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  • sleepyvirgilprompts
    18.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    "Jay?" Virgil whispered, the childish nickname feeling unwieldy on his tongue now but at the same time right. Janus looked up at him, surprised. Their relationship had been mending, but it was still unusual for Virgil to approach him like this, especially in the middle of the night-- wait, no, the middle of the night was a more normal time to hesitantly approach people for Virgil. "I can't sleep. I'm cold."

    "You're cold?"

    "No, I... I'm cold. I need..."

    Then Janus understood. They were adults now, but they were still the little boy in the big hoodie and the mini Disney villain who shared secrets and protected each other. Virgil had gotten cold again, in the way that nothing but the warmth of human skin would fix. And he'd come to Janus, just like always.

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  • warnadudenexttime
    18.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    I really like the head canon that the sides wore different outfits as kids

    Because otherwise

    Patton would just look like a young metroman from megamind

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  • aplethoraofquotes
    18.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Virgil: If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?

    Remus: Four exclamation points in a row, pronounced like a person screaming. It’s me in my truest form.

    #Anxiety: Virgil Sanders. #Dark Creativity: Remus Sanders. #SS Gen. #Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes
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  • brandstifter-sys
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Remus: Hi I'm the Duke and welcome to Jackass!

    Remus: *hides in Virgil's closet in a bed sheet and jumps out at the right time*


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  • aplethoraofquotes
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Roman: What are you going to do when Virgil finds out about this?

    Remus: That’ll be later! Maybe we’ll be dead by then.

    #Creativity: Roman Sanders. #Dark Creativity: Remus Sanders. #SS Gen. #Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes
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  • gingerplaysthesims
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Roman and Virgil: *talk about space*

    Logan: I have been summoned.

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  • blossom-arts
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    More TS Edits (18.9.21)

    I've got some general edits and the Glam/Casual Looks edited in the reblogs too! Man it's been a while since I posted any content shdhdjfj

    #blossom edits #bright colours tw #sanders sides #sanders sides edit #thomas sanders #thomas sanders edit #ts janus#janus sanders#ts emile #dr emile picani #cartoon therapy #cartoon therapy edit #scopophobia #big text tw
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  • aplethoraofquotes
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    [ during a phone call ]

    Janus: Darling? I'm breaking up...

    Roman: I'm pregnant!

    Janus: I meant the phone.

    Roman: Right, sorry. I panicked.

    #Deceit: Janus Sanders. #Creativity: Roman Sanders. #Roceit. #SS Gen. #Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes
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  • no-need-to-demonstrate
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Sanders Sides Stranded on a Island


    Knows what plants and animals are poisonous

    Would immediately build a branch fort with Roman's help

    Knows first aid

    Writes SOS on the ground with rocks

    SOS smoke signals

    Carries a book, for some reason, to pass the time

    Knows how to purify water

    Generally calm

    Tries to see if there is a group of people on the island that can help them

    Knows how to open a coconut

    Admires the stars on the cliff by night

    Makes a schedule to have people take turns watching the fire and for any possible passerby


    "We're going on an adventure!"

    Wants to explore the island

    Takes so many pictures until his phone dies

    Can open a coconut… after many attempts and giving up first

    Would help Logan with the fort, but he wants to make it luxurious

    Would eat a poisonous plant on accident

    Deep conversations with Logan on the cliff by night

    Swims in the ocean

    Drinks all the purified water

    Would begrudgingly take a shift making the smoke signals

    Would spell out full length musical in morse code


    "Look, I weaved a functional hammock out of banana leaves!" *falls out of hammock*


    General worry

    Wants everyone to be comfortable

    Wants to learn how to open a coconut

    Helps where he can, which means he probably boils and purifies a lot of water

    Wants to make the fort cute and fun

    After many tries and failed attempts, Patton finally purifies the water correctly

    Would wash everybody's clothes because he's nice

    Would care for the sides who eat poisonous plants or drink bad water

    Would also eat a poisonous plant on accident

    Would make a salad out of poisonous plants on accident, giving himself moral conflict

    Roman would eat said salad

    Despite his good intentions, Patton is not allowed to cook

    Knows how to start a fire, but not how to stop it

    Hangs out with Virgil a lot


    Many much distress

    We're going to die on this island

    Is helpful with washing clothes and cooking with supervision

    Logan teaches him how to open a coconut

    Likes looking at the stars on the cliff by night

    But it's mostly panicking over whether they're going to die or not

    Would be scared to eat or drink anything unless Logan says it's ok

    Spends a lot of time in the fort

    His phone doesn't work and he's mad about it

    Draws in the sand

    Looks for airplanes and passerby way more than he probably should


    Would eat poisonous plants on purpose

    Would try to get everyone else to eat poisonous plants

    Tearing through the island to discover a tribe and reek havoc

    Would pee in front of everyone :3

    Would try to pee in the drinking water.. Unsuccessfully (thanks, Logan and Janus)

    Stranded in the buff

    Skinny dipping in the ocean


    Would take the last coconut

    Would help with the smoke signal and SOS rocks

    "Y'know, you really shouldn't be eating that salad."

    Also knows how to open a coconut

    Likes to freak out Virgil more

    Every man for himself

    "I didn't wait three hours for this drinking water to watch you pee in it!!"

    The tribe the sides find thinks Janus is a god

    Would abandon the others if given the opportunity

    Logan and Janus are in competition for dominance most of the time

    His snake side lives for the sun, but his human side would buuurn baby burn

    #thomas sanders#sanders sides #thomas sanders sides #virgil sanders#roman sanders#deceit sanders#logan sanders#patton sanders #patton sanders headcanon #logan sanders headcanon #roman sanders headcanon #deceit sanders headcanon #remus sanders headcanon #virgil sanders headcanon
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  • aplethoraofquotes
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Remus: Today’s adventure is sponsored by KNIFE!

    Remus: Need to cut a thing? Use Knife!

    Remus: Need to poke a hole in another thing? Try using Knife!

    Remus: Have one thing and want it to become two or more smaller things?

    Remus: You could try a saw. A saw sometimes works.

    Remus: But other times? You need Knife!

    #Dark Creativity: Remus Sanders. #SS Gen. #Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes
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  • darth-does-stuff
    18.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    a fun little fact, logan usually wears contacts instead of his glasses because he has soccer practice and games a lot after school and stuff and he’d rather not deal with putting in contacts right before soccer when he could just put them in in the morning. on the weekend tho and days when he doesn’t have practice he wears glasses and omg he is so beloved

    patton also usually doesn’t wear his glasses, although for different reasons than logan. sometimes he forgets, but most of the time he just…doesn’t really want to wear them ghfjskfs they are just kinda annoying for him. so he sometimes wears contacts and sometimes just has neither. patton isn’t too blind without his glasses so he can get by sorta fine, it’s just that glasses help a lot—logan’s just blind without them GHDHSJS

    patton is farsighted and logan is nearsighted btw

    #*anything farther than 5 feet* logan: all i see are blobs #*anything up close to patton* patton: hm what is this tomfuckery #sanders sides#ts#soulmate au #god i just love this au sm #ts logan#ts patton#patton sanders#logan sanders#ts lamp#lamp#romantic lamp#logicality#ref
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  • darth-does-stuff
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    oh i am soft for holding pinkies,,,

    #also yea i used a reference cause hands are hard ghdkskfs #listen i don’t know which sides these are #but i just know they are beloved #sanders sides#ts#soulmate au#ts lamp#lamp#romantic lamp#logicality#logince#royality#moxiety#prinxiety#analogical #i am just so SOFT
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  • tssidesfics
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #sanders sides human au #analogince#ts virgil#ts roman#ts logan#ts sides#sanders sides#ts patton#ts janus#adhd virgil#autistic logan#trans virgil#autistic virgil#kid patton#kid janus#kid oc #virgil being trans has nothing to do with the fic #it is just important to me that you know there is no such thing as a cis virgil when i'm writing him in a human AU #this mostly turned into janus angst hour #he's very young and very little and needs much therapy #i tried to write the actual chat with the principal and it did not work well #so the principal is a caricature on which i'm projecting all of my neurodiverse school troubles with authority figures onto #i did not have a fun time in school #yes most of these characters are neurodiverse #i'm not PROJECTING or anything #why ever would you think something silly like that #one ask down #many more to go #caffeine save my soul
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  • aplethoraofquotes
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Remus: Imagine how trapped you would feel if you were living the life you should.

    #then what would you aim for? #Dark Creativity: Remus Sanders. #SS: A Softer World #SS Gen. #Sanders Sides Incorrect Quotes
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  • soysaucevictim
    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    “more than ever, hour (work is never over)”

    Summary: Logan goes for a run, and hits a snag when Roman seems to have found himself in trouble. Again. (This happens about a year before “Cherry Cola”, to be clear. Sanders Sides, Gym Rat AU. One-shot. Ao3 link.)

    Genres: Slice of Life, Fluff, Light Angst, Sickfic(?)

    Characters: Logan and Roman centric. Janus, Patton, and Remus mentioned.

    Relationships: Logince (platonic), Background Intrulogical (platonic/ambiguous), Background Roceit (sexual/QPP*), Background Loceit (platonic)

    Warnings: Lots of numbers, Himbro Roman, Roman Is A Disaster, illness, over-training, sleep deprivation, heat exhaustion, (not as bad as what happened in “Cherry Cola”), vomiting (mentioned), Logan Is A Good Friend


    Logan was running his typical checklists before setting out for another HIIT routine over at the gym. He highly valued maintaining his cardiac and overall health. He wasn’t in the medical field like Janus is and Patton used to be, but he didn’t need those credentials to appreciate it.

    Considering he was a 28 year old Homo sapien, his maximal heart rate would be 192 beats per minute. Obviously, he wasn’t keen on achieving nor surpassing exactly that red zone. To say there were diminishing returns, would be an understatement. Remus would take the notion as a challenge… to be sure.

    But that value was necessary to calculate his initial target – 65% of that, to be relatively precise. 125, rounded up. He intended to reach that after some warm-up routine and the first lap or two. He would consider this the yellow zone.

    Once that holds reasonably steady, his next goal was to go for 87% at the highest intensity. So, 167 BPM. Holding that line for at least a minute. 2 minutes, if he was feeling particularly bold, he was in pretty good shape at this juncture. This would be more of an orange zone.

    After the spike in intensity, he would go down to 50% for recovery, or 96 BPM. Rest at that load for 3 minutes, in the proverbial green zone. And then crank the figurative gears back up to the 87% target.

    He intended to repeat this for at least 10 rounds. Add more, if energy is willing. Sounded like a plan.

    To hit these marks, one of the simpler ways Logan enjoyed were via the exercise bikes. But today, he thought he’ll do some laps around the indoor track. He felt he needed to work in some more devoted arm action, and that would be a reasonable way to hit this workout paradigm. This outline seemed elegant and flawless.

    He reviewed all of that while he swapped out his casual shoes for runners, in the locker room.


    It was exactly noon when he approached the starting line. He popped in come earbuds to his prepared playlists.

    He was listening to the mix named “Warm-Up Playlist”. He knew his fellows would jab him for the plainness of it, but the utility simply couldn’t be argued with. It was a selection of songs that started at 50, incrementing up to 100 BPM in tempo. It helped him keep his pace.

    He stood to the side, spending a couple minutes doing some preliminary exercises. Ankle circles, leg swings, pelvic loops, arm circles, and hula-hoop jumps. It’s important to keep all the relevant joints stable and readied. Janus would probably congratulate his refreshing fastidiousness, among their motley crew.

    After that micro-checklist was completed, he started going toward a brisk walking pace. He was going to check his heart rate after a couple laps to see how close to 65% he was getting.

    Halfway into his first lap, he was nearly knocked over by a blur wearing a red crop-top sweatshirt and matching shorts. Roman, clearly not paying attention to what he was doing. Predictably. Logan snorted and rolled his eyes. He had to table his thoughts about his friend’s whole methodology (or lack thereof, as far as he was concerned), or else he’d fall too far out of rhythm!

    Roughly a quarter of the way into the second lap, Roman closed in on Logan again, he was going at a jogging pace to a slightly faster walk to match up with Logan. Roman waved and smiled at Logan, “Hey! Didn’t expect to see ya here, Specs!”

    Logan thought the voice was Roman-typically cheery. Frankly Logan would be mystified about this man’s energy, if he hadn’t met Remus first. “Salutations.”

    “Why are you going so slooow? Wanna race me? I bet I can totally run circles around you!”

    “No. I have a plan I intend to stick to, Roman. You know this.”

    Roman melodramatically threw up his arms and pouted at Logan, somewhat impressively coordinated to his slow jogging. “Fiiine. I’m off – I want to see how many laps I can get in, like... the next hour. Adiós, for now~”

    Roman went from a jog to a run before he could get a response. Logan tutted before refocusing on getting to that 65% - that yellow zone. After the second lap, he drank some water and checked his pulse… hmmm, 55%. It was time to hit a jog. He skipped a few tracks toward that range and worked to match.

    By the time Logan completed lap 3, he reached and held at 65%. So, he turned on a 1 minute interval timer and his “HIIT Playlist”, on his phone. Much of the music went at 120 BPM, give or take 30. This phase, he was going to rely on his fitness bracelet to tell him where he’s at, not enough time to do things digitally… rather, manually or with his fingers, to clarify.

    He and Remus programmed this thing to flash his percentage progress, freeing up some mental space to not need to calculate that value repeatedly, whenever he looked at the monitor.

    He picked up to a run for about another quarter-lap and broke into a full-tilt sprint. Every 20 or so seconds, he glanced at the bracelet, while keeping the majority of his attention to his surroundings and form.

    20 seconds, 73%. Not good enough.

    40 seconds, 84%. Logan grimaced and pushed his cadence up a bit more.

    50 seconds, 86%. For the love of Archimedes… it’s okay. It’s close.

    BEEP! 60 seconds, 88%. Orange. FINALLY. Okay, he thought he had a good read now, being consistent for the next sets should be easier.


    Time to, figuratively, dial things way down. Spending approximately 20 seconds running, 40 more jogging, the remaining 2 minutes going at a walk. BEEP.

    He took a couple sips from his water bottle.

    1 minute, 30 seconds, 78%.

    2 minutes, 71%.

    2 minutes, 30 seconds, 60%.

    2 minutes, 50 seconds, 53%.

    BEEP. 3 minutes, 49%. Green. Logan sighed to himself, “Margin of error, you have to account for it… anyways.”


    Round 2.

    20 seconds, 76%. Better.

    40 seconds, 85%. Almost there.

    50 seconds, 87%. Orange, again. Locked on, Logan smiled. Now hold this for 10 more seconds…



    Second active rest cycle.

    Once he got down to a walk again, he observed that Roman was on the opposite end of the track. Still going at what he could only describe as an absurd pace.

    Roman closed in when Logan was 2 minutes into this interval. 69%, by the way. Logan groaned, some of Remus’s sense of humor “rubbing off on him”. Why must people ascribe such crudeness to an arbitrary number, he wondered.

    Roman was panting quite loudly, shouting down Logan, “Nerd- Nerd’s got some SPEED!”

    Logan took a swig of his water bottle. “This is not the first time you’ve seen me manage this.”

    Roman looked like he just realized he should have followed suit, smacking his lips and drinking several gulps from his own water supply. “R-riiight.”

    “You really should pace yourself. On everything. Honestly.”

    “HEY. Only Snakey McSnakerson gets to tell me that!”

    “Is he here right now? Am I wrong?”

    Roman was back to pouting, “I’m not going to dignify that with a response.”

    “But you just-”

    Roman cupped his hands over his ears, “Lalala – I can’t hear you!”

    Roman ran off ahead of me again. I just shook my head.

    2 minutes 55 seconds, 51%.

    BEEP. 50%. Green.


    Round 3.

    30 seconds, 80%. Not bad if he said so himself.

    40 seconds, 84%. Margin of error.

    50 seconds, 89%. Overcompensated somewhat, it would seem. Perhaps Roman’s competitive streak was “infectious”, today.

    BEEP! 60 seconds, 91%. Orange, approaching red. Yeah, he was definitely overcompensating.


    Third rest, fourth active, fourth rest, fifth active intervals... hitting his marks, pleasingly and without incident.

    He was on his fifth rest, soon enough.

    Once Logan was walking again, he thought he was up for extending his active intervals to 2’, for the next 5 sets. Things have been building palpable fatigue, but very manageable.

    Roman still appeared to holding up, a short distance ahead of Logan, at this point. Perhaps he was slowing down. It was a few moments before the distance was closed again.

    Roman was drenched, so Logan decided to ask him, “Are you quite alright?”

    “Might be getting a little tired now, no big deal.”

    Logan recalled some things Patton instructed all of them about and he looked at Roman more carefully as they walked slowly. Roman looked paler than usual. “Hmmm, is your head hurting, perhaps?”

    “Maybe a little. Didn’t get enough sleep again, it’s probably that.”

    “I imagine it couldn’t be helping but-”

    Roman got a little agitated, “But what, Egg Head?”

    “Are you nauseous?”

    “I’m not ready to puke, not just yet, Bro Ham.”

    “May I check your pulse? Or rather, how does it feel?”

    “What are you getting at!?”

    “Cramps? Dizziness?… I think you are exhibiting the signs of heat exhaustion.”

    Roman looked like he was going to be short with Logan, but it was clear now that he was starting to get somewhat wobbly. Logan decided to prompt him again, “Here, let us go to the showers, you need to cool off.”

    Roman knew he couldn’t fight Logan in his current state, “Fiiine.”

    Logan was annoyed about cutting his workout short, but he could always resume later. This was more important, anyways.


    Roman was lying on his back on one of the benches in the locker room. His outfit then saturated with cool shower water, holding a battery-power fan to himself that Logan let him borrow.

    Logan was at his feet, “How are your symptoms now?”

    Roman groaned, “You’re not “the doctor” in our group, would you please stop acting like it.”

    “I do not wish to see you in the hospital, Roman.”

    Roman sputtered a little, “Yeah well, I’m fine.”

    “Stable, I suppose, yes. But I know you enough to know you are not “fine”.”

    Roman almost shot up to rebut, but a wave of dizziness forced him back down. “Look. I just didn’t get enough sleep – mind was running a bajillion miles an hour last night. So many IDEAS to write down. And couldn’t get to sleep until way after… you know what? Nevermind.”

    Logan did care and frankly saw a lot of similar tendencies between the two brothers. It disturbed him and made him wish he was able to help them get a better handle on their sleeping and general health habits. It seemed as though they were both at very high risk of something serious occurring. But at the same time, he recognized that this was not his area of expertise. All he could really do was try to be there for them.

    “Speaking of which... I think I see my wall… approaching… going to-”

    Before Logan could latch onto any inquiries about walls, Roman dropped the fan and started snoring. After a brief moment of worry, Logan was reasonably sure this was simply a nap, not a loss of consciousness. To his relief.

    Logan thought idly, “I suppose I should at least inform Janus what occurred. Roman might not be fit to drive for a while longer.”

    Logan tapped out a message, “Hey. I’m in the locker room with Roman. He likely had an episode of heat exhaustion, today. He appears to be doing okay right now. But I felt that it was worth mentioning it to you.”

    It was not even 2 minutes before Janus responded with, “WHAT!?”

    “He’s safe, just taking a nap. I suppose he wouldn’t mind if you took him home.”

    “… omw. That dumb ass has some explaining to do. With love, of course.”

    “Indeed, I shall see you shortly then?”

    “Yeah, ttyl… thanks, btw.”

    Logan supposed he should stick around to make sure Roman was safe before resuming his own agenda. He had to admit, like with Remus, he did enjoy seeing them get some greatly needed rest.

    #spilled musing#sanders sides#logan sanders#roman sanders#janus sanders#patton sanders#remus sanders #(*i think that may be a more accurate label to this AU's Roceit) #(honestly both the twins are complete disaster humans) #(but they're in good company)
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  • fanartfunart
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #ask game#answered asks #tbh sometime i feel like people are just waiting for me to return to my sanders sides stuff ya know? #but drawing loz stuff & ocs brings me joy rn so i keep doing it lol
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  • the-silver-lad
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Also really adorable skirt drawings- I'm really proud of these for some reason XD

    #pattonsanders#virgil sanders #sanders sides fanart #sanders sides skirts #pattonsandersfanart #virgil sanders fanart #boys in skirts #digital art
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  • matt-w-blogging
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Theodore (my cat): *meow*

    Me, through my closed room door: You can't come in buddy

    Theodore: *sad meow*

    Me: I'm sorry but my room isn't clean and you're a little bastard

    Theodore: *sadder meow*

    Now I can just imagine one of the sides having this conversation with Remus (Remus as my cat, obviously)

    #sander sides#sanders sides#thomas sanders#remus sanders #ts remus sanders #ts remus#ts duke #ts duke remus #duke remus#remus duke#ts#ts sides #thomas sanders sides #ts incorrect quotes
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  • the-silver-lad
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Sometimes you just gotta return from the void to post sketchy art of Logan Sanders *vanishes again in shame*

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  • kkneebiter
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Hung out with my little emo scene kid @d34d-b4t 🥺 /j

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