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  • 24.12.19

    a first date (ever for me at least) story for you, we were meant to meet up on the town square but we never specified time and for someone it felt awkward for me to ask. it’s part of a bigger story (hmu) but my friend kept bugging for me to already go out even though i had no idea even if he was already there. when i finally got to the town square i really didn’t see anyone that could be him. out of nowhere my friends ran out and told he’s probably the guy like 30 meters away. i was too afraid to ask though but then santa appeared in front us and asked if we’re waiting for a date, of course my friend said that i was. he gave us candy and offered to go ask if was the one. and then he did and he was the one, not awkward at all. also fun fact at first from far away i thought he was a girl even though he absolutely looks like a basic boy in a coat. so i have no idea what’ll happen next but at least i can say that my first date ever was saved by santa.

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  • 1x07

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  • Daryll…I don’t think it’s a random stalker…whoops…

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  • Secret Santa—Poe Dameron x Reader

    You were laying in your bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering what you were going to get for your secret santa gift. It shouldn’t have been this complicated for you since the person you randomly picked had a notecard filled with what he could possibly want.

    Sighing you sat up and reached to your night stand, grabbing your small purse and throwing a pair of shoes on.

    ‘It’s now or never,’ you thought to yourself before exiting your room and walking into the empty hallway. You began your trek to the hangar, hoping to go unnoticed as you approached your X-Wing. A series of beeps made you stop in your tracks. Your heart began to race and your stomach began to do summersaults. 'Oh no.’

    “Hey, (y/n)! Where are you headed? The party is going to start in an hour!” You heard the voice of your best friend, Poe Dameron yell from the other side of the large room. Turning around, you faced him as he jogged your way.

    “Oh, I know,” you began. “I was just going to get my gift.”

    “Oh man, who’d you get?” He asked, smiling excitedly. His chocolate eyes were filled with hope and happiness as well as a hint of curiosity. His hair was disheveled, as it always is, and you couldn’t help but to blush for staring for so long.

    “That’s for me to know and you to find out, Dameron,” you stated, biting your tongue so you wouldn’t admit that you were getting him his present. Poe’s smile dropped momentarily before being replaced with a sly smirk.

    “Then I guess I’ll just do this, then.” Suddenly Poe wrapped his arms around you in a tight, vice-like grip. One of his hands went through your pockets searching for the index card. Your cheeks must have been red at this moment, the proximity making your small crush for the pilot run wild.

    “Poe stop! Don’t you dare look at that!” You yelled, trying to get out of his grip. When he released you he backed up a few feet and threatened to open the folded piece of paper in his hands. Luckily for you, you memorized the first thing on the list of five–a new warp drive for his X-Wing.

    “And what if I do, Hm?” Silenece followed as you thought of the perfect come back. When he began opening the card, you leaped, quickly snatching the card and dashing for your X-Wing.

    “See you later, Dameron!”

    The party was just starting when you arrived, dressed in an ugly sweater and jeans. Your gift was in a box wrapped in green and red striped wrapping paper. On top of the box was a silver bow and a card with Poe’s name written on it.

    Quickly, you placed the gift onto the gift table and made your way over to the drink table. There was music playing and decorative lights lining the walls along with streamers and table centerpieces. A lot of people were here and this was a great break from all of the fast-paced days that were had on the base. You poured yourself some punch and took a sip just as Poe approached you.

    “So how were your errands, (l/n)?” Poe asked, having a sly grin from ear to ear. You looked over at the pilot. ‘Play it cool, (y/n).’

    “Good. I got what I needed to get,” you told him. You were about to walk away when Poe said, “That’s good. I had to work really hard to find something special for my gift, too.” You raised and eyebrow.

    “And who did you get?” You asked him. He grinned from ear to ear and got closer to your face.

    “That’s for me to know and you to find out.” The nerve. You scoffed and gave him a non-aggressive glare followed by a laugh. Some distance was put between you two and Poe poured himself more punch. You looked over his attire and noticed his ugly sweater. It was cute. “Wanna go socialize?”

    The time finally came and everyone got their gifts. All at once, the sound of wrapping paper being ripped filled the room and out of the corner of your eye, you watched Poe open his gift, hoping he would like it. You unwrapped you’re gift and saw just what you wanted inside—a new book that you have wanted for the longest time. You’ve tried to find this book for ages, but you couldn’t find it anywhere. You opened the cover and saw a note inside.

    Hey (n/n), I was searching for this book for a while, but I finally found it. Happy holidays! Oh and there’s another note in the back cover.


    You smiled from ear to ear and looked over at Poe who was reading your note. A soft smile was emerging on his face as he read it.

    Poe, it’s me. I wanted to think outside of the box for your gift, but I couldn’t think of anything so I decided on the warp drive. When you came up to me earlier today, I was really hoping you didn’t ruin the surprise and luckily you didn’t.


    You then moved your way to the back cover and another note fell out. You picked it up and wondered what it said.

    Meet me at delta after the party.

    You raised an eyebrow and looked over to Poe who was excited. Delta was your code name for this spot in the hangar that no one ever goes to. What could he be planning? Oh well, you’ll learn later. Right now, you were happy about your book. You walked over to Poe and gave him a big hug at how happy you were.

    “Where did you find this?” You asked him, eyes glistening with pure joy and happiness.

    “Jakku,” he said shortly. You wanted more explanation, but he hugged you just before you could ask.

    “I’ve been needing a new warp drive for a while now. Thank you so much,” he said. You chuckled and pulled away from the pilot. Now that everyone’s gifts had been dispersed, it was time to begin cleaning up from this party and to start heading out. Poe gave you a wink and snuck out of the party without anyone noticing. You had butterflies in your stomach and couldn’t help but to quickly follow along. Cleaning up after parties wasn’t your thing—sober that is—and you didn’t want to get caught up into an activity that could take an hour to complete.

    The closing of the doors echoed in the empty hallway. The lights were dim due to it not being busy hours and it was quiet enough to hear a mouse scurrying across the floor. You walked and your footsteps echoed and with each step you became all the more excited.

    When you got to your destination, you saw Poe leaning against the wall boredly. Upon your arrival, he smiled and walked toward you. The butterflies intensified to bees buzzing with each step he took. You placed your book on the shelf next to you when Poe was standing right in front of you.

    “(Y/n),” he took a deep breath, “ I didn’t want to ask at the party, but do you want to go on a date with me? I feel like there’s a huge connection here.” You smiled widely and Poe looked down at you and watched as you nodded your head. He smiled and gave you the biggest hug you’ve ever received.

    “I’d like that a lot.”

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  • Santa: I have been analyzing human records. I am afraid some of the terminology is… unclear. What exactly is… ‘updog’?

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  • LIFE DECEMBER 6, 1963

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  • kanny and her boysquad

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  • I don’t need anything for Christmas. I’ve already got the bestest friendos *awwwwww* [X]

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  • We’re finally finished de-decorating the castle from our Christmas exhibition and tours! (Almost.)

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  • Day 361 are @irregularchoiceshoes Santa’s Globe, snow globe heels with festive figures and multi coloured lights flashing up the side of the shoe as you walk.    

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    The magic of Santa lives on even at the USPS that we so often frequent. The girls were thrilled after many a trip delivering MY envelopes and purchasing MY stamps to visit the USPS for their own Christmas-ly purposes. The were well prepared with their thanks and requests for Santa and off we dropped everything into the Santa mailbox with care!

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