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    © fallin’

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    Hiding behind Red.

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    She looks dumbfounded...

    #don’t toy with me miss nagatoro #ijiranaide nagatoro san #please don’t bully me nagatoro #nagatoro hayase#naoto hachioji#lol#good anime#wtf #funny as hell #good manga#dank#funny#anime memes#good game
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    #point loma#lighthouse #photographers on tumblr #black and white #san diego
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    Mafia!Ateez reaction they find out their cute and innocent S/O is actually smart and manipulative

    A/N: This is not an idol!au. I am trying to keep a storyline for the mafia series, so I would advise you to read the previous mafia reactions and headcanons to understand better what’s going on. You can check everything out on the Masterlist.

    This didn't turn out how I wanted so I may make some changes later.

    I’m sorry that this took a while but I had many things to do at work.

    R/N = rival's name


    Today you and Hongjoong were invited over to your parents' house to have dinner and talk about work.

    "Y/N, how's R/N doing? We haven't heard of him for a while now. I hope he is fine.", your mother said out of the blue, making you almost choke on your food.

    "He-he is fine.", you told her and glanced at Hongjoong who was glaring at you.

    "Who-who is R/N?", he innocently asked with a smile.

    "Oh he works for another gang. He and Y/N are really good friends and they have worked together in the pas-", your mum tried to explain.

    "Mom! That's enough!", you shouted at her and for a while there's an awkward silence.

    "So dad, I haven't talked with Hongjoong about our next job yet. Would you like to explain your idea?", you asked, trying to change the topic but Hongjoong kept staring at you.


    The drive home was rather quiet with Hongjoong being deep in his thoughts and you gazing out of the window.

    "When were you going to tell me?", he suddenly asked, making you turn around to look at him.

    "Never, if possible.", you answered as you rolled your eyes. "I did this for you.", you told him and he laughed sarcastically.

    "What does this have to do with me?", he asked you as he pulled over the car.

    "Hongjoong don't be an idiot. You were the target and you are still alive.", you told him without any further explanation. He froze for a split second when he realized about what you were talking about.

    "Have I ever told you how much I love you?", he said with a grin as he leaned in and pecked your lips.


    When you found out that Seonghwa's your dad's killer, you decided to approach him. You initially wanted to spy on him and seduce him in order to learn more about his next moves and eventually get revenge for what he did to you and your family. What you didn't plan was slowly falling in love with him. So you focused on searching for information about his next moves in order to make sure that he wouldn't harm your family. But it didn't take long for Seonghwa to find out about your plan as he found a picture of you and your dad in your purse.

    "You betrayed me?!", he shouted from across the room as you tried to remain calm when you saw the picture of you and your dad in his hands. "Is that why you kept asking me about my next mission?", he said looking at you disgusted.

    “Seonghwa, my dad died because of you. I had to protect my family...I-I love you but I can’t lose them.”, you said with tears streaming down your face. He came closer and hugged you tightly while caressing your hair.

    “I'm so sorry, baby...I wish I could take back time and never take that job.”, he said as he looked into your eyes and gave you a kiss.


    These days Yunho has been stressing out for his upcoming job and this resulted in him coming home way later than he usually did. In order to help him a little, you decided to get involved in his plans without him knowing, of course.

    “No! Don’t take the job...Look, R/N, it's almost midnight and Yunho will be back soon. I am gonna call you from this number tomorrow.", you whispered.

    "What's up with you and this asshole?!", he bursted in as soon as you hung up.

    "Him? I am making sure that you won't get hurt during the mission.", you told him, still a bit surprised.

    "Don't talk to him! I'm serious.", he said, seemingly annoyed that you contacted his rival.

    "But I did it to help you. I hate it when you are in this condition - so stressed out.", you told him with a pouty face as you got up to him and placed your arms around his waist.

    "Who could tell that this cute face can actually manipulate a whole gang.", he said and started giving you many kisses, starting from your lips and slowly going lower, to your neck.


    Yeosang was more than impressed when he saw you practising self defence at the basement of his house when you thought that he was at work.

    When he got home and saw you practising some self defence techniques, he couldn't help himself but smile at your willingness to be independent, without needing support from anyone.

    "When did you start learning self defence?", he asked you as he slowly approached you when you finished practising.

    "A long time ago. It was my dad's choice in order to be safe in case something goes wrong.", you explained and took a glass of water.

    "You seem pretty fragile to be able to protect yourself.", he murmured as he leaned on the kitchen counter.

    "Everyone thinks of that.", you said before taking a sip of your water.

    Yeosang slowly placed his hands underneath your top and started massaging your back and shoulders.

    "My baby is so independent...Your dad must be really proud.", he said and he kissed your cheek while moving his hands lower.


    Today's job for San was to search for a black van in a parking lot to make a deal with one of his rivals.

    "Before you say anything, I know you are impressed that I came today but everyone else got a job to do.", he said as soon as he entered the car and sat on the passenger's seat. "So to make this quick you give me the gun and I give you the money. I will let you know if anything happens.", San told the driver who hummed in agreement.

    "S-So here's the money.", San said while he was trying to take the money out of his wallet.

    "Is that Y/N?", the driver asked when he saw a photograph of you and San.

    "Y-yes. How do you know her?", San asked, looking confused.

    "We have collaborated in the past for a tough mission. If it wasn't her I would be dead by now.", the guy said.

    San quickly handed him the money and exited the van.


    "You are finally home!", you told him as soon as you heard the front door open. You rushed to him and pecked his lips.

    "Since when are you collaborating with R/N?", San asked you, looking a bit jealous.

    "Since he is a useless idiot..but we need him alive.", you told him with a smirk and winked at him. "It's so easy to get all the information that I was looking for."

    "Your cuteness and innocence must have driven him crazy I guess.", San explained as he placed his hands around your waist and gave you a passionate kiss.


    These days, you and Mingi have been constantly fighting about your plans for an upcoming mission. Your points of view were always different as the one always focused on the details and the other one on the whole picture. So last night, you waited for him to arrive back home and sat down to talk things out. You ended up agreeing on both of you being present in the next meeting in order to come up with a plan that both of you would be satisfied with.


    During the meeting, everything was going pretty "well" apparently until Mingi had to answer a phone call, so he excused himself and went outside. Without wasting time, you took the opportunity to change the plans.

    "So now that Mingi is gone..I must inform you about a change in our plans. Instead of this road, we should take that one so in case there's a traffic jam, we will come back sooner and the chances of having a witness are much lower.", you said and everyone looked at you a bit worried. "Don't worry, Mingi already knows!.", you reassured them with a smile.


    "You can't imagine how angry I was when I found out that you changed the plans but you were so right baby.", he said with a smile as soon as you got home after the mission.

    He slowly came closer to you and gave you a hug while kissing your lips.

    "We deserve some sleep you know.", you told him with a faint smile and he nodded in agreement.


    You were taking a shower as Wooyoung was supposedly getting ready to go out for a day. Until your phone started ringing non-stop which made Wooyoung curious as to who wants to talk to you so bad at 10 pm.

    He could still hear the sound of running water coming from the shower so he slowly went up to the nightstand where your phone was, to check the caller ID. But to his surprise, it was an unknown number. He decided to pick it up and find out who it was.

    "Hello? Who is it?", he asked.

    "J-Jung Wooyoung?", he heard the person saying and recognized him as one of his rivals.

    "Why are you calling my wife?!", he asked both confused and frustrated at the same time.

    "Ooh you better ask her.", his rival said and hung up, making him sigh in frustration.

    "Honey what happened?", you asked him as you walked in the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around you.

    "You tell me. Why was R/N calling you? How do you know each other?".

    "I-I asked him about his next moves..I-I j-just..wanted to make sure that you will be fine. You know you're their target.", you tried to explain.

    He sat on the bed and signaled you to sit next to him. You slowly went towards him and sat down. He let out a sigh as he rubbed your back a little.

    "Baby, you know there's no need to beg this lowlife for information.", he told you and kissed your cheek while slowly trying to unwrap the towel from around your body.


    Tonight, Jongho was having an important meeting about his upcoming mission with a potential partner. It took you a while to convince him but eventually he let you go with him only if you would stay quiet without interrupting their conversation. And here you're sitting across a table with the two men.

    "So Jongho my plan is letting our rivals know our position and keep our team unaware of what's the plan.", the older guy said while showing Jongho the route that they would take on the day of the mission.

    "I-I don't understand. Why would I let my rivals know about my plans but my team not?", Jongho said while shaking his head in disagreement and the other guy tried to explain his plan again.

    "Ugh..I still don't understand. How is this going to work?", Jongho asked and he was clearly frustrated.

    “It’s so simple, honey. Look on the map.", you jumped in, trying to make it clear to him what's going on. "If you let your team go that way but meet them at your destination then someone's betrayed you. That's not the job but you will find out who is the betrayer and the chances of successfully getting the job done will increase."

    "This girl is so smart. You made a good choice.", the older guy said and Jongho nodded in agreement while staring at you.

    He winked at you as he slowly placed his hand on your thigh and rubbed it slightly.

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    #yandere dream smp imagines #yandere imagines #dream smp imagines #yandere dream smp headcanons #yandere headcanons #dream smp headcanons #yandere dream smp #yandere undertale imagines #undertale imagines #yandere undertale headcanons #undertale headcanons#yandere undertale#underfell sans #yandere underfell sans #underfell papyrus #yandere underfell papyrus #yandere technoblade#technoblade
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    green sans, looks this bored face lol

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    10 questions for yuri

    do you like playing video games?

    “Yes, I love playing video games, or just games in general! I don’t have much knowledge on video games, so I really just play the “basic” ones, but I still have fun. I likes playing spiderman, minecraft, adorable home and pubg. I want to get little nightmares, gen shin impact and spiderman miles morale next.”

    do you like skin ship?

    “Yes and no, I’m not an extremely cuddling person, but I enjoy getting hugs when it’s been a long day. when I can’t sleep I will lay in one of my members beds, but I don’t want to cuddle someone all day, you know? It just depends on my mood.

    who do you want to share a room with?

    I loveeeeee sharing a room with hongjoong and seonghwa, but I want to room with san and yunho once. I normally go into their room when i’m bored, and we always have a good time. I’m so jealous of all of the cool electronics they have in their room, and I would love to game with them till the odd hours of the night.

    do you stay up late?

    “Yes, once I graduated from school, I stayed up pretty much every night, the earliest I would go to bed at would be like midnight, and the latest would be 7 am, but if I was at practice all day or had a schedule all day, I would probably go to bed a bit earlier if I was really exhausted. I normally just watch youtube or netflix while I stay up, sometimes i’ll mess around with the members if they are awake too!”

    what’s something you are scared of that the members tease you for?

    “I’m like, really scared of bugs. Once a bug flew into my ear, and i’ve been scared of them since. Everytime I see or hear a bug I either scream or back away, or both. The members always laugh at me but I know deep down, they are scared of bugs too.” [evilly smirks*[yuri please tell us what you know, pleaseeee]

    what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

    “Mint chocolate chip, yes, i’m one of those people. *eye roll* I don’t understand why people say it tastes like toothpaste, it literally doesn’t? Something is wrong with people’s taste buds who don’t like mint chocolate chip.(/hj)”

    who’s your favorite member?

    “Why does everyone always ask me this? My answer is the same every time, myself. 😚✌️”

    what’s your least favorite part of being an idol?

    “I love being an idol, I really do. This job is something I love very much, and I don’t know what my life would be without it. But, I just wish we could, really be ourselves, you know? obviously I am myself on camera, but there are certain parts that I hide about myself because it would “ruin my reputation”. I wish I could give my honest opinion on things and show my fans what I feel honestly.”

    what’s something you want to do before you die?

    “This might sound really lame, to be honest, but I just want to sit on the window with someone I love (like a partner, s/o, yk) and watch the sunrise while sharing headphones. And write letters to each other. That’s all I want.”

    have you ever felt like you were on top of the world?

    “yeah, I have actually. Every single concert that we had, and I was able just to stand on the stage and look at the fans, and listen to their chants. I felt like I could do anything in those moments, I felt so loved, so cherished. Every time I think about it, I tear up a bit. That feelings will never get old to me.”

    [message from yuri]

    hi guysssss

    i love you <3

    thanks for asking me good questions ㅋㅋ

    i miss you

    stay healthy :)

    #ateez fanfic #ateez x oc #ateez oc member #ateez girl member #ateez extra member #ateez oc #ateez 9th memeber au #ateez 9th member #ateez#ateez yunho#ateez mingi#ateez seonghwa#ateez hongjoong#ateez san#ateez wooyoung#ateez yeosang#ateez jongho#kpop#kpop oc #kpop extra member #kpop au#kpopidol#ateez fluff#ateez imagines#ateez au#ateez scenarios #ateez x idol reader #idol au#kpop idol #kpop idol au
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    Vacío por dentro

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    Who needs an umbrella when you have a witches hat?

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    Re tranqui y se me vino esta idea de viñeta(?
    Me divierto mucho dibujando a Sain y Fanik skdbsksksksbs

    Que película estarán viendo uvu?

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    Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagatoro // Episode 11

    #don’t toy with me miss nagatoro #ijiranaide nagatoro san #nagatoro gif#anime gif#sjgif
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    a view of SF (soma) shot from the Port of Oakand

    ©cpleblow (2014)

    not previously published...enlarge it!

    #cityscape#landscape#tripod#telelphoto#san francisco#Bay Bridge #port of oakland #pre dawn #some place where i used to live...
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    If your comfort show/movie/anime is;

    Dead Poets Society


    A love so beautiful


    Princess diaries

    Pride and prejudice


    Love, Simon

    The edge of Seventeen

    The perks of being a wallflower

    Dirty dancing

    10 things i hate about you

    Yuri!!! on ice

    Horimiya (extra points if you kin Miyamura)

    Get therapy

    #I'm talking about me #i should get therapy #10 things i hate about you #love simon #the edge of seventeen #1917#dirty dancing#flipped#dps #dead poets society #a love so beautiful #sk8 #skate the infinity #the perks of being a wallflower #the princess diaries #yuri on ice #horimiya #hori san to miyamura kun #pride and prejudice
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    #49ers #San Francisco 49ers
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    Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagatoro // Episode 11

    #don’t toy with me miss nagatoro #ijiranaide nagatoro san #nagatoro gif#anime gif#sjgif
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    #i can't believe oda the madman managed to make the reference to this meme #komi-san wa komyushou desu #komi san wa komyushou desu #komi san can't communicate #komi san has a communication disorder #komi san is bad at communication #komi san komyushou desu #komi-san can't communicate #komi san#ch 311#emoyama yuragiri
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