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  • I’ll never get over the end of Supernatural. 

    I just won’t. 

    And I’m gonna talk about it some more under the cut.

    Buckle up. I’m back on my bullshit.

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  • I knew I saw that shit before…

    #be like elsa #let it go #ignore that smiles and tears #dean winchester#sam winchester #no i don't ship wincest
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  • I’ve never lost someone close to me (and i thank God for that every day)

    But then Supernatural’s ending happened… Now i know how i cope with grief

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  • Do we know how much time passed in the last holiday?

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  • Witchy Sam Winchester retiring to a spacious cottage filled with ancient books, fresh herbs, and homemade charms and talismans. 

    Just living his healthiest and best life with his sweet little polycule family of Rowena, Castiel, and Eileen, his adorable son Jack, and five puppers.

    Seriously considering if I should write this fic…

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  • Just something for the road:

    When Cas disappears, Dean stops speaking.

    It’s not all at once but gradual. A sort of regression into himself.

    Sam does the best he can. He asked Dean if he wanted to talk in the beginning, but Dean would just tilt the bottle back farther and utter those famous words.

    “I’m fine. Sammy really.”

    Now he’s lucky if Dean speaks a letter. His sign language is a bit rusty, but he leaves a book on Dean’s desk one night and they slowly start to pick it up. At first it’s difficult. Dean usually has some kind of booze in him and his hands are sloppy. Inconsistent.

    They develop different variations of words. Just for them.

    Ironically, it’s Dean who comes up with the code for I love you. They never exactly talk (or sign) about it. One night, when Dean is starting to wean off the beer and they’re draped over the couch watching a movie, he stands and looks at Sam. He tugs his ear twice and then with the same hand taps his heart once.

    It takes Sam awhile to figure out what it actually means. But once he does the message is tapped out all the time.

    Over a crowed restaurant and an inside joke about the pin the waitress is wearing. Dean beats him at cards and they laugh and laugh, Dean tugging his ear during the disaster that is their game. Sam never minds. He savors the constant reminders of Dean’s love. He also pretends not to know why the sudden change to a “chick flick” person occurred. Something happened in that basement between Cas and his brother. And reciprocating emotion has never been Dean’s strong suit.

    Sam goes out to the store one day and comes back to the bunker with groceries in his arms. After setting them down on the table he wanders towards his room. The shower is going and a thrill goes through him when he hears a voice drifting through the halls.

    Dean is singing.

    Dean Winchester is singing in the shower and Sam hears his brothers voice for the first time in nearly a year. He sits and listens for at least twenty minutes. Allowing the tune of “Carry on My Wayward Son” to wash over him in the deep raspiness that he missed so much.

    The next night they’re sitting on the couch. Dean is having a beer and on a commercial Sam turns and signs without thinking.

    Did you love him?

    Dean stares for a minute, and at first Sam is about to repeat himself when Deans lifts his hands.

    Would you believe me if I told you it doesn’t hurt anymore?

    Come on Dean. I know you better than that.

    Guess I never officially came out did I.

    I’ve known for a longgg time Dean. (He even adds the extra g’s)

    Yeah I guess you would. Still like women you know.

    I know.

    They barely mention Cas again.

    Then exactly a year and three months after Cas gets sucked into hell, they get a visit.

    Sam is always up early these days. He walks into the kitchen groggily. Rubbing his eyes and yawning when he feels it. Sam looks up.


    Dean pretends not to think about a year and theee months without Cas. It’s not even an important anniversary really. He feels the weight today though than any other day that month.

    He hears voices in the kitchen and wonders if Sam is talking to himself again. He wraps the robe around himself and snuggles Miracle for a few seconds before making his way to the kitchen. Sam must have been up for awhile. He can smell the coffee mixed with pancakes. Dean smiles as he imagines the syrup mixed with butter.

    Dean walks in the kitchen and automatically starts to sign how good the breakfast smells when the talking stops abruptly.

    He looks up.


    His voice is croaky but just as deep. He knows Sam must have his mouth open for flies at the first word he’s heard him say in months but at that moment he doesn’t even care.

    “Hello Dean.”

    Sam is gone in an instant and it’s just them. Dean standing there in his now ridiculous robe and Cas in his ever perfect trench coat.

    Cas speaks first. “Sam told me you don’t like to talk. That’s fine.”

    Dean just stares.

    Cas swallows. “About what I said-“

    Dean holds up his hand. He’s been going over the conversation in his head since the moment Cas disappeared. He knows what to say. It’s only a matter of getting the words out.

    Instead, he kisses him.

    It’s the first time Deans ever kissed a boy and he loves it. And it’s with Cas. After a second they find a rhythm with their lips. The feeling in his chest only grows the more they move.

    When they break apart, Dean rests his forehead against Cas’s. He finds his breath and feels himself grinning like an idiot.

    He whispers, “I love you too.”

    They don’t stop kissing for a long time.

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  • Supernatural Rewatch - “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things” (2x04)

    Favorite Quote:

    “You and Dad…You’re the most important people in my life. And now…I never should’ve come back, Sam. It wasn’t natural, and now look what’s come of it. I was dead, and I should have stayed dead. You wanted to know how I was feeling. Well, that’s it. So tell me: What could you possibly say to make that all right?” - Dean Winchester

    Favorite Moment:

    This episode is just an ‘eh’ one for me. But the ending scene makes it worth the occasional rewatch.

    IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

    My Rating: 7.5/10

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  • tbt the time when supernatural casting was like this



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  • image

    Manip #2 of Sam Winchester and Rowena MacLeod for We’ll Be Making History

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  • me listening to any song bastille song: i can’t believe they wrote this about sam winchester

    #bastille #i love them so much #sam winchester
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  • dean: *literally raised sam*

    sam, watching dean being good with kids: woah how are you so good with kids that’s so weird????????????????

    #fucking idiot he raised your stupid ass #spn#sam winchester#dean winchester #this side of sam annoys me so muchhhhhhhhhh like are you DUMB
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  • it’s just like YES i think sam is a he/they pansexual YES i think he’s a trans ftm gay YES i think they’re a nonbinary lesbian YES i think he’s asexual YES i think they’re demisexual YES i love samjess and samcas and saileen at the same time. there’s a million wolves inside me and they’re all besties <3

    #i will have a million hcs for my comfort character #AND i will project onto him bc i kin #whoever said sam is Lgbt. all of them? yeah <3 #it’s fun #leaf.txt #supernatural#spn#sam winchester#queer sam#samcas#samjess#saileen
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  • Request by @ilysm-mybabybrother for my 100 Follower celebration

    Prompt: I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified

    word count: 450 words

    Pairing: Sam Winchester x fem!reader

    Sighing you tried to focus on what your professor in law school had to tell. You didn’t even want to become a lawyer but because both of you parents were lawyers, and all of your grandparents have been lawyers, too, they wanted you to continue with the “Family Business.”

    Silently groaning you looked out of the window. The sun was brightly shining, and you wished you would just go out of the room and hang out with your friends.

    “Hey, Y/n.” you heard a whisper next to you. Turning your head, you saw Sam Winchester, probably the smartest one in the room.

    “What?” you whispered back, wondering why he wasn’t paying attention. He wanted to become a lawyer so badly and now he didn’t pay attention? What was wrong with him?

    “I was just wondering if we could..?” He couldn’t finish his sentence

    “Just because you’re whispering, doesn’t mean I can’t hear you, Mr. Winchester.” The professor said sternly.

    “Yes, Miss. Sorry.” Sam mumbled, turning back from you. But now it was already too late, he had caught your attention.

    You ripped off a piece of your paper and wrote “What did you want to ask me?” on it, secretly passing it to Sam. To your own surprise, he took it and read it, careful so your professor wouldn’t recognize it. He took his time answering it. About five minutes passed until you got that piece of paper back. “I just wanted to ask if you want to meet with me. For studying of course.” You smiled happily. You liked Sam, a lot. He was smart, and tall, and cute.

    “Yeah, of course. Just come to my place when you want” you wrote on the paper and sneaked it back to Sam. He took it, read it and put the paper in his pocket. No further reactions. You sighed again and tried to focus on what the professor had to say.

    Later in the evening, you waited impatiently in your small apartment for Sam. Another look to watch and another check if everything was looking good. Then, there was a knock on the door, and you jumped up, quickly opening the door. “Hey Sam” you said, letting him in but he just pulled you close on pressed his lips on yours. You were shocked but sunk in the kiss and deeply kissed him.

    When you parted he just looked at you “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified” he looked at you, taking a few deep breath. You rolled you eyes “You’re such a jerk, Sam Winchester. I love you , too” you dragged him inside your apartment, deeply kissing him.

    Yeah, you definitely would study tonight.

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  • #Sam Winchester#Dean Winchester#fic#au #look Dean's food is weird and I miss snarky Sam #dettiot
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  • happy one month since november 5th everyone

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  • I haven’t ever made moodboards before, was getting bored so decided to give it a try!

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