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  • likeasoclopath
    27.07.2021 - 22 hours ago
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    27.07.2021 - 22 hours ago
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    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • carlarosonn
    12.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    i love checking the carmuel tag on ao3 and seeing new authors, i knew the short would inspire a lot of reunions fics and the two i've read so far haven't let me down at all. i love the fact that they are working the points that both needed to mature individually and that in just a few paragraphs you can already see the evolution of both especially about the communication. how samuel is more confident and that carla somehow found ways to be happy (probably not completely but she needed that) and besides that, carla and samuel always have that thing that only they know how to do which is, when they meet again everything should be uncomfortable and strange, but it isn't, never. it's all easy and natural when they're together. i love character development. it's a shame the show didn't give me that, but my writers did, so i am grateful.

    #i cant forget about carmuel #never ever #that's why i am so glad i have ao3 #carla roson#samuel garcia#carmuel#elite
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    11.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago


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    #samuel beckett#trashfirepoet#author interview #this is too much #his face #world book day #santiago pope garcia #triple frontier fanfiction #triple frontier fic #seokwoo
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    11.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago


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    #middle eastern hotties #lu montesinos#samuel garcia #making a scene #cayetana#omar#guzman#mencia#sandytropic #cure la mer
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  • garcianunier
    09.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    Netflix Italy via their stories (08/07/2021)

    Netflix Italy posting about Guznadia 😍! But who are those 9%??? 😩

    #elite#elite netflix #nadia x guzman #guznadia #otp: i remember how much you liked this pool #otp: i always dreamt about running away with you #guzman nunier#nadia shanaa#carmuel#carla roson#samuel garcia
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  • nosensedit
    07.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    like or reblog if you save / credits on twitter @drunkells ♡

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  • karley-spencer10
    06.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Like/reblog if used or save

    Élite seasons 1-4 poster with filter

    Filters used in this post do not belong to me @koofilters @kimfilters_ @sukicodes @rookiefilters go follow them on Instagram.

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  • saintdilemma
    05.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    SAMUEL & GUZMAN ー S3/4

    "he's the best thing i've gotten out of these past two shitty years."
    #elite#season 3#season 4#guzman nunier#samuel garcia #guzman x samuel #guzmuel#series #enemies to bffs #or... #enemies to lovers #there is no heterosexual explanation for their goodbye scene #tell me if im wrong #gif#mine
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  • samsdei
    04.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Itzan Escamilla

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  • m-greyshoe
    03.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Dangerous Game • Samuel García

    Word Count: 1122

    Summary: Being invited to a party at your ex fling his house never ends different.

    "Wait, you're telling me I left Lu and Nadia in New York for a fucking stupid towel party!" You yelled at Ander who was standing next to Omar and another guy.

    "It's just a party? and you love party's, calm down and have fun." Ander placed the cigarette in his mouth before he blew the smoke in your face. "Maybe that'll help."

    "Fuck you, and who the fuck are you, hm?" You glared at the guy that stood next to Omar with a blue towel around his waist. "Because I haven't seen you before."

    "Patrick Blanco Commerford, the girl with the short haircut and purple towel is my twin sister, Ari, and the girl with the shoulder-length hair and black towel is Mencia, my other sister, and you are?"

    "Me? I'm y/n, and I already know a nickname for you, what about 'Wannabe Ken'?" You slightly inspected him with your eyes before you patted his cheek and smiled sarcastically. "Just stay out of my lane, Omar, you have a sec?"

    "I- Sure? Yeah, come on." He opened the door to an empty room before closing it behind the two of you. "You okay? Ander already knew you wouldn't like the idea of this."

    "Did he? Well, that's sweet of him. I'm in the house of Samuel García, the boy I screwed before I graduated and left to New York, now I'm here and freaking out." You walked from side to side in the room, rubbing your forehead.

    You heard a knock on the door but Omar held his hand up towards you, walking towards the door. "Move on, this room's taken."

    "Hey, boy, it's not because I'm one of the new rich girls that you can start to become the ruler of the fun, eh, joder." The door was opened as a girl with a silver bathing suit and a black towel walked in. "Wow, ur a sight for sore eyes."

    "Mencia wasn't it? Hate to break it to you but I and my friend were actually having a conversation, so have a good night?" You waved your hand in her face, turning your back towards her.

    "Go on then, I won't gossip about it, I'm a good listener." She shrugged, adjusting the towel around her body. "No? Okay. Omar, what's Mrs. Fine, her secret?"

    "She's y/n, the girl that screwed Samuel before graduation in the showers to be more exact, then she left to New York, now my friend is here and losing her shit." Omar shrugged, getting a shove in the arm from you. "It's the talk of the whole school, y/n/n."

    "OH SHIT, YOU'RE THE SNACK THAT OUR SHORT BOY IS SIMPING OVER?!" Mencia let out a loud laugh, clapping her hands. "Oh I'm so happy I came to this party."

    "This chick I swe- cariño, do you have anything strong in here? I need my alter ego to come out." You sighed, looking at the boy in front of you that strolled over to the desk, grabbing a bottle of whiskey.

    "Whiskey? that's not smart, eh, Omar, she might as well end up somewhere she doesn't want to be." Mencia chuckled, dancing to the music that was playing behind the door. "But you're a free person eh? Go for it."

    "That's what I thought as well." You took the bottle before placing it to your lips and swallowing the strong liquid, before Mencia grabbed it away, spilling some on your chest. "Excuse me?"

    "Keep some for the other people, you drunkard." Mencia winked at you, opening the door and holding out her hand to you. "This good stuff already working?"

    You huffed at her, glancing at Omar as he shrugged and slightly smirked at you, nodding at the door.

    You sighed before placing your hand into her hand, letting her lead you towards the living room where everyone was dancing, standing in the middle of the room, she started to move her hips to the tempo of the song, pointing her fingers at you.

    "Start dancing, fucking hell, have some fun." Mencia walked closer to you, taking hold of your hands and noticing your body was starting to move to the beat of the reggaeton song. "That's what I was talking about."

    You started to get in your own bubble, moving your body to the beat of the music and stealing a person's red cup of strong liquid.

    "Y/n?" A voice spoke up from behind you but it didn't make any sense as you kept dancing and the booze was raising to your head. "Y/n, hey."

    Turning around you saw Samuel frowning at you with a towel around his waist and a slight change in his appearance.

    "Samu! Nice to see you again eh? We're not wearing much, the coincidence, huh?" You laughed, taking his hand and placing it on your hip as you kept dancing.

    "Y/n, what are you doing here?" Samuel twirled you around as you made him do so. "Shouldn't you be in New York?"

    You stopped dancing and placed a finger on his lips, using your devilish smile on him, which always worked. "You're a big mouth now eh? I kinda like it, as in really really like it."

    Samuel shook his head, removing his hand from your hip, rubbing his face. "You're drunk, you're fucking wasted."

    You threw the red empty cup to the floor, crushing it with your pointy stiletto shoes, moving your head next to his ear. "I may be drunk, but that doesn't mean that I don't wanna fuck you."

    "And then leave right after? Like last year? No, gracias." He kneeled to grab the red cup but you were quicker as you placed your heel over it, making him stare up at you. "Seriously?"

    "I know you want to undress me like you did a year ago, lay me down like used to do, talk about your childhood with me as we're both catching our breath." You whispered, fiddling with the towel around his waist. "If it's worth it, i'll stay for as long college allows me to."

    "That's funny, we know you won't." Samuel pushed your hands of his waist.

    "A week then, 7 days will that work for our favorite waiter?" You sighed, walking closer to the García boy, placing your hand on the side of his neck. "Yes, no? Maybe?"

    "Aye Samu, don't make the girl wait, eh? I'll gladly show her how we girls have a good time." Mencia held up her fingers as a peace sign, snorting at Samuel's face.

    "You shouldn't have come back." He whispered, grabbing your hand and walking towards his room.

    Seems like you were indeed gonna end up there again.

    #samuel garcia x reader #samuel x reader #elite x reader #elite imagine#elite imagines#elite netflix
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  • thevirtchmoir
    02.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Where can I find the Titanic Carmuel fanfic? Literally dying to read it.

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  • favoriteships
    02.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Gosh he’s so hot 🥵

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  • impatient14
    01.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Elite out there snatching Clair de Lune from the sparkling vampires and giving it to two hot Spaniards working their way through the Karma Sutra.

    #elite #samuel x carla #samuel garcia dominguez #carla rosón caleruega #netflix elite
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