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    Sanzu lovers playlist

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    I’m starting to see an alarming trend with the type of men i simp for but at this point don’t free a sister up because shes in  love him 

    <3 Sanzu  Haruchiyo

    Pretty mf maaan


    ↪           Pied Piper

    2:09 ─────●── 3:25  

                ↺ |◁ || ▷| ♡

    Sanzu “ I’m just playing i wasn’t actually going to shoot”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ What you doing pretty girl?”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ Come back at 4am but with a little teddy bear as a sorry”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ I’m serious im clean i swear”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ Lets party baby”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ just a couple of puffs babe and blows a cloud on your face”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ help me with my tie im too tired”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ Sorry i couldn’t hear you come closer”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ possesive she’s mine”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “Lets wear macth outfits ”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ Don’t worry i know how to fight love”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ My love, my soul my one and only drug”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ The smooth talker”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ wait Y/N likes this sort of stuff i’ll buy 10 of those”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ who flexes his muscle when you mention his strength”  Haruchiyo

    Sanzu “ Mr smirks a lot”  Haruchiyo


    Akashi “ Covers up his scars cause he doesn’t want to scare you” Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ Blushes to his ear when you call him cute”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ leaves you notes on your desk”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ Let me give you a ride home”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “Stares at you like the stars “  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ take my jacket its cold”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ come meet my family”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ can you brush my hair”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ She is so pretty and she chose me”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ precious loveable cute”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ i love cats”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “lets get promise rings”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ Wait you want to match masks with me?!”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “ soft for you”  Haruchiyo

    Akashi “i know how to treat a lady right”  Haruchiyo

    Kind of in love with me but can you blame me?

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    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    You finally finished finished packing after 10 hours. You leaned up against the wall for support, you were beyond exhausted at this point.

    You headed up to your room to pack up everything your brought. In the process you noticed a folded piece of paper that you know you didn’t pack. You grabbed it with caution and unfolded it.

    '(___) ___-____ call me ;)' You stared at the piece of paper with suspicion. there was no name attached so you couldn't be sure if it was someone in the house or if it was the dangerous guys that made Akane have to move. You'll ask Wakasa about it later, although you know what he'll say. You finish packing and make your way downstairs, not wanting to keep Wakasa waiting, he's probably just as tired as you. Once you reach him you give him a smile.

    "We'll be heading out first. Make sure you all stay safe!" You wave to everyone and as you're about to turn around you face Akane. You run to her, not knowing when you'll see her again, and embrace her. "I'll ship you my pastries!"

    "Hehe, okay! Be careful you two!" Akane waves to us as Wakasa pulls you out despite your tears. You sit on the back of his bike and wrap your arms around him tightly. You hadn't seen Akane in so long. During high school she basically lived with you after her house burned down. You had finally made it back home.

    "Goodnight Wa-" It was then that I noticed just how bad his eye bags were. "No. I'm not letting you drive home when you're exhausted! You can stay here tonight." His eyes widened but he complied anyways, way too tired to fight back. He stopped his bike and parked it, you grabbed his bags and wrapped his arm around you for support, he was practically falling asleep in your arms. You opened the door to your complex and instantly took Wakasa to your room. "Ah you should change before you fall asleep. I'll give you some privacy." As you turned around to leave, Wakasa pulled you to lay down with him. He tangles his legs with yours and buries his face in the back of your hair.

    "Please, let me stay like this for a while." He whispered before he eventually fell asleep. But how could you sleep when your heart was pounding so loudly. You were honestly scared that it would wake him up. It was so warm too, he was warm, he was making you warm, and you were wearing warm clothes, it was too hot.

    You couldn't catch a blink of sleep and it was morning now. You tensed upon hearing Wakasa grumble awake. "Hmm?" You could feel him look around at his surroundings.

    "M-morning." You said, trying to sound like you just woke up. You wanted to face towards him but you were scared he would notice your very tired eyes.

    "What am I doing here?" Wakasa asked you, his raspy morning voice sounding very attractive to you.

    "I wasn't going to let you drive home when you were so tired. You don't even remember what happened last night." you let out a small chuckle but was confused when he tensed.

    "W-what happened last night?" You had to look at his reaction, his face was quite flushed, you laughed.

    "Not like that perv! You're just as bad as the others sometimes! I meant me telling you to stay here and... uh cuddling me?" You started to feel embarrassed now and turned away from him.

    "Uh sorry. You must've felt uncomfortable." The sad, guilty tone of his voice made you feel awful. You sat up and faced him, not caring about your appearance right now.

    "I-I didn't mind! Really, don't feel bad! It was just like old times!" You let out small chuckles. As soon as you looked at Wakasa though, you saw the frown on his face as he looked into your eyes.

    "And yet you weren't able to sleep." He sighed and reached a hand out to move your messy hair out of your face. Your breath hitched at the contact and you avoided making eye contact. Why? Why did he have to have such warm, soft hands? Why did he have to look at you like that? Such a loving look, it left you confused.

    "I'm okay! I could just drink coffee or something to give me energy. Wha-" Wakasa pushed you back down onto the bed. You looked at him as his hand rested right below your neck.

    "Nope. You'll stay right here. Do you have any plans for today?" He smirked down at you. You shook your head no as you stared at him. "Okay I'll just do some cleaning."

    "Shouldn't you get back to Brahman duties? You've been gone for 2 days."

    "Tsk. I'll just say I don't feel comfortable with you sleeping alone." His brows furrowed as he looked away. "I mean, it's true anyway." You figured he didn't want you to be alone because of the guys who found Koko and Akane. Just then Wakasa's phone went off, he grabbed it and you could tell he was even more irritated. "Nevermind, seems I have to go anyway. Emergency. Get some sleep Y/N." He climbed off your bed and headed over to your side to ruffle your hair.

    "H-Hey!" You laughed, and he laughed in return. "Bye, Waka! Be careful okay!" You calmed down into a smile, your eyes crinkling in the process. After he left, you suddenly felt more exhausted then ever and fell asleep.

    She's Mine- Part 7

    Taglist: @wakasagurl @lollipopd

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    Loyal as a Dog // Sanzu Haruchiyo x Reader


    Chapter 27: I Should Be Happy

    wc: 2.3k
    TW // cursing,

    My fingers are tangled in string.

    Fighting it creates knots,

    So I don't. 

    In my stillness,

    It fell into my hands.

    Dull scissors are 

    sharper than me. 

    I cut each thread so 

    I'm finally,


    I should be happy but,

    I’m lost without it.

    I tangle my fingers in string.


    Rest is a concept that prioritizes a state of partial death consisting of; not dying. Like machines we must charge, maintain decent sleep or face the short-circuiting consequences. Don't ask for an instruction manual, you're a human so figure it out;

    Or pay someone else to figure it out. 

    Or don't do either.

    Human problems should be dealt with by the owner so rise and shine! Optimization isn't a necessity, it's a luxury! Show the world what a slow charge looks like! 


    A faulty model escapes from a sleep setting set to 'nightmare mode'. Covers adorn the floor as an ineffective defense mechanism casts away all things hot. Lingering dreams kiss reality and skew together advancing to disrupt the day.

    —a dim sensation worships you but;

    Takes root to die.

    'Sensation' didn't have a reservation so it's been sentenced to partial death. Morning agendas consist of; yawning, ignoring that, stretching, ignoring that, apologizing to an absent roommate, ignoring that, grogginess, and a pinch of eavesdropping. 


    Let's say someone's having a private conversation right beside you; what grounds do they have for getting mad if you heard each teeny tiny mini detail? Simple! They don't! It's invalid! Humans aren't built with adjustable ears so if you don't want people to hear your conversation then be a model civilian and install telepathy.

    An exchange beyond your front door captivates unadjustable ears.


    Ears can be a curse.

    Thin walls can be a curse. 

    Choppy conversations can be a curse. 

    Whoever Sanzu's talking to can be a curse.

    Whatever Sanzu's talking about can be a curse.

    Listening was cursed.



    He's going to.


    Breathe in.

    Breathe out.

    It's fine.


    Clawing to the surface, it wishes to breathe. Born as you were, live as you are, bury its name. 

    When do acquaintances become familiar? Is it when they barge into your home? Or is it when they shatter every window? Maybe it's when they dismantle your bed. 

    Who wants to be familiar with such an asshole? 

    Who invited them over in the first place? 

    They're an asshole too. 


    It gets messy and they hate change.

    It has to stay the same. 

    Preserve it. 


    That acquaintance isn't all bad. 

    They know a thing or two.

    It's hard to disagree.

    It hurts to listen.

    Just listen. 

    —this love resonates louder than all of mankind. 

    It won't be devoured. 

    A swingset admired skies deep enough to convey the world's end as drawn out creaks exchanged final words with a duo who lingered. Weathered shoes occasionally disturb a stillness, lazily scuffing against turf in response to chain link that chatted. 

    A desolate sanctuary. 

    A playground of sacred grounds.

    A boundary separate from the realm of roaches. 

    Street lamps flickered to reveal an up and coming crime scene. A subtle yet aggressive sight was established upon your lap as fingers weaved together in a way that was easy to mistake for attempted murder. It's unclear whether your hands deserved such a degree of punishment but, what's clear is—

    "We're getting married when we're older," you stated with airy confidence. 

    Marriage: a binding contract that states 'if you leave me I'll drain you dry'. When there's physical assets involved you bet people are more likely to work on their relationship; after all, there's stuff on the line! It's also noteworthy to mention marriage isn't accessible until the 'adult function' is unlocked. Was love mentioned yet? Aside from using all mortal possessions as leverage, the main course is vowing on eternal love, but pay no mind to those un-eternally lame statistics. In the end, love is only authentic once it's declared to the government, yes nothing says romance quite like legal documentation. 

    Love: your no good, undependable, erratic luck granted it protection from government officials. It's big enough to be considered its own lifeform. If the government knew of love that defied documentation they'd surely have to make new documentation and not to mention confiscate it for research purposes. Off the record love will be passed off as 'typical' on the record love, eventually.

    "What gave you that idea?" He asked, humoring your claim.

    Amidst a row of seats in the hanging variety, an unconcerned Sanzu leaned his head against the talkative chain as if it weren't uncomfortable. 

    It's uncomfortable. 

    "Because I won't let ya marry anyone else." 

    "Yeah? There's such a thing as being too delusional but it seems like you're having fun," Sanzu retorted, pulling black fabric below his chin. 

    "Hold that tone Mr. Sanzu, there's no need to be shy. I know boys need time to flourish so when that happens you'll come out of your shell and marry me—or something like that." 

    "I don't think I will," he replied, shattering half-baked dreams.

    "Boo, does that mean I gotta marry someone else?" 


    A placid smile upholds composure. 

    A placid smile scorns prior speculation. 

    "I didn't realize your resolve was so flimsy. I'm disappointed and doubt you have a chance," an acid tongue shot back, delivering harsh words smoothly. 

    "I wonder why Mr. Sanzu's being so sassy. Is this your flourishing phase?"

    "No," he answered, simply continuing to smile.

    Back to square one. 

    Although stars existed they couldn't reach, as your gaze took turns between feuding fingers and a brooding sky. 

    "Super predictable of ya Boss, if I'm not careful I might die from heartbreak," you praised. "But looking past that minor screw up from earlier—I'm worry free, I won't let ya be with anyone else until the flourishing phase." 

    "Yeah? How do you think you'll manage that?" 

    "Easy," you offered a promising smile, "no one could dream of loving ya more than me so I'll kill anyone that tries." 


    "Half kidding ♡." 


    "C'mon Mr. Sanzu, it was supposed to be funny. If ya don't laugh I'll get embarrassed." 

    "What's wrong?"  

    Expecting some form of answer, Sanzu gazed from beneath delicate lashes at the marriage monster whose attention followed a strict pattern of ground, sky, hands, ground, sky, hands. 

    "—y'know, marriage and murder, minus the murder." 

    A sloppy bluff holds the scene together while opposing surveillance plays back the footage.

    "That's not what I asked." 

    It's showing. 

    Returning his pushiness with a lame frown, you'd rather keep on playing the previous game. 

    A bad game is incoming. 

    "I'd love to tell ya but I'll die."


    It's showing.

    It could be felt, a gaze that swallowed you whole but even so;

    Keep it down,

    And don't look up.

    "I'm gonna die so," you mumbled.


    It's showing.

    Clawing and clawing and clawing.

    It gasped for air.

    Breathing and breathing and breathing. 

    It's black. 

    White's always better. 

    "This morning, I really hated that conversation." Looking down on a lap desensitized to murder, hushed war pressed on between intertwined fingers, each side working to suffocate the other. "I heard bad stuff, so I know, you're gonna leave me with someone. I know it's real, I heard it so that means you hate me, right? And so that means I'll-"

    "Don't," he shot back in immediate annoyance. "You always end up with these half-assed assumptions. The mechanic stopped me on my way out and said he needed you an extra day. What do you think I said?" He asked in a condescending tone. 

    Words along the lines of: 'ok, take her' were apparently blown out of proportion. It turns out he's not trying to dump you off onto some sucker but inevitably, context is of the utmost importance. 

    "Thanks to my horrific accusations I'm humiliated so to make it up to ya I'll live out the rest of my life in shame." 

    "I'm surprised you know what that is but try for something more believable next time."

    "Want me to apologize until my throat collapses?" 

    "Not particularly." 

    "I could make a new religion in your name?" 

    "Wouldn't you say there are enough cults?" 

    "Right as always Mr. Sanzu." Dropping the antics, a grin was shaved down into a sheepish smile, "my bad."


    A gentle breeze. 

    A car passing by. 

    A prolonged silence. 

    Call back the antics.

    "Hey, tell me, did ya do something naughty?" You asked, already armed with an answer. "No worries my oh-so sneaky Boss, you're off the hook today thanks to my super huge mess up but don't forget, it's illegal to read my mind."  

    "It's probably for the best if you stopped making assumptions, yeah?" 

    "I couldn't agree more, my all-knowing thought-reading Boss. Consider all assumptions dead," you complied, beaming with defeat. "Well, questions are making a comeback so spill your guts please! Are ya an emotion reader too? I was five seconds from forgetting before ya asked me to expose my guts." 

    "You should know this one," he prompted, entertained to some extent despite you flunking his expectations. "You wouldn't look at me." 


    A shocking finale provides avoidant evidence! Even without mind reading he's overpowered so thank goodness for handicaps. 

    Chain link cried out as Sanzu abandoned his post, which also conveyed you needed to abandon yours. Following the leader, a duo breaks up with a swingset who fell in love too fast, luckily heartbreak builds character but hopefully swingsets can't feel. 

    "I guess eyes really are windows, huh? Well I'd expect nothing less from my up and coming hubby." 

    "It must be nice to be that delusional." 

    "No way, I'd call it realistic." 

    "Are you sure?" 

    "Uh-huh, the surest." 

    The act of devouring is exhibited through flesh. 

    Never a leader you were one step behind, as Sanzu turned to face you his presence stripped a black sky of its potential for humans are just as capable of devouring light. It’s deconstruction through gestures, a game of unreliable experience that aids your opponent in turning airy banter stale. 


    Close quarters aren’t foreign.

    No, on the contrary they’re familiar. 

    But that also defines what isn't. 

    Blurred intent outlined soft features so if eyes are the window to the soul, blue eyes give the impression that they're not. Worn fingers established Sanzu didn't hone gentle hands but that held minimal truth as he cupped your face. Allowing no room for recovery, twin scars conveyed a message that was ready to defy familiarity as lips drew close. 

    Rejected by your own skin. 

    Bodies shouldn't freeze. 

    Did you forget how to breathe? 

    Born to suffocate, a personal space invader wound up on the receiving end. 

    Closeness breeds comfort, it always has, but 

    This isn't that. 

    It's chaotic;

    A chest that imitates static grates itself down, a chest that imitates birth builds itself up, contristricting its own movement, shattering its own barriers, it loses meaning just to find it, it finds meaning just to lose it, it begs to be felt, it begs to be silenced, it hits a new high just to topple back down, one moment it's white the next it's black.

    It's the best. 

    It's the worst. 

    It's too much.

    It's good.

    It's bad.



    Closeness you've come to be familiar with is a stranger as etched lips drew close to convey new meaning.

    New meaning pressed its lips—against your palm.

    As always; 

    Instinct has a way of making you move.

    Eyes which long since wavered with anxiety are scrutinized by a gaze reminiscent of amusement. Ambiguous lips part from your palm, revealing a self-satisfied grin as he maintained a close proximity.

    "Hm? I thought you wanted to marry me?" Sanzu asked, smugly cocking his head to the side.

    "Ya caught me off guard, or something," you mumbled. 

    "I don't think that's it," he pulled away and shrugged. 

    "Are ya mad?" 

    "No," he replied, words like silk accompany a tranquil smile, "but this isn't about me, I knew what would happen from the start." 

    "How? Ya sorta lost me."  

    "You're confusing two separate emotions as one. Romantic feelings are different from what you think they are." 

    "I get it, I just don't really get why you're explaining it." 

    "Because I don't think you actually do," he shot back dismissively. "You looked scared shitless earlier." 

    "I said ya caught me off guard," shooting him a dull frown, your gaze faltered. "Plus I've seen a bunch of movies—my parents too, so I should know, right?"

    A faux comfort. 

    A voice like rain. 

    A bad answer:

    "You don't."

    A reaction of a swamp monster was sure to follow, but; 

    It didn't. 

    Before a single grimey tear could be shed, an up and coming swamp monster was sucked free of filth to reveal a human who's murky feelings became suds until a later date. 

    Controversial as it may be, Sanzu gravitated towards your hand to signify some form of closure. Fingers that engaged in civil war were recently granted peace, calloused hands brushed against yours skimming down to intertwine with ex-war criminals. Typical clinging resulted in an affinity with each scar and flaw littering the hand that held a volatile word in order. 

    "C'mon," Sanzu mumbled.

    Warm hands tug and say you don't know but Sanzu overlooked a crucial factor— 

    "Fear's only a temporary fix Mr. Sanzu, so don't underestimate my recovery speed. I still won't let ya marry anyone but me." 

    —you're delusional.

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    𓂀 𝔽𝕣𝕒𝕦𝕕 𓂀

    Characters: Bonten

    Genre: (F)

    requested by : @emperorwriter

    Warning :

    Prompt: Reader comes off as soft and innocent, however, that’s a mask. The truth is she’s very good at fighting plus scary dog privileges

    [Rules/Guidelines] {Masterlist 1} {Masterlist 2}

    When Mikey first introduced you after announcing that you would be joining them they expected to see a man, not a woman.

    Not that they minded of course but you just... didn't fit the aesthetic or image of a high-ranking criminal like them. You looked like someone's innocent's sweet sister/daughter who could do no harm to anyone. In all honesty, you reminded Takeomi of his baby sister Senju.

    Your words were sweet and you tended to come off as soft in many situations. More often or not Takeomi would call you his sisters name in the beginning while Mikey kept his comments to himself.

    They were all very wary of you, thinking you couldn't really deal with Bonten business. Sanzu especially treated you like a helpless little child in over your head. Which you quickly fixed when you baited him and rewarded him with a knife near his family jewels with you kabedonning him.

    "Be a good boy and stop treating me like a kid okay?" Your voice no longer carried the sweet tone he had come to be familiar with. The knife literally centimeters away between his legs was deeply lodged inside the cushion of the chair.

    Sanzu stayed quite still in shock from being baited and nearly being departed from his balls.

    "Are you listening to me?!" You say condescendingly before taking a second knife and stabbing the area next to his head cutting his cheek causing it to bleed. Your hand grips his face forcing his cheeks to squish together and you playfully let the fat of his cheeks settle.

    "The next time I won't miss. Understand?"

    Sanzu nodded without a word still in shock from your change.

    "Good boy."

    You lick the cut on his cheek and pull the knives away from him. You place them back where they originally were and took out a cute little bandaid you had. Once the bandaid was placed you kissed it like he was a little child needing comfort and then left giving Sanzu the biggest whiplash he ever received in his life.

    Mocchi received the same treatment after he pissed you off in a meeting. He unlike Sanzu and Mikey believed a woman like you shouldn't have a place with them. But since you already know too much you should be killed.

    "Didn't you just say I was incompetent?"

    "You are."

    "Then how would I know too much if I don't know how to do my job?."

    "w-ell you..you-"

    "Well, I...I what? if I'm as incompetent as you say then I should know nothing about Bonten since Sanzu does my job right??."

    " you've seen us!"

    "Anyone who's anyone knows who you are, why haven't you killed them?"

    You sigh tired of dealing with him, your patience fading quickly as he doesn't come up with an answer. Almost as if they picked up your anger and weariness your faithful companions leaped at the chance to help you. With only moments they tear into Mocchi's clothes leaving him with tattered clothing. Your fingers snap twice before they retreat back to you leaving an intimidated Mocchi. who clearly had no idea why suddenly he was surrounded by "vicious dogs"

    That's when they find out you don't travel alone. You don't have one, not two, you have almost a herd in Mocchi's opinion.

    You only had a pair of Dobermanns, a Tibetan mastiff, 2 Giant Alaskan Malamute, and a wolfdog.

    maybe just maybe you had a (4) Rottweiler at home.

    how could you say no to such cute faces?? Anyway, you mostly take turns taking which dogs you take with you.

    On Mondays- Tibetan mastiff

    Tuesdays - It's the Dobermanns

    Wednesday - its's Giant Alaskan Malamute

    Thursday - the wolfdog

    Friday - Rottweiler (all 4 of them)

    Now, do they terrorize Bonten?


    Do they love messing with Bonten's executive underlings?


    Do they to ruin Kokonoi's luxury brand rich person shoes?


    But does Bonten retaliate?


    This is why Kokonoi, Mochi, Rindou, Sanzu and ran booked straight to the meeting table (as if the table stopped your precious little puppies.) while Kaku tried so hard to calm them all down.

    one of you little "Demon spawn" Mocchi liked to calm them managed to snag his shoe as Sanzu was clinging onto Rindou and poor Rindou was being shaken in Sanzu's panic and shoves Mocchi off the table.

    Ran salutes Mocchi as your dogs decide to pay attention to the thing that just dropped.

    "I salute you soldier for your brave sacrifice." Before the trio starts cackling like the hyenas in the lion king.

    Almost on the dot timing Mikey and you walked in with your other dog goofing off together as your other dog joined the other terrorizing.

    "Today's such a good day."

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    when sanzu was younger he would let his friends trace their thumbs along his scars and smile as he watched them as they awed, closing his eyes whenever someone would pat his head or ruffle his hair

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    After you and Akane finish putting everything into boxes the door opens.

    “Hey, do you two need help?” Sanzu asked leaning against the door frame, and behind him was Wakasa.

    “Mmm, no thanks!” I say putting two boxes on top of another and picking it up. I made my way over to the door and noticed Wakasa pull Sanzu out of the way. Walking down unfamiliar steps when you can’t see is quite dangerous so I turned to look at Wakasa. “Can you make sure I don’t fall, Waka?” I asked, not missing how the faintest of smiles appeared on his face as calmly walked by Sanzu.

    “Sure thing, Y/N.” As you turned around to continue walking you missed the smirk that Wakasa sent Sanzu, you could only focus on Wakasa’s large, warm hand on your back. You finally made it down the step with the help of Wakasa.

    "Thank you, Waka!" I gave him a smile. I turned towards the front door and made my way towards it.

    "How are you gonna open the door?" Waka asked me in his teasing tone.

    "I- uh. I'll figure it out!" You didn't want to bother Wakasa anymore, after all there was still so much to do. With that in mind, I placed down the 3 boxes and went up to the door.

    "Ah, I'll help you keep it open." You turned towards the source to see Akane's boyfriend, Kokonoi.

    "Okay! Thank you!" You smiled at him, watching how he opened the door and stepped outside. He grabbed a chain attached to the door and clipped it to the ring attached to the outside wall. Picking up the three boxes, Kokonoi moved out of the way. You quickly hurried past him and out the door and made your way to the moving trucks. There was so much to be done, everyone woke up and instantly got packing in the morning and now it was almost 12pm. The two live in a mansion, and there was well over 100 boxes. After heading back inside to go grab more boxes you felt a hand pull you back. Your back hit someone's chest. You turned to see who it was, and tensed when you realized it was Sanzu.

    "Bed. Now." He flashed you a smile. "It's late and my job to protect you." You let out a tiny yelp when he lifted you over his shoulder. He swiftly made his way up the spiral staircase and into yours and Wakasa's room. Once Sanzu opened the door, Wakasa bolted up into a sitting position and looked at Sanzu with offense. Sanzu tossed you onto the bed lightly and Wakasa grabbed you shoulders to stable you faster.

    "Hey, don't touch her like that." Wakasa sat you up and held your shoulders pulling you closer to him in a protective manner like he usually does.

    "Were you gonna drag her up to bed? I was only protecting her, bosses orders." Sanzu shook his head and put his arms up in a shrugging motion. He pulled a pill bottle out of his pocket and stuck his tongue out, pressing a pill to his tongue as he stared at you. He turned around and made his way to the door and stood there with Kakucho like he did last night.

    "Hey, are you okay?" Wakasa held you close and whispered in your ear, you shivered as his hot breath hit your ear and neck.

    "U-uh, yeah. Just surprised is all." You swear that these two men were gonna be the death of you, your heart was beating way too fast. "I have to change into my P.J's." I really just needed to get away from them. Wakasa let me go and I quickly got up and grabbed my P.J's, heading into the bathroom connected to our room. After I finished changing I headed back outside and crawled into bed. Honestly after all that working I was exhausted, I couldn't wait to sleep. As I settled down, Wakasa wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest. "Uh...Waka?"

    "Sorry, I don't feel comfortable with that pink haired guy in here. Please, let me protect you." His quiet, calm, soothing voice made sure to reach deep inside your ears and make your heart feel all warm.

    "It's okay, Waka. You've always known what's best for me and always do stuff within my best interest, so if you feel comfortable protecting me then it's okay." I shot him a smile. Waka has been my bestfriend since we were five. I was bound to meet him sooner or later though, my brother also works for Brahman and used to work for Black Dragons. But ever since I met him he's always been protective of me, saying that if he wasn't that my brother would kill him. Couple years ago he stopped with that excuse but never actually gives me a reason. Maybe Waka is just a protective man by nature. feeling comforted in his warm arms you drift off into a quiet slumber.

    The next day Waka woke you up like he did the night before. "Breakfast is almost ready, I'll be waiting for you." Wakasa then took his leave and let you get ready. You changed into new, clean clothes and felt pumped, ready to finish packing everything. You went to grab your phone and noticed Takeomi texted the group chat.

    She’s Mine: part 6

    Taglist: @wakasagurl

    #tokyo revengers smau #sanzu tokyo revengers #sanzu x reader #sanzu haruchiyo #tokyo revengers wakasa #wakasa imaushi #wakasa x reader #kakucho tokyo revengers #kakucho#akane inui #inui tokyo revengers #inui seishu #senju tokyo revengers #senju kawaragi#takeomi akashi #yuzuha tokyo revengers #yuzuha shiba#hajime kokonoi#hakkai shiba #hakkai tokyo revengers #bonten#brahman#Tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader
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  • hanemyak
    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    𝐋𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮

    Akashi "Sanzu" Haruchiyo x Fem!Reader

    Warning: death, violance

    ↳ in which haruchiyo finally found his home, but he realizes this way to late.


    mikey called him a wild horse and he really was. he was also a genius, manipulative and, in other terms, a bad news. but he was also lost, his blue eyes always looking so empty, his glare always so cold. but there was a person who could've read through his vanishing appearance. l/n y/n. she was totally his opposite, eyes always shining and her smile always genuine, unlike haruchiyo's who was a facade.

    she was intriguing, making him follow her around sometimes. when he told her she was an only child, y/n didn't believed him. she simply laughed in his face with her amazing smile and told him that there no need to lie to her, because he was like an open book for her.

    when she stopped him from killing his so called partner, the pinkish haird boy was even more curious about her. he was a mad loyal dog to mikey, but he stopped the moment she stepped in, her h/c covering half of her face.

    "haruchiyo, just because you can that doesn't mean you can take someone's life. no matter which is the reason" she told him that day, even though she knew he will only listen, but won't understand a single thing and will continue with his own actions. "he paid for his actions while he was locked there".

    his blue orbs stared at her, a bored expression playing on his face.

    "you're lucky, you know?" he said after a few seconds of silence. "if you weren't fast enough you could have been dead by now and still... you don't look mad at me for hurting you". His eyes traced her figure to her tiny hands. her left arm was bandaged and on her cheek was a tiny cut, not too deep.

    "i am not mad, haru. I am disappointed even though i know this is how you are, but in two years and half of knowing you, you never acted like this".

    y/n placed her right hand on his head, patting his hair lightly. "i thought you finally found a place for you, but it seems i have to work harder for you to finally find your own way home".

    that was a few months ago. in that moment, haruchiyo was having a hard time. y/n was almost unconscious, held up by south by the hood of her gray hoodie. he couldn't see her face, but he knew it was her; he could recognized her anywhere.

    "so this is you little girlfriend" said ran, hitting his head, for the second time, with the tip of his baton. "don't worry. she was just beaten up a little bit".

    something in him moved at the statement the older haitani did. y/n wasn't his girlfriend, he wasn't even sure if she was his friend or just someone who kept track on his action. but his heart ached at the picture in front of him.

    south let her down, her body hitting the ground and making her whine in pain. the tall man took a few steps towards her before hitting her with his foot.

    "what? seems like your precious sanzu won't save you after all"

    the next thing he know is the gunshot he heard and the blood coming out from her chest. that was the moment everyone got silent and the only things that broke the silence being the puring rain and south's sadistic laugh. rindou's tight hold on sanzu's arms got lighter, letting the pink haired to go. he barely dragged his feet, tears blurring his view. only when he reached her body he dropped on his knees and, with his warm hands, he cradle her face. this time there was no rosie cheeks, no warm smile, no shining eyes. her eyes were now empty. she was already dead.

    senju and takeomi, his siblings, were watching as his brother suddenly started laughing maniacally, getting up, but with his gaze down, at the h/c girl.

    "you really are something" he said. one of his hands got inside his uniform, and, when he turned around, south stood face to face with a gun, pointing right to his forehead. he heard mikey calling for him to stop, but it sounded more like an afar memory. he pulled the trigger screaming in pain as he shoot the rokuhara member without stopping. his cheeks full with tears, sanzu realized finally that he was home; that she was right.

    he realized how much he loved her when he lost her.

    "you should learn to love yourself and you also should be loved ─ you said. but why didn't you teach me how to live without your love?" he whispered.

    #mikey x y/n #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyorev x reader #haitani ran imagines #haitani brothers#takemikey #haruchiyo x reader #tokyo rev x reader #sanzu hcs#sanzu imagines#akashi haruchiyo#bonten imagines#bonten#anime imagines
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  • sanzus-piercings
    26.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    You continued to let Wakasa feed you, if it helped calm him down from Sanzu then you would do it.

    “Hey.” You turned towards the source only to see Sanzu holding a piece of pancake out to you. “Say ‘ah’” your mouth fell agape at the action. Who was this guy?!?!? Y’all just met and have barely even talked. You hadn’t even realized he had put the pancake into your mouth, you were so taken aback. Wakasa grip on your hand tightened. Sanzu gave you a toothy grin and went back to talking with two lilac haired men. I turned to back to Wakasa and blanked.

    “Are you okay?” He whispered to me. “Did he make you uncomfortable? I can talk to him if you’d like.” Wakasa has always been this nice and protective of you. You quickly chew the piece of pancake so you can talk to him.

    “No, it’s okay, I was just taken aback. Thank you though, Waka! Always protecting me.” You couldn’t help but smile at him as you think about all the times he’s protected you and stood up for you. All he did was nod at you.

    After breakfast you and Akane did the dishes while the guys got working on moving.

    “Sooooo you gonna talk about breakfast?” Akane asked, clearly trying to fluster me, and it was working.

    “I- girl please, that was so stressful. I was trying to calm Wakasa down since he seemed angry because of Sanzu. Why were they sitting so close together if they have issues?” I asked as I scrubbed syrup off of the plate and put it into the dishwasher.

    “…girl you’re dense as all hell.” Akane shook her head as she put her clean plate into the dishwasher. You tilted you head in confusion.

    “Do they NOT have some sort of beef?”

    “NO!” Akane laughed at you and you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

    “B-but Senju said-“

    “Girl, Senju just went along with what you said.” Upon hearing this your mouth made a little ‘O’ shape. After finishing up the dishes you and Akane started working on packing up the bedroom.

    Part 5

    Taglist- @wakasagurl

    Feel free to message or send an ask(if it works) if you want to be added to the taglist. I tried to turn asks on but I have no clue how tumblr works😅

    #tokyo revengers smau #sanzu tokyo revengers #sanzu haruchiyo #sanzu x reader #tokyo revengers wakasa #wakasa imaushi #wakasa x reader #akane inui #hakkai tokyo revengers #hakkai shiba #inui tokyo revengers #inui seishu #senju tokyo revengers #senju kawaragi#takeomi akashi #yuzuha tokyo revengers #yuzuha shiba#bonten#brahman #tokyo revengers x reader #kokonoi tokyo revengers #hajime kokonoi
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  • vvaluiigii
    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Ohhhhkaaaaaaay I don’t really get why she’s apologizing to waka like I get he wants her to stay safe but…. Idk shouldn’t u be apologizing to ur older brother if anything ? IDK but omfg i wonder what Sanzu is gonna do when he sees her???

    Ngl tho I’m pumped as fuck for Senju v South pt2 and if Mikey joins? Idk how that’d even go down but either way, I’m excited to see my girl finally fight 🤸‍♀️

    #senju kawaragi#tokyo revengers #Tokyo revengers 228 #tr228 #Tokyo revengers spoilers #akashi siblings#sanzu haruchiyo #tokyo revengers wakasa #south terano
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  • kantorevengers
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I was bold enough guys.😭😭 The Starbucks worker was so confused.😭

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers haruchiyo sanzu #sanzu haruchiryo#bonten sanzu #sanzu x reader #akashi haruchiyo
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  • zvies
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    wait hold on, why no one ever talk about haruchiyo in tenjiku uniform?

    #it's red #kinda dark red? idk #but it's hot don't you think #haruchiyo in tenjiku uniform #i just saw some cosplay of it and i'm in love #tequilyle.♤ #sanzu haruchiyo#akashi haruchiyo #tokyo revengers sanzu
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  • sanzus-piercings
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    You put on a jacket and head downstairs to the dining room, and like Akane said, there’s a seat right between the two attractive men. You awkwardly make your way over to the seat and sit down.

    “Late as ever, Y/N.” Inui chuckled as he rested his head on his palm.

    “My bad-“

    “It’s not her fault. I didn’t tell her breakfast was done when I woke her up.” Wakasa says, shoving another piece of his pancakes into his mouth.

    “Awe, Waka made my plate for me, just how I like them!” I said giddily, already forgetting Inui’s snarky comment.

    “You’re so easy to please.” The pink haired man that I’ve been drooling over said to me. I turned to look at him and noticed how he was staring at me with intensity in his eyes. He was clearly observing me. All I could do was nod my head in a childish motion.

    “Food pleases every girl.” I say with a smile after I finished chewing. This caused the pink haired man to laugh. You stared in awe at the way his star shaped scars moved, he was so attractive for what? You tensed feeling an unusual glare from behind you, you turned towards Wakasa. Your eyes widened to see him glaring at Sanzu. Then you remembered that they had some kind of tough past together. You grabbed Wakasa’s hand, trying to reassure him, surprised when he jumped slightly and looked down at your hands. He turned to look at you with skepticism, but you just ignored it as you went back to eating, now was not the place to talk about it. After a couple minutes Wakasa intertwined his fingers with yours, you gave him a smile, happy it seemed to calm him down. Then you heard Akane try to hold back her laughter.

    She’s Mine: part 4

    #tokyo revengers smau #senju tokyo revengers #senju kawaragi #sanzu tokyo revengers #sanzu haruchiyo #sanzu x reader #tokyo revengers wakasa #wakasa imaushi#akane inui #inui tokyo revengers #inui seishu#hajime kokonoi #hakkai tokyo revengers #kokonoi tokyo revengers #hakkai shiba #yuzuha tokyo revengers #yuzuha shiba#takeomi akashi#bonten#brahman #tokyo revengers x reader
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  • red-letter-imagines
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    Random Headcannon of the day:

    Sanzu once mistakenly took viagra instead of his usual pills during an interrogation once. He was paired with Mochi, and the poor man didn't know whether to laugh or smack the shit out of him as he watched Sanzu's pants get progressively tighter and his speech starts to slur.

    He even dry humped the hostage's back at some point, and it only served to terrify the rat more cuz he thought that his suffering turned Sanzu on. It made the bastard talk faster though, which was a relief for Mochi, who began to question his choices in life that led him to watching a horny mad dog practically fuck the air for two hours. Killing the rat was a mercy, he thought.

    Sanzu woke up with a severe case of blue balls the next day, and was so embarrassed he didn't show up at meetings for a week.


    #tokyo revengers#tokyorev #tokyo manji gang #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers scenarios #sanzu haruchiyo#sanzu imagines#sanzu scenarios#sanzu hcs#akashi haruchiyo #tokyo revengers haruchiyo sanzu #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyorev headcanons#tokyorev crack #tokyo revengers crack #random headcannon of the day #random thoughts#thoughts
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  • solaceinarts
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    The story behind the scars •Tokyo Revengers•

    Sanzu Haruchiyo

    Akashi Takeomi

    cw: mention of trauma,self-harm,death, murder,rape.

    Takeomi Akashi - "You sure are a rain bringer"

    No one got so worked up after Draken's death except him. Now, why is that?Senju's utmost try to stop his brother and Hanagaki's dumbfounded nature made me think why only Aakshi? Moreover, a hint was dropped,"It's so rare to see Akashi getting all Rowdy like this" which pushed me into further thinking. Senju too was baffled at him.

    Sanzu Haruchiyo - others division can't handle him.

    He's great at reading people and manipulating them to save the King. The moment he slashed Mucho brutally he removed his mask and never wore it back(he might have kept it somewhere as a reminder if his scar is self-inflicted).

    Analogy : Haruchiyo & Akashi might have witnessed something gruesome in past; probably a murder of their closed one or watching someone getting raped.

    (I wouldn't be so gorey if Ken Wakui didn't include rape as an ignition of Toman vs Vallahala battle & Kazutora's abused mother and toxic parenting).

    While Haruchiyo watched the particular incident happening infront his eyes, Takeomi who might be in person of all these happenings tried to protest and got the scar upon his eyes. Haruchiyo witnessed the horror till the end while Takeomi recovering from shock yet bleeding. Haruchiyo might have inflicted the scar upon himself as a reminder to not to speak of it OR someone did it to him while threatening.

    While Sanzu's scar acted as a road to observe everything by his silence , Akashi's scar acted as a reminder to stand up against wrong doings.

    The brothers parted. Akashi followed Shinichiro and Sanzu followed Mikey and were united in Bonten or might be earlier than that. It is really a shocking yet interesting turn of events how Two brothers followed different Sano brothers.


    we'll never know the story behind the scars.

    note: this is just a probable thought that has been recking emotional havoc in my mind. You might not totally agree so feel free to place your thoughts nicely but don't spread negativity in the famdom. I've unfathomably attached to this character, Sanzu Haruchiyo.

    #siapens#akashi takeomi#bonten sanzu #bonten tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers takeomi #tokyo revengers shinichiro #tokyo revengers sanzu #shinichiro sano#manjiro sano #shinichiro tokyo revengers #mikey tokyo revengers #mikey#mikey sano #tokyo revengers mikey #tokyorev sanzu #tokyo revengers akashi #dailyanime#manga caps#manga panel#manga post#anime manga#animanga #sanzu sanzu sanzu #akashi haruchiyo#sanzu akashi
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  • sanzus-piercings
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    You turn your phone off and plug it into the charger. You then turn to face Wakasa, the heat rising to your face as you stare at him.

    ‘It’s okay! Just close your eyes and you won’t have to see him!’ You try to close your eyes but the sound of your fast heartbeats ring through your ears. You’ve slept with Wakasa before when you two were younger, but things are different now. Even as you two were in high school, but you always made sure to turn away from him. You peek open your eyes and immediately regret it because Wakasa’s parted lips and long eyelashes hypnotize you. Feeling embarrassed you snuggle yourself into his chest so she couldn’t see him. You calmed yourself down and eventually fell asleep in the comfort of his warm, strong arms.

    “N…Y/N?” The calm voice and strong hands of Wakasa shook you awake. You eyes adjusted to the light and you could finally make out the pretty features of your best friend in front of you.

    “A-ah! Close!” Your eyes widened as you realized the close proximity that the two of you had. You lifted yourself off of him and ended up in a straddling position, your hands resting on his chest. “H-how the fuck?” You mumbled to yourself as you finished getting off of him. You didn’t need to see your face to know that all your blood probably rushed to your face. “Sorry, Waka.” Your voice was lowered as you found your hands much more interesting then anything else in the room.

    “….” Upon the lack of answer you turned to Wakasa to see if he was angry at you, but you couldn’t exactly tell since he was facing away, but you could see that his ears were a bit red. “Yeah, whatever.” He got up and stretched, his T-shirt listing up a bit. He sent you a glance before leaving the room.

    She’s Mine: part 3

    #tokyo revengers smau #sanzu x reader #sanzu tokyo revengers #sanzu haruchiyo #tokyo revengers wakasa #wakasa imaushi #wakasa x reader #inui tokyo revengers #inui seishu #hakkai tokyo revengers #hakkai shiba #yuzuha tokyo revengers #yuzuha shiba#hajime kokonoi #kokonoi tokyo revengers #kakucho tokyo revengers #kakucho#takeomi akashi#senju kawaragi #senju tokyo revengers #bonten#brahman #tokyo revengers x reader
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  • monitsu
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    Fucking wakasa making me wanna run laps🏃‍♀️💨

    #tokyo manji revengers #tokyo revengers wakasa #wakasa imaushi#wakasa imagines#tokyo revengers#mikey sano#tokrev sanzu #mikey tokyo revengers #tokrev mikey#kazutora hanemiya#manjiro sano#tokrev takemichi#sanzu haruchiyo#sanzu fanart#tokrev draken #tokyo revengers chifuyu #chifuyu matsuno#senju akashi#brahman#mistuya #tokyo revengers mitsuya #imaushi wakasa #wakasa x you #wakasa x reader #wakasa x y/n
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  • haitanirindo
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    if you call sanzu a crackhead or a druggie, please fall on something sharp and bacteria-ridden :-)

    #if you make fun of addiction at all you're literally the scum of the earth and not in a cute quirky way #excessive drug use is often a symptom of mental illness. ur not funny #i just see it so often in this fandom and i am... very tired as someone who has struggled with addiction l o l #sanzu haruchiyo#akashi haruchiyo#tokyo revengers#tw drugs#ghost sounds
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  • trashmemebitch
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