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  • the REAL reason dean hates ruby is that he wants to be called a good boy but only sam gets that privilege. 

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  • baby jack DEFINITELY likes playing with sam’s hair. claire teaches him to braid it and he makes cas and dean buy all these colourful hair ties and clips to put in sam’s hair whenever one of them lets him come shopping. sam doesn’t mind, he does get a little embarrassed when eileen drags him out of the bunker with tons of clips randomly stuck in his hair though.

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  • hello yes i am still thinking about sam in the chapel in 11.02 praying and saying it’s been a while like what was the event that made him stop praying every day. there’s so many options. all devastating to think about

    #sam winchester#spn #dear lord the things i feel about this man. #religion....
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    #scoobynatural #freckles ! #dean winchester#sam winchester#castiel#tfw #king !! #angel !! #badass !!
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  • #thank u chloe for stirring my brain like a pot of mac and cheese #dean winchester#mary winchester#john winchester#sam winchester#spnedit#taylor swift
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  • So I made something …. :D


    (Boy King) Sam is very protective of his Angel Boyfriend

    #boy king sam winchester #angel castiel#castiel#sam winchester #sam winchester has wings #leathery wings#supernatural #my art!! #spn#protective sam #yellow eyed sam
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    got so mad at eugenie ross-leming and brad buckner that i straight up forgot to finish this tweet

    #supernatural#sam winchester #i'm live-blogging on my priv LMAO
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    #spn#sam winchester#supernatural #kora.txt #ive realized this is just the less intrusive version of speech bubbling. hmm #spntextposts
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  • My Latinenatural contributions

    • Sam and Dean have loving and mildly insulting nicknames for their loved ones
    • Dean calls Cas “mi viejo” (my old man) (it takes Cas a minute to realize it’s a term of affection) and (jokingly, whenever he manages to make Cas dress differently in some way) “Papi chulo”. Dean can never call him that without bursting out laughing because even he finds it stupid. Maybe “Guapo” (handsome) and “Querido” (beloved) when feeling very soft and affectionate. Sam is “Calaca” (skeleton, someone who needs to eat more), “Gordo/Gordito/Gordi” (Fatty/Little Fatty, because even though Sam is very muscular and fit as an adult, he was a chubby child and even when you get skinny later in life your family will always call you that. BTW this is often used as a term of affection not an insult among Hispanic-Latine families), “Pendejo” (dumbass. Every Hispanic-Latine parent has called their child this at least ten times and Dean is essentially Sam’s father and mother) and “malcriado” (spoiled). Sam and Cas, as chaotic besties who always do crazy shit and gossip whenever Dean isn’t around, together are “las chismosas” (gossipers) and “hijos de la gran puta”
    • Look in my version Dean gets to live to the point where he’s old enough he admits that he needs to start wearing glasses more often
    • So Sam, with petty sibling energy, calls Dean “Cuatro Ojos” (Four eyes), “Payaso” (clown/buffoon bc Gatekeep!Sam is back at it again but also sometimes Dean just says stupid shit), and in the mornings when Dean is moving extremely slowly bc he hasn’t had his first cup of coffee “Tortuga”. Maybe sometimes “pendejo” but it feels more like something someone older calls someone younger. When judging Dean’s eating habits, maybe “vaca” (cow). I’m not sure Sam would have a nickname for Cas. I don’t know why. I feel like nicknames for Cas are something specific to him and Dean because nicknames are part of how Dean shows affection and care, which isn’t how Sam does. I do think Sam probably refers to Cas as “Angelito” (little angel) around Dean in this affectionate teasing manner you do when you know your sibling or best friend is in love. I think Sam has nicknames for others though. In my head, he calls Eileen “mi leon” (my lion) bc she’s strong and confidant and amazing and and they trust each other and he feels safe with her in a way he hasn’t felt in some time
    • Look I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican so Jack is gonna get all the non-feminine nicknames I got basically. To Sam and Dean he is “el niño” (the boy), “nene” (specific term for “boy” Puerto Ricans use), “jefe” (Boss, specifically when its Jack’s turn to decide on things like movie night or dinner or something), “flaco”, “Chiquito” (small boy). I hate that basically any time a tv show wants to establish how Hispanic and Latine a family is they always have the parents call their kids “mijo/mija” but yes Jack is also “mijo” but not often
    • Dean’s favorite coffee brand is Cafe Bustelo because it was almost always around so it was practical and it tasted good. Sam likes it well enough. He prefers Pilon and Pico Rico but they’re much less popular and harder to find.
    • Dean is the only one who cooks bc Sam is horrible at it, Cas can’t taste test anything to know if it’s fine, and he doesn’t trust Jack in the kitchen yet to do more than make himself cereal. Dean buys a cookbook of Hispanic dishes bc he can barely recall anything his mom made from his childhood, especially dishes from her culture so he tries to learn. He makes a flan and the caramel is a little bitter but everyone enjoys it. He experiments and makes his own family recipe.
    • Dean knows Spanish decently enough bc it was what Mary (in my version Maria) would speak to him in while John spoke English because despite the glares she got when she spoke it she wants to make sure her children know. He mostly keeps up with it and improves through listening to music (Selena definitely, and probably also Mana, Menudo, and Aventuras). Sam pre-Stanford doesn’t know a lot of Spanish because Dean didn’t have a lot of time to teach him and by the time Dean realizes he probably should Sam is at the age where it’s harder to absorb and learn a new language and Dean doesn’t quite know how to teach him i that way that if you go to a native speaker of a language and ask them specific questions about the why’s of their languages grammar rules they probably won’t know how to explain. But Sam connects hearing it with feeling peaceful and closer to Dean and Mary and a culture he never really got to learn. He learns a lot through reading Spanish poetry like Pablo Neruda and probably reading the Bible in Spanish and English. He prefers Spanish version of church songs because even though he gets clammy and feels sick and gets a headache anytime he’s in a church, he remembers Dean and stories about their mom.
    • Sam likes praying with Virgin Mary candles because they make him think of his mom and the peaceful life they could’ve had if she lived but also how he thinks she would’ve wanted him and Dean to find peace even as he gets another headache and his nose bleeds the longer he prays. Dean has no faith in God or angels (at least until Cas), but he sees the image of the Virgin and feels love and pain and safety because who he actually sees is the fictional version of his mom he’s built in his head.
    • Mary taught Dean the “Angelito de mi guardia”/“my guardian angel” prayer and even put a little plaque with a picture of a child praying to an angel with the words (I had one of these ok) on his bedside. After she dies, he keeps saying it, to an angel at first, and then on behalf of Sam, and then for himself as his faith dwindles and he just can’t keep pretending like he has any left anymore.
    • Sam and Dean both got these little red, thread, bracelets with a cross after their baptisms. Dean used to wear his until he stopped caring about his faith and just keeps it tucked inside his pockets because it’s one of the last things he has left of his mom. Sam stays wearing his even when for some reason his skin itches so badly he has rashes no matter where he moves the bracelet. He keeps it in a small plastic case in his coat so it doesn’t get anymore threadbare, but whenever he would touch it it still gave him rashes.
    • I feel like Mary would’ve made Dean and, had she lived longer, Sam do bendiciones with her. But I am basing this off of my family and we never say the full thing even when we’re adults so for Mary it’s just “‘cion Mamí” “Dios me la bendiga. Good night Dean. I love you”.
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  • y'know i think that supernatural is better now that its over because we can do whatever we want to it and no one can say shit. that being said.. i miss it.

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  • My 9 year old brother told me this last night

    “Sam and Dean have both been to hell right, according to some people who go to hell, anybody except cis heterosexuals (I had just explained the whole sexual orientation and gender thing and the people who don’t support it thing to him a few hours ago) Hence proved both of them like men I don’t know about anything else but they like men.”

    I had to control my laughter so parents wouldn’t think I am crazy

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  • 13x12, “Various & Sundry Villains”

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  • sam is everything, lesbian gay bi transfem transmasc unaligned nb she/he/they and more queer genderfucked ace aro butch femme all of it literally everything and this is simply because sam is everything to me my whole world and my whole heart

    #no cishet sam though it does not make sense does not compel me #sam winchester#supernatural #love you sam winchester ♥️
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  • no cause dean was being a dick to cas BUT THE MOMENT SOMEONE ELSE IS RUDE TO HIM he goes all soft I-

    I honestly can’t with them 🤚🏻😫

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  • For the prompt “Looking for me?”

    Dean had died that morning.

    It was a Wednesday. It wasn’t supposed to happen like that.

    Sam had spent the day in a haze, barely knowing what to do - with himself, with Dean’s body. Eventually the police and emergency services had been called and they took Dean’s body away. Sam had been too numb to fight them on it.

    Now, the sunset having long ago colored everything orange and purple, Sam was quietly sneaking into the diner. Hoping to find something - anything - about the Trickster. The front door clicked open and Sam stood up from where he’d been kneeling in front of the lock. Crept inside. He stood in front of where the Trickster had eaten breakfast for far too long.

    “Looking for me?”

    Sam whipped around, heart suddenly in his throat at being caught. The Trickster stood there, arms crossed as he leaned against the kitchen’s door frame.


    “Loki, please.”

    Sam blinked wildly for a second. Of all the Tricksters he could be dealing with, it had to be one of the bloodiest. “Loki, then.” He breathed, throat clicking. “You said this was a joke on me - why? What did I ever do-?”

    “Besides trying to kill me, you mean?”

    “I’m sure you’ve had many people try to kill you over the millenia. Why focus on me?”

    “Because you’re the one that has the most to learn, Sambo.”

    Sam stilled. That nickname. That fucking nickname - why that one? He took a purposeful step forward, shoulders high and tight and angry. “What did you just call me?” It grit out from his throat.

    Loki went preternaturally still, bright hazel eyes wide.

    Sam’s heart thundered in his chest which heaved for air. “Who are you? Tell me the truth!”

    “Sorry, bucko. The mystery’s going to have to play out a bit longer.” And he snapped his fingers, disappearing with a faint breeze.

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  • Y’all remember that vintage fic The Shattered One? That’s how Jack should have happened.

    #this might be too old #like I am so old #22? #is that old in fandom? #idk but #that shit slaps #and it’s such a classic #but for real tho #supernatural#deancas#dean winchester#destiel#sam winchester#castiel#jack winchester
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