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    Mikey suit

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    #i4nanami #[ 🍰 ] — kiki.reqs #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers mikey #mikey smut #mikey x reader #sano manjiro x reader #sano manjiro smut #sano manjiro#manjiro smut #tw.corruption #tr smut
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    Golden girl.

    ㅤ— minors don’t interact.

    ㅤ— wc: 3,9K.

    ㅤcontent + warnings: 18+, including: service dom!mikey, oral sex (f! & m! receiving), corruption kink, pet names, slight breeding kink, a lot of sexual tension tbh, overstimulation, mention of creampie, choking + gagging, breath play, unprotected sex.

    ㅤpairings: fiancé!manjiro sano x afab!reader


    tokyo rev. masterlist!

    ㅤ🏷 tagging: @festive @eriskaitto @wakasa-wifey @ranilingus @manjiken @manjiroscum @i4ran @manjirosdoll .

    "Come here!", was the first thing he had said the cold night you two had met, and it was a stroke of luck. For Manjiro, not for you. A stroke of luck because you were the most beautiful caramel of sweet illusions to him, you took the bitter taste of the criminal underworld out of his mouth with just a few sincere smiles and carefree bright eyes, even if inside your nervousness was eating away at your brain because you had to invent a convincing excuse when you came home stinking of male cologne more aggressive than the soft, sweet perfume you had been wearing for years.

    You were fascinated at first by Sano Manjiro, especially because he was everything you couldn't, shouldn't be. If you followed restrictive rules that served as a glass ceiling to dose your actions and reactions, Manjiro had no rules but his own. If your parents instituted rigid boundaries, Manjiro was willing to break the bonds of them just to have you in his arms for a night or two.

    Frankly, your heart knew that your brain was willing to abandon the little crystal slipper polished into a bright but contained future that your parents had forced you to build and focus on, knew that you were willing enough to throw away all your dreams, hopes and loves other than Mikey and accept his outstretched hand with a fidelity collar for you to wear.

    It was preferable to losing your parents' trust and having them look at you with disgust and resentment than to lose the love of Sano Manjiro. It was preferable to get told off when you came home after midnight than to not sneak out to ride around Tokyo at nightfall and then make out with Mikey while his body was between your legs and you were sitting on the seat of his motorcycle.

    And where were you two going?

    To the land of your dreams, obviously. To the one place that bad dreams with your parents couldn't reach you yet: a small house far away from almost everything and everyone, it was practically in the middle of nowhere and you felt more at home there with Manjiro than in your own with your suffocating parents. It was as if he had set up a lonely sanctuary just for the two of you, as if that hovel was a preview of what life would be like for the two of you together after the wedding.

    And where were you two going now? There, obviously. Where else would it be?

    Your arms were around his waist as you cludded his back without a helmet protecting your face and head, so your nose was sunk against one side of his neck. While you could hear and feel the quiet beats of his heart and the cool breeze beating against the bodies of the two of you, the dainty engagement ring on your finger glowed in the light of the moon that was watching the modern Juliet and Romeo race by.

    "Are we there?", you asked with the voice muffled by Manjiro's neck as you felt the motorcycle stop moving and, with that, your body also become inert.

    — Uh-hm, princess, you can let go now. — Mikey spoke, caressing your arms around his waist as he finished parking a little way from the cottage house; turning the face away, you saw that there was still a few meters of open forest road leading to the final destination.

    Your arms slowly let go around the waist of the man you loved, and seconds later he was helping you off the motorcycle.

    — Think you can race me there, princess? — Mikey asked, nodding to the silent hovel, and you glanced nervously at the hem of the midi-length dress you were wearing. And he gave you a reassuring smile before bending down to take the comfortable sandals off your feet to let you feel the icy but strangely comfortable grass against their soles. — C'mon, run with me!

    The warm and gentle smile that Manjiro opened for you soon after convinced you to start running almost side by side with him. But he let you win this time because as soon as your breathless body stopped and curved up against the steps of the entrance hall of the cottage a wide, animated smile was drawn on your lips.

    It was great to feel the evening breeze against your body, but it was even better to see the delinquent's passionate gaze on you as you both entered the residence.

    — I bought you presents, wanna see ‘em? — Your face lit up immediately as Mikey's hands guided you into the living room of the cottage house and left you standing beside the large, comfortable sofa he had bought with the money from several of his gang's extermination missions.

    In front of you, on the table, were two small boxes, and Manjiro sat down on the sofa before gesturing with one hand and nodding his head in a silent concession for you to open it. And your hands were immediately unwinding the delicate loops on them.

    In the little one on the right, there was a beautiful, luxurious, custom-made lingerie in the color black, matching Nyx. Your fingers ran through the stitching lines and a shiver ran down your back as soon as you noticed how close to your face Mikey's was, his breath beating against your cheek and heart nearly bursting out of your mouth. Even after months of a secret, forbidden relationship, you still felt like the first time, still embarrassed every time the man you loved came too close and made you wish he had his lips on yours more hungrily than he usually did.

    — I... — You started to speak and Manjiro's dark eyes went from the lingerie being slipped through your fingers to your glowing orbs. — I can't wear this... — The shame was eating you up inside and you wondered how your parents would look at you if they knew Mikey was presenting you with almost pornographic lingerie. — It doesn't suit me and...

    — Doesn't? — He raised one eyebrow as his eyes slid from yours to your lips and then to your fingers squeezing the fabric. — But, you haven't even tried it on yet and I'd so like to see you wearing it, you can try it on for me, can't you, sweetie? — Manjiro's sweet, honey-soaked tone made another shiver run down your back, it seemed that slowly your core was being thrown back into an abyss of wanting to further firm your love for that criminal man.

    — Yes, yes, I can, Mikey! — You replied, moving head up and down, and immediately Mikey's fingers hooked into the straps of your dress to begin to lower it, your hands nervously holding the fabric of both your clothes and lingerie against your body to avoid being naked.

    — What, babe? I've seen you without clothes on, we... — You interrupted him in embarrassment.

    — I know, but it's different than when... we... — You shrugged your shoulders, not wanting to finish your sentence, and he grinned playfully.

    Gradually Mikey was corrupting you. Entering your life was just a kickoff and the end would probably be to cum inside you and mark you as his forever. Manjiro wanted to corrupt you completely to the point that your mind spent the whole day thinking only about him, thinking about when would be the next time his hands would wind through your body, thinking about how the best decision of your life was to have let him take possession of your lips in a deep, warm kiss. If you were a golden girl, a perfect little princess, you could obviously become a girl thirsty for anything he could give you. It was a matter of time and conditioning and word games.

    — Just lemme help you, hm? I'm not going to do anything but help you, trust me, sweetie. — He whispered in an almost purring tone and slowly your hands slid away from the dress and let the man next to you remove not only it, but also the pieces of underwear you were wearing.

    And Manjiro seemed to take longer than necessary to take the lingerie from your hands and place it on your body. His eyes were fixed on the embarrassed way you shifted your attention away from him and on how your body shrank and shuddered as his icy fingers brushed and caressed your breasts and waist.

    — Good? — Mikey asked as he finished grooming you like a little doll, and as soon as you nodded your head in agreement, he pulled away to examine your delicate black lace-covered silhouette and the devil in his ear whispered that in a few minutes you might already be completely ruined for him. — You look gorgeous like this! All pretty for me, take a walk for me. — His index finger gestured in a circular motion, and that's exactly what you did. — Pretty, all pretty for me. — His hands cupped your face between his hands and soon his lips were kissing you tenderly. — Now, why don't you open the other?

    His hands reached for the other box on the coffee table and Manjiro couldn't concentrate on anything else but the way your breasts bounced beneath the fabric of the lingerie over your bust and the way your thighs brushed against the sides of the underwear.

    It was so little short of breaking you completely, just a little more self-control was needed.

    It was a blood red lipstick. Completely different from the shiny glosses and light pink lipsticks you used to wear. Your father would have a heart attack if he saw you wearing this, maybe even make an analogy about the lipstick and about looking like an ordinary slut. And, even though you knew your parents would disapprove of your conduct, you were mesmerized looking at the beautiful packaging and looked even more so when Mikey sat on the edge of the couch, gestured for you to come closer and kneel in front of his spread legs and took the lipstick between his fingers to start painting your lips red.

    — Stunning. — He whispered, watching you bat your eyelashes innocently as you raised your head to look at him, your hands resting against his thighs and knees against the floor of the house. — Would you mind if I granted your every wish for a lock of your hair, my love? — Mikey asked, bringing his hands to your ponytailed hair and hooking fingers through the elastics that were holding it in place.

    — Just a lock? — you asked, agreeing to let him untie your hair and eventually feeling your hair fall out of its elastic ties.

    — Would you give me more than that? — Manjiro asked, sliding his fingers down your cheek and holding back his groan at the sight of you ith lips painted red wearing lingerie for him and kneeling in front of him.

    — Y’ know it, Mikey! — You replied with hands absently squeezing his thighs and hearing a sudden grunt escape his lips, you embarrassedly thinking that you had hurt him tried to pull your fingers away and Mikey immediately put his hands over yours to keep you from completing the action. — I-I'm sorry, I... — He interrupted you with a small, sideways smile and your mind swore you were seeing his eyes even darker than usual.

    — Move your hands up a little and do that again. — His palms guided yours up a little higher and you didn't even initially realize that your fingers were now squeezing the marked perimeter over the pants of his hard cock. — Uh-hm, your hands are so beautiful, sweetie, would you mind using them to unzip my pants? — Your breath caught in the middle of the throat and you looked at him as if you didn't know how to do it.

    And, frankly, Mikey was enjoying watching you embarrass yourself. It was exciting to see you discovering new things about him, discovering how obscene he could be without even moving a finger against or inside your body. Discovering every bit of you is Manjiro's true goal and desire, always has been.

    Your fingers slowly lowered his zipper and then his hands finished getting rid of those pants and also underwear. You felt the bottom of your lingerie start to get wet and shyly tried to press thighs together without drawing Manjiro's attention. Oh, but silly girl, his attention was on nothing but you and your pretty little body ready to be lewdly ruined.

    — Come here, sweetie. — He called to you with his forefinger and you leaned over his pelvis with mouth now half an inch from brushing against the leaking tip of his dick. — You've done this before, hm? — You denied it with a dry swallow. — Wanna learn? I can teach you. — Your eyes slid from Mikey's serene face to his slightly pink, beautiful tip, still leaking pre-cum.

    — Will it hurt? — You asked shyly, and he gave you a small smile before nodding his head in denial.

    — Not if you follow everything I say, you can do it, right? — Your head nodded and one of his hands brushed the tip of his cock over your lips, causing your red lipstick to be stained by precum. — Atta girl, now open your mouth and swallow me calmly, ‘kay? — And that's what you did, realizing how heavy Mikey's shaft felt against your tongue and, damn, it felt like a fever dream for him to see you with your red painted mouth wrapped around his dick. In what alternate dimension would the golden little girl be sucking him? — Breathe through your nose, relax your jaw for me, pretty. — You obeyed with hands resting back on his thighs and yours trying to press against each other harder, as if the little friction was going to really relieve you. — Yes, like this, this, you're doing so good for me, 's good.

    Manjiro's praises were only making you want to take him better and your walls tighten around nothing, as a consequence seconds later your nose was resting against his crotch and his tip was hitting the back of your throat, making you choke and desperately pull away to get it out of your mouth and pull in the missing air. Mikey's eyes were more than pleased to see you choking and suffocating against his shaft, you looked beautiful like that.

    — I... I don't know h-how, Mikey. — Your tone at his name sounded almost like a moan, and you saw his cock twitch slightly.

    — I told you I'd teach you, sweetie. — One of his hands caught in your hair and gently guided you close to his dick again, your face still panting and breasts beginning to rise and fall rapidly. — Don't try to take me any more than your pretty mouth can, you'll get better at this in time, trust me. — You whimpered before opening your mouth again and letting him come in.

    It was going to be so easy for Manjiro to just fuck your face. So easy that it almost hurt inside him not to be able to do it, but seeing your expression of pleasure and bliss as you sucked him and a red circle caused by your lipstick forming around the base of his dick was enough to make him moan out loud and start slowly coordinating your up and down movements on his shaft. You were delightful trying to get off without using your own fingers because you were embarrassed in front of Mikey; he wanted to fuck the shame out of your pretty little body. He would. And, after all, he would have you yearning for him and coveting him even more.

    In one sudden movement, as you felt his cock begin to twitch too much against your hot, inexperienced tongue, the man above you pulled your head back and made you let him out of your mouth with a small "Pop". Your lipstick almost completely smeared and your panting face looked totally fucked up, even though Mikey hadn't even done anything to make you horny.

    Maybe it was the thought of being about to be completely devoured that was making you drippy, maybe it was the vague impression that Manjiro wanted to make you go crazy and ruin you totally that was making your pussy need to be filled.

    Hands went to your face and pulled you up so that you were kissing the man above you and seconds later the positions were arranged so that your body was lying on the couch, Mikey between your legs wide open and his dick rubbing several times against your cunt still covered by the already completely soaked lingerie, his leaking, pulsing tip rubbing against your swollen clit.

    Your legs instinctively went to rest on Manjiro's shoulders and eyes clouded with the anticipation of feeling him inside your pussy still continued to stare at him innocently. Innocently. As if he wasn't about to rail you. If his mouth was eating you out, would you continue with that look or would your face contort vulgarly in expressions of pleasure?

    Sano Manjiro wanted to know. So, when you thought he would simply slide his cock into your tight cunt by pulling your lingerie aside, he simply knelt in front of you keeping your legs open with one hand and using the other to keep the lacy underwear away from your now exposed intimacy.

    — All this wetness for me, pretty? How much have you fantasized about me fucking you, hm? — Mikey asked, leaning over your pussy and watching your entrance twitch around nothing before teasing your clit with the tip of his tongue. — Have you ever touched yourself in the middle of the night thinking about me while your parents thought their little princess was sleeping? — You choked on your own saliva at his dirty words and looked away in shame. — Oh, you did, of course you did. How would they feel knowing that their pretty lil’ daughter is spreading her legs for a guy like me, hm? — His tongue flicked between your folds and your hands tangled in his hair, you couldn't help but thrust hips against his face. — Wanna break your mom's heart by being my girl? — You whimpered his name with trembling legs and it was the last straw for Manjiro's sanity to be swept under the rug completely and his mouth to dwell on your pussy and start sucking and licking you as if he really wanted to reduce you to a pathetic slobbering mess.

    And he did. Masterfully. You moaning like a slut in heat feeling guilty for falling in love with a man like Mikey, who went against almost every ethical and social principle in your family. And the guilt tasted like his sweet mouth, the guilt was as good as his tongue was skilled against your folds and clit.

    Now, yes, you were as he wanted you to be. Mouth ajar groaning and trying to pull in more air, eyes half-closed with pleasure, eyebrows furrowed, breasts rising and falling rapidly, legs trembling on his shoulders. Beautiful, being fucked, corrupted almost completely.

    — Cum on my mouth, princess. — Manjiro whispered against your folds as you continued to force your hips against his face and as you looked down at him between your legs, it was the first time you saw that delinquent completely pussy-drunk and that fascinating sight was enough to complete the process of making you cum on his lips and tongue with body trembling and face contorting into the most lewd, pornographic expression that the man beneath you licking your juices might be able to see.

    Just then, when your body was still fully recovering from your orgasm, Mikey held your legs still open to remove the bottom of your lingerie and be able to rub his dick between your now bare folds. Your hands desperately clamped down on his wrists and you tried to get up to look at him, but your body felt a million times heavier because of the fatigue taking hold of your muscles.

    — ‘Jiro, I-I can't take you... cannot! — You gasped with back arching as you noticed him slide only the tip of his cock into you, your hypersensitized walls still wanting to swallow him completely.

    — Oh, you can't? Even if I put just the tip in? — Mikey whispered, listening to you whimper his name before you forced your hips down and felt the middle of his shaft enter your pussy. — Look at you, princess, how can you say you can't take me when you're the only one who wants to get fucked by me? Did I make you become all dumb just by eating you out? — Your head nodded dumbly at him and one of yyour hands guided one of his down your bust until you could get it around your his neck. — I gotchu, pretty, I know how you like to get fucked.

    You moaned feeling his fingers tighten around your neck before his dick buried itself completely in your pussy and Manjiro opened a wicked smile. He knew he had ruined you forever from the moment he conditioned you to feel pleasure weeks before with his hand cutting off your access to air in the middle of sex, what other guy in the world if not Sano Manjiro would have the guts to choke a little girl as lovely and lovable as you?

    As his hips began to bump against yours, those fingers alternated between applying more or less pressure, between letting you breathe and not. Your eyes rolled back several times and the only thing present in your mind was the way Mikey widened your walls. The black lingerie still covering your upper body left you with an even more deplorable, lascivious and hopeless aura, how were you going to come home smelling of the cologne of the man above you even more than in the days before? How were you going to explain this to your parents?

    Honestly, your mind didn't care, not when Manjiro was staring at you like he was a wolf about to devour you completely, not when he seemed to stare at you as if you were the most beautiful girl in the world even though you had smeared red lipstick on lips and lewd features on face. Everything was about you, for you, by you.

    — Man-ahn-jiro! — His head fell back as he heard you call out to him between sly moans and a hoarse grunt escaped from deep in his throat as soon as your voice finished speaking its next words: — Wanna it... inside, your cum inside me, plea--

    You couldn't finish your plea before Mikey was gushing his hot cum inside your tight pussy and because of the pressure of his fillets, your body ended up orgasming again. The overstimulation slamming into your glass ceiling of physical strength and you falling back against the couch like a limp doll as he continued to keep your hips up until he was sure he had pushed his seed as deep as possible, as if that was going to give Manjiro the assurance that you had been completely corrupted that he needed to have.

    Anything other than the man above you inside your mind seemed only a passing blur, and when he whispered in your ear that he loved you too much, your hands caressed his back and an innocent, almost naive smile drew itself on your lips.

    In the end, you had always been, and always would be, his Romeo's Runaway Juliet. But, perhaps, if he was your Romeo, this tale was doomed to tragedy after that night.

    #i4nanami #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo rev x reader #sano manjiro smut #manjiro sano#sano manjiro #sano manjiro x reader #tokyo revengers sano #mikey x reader #mikey smut #tokyo revengers mikey #tokyo rev smut #tw.corruption #tw.breeding kink #tw.choking
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    Read here

    So i got inspiration to finish the fic. Hope you enjoy :)

    *hands you napkins for your tears*

    #tokyorev mikey #tokyo revengers fanfic #tokyo revengers #mikey tokyo revengers #sano manjiro#fanfic#tokyorev#anime#manga#tw suicide#tw death #tw suicidal thoughts
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    manjiro feels secure when he's with you. he can't even use the word comfort because it's much more then that. even more then the adoration he feels for you. you are his home. someone he can come back to and feel content with. he's glad he met you. mikey knows he can come to your living place at 3 in the morning all beat and bruised from a fight. the minute he sees you, he doesn't feel the same pain from that bruise on his upper arm. while mikey would rather cuddle you in bed, that cut isn't getting any where near your fresh sheets.

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    unfortunately no chapter today :((( i’m exhausted as fuck and i think it’d be shitty if i tried writing it now 🤧 have this random drabble unrelated to she’s so mean as an apology

    It’s been a few days since Koko lost it and banned smoking in the hideout, decision induced by an incident where Ran left the beer can he was using an ashtray right next to Koko’s beer.

    Needless to say, you had to prevent Kokonoi from strangling Ran then and there, and then from washing his mouth out with bleach.

    Prompted by the new rule, Koko got rid of every lighter and match box, and in true Koko fashion, seemingly paid off every single cashier in every store in Tokyo to under no circumstances sell a lighter or a matchbox to Takeomi, Rindou, Ran or Sanzu.

    You’d feel bad for them if seeing them lose their mind wasn’t fucking hilarious.

    Kakucho walked in the living room, finding you watching the bunch in amusement as they sat on the floor, seemingly very focused on task at hand.

    “What are they doing?” He leaned next to you, crossing his arms.

    “These two,” you pointed to Takeomi and Ran, “are trying to get a light with a double AA battery. And Sanzu and Rindou are trying to start a fire with some rocks.”

    “It’s. Not. Fucking. WORKING.” Sanzu screamed, throwing the rock at the window, breaking it.

    “This isn’t either.” Ran’s eye was twitching.

    Mikey walked in to grab a snack, doing his best to ignore whatever the fuck his supposedly super violent and dangerous crime lord executives were doing.

    By day four, each of them had about 7 nicotine patches slapped on, snarkier than ever, still desperate to find some way to light up a fucking cigarette, while Kokonoi thrived, enjoying his time not being a passive smoker.

    However, Koko’s enjoyment was short lived, as he made the fatal mistake of eating the last of your Lucky Charms.

    Mochi stood in the kitchen doorway, observing as you, Akashi and Haitani brothers crowded around a toaster.

    “What are yo-“ Mochi stopped himself when he smelled it.

    Cigarette smoke.

    In disbelief, he stared as each one of them lit up their cigarettes with the coils on the inside of the toaster, queuing up for their turn like ducklings.

    Silently, four wallets were slid your way.

    Taking them all, you innocently smiled at him, practically skipping out of the room.

    In the distance, he heard Koko screaming.

    idk even what this is, i wrote it like a month ago out of sheer brainrot

    does one even tag people for drabbles??? gen no idea

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    I see that my Kazutora fic is doing better than the Mikey one... Yes, I love Tora, but at the end of the day, I'm Mikey's girl... Cannot have my man be disrespected like this 😂

    Istg, next chapters of faithful will be sweeter than the tayyaki that he loves so much!

    But because I'm a sucker for angst, it's gonna be stepped up as well... 💖💖💖

    #mikey#clingy mikey#manjiro sano #manjiro sano x reader #manjiro sano x y/n #mikey sano smau #mikey sano #mikey save me #mikey tokrev #mikey tokyo revengers #mikey angst#bonten mikey#mikey fluff#mikey hcs#mikey scenarios #mikey x reader #bonten mikey x reader #mikey x you #mikey x y/n #mikey x oc #manjiro x reader #manjiro x you #manjirou sano x reader #manjirou x reader
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    “Hey, let’s break up” - Sanzu, Baji, Draken, Mikey and Kokonoi

    warning : n/a

    genre : fluff, crack

    Sanzu and Kokonoi :

    Draken, Baji and Mikey :

    Reblogs are appreciated :)

    Tag list (open) : @kiyokumura ; @rae-main ; @souya-kawata; @kanatakyoya ; @erishaitto ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ;@jahnvi-d bold can’t be tagged :(

    #Tokyo revengers #Tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #Tokyo rev fluff #tokyo rev crack #tokyo rev smau #tokyo revengers fluff #sanzu haruchiyo #sanzu x reader #manjiro sano #manjiro x reader #mikey x reader #ken ryuuguji #ken ryuuguji x reader #draken x reader #baji keisuke #baji x reader #kokonoi hajime #kokonoi x reader
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  • anime-incorrecet-quotes
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    [ daily touman & y/n ] #3

    Y/n : *sigh* I'm bored Mikey do something ..

    Mikey : what do you want me to do ?!

    *Smiley walks by*

    Y/n : *smirking* hehe~

    Draken : I wouldn't do that if I were you

    Takemichi : wait y/n—

    Y/n : hey ugly face ! Wacha doin' ?

    Smiley : huh ?! Who are you calling ugly face ?

    Y/n : you ! who else is here , I mean I'd rather look at the garbage can than your face .

    Smiley : I didn't know you like looking at the mirror that much .

    Y/n : ...

    Draken : I told you .

    Takemichi : y/n-san are you crying ?

    Y/n : Shut up !

    #mikey#draken#takemichi#smiley #mikey x y/n #draken x y/n #takemichi x y/n #smiley x y/n #tokyo manji gang #tokyo manjikai #tokyo manji revengers #tokyo revengers#touman#sano manjiro#ryuuguuji ken#hanagaki takemichi#kawata nahoya #tr x y/n #daily touman & y/n 🥯 — #anime incorrect quotes
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    Takemichi has definitely been practising his Mikey kicks, maybe he even asked Mikey to help him with them at some point.

    #tokyo revengers#tokrev#hanagaki takemichi#manjiro sano#takemichi hanagaki #tokyo revengers spoilers #i feel like this is an underrated moment in the series #like you need practice to be able to precisely kick something out of someone's hands like that #i mean yeah it could've just been luck but would Takemichi really trust his luck when Kisaki literally has a gun
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    [ 11 : 58 pm ] - Manjiro Sano (Mikey)

    “Y/n always holds their promises. That’s one of the many things I love about them. I know that they would never let me down. If they say something, it’s true and they’ll do it. Because that’s the kind of person y/n is. So, y/n will stick to their words.”

    “And what were their words?”

    “That they’ll never leave me alone and that they’ll never die if its not in on the battlefield!”

    “Mikey, y/n’s dead. Have been for a week. Don’t you remember? They died on the way to the hospital”

    “Huh? What are you talking about Ken-chin! Y/n’s alive! They were saved! The surgery was a success!”


    “Mikey, you’re crying…”

    “Why didn’t they hold their promise ken chin?”



    a/n : idk what that is. My head was just filled with angst and I needed to let it out so here u go ig

    tag list (open) : @kiyokumura ; @rae-main ; @souya-kawata; @kanatakyoya ; @erishaitto ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ;@jahnvi-d bold can’t be tagged :(

    #manjiro sano #manjiro x reader #manjiro sano x reader #mikey #mikey x reader #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers angst #tokyo rev angst #manjiro angst#tw death
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    Here’s a drawing of Mikey even though I’m so upset at him right now.

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  • mitsushii
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    𝚃𝚒𝚝𝚕𝚎 - No Matter What Happens, Please Always Be There For Me

    𝙶𝚎𝚗𝚛𝚎 - Ficlet (?)

    # Reader is gender neutral

    𝙵𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚖 - Tokyo Revengers

    𝚂𝚞𝚖𝚖𝚊𝚛𝚢 - Despite the fact that Mikey broke your heart two years ago, you knew you had to be there for him after what happened. After all, you still loved him.

    𝚃𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚝𝚜 - Takes place after the brawl with the three deities, spoilers for the TokyoRev manga you shouldn’t read if you’re not caught up.

    The rest under the cut

    It’s been a while since you last saw Manjiro.

    Yet here you were, outside his house hesitating whether or not you should knock on his door. You bring your hand up trying to wipe the rain water off your cheek. You scoff finally being your knuckles to make contact with the door.

    You sat there silently for a few moments before a sigh left your lips, maybe he wasn’t home? Before you could walk off the door suddenly opens.

    “Mikey…” you whisper staring at him.

    It took everything out of you not to frown at his appearance, he had dark circles around his eyes and he was skinnier than you remembered.

    “What are you doing here?” He asks, a deadpanned look on his face.

    You look down remembering how Chifuyu had came to you to brake the news that Draken had died in a fight.

    “I heard what happened,” you muttered, “I just wanted to come check on you.”

    Mikey says nothing for a moment, “I’m fine,” he goes to close the door but you quickly catch it before he could leave you outside again alone. Mikey turns back to look at you your name leaving his lips.

    At that moment you remember what Draken had told you months ago, Mikey wasn’t that same person you all knew two year’s ago, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill someone now.

    “I know that’s not true,” you state, keeping your hand in the door even thought you knew he could easily overpower you. “You shouldn’t push how you feel away, you just lost your best friend.” You whisper the last part but you knew he had heard it.

    He turned his face away from you, “just leave me alone.”

    “Mikey, despite everything that happened I’m still here for you, alright? I let you push me away once, I won’t let you do that again. You don’t deserve to be alone.”

    You reach down letting your hand rest on top of his, not wanting to push him too far. “Even though you try to hide it,” you start, “I know that you’re suffering Mikey and you don’t have to do this alone.”

    Your name wavers from his mouth, “I don’t want to be alone.”

    You felt tears fill your eyes, “you’ll never be alone again, even if you scream how much you hate me I’ll always be here for you.”

    Now it was Mikey’s turn to initiate touch, he turns around pulling you into an embrace burying his face in your shoulder not caring this it was already soaked with rain water. You quickly wrap your arms around his torso, your hands caressing his long sleeved black shirt.

    You felt him shake in your arms but you say nothing only holding him close to your body, you weren’t even sure if the wetness on your cheeks was from your own tears or the rain - maybe both.

    “Don’t leave me.” He mutters, holding you tighter.

    You reciprocate his action, “I’m not going anywhere Manjiro.”

    Once you pull away, he wastes no time pulling you into his house. After removing your shoes you both go to his room, he gives you an old shirt to change out of your wet one.

    After you’ve changed you both sit on his bed, his head in your lap. You bring your fingers to caress his hair noticing it was way longer than before.

    You look down at him when he whispers your name, “yeah?” You mutter not ceasing your movements.

    “I still love you,” he declares. You give him a genuine smile.

    “I still love you,” you say back.

    Neither of you say anything else, sitting in a comforting silence. You look down at him again but this time you noticed his eyes were closed and his breathing was evened out.

    Leaning down you press a kiss to his cheek

    “Sleep well Manjiro.”

    𝚃𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚝𝚜 - After the latest chapter, this idea came to my mind at 3AM so I had to write it. I’m not sure if I did it much justice but ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ

    © 𝙢𝙞𝙩𝙨𝙪𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙞. 𝙋𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙙𝙤 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙘𝙤𝙥𝙮, 𝙢𝙤𝙙𝙞𝙛𝙮, 𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙨𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙚, 𝙤𝙧 𝙧𝙚𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙩 𝙤𝙣 𝙩𝙤 𝙖𝙣𝙮 𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙨𝙤𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙡 𝙢𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙖 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙢𝙨

    #manjiro sano x reader #manjiro sano x y/n #tokyorev headcanons #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyorev x reader #mikey x reader #mikey x you
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    If you bat your eyelashes at Takemichi and call him your hero and maybe traumadump a little (and other movie gf behavior), he WILL let you beat the fuck out of him.

    #Mikey and Hina have both beat him up on multiple occasions #he has a type #tokyo revengers#tokrev#hanagaki takemichi#hina tachibana#mikey sano#sano manjiro#maitake#takemikey#takehina #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers spoilers
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    #anime#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #tok rev #tok rev x reader #tok rev headcanons #mikey #mikey x reader #mikey headcanons#manjiro #manjiro x reader #manjiro headcanons#manjiro sano#Chifuyu #chifuyu x reader #chifuyu headcanons#chifuyu matsuno#request
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    the angst in tr rn is ✨limitless✨so I colored this bittersweet panel <3 took 2.5 hours and im not satisfied but will still post because 2.5 hours.

    click for hq, reblogs are appreciated, have a good week! <3

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    Takemichi in fights be like

    Takemichi, pointing at Kiyomasa: Fuck you

    Takemichi, pointing at Kisaki and Hanma: Fuck you

    Takemichi, pointing at Taiju: Fuck you

    Takemichi, pointing at Izana: Fuck you

    Takemichi, pointing at Kisaki again: Fuck you

    Takemichi, pointing at Mikey: Fuck me

    #tokyo revengers#tokrev#hanagaki takemichi#manjiro sano#maitake #tokyo revengers spoilers #tokyo rev #making jokes to cope #also did i get everyone he fought? #i think i did like technically he fought Koko and Kakucho too but i feel like they wouldn't really fit here
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    #tokyo revengers #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers smau #tokyorev headcanons #tokyorev x reader #anime smau#manjiro sano #mikey tokyo revengers #mikey x reader #sano manjiro x reader #sano manjiro#mikey sano#rindou haitani #rindou haitani x reader #rindou x y/n #rindou x you #rindou x reader #sanzu haruchiyo x reader #tokyo revengers sanzu #sanzu haruchiyo #sanzu x y/n #sanzu x you #tokyo revengers texts #mikey x you #mikey x y/n #anime text #tr x you #tr x reader #tr x y/n
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