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  • psychedelicships
    07.05.2021 - 5 minutes ago
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  • rollthewhatever
    07.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    The music that makes you feel powerful

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  • snowe-zolynn-rogers
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Janus: My dear (villainous).

    Roman: Darling (condescending, with a bit of gay subtext).

    Virgil: Pretty boy (derogatory).

    Remus: Whore (complimentary).

    Patton: Shakira (shakira).

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  • virgil-sanders-the-gay-emo
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Virgil: *in the shower* OWWW FUCK

    Roman: *burst opens the door* Is my dark storm cloud hurt?

    Virgil: *very noticeably blushing* I-I umm fine, just banged my elbow on the wall

    Virgil: We need better locks

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  • 321gark
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    "Albert R Oss was a great name for your bird, but knowing the R is for Ross does make it better"

    -Virgil, to Patton

    #an idiot said this #incorrect sanders sides quotes #sanders sides #incorrect sanders sides #quotes from my dnd campaign #virgil sanders#patton sanders
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  • sleepyvirgilprompts
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sometimes, late at night, lying in bed, Virgil will sing quietly to himself. If anyone’s listening, they would hear a soft, slow, eerie melody, broken by occasional yawns, that gets slower and slower, softer and softer, and eventually Virgil falls asleep and the song just stops.

    #sanders sides#virgil sanders#ts virgil #sanders sides prompts #fanfiction prompt #is this likely for virgil? no. do i like it enough to post it anyway in the hopes that someone will write it? yes.
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  • slitherto-undreamt-of
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Imagine dating Janus and going in to touch his face scales and at first he moves away out of shame, but sees how gentle you are and how touch-starved he is, and lets you caress him

    #sanders sides#janus sanders #guys i've been up all night #time for janus simping hours
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  • thelowlybard
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Idk if this has been done before- but Patton really likes Animal Crossing. He just thinks its nifty and likes the gaining of friends etc, and he's pretty chuffed with what's happening in game.

    Patton is pretty sentimental with objects and clothes his villagers give him, even if he doesn't want them. Which means that his home storage is maxed out and everything is just sitting around his island, and in order to increase your storage you have to pay off the final home loan.

    So. During the night when Patton is asleep and Virgil can't seem to get to sleep, Virgil logs onto Patton's switch and goes island hopping for most of the night, digging tarantula traps and catching them to sell when Nook's Cranny opens at 8am. And Patton notices his bells increasing because like - he's just not gonna not notice the 360,000 bell increase in his pockets each morning, plus Patton wakes up early. So while Virgil is in the zone and desperate to catch bugs and fish ontop of his already massive hoard of creepy-crawly-death-dealers - Patton is in the kitchen making pancakes and sorting out a decent breakfast for when Virgil finally snaps out of it at a few minutes past 8 in the morning after he's sold everything and got rid of any traces of tarantulas incase Patton wants to play that day.

    And Patton is like- eternally thankful but also extremely worried about Virgil's health, so he eases the switch out of Virgil's hands and sits beside him on the couch as the anxious side eats the first batch of Patton's pancakes; before he's gently pushed down on the couch and covered with a blanket.

    Patton visits Virgil's island a few days later and leaves several stacks of pears (Virgil's native fruit is apples) and a few customized objects as an extra thank you, and Virgil saves face and pretends like a room of his house and a section of his island isnt solely dedicated to stuff Patton gives him.

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  • deceptive-jo
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Incorrect Quotes Pt. 175

    Remus: [thinking] Remus, Janus stopped talking. Say something!

    Remus: ...I wasn’t thinking about killing you.

    Janus: Aw, thank you.

    Remus: [thinking] Nailed it!

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  • deceptive-jo
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Incorrect Quotes Pt. 174

    Remus: I'll get Roman back. Dead or alive.

    Patton: Alive!

    Remus: Fine.

    Remus: [muttering] Didn't say anything about conscious, though.

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  • deceptive-jo
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Incorrect Quotes Pt. 171

    Patton: (pointing at a cat) Cat.

    Janus: ...Allegedly.

    Logan: Are you doubting an entire species’ existence or just that one?

    Janus: Yes.

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  • incorrect-sanders-sides
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Thomas: guys, today we’re going to celebrate a side who has contributed for a long time, and been ignored for far too long.

    Thomas: someone who we’ve taken for granted, labeled as a villain, but really, what he does is probably the most important thing here, and frankly, we should’ve done this sooner.

    Thomas: Janus?

    Janus, visibly touched: yes, Thomas?

    Thomas: could you sink out for the day, please? It’s just you make Virgil really upset and I want his surprise appreciation party to be perfect.

    #thomas sanders#character thomas#Janus Sanders#deceit sanders #sanders sides incorrect quote #sanders sides#submission #incorrect sanders sides #incorrect quotes#ts janus#janus sanders#sympathetic janus #u!thomas #unsympethetic thomas #wow ive never seen that before #hmm #if one did u!thomas AND u!patton...
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  • deceptive-jo
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Incorrect Quotes Pt. 168

    Logan: Some would say I’m pretty cool.

    Virgil: Who would say this?

    Logan: Some. Out of billions. Statistically speaking.

    Logan: I haven’t confirmed this.

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  • batset
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Exhausted -_-

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  • bendyartistic
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    *Calmly puts this here after being inactive for a while*

    Oh look, it’s Mr. Sassy Snek Man aka Deceit

    Yes I do draw Sanders Sides sometimes so that’s fun, I haven’t been in the fandom for very long, but my fav characters are Deceit and Remus. 🐍

    But Deceit mostly.

    Oh! And you also get Deceit with no hat. :)

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  • perfectly-princely-emo-nightmare
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Janus: You drink too much coffee.

    Virgil: Coffee spelt backwards is eeffoc.

    Virgil: And I do not give eeffoc about your opinion.

    #source: unknown#incorrect quotes #incorrect sanders sides #sanders sides#virgil sanders#janus sanders #I don’t ship them and probably never will but I have to admit their dynamic is funny
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  • whyamionlyabletouse32characters
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    early moments with logan goofing off make my heart happy

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  • inkribbon796
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Like a House of Cards Ch. 5: Robots and Frogs

    Summary: Logan is done playing around.

    Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

    Outside of the dome, Logan had gone from agitated to outright furious as he tried to attack the dome but Google and Bing had teamed up with the Dark Sides to fight against him and so his attention was split. Google’s other three extensions had also shown up to help.

    The other three Suits were starting to back up away from Logan as his glitching and fury was becoming more apparent.

    Then, after five minutes of having to fend his combatants of, Logan had enough. He screamed, “Fine! You all wish to be difficult about it, then fine!”

    The box that Ethan and Chase had taken from the base and put in the backseat of the Sides’ car, started violently shaking and put a dent in the door before smashing through the window and flying towards Logan. It hit him square in the back and he was engulfed by a cloud of nanites.

    There was a cheery DING and Patton’s voice announced, “Nanite production at 5000%.”

    In a fraction of a second the nanites began multiplying in number and they were forming thick ropes of wires and metallic plates. Logan’s nanite body exploded and there stood a dark blue figure made of light and code as they started to arrange themselves inside of a suit of metal as the other heroes were trying to stop what was happening.

    “Ohhh, ****[1] yeah,” Bing realized and turned to Google. “Googs! Get the extensions! We’re making a Megazord!”

    At first Google was confused, but after a bit and a little bit of arguing, and Logan was quickly building himself a giant metal exoskeleton, Google relented.

    Bing and the Googles made a segmented colossal robot with their nanites, Google helping to multiply the nanites as quickly as possible as Bing’s nanites gave them direction and form. Oliver got a leg. Green got another leg. Red got the two arms. Bing’s orange nanites mostly condensed in the center where they could be redistributed as needed. And Google stayed up in the head area where his cameras could see everything better.

    Logan’s colossal robot was a dark blue, the metal hard lines clearly more designed for attack than defense. There were two massive tubes on the backs of his shoulders, one with a viscous red gas, and the other a deep frothing purple.

    Right before the center hatch closed, Bing and Google were able to catch sight of Logan as he normally looked, giving a smug smile and Patton was sitting right next to him. Patton gave a huge smile and waved his fingers at them.

    With a pressurized hiss the gas in both the tubes began turning a cloudy white as Logan’s robot braced for an attack, swatting away at Silver who tried to fly in and pry the center hatch back open.

    Google was already arming everyone for an attack as the tubes propped open and two figures jumped out of the tubes and landed on the ground.

    The figures looked like Roman and Virgil, not wearing their masks and almost completely made of light.

    Roman’s hologram drew out a sword and pixie-like wings materialized on his back. Like a fly against an elephant, Roman advanced too quickly for the Googles to catch, and he flew against them and began severing wires around Oliver’s leg addition.

    Silver, seeing what was going on, tried to fly towards Roman and get him away but was almost hit in the face by magical projectiles thrown by the holographic Virgil. Several of which hit the dome as Logan advanced on it. He slammed the large robotic hand into the dome and it rocked the protective shield and those inside of it. The entire ship inside shook as if it had made contact with a rock or an iceberg.

    A long crack appeared down the length of it, which Clubs had been waiting for and slipped in, before the Host could suture the crack back up with magic.

    The Suit slipped from concrete and rubble streets into the well air conditioned interior of a cruise liner’s hallway.

    At that point any hero that wasn’t necessary to hold back Diamonds or Hearts, converged on the Logan robot.

    Janus made short work of the Roman hologram, the creation of light exploding into red dust and dissipating as Remus went for the Virgil hologram. Marvin and the Google working to keep Logan pinned as Silver gathered up as much speed as he could and used his strength to push through the chest plate of the robot to try and pull Logan out.

    And then he missed.

    The superhero sliced through the metal and before he could hit the blue solid state drive that carried Logan, it moved to a more defensible area but Silver nicked something: the protective casing enveloping the golden lock tore like wet tissue paper and snapped in half.

    Instantly Logan realized what had happened and started pulling all the nanites together to fix the locket as light blue dust and mist emerged from it.

    His more “human” form came back into being and he tried to cup the locket with his hands, forcing his aura towards it in a desperate attempt to keep the being housed inside contained and tried to force it to go back to sleep. “No! No! Sleep! It’s not safe here. Go back to sleep.”

    Google shot out of the conjoined robot, the thing almost crumbling apart as the android hit Logan and ripped him away from the breaking locket, the android sending pulsing waves to kill the nanites and try and get to whatever core or drive Logan had to power Logan down so he could get him away safely.

    “Cease, let me power you down so I can take you away from the humans,” Google tried to reason with him, but Logan kept kicking and struggling as Nate rushed over and started firing magic as the nanites to try and kill them.

    Janus saw the commotion and walked over to the little mass of nanites that this Logan had put above his own safety, and the deceitful Side was looking for a bargaining chip. He wanted answers and a little bit of revenge.

    So with a firm tap on the ground with his staff, the nanites fell off the broken locket and Janus moved to pick it up.

    But as his hand got halfway down, a fierce light blue glow came from the locket and a figure was kneeling on the ground in front of Janus.

    It was Patton. He let out a distressed whimper and the look Logan gave him was one of heartbreak.

    Patton’s eyes opened and he looked at the scene directly in front of him. “Lolo?” Patton asked before his eyes tracked up to look at Nate.

    The more emotional Side flinched and Nate and Janus could see the aura ripping off of him.

    “No!” Patton screamed in fury, his freckles growing in size and darkening as his eyes glowed yellow but still had a blue color to them.

    Slamming his fists on the ground, Patton’s light blue color flashed twice all throughout his body and what had once been a human was now a hulking green frog monster, Patton’s glasses perched on top his snout and the grey cat hoodie he liked to wear at home tied around his neck.

    He slammed his fist on the ground and huge cracks formed fanned out and he jumped on Google, tearing him away to grab Logan. A huge beanstalk started to shoot out of the ground as Patton kept up into the air and started jumping up leaf after leaf. The damage from the growing beanstalk and the fights finally snapping the dome in half and instead of shattering and materializing out of existence, the magic shrunk into a smaller space the size of a house, curved around two individuals.

    Illinois screamed as he faced over to the dome and started beating on it, as Wilford picked himself up from the ground, bleeding from the temple where a bullet had tried to pierce his skull but his magic had deflected it.


    Accessibility Translations

    1. fuck

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  • whyamionlyabletouse32characters
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you know theres a lot of overlap between logan and virgil in the early videos

    logan says a lot of stuff that youd think virgil would say and his driven attitude can sometimes dip into anxiety

    like in the first video he brought up thomas’ fears and chimed in how we may never know whats at the bottom of the ocean and hes always worried about thomas learning and meeting schedules and shit and then in the im in a disney show video logan pops up to yell “wait! how are you gonna title this video”

    in conclusion theyre buddies :) logan is able to listen to virgils fears and theyre simply best friends your honor

    #logan and virgil are just such a good pair #sanders sides
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