isn’t this the asshole who brought the aliens to NY?

    And Loki’s just like sigh “I’m just trying to save the multiverse. You spend a few thousand years betraying everyone and no one thinks to say ‘hi Loki we’re so happy you’re not dead.’ And would a consolation prize help? The stones for umm—“ and he disappears into a portal and returns with a very confused Natasha Romanoff, who was moments away from watching Clint sacrifice himself for the Stone.

    So now Steve’s been handed an angry Russian spy and she’s confused and worried for Clint. “Clint’s fine. Nat…” and why won’t Rogers and Bruce and Sam get off her? So many hugs. A lot of man on her right now. Barnes, help.

    But he doesn’t, he smiles.

    Anyway, Loki tried to yoink the stones again and everyone is like hold on no. And Stephen Strange and five alternate versions of himself show up and just say, “Don’t ask questions. Stones now. Keep the Avenger. We’ll figure it out if we don’t all… implode.”

    One of the versions of Strange is literally Sam. It’s very confusing. But Sam looks sexy in a cape, all agree.

    The Stranges (and one extra Sam) and Loki disappear with a wave and Sam, Bucky, Steve, Nat, and Bruce are all deeply confused. The stones are gone for unknown reasons but Strange seems legit. And nothing has imploded.

    Anyway that’s how Nat lives and Steve stays in the present in order to retire to become Nat, Sam and Bucky’s house husband.

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