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    19.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    are you guys ready for a parallel that turns me into a fine powder? during tommy’s arrest during the drug bust that sparked l’manberg’s creation: Tommy: “Just leave him, you’ve got me. Just be happy with me, man.” Sapnap: “We need them all. We need them all.” Tommy: “No, no, you just want me. Seriously, Sapnap, you just want me.” 

    the confrontation on top of the obsidian grid, staring down at l’manberg’s ashes: Tommy: "You did this. To all of us, not just to me but to everyone here." Dream: "Beautiful, you know? The unfinished symphony right?" Tommy: "Yeah." Tommy: "Why Dream? Couldn't you have just- couldn’t you have just burned the discs? Couldn't you have just done it to me?" Dream: “Oh this is much more fun.”

    #dream smp#tommyinnit#sapnap#dreamwastaken#meta #tommy has been self sacrificing for his friends from the very beginning #the duel for l'manberg's independence wasn't a gesture that came out of nowhere
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    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    There’s a lot of things I want to draw but whole images take so long and I just haven’t had that kind of motivation recently. What I do have are sketches though! So at least there’s that--

    Also yeah, I’ve been wanting to draw Bad for so long--

    #art#sketch#doodling#dream smp#sapnap#badboyhalo#foolish gamers#ranboo#tubbo #some quality lads #my sister hates this image of sapnap
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    Packed some of my stuff from twitter and moved here for awhile. So uhsusjs Heres my introduction! 😎 Hoping tumblr is cewl 💯😩 and uh yes..This was made for my twitter account but im too lazy to make a new introduction

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    19.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    God ever since the quackity lore stream Ive had this scene in my brain of him crying his eyes out, eating ice cream, and watching telanovelas while tommy awkwardly comforts him

    Tommy: hey big q.... How you holding up...?

    Quackity, between ice cream bites: fine

    Tommy: haha yeah 😬... Anyway wanna go do drugs...?

    Quackity: *suddenly tears up* karl and sapnap used to do drugs with me 🥺

    Quackity: *starts bawling for the third time today*

    Tommy while patting him on the back: there... There...?

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  • galaxy-lilies
    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Of Bullets and Roses (Karlnapity AU)

    Warnings: guns, violence, descriptions of injuries, scars, and such.

    A/N: This idea came from the early days of dsmp casino Quackity when we didn’t know much about the lore. There are definitely a lot of typos and grammar mistakes so rip me. I know I posted a link to the google doc a long time ago but I finally made it in tumblr post form :]

    The Main Story

    Quackity was known as the right hand man of Schlatt and for the longest time it was just the two of them. That is until Schlatt kicked the bucket. After that it went to crap to say the least. His business was doing just fine, he just got into a few...scuffles. He touched the scar across his left eye, a reminder of the power of the SBI and their brute Technoblade. It's a pity their young one had friends related to Quackity's connections, he couldn't get rid of them...yet.

    He flipped a coin mindlessly in his hand. He owed a favor to the DreamTeam. After Schlatt died, he lost territory and allies fast. Quackity had come to them crawling on his knees. It wasn't a pretty sight, but he had to do whatever he needed to in order to keep his business alive. One of them felt pity for him, if that counted for anything.

    His name was Sapnap. He was the arsonist of the group and the one to do more inside jobs albeit with a fiery twist. They had run into each other a few times, not very often though.

    One of his grunts caught his attention and he beckoned them over. "Any news from the big guy?" Quackity asked, pocketing the coin. "Not much yet, Vice. We're expecting them to send in a message at any second though." Quackity hummed thoughtfully, looking at the spinning door leading into the casino.

    To say the least he was surprised to see only Sapnap step through along with another man. The man was dressed in a mess of different colors, his smile a little too happy and aloof for someone Sapnap should know.

    Quackity raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything about it. "Hello there Sapnap, long time no see." Sapnap smiled although it was a little too sinister for it to be kind. "We just talked two days ago, did you already miss me?"

    Quackity scoffed. "Don't flatter yourself." He peered over to the other man who seemed to be enraptured by the decor of the lobby. "And you are?"

    The man perked up, holding out a hand. "Karl Jacobs at your service, sir!"

    Quackity didn't take the hand. "I see. Well nice to meet you Mr. Jacobs."

    Karl awkwardly let his hand fall to his side, but it didn't seem to phase him too much.

    Quackity brought the two of them to his suite and they began discussing the current situation: trying to undermine the SBI and increase the profits and territory of both the DreamTeam and Quackity.

    Eventually, Quackity pulled Sapnap to the side. "Hey, I don't know why you brought that clown over if all he ever did was goof off and not pay attention to the plan. What was that all about?"

    Sapnap chuckled. "Oh, I wouldn't say that if I were you."

    Quackity was about to ask when Sapnap made a turn around motion. That’s when he saw multiple red lasers pinpointed on his chest. He looked up to see Karl with a toothy grin and a gun like contraption in his hand.

    Turned out Karl was a sniper and he was damn good at it.

    Quackity stared at Karl wide-eyed and he nearly jumped out of his skin when Sapnap leaned close to his ear.

    "You don't want to get on Karl's bad side much less the other side of that gun," he teased, patting Quackity's shoulder. He headed back to where Kar was sitting, the gun long since stashed away.

    Karl's smile didn't seem as friendly as before.

    The first mission was simple: try to take out one of the main SBI members, in this case the second eldest Wilbur Soot. If that didn't work, they would try to establish one of the three within the parameters of the organization and try to destroy it from the inside.

    “And explain to me why I am being dragged along again?”

    The three of them stood outside of the main SBI headquarters. They watched as people headed inside and out, waiting to sense a pattern and to scout out who was a guard and who was not.

    “We need someone who knows how to talk to people just in case the outfits don’t work. Besides, it’s better to bring in someone just in case things go south,” Sapnap explained. He was dressed in business attire in hopes of blending in if they needed to enter through the entrance of the building. Quackity and Karl were in similar outfits however Karl only had a dress shirt, basic dress pants, and a ridiculously colored tie. Quackity on the other hand wore a navy blue vest-suit combination. He had to put in a colored eye contact and make-up to cover his left eye to avoid any stares or recognition.

    Quackity jumped a little when Karl placed a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t be such a worrywart Quackity, everything will be fine.”

    He looked at Karl skeptically, but didn’t say anything in response. Sapnap began explaining the plan again. While Sapnap would go in to try and talk to Wilbur, Quackity and Karl would scout out the building and try to find where the main SBI quarters were located.

    “This building is a facade after all: basic businesses and employees in the front, a whole other business in the back.”

    Sapnap had no problem entering the building, it was only when Quackity ran into someone on the way to the elevators. Quackity almost fell to the ground from the impact and he would have if Karl wasn’t there. He was about to give this person a piece of his mind when he looked up and immediately paled. He recognized that pink hair from anywhere.

    “Oh pardon me, I didn’t see you there,” apologized Techno. He was dressed in business attire as well, however his clothes were definitely nicer than the normal employees.

    “I-it’s no problem really, I guess I’m used to it,” Quackity said, trying to stay calm. If Techno wanted to say anything about his behavior he didn’t comment on it. The elevators dinged open and he stepped through. He looked at Karl and Quackity raising an eyebrow. “Well? Are you going to come in or not?”

    The two quickly shuffle in and the doors close. Techno pressed a floor and Karl pressed a random floor near the top. Techno glanced at the floor number. “Ah, you two are the new business employees aren’t you.”

    “Y-yep! First day at the job,” Karl said. Quackity wanted to point out how bad Karl’s acting was, but he couldn’t in the presence of Techno.

    There was a good amount of silence before Techno broke it.

    “You know, this is the executive elevator, only allowed for important personnel. It’s explained even before the first day on the job.”

    Karl and Quackity paled.

    “But it’s an honest mistake I suppose,” continued Techno, adjusting the sleeves of his suit. “At least, it would have been if you didn’t happen to remember that the employees are only allowed access to the first twenty floors.”

    Quackity barely had time to comprehend what happened, but when he looked Karl and Techno had pulled out a gun at the same time. Thankfully both of them were smart enough not to shoot in such a small space.

    “Hello Quackity,” greeted Techno,“long time no see.”

    Quackity chuckled although it was somewhat weak. “I could say the same thing, Techno.”

    “Wait, you know this guy??” Karl hissed, still focused on Techno. Techno growled. “Enough talk: why are you here.”

    Quackity glanced at the floor numbers. They were almost to floor 35 where the doors would open. “Oh you know, I just came here to break up a little family reunion. After all the pain I endured, I feel it’s only right to give back in the same way.”

    That’s when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Without missing a beat, Quackity dragged Karl and the two made a run for it. Techno followed in pursuit, the three on a wild goose chase.

    Eventually the two ended up in a random room. They didn’t know what floor they were on and they didn’t want to find out anytime soon.

    “You know if you told me we would be running from the Technoblade I would’ve worn better shoes-” Karl panted, trying to look for an exit.

    “Tell me about it,” Quackity said, trying to listen to see if he was near. Karl glanced at Quackity. “How do you think Sapnap is holding up?”

    “Seeing how badly this is going, probably not so well,” Quackity admitted. And he was right.

    Instead of running into Wilbur, Sapnap ran into Tommy. Tommy assumed that Sapnap was a normal employee and he assured Sapnap that he would be able to find one of his brothers to help Sapnap get to the right floor.

    “I honestly don’t know where they could be. Usually they’re talking to a bunch of big businessmen you know. Important shit like that.”

    “Uh-huh,” said Sapnap mindlessly, half paying attention to what Tommy was saying.

    While Tommy filled in the silence, Sapnap was hoping that Karl and Quackity were doing alright. However, his worry only skyrocketed when he saw Technoblade heading their way.

    To say the least he looked pissed.

    “Hey big guy, what’s going on?” Tommy asked, walking a little bit ahead of Sapnap to reach Techno sooner.

    “There are intruders in the building, you need to go to a safe room now.”

    Tommy gawked. “Really now? Isn’t the security in here like. Top notch or something?”

    Techno sighed. “Tommy, please. Tell Wilbur and Philza to head to safety while I deal with the-”

    That’s when Technoblade noticed Sapnap.

    Sapnap only waved before making a run for it. He wasn’t even going to try and bluff his way out of that one.

    He wasn’t paying attention to where he was going, but eventually he managed to run into Quackity and Karl.

    “We need to get out of here and fast,” Sapnap said, looking behind him to see if they’re being pursued.

    Karl huffed, “You don’t need to tell us that we already had a run in with Technoblade and to say the least it wasn’t good.”

    Sapnap’s eyes widened. “Wait, you too-?!” “Hold it right there!”

    The three whip around to see a bunch of men heading their way. Karl didn’t even hesitate and brought out his gun shooting into the mob. The three managed to duck into a hallway as Karl continued to shoot. Sapnap looked around and cursed. The hallway was a dead end. The only thing waiting for them at the end of the hall was a large window overlooking the city.

    He was snapped out of his stupor when he heard a yelp and saw Karl crumple to the floor. Quackity managed to hold onto the other preventing Karl from falling in the line of fire. The gunfire increased and the three of them retreated towards the window.

    “What do we do now?!” hissed Sapnap, hoisting Karl up and doing a brief look over his injuries. There was a large amount of blood flowing from his head but from the look of it a bullet only skimmed his head.

    “I-I don’t know I-?!”

    Quackity looked between the window and the start of the hallway. That’s when he realized something. Suddenly he starts unbuttoning his blazer and vest, tossing it to the side only leaving his dress shirt and tie on.

    Sapnap flushed. “Geez at least take me on a date first.”

    Quackity growled. “Now is not the time to joke around!” He quickly raised his shirt revealing his wings wrapped around his abdomen and bound by a belt. He quickly unclipped it and released his wings, shaking them a little.

    He grabbed for Karl’s gun and shot at the window a few times, shattering the glass in the process. The yelling and gunfire behind them increased even more.

    Grabbing Karl and Sapnap, he yelled a quick, “Hang on tight!” before jumping out of the window, his wings flaring out and catching the wind.

    Even though he's carrying three times the weight his wings can hold, the glide is good enough for them to land onto the roof of a building and run, albeit with Karl on Sapnap's back. Instead of returning to the casino, they end up in one of Sapnap's safe houses located near the edge of the city where there were less people.

    It was there they tended to Karl's wounds before Sapnap glanced at Quackity who was preening his wings.

    "Care to explain?" Sapnap asked.

    To Quackity's surprise Sapnap didn't sound disgusted or afraid. While hybrids were common in this world, they were still treated horribly which led to many hiding their hybrid parts, Quackity included.

    Quackity shrugged. "I don't want to talk about it." Sapnap didn't press.

    There was more awkward silence until Sapnap glanced over to hear Quackity cursing under his breath. One of his wings was bent weirdly and there were some feathers he couldn't reach.

    "I, um. I can help," Sapnap piped up.

    Quackitiy scoffed. "You? Helping? You don't have any wings, what would you know."

    "That's true," Sapnap said, "but I want to say thank you for saving us today. You’re already loaded and you have more than enough henchmen. Besides, I don't know how long we are going to stay here."

    Quackity glared over his shoulder before sighing. "Fine. But if you break my wings, I am personally going to kill you."

    To say the least the beginning was rough, but after a few pointers from Quackity, Sapnap easily found rhythm and started to get to work. Soon Quackity was falling in and out of consciousness from how relaxed he was. It's been a long time since someone else had preened his feathers and for someone to be so gentle.

    Eventually, Sapnap was done and Quackity was shaken awake. His wings puffed up in defense, but then he remembered where he was.

    "So how is it?" Sapnap asked.

    Quackity looked at his wings and found them in a pretty good shape. While his wing was still bent weirdly, any feathers he was trying to reach were sorted and his wings were overall better.

    Right as he was about to thank Sapnap, Karl began to stir.

    Sapnap rushed over, crouching by the couch. "Hey there big guy, how are you feeling?"

    "Mmm a little groggy to be honest," Karl mumbled. Sapnap passed him a glass of water and Karl took a sip before pecking Sapnap on the cheek. Quackity flushed at the display of affection and he awkwardly coughed, saying he would be in the other room if they needed him.

    Karl glanced at Sapnap and Sapnap only shrugged in response.

    The days in the safe house were...boring to say the least. Quackity could only contact his connections to a certain extent without being tracked. While he waited he played around with some playing cards he found in one of the cabinets. He would spend hours on end practicing his throws and just playing games by himself.

    Besides, he didn’t want to bother the lovebirds.

    He had woken up one morning and found the two having an intimate moment making breakfast together. He didn’t want to disrupt the other two and tried to go back to his room as silently as he could but a squeaky floorboard gave him away. Karl had glanced over and asked if Quackity was alright and the hybrid mumbled a sheepish “yeah...”

    He eventually helps out with making breakfast and the three fall back into an easy rhythm. One day Sapnap left early to check in at the DreamTeam base leaving Karl and Quackity by themselves. They converse about a few things before it gets to the topic of Quackity’s scar.

    “I know you mentioned that you knew Technoblade before we infiltrated the SBI base but...what exactly happened?”

    Quackity grimaced a bit, tracing the scar a little. “I was never skilled with hand to hand combat. Let’s just say he pulled out a knife and managed to slice my face.”

    I’ll probably add more to this later however while they stay at the safe house, they start to flirt a little bit more and they start to get closer. Eventually they try to infiltrate the SBI base again, but they ultimately fail and Quackity gets severely injured.

    When he wakes up he's met face to face with Dream himself. George is by his side per usual, the assassin with a plethora of guns and knives up his sleeves. Dream congrats Quackity on surviving for so long and that his favor is now paid back. There are some more empty threats exchanged between the two before Sapnap tells him to shove off for a bit. Dream only rolls his eyes and laughs before letting Sapnap and Karl visit Quackity.

    Beforehand Quackity was freaking out about breaking the two up but then they were like "my guy we like you too. Also uh. your casino kinda got raided and it's not safe sooo...wanna room with us?"

    Of course he says yes.

    How Sapnap and Quackity Met

    When Schlatt kicked the bucket, the Sleepy Bois and other groups immediately targeted Quackity and the original base Schlatt and Quackity shared. He was knocked out by the pain of technoblade slicing his left eye and gouging his cheek.

    Somehow he survived. He woke up in the burning building and stumbled his way out, hiding in the alleyways and barely making it with all of his injuries. The closest "allies" Quackity knew of were the Dreamteam so he headed in what hoped was the general direction of their base. He passed out before he could even get there. Somehow he was close enough to the base and with the recent news of the city being on fire the trio had a feeling Quackity would stop by soon.

    Quackity woke up feverish and with gauze over his cheek and eye. In front of him stood Dream, Sapnap and George standing by his side. George had a neutral face while Sapnap couldn't help and cringe at the injuries.

    "Good to see you're finally awake, Quackity,” said Dream, smiling. “We were worried that you were dead...which wouldn't be much of a problem."

    Quackity glared (at least with his good eye) at Dream. "What do you want." Knowing the man Dream would want something back in return for saving Quackity. Dream grinned. "Oh you know me all too well Quackity. I simply ask for you to pay back. Your medical bills were quite pricey and the cost of your little fire has destroyed a good portion of my city."

    "Not to mention I will be oh so generous as to give you a new building and enough money to start your business again." Quackity opened his mouth to ask about the catch but Dream held up a hand. "You have no allies, Quackity. Everyone wants you dead. Do you really think there's someone out there who is willing to help you?" Dream grinned. "Besides, you're already in debt to me."

    Quackity closed his mouth. There really was no other option. Swallowing his pride, he glanced up and stared straight at Dream. "Fine," he spat. "I accept your offer."

    Dream clapped his hands. "Excellent! What a wise decision."

    While Dream and George left, Sapnap stayed behind. Quackity slightly bristled asking what the heck Sapnap wanted and Sapnap glared at him.

    "I just wanted to see if you were ok. I was the one who found you and you were not only burned, but bleeding from your eye."

    Quackity calmed a bit but he did admit with all of this new information he's been on edge. Sapnap hummed and explained that Dream would probably let Quackity off the hook a little easier after a while but Quackity didn't believe him. George eventually came into the medical room looking for Sapnap and the two took their leave.

    The next time Sapnap and Quackity run into each other is when Quackity is trying to make a deal with the Badlands, meeting with the infamous Badboyhalo.

    They were at a fancy venue with plenty of guests and Quackity was sitting at the bar nursing a drink mindlessly. He checked his watch and when he looked up he saw someone sitting in front of him.

    "Didn't expect to see you here," Sapnap admitted placing his drink down on the bar Quackity almost spat out his drink. "Sapnap?? What are you doing here?"

    Sapnap shrugged. "Oh nothing much just checking out the area and checking in on our connections. How about you?"

    "I could say the same thing," Quackity mumbled, taking a sip of his drink

    Eventually, Quackity excused himself only to run into Bad himself. "Ah hello there. Quackity was it?" Bad asked.

    The two talk a little and Quackity tries to pitch his deal but Bad isn't having it. It starts to get a little violent until Sapnap pops out of nowhere and goes like "hey there dad uuuuuuh cool off a bit. Meanwhile Quackity I think it's time for you to go--"

    Quackity was about to protest until he saw Antfrost in the back making a b-line for him. Quackity gives a strained smile before dipping, leaving Sapnap to do the fixing.

    How Karl and Sapnap Met

    Everyone knew about Techno's and Dream's bad history with each other and today was the day everyone was going to witness who was better than the other

    Sapnap had locked eyes with Karl when Mr. Beast went on to explain the rules of the shoot off. Karl had only grinned and Sapnap could feel himself flush. George had elbowed him, teasing him and Sapnap only sputtered in response.

    Finally Mr. Beast explained that there was not going to be any sabotage from anybody from either the Dreamteam or SBI. Sapnap had gone to leave, the tension between the three groups getting a little too much. he was stopped in his tracks by Karl.

    "I'm sorry Sapnap but you have to turn around. No one is allowed to leave the premises until after the shoot off."

    Sapnap raised an eyebrow, about to ask why until he saw the gun in Karl’s hand. "We don't want any problems, right?" Karl giggled, adjusting the hold on his gun. Sapnap glared at the other but proceeded to turn back around. Maybe he turned to hide his blush. Could have been a possibility

    The tournament went smoothly, Techno becoming the victor by a single point. While the SBI cheered, the Dreamteam left the premises.

    "Are you even listening to me Sapnap?" Dream asked, a bit pissed from the loss. "Hm? I'm sorry Dream I didn't hear you, what did you say?"

    George snickered. "Don't worry about Sapnap, Dream, he's still caught up on the sniper Mr. Beast has hired- OW!" Sapnap had elbowed George quite harshly in the ribs.

    Dream raised an eyebrow but didn't comment, proceeding to rant about the duel instead.

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    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago


    i love how after wilbur blew up l’manburg the first time dream was like


    and everyone was like

    “no we already knew that he said he was gonna do it and the crazy son of a bitch did it and now he’s dead as hell we got it”

    and then in one fatal swoop Tommy was like


    and everyone was like


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    day off in kinoko rated t karlnapity

    After a career-ending injury, college athlete Sapnap is forced to drop out of school and move back to his hometown and into an apartment with one of his best friends. When the following summer forces him outside and about the town of Kinoko, he meets the sole librarian of the public library that is doomed to close at the end of the summer and the proprietor of a traveling casino that happens to be passing through town. Each of them are suffering their own hardships, but together they can heal and try to make a difference in this small town.
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    Tales of a Better World

    (Heehee, another installment to my Manhunt Dream in the SMP. Part 1 and Part 2 are here) Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Dream followed Quackity as the short male continued to keep a vice like grip on his arm. He ignored the dull ache that accompanied this and instead focused on looking around. The world, for lack of better term, could be worse. Sure, there was that huge crater that led to literal bedrock and some houses that seemed to be overrun by some red vines but everything seemed to come together to form a nice and quaint little community of houses and miscellaneous buildings. As someone who has only seen villages and never really settled down in a single world with a proper home, he looked at everything in awe. No matter how bruised or battered the place looked. He could tell it was home. He blinked when Quackity and Sapnap pulled him through a forest, the eerily empty community left behind them as they led him somewhere else. He bit his bottom lip, urging himself to stay quiet as he continued to follow the two. The two who he considered friends seemed so far from that- so different from what he was used to. He sighed and wondered what else the world would present to him. What else is different? Who else hated him? They broke out of the forest and appeared in a little new civilization. Dream admired everything around him, once again enraptured by the builds that were done. He didn't notice the argument that Quackity and Sapnap had before it ended roughly. He yelped when he was dragged into one of the mushroom homes and blinked when he found himself sitting on a couch with Quackity and Sapnap standing in front of him with crossed arms. He shifted in his seat and gave them both nervous smiles. "Hey." Dream cleared his throat when they shot him glares. He shrunk under them and pressed his lips into a thin line, "Look, I can talk about my world if you really want proof about me being... not whoever you think I am." "Right, go on." Sapnap raised an eyebrow. Dream coughed, "You might want to sit down. It's... really long." Sapnap and Quackity exchanged a look before they both sighed and moved to the kitchen. They dragged two chairs and sat across from Dream, crossed arms still present and glares still heated. Dream chuckled and rubbed the back of his head nervously before he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This was going to take a while. So, he spoke. He spoke about his friends who weren't stained with war like these two. He spoke about the Manhunts he participated in. He spoke about the after parties and the championships. He spoke about all the friends he knew closely, what they did and how they all never really settled down in a single world. The more he spoke, the more he watched Sapnap and Quackity relax. The more he talked about his relationships and how no one really hated anyone, the more he saw the pain in the two's eyes grow and grow until they were both grimacing. He didn't stop. He wouldn't stop. He will continue to talk until the two realize that he wasn't just making up stories. He talked about Tommy, Wilbur, Phil, Jack and Charlie messing around with a lot of worlds that had different codes. He talked about Technoblade and his favorite world, Hypixel. He talked about Tubbo, Ranboo and Niki messing around in a world that made them have mob characteristics along with the others from time to time. "...and then I beat all four of them. It was a close match but I managed to get the jump on them." Dream chuckled, finishing his retelling of his latest manhunt. "I was in an empty world, practicing my parkour and I was just about to call in Tommy or something to help me with PvP but then I appeared here." Sapnap swallowed thickly, his eyes glassy as he looked at Dream, "You're not- you're not lying?" "No." Dream shook his head. For a moment he considered it. It wasn't like he was that particular with showing his face with his close friends. He kept the mask mostly because he was well known in more public worlds and needed them. He couldn't count the amount of times his mask broke during a Manhunt, especially

    during high stress situations. He brought a hand up to clutch at the smooth porcelain, another hand moving to unclip it. He could hear the two gasp when he pulled it off, looking at them with bright green eyes that sparkled with sincerity. He looked at the two's incredulous stares and raised an eyebrow, "What?" "You... you took off your mask." Sapnap stuttered out, his hands gripping his knee. "Yeah? All my close friends saw my face?" Dream shrugged, keeping the mask in his inventory. "I only wear it for public things like the Championships or that Duel I had with Techno." "You- I saw your face?" Quackity choked. "You're both acting as if I never take off the mask." Dream laughed, shaking his head. "That must be uncomfortable after some time." "You- you never showed your face... not even to me and George." Sapnap whispered. There was silence and the sentence weighed heavy on the air. Dream looked at the two with wide eyes, his mouth slightly open. Quackity noted how the man was expressive, his eyes telling everything they need to know. He shifted in his seat, uncomfortable at the knowledge. When he saw Dream being dragged into the prison, the man kept his mask on. From what he heard from Sapnap's visit, his mask was still on. "You- you've never seen my face?" He whispered, his tone broken and small and in disbelief. "But, surely you and my... surely you three are old friends, right?" "We are." "Then..." Dream trailed off, looking down at his callused and scarred hands. He swallowed thickly as he tried to regulate his breathing. He couldn't believe this world. This universe. This- whatever this place was. He couldn't ever imagine a world where he never confided his face to his oldest friends. He couldn't... He wondered if he got the better end of the stick... If perhaps he got the better world.

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    Matching Tattoos with DreamSMP

    > A/N: Something quick and easy today, hope you all like it > Characters:  Dream, Sapnap, George, BBH, Karl, and Schlatt > Warnings: none > Masterlist || requests are open







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  • noobsomeexagerjunk
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    this but updated in line with today's eggshattering lore!

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  • notplanningshit
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • notplanningshit
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #sapnap#dream#georgenotfound#karl jacobs#quackity #dream x reader #sapnap x reader #george x reader #quackity x reader #karl jacobs x reader #dream imagine#george imagine#mcyt imagine #karl jacobs imagine #sapnap imagine#quackity imagine#x reader#dsmp#dream smp#feral boys #sage vs feral boys #sage vs dream #sage vs george #sage vs sapnap #sage vs karl #sage vs quackity
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  • dangsheepmakingposts
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Suddenly thinking up an idea with the parallel thought of

    A son taking a blade by his father


    A son taking a blade for his father

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  • notplanningshit
    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago
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