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    Congratulations for 1 k omi ma'am!

    @fic-dumpster I really like your work (expecially Dih) and honestly you such an amazing author. Im happy that I'm apart of something special like this. ✨🎉🎉

    This is such a fun project and sorry if I don't get the colour right, I'm just guessing at this point 😂😂.

    I hope you like it omi ma'am!

    Also the clean ver if you interested :

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    feel good

    warnings: nsfw || corruption, recreational drug use - pills, slightly yanderish

    character: sanzu haruchiyo, akashi haruchiyo

    word count: 501


    the thing about sanzu is that he liked pretty things. it’s why he liked dressing up, jewellery and he liked painting his nails. everything needed to be pretty.

    he wanted to leave you alone. you were just too good for him. he knew that he had done a lot of bad things and you probably wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

    such a good girl. you attended university, you had a nice group of friends and god your smile? anyone would fall for you. it was hard not to.

    the idea of messing you up and ruining you was one of the reasons he just couldn’t stay away. he watched you for a few days and he knew he had to have you and you seemed to like him.

    you met at one of the clubs they owned and he bought you a drink. you told him that you could handle your liquor but preferred to have a good time without any substances.

    he couldn’t take his eyes off you and when you pulled him over to dance with you, he knew he was gone.

    he had you sprawled out on his bed. it wasn’t the first time you’d been there but he had other plans tonight and when you saw the tiny bottle, you widened your eyes. it should’ve been a red flag but you just couldn’t stay away from him.

    “y/n, have you tried any pills before?” he asks and you shake your head. you were really just scared to try anything. you panicked the first time your friends had smoked weed and you coughed a lot. it wasn’t a fun experience

    you didn’t realise you said that out loud until he laughed and leaned in to kiss you softly.

    “you have nothing to be scared of baby” he smiles, “it’s just us two and i’d never force you”

    you believed him but you also knew how persuasive he could be. you’d seen it first hand.

    “it’s just to make us feel good” he says, “you’ll feel everything so much better”

    “haru” you pout and his smile widens just a little

    “you trust me, don’t you?” he asks and you nod because of course you did

    “open your mouth” he says and you hesitate for just a moment before you open your mouth.

    you expect him to place it on your tongue but he puts it in his own mouth and leans down to kiss you and you immediately let him in. you probably should learn to make him work for it but you’d worry about that when you weren’t naked and laying on his bed.

    “haru” you whine when he pulls away from you but he just grins and takes one himself.

    “you’ll feel it soon but just relax for me okay?” you nod, “I’ll take good care of you”

    he really did plan to. he would break you down slowly until all you needed and wanted was him. he didn’t need you addicted to pills, just him.

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    Pack Lite // Baji Keisuke

    Pic credits to the original owner, I saw this on Pinterest.

    If you’re “Baji protection squad” and a minor then my work isn’t for you, kindly keep scrolling. I’m a grown ass adult, I won’t hesitate to block and I don’t need children coming at me over a 2d character when y’all legit read and write smut for Fushigoro Megumi who’s basically the same age as Baji. I don’t have the time or energy for that.

    Pairings: Baji Keisuke x NamedOC! Naleya

    Baji calls her “peach” idk if y’all see the pattern here 😂

    Warnings: Baji Keisuke, light smut, cursing,unprotected sex (this is fiction por favor wrap it before you tap it), family drama.

    When Baji said that he’d be working late canceling yet another date,she’d decided to take the girls (i.e Ken’s girlfriend and her only female friend Kira) up on the offer to go to the club and let loose a little. University life wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns especially when you had to work to ensure that you could finish your degree and maintain decent grades.

    It had been almost two hours since they got to the club and one since they started feeling the buzz. When Con Sus B by Arcángel,De La Ghetto, Dalex and Elian Bless comes on Kira is on the table in their section singing and dancing sensually. Hyping her up and dancing along with her they continue having fun until a familiar dark haired male is pulling her off the table.

    “Is this what you guys do for girls night?” Manjiro huffs tugging his jacket off and pulling it over Kira’s frame. Mikey’s so deep into the lecture that he’s giving them that he doesn’t notice the drama his barging over was about to cause.

    Long tuned out of Mikey’s overprotective rant her eyes focus on the head of raven hair pulled back into a man bun with a few loose strands framing his face. She’d know that fucking smirk and side profile anywhere and boy was he in deep shit.

    “Working late my ass!” She grits out grabbing the bottle they had ordered continuously sipping as she pushed her way through the crowd to get to their section. Mikey mutters an ‘oh shit!’ when he notices where her attention drifted and is trying to signal them but no one’s paying attention given that none had seen what Mikey saw.

    Saccharine smile on her full lips she saunters into their section. The blood red satin spaghetti strapped dress with the slit on the side left nothing to the imagination and was something she’d picked out especially for her boyfriend. The deep v-cut of the backless ensemble and it’s plunging neckline that displayed the gold that littered her neck especially the thin Cuban link with ‘Keisuke’ resting pretty in the middle was enough to garner the attention she wanted from the men in the booth.

    Keisuke looks over briefly and turns his attention back to the woman next to him only to do a double take because he knew he had to be seeing things. She takes a seat between the brothers she notices as Ran and Rindou. Both momentarily speechless because fuck she looked like sin incarnate. Her usual curly hair was now pin straight -due to the silk press she’d gotten for her date- and flowing down her back. Minimal makeup with bloody red lips to match had both brothers eating out the palm of her hands.

    Soon after Mikey and her girls are joining and instantly they follow her eyes to the female draped up on Baji. Mikey shoots an almost apologetic look to Baji but the little chaotic fucker lowkey wanted to see how this would play out. From the moment he’d told Baji about the job and the role he’d be playing he had warned him about the consequences if he didn’t tell his girlfriend what was up.

    Purposely she leaned in closer to Ran just to get a rise out of Baji but also because she couldn’t hear him well over the bass in the club. “Are you here alone?”

    “I’m with my girls, needed a break from life. Also just found out that my boyfriend’s been meeting roblox built bitches under the pretense of working late.” She says loud enough for Baji to hear, a pout on her lips as she bats her eyelashes at Ran.

    “He must be one hell of a fool if he’s entertaining others when he’s got you at home.” At this point if steam could escape from Baji’s ears and nose it would because he wanted nothing more than to break Haitani’s fucking hands and nose. He’d deal with Sanzu, Rindou and the consequences of those actions later.

    Ran has one hand on the exposed skin of her thigh and the other draped behind her as he leans in closer to her. Baji barely registers that he’s moving until he’s grabbing her by her upper arm, pulling her away from Ran and towards the exit.She roughly shrugs him off and the entire section falls silent when he turns to look at her.

    “Peach, I am not in the mood to deal with your bratty ass tonight. Tell your girls goodnight and let’s go,now!” He spites out sharply.

    She rolls her eyes at him and scoffs. “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to like that? Check ya fucking tone puto. I was having a conversation and if you’re ready to leave yuh know where the fucking door is.” Baji’s jaw ticks and at this point everyone is silent waiting to see what’s about to play off.

    “Tsk, insolent whores will never learn their place will they?” A voice that she wanted to never hear again speaks up. The clicking of heels indicates the person’s movement and when they finally stand in front of her, she feels her blood boil. Given the dim lighting of the section and the fact that she was focused on Keisuke, she didn’t pay attention to the bitch hooked on his side like a clothes rack.

    The look she gives Baji is one he’s never seen before. It’s like he was looking at a completely different person. “Outta all the bitches to hoe around with, you chose wreck it Ralph over here?”

    “Aww c’mon is that anyway to speak about your sister Naleya?”

    “Blood will never be enough to make us sisters Niana. Just because my father couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and decided to knock your money hungry, slut bag of a mother up doesn’t make us family.”

    Everyone is shocked silent except for Ran,Rindou and Sanzu who were highly entertained by the turn of events. The cartel life wasn’t what Naleya wanted for herself and despite her protests it wasn’t enough to stop her father from training her to one day take over.

    “I was trying to be nice,” Niana speaks while pointing a gun at her. “I really was but you always have to fuck shit up don’t you! You ruin everything!”

    “Ohh boohoo, do you really think papa sent you here to close a deal with Mikey? That deal was sealed the moment your “man” decided my cunt was his favorite meal. You’re here because he’s testing you, testing to see just how far you’re willing to go to take over his empire. Just because I don’t want it doesn’t mean it’s not mine.” Naleya smirks knowing that she struck a nerve. She used that momentary lapse to swipe the gun and turn it Niana.

    “You were always a bit slow, that’s why you could never beat me. Your greed and anger holds you back and that’s why he’ll always have you second.”

    At this point Naleya knows she’s being a bitch by throwing salt on her sister’s wounds, poking at all her insecurities. She sees the exact moment Niana snaps and easily sidesteps as she charges at her. Gun tossed to Rindou she prepares herself for the fight she knows is coming. This isn’t how she wanted Baji to find out but it was already done but he still wasn’t off the hook.

    Niana charges at her again, fist raised and out for blood. Naleya tackles all her weak spots and has her on her knees in less than five minutes. With all the commotion in their section it’s a miracle that security wasn’t called in as yet.

    “Finish it! You spineless bitch. I did everything right and yet still it was always about you. The ungrateful bitch who ran away from home.”

    Back turned to her as she heads for the exit, Naleya stops, barely looking over her shoulder. “If I wanted you dead Niana, you would be. You’re alive because I allow it. La sangre es la sangre but we are not sisters.Escort her home and let father know that I won’t be visiting for a while.” She speaks to Rindou and Sanzu.

    “Ran you’re with me, come take me home please. Mikey, Ken make sure my girls get home safely.” Barely two steps out of the section and Keisuke is on her again.

    “We need to talk.”

    “We have nothing to talk about Baji. You and me are done.”

    “The fuck we aren’t. You don’t get to break up with me without letting me explain when you been keeping secrets as well.” There was no way Baji was about to let you end it like this.

    “Yes, I kept shit from you but I’ve never lied to you. I told you that the shit my family has been doing for generations wasn’t what I wanted so I left. You…you’ve been running around with her for weeks now and lying to my face every time; telling me that you’re working late and like a fucking lovesick puppy I believed you. I believed you because I didn’t want to believe that the lipstick stains and the cheap ass perfumes I could smell on you were true. All I’ve ever asked of you is to never lie to me and have me looking stupid in these streets but you couldn’t even do that.”


    “No! Fuck you and that bitch too. Ran we’re leaving, now!”

    “Back the fuck up off my woman Haitani.” He grits out. She wasn’t leaving here with that fucker.Ran is ready to throw hands but stops on her command.

    “Leave him. I want to leave.” Everyone can hear the way her voice cracks.


    “Don’t come home Keisuke.”

    Baji Keisuke was a stubborn fucker and he knew it,but this was the one time he couldn’t find in himself to be stubborn. This was the consequence of not talking to her like Mikey had instructed. It had been three hours since she left with Haitani and two since he’d been breaking everything in his sight.

    “You know he never touched her right?” Ran speaks cutting off her music. He wanted to be a selfish prick but he knew that her place wasn’t by his side anymore.

    “Put my music back on Haitani or I’ll kick your ass.”

    “You forgetting who trained you Tora?” He chuckles.

    “If you’re going to sit here and tell me that I should forgive him, see yourself out. We both know that you don’t like him and you’re enjoying the fact that he’s in the dog house right now.”

    “I don’t but I’m also not blind. He makes you happy, the three of us can appreciate that. Yes he should’ve talked to you but you also could’ve talked to him. A relationship works with trust and communication Tora, so talk to him.” Ran doesn’t say anything else. He presses a kiss to her forehead and leaves her alone.

    Two weeks later

    Baji hadn’t slept properly since that night. His bed didn’t feel the same without her in it but he could no longer have that comfort.

    “Where the fuck is it?!” He shouted at no one in particular as he ransacked his room looking for the hard drive. “Fuck!” He yells pulling at his hair once he remembers where he last saw it.

    Maybe sneaking into her apartment when he thought she was at school wasn’t the best idea. It’s what got him in his current position, on his back with a switchblade to his throat.

    “The fuck are you doing sneaking in here like a bandit?” She questions as she flips the blade back in place and tosses it onto the table.

    “Is this how you greet all potential bandits?” He nods to her exposed chest and the shorts she was wearing.

    “It’s nothing you haven’t seen before lobito. Are we gonna talk or not?”

    “Are you going to get off me?”

    “Nah, you’re right where I want you Keisuke. Now talk.”

    “One, don’t call me that. I’m baby or Kei or some other pet name.” Baji knew he could easily have her on her back under him but he didn’t want to mess up. He couldn’t afford to. “Two, I never touched that bitch and as much as I hate it, you can ask Haitani if I’m lying.”

    “Lucky for you Ran’s been pleading your innocence since that night. You just been to busy being stubborn and ignoring me to know.” She teases dragging a nail down his chest. “Doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you though.”

    “You told me not to come home.”

    “And when have you ever listened to me?”

    “I always listen to you, even when you think I’m not. So which one of them was it?” His rough hands grip both ass cheeks and squeezes hard.

    “Which one what?” He knows she knows what he’s asking.

    “You’re asking the wrong questions Baji. Which one didn’t I fuck?” She never made shit easy for him so he honestly didn’t know what made him think she’d start now.

    “Rindou and Sanzu like to share. Zuzu especially,he likes to watch but Ran, he’s a greedy fucker. Hates sharing and makes the sweetest fucking sounds when he lets me have my way with him.” She whispers in his ear biting lightly on the lobe.

    “If you’re asking who’s the best, then that title’s all yours. You know I’m a dumb little slut for your cock. Always want you in me,filling all my slutty little holes up.” She bounces twice on his lap to emphasize her point and isn’t disappointed when she feels his length pressing against the confines of the sweatpants he was wearing.

    “Love the way you taste on my tongue, god I’m so wet just thinking about it.” Sitting up she pulling his cock out not even bothering to push his pants down.

    “Wait, wait! Baby…”

    “Cállate.” She cuts him off.

    “Fucckkk,” they both moan out as she slides down his length and settles on his lap.

    “Two weeks too fucking long.” She mumbles wasting no time in taking what she wanted from him.

    “Shittt, that’s it baby. Fuck me like you hate me.” High pitched moans and grunts followed by the rapid slapping of skin on skin has Ran turning on his heels and exiting the apartment just as quickly as he entered.

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    bothersome woman,

    pairing . bonten!sanzu haruchiyo x reader x bonten!kokonoi hajime
    warn. nsfw, unprotected sex, breeding, drugs, smoking, alcohol, has very much heavy toxic plot such as manipulative, obsessive love, etc. those toxic behavior were not only in sanzu and kokonoi, but the reader as well. ily and please be careful!
    wc. 5.7k
    disclaimer. since this story is supposed to be really toxic, i hope you all can be kind to yourself. i don’t promote anything from this story and with no doubt this story isn’t for people underage.
    songs to listen: happier than ever - billie eilish, animals - maroon 5 
    a/n : i hope you all can love this story, again please be kind to yourself while reading this :)
    chapter I — chapter II — chapter II

    "ladies, I need you to go," his sore throat babbled like a mess. Yet, he was now a mess with a bunch of ladies around him. Messy carnation colored hair, button off shabby shirt, and loose luxury belt. His slender fingers played with several pills in his hand. You don't know exactly what it was, but you know this pill was consuming him already.

    One by one, all the young women stood up. One of them said goodbye by tapping her hand on his chest, giving a kiss on the man's cheek, and winking her left eye flirtatiously, "we really having fun tonight," she said as she turned her gaze on you.

    The bar door closed. Heels sounds disappeared, everything went silent—except for the chink sound inside the fancy glass filled with expensive whiskey on his hand.

    "What the hell did you do now, asshole?" Your trembling yet angry voice broke the silence. Slamming your purse to the ground, as you walked closer to the man that sat lazily over the couch, "Hell is wrong with you?!" you grabbed his collar, pulling him closer to your face—

    "Answer me, Sanzu!" 

    He grabbed your wrist and dragged your hand away, pulled his back leaning to the leather couch, "as usual, I guess?" One sip of whiskey, he put down the glass, pulled out a cigarette from his suit, "you know I always like this."

    "We started dating two months ago! And what the hell is this?" 

    Cigarette on his lips, Sanzu turned the lighter on— ready to breathe in the nicotine he was addicted to, "you forced me to date you," the smoke he blew covering your gaze, foggy like your relationship with him now, "I agreed, yes. But that doesn't mean I will act like your man."

    "—what?" scoffed heavily. you could only grin and clinched your hand—this man is insane.

    "I wonder you trouble yourself much about my behavior to them" Sanzu stood up, took one step closer, chin up, stared coldly into your eyes, "What would you do now?" Stroked your hair to the ear shelf that has been red because of anger

    "You are fond of shit like this? I expect you've not laid your hands on those women after you dated me, though." you broke into a sudden bitter laugh.

    "Indeed, but not very." Sanzu scoffed, he looked sickly at you, crawled his hand slowly into the back of your neck—rubbing his index finger there, "Nothing of the sort, to be exact."

    "Oh– so you don't think so?" Replied you irritably.

    "Kindly, saying— yes." Vague smile painted on his lips, "it was impudent of you to think of me that way and still wanting to be in my life."

    This horrible and heart breaking satire answer sent a cold chill through you. Sanzu only raised his chin, looked at you, and suddenly began laughing. Sinfully squeal laughter echoed. Buzz of loud rude conversations between both of you replayed inside your head.

    Clenched hands started to shudder, teeth buried on the lips, eyes went blurry.

    One second you were out of mind, the impulse jumped in. Like a drunk person with no consciousness, your hand moved. No miss—it punched at Sanzu's stomach right where the liver was. He gagged, pain made him silent for a while. Losing breathe, he couldn't say a word. 

    "What is the matter with me, Sanzu?" you cried. A strange sensation of a sort of aggrieved yet bitter hatred on Sanzu grew inside your heart. Frightening thoughts to leave him may lead you to another heartbreak you want to avoid in your life, "You'd better say straight out what you want!"

    "What's the matter?" he said in distress, "You're pathetic! Useless! Don't you see how bad I treated you this whole time?!" 

    Another awful memory of him started repeating itself inside your head. He had perhaps already been treating you like this to get rid of you from his life. You breathed painfully, distorted grim on your lips showed morosely, blood rushed through your veins, overwhelmed by helpless heartbeat, face went paler and paler.

    "We've known each other for 5 fucking years!" you cried at the spasm of agony, "I always stayed by your side and proved to you that I will always be by your side!" the tears that filled the edge on your eyes fell—showing him how desperate and miserable you are right now.

    "Who told you to stay?" Sanzu grabbed your chin with his slender fingers. The smell of ecstasy and whiskey pierced through your nose. Gloomy eyes stared unbothered to your eyes, "Suffer and endure all your stupid feelings alone, my dear. I won't give any concern about it—in fact, at all."

    The smokes he blew—again—gave you a blurry reality of what happened. Your legs trembled as it weakened. Hands grabbed ears—you hope what you heard wasn't real.

    "Leave." He threw his cigarette and sat on the leather couch. Swallowed pills that he put inside his chest pocket before he went to this crooked yet luxurious place.

    "Sanzu, how dare you–"

    "Yes, I dare to do so." he interrupted callously, "why not I— right?" he asked, intentionally leering his faded pink orbs towards your glistening orbs.

    Head down, buried face in the shame of how you felt right now. You shouldn't show more tears to him anymore. Bitter instinct to leave Sanzu, scraped your dreadful heart.

    "Fine, I am leaving." 

    Immeasurable harassment and humiliation from Sanzu, made you feel uncertain. Logical arguments that are valid enough to break your bond with him, no error judgement, or incorrect point of views; you are convinced this is all your fault by deciding to linger around him for years.

    Abused yet still persistent that you managed to change him at the end, had him dated you even though it was all one-sided love, let him have fun with many young women he works with when you dwelled in loneliness waiting for him to come to you at night. Sorrowful pain murked your heart. You gradually became aware of the real circumstances between you and Sanzu.

    You collected your luggage; lipsticks, wallet, and everything scattered around the floor. As you put them in your purse, you stood up, you stared at him—tears fell down again, "I'm not breaking up with you."

    "Whatever. You just need to leave." He lit the fancy cigarette on his hand, even though the smoke from the previous cigarette still filled this room, "No need to cry, my dear. It is so gross of you." he raised voice, the stoic tone he used cut your heart even more.

    "I know, Sanzu." You walked to the bar door. The handle was cold yet your hands were colder than that.

    "—I know." 

    Your head—even though it felt forbidden to do it now—turned around. Eyes leered to the man that was busy fixing his mauve colored mulberry silk attire. You knew, he didn't bother a bit, right? Not even worried are you going to come home safe or not.

    "How about that?" you cried, a sudden warm memory came across your disarray mind. Not to deny, it grew along with your feelings towards him.

    "About what?" He still fixed his attire and was not looking at your miserable condition right now. No words came from your lips; silent. 

    "Ah–that? No– no, my dear. Words were only constructed by meaningless alphabets. It means what I said to you that day was nothing to be certain of." Scoffed, apathetic as always towards you. This was a hurtful situation but why did you remember that day now?

    "Don't come back." He uttered.

    Didn't want to answer, you walked away and closed the door. As you went further away from that place, tears streamed down terribly on your face. These feelings vastly hurt your mentality, knocked it to the ground, and wrecked your insanity to ashes. You could feel your hands and feet getting colder as the thoughts of flaming hatred and love consumed your heart.

    Far away from that place, you sat on the sidewalk. Cried in turmoil, head buried in your arms that hugged your knees, bawled like a new born baby. This sorrowful moment immeasurably ached your heart. 

    Why did he do this? You were already kind to him this whole time. Sacrificed everything to be on his side—to be his one and only girl for him. Endured every sick word he spitted on you every single day. Forced yourself to change so he could see you as a gem. No matter what he did, no matter what he wanted to be, no matter what danger you went through; you never complained. You accepted everything about him. But, why? 

    You never treated Sanzu crudely, even poorly—and you swear by your life; you would never do that to him. You couldn't explain better but you desperately wanted this man to be in your life— to own you in every aspect of your life, to lead you anywhere he wanted, to sacrifice everything in your life. If he wanted to know, he would be in awe looking at you doing anything out of sanity for him; or maybe he already knew about it and he just didn't want to care about you.

    Languidly punched your head, throwed your purse to the street, stomped your new bought heels to the ground several times, screamed at the top of your lungs. People that passed by were looking at you with a different kind of disgusted visage. Still, you couldn't care more about anything but Sanzu. 

    "Everything but this, Sanzu..." You whispered on your hands that were already covering your mouth. Heavy breathed, the sobs took the air from your lungs, jaw already stiff, head dizzy, eyes felt heavy—weighed by the painful tears because of Sanzu, "I beg you…"

    "But he won't, my lady." 

    Said the man with an angelic voice from the back. It wasn't Sanzu's voice but you remembered distinctively whose voice it belonged to.

    You turned around, caught a glance at a familiar young man in his 20s. He was well dressed with a garnet colored Frock Coat suit decorated with exquisite golden casual patterns along the sleeves and buttons.  Sewn using Vicuña Wool that suited well to use on this cold winter day. Not mistaken, you knew it was made by the number one famous designer in this big city. His one sided long white hair was blown beautifully by the wind. Hand brought a black umbrella to protect his hair from the snow that fell early tonight. He was such a remarkably good looking man; strikingly well proportioned, self-reliant, and the grace he creates every time he moves would hypnotize every woman he met. Moreover, his youthful, light hearted yet fierce persona he gave, even struck your heart at the first you met him.

    He was bending over to equate your position, "What happens between you and Sanzu now, my lady?" Asked politely while moving the umbrella over your head. Simple-hearted smile painted on his lips, his eyes squinted; Oh, such an extraordinary handsomeness he had carved on his face.

    "According to my calculation," you smiled back, gave him your best warm smile you had today, "as likely as usual, Hajime."

    "Then– " He gave you his hand, "We shall get some wine as usual, I think?" said Kokonoi Hajime, understanding what might have happened between you two.

    As of now you had spent enough sorrow for today, couldn't deny his offer. Amongst everyone you knew, Kokonoi Hajime was one nice fellow that befallen upon you in all these ruthless environments. Unlike anyone, he always knew what words he needed to say, wise he knew how lads should treat women. Even in the previous bitter night, Hajime was helping you to go through the rest of the day. 

    He took you to his also garnet colored Veneno Roadster Lamborghini and made sure you were ready to go. Along the mile to your most favorite place to drink wine, you could only be silent. Mouth mummed, head empty, eyes stared blankly to nowhere. Kokonoi didn't say anything and left you dwelling inside your messy mind alone. 

    The moon hung low in the sky—reminded you of the day you saw something like this together with Sanzu. No stars appeared that time but on that day the night sky seemed brighter than the sun. Even the weather was warmer than the hearth. However, that could have happened because of Sanzu Haruchiyo. He was there and he made everything like heaven with his existence only.

    It was a shame for you to remember about him now, but—what should you do?

    "Forgive me for being silent, Hajime." Worried he might get upset, you apologized before he got mad. With listless eyes, you leered at him.

    He laughed lightly, "Why apologizing all of the sudden? It's all alright, my lady. I don't mind your silence, in fact, I never mind." Leered back to you—still with the warmest smile you received today, "I know who you are, y/n. You have no deeds to explain nor apologize to me about anything."

    Awkward laughter slipped out from your lips,  "well, you're correct, I supposed?"

    The jazz music vibrated calmly across the bar where you and Kokonoi stayed—in the highest part of the city. The view from behind the 5ft height and length dark glass window covering the bar was impeccably astounding. The city's beauty and mess you could easily relish from this place. Sat not far from you, Kokonoi with a glass of 1869 Chateau Lafite wine in his hand, “I’m so sorry for it all, my lady.” said him, as he swirled the glass, “You soon must relax and release all the tension he caused upon you.”

    “Do you mean about, Sanzu?” asked you, putting your chin on your hand.

    “Yes, of course!” he answered, “look at your dreadful face, it's a deep disappointment to see your beautiful face scattered by sadness he caused.” Kokonoi looked at your face with apathy behind the warm smile he showed to you.

    “Do you think this was all my fault?” sunk in regret, you muttered nonsense.

    “What? Of course, no!” He laughed lightly, gave a wine in his hand to you, “here, sip this first, you will feel better.” 

    You swirled the glass, took a deep inhale of the wine’s smell, sipped it once and you knew you slightly felt better than before, “Thank you, Hajime. I'm glad you think that way of me.” but your mind still wandered to everything about Sanzu. “I am less to him than the ecstasy inside his pocket. You knew it too, Hajime.”

    He leered his eyes on yours, a sudden change of expression said everything out loud, “Don’t you love yourself, y/n?” nothing but pierced through your heart, the question took a lot of damage.

    “Now—” Heavy scoffing, you clicked your tongue inside your mouth, “who in the hell loves oneself, Hajime? No one!” claimed you as you took another sip of the luxurious wine in your hand, “No one! Including you!”

    “Well, no denial came from those words,” he chuckled tragically, “It’s weird when we can dearly love other people but ourselves.” followed with another sip he took from the new glass of wine he just ordered.

    “I simply adore him, Hajime.” Voice tone sunk down, head buried in the arms, “more than anyone and everything.”

    “I can see it, vividly even.” Kokonoi answered.

    Still in your position, you turned your heavy head towards him, “How about your poor-self, Hajime? You too—also have a severe problem about this.”

    “Sometimes, you are a bothersome woman, huh?” 

    “I always am, that’s why I am here with you, at this exact second, in this dull bar— far away from the city’s noises–” 

    “—Not anymore, my lady.” Kokonoi interrupted. 

    You were choked by the wine you sipped and gave him a minute of silence, “What— So, your heart has been far away from Akane now?!” to be sure, you couldn’t process the statement he said right now.

    “Surprisingly, yes.” an assertive yet delighted voice answered you.

    Gasp slipped from your lips, eyes widened, you straightened your back and grabbed his arms tightly,  “That’s so unfair of you, Hajime!” genuine envious visage painted across your face, “Who’s this wondrous woman to be exact, huh?”

    Kokonoi went silent for a minute with a grin on his lips, sipped his wine one more time, “if I tell you, you will faint.” He laughed, brushed your question in a flash, “I won’t be able to bring you home after that.”

    “Oh, wow, that’s mean…” You sighed, put your chin against your arms again.

    He brushed your hair to your ear-shelf, “someday, I will tell you, my lady” obsidian orbs stared directly to your eyes, you could feel a weird stare from him at this time. 

    Diffident feelings rose up inside your heart, again—your eyes widened. Hand hastily brushed his hand that stayed near your ear. Suddenly straighten your back and move away from the good-looking man in front of you. Heartbeat rushed, you could feel the warmth building up on your cheek—but, what nonsense was this? Right?

    You tried to brush off the weird thoughts inside your mind, but Kokonoi strangely stared at you. He looked satisfied with the reaction you gave to him; slight grim, sly-looking eyes, the peculiar calm behavior he showed to you. What was wrong with him—or maybe—what was wrong with you for perceiving him differently?

    The slight smirk hid behind those warm smiles, “What’s wrong with that reaction?” He sneered on you with his tongue slightly sticking out from his mouth.

    “Hahaha! nothing,” nervous laugh echoed, you tried to remove your bizzare thoughts and feelings, '' just too surprised by your love story, I guess?” you continued,  decided to take another sip of wine.

    “Really? That is unexpected, especially from you, the lady that put satires in her daily dictionary." He put his cheek on his hand, his elbow stayed on his knee.

    At this moment, you wanted someone to help you out from this awkward situation—“Oh yes, about Sanzu, can we maybe go back to that conversation again? I should tell you something about what he has said to me.”

    Kokonoi only smiled warmly,  “Of course, this is all your party tonight, my lady.” 

    You began to express the remorse and unbearable anger within your heart.  Occasionally, you felt awful when talking about Sanzu with others. However, someone said you should let all the hurt out of your heart out or the risk will be worse. Physical pain crawled all over your body. You could feel the awful physical pain just by thinking about this man. Nonetheless, Sanzu—dearly for you—was created as a blessing in disguise; this feeling wasn’t merely about physical attraction. He was the only person who could bring you to the cloud nine, yet this young man was an odd one’s rocker. Countless times you have down in the dumps—surprisingly those greatly wistful days already shifted as your best friends. You wondered, and hoped he would see what you did for him. This thought of love, marvelously tragic. Not one impulse could take this feeling far to loving him, it revealed itself from beneath your soul. Magical excitement he created fondling your weak heart and punishing it with the fearful yet wonderful taste of self-abandonment. The mist of denial has corrupted your sanity— no dim of light could save you anymore. ‘Oh, my dearest Sanzu’, you hope for the hundred times, he will grow fond of you someday. Your mind spoke to yourself, ‘Don't be too cruel, My Dearest Soul. For me, this world is not a single matter compared to you.’

    Three past four in the morning, the weather has turned really cold right now. Kokonoi wrapped his luxurious coat around you as he saw your shoulder start shuddering. He smiled, “It’s already cold, let me take you home, my lady.” you nodded. He went to pay the bills for tonight and came back with a bottle of Domaine Leroy wine in his hand, “Here, this is my gift for you tonight, you should rest after this.” 

    “Thank you,” you replied, kindly accepting his expensive gift. You tried to stand up but your legs started to feel weak, the alcohol already hit your consciousness tonight. One step away with unsteady feet, you rushed to the bar door and bumped into someone.

    “Oh, you’re here, y/n?” shouted a stranger in front of you. 

    Head up, you saw this graceful young man with a face as beautiful as Shakespeare's words. His amethyst colored single breasted suit fits his body perfectly. People who judge only by appearance are certainly going to fall for him in an obsessive way; worship him as you've witnessed before. Look! His perfectly proportioned body, the marvellous youth charm that won’t escape from anybody's sight, the gentle movements he showed to everyone around. But, you might know as well, a man like this only brings tragedy to the lover he chooses to be with.

    “Haitani Ran! It’s been a long time!” You bowed your head—respectfully, “your beloved lil brother, where is he?”

    “Disappeared like a fucking cunt,” He chuckled, stroking his fingers through his smooth amethyst colored hair, “Where is San–” he stopped. His gaze turned into the man behind your shoulder. He went silent for a minute and smiled roguishly, “Oh, here you are, my Bonten’s fellow Kokonoi!”

    The sudden change of expression could be seen by anyone in this place, “What brings you here? Bored with all the young girls in roppongi?” Kokonoi ridiculed bluntly, “Too much tasting different flavors won’t do you any good.”

    Ran eyebrows went lower, cold amethyst orbs stared directly to obsidian orbs behind you,”yeah, maybe.” Smile rose up on his lips, eyes squinted, “but I heard the news saying a criminal rate escalated in this place.”

    “We are one of them,” Kokonoi scoffed, “They must know who we are, that's why nothing will be a problem.”

    Fled to the Kokonoi’s back, Ran grabbed his shoulder. He bent his back down, moved his face closer to Kokonoi’s ear and gave a derided smile on his plump lips, “There are a lot of thieves here.” slightly giggled, as he moved his orbs to you, “Thieves that will steal anything they want regardless what danger they will face upon his way.” he whispered, a smirk widely painted on his face.

    Kokonoi grinned, eyebrows frowned, eyes stared viciously at the man behind him. He brushed his fellow’s hands away from his shoulders, “I’m assuming you do wrong your mouth awfully much today, Ran.” He commented, turned his head towards you with a light-hearted smile, “Let’s go, My lady. You’re drunk and it’s already really late for you to stay awake,”  

    “Take care, you two!” Ran shouted from afar, “Something might happen soon.” whispered through Kokonoi’s soul. Kokonoi himself could only click his tongue.

    You waved, happily— didn't realize what had happened, "you too, Ran!" you shouted, a cheerful tone echoed in the air.

    You got into his car. With a drunk mind, blurry gaze toward the surroundings; you could only feel numb yet your heart stung a little. Weakly leaned to the seat, you murmured, "I want Sanzu on my side right now, Hajime…" you snuggled to the car door beside you, " I missed him." you cried.

    "Yeah…" He replied, bitter smile curved on Kokonoi's lips, his shoulder weakened, "I know…" 

    You slept in his car silently all the miles back home. Kokonoi woke you up gently, stroked your hair several times, pinched your cheek softly, called your name in repeat for five minutes straight. 

    Awakened from sleep, you flinched realizing you were already in your apartment parking lot, but your body was still weak from the drunkenness of tonight; this night was brutal in sort of way. Your body didn't move as it used to, and Kokonoi should help you to wake up and enter your own apartment. He carried you on his back, one hand bringing the wine he bought special for you. Chin sunk on his shoulder, hair rubbed against each other's hair, the slow pace of walking he took makes you instantly sleepy

    In the midst of unconsciousness you realized Kokonoi stopped his step, "What's wrong, Hajime?" you leered your orbs to him, but he was there giving an unwavering gaze to one certain thing in front of him. You turned your head, your body aghast, eyes widened—Is that him?

    The dearest man you've been waiting for stood right in front of your apartment door. He leaned on the door, crossed arms over his chest, stared at you two apathetically; the light of hatred shown inside that exquisite faded pink orbs 

     "Sanzu—!" Weak voice raised upon your throat, "put me down, Hajime!" you insisted.

    He let you go as he handed the special gift to you. "Here, don't forget about this wine." 

    You took the gift and smiled, "Thank you, Hajime! You are a good fellow of mine!"

    "I thought, we won't meet again after new years–" as he brushed the snows that decorated your shoulder, he smiled warmly; sorrow hid behind his squinted eyes, "merry christmas and happy new year—" he turned his gaze towards Sanzu, "—my lady." he chuckled.

    Sanzu's eyebrow frowned, he clicked his tongue hard, "fast, come over here, my love." He shouted.

    You turned your head towards that carnation haired man, nodded, "good bye, Hajime!" you rushed to the man you loved and as you stood up in front of him you asked, "why are you here?"

    "I need to take my things," He answered. "Did you change the password, my love?" brushed your hair to the back of the ear shelf and rubbed your cheek afterwards.

    As you nodded, Sanzu touched your waist and pushed you further towards the door, "You go in first, my lady. I need to talk to Kokonoi." He smiled then turned his head on Kokonoi that was ready to go.

    "Alright, Sanzu," you opened the door, walked inside your apartment languidly.

    "Take a bath, my lady," Sanzu walked away, "you smell disgusting." He added.

    Not refusing, you rushed into your room. Put the wine on the kitchen table then fled to the bathroom. Took off all the clothes you wore today; Sanzu bought it for you last year as a Christmas present. 

    You rush to the bathroom in a fright; what might happen next? What Sanzu was doing here? After what happened yesterday? 

    Your hand reached the golden colored faucet on the bath-up. Warm water streamed down beautifully. You stepped inside the triangular bath up that was made from a fancy rose quartz; sat down as the water filled all the way up. Warm—but Sanzu's hug is warmer than anything. Sunk your chin to your arms that crossed on the bath-up edge. 

    Your body started to relax after today's another traumatic moment— yet you wouldn't be able to tell Sanzu to leave you. All those allures, all those kindnesses, and all those words; they never stop hanging around your heart. Sanzu was here, it made you relieved and ecstatic– your soul rosen up from the dump just by seeing him standing in front of your apartment, just by him calling you 'my love', just by him touching your waist and cheeks. Every sorrow and ache disappeared in a flash when you saw those faded pink orbs.

    "Sanzu…" you mumbled. Eyes became heavy, consciousness slowly faded, body began to lose some power. 

    Falling asleep you were at this exact moment of confussement that reigned your heart.

    "My lady…" a husky voice whispered next to your ears. Chin leaned on your shoulder. You could feel something touching your spine and your chest.

    "Hm…" Shrugged, you leered to your shoulder—Sanzu was there, naked behind you. His cock already hard, it rubbed against your skin softly.

    Warm hand fondled your breast, the other hand rubbed your lower belly. His breath fanned your ear, stimulating your hunger over him, "wake up, my lady," he kissed your ear shelf countless times.

    "Sanzu–" you gasped, called his name with tight voice, "but you hate me–hng–!" Slender fingers crawled to your cunt, the tip of his index fingers kneaded tight circle on your swollen clit, his hungry hips got closer as he crossed his legs in front of your legs, 

    "Very much, my lady." His breathy voice made you jolt, "but perhaps— you don't want this?"

    Sanzu pinched your swollen red clit–rocked it up and down with his slender fingers. Blood rushed to your cunt. High pitch sinfully moan slipped out from your lips as the stung sensation took over, thrill suddenly entered your body, hands fraily grabbed his wrist, head buried down. "but you–"

    "If you don't want this, it's fine." he interrupted with a smirk painted on his lips, hips bucked against your back, warm cock rubbed against your skin, "tell me, my lady..." Sanzu hummed, kisses traced on your trembling neck, breath tingled your red ears, his slender fingers softly played your exposed nipple.

    Your cunt suffocated now, begging for his cock to enter your tremendously needy silk fold. Eyes tightly closed, eyebrows frowned in pleasure, whimpers echoed all over the bathroom when Sanzu grinded his fingers inside your tight fold, "Do you like it, hm?" 

    Body shivered, glossy eyes, vision went blurry, "yes–hng!" you turned your head, stared at the faded pink eyes that turned you on even more, "please do whatever you want, Sanzu..." you cried. 

    "As you wish, my love." He replied.

    He roughly grabbed your hips, dragged you up until your waist leaned on the bathtub edge. Your cunt and bump were fully exposed like a theater show in his eyes. The heat of slaps from his hand on your flesh got you screamed in pleasure. Tongue played on your swollen bud, he bit it rough—the painful pleasure resonated through your quivering body. His tongue moved to your tight cunt—he licked your wet flesh and sipped your precum that started dripping, "tastes as good as always, my lady. That is such a good girl of you." Sanzu cheered. He was quick to settle his two fingers inside that dripping cunt, rough thrusts began—enough to make your eyes roll back in pleasure. Fingers grazed the flesh deep inside, loose cunt started to make squeak sounds—it rang inside Sanzu's ears. He licked his lips, eyes focused on the heavenly hole he witnessed.

    "You're such a bothersome woman." Sanzu clicked his tongue, "you always make me on heat." He stood up, hand on your waist, he bent his knees to equal his cock with your cunt, legs went between yours to keep it from coming together. He dragged his cock closer to your cunt, rubbed it onto your clit along with your heaten up fold—made sure his length covered all the way with your love juice.

    You turned your head back, his gaze met yours. His ready to devour eyes sent you thrill and goosebumps all over your body. Sanzu's hand crawled to your front neck, choking you lightly as your spine curved back. He bent his body, warm chest touching against your shoulder. His lips got closer to your ear, nose stroked your hair,  "want to complain about anything, my love?" he whispered with a honeyed tone. You could only shake your head; too much pleasure, words wouldn't be able to come out from your throat now.

    You earned him an astonished gasp—Sanzu started pulling his hips closer to your bump and his cock thrusted inside, stretching your tight cunt wide, "Sanzu–" you whimpered.

    The low grunt sounds slipped out from his mouth, teeth sunk on his lips, eyebrows frowned, his hand roughly kneaded your bump; he looked desperately high inside you. His length dug deep inside, the heat between his length and your cunt made you hopelessly trembling in pleasure. The sound of his hips against yours, the sounds of the water spattered; filled the bathroom—the sensuous excitement echoed and got you both trapped in the need to end today as good as you can. The drunkenness of you both made everything even fantastic to feel; everything went according to the wild instincts. Head empty, body moved by itself, morality blinded by the exceeding lust.

    "I'm going to cum, Sanzu–" you cried. His cock hit all the sensitive sweet spots inside your cunt endlessly; you felt alive.

    Sanzu didn't have any plan to slow down, "really? that's good, my love." he reacted. Yet he was still overstimulating your cunt. The pleasure you felt took over the sore inside your fold. "When will you get your period?" He asked, breathlessly

    "Hng– It just ended– yesterday–ah–!" You were too unconscious to realize what happened; every hurt, sore, and painful disguised as sprinkles in pleasure of your cunt clenched his warm cock. The friction of his cock's veins against your wet fold was shamefully so good. He did it brutally good that he could break you if he wanted to.

    Your body started to feel a lot more stiff, cunt clenched tighter, the heartbeat went faster—but the only clear sense was on your cunt that was ready to squirt. The tightness and pleasure were building up, feet raised up and the toes curled—stiffly. The sensation inside your stomach and cunt got more unbearable. Your high pitched moan filled the room as he rocked his hips really rough and his cock's tip hit your sweetest post. Squirts came out from your cunt in a second. Hips still moved, fingers played with your swollen sore clit.  He groaned, the last hip thrust got him cum inside your cunt; the warmth covered your womb's walls. Your body shivered so bad that you should hold Sanzu's arm to not fall down. 

    He took your arms, pulled your body towards him and carried you in the bridal style into your room. He kissed your forehead lightly; but love, why would he treat you that way if the love he got felt like this?

    He put you slowly on the bed, stroked your messy hair, and kissed you again—now on your lips. Sanzu was the toughest puzzle to solve and with a great amount of interest, you took it as a challenge, "where are you going?" you asked as he walked away leaving your weary body alone.

    "Bringing you food," He took a glance on you and smiled, "I cooked for you when you were sleeping in the bathroom," 

    Warmest smile amongst anyone's. The only smile you would sell the world for it.

    But Sanzu… why were you like that?

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    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Deer in headlights | Short stories: That one time the Haitani brothers took you away

    Bonten x Reader | 3.3k+ words

    Warnings: Reverse harem, some kissing, fluff 😣 (like a lot), foul language, I’m bullying Takeomi but with love🥺💕, everyone is here and I had a headache with so many characters 😂😂. Nonsense, you will cringe, Not edited and no beta

    A/N: Is set after Of scars and festivals, like at the very beginning of this weird romance xD. More stuff that happened… that helped their relationship grow.

    With the little time they knew you; the Haitani brothers were infatuated with you, enchanted even. For some reason, they would call it destiny, Ran and Rindou were the only ones that met you outside of Mikey’s schedule, outside of their Bonten agenda. Yes, Ran still remembers your lovely face when you bashed that bag of pads in that bastard’s face.

    That's why they are here, outside of your apartment door, because they couldn't get you out of their mind. Rindou was bouncing on his hills in excitement. “Rindou, stop that,” Ran couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed with his brother’s behavior. “You look like a dog wagging his tail at its owner.”

    “Shut up, like you aren't excited too,” Rindou huffed. “Why do you think she's taking so long?” Rindou changed the subject to one more present problem.

    “I don't know,” Ran scratched his chin, “Did you tell her not to tell anyone about this?” he asked his younger brother. And silence settled in the hall. “Rindou...”

    “Fuck, I forgot, okay? B- but I don't think she has told anyone yet! It's been,” the purplenette checked his wristwatch, “fifteen minutes... Fuck.” if Rindou was nervous before, now he was anxiously worried. What if you decided not to go? He asked himself.

    “Fuck indeed,” Ran let out, “I think we should go in.”

    “Me too,” Rindou agreed.

    And that’s how now you were screaming at the top of your lungs when two figures broke down your door. “What the hell!!! Ran?!? Rindou?!?” You held a lamp in hand as both brothers stood there as if your door wasn't hanging from one hinge.

    “You weren't opening the door,” said the eldest.

    “And we got anxious,” followed the youngest.

    “B- b- but! My door! And I told you I was packing!” you showed them the half-empty suitcase.

    “Oh,” both simultaneously let out.

    “Oh, aha,” you rolled your eyes as you let down the lamp that you previously sought for protection.

    “But you should have let us in,” argued Rindou, eying the opened suitcase to see if he could get a pick of what underwear you were taking.

    “Seeing my door right now, I guess I should have,” you chuckled at Rindou’s not-very-subtle attempt at peeking, “anyway, about this trip, who else is going?” you asked while turning around to close the suitcase, not seeing the looks they threw at each other.

    “About that...” Ran saw you were about to pick up the suitcase and snatched it away from you, “we don't know, but you shouldn't worry about that. How about we get going?” his long legs took him to the broken door un a couple of strides.

    You nodded, “let me grab my phone, and we can go; I have to text Sanzu,” at that, Rindou jumped in your way, almost knocking you down if it weren't for one of his arms circling your waist.

    “Ran will get it! Let's go!” And once again, you were being carried like a small lap dog, and Rindou was your rich owner. As Rindou marched with you under his arm, Ran saw the phone but decided to leave it there. You wouldn't need it anyway.

    “Why do you have to carry me like this?” You wiggled in Rindou’s hold.

    “It’s fun,” both brothers answered at the same time.

    “And if I walk behind you, I have a nice view,” Ran liked the shape of your butt, and that’s why Ran let Rindou walk ahead of him.

    “Ran!!” you felt your cheeks heat up.


    While you sat in the Haitani brothers’ car, on your way to whatever place they thought would suit this not-kidnapping adventure, you were unsuspicious of their true intentions.

    Your forgotten phone kept ringing back at your place. And a worried Sanzu kept pacing back and forth in the Bonten office building. Sitting in a chair not far from him was Kokonoi, who eyed the pinknette with a curious look.

    “Any news?” asked Mikey’s voice coming from a different phone. He and Mochi had been on a business trip that just so happened to begin today.

    “No,” Sanzu has been calling you nonstop, “but they should be there by now,” he informed his boss about the other two executives that he sent to check your whereabouts.

    “I’m taking a plane as soon as I can; keep me informed about the situation,” Mikey ended the call. Mikey wasn't worried, not as much as Sanzu at least, because he had a vague idea of what might be happening. This whole mess smelled like the Haitani brothers, and if he is correct, then you were safe with them. Besides, He somehow was happy you were being accepted, and this would be a good lesson for everyone.

    Sanzu, on the other hand, threw the phone against the wall. Not mad at Mikey; he could never. But furious at who might have taken you. Why those two always do whatever they want. He remembers how Ran and Rindou back in Tenjiku wanted their own uniforms. “Petty bastards,” huffed the scared man. “Why Y/N?!”

    “She’s pretty,” Kokonoi commented out of nowhere.

    Sanzu's sour mood changed drastically, “is she now?” He bitterly chuckled, “We wouldn't be in this mess if you had accepted to spend the day with Y/N, to begin with!”

    “Don’t blame this on me! I said I could go and check on her after I was done here!” Kokonoi wasn't going to accept he was running away from you. It wasn't that he didn't like you, but you were such a delicate thing. He didn't know how to approach you most of the time or open up to you, afraid of damaging another good thing in his life.

    “Bullshit!” Sanzu was also on standby, by Mikey’s orders. With him gone, most of the decisions and orders were coming from him. “Why haven't they reported anything yet?” Bonten’s number two decided to ignore Kokonoi as he called those two. The ones that were supposed to inform him why weren't you picking up. Or more like confirm his suspicion.

    “What?!” A rough voice said; sanzu could hear them panting, and some echo in the background.

    “Don't what me, Takeomi. Where is Y/N?” Kokonoi saw the pinknette start pulling at his shirt out of nervousness, the disheveled look now complete.

    “The elevator was out of service! We’re using the stairs!” Kakucho screamed towards Takeomi’s phone.

    “You’re going through the stairs?” Sanzu stood dumbfounded in the middle of the office.

    “Stairs? Doesn't Y/N have the last floor of the building?” Kokonoi looked perplexed as well.

    “I’m too old for this shit,” Sanzu heard a breathless Takeomi complain.


    Meanwhile, in the car where you sat peacefully looking out of the window. Ran briefly looked at his brother.

    “Rindou,” Ran whispered.

    The younger haitani hummed in response; he was busy admiring your face through the mirror. “I forgot to tell you that I disabled the elevator in the building to give us some time,” a half-smile adorned the older Haitani’s lips.

    Rindou never ceases to be amazed by his brother’s ideas. How he hated it wasn't his idea.


    “Did you arrive yet?” Sanzu has been on the phone hearing Takeomi and Kakucho’s footsteps and heavy breathing, for god knows how long.

    “Yeah, her door should be- fuck! Takeomi!” Kakucho, who had snatched the phone from the other man a couple of minutes ago, was the first one to reach the top of the stairs, and as soon as he approached your door, he saw it barely hanging from the frame.

    “What!” came from the emergency door that leads to the stairs.

    “Her door is broken! Hurry up!” After hearing those words, not only did Takeomi have a surge of power propel his legs towards Kakucho’s voice, but Sanzu, still on the line, felt his soul leave his body.


    “Ran,” Rindou called his brother; the older haitani nodded without taking his eyes off the road. “We left the door destroyed... Do you think they will-”

    “Nah, they will be okay,” Ran dismissed Rindou’s worries.

    “Uh, guys, I wanna go to the bathroom,” you murmured

    “Oh, okay, wait, let me,” Rindou pulled a map from the glove box and began to unfold it, “let me see if there’s a place-”

    “Rindou! I can’t see!” Ran pushed Rindou’s arm away since he was invading his space.

    “Why don’t you use your phone-” and you were interrupted.

    “No!” both simultaneously said. They couldn't tell you that their phones were off and yours wasn't here either.

    “It’s fine! Rindou knows his way with maps!” Ran awkwardly laughed. “Right, rindou?”

    Rindou looked at his brother like he had lost his mind. “Yeah, right.”

    They were doomed.


    “Report the goddamn situation!” Sanzu screamed to the phone for the hundred time.

    “Sanzu, give them a sec,” Kokonoi was beginning to get anxious from the pinknette's behavior.

    “Shit,” Takeomi picked up the phone Kakucho dropped before entering your place.

    “What, Takeomi? What!?” Sanzu was about to lose it.

    “I think I busted a lung,” Takeomi held his chest with one hand as the other held... Sanzu, in a way.

    “Then stop smoking! Now, What's happening!?!” If it weren't for Y/N, Takeomi would have turned around and punched the living hell out of his hysteric younger brother. but he's a patient man, and everyone was tense due to the situation with you, or so he keeps repeating to himself.

    “Nothing,” a breathless Kakucho popped out from the inside—gun out and holding your phone in hand.

    “You heard him, Sanzu. She's not here,” Takeomi spoke to the phone. “But there sure is a mess in here,” the older man saw your clothes everywhere. The place was kind of a disaster.

    Where the fuck is Y/N? A question that ran through everyone’s mind at that moment. Except for one person who sat busy on his computer.

    “Ran, you fucking idiot,” Kokonoi chuckled at his screen.

    Hearing the man beside him, Sanzu told Takeomi and Kakucho to go back down and wait for orders.

    “Not the fucking stairs again,” Takeomi wasn't having a good day.


    “I didn't know there were 7-eleven so far out of the city,” you mumbled, struggling to pop the head of your Ramune.

    “Give me that,” Rindou snatched the carbonated drink out of your hands and easily popped the marvel in the bottle, then gave it back to you. And you murmured a thanks as you smiled at him.

    “So...” Ran sat down next to you on the concrete. A bag of miscellaneous items from the store hanging from his fingers.

    After Rindou found a 7/eleven on the route, of course, not before getting lost and asking people for directions. You got a bathroom break, and the three of you decided to eat some Konbini food. Something that the Haitani brothers haven't done in a long time.

    “What did you get?” you peeked at the bag that Ran’s was holding and saw a variety of food. From onigiri to some anpan, trays of different kinds of obento and some fruit sandwiches. “Oh my god! I always saw my classmates eat these together after school,” you unconsciously let out.

    “Yeah? And you?” Rindou asked as he took a couple of onigiris from his brother’s bag. “We didn't really go to school, but we ate these a lot when younger,” Ran nodded at his brother’s statement—the moment bringing memories of their youth.

    “I- I didn't really have anyone or any reason to... It must have been nice,” you realized what you just said, “oh! No, no! I mean having each other, that sounds nice,” you dropped your head on Ran’s shoulder out of embarrassment.

    “Well, you have us now,” Ran patted your head.

    “Yeah, we are here to stay,” Rindou said as he munched the mixture of rice and dried salted plums. “Even if you don’t want us to,” that last part you didn't get to hear since he murmured it, and three cars abruptly stopped in front of the three of you—bright lights shining in your faces.

    At that, both brothers stood up, covering you from whoever was inside the cars. Drinking your soda in one big gulp, ignoring the bubbles burning your throat, you also stood behind them, trying to see what was happening.

    Four doors opened, revealing four figures; two had their guns raised.

    “You fuckers! Better start praying to whatever you believe in!” you knew that voice... Was that Sanzu? You couldn't see well due to the lights pointed at you.

    “Ran, you’re an idiot. Next time don’t pay with your card,” and that voice belonged to Kokonoi, which means the other two must be Kakucho and Takeomi.

    “The fuck, Koko? Why did-” Ran got interrupted by the long-haired man.

    “Because I can!” Kokonoi let out.

    “That doesn't explain how you knew Y/N was with us!” Rindou’s hands reached for yours and gave it a little squeeze.

    “You got her Ramune! You two don’t like carbonated drinks anymore!” Kokonoi was really into this verbal discussion.

    “That’s very thoughtful of you, Koko!” You intervened—happy that Kokonoi remembered so many details. You always thought he didn’t care. And another detail to take in was that he was here.

    Your voice sent Kokonoi into a nervous breakdown; he fastly went into the vehicle, forgetting his prior dispute. Overlooking the silver-haired man, Sanzu’s killer intentions were back after hearing you. His intent was directed towards the pair standing in front of you. “Y/N, come here. And let us have a nice chat with Ran and Rindou.”

    You weren’t dumb. You knew that Ran and Rindou weren’t in good terms with everyone right now and that it has something to do with you going with them. They didn’t really took you against your will and you didn’t want them in the receiving end of Sanzu’s gun. So you did what you thought was right.

    Pushing your way in between the brothers, you stood facing the four other men. Ran and Rindou tried to push you back, only for you to swat their hands away. “Le- Rindou!” you shoved his hand down, “let me handle this!” you whispered-shouted at the two.

    Kokonoi’s head peeked from the car’s window. Seeing you try to hide two big men behind your small form was hilarious.

    “Y/N, I don’t think-” began the older Haitani.

    “Look, they don’t-” at the same time, the purplenette said.

    “Shush!” You didn't even turn around; besides, they should have more faith in you.

    “Great Y/N, now walk here!” Kakucho lowered his gun as soon as he saw you standing there.

    “No!” you refused.

    “What do you mean by no?!” Sanzu didn't have the patience nor the brain cells to discern anything right now.

    “Young lady, come here!” Takeomi was about to go there and get you himself. Today wasn't an easy day for him.

    “No!” you shouted again. You heard Rindou try to conceal his laughter and Ran hitting his brother in the side. “This getaway was my idea! And lower your gun, Sanzu! Don’t be unreasonable!”

    “That’s not true!” Kokonoi shouted from the window.

    “Koko, shut up!” The two loud voices behind almost made you stumble.

    “I am being reasonable!” Sanzu shouted back.

    “Can you all go fight somewhere else!?! You’re scaring the customers!” The store’s employee appeared with a broom in hand. Everyone stood there, not knowing how to react to the sudden intrusion.

    “Oh, sorry, yeah, we- we’ll move,” you responded. The young man went back inside, not sparing a single glance to all the guns and very suspicious men.

    “What does he mean by customers?” grumbled Ran.

    “Yeah, there's not a single soul out here,” Takeomi commented, “now, he is the one being unreasonable.”

    Kakucho lowered his head in shame while Sanzu looked offended.


    The way back was another battle. Sanzu wanted you on his car, Kokonoi disapproved, saying that why him. Then Kakucho and Takeomi argued that you should go with them and used that Takeomi almost died twice as an argument.

    “I almost died!” said the older man.

    “But you didn't!” Rindou countered.

    Meanwhile, you refused to leave the Haitani brothers’ side. So you ended up sitting with them at the back of Takeomi’s car as Kakucho took Ran’s.

    “Why?” Takeomi asked, breaking the silence in the vehicle. “Why won’t you leave them?” The question was sincere and didn’t have an ounce of hostility on it.

    “I don’t want any of you to hurt them… and I don’t want them to hurt any of you….” you didn't hesitate with your answer, but it did take a lot from you to respond. After all, it was the truth. A heavy one at that. It wasn't only you acknowledging their capabilities or intentions, but yourself accepting that you cared for them. All of them.

    Such a heavy statement didn't go unnoticed by the three men in the car.

    “That did it,” you confusedly turned toward Ran. Before you could comprehend what he meant, you had his lips on yours. His lips were warm—moved slowly against your scared lips. It wasn't his usual demanding kiss; somehow, you felt Ran aimed to reciprocate your words but with actions—almost... thanking you.

    You weren't given a second to breathe as Rindou pulled your head in his direction, connecting your mouth to his awaiting lips. You felt Rindou sigh in contempt as soon as his skin touched yours. Just like with his brother, you didn't know where to put your hands, not until you felt his fingers open your fist and place your hand on his chest. “You’re so good to us,” you felt Rindou’s heart go into erratic beats.

    “I’m not complaining, just—just don't do anything more than kissing on my car,” Takeomi would have jumped through the window if it was someone else in his back seat.

    “Wanna have a go? Let Rindou drive,” suggested Ran.

    “Okay,” that was all it took to convince Takeomi.

    Rindou, now in the driver's seat, was looking for a good song to drive with on the radio. Trying to ignore your whines as you sat on Takeomi’s lap, squirming when his lips traveled to your neck.

    “Oh! Rindou! That's a good song! Leave that one on!” Ran pointed out.


    “Oh, those bastards! Why is the car rocking!?!” Sanzu observed from his car.


    Meanwhile, Mochi glanced over to Mikey, both sitting on a plane on their way back home.

    “So, will you do anything to those two?” askes Mochi. Not too long, Sanzu had informed them about your retrieval.

    “No,” Mikey had also spoken with Takeomi on that matter, “for now.”

    Mochi feared for the Haitani’s fate.

    Fun facts:

    Takeomi and Kakucho were settling scores with a growing gang in the area that was messing with Bonten’s canals. But once Sanzu called about your unknown location. They killed everyone. Bonten’s footmen executed even the ones that weren't present.

    Once you got home, with multiple new hickeys, the Haitani Brothers were on cleaning duty at your place. Under Koko’s watchful eye.

    Sanzu pulled you aside, only to leave marks of his own on your thighs.

    Kakucho called for a shower with you, which turned into a very wet make-out session. Nothing more.

    Kokonoi “reluctantly” dressed you up for bed, saying that you should be tired, so there is no other choice for him other than to help you.

    Both of you fell asleep on the couch.

    Takeomi picked you up just in time to see Mikey arriving from the airport.

    Yes, everyone was still mad and tense, but because Takeomi told them about your real intentions, they let it slide. (for now)

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  • lucylicious
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    This is so random but like I just had to share.

    So I had this dream where I became a participant in a game and in the game we had to get a baton, specifically Ran's Baton and whoever gets it from him first wins a trip to Hawaii with the Bonten trio (Haitani brothers and Sanzu). Idk what happened next because I don't remember but basically I somehow won the game and we were chilling at Hawaii while having a good time until Sanzu was playing with fire and almost made his mullet hair burn off💀

    #its weird because when i woke up i just remembered about ran's baton all the way BABAHAHAHA #i wasn't even doing anything before that😭 #but it was a nice dream thanks ig #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers headcanons #bonten#bonten trio#sanzu haruchiyo#bonten sanzu#ran haitani#bonten ran#rindou haitani#bonten rindou #bonten x reader #lucy's thoughts
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  • kshira
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    SUMMARY: flashing back to where sanzu had gave you an orgasm, love and a broken heart

    TW. fem!reader, cursing, fingering, angsty

    WC. 897

    AN. this is the first installment of my smau series, i’ve never wrote one before so hey, enjoy <3




    “you didn’t show up to graduation haru” you mention sitting down beside your boyfriend and knocking the candy he has from his hands.

    sanzu disregards your attempts to annoy him by grabbing another piece of taffy and popping it in his mouth, he ignores you again, looking out into the distance of the bustling city echoing noises of a forever life—the sweetness dissolves around his tongue.

    the rooftop was where you’d met sanzu, nothing more than a sheltered child you were and discovering a tattered boy standing atop the edge, he looked invincible—sanzu could fall down the three story building and god himself would throw him back to earth.

    sanzu turns to you, pulling you from a distant memory, long lashes fluttering close with a sly grin “what’re you going to do now that you’re legally smart?” he snorts when you softly hit his shoulder, sanzu erupts into another laugh but he’s nervous, he knows what he wants to do and what you’re about to tell him don’t line up.

    “i’m going to college” you avoid his searing gaze, staring off to watch the sun dipping down into the clouds, orange slices radiate the sky as sanzu inches closer—the silence is like a ticking time bomb, you want to ignore the way he’s trailing his fingers up your skirt, lips attaching to your neck, you want to forget what will happen in the upcoming weeks and you pray to a god it doesn’t ruin what you have with sanzu.

    “you don’t need to do that” sanzu pulls your shirt down to expose more of you, his lips sucking on the skin and fingers growing agonizingly close between your legs.

    “w-what do you mean?” you question, shakily ripping your voice from your throat, lungs being flooded by pleasure as sanzu slips past the sheen fabric and slowly teasing your folds “you could be my housewife” he presses his finger through your slit, curling through till he’s met with your spongy walls “i do the gang shit, get money and come home to a pretty wife.”

    “easier said than done” your voice is quiet now, sanzu attempts to block off this conversation and focus on something—anything besides the cold hard truth.

    “it took me barely five minutes to be inside you, i think i can manage” sanzu motions his other hand to look at him, his orbs flickering waves of violets “if i have you, i can do anything.”

    a dark swell tugs at your heart, looking up at sanzu—tears rimming your eyes and he thinks it’s the pleasure overflowing but really, it just hurts so fucking bad; to know reality is tasted sour on your tongue.

    your hand cards through his hair, pushing him into your mouth while sanzu pumps his fingers inside you, he groans into the kiss feeling your walls clamp down on him and like another day spent on this ledge your voice carrying on with the wind, moans catching with the air into the abyss.

    “every day i could do this, come home to you—take you to those expensive restaurants you always wanna go to, fuck you anywhere, especially on every single fuckin’ room of our house” sanzu moans, curling his fingers to find that deep spot that drives you over the edge.

    “h-haru— i’m gonna, fuck” you gasp feeling your orgasm near its head, washing through your legs and creaming around his fingers, small whimpers leaving your lips when sanzu teases your senstive clit, he chuckles at your teary eyed expression.

    silence draws to an end as he finally stops playing with your fidgeting cunt, releasing an uneasy breath at the short time of tranquility.

    sanzu pulls away from you, slinking the hand to his side he lays his head down on your shoulder, kicking his feet to the pace of his heart “what’re you going to do?” you question, sanzu exhales a shaky breath—it hurts, he doesn’t understand why it hurts so fucking bad, “same ole shit i’ve been doing, you know that.”

    “right” your voice croaks in your throat, tears rolling down your cheeks, sanzu rises to his feet bouncing from the ledge and towards the exit or more importantly just out of this pain.

    “we can—we can still be together, i’ll see you as much as i can haru, i’ll come every wee—”

    “stop” sanzu interrupts, turning to watch you crawl from the ledge and walk closer to him, a weak hand tugging at his sleeves, he looks down at you darkness replacing his eyes “if i can’t have you here, i don’t want you.”

    a sob chokes from your throat at his words, it burns—a fire clawing at your throat, vision so blurred from the tears tainting your sight of someone you’ve loved, had given everything to is just shutting it all away in a five minute gap.

    sanzu cups your face, pulling you into a kiss, his lips move slow, fingers rubbing the wetness away as he depends the kiss and it feels like time has froze and if anything you’d wish it was always like this but fuck, nothing works this way.

    “this is goodbye princess, be good for me” he whispers, pulling away and without another word sanzu walks out of your life.

    and all you can stomach is agony and the salty taste of his taffy lingering on your lips.

    tagging— @wakasagurl @sanzudopeamine

    #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers x reader #tokrev x reader #tokrev smut #tokyorev x reader #tokyorev smut #sanzu x reader #sanzu smut#haruchiyo sanzu #sanzu haruchiyo smut #sanzu haruchiyo x reader #tokyo revengers smau #tokrev smau#tokyorev smau #haruchiyo sanzu x reader #haruchiyo sanzu smut #tokyo revengers angst #tokrev angst#tokyorev angst#black licorice
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    Linking pinkies with Sanzu 👉👈

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  • coffeewithmilkoficial
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Vampire — Haruchi Sanzu

    Hi sweets, I bring you some of my writings that I've been working this month in my Mythober book on wattpad so I hope you like it; I don't plan to publish all of them, just some of them.
    If you like to read it you can do it, I just warn you that it is in Spanish, also as we are close to samhain, halloween and what in my country we call dia de muertos (day of the dead), I wanted to translate some of my mythober writings in English.


    ♡∙ Donor Reader X Vampire Haruchi Sanzu

    Category: fluff

    Warning: blood, bites, cutting wounds, spelling and grammatical errors ∙♡


    Since human society had to adapt to new people sometimes it was all chaos, among these people are vampires who feed on animal or human blood and in order for them to legally drink human blood there are so called donors; who donate an amount of their blood to meet the needs of a vampire and it was all under anonymity to avoid the donors being judged.

    “Back to the donation? I've never known anyone to be a continuous donor before, i only do it when it's for a family member”

    “Vampires are like the ones who are more likely to be aggressors because of the lack of blood.”

    “Do you know one?”

    “My coworker Liam, he has told me that when they are thirsty they tend to get blinded because it is like a drug for them, even if they take fake or animal blood it does not quench them completely.”

    “Perhaps your blood for the vampire who consumes it is addictive, i read in a vampire article that the blood of virgins is to their particular liking although it is hard to find it.”

    ═════ ❀∘❀∘❀∘═════

    “This blood is so good”

    “Poor the owner of that blood if meets you one day.”

    Sanzu frowned at his brother's comment but said nothing just kept drinking from the blood that was in the bag, he stopped drinking the blood when he saw someone's number on his phone so he answered.

    "I can the day after tomorrow" he stated over the phone.

    “And there he is again with his clients”

    "You know where to find me," he said and hung up, looking at his brother.

    “You'll keep dealing in that blood again.”

    “It's addictive, I'm sure the donor is a virgin.... although the blood of an addict makes you prone to drug consumption.”

    “Like you... I curse the day you tasted the blood of an addict, at least you should be thankful that the donor is continuous or else it would be difficult for your trade and you.”

    “Just wait until I meet the donor.”

    The boy just grumbled about his brother to get up from where he was and walk to the door of their shared home, he left without saying anything to his brother also with the sun about to set completely it was better for them to go out at that hour; he walked to go to the vampire bar and be able to enjoy one more night on drugs.

    ═════ ❀∘❀∘❀∘═════

    [Name] was walking next to Liam his work colleague as they both had to do paperwork late, both young men were keeping each other company until they got separated and [Name] had to continue on his way to his apartment, but there was something hated and that was the fact of a certain vampire bar nearby where there were prostitutes, drugs and bad reputation of the people who went in there.

    “Pass quickly and ignore them"

    Had whispered to himself as saw the show going on outside the bar, just had to pass quickly to cross the next street and get to the apartment although luck didn't seem to be on his side as there was a fight going on in front of the bar; She tried to pass as fast as she could but one of the vampires pushed her so hard that she fell to the ground where there were pieces of glass, however she got up as if it was nothing and felt the burning in the palm of her hand, she looked at those embedded pieces of glass before the blood started to come out and cursed when she remembered where she was; A pink-haired boy was in the disturbance when the familiar scent of blood hit him, which made him search with his eyes for the source of the smell, looking at the young woman who was placing something to cover the blood and running away.

    “I don't think any of them noticed.”

    “That's why you ran away," he announced, startling the girl.

    “You... you're a vampire aren't you... your eyes...”

    “Oh, I'm thirsty," he commented as if it was nothing, approaching her quickly, cornering her in the door of the building, he took wounded hand and removed the handkerchief to smell the blood. “I found you.”

    After that encounter Sanzu spent more time with [Name], both had related although the vampire man was only for his blood and now that had found his donor he was not willing to share it with anyone; he met with [Name] because it was movie night and when the girl watched him drink from a container of animal blood she asked him what he wanted to know so much.

    “Sanzu, what does animal blood taste like?” she questioned making the man look at her before approaching her.

    “Animal blood is like consuming artificial cherry syrup, the artificial blood is the one that tastes horrible because it tastes like cough syrup," he answered and took her hand and brought it close to his face. “The blood of common people has a salty taste but it is because of the sodium in the blood, those who take drugs, smoke or drink their blood is bitter, even the chronically ill have that taste... but you know those who have aged blood.”


    “Virgins like you," she replied, licking her wrist. “Even diabetics have sweet blood but theirs is like apple cider, the virgins are sweeter and more addictive.”

    Sanzu stopped licking [Name]'s wrist because he respected the woman's decision, he was not like those vampires that attacked any bleeding human; [Name] knew what the boy wanted to do so she brought his hand closer again.

    “Do it, I know you want to do it”

    Sanzu did not repel at this, he took [Name]'s hand to sink his fangs into it before sucking her blood which was an elixir for the young man, he felt as if he was consuming a lot of drugs and that made him enter in euphoria; when stopped biting [Name] he passed his tongue through the wound and took the young woman to his lap where he hid his face in her neck.

    “Can I...”

    He whispered to which [Name] nodded before feeling how the man dug his fangs into her neck again drinking more of her precious blood, this was something very intimate for them and Sanzu made a mental note to reward her for letting him drink her blood so addictive, he was her vampire while she was his donor and now his beloved with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his existence.

    #reader#reader insert #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers#sanzu haruchiyo #sanzu x reader #sanzu haruchiyo x reader #sanzu x you #tokyo revengers x reader #vampire x reader
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    #[ 🎭 ] — shrimp's roleplay game #roleplay: haruchiyo sanzu #asks: sirenascales
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  • fvcking-l0rd
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    found this on tl so i wanna try it <3 here's the original :D

    list of characters: kim joongoo (lookism) seong taehoon, lee jinho (how to fight) hanma shuji, sanzu haruchiyo (tokyo revengers) ihyun jo (sweet home) shidou ryusei (blue lock) yoshioka masafumi (apocalypse no toride) yamabiki (starving anonymous)

    try and guess my type lolol

    tagging (not forcing!) @silky-moon, @introvert--weeb, @marwhoa + anyone who'd like to join <3

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    { 10:45 PM } SANZU HARUCHIYO

    { CW } Crack & Suggestive Content

    { A/N } I needed something to post and there are probably some spelling errors and grammar mistakes but I’ll fix with when I have time :)

    “After Hours” is what Sanzu called it when the two of you would do outta pocket things like street racing, parting, and going out to strip clubs when the meeting was over. Y’all never really told Mikey what y’all were up to after the both of you left the building but yet the other knew.

    Tonight was like no different you both were ready to get down and wild, and tonight you got to pick what y’all were gonna do. “How about we do street racing?” He smirked as you flicked him off, “oh go eat some ass” you mumbled walking away.

    Losing the last race was embarrassing, well you didn’t lose because you came in 2nd place to Sanzu which was humiliating, and if anyone knows Sanzu like you do they would know this man loves to humiliate you.

    “Okay, then how about we relax and go to a club… the club you used to work at” god after he said that you wished you had just picked street racing. “The joint down the way from here?” you asked even though you knew which one he was talking about the cause of course you DID work there after all.

    “Duh you silly goose” Sanzu had that stupid look on his face, it was that same look he would give you when he would keyword “try” to apologize to you after making a fool out of you at the meetings, and yet you couldn’t do anything except flick him off.

    “Are you out of your mind… and you thought you’d have a chance” you mumbled as he laughed “after you wanna disrespect me, then let me apologize and eat in Bentley”.

    He threw you off after saying that you didn’t know what to even say, “come baby you know you want me to know I promise to take good care of my doll” his smirk grew wider as your face started to heat up.

    “OH FUCK YOU” you yelled walking away from him, “SO DO I STILL GET TO SEE YOU IN YOUR OLD UNIFORM ?!” He asked, following behind you, laughing.

    #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x black!reader #x black!reader #sanzu x reader #sanzu fluff #sanzu x black reader #sanzu haruchiyo#tr sanzu #tokyo revengers sanzu #bonten sanzu #sanzu haruchiyo x reader #sanzu x black!reader #suggestive content#Tokyo revengers#sanzu scenarios#sanzu headcanons#sanzu drabble
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  • gitomico
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    Sanzu and me Ñam Ñam

    take that picture for reference. make your version, I would like to see you.

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  • mel0ns
    24.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ngl I think this guy would curb stomp people for fun...

    #he's very pretty #tokyo revengers#sanzu haruchiyo #<- his name is nice too
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  • aikuu
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    the bonten bunnies ♡

    bonten x femdom!reader series <3


    sanzu haruchiyo x fem!reader

    thanks to @shionsdoll for the dms inspo <3

    — just the mere mention of japan's most feared criminal organisation makes most people freeze up in fear, but little do they know, the infamous bonten is nothing but a bunch of pretty little pussy whipped boys that let you do whatever you want to them.

    warnings: pwp, dom!reader, sub!sanzu, pure filth, pet play, dacryphilia, choking, pegging, overestimulation, bdsm, nipple play, handcuffs, bondage, gunplay, spitting, fully consensual recording and live streaming, spitting, squirting, hand job, cowgirl, creampie, orgasm denial, ball sucking, a lot of degradation and aftercare.

    this ff is rated 18+. MINORS DNI.

    "just one more line, pretty please."

    you laugh at sanzu, shaking your head no. he's already done snorted enough coke and ecstacy for the night and you couldn't just let him die on your watch.

    you're pretty drunk yourself, but fortunately for you, you handle your liquor pretty well.

    "i said that's enough for tonight, haruchiyo."

    sanzu pouts at you, looking disappointed. "you're too mean to me, y/n," he complains, making grabby hands at you. "and then you say i'm you're favourite." you laugh at him, taking note of how pretty he looks in his cute pink suit that matches his hair, with a headband perched on top of his head, the two fluffy pink cat ears latched onto it making him look even more adorable. you take him in, stroking his hair as he sighs into your shoulder.

    "you are my favourite," you insist, lying through your teeth. you'd said the same thing to ran last night, and to koko about a week ago. your baby boys are all too good you simply can't just pick a favourite for the life of you.

    "really?" sanzu asks, perking up and shooting you a dopey grin. you nod, as he looks at you with a sly smile.

    "spit it out," you tell him, not missing the look he gave you. "you know that i hate it when you drag things out."

    "if i'm really your favourite," sanzu says slowly, dragging his words on purpose. he knows you can't stand that annoying drawl of his. "then prove it." you cock a brow, making sanzu's grin falter a little. sighing, you curl your fingers around his tie, playing with it.

    "and how exactly do you want me to prove it to you, sweetheart?" you ask, your voice dipping dangerously low. all traces of sanzu's previous smile are now gone as he shakily anticipates your next move, cock throbbing in enthusiasm.

    "what if for once— just once, you let me take control instead?"

    your laugh echoes throughout the room and sanzu immediately regrets what he said. you don't look mad, you simply look amused, which is always worse.

    "look, sweetheart," you say, lifting his chin up with your index finger, mockingly smiling at him. "if you ever have to ask someone for control, then you can't take control at all."

    "i can," sanzu shoots back, surprising himself. maybe it's the drugs or maybe he's feeling particularly bratty tonight, but he's running his mouth way more than you usually let him get away with. "you're just scared that you'll end up submitting to me."

    the corners of your mouth lift up once again, but more maliciously this time. this is getting less funny and more annoying now.

    "okay," you say, smiling sweetly and making up your mind to make sanzu eat his words. "tell you what, sweetheart, i'll go ahead and keep doing what i always do to you, and if you can resist and keep yourself from begging me to let you cum, i'll let you take me however the fuck you want to. all you have to do is show a little bit of restraint, and you'll get what you want."

    sanzu licks his lips, intrigued by your offer. he just has to resist his desire and wait till you let him cum, right? sounds easy enough. he nods, taking you up on your challenge.

    "alright, let's go for it," he says recklessly. "i'm definitely winning this."

    you hold a smile back, not sure where all this newfound overconfidence was pouring from. probably the ecstacy high, you reason, but that's no reason to let your pretty little pet get away with thinking he can mouth off to you whenever he wants to. you'll still need to put him in his rightful place, which is under you.

    "okay, go sit over there," you say pointing to a comfy armchair in the far left of the room and sanzu obliges, sauntering over peacefully, blissfully unaware of all the different ways you were going to rock his world for the night.

    smiling sweetly, you take a seat on his lap, grinding against his half hard cock as your lips press soft kisses onto his jaw. sanzu's hands travel down to your thighs, stroking them, but you push them away, halting your moments entirely. "i said resist, sanzu," you remind him. "only touch me when i tell you to, like always." grumbling under his breath, sanzu gives you a begrudging nod.

    unsatisfied, you lean over and pull one of the side cupboards open, drawing out a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs, the kind that go incredibly well with his adorable little cat ears, and before sanzu could register what was happening, you already have him cuffed to the armchair, looking all pretty and helpless. just for you.

    struggling against the cuffs with no success of getting out of them, he stares at you, beautiful long lashes framing his wide eyes ever so perfectly. he looks like a mouse caught in a trap, which is ironic since the way he's dressed resembles a house cat.

    grinning at him, you rip his suit apart, sending all the exquisite buttons flying in every direction as he groans, whining about how expensive that suit was. rolling your eyes, you shut him up by shoving your tongue into his mouth as your fingers nimbly undo his shirt buttons, flinging the shirt off his torso and discarding it across the room. sanzu moans against your lips, your tongue feeling so warm on his, tasting of cherries and liquor. he can never get enough of your intoxicating taste.

    unconsciously grinding his hips against yours, sanzu lets out low needy whines, and you click your tongue seeing how worked up you got him already when the real fun hasn't even begun yet. pushing him onto the armchair with one hand, you hold down his hips with the other so he can stop trying to chase after his own relief.

    his relief for tonight and for every night after this entirely depends on you and you alone. you'll make sure he realises that by the time you're done with him.

    dipping your head down, you roll his left nipple into your mouth, giving him teasing licks all while you grind on him lightly, just enough to give him enough friction to get frustrated, but not enough to get him off fully.

    you stare up at him through your lashes, watching him bite his lip to contain his moans as you bite his nipple then lick over it, while the fingers of your other hands roll over his right nipple, pinching it. your free hand makes it's way into his lips, your index and middle fingers shoved inside his mouth for him to suck on.

    as choked moans echo from the back of his throat, you lift your lips off of sanzu's nipple with a pop, rolling your hips into his forcefully and making him throw his head back onto the armchair, eyes screwed shut in pleasure.

    "you want more?" you ask him in a sickly sweet tone, adding your ring finger into the mix as you shove your fingers deeper down his throat, making tears form in his eyes as he nods his head frantically. "aw, you're really that eager?" you mock him, laughing loudly. "you shouldn't have been such a fucking brat earlier, then. now shut up and take what i give you like a good little pet and maybe i'll let you cum."

    you move your hips backward, palming his erection through his pants with your free hand, giving it gentle strokes as his muffled whines echo throughout the room, his tongue swirling against your digits that are lodged deep inside his throat. you teasingly pull down his zipper, unbuckling his belt and discarding his pants.

    sanzu groans at the sudden rush of cold air onto his legs, which were now clad in nothing but his skimpy black boxers.

    you pull your fingers away from his mouth as he whines at the sudden deprivation of your warm touch. "you want me to make you cum, bunny?" you ask him. sanzu nods in anticipation, doe eyed as if his pretty boy act would melt you. "use your fucking words brat," you seethe, tightening your grip around his clothed dick and making him gasp out in pleasure.

    "yes," he cries out. "yes, please. make me cum." you nod grimly. "there you go, that wasn't so hard, was it?"

    "no," sanzu responds promptly, like a well trained kitten, shaking his head as he nuzzles in closer to you as you mockingly smile at his need to be attached to your hip at all times, both inside and outside the bedroom, he is the neediest of all your bunnies in that sense.

    you drag his boxers down, ridding his cock of all constraints as it springs up to it's fullest height, slapping against his stomach. pretty with a pink mushroom tip and more on the lengthy side than girth, his cock is already dripping precum, the tip flushed red from need. you can't help but coo at the sight, making sanzu blush in embarrassment. you run your thumb up and down his thigh, blowing cool air onto his sensitive cock, laughing in his face as he hisses in pain and shame.

    "please," he whispers finally, face red and pent up, beads of sweat running down his forehead. "please, touch me." the ghost of a smile reappears on your face as you enjoy the way he's already begun to break his brave facade, all signs of brattiness now gone. but you're not even close to being done with him yet.

    "well, since you asked so nicely," you say, licking up the length of his dick and making him moan loudly in relief. you begin pressing soft kisses on his tip, driving him over the edge as your hand begins to move up and down the shaft, jerking him off. you open your lips ever so slightly, taking his tip inside your mouth, only to press your tongue down onto his slit, hard, making him cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    yet you don't give him the honour of staying in your mouth for too long, popping his tip out from your mouth and effectively making him whine for you, as you go back to pressing kisses to his cockhead as your hand speeds up on jerking his shaft.

    lifting your lips off his tip, you dip your head down further and take one of his sensitive balls into your mouth, sucking it in and swirling your tongue around it, adding pressure by hollowing out your cheeks while your other hand picks up pace on his shaft, eventually settling over his tip as he fucks up into your hand, desperate for release as you move your mouth along his balls, adding suction and kitten licks with pressure, driving him closer to his climax.

    sanzu whines, drawing in shaky breaths as he feels his thigh shake in anticipation of his fast approaching high, but of course you notice, and stop your movements right away, and his face drops at how his orgasm has been snatched away from him right at the moment it was about to hit.

    a single tear rolls down his eye as he pants in confusion, mind reeling from his denied orgasm. his cock flushed redder than before, sanzu is still painfully hard.. and completely at your mercy, just how he's supposed to be.

    "aw," you coo in mock sympathy, wiping off the wetness from his cheek. "you look so pretty when you cry, bunny, it makes me wanna be more mean to you. i want you to cum on my cock and not on my hands, just let me go strap it on." sanzu nods weakly, mind broken and fully willing to let you have his way with him.

    you pull the cupboard open once again, pulling out a huge pink dildo that sanzu didn't ever see before. his eyes widen at the size as you throw your skirt off and then slide your panties down painfully slowly, his mouth watering at the sight of the sinful red lace falling down your thighs and onto the ebony flooring.

    seeing your bare pussy, even if only for a few seconds, drives him crazy. you were so wet, and looked so inviting, and on a good day, if he'd been good enough, you would've rode him until the neither of you can go on anymore, but he's convinced that his earlier brattiness won't earn him pussy privileges anytime soon.

    you strap the dildo onto your bare hips, sanzu's mind once again wandering onto how the fuck he was going to take that size. he's used to your regular 8.5 inch blue dildo, but this new pink one was huge, packing twelve inches and massive girth. that thing is definitely going to rip him apart and make him cry.

    "y-y/n," he says, chuckling nervously. "that's too big." you ignore him, checking whether the dildo is strapped on properly.

    "it's okay, sweet boy," you assure him with a smile that didn't reach your eyes. "you can take it alright. you promised me you would, didn't you?" sanzu gulps, visibly scared. you reach for your phone, preparing to film what's going to happen next. "i'm going to livestream this for the rest of our colleagues, that okay with you?" you ask, setting up the camera in your shirt pocket so it has a clear view of sanzu's pretty face and pretty dick.

    sanzu's face flushes pink, not wanting to be seen as a whining little bitchboy because he knows ran and the others would make fun of him for it. "you don't want to? because i'll shut it off if you're not comfortable," you say. "it's just a damn shame you're missing an opportunity to show the others how good you're being fucked, y'know, drive 'em up the wall wishing it was them in your place instead."

    sanzu's eyes widen in realisation, never seeing the situation from this angle. "you can record," he says meekly as you grin, clicking on the start livestream button. no sooner than a second, rindou's comment pops up, begging for his turn next. you smile, shoving your phone back into your pocket, muting it so you won't be distracted by the pretty sight in front of you.

    easing the tip of your cock at his entrance, you hold back a laugh at the fear in sanzu's eyes. "now, don't go clenching your hole, bunny, that'll just make it harder," you say, spreading his legs apart so his hole is in full view of the camera. "relax and open wide and it'll go in all nice and easy— just like that," you say, shoving your dick into his entrance with a forceful thrust, making him cry out in surprise, along with the inevitable pain of the large stretch. half of your cock is now inside his hole, as you give him a few seconds to collect himself before sheathing yourself in entirely, the base of your cock brushing his pelvis.

    sanzu pants, tears slipping past his lower lashes as his nose begins to turn red from the burn of the stretch. it hurts, it hurts so bad, but he can't help but clench down on your cock, loving the way it brushes against all his sweet spots so perfectly. he buries his head into your neck, hoping for some sort of comfort that you aren't willing to provide— not after the stunt he pulled earlier tonight. you grab a fistful of his pink hair, pulling his head back so he's fully in sight of the camera, face, dick, hole, pretty tears and all.

    you begin to thrust in and out of sanzu in hard, languid strokes, adding more power to every thrust, making the armchair rock back and forth, squeaking sounds of wood against the marble flooring echoing through the house. one of your hands holds his hips tightly in place while the other strokes his cock, pumping it painfully fast, making him reach his high so suddenly that he couldn't even stop himself from cumming right then and there.

    before he knows it, sanzu finds himself covered in his own release, pelvis painted in semi transparent white, beads of his cun trailing down his cock.

    his face falls while yours lights up in victory, but oh, you're not done with him yet. you continue to thrust in and out of his tight hole as he cries out, begging you to slow down as your cock abuses his prostate, hitting his sweet spot over and over again as your strokes on his cock get faster and faster.

    more tears slip past sanzu's pretty long lashes, glistening on his cheek as he finds himself unable to think straight or speak properly from the overestimulation. "f-fuck.. i-i can't take it," he gasps out, voice shaky. "you can and you will, baby," you rasp out, holding your steady rythmn as you keep thrusting, hand moving against his dripping cock just the way he likes it.

    "what's wrong, bunny?" you ask him playfully, moving your hand away from his cock to fluff his cat ears. "cat got your tongue?" sanzu pants, chest shining with sweat as it drips down his lean abs and disappears into the layer of cum coating his pelvis.

    "this is what happens when you run your mouth but can't help but be a slut for whatever i give you," you say, slowing down your strokes as you sense he's close to cumming a second time. "is it too much?" you ask, as sanzu nods frantically. "fine then, bunny, i'll stop."

    sanzu shakes his head violently, looking a mess with drool coating his chin and eyes so wide and fucked out, lashes wet from tears.

    "n-no," he gasps out, "don't stop." you oblige, thrusting up to him, as you part his lips with your fingers, motioning him to open his mouth wide. he does, listening to every word you say, knowing his orgasm is at stake. you hold his jaw open. "tongue out," you say and he almost immediately obliges, making you smile. you spit on his tongue, watching it trail down from his tongue, making it's way down his cheek and dripping onto his neck.

    "so fucking filthy," you compliment, licking at the trail of spit and making your way up towards his tongue, sliding yours over his. "just for me." sanzu nods eagerly as you capture his lips in a heated kiss, tongues dancing together as he desperately moans into your kiss, melting into your arms.

    now all you need is one last finishing touch. one final blow to fuck him out of his mind.

    and that's when you see his gun laying on the ground, having fallen right next to you when you threw his pants away.

    your right hand makes way to reach for the gun as your cock repeatedly thrusts in and out of sanzu, making him release all over himself and your strap for the second time, looking too fucked out to even know that he came.

    you giggle at the sight, fluffing his cat ears once again. "you know who owns you now, pet? or do i need to make it clear who's the owner once again?" you ask him, as he looks too far gone to even register your words, having been fucked stupid. and on that note, you click his gun, making him snap back into attention.


    you shove the barrel into his mouth, shutting him up effectively. "last time i checked, kittens don't talk back," you snap, pulling your cock out of his abused hole, removing the strap entirely.

    "suck," you order, sinking down onto his cock as you sigh in pleasure, finally getting yourself off for the night. as you ride him, sanzu bobs his head up and down the barrel of the gun, cat ears perking up and down as tears freely stream down his face with no shame as you ride his cock fast and hard, chasing after your own orgasm, making cute little white rings at the base of his cock with his cum and your precum mixed in together.

    sanzu drools all over the barrel, choking on it as you drive it deeper into his throat, a picture of completely submission and the perfect example of a well tamed brat as he sucks on the body of the gun for dear life as the camera shakes along with your tits as you bounce over his cock, your free hand rubbing circles onto your clit as you clamp down on sanzu painfully, squeezing him tight enough to make him let out a muffled scream from the back of his throat as he squirts, his liquids shooting up into you with such force that it drives your impending orgasm upon you, pleasure washing over your entire body as you cum, both your pelvis and sanzu's coated in massive amounts of his squirt mixed with both your releases.

    panting, you catch your breath, dragging the gun out from his mouth, your hand wrapping around his neck and making him cough. you tighten your grip, looking into his eyes with a satisfied smile that looks almost predatory.

    "tell me, bunny," you ask, "who owns you?"

    "you," sanzu answers without hesitation, voice raspy from deepthroating the gun, tears leaking out his eyes as your grip around his neck gradually weakens. he collapses onto your chest, spent from the repeated orgasms, balls fully drained of cum, his cock finally softened. you bring your mobile out, chuckling at the endless amounts of comments on your private stream, despite there being only seven watchers. you end the livestream, throwing your phone onto the bed and wrapping your arms around sanzu's shoulders, slowly running them on his back, almost soothingly.

    you kiss his head, rocking him for a few moments before getting off to put your clothes back on. "crash here for tonight," you tell him. "can't you cuddle with me?" he begs, "please?"

    you roll your eyes, giving him a hesitant nod before collapsing onto the bed next to him, spooning him as the two of you fell asleep with sanzu feeling secure in your arms, and you feeling secure with him in yours.

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