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    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I love purpled content. Like, honestly. Most pf the Minecraft stuff I know is from just being on tumblr, and I've somehow been sucked into it, but the only Minecraft youtubers i genuinely watch on a regular basis and enjoy are tiredtwt.

    They have such a good dynamic with eachother, Walli and Purpled being buds, Astelic and Hannah being relaxing, Boomer being- whatever Boomer's energy level could be described as.

    It's so fun to see a group where they so genuinely enjoy hanging out with eachother, and it's always relaxing.

    I can normally never catch a stream, I hate playing videogames with a burning passion, and I just cant keep up with many of the mcyts of today, but Leviathan, and Purpled, and Wallibear, and Astelic? They just make my day a little better each time I hear them talking about fucking Bozos of all things.

    All you dsmpers out there may be lore focused, all you Hermitcrafters liking the builds and the fun they have, but please just watch a video or two of bedwars.

    #ok i'm done now #purpled#wallibear#astelic#gamerboy80#hannahxxrose#sammygreen#Leviathan mcyt#dsmp #???? #i don't really know about that one #3rd life i guess
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  • enderspawn
    01.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    nothing makes me more baby than when content creators are nice and supportive to izthetic im ngl

    #like. their work got known bc WOAH wack funny haha block man dancing #how weird and cringe or whatever #but like !!! they’re good videos brant !!! #idk just. appreciating All of their fan works and art even if it’s a ‘’cringey’’ format ig #mcyt#sammygreen#og post
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    27.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago
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  • gogyorwell
    26.09.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    ummm. sorry

    #should i maintag this. am i that brave #he speaks #id in alt text #sammygreen
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  • mango-phoenix
    25.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    HI I FOUND SOME AU THING FROM LIKE JUNE so u have to look at it now yaay

    #gamerboy80#purpled#sammygreen#astelic#mcyt#tiredblr#tiredtwt #this is not new content i just found it again LOL #dsmp #i want attention thats the attention tag :D
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  • timedeo
    23.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    4??(?(?;?;!;?!;?(( there is actually something wrong with him

    #HRBDJDHDJDBJ?????? #mcyt#sammygreen#tiredblr
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  • hoglin-stims
    08.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    SAMMYGREEN; for @timedeo

    X X X | X X | X X X

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  • raw-quack
    20.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    𝙴𝚗𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙻𝚘𝚘𝚙

    𝙿𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚝 // 𝙿𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚘 𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚋𝚎𝚕𝚘𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚖𝚎.

    𝚆𝚘𝚛𝚍 𝙲𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝: 2,745

    𝚂𝚞𝚖𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚢: Sammy and Astelic fall into a loophole of losing to Purpled, which results into the only logical reason of fixing that problem. {Lee!Purpled, Ler!Sammy, Ler!Astelic.}

    𝙳𝚒𝚜𝚌𝚕𝚊𝚒𝚖𝚎𝚛: This is my first fanfic in a while, so please excuse any issues in my writing. Also, this is only based on their minecraft characters, not them as themselves, as I respect these streamers boundaries.

    𝚆𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐: 𝚂𝚠𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚐 & 𝚃𝚒𝚌𝚔𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐. Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with those subjects.

    —♪—♫ —♪—♫ —♪—♫ —♪—♫ —♪—♫ —♪—♫ —♪—

    Throughout the day, Purpled's confidence has exceeded significantly, resulting in him forcing two of his closest friends to 1v2 him in Bedwars.

    They've been at the game nonstop for a few hours now. The duo had been cursed with a losing streak, falling into numerous traps the youngest played. Followed by the sweat planting little comments that only provoked their competitive nerves.

    Though he wasn't expecting himself to be caught in the unfortunate situation of hunting them down, without a bed to lose, his cockiness never faltered once.

    "Come on guys, I don't want to be 80 by the time this round ends." The teen groaned as he searched for the two like a hungry lion, his antennas twitching in annoyance.

    He fiddled with the sword resting in his hand, itching for victory. "I'm too cool to be the same age as Astelic."

    The girl took playful offense to the comment. "Hey- I'm not that old!”

    The e-girl huffed, quickly trading her iron for some recourses. “Come on SammyGreen, I want to destroy this cocky toddler."

    Sammy shook his head, holding back the smile that was pulling at his expression. It was funny at how quickly his teammate could get riled up.

    "We can't, we're not falling for that little trick this time." The male playfully rolled his eyes, referring to the successful traps they had previously fallen into.

    "You guys don't have to go easy on me. Oh wait.. maybe you both are just bad?" He light-heartedly grinned, continuing his act.

    If there was anything he was great at, it was Bedwars. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the teen visited a witch hut to achieve such a talent.

    “I wouldn’t get so cocky if I were you, arse.” Sammy false-disappointedly rolled his eyes, hidden in the depths his sunglasses.

    “Oh yeah? What are you going to do? Continue your losing streak?” The magenta child childishly snickered as he locked in on his targets. His eyes filled with a challenge, there was no backing out of this one.

    "Come on now, fight me like man and woman, pussies." The boy set off with a cocky smirk.

    Sammy had gotten a habit of brushing off the magenta lover's cocky attitude like a bug. It became quick to realise that a simple comment could result in a larger than expected distraction.

    He motioned for the shortest of the three to follow his lead. They built their way to emerald island, on the prowl for a certain someone.

    “Why don’t you stop hiding so we can actually fight, arse.”

    “Who said I was hiding?”

    And just like that, a shadow could be spotted in the distance..building up? That silhouette only belonging to one person, the one and only Purpled.

    “The only pussy I see here is you.” The Australian grinned.

    “I’m not a pussy, it’s called strategy. Although I don’t think you both know what that word means, huh?”

    Falsely taken offense, Astelic approached the rising tower, glaring up at the one hovering over her, wool resting in hand.

    "What are you doing up there? Not scared, are you?" In the mood to test the others patience, she asked with a guiltless smile.

    “Why would I be scared? You don’t hear anything, you elder.”

    “I wouldn’t be saying that Purpled. I mean, isn’t that tower quite unnecessary?” The girl continued, staring up at the horrific build.

    "What- No. I just have-"

    "A plan, maybe?" A voice echoed from behind the teen, giving him a brief startle. He whipped his head around to reveal the Australian standing behind him.

    “What was that about strategy?”

    How'd he get up here so fast? The boy was a bit dumbfounded, recalculating the steps he had taken to prevent this from occurring.


    "Aww, is someone mad that their plan didn't follow through?" Sammy playfully cooed, his calm monotone receiving goosebumps from the sweat.

    “I- Um. No. Stop that-”

    “Stop what?”

    The soloist was so committed to nothing more than winning, especially since his competitive demeanor had taken over. Plus, he was a god a Bedwars. He wasn’t going to let something as silly as this get in the way.

    "A-And- uhm- even if it didn't, I'm still going to destroy you both."

    "Come down then, fight us like a man." Astelic grinned as she mocked his previous comment, closing in like a predator cornering its prey, Sammy doing the same. “Unless you’re too scared~”

    It was now or never.

    Purpled pulled a little magic of his own, initiating the battle. He hopped down from his tower in precise skill, and began swiftly swinging his sword.

    “I hope you enjoyed the feeling of victory while it lasts!”

    Sammy watched the fight commence. He couldn't just sit there, or it would soon transform into a 1v1, him being the only one without a bed.

    “I don’t think so.” He playfully threatened.

    In swift movement, Sammy hopped down to assist his teammate. It wasn't looking too good for them, as the teen pulled an innumerable amount of tricks that rested up his sleeve.

    “You guys are bad! Should I be surprised though?” The sweat light-heartedly commentated, his antennas sweeping themselves up in a happy manner as he made his way to victory.

    “Bad?! I wish!” Astelic shrieked as her health rapidly decreased.

    It was time for the last resort. If they weren't going to win with their swords, they would win with something else. A more happy ending for the both of them.

    After communicating through facial gestures, Astelic moved to tackle the youngest, followed by the sweat spitting out incomprehensible claims. "What the fuck?!-"

    Sammy, following the shortest’s lead, moved to the two, displaying a wide smirk on his face for the other.


    Staring in displease at the two, resembling an angry hawk, Purpled began, "What is this? You guys are bitches. Bad at the game."

    "I wouldn't say we're bad at the game, Purpled, because we're winning, aren't we?" Astelic chimed in, shifting one of her hands to briefly prod at the males side.

    Purpled let out an unintentional squeak as he felt a poke make contact with his side. Now it was clear. But what his attention drifted to was the forming smirks that rose on the duos faces. "No- This- That is cheating."

    "What is? Is something wrong mate?" The Australian simpered, pleased with the predicament the other had fallen into.

    Purpled shook his head in denial. A red hue sunk into his cheeks as he continued his strong glare, building up a wall to keep his reactions obscure.

    "Aw look, he's blushing~" The e-girl began. "Say, Purpled, would you like to admit defeat now, or will we have to do it the hard way?"


    "Hm.. I'd say that response means he wants it, Astelic." Sammy grinned as he rose a pair of fingers in the air and gently wiggled them, clear for the blonde to see.

    The teen could only widen his eyes before blurting out random words, finding a way to jumble them into a sentence.

    "No- I won't lose. I never lose. You guys are just bad, which is pretty sad."

    Stung by the comment, the two exchanged eye contact before beginning their attack, leaving one last cheeky glare for the blonde.

    The e-girl took another step, absentmindedly poking at the boy’s torso.

    The male flinched at the contact, retracting his arms to the targeted area. “Yohou-”

    “You.. you’re ticklish? Ohhh Purpled, you don’t know what you’ve got yourself into~” She lightly teased, adding an unpredictable squeeze to the mix.

    As Astelic made a move of her own, the lanky brunette took his place on Purpled's thighs, watching for the blonde's consent before sitting down.

    Both of them taking a sudden stop, brewing a reaction of the tips of the males antennas to warm up. Just thinking of what was waiting around the corner flustered the blonde.

    "Now, arse boy, I wish it wouldn't had come to this," Sammy sighed as fingers slowly made their way up and down the teens sides. "But you deserve it, you know that right?"

    "You've been so cocky today, pulling at our strings even. So confident that you've been provoking a bit." Astelic murmured, following the others pace as she mindlessly drew little patterns on the blondes nape.

    Purpled trembled in obscure excitement. He wasn’t the type to show off his loss, nor happiness in the position he had been caught in. Unless he wanted to be dragged down into an endless loophole of constant teasing, he wasn’t planning on gifting them a reaction anytime soon.

    “N-Nuh uh.”

    The teenager pressed his lips together, in attempt to avert the giggling that was itching at the back of his throat.

    He watched as the two made a few more glances at each other, as if he was left out on a whole other language.

    “Say, Purpled.” The dark haired female sneered, doing her best to keep her composure as the other flashed an alarmed look. “If you want to get out of this mess, all you have to do is admit one thing.”


    “You lose to us.”

    The blonde let out a noise of hesitation. What? Him, Purpled, losing? He’d rather reset his stats then lose. Especially when those two were in the subject.

    “No. I don’t lose, never will, sorry.” He feigned a tough look.

    “Well that’s too bad mate.” Sammy glanced down at the male, allowing the other to acknowledge his bold smirk. “You know why?”

    The taller leaned down.

    “You just lost.”

    The current lee wasn’t given any time to form a response, as four pairs of fingers came crashing down, taking any area that was available.

    “WHaHahat the fuHUCK!”

    “Victory sure is sweet, although I never thought losing could be so enjoyable for him.” Astelic pinpointed while her fingers gently danced on the boy’s underarms.

    “SHuhuT uhup! Yohou chEHEatohorS!” Purpled cackled. This can’t be the way he loses. He was supposed to win, again.

    Attempting his best shot, the teen twisted, turned, squirmed, anything to escape these enjoyable relentless sensations that poked at his ticklish nerves.

    “You must be enjoying this,” Sammy ceased his playful manner, taking a more calm approach, “You never denied it, did you?”

    "Whaha? NoHO! Ihim naHAT!"

    The blonde couldn’t help but widen his eyes before squeezing them together, in attempt to avoid the flustering looks that the duo beamed down on him.

    “Aww~ I never realized how easily flustered you are~” Sammy sang.

    “It’s cute, really. All it takes is one poke, one squiggle,” The e-girl followed her words, as if it was some command, poking and wiggling her index finger on the boys neck, ceasing her previous attack. “And he turns into ticklish putty, isn’t that right Purpled?”

    The tone in the girls voice released countless butterflies, all swarming around in the stomach the Australian was currently taking care of. “NoHO! Ihit’s wRohong! DohoNt spREHad fahalse iHinformahation!”

    “False information? Let me ask you,”

    The female drew both of their attention, the great SammyGreen putting a pause on his attack, drawing a smirk to his face.

    “If some fingers slowly traveled down your waist, it wouldn’t bother you, right?” Astelic narrated, the Australian matching her comment, slowly dragging his nails down the teens waist.

    As the sensations traveled down their own path, Purpled transferred his full attention to conceal his reaction. His main objective being A, withstand their ambush, or B, turn the tables. But how would he possibly do that?

    As he was lost into his void of thoughts, a quick swipe across his stomach snapped him back into reality. Purpled let out a small squeal at the contact, which caught the two’s full attention.

    “Oh? Did you here that Astelic?” Sammy smiled fondly at his accomplishment, adding more fuel to the fire.

    “I did! It was adorable, squeal for us Purplee~” Astelic mumbled into the boy’s ear, causing him to briefly titter.

    The blonde shook his head, an evident blush sinking into his cheeks. He wasn’t going to accept losing to something as childish as tickling, no way. But the constant coos and teases drove him nuts, which only brought more enjoyment for the other two.

    “Ihi woHont! YoHOu boHOTH suhuCK!”


    The sensations that crawled over his body took a sudden pause, causing the teen to be obscurely disappointed.

    ...No comments. Purpled curiously opened an eye to reveal the sudden stop. These assholes.

    It took a moment for him to get used to the blinding light, revealing two flustering smirks.

    “Aw, it seems like someone was really enjoying this, huh?” Sammy light-heartedly snickered. “It’s too bad you insulted us..”

    The youngest huffed, taking a mental note to ensue revenge. But for now, he had to worry more about the lovely horrible predicament he was in, and how to get more out of it.


    After collecting himself, still fighting off the ghost tickles, Purpled shot back a cocky glare, it being less intimidating from the leftover blush.

    “I'hihim not enjoying it, perhaps I cohould do this every time you guys lose so much. Because you’re bahad. That would be so fun, wohouldn’t it?”

    Ignoring the slight blush that ran over the duos faces, earning a satisfied look from Purpled, they continued their attack.

    "Still giggling I see, did it tickle that much?" The Australian responds, seeming unphased by the comment.

    "No. It- no it didn't." The teen stammers.

    It was remarkable for how easily the teen shifted from one reaction to the next.

    "Aw that sucks.." Astelic huffs while faking her dissapointment. "We were excited to do a big finish."

    "Guys-" Purpled began to whine.

    Dammit. He wasn't the type to ask, if not, even think about it. But after reading the facial expressions that the two responded with, there was no backing out of this one.


    "Fine. You can do it, just- don't go too rough- or.. anything-" The teen hesitantly mumbled, moving to hide behind his hands.

    The two quickly glanced at each other before peering back to their adorable companion who was growing pinker at the second.

    "Of course! We would never make you uncomfortable, you giggly toddler~" Astelic flashed an angelic smile.

    Nodding in agreement, Sammy moved to swap positions with the e-girl. The teen being left with his own imagination, shifting through all the different scenarios that were up for grab.

    "Would you like your arms to be pinned mate, or no?" Sammy asked with a softer tone.

    "I-It's fine like this." Purpled moved to rest his arms at his sides, his face heating up once more.

    Astelic took her place beside Purpled, her face slightly hovering over the male. "Ready?"

    Purpled gently nodded, his antennas twitching slightly.

    After sharing a look, the two began the final attack. The teen widening his eyes as two pairs of lips lowered down, blowing two large, hysterical raspberries on his neck and stomach.

    "FUHUHA-" Roaring laughter ripped through the teen as the buzzing sensations danced their way through his body.

    The two struggling to cover up their own giggles from the deafening reaction, Sammy taking it as another opportunity to raise the stakes.

    As much as Purpled was enjoying this, it was obvious that he wouldn't be able to last long. Although that was the point of a final attack, wasn't it?

    He took the ability of not being pinned to his advantage, attempting to curl away from the sensations.

    "Where do you think you're going, hm?~" Sammy monotonically teased.

    "Don't tell me you're trying to escape, you wanted this didn't you?" Astelic chimed in.

    The sudden teases resulted in his antennas curling a bit, like a butterfly. "SHUHHUHUT IHIT! DIHAHA-"

    He was cut off mid-sentence as the girl took a bold decision and planted a raspberry directly on his bellybutton, exploding him into roaring laughter.


    With that, the two were immediately off the male, instead quickly shifting to bring an end to the ghost tickles that haunted the blonde.

    "You alright mate?" Sammy calmly asked, gifting the other an extra water bottle he had found in his inventory.

    Gratefully accepting the water bottle and warming up to the hug Astelic granted, he nodded. "Mhm..bitches."

    "What was that?" The e-girl dramatically gasped, poking the sweat in the side a few times.

    "Nothihing-" He flinched at the contact, more than he would on a daily basis.

    "Well then, are you willing to admit you lost?" A smirk tugged at Astelic's expression as Purpled worked on ganging back his composure.

    The blonde glanced over, revealing a smirk that was hidden in the depths of his heated face. Turning to the two, he shrugged.

    "I don't know, are you?~"

    #End of the Loop #mcyt tickle fanfic #lee!purpled #ler!sammygreen #ler!astelic #mcyt tickle#tiredtwt tickle #tiredtwt tk fanfic #tk fanfic#kate’s fics#kate’s writing#quackinn
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    30.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Yooooo ao3 writers y’all sleeping on SammyGreens Minecraft skin smh, injured wing? Protecting a loved one with their wing? WARMING SOMEONE WITN THEIR WING!? HUGGING THEMSELVES WITH THEIR WINGS!!?! PLEASE AO3 PLS PLS PLS

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    25.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    tired trio as tumblr posts

    #is that what theyre called? idk thats what im calling them #mcyt#tiredblr#purpled#sammygreen#astelic#long post #ok to rb
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    07.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    full design lineup yes yes

    #tiredblr#tiredtwt#mcyt#sammygreen#chazm#gamerboy80#astelic#purpled#hannahxxrose#krustydavid#wallibear #*sobs* there are so many inconsistencies in this #but i did what i needed to so thats okay i think #redo a few designs + stylize more w/ shapes #also sorry for the general lack of posts. this doesnt really help bc its a redo of some older stuff but whatever its fine #actually can i tag this as dsmp bc of purp and hannah i think i could
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  • lycheesleepy
    05.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    brain !!!! rot !!!!!!!!!!!!

    #wallibear#gamerboy80#hannahxxrose#purpled#sammygreen #broken paint marker #wildly inconsistent art style go brrr #anyways um#tired gang#tiredblr
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  • icxrusat
    02.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Bedwars gang assigned hunger games districts with almost no reasoning for one of my latest projects

    Sammy: District 1 (luxury) I needed at least one career tribute for plot purposes and the amount of grinding Sammy does makes him perfect for the role

    Chazm: District 2 (masonry/weapons) Excellent suit sir. I think you deserve a gun

    80: District 3 (technology) His ign is gamerboy80. You can't tell me he's not district 3

    Purpled: District 4 (fishing) Can you tell I adore the subnautica streams too much?

    Astelic: District 6 (transportation) not much to say here? there wasn't really a reason other than that six is a nice number. In the books district 6 were so ready to throw hands with the capitol

    Walli: District 7 (forestry) I think bears live in forests right? Therefore Wallibear = forestry district

    Hannah: District 11 (agriculture) Plants n shit I think.

    David: District 11 (agriculture) Gonna be honest this was because I couldn't think of one for him but also. UHC gang david and hannah

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  • chandelier-s-notebook
    30.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Doodlewash April 2021 prompt 29: Party

    Set in @itsmoonphobic’s Summer Vacation Au

    If anyone wants to be part of a taglist of this Summer Vacation AU, feel free to message me/send an ask.

    Taglist: @causeimfabulous @sleepysnails

    Thank you Escargot for giving me a kickstart to this prompt.


    Tubbo sat in his bed playing piano tiles when the tin can in his room started dinging. Tubbo groaned and got up. He pulled the cord from his side of the window.

    “Good morning!”

    Tubbo looked at his phone. “It’s 12:01am Tommy.”

    “Tomorrow starts at midnight my friend.”

    “What you do want Tommy?”

    “It’s Purpled’s birthday today.”

    Tubbo blinked. “It’s what?”

    “Purpled’s birthday.”

    “No it’s not.”

    “Yes it is.”

    “His birthday is in like. Many months.”

    “Tubbo. It’s Purpled’s Birthday.”

    “Tommy. It’s not.”

    “Tubbo we are going to throw Purpled a surprise party.”

    “Tommy he would not enjoy that even if it was on his birthday.”

    “Tubbo that’s why we do it today.”

    “So we don’t ruin his birthday?”

    “Yes. We let him to what he wants to do on his birthday.”

    “But because we want to throw a party for him to do it today?”




    “Let’s get his older friends,” Tubbo suggested.

    “Ranboo first, then we meet up at the Moo-Pop Café.”

    “His shift is at 1 tomorrow right?”

    “Today. Tomorrow starts at midnight Tubbo.”

    “Right sorry.” Tubbo paused. “We go get Ranboo?”

    “Meet you outside.”

    - - -

    “Tap tap taping on the glass.”

    The window abruptly opened, showing Tubbo a disgruntled Ranboo. “What?”

    “Good morning!”

    “You are too perky for this.”

    “Guess what we’re doing today!”

    “Dragging Purpled down with me,” Ranboo muttered. “Forcing chickens to cross the road,” he guessed, “burning down a building?”

    “No, no, and no.”

    Ranboo peered at Tubbo. “What do you mean ‘no, no, and no?’ I only guessed two things.”

    Tubbo smiled widely. “Purpled.”

    “What do you mean Purpled?” Ranboo looked out his window to see Tommy lying in the grass. “You mean we aren’t going to harass Purpled? You mean I’m alone with you two at 12:18 in the middle of the night?”


    “Tubbo.” He looked back to the boy on his roof. “You know I love you guys but please.”

    “We’re harassing Purpled. Don’t worry.”

    Ranboo was not comforted.

    “Come on get up. We’ll meet you outside.”


    “Come on Ranboo, it’ll be fine.”


    He jumped down into Ranboo’s yard. “Come on Big Man! We gotta start soon!”

    Ranboo came stumbling out of his house. He put on his jacket as he walked to his friend. “What are we doing then?”

    “Throwing a surprise party for Purpled.”

    Ranboo gave Tommy a look. “Purpled’s birthday is in October.”

    “I know.”

    He just shook his head. “Great. What’s first?”

    “Bothering all of Purpled’s friends for help. We want a good proper party.”

    Ranboo dropped his head in his hands. “Seriously? Where is this party happening?”

    “Sammy Green has the morning shift at the Moo-Pop Café. He should have the keys.”

    “Oh no. What about the owner? Does he care?”

    “Scar. You’re asking if Scar cares about throwing a surprise birthday party.”

    Ranboo finger guns at Tubbo. “Right. Stupid question.”

    Tommy procured two sticky notes from his pocket and, with an unnecessary flourish, gave one to each of his friends.

    “Here are the addresses of Purpled’s other friends.”


    “That’s nice.”

    “How did you even get these,” Ranboo asked.

    Tommy smiled much the same way Tubbo had earlier. “Would you believe me if I said I went through the phone book?”

    “No.” Ranboo looked down at his list: TapL, Wallibear, Rachxo. “But I’m going to pretend I do for my own sanity.”


    “Well, I’m off to wake up Hannah, Astelic, and David.” Tubbo did a half-bow. “I’ll meet you boys at the Moo-Pop Café.”

    “Later Tubzo!” And with that Tommy was off.

    “And I didn’t even get a goodbye.” Ranboo turned to where Tubbo was just at his left. “Ah. Well. Time to wake people up for TommyInnit at 1 in the morning. Great.”

    - - -

    “Sammy. Sammy. Sammy.”

    Sammy batted an arm at Tommy. “If I ignore you for long enough will you leave?”


    Sammy groaned and rolled over in his bed. “How did you get in here?”

    “Spare key under the doormat.”

    “That’s nice.” Sammy sat up and rubbed his eyes. “This what you do to Purp?”


    “Why me?” Sammy asked. “Is Purp even here?”

    “Nope. I need your key to the Moo-Pop Café.”

    Sammy stared at Tommy, unlike his regular friend group he doesn’t know to not ask questions. “Why?”

    “Because I need it.”

    “You’re already in my house. Did you need to wake me up?” Sammy looked at the electric clock on his side table. “At 1am? Seriously? Couldn’t you have just stolen it?”

    “Pretty sure there’s an alarm code that I need. Also, someone has to work.”

    Sammy flopped back down into bed. “No.”

    “It’s for Purpled’s surprise birthday party.”

    “It’s not his birthday.”

    “Should I come back then?”

    Sammy shot out of bed. “Nope. Bad idea. Get out of my house I’ll be down in a minute.”

    “You have five!” Tommy slid the window open and jumped down to the grass.

    “Didn’t you come in through the front door?” Sammy asked, meeting Tommy outside. “Why did you go out the window?”

    “It’s more fun.”


    “Off to wake up Gamer Boy!”

    “Oh you’re actually going to wake everybody up for this. Great.”

    Tommy smiled. “Now you’ll know what Purpled’s talking about when he tell you about these earlier morning wake up calls!”

    Sammy gave Tommy and unamused glare.

    - - -

    Purpled walked into the front door of the Moo-Pop Café, ready for an afternoon of work.


    Purpled walked back outside. He took a breath. And he walked back in.


    Literally all his friends were in the dining room of the Moo-Pop Café. There was a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner hanging in the room. There were streamers and balloons. And all of his friends were still blowing kazoos at him.

    TapL and Squid were manning the counter for the actual customers.

    Sammy, David, and Walli were icing cupcakes.

    Rachxo, Hannah, and Astelic were sharing a giant stack of ice cream

    Gamer Boy was asleep on the floor.

    Eryn, Freddie, Jack Manifold, Drista, and Lani were playing Uno.

    Tubbo was talking pictures of everybody; probably for his scrapbook. Maybe Purpled flipped him off during the picture, but he was a good sport and smiled.

    Ranboo just looked really apologetic.

    Tommy had the biggest most proud smile on his face. “Happy Birthday!”

    “Thanks!” Purpled threw his jacket at him. “You know it’s not my birthday right?”

    “Absolutely! Let’s celebrate!”


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    22.04.2021 - 6 monts ago

    some of tiredtwt :D


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  • mcytblrconfessions
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    #confession#Anonymous#cc: sammygreen #best of mcytblrconfessions
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  • chandelier-s-notebook
    19.04.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Doodlewash April 2021 prompt 19: Orange

    Set in @itsmoonphobic’s Summer Vacation AU

    If anyone wants to be part of a taglist of this Summer Vacation AU, feel free to message me/send an ask/or mention it in reblogs.


    Purpled woke up like he did on any normal day; at 10am. This was nice. He grabbed a fresh pile of clothes and went into the bathroom for a shower. The dropped them on the counter and went to – what was that box?

    Purpled blinked the sleep out of his eyes. He snatched the box had read the label. Orange hair dye. There was also a black sticky note written with a white gel pen; Ranboo. “Hi. You are a very light sleeper. My prank was to dye your hair orange, please do it yourself and pretend to be mad at me.”

    Purpled rolled his eyes and crumpled up the note. The six of them were in the middle of a prank war. Purpled didn’t really want to dye his hair, but he supposed it was all in good fun. Purpled’s hair was even blond so he didn’t need to bleach it.

    “Permanent hair dye?” Purpled glared at the wall where he pretended Ranboo was. Oh well. It was all in good fun. If Ranboo had a spine Purpled would have woken up with a dye job. Might as well waste the day on this.

    - - -

    Purpled had the evening shift at the MooPop Café. How nice of Ranboo to pick a day where he had time. Purpled entered through the back door.

    “Hey Purp- your hair.”

    “I know. Ranboo pranked me. I woke up like this.”

    “Oh… It looks good?”

    “Thanks Sammy.”


    @causeimfabulous @sleepysnails

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    lads someone talk to me i wanna ramble about my crack au

    #i feel like ive mentioned it before but i cant remember #the crack au is where eret n timedeo n sammygreen are all brothers for absolutely no reason #im tempted to add quig to that trio <3 #shawn says stuff
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    #hannahxxrose#purpled#wallibear#krustydavid#im_a_squid_kid#sammygreen#astelic#mrcoffeetv#tiredblr #i can sense the squid kid potato war jokes from a mile away #also the astelic keyboard jokes #IM SO EXCITED??? #ive been manifesting tiredtwt jackbox stream for the longest time #tiredblr come get ur juice!!
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