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  • i may or may not be going on a date ig with this girl,,,, we’re gonna go on a picnic and i’m gonna get her flowers and bake her goods…. omg i’m so excited jdhdjfjfhjs

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  • I love you.

    The way you move, and your every thought.

    The way your skin feels under my fingertips.

    The way you look at me like I have all the stars of the sky in my eyes.

    The way you make our love feel like it’s never going to fade.

    The way you make my heart beat like it’s never going to break.

    The way you make me hope that someday, will be our day, and we’ll look at the sunset from the same balcony.

    We’ll walk home through the same door.

    The way that even when we break down and every odd is stacked against us and everything feels impossible, we’re in this together.

    I love it all.

    I love us.

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  • My fiance and I have been looking at houses since the beginning of April this year. We put offers in on 7 houses and lost 6! Our real estate agent has had his entire team looking for houses for us, and while we were out looking at a house that was okay, his assistant, who was showing us the house, told us about a house that had just gone on the market. This house was at the very top of our price range meaning we couldn’t offer more than asking, and we couldn’t offer to pay closing costs, but we went and looked at it anyway. 


    This house was absolutely perfect.

    When you first drive up to the house, you see that it has a brand new driveway, new garage doors, new vinyl siding, new windows, and a new front door. We knew right away that this was a house that would go fast, and any offer we put in would get overlooked. I didn’t want to get too excited like with the last house we had put an offer on. We decided to look inside anyway, even with the knowledge that we couldn’t fight for this house. Upon entering, we were greeted with the smell of new carpet and paint, and a very nice tiled entryway with room for coat hooks (and eventually backpack hooks and a shoe cubby for our future children) and the option to go up or down the stairs from there. 

    To the right were the stairs leading to the living room. The living room had tall vaulted ceilings and two bubble window skylights. And a brick, wood-burning fireplace! There was so much natural light in the living room, it would be silly to ever turn on a light during the day. To the right of the living room was my dream kitchen complete with real granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and the fridge would be staying! There was plenty of counter and cabinet space and a pantry, something that is very hard to find in our price range, apparently. Walking back towards the front of the house through the kitchen leads to the formal dining room with a large window overlooking the front yard. I didn’t think we were dining room people, but I guess we are now. To the left of the living room is the hallway that leads to the three bedrooms of the house. Two of the bedrooms are on the left side of the hallway and on the right is a full bathroom and the master bedroom, big enough for a king-size bed. There’s even a full bathroom in the master bedroom – this is something I had only dreamed of and thought would stay a dream until my children were grown and Tanner was a famous author.

    Heading down the stairs leads to the basement. The finished basement. With a fireplace. And a finished laundry room with a counter to fold laundry or lay something out to dry or spot clean. And the washer and dryer that come with the house. And not a furnace or water heater to be seen in the laundry room. The garage was on the left of the stairs leading down to the basement. The garage didn’t have the standard concrete floor, it was finished with epoxy, which makes it so much easier to clean!

    This house should have sold for at least $15,000 over the asking price. This house isn’t a first house. It’s a house for people with money and kids, but I guess I was wrong. We put in our offer – asking price and asking the sellers to pay closing costs, which ultimately brings down the cost to $5,000 less than asking. We also sent in a cover letter outlining our plans for our home, how we want to start our family there and make memories there. How it will become the place where our babies, once we have them, take their first steps and say their first words, where when they get older they will learn to ride their bikes and want to run the neighborhood with their friends, and they’ll beg to have their friends sleep over. It will be the last house our dog, Amigo, will lay in the sun on the back of the couch, and the first yard Gizmo can call his own. It’s the house where Tanner will finish his first book and where he will get the call that an agent wants to represent him and buy his book. It’s the house I will finish my Masters degree in. 

    Everyone said that the right house would come up eventually, and all of the houses that we lost out on just weren’t ours. I knew they were right, but I didn’t know how right they were.

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    all these fandoms are really nice to make you feel like you’re apart of something special 😊 cause you bond over your shared likes of actors, shows, and characters which is so fun. happiest little tumblr community 😃 I love it here


    #chicago pd#the rookie #just happy to be here #fandom#fandoms rock#tv fandom#cpd fandom#rookie fandom#fanfiction #plus all the memes #& gifs #it’s so good #amazing really #love it love it love it #yep yep#sappy post #ok i'll stop now
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  • I did it 🥳🥳🥳 (aka a sappy post)

    So wow I just finished my last exam and submitted my dissertation which means I’m freeeeeeeee. There are still a few things I need to hear about before I can say for sure I’m technically a graduate but I’m here to make you all cry 😂 jk… well not really.

    This academic year has been without a doubt one of the hardest of my life. I went through a lot of anxiety and depression and sometimes I felt really alone but there were people who really helped me even if they didn’t know it.

    @angelhaz11 - my Carebear 🥺💕 we’ve gone through quite a bit lately but I’m so so so so glad to have you and to be your friend. You’re amazing, kind and funny and you always make me smile. You’re one of the first friends I made on this account and I can’t wait to play AC with you and meet you some day next year! I’m also gonna binge all of your writing I missed and I can’t wait!

    @eeyore101247 - lovely Lolo 💙 and I don’t say lovely just because of the alliteration. Lolo is easily one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. You’re so sweet and kind and loving. You’ve managed to keep me sane with cute pet videos or TikToks and I know they don’t seem like a lot but I love you so much for them because they make me smile and so do you ☺️ I’m so glad we’re friends 💕

    @thinkoutsidethebex - Bex, you helped me a lot this year. When my depression started you were there and through most of my anxiety attacks too. Not to mention you helped me with my work when I didn’t feel like I could do it or if I was strong enough. You’ve made me smile and made me laugh and I just love you so much. I wouldn’t have gotten through most of this year without you. Also I’m gonna beat your ass at Mario Kart soon 🤪

    I’m proud to call you three my best tumblr friends 🥰

    Here’s some more absolute sweethearts who make me smile everyday: @preciouspparkers @starkissedholland @the-crazy-fanfictionist @mysmileyspideyboi @devin-marie @spideygirl2003 @parkerpeter24 @glowunderthemoon and so many more

    Thank you for being the most amazing friends, I couldn’t ask for any better. I love you all so much and I’m beyond grateful for each and everyone of you 🥰🥺

    Also I DID IT!

    #im sorry for making you all cry in advance #beautiful mutuals 💖 #i love you all #sappy post#😭😭
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  • Love.

    I’m dedicating every love song to you. I’m going through them all. I’m putting them in my Playlist. I’m listening to them.

    One by one.

    It takes time, but you deserve it.

    I’m learning them all by heart;

    And I’ll sing them under the moonlight.

    I want to remember you with every note. Every word will be about us, and every sentence will be our truth.

    So I’ll keep listening, till all the love songs.

    Reading, till every poem;

    And every novel;

    Hell, even history!

    I’ll keep loving you till the word itself is synonymous with your name.

    And I’ll keep loving till eternity is a synonymous for us.

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  • Like children

    A face time call pops up, my phone loudly alerts “Michael two hearts.” I run around frantically making sure I’m looking good. I rush over to the sunny side of the room. I get an overwhelming excitement that starts in the bottom of my heart and within seconds, the nervous feeling rushes through all my veins. My palms sweat and I get so excited to see your face, it feels like so long since I’ve felt your touch. When the face time call begins I grin ear to ear to see you, hear your voice. To simply be in each others presence feels like a gift from the gods them self. My favorite moments we share are the late night calls filled with giggles and knowing neither or us are completely sober. We over share and get a little too loud sometimes. With all the silly conversations and feelings inside that I haven’t felt for so long… feels like we’re children again and I’m learning what the concept of love really is.

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    Practiced my alibata today…

    How do you let go of someone you never had?

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    “I don’t wanna stop, honey it’s hot, and I can feel you…”

    I wanted to share a post in honor of my resilent, immensely amazing and incredibly powerful soulmate. He is a true test of what it means to understand that figuring yourself out means finding out how marvelous you are — even if it takes a few attempts.

    I am forever grateful to be your Texas gal, and I cherish you, all of you, My True Blue Man.

    You shine brighter than all the stars in the sky, @typicalseasons ✨🌊🖤.

    #sappy post#richard edwards #margot and the nuclear so and so's #rollin rollin rollin #soulmates#ldr love #my ocean eyed dream #typicalseasons#lovelovelove#personal#blue hair#california#texas
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  • Hey!

    You are great, incredible, stunning, marvelous, clever, magnificent, gorgeous, charming and oh so sweet.

    You deserve all the love in the world, unfortunately I can only give my own for now.

    You might be having a bad day. Or you’re having a great day. Just know that I’ll be here, supporting you unconditionally. I hope that helps. I hope that makes you smile.

    Can you smile for me? I would love to see you smile, its a beautiful smile.

    You have no idea just how amazing you are, do you?

    ~ Sending lots of love,

    A Friend

    #tag someone and spread the love #love#sappy post#sweet #i will aggressively call you pet names #and sing your praises so all can hear #until you understand how much i love you!!!
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  • I know that basically one entire blog follows us, but we changed the link to our carrd to a link to a google site! I was up until nearly 10am working on it, so please check it out if you can see this! Also we’re going to tag posts with our names instead of emojis for convenience on desktop (however I’m not doing that for this post because I’d rather not come up in a search :’) )

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  • love my boyfriend Soo soososooss much…….. He came home from his mom’s earlier and was like “my mom has one of those weighted blankets and she said it really helps her anxiety so I’m gonna get you one” and it’s just like…the little things. Idk. I told him I’ve always wanted one but they’re too expensive and he was just like so??? It’ll help ur anxiety. He is very neurotypical and straightforward and logical so he always says he doesn’t understand my anxiety but he always tries his best to help me cope with it. He’s the best

    #sappy post #im just bored at work at 2:51am #and thinkin bout my lover #and how lucky i am ????
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    nat appreciation post!!!

    flew ALL THE WAY from san francisco to fort lauderdale to meet me for thirty minutes even though our cruise was cancelled and we spent the entire time trying to get her home. this absolute gem of a human being has waited for me to watch movies and tv shows. laughs with me and sends me thirst trap gifs. she is the type of person that is always there to offer advice or an ‘oh hon’ at the end of the day.

    but most importantly, she is patient with me. patient as i learn to navigate my thoughts and feelings as a 22 year old emotional person. she is patient when my chaotic life sometimes has me late 10, 15, or 120 minutes later for our Skype sessions. she is patient when i break down and cry and even though she doesn’t like to deal with emotions, she’s still there at the end of the day.

    i hope everyone is lucky enough to have a best friend as good as her. they are so rare to find.

    #sappy post #internet best friends #nat
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  • Gifts and words of affirmation are fine, but I want someone to show me they love me in actions. I want them to make me a priority in their life. Spend quality time with me and show acts of kindness.

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  • To my friend who listens to all the chaos that surrounds my life at this moment, who cares and asks those hard questions, that doesn’t judge but radiates love and light, who I feel I can talk to about literally anything. Thank you for being a amazing friend.


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  • I’m super great at procrastinating, even with the things I really want to do, but anyway I’ve been planning to write this all day. This is going to be incredibly sappy, sorry not sorry.

    Today is my best friend’s birthday. I can’t begin to explain how amazing it is to go on my Facebook and see memories from 9 and 10 years ago wishing this amazing person a happy birthday. Twenty-seven years ago, @psijics was born, and I am unendingly grateful. You are my best friend, my sister, my platonic soul mate… you were there as I grew up from dorky middle schooler, all the way through college, and now post college into my scary adulthood in the real world. We’ve spent hundreds of hours talking on the phone, sent each other hundreds if not thousands (or millions) of messages and memes and silly posts, been through good times and bad. I am so completely proud of you. You are so funny, and smart, brave, witty, and strong. I know that things have been hard lately, but I know you can get through this, and I hope you know that I am still here for you, every day, to offer support and love. I am the person I am today because I have known you. You have helped me grow, helped me to be kinder to myself, given me light in hard times. I am so unbelievably thankful to have you in my world. It would be so much less without you. I can’t believe I got to stay with you for a whole week last year and I cannot wait to do it again. How amazing to go from chatting on AIM 13 (almost 14) years ago, to flying 1,000+ miles to bask in the wonderful light of you. Being in your house, in your physical space, felt like I was home. You have been a constant in my very turbulent life, and when I am feeling lonely I know I can always turn to you. There’s no other Duck in the world that could take your place, no other box of white cheddar mac and cheese I would want to ruin. I lovers your face, dearest. Happy birthday!! You deserve all the best in the world. Meh! 💕💖✨

    #sappy post #emotional vomit 👍🏼 #my bff is like /the/ coolest lizard girl on the planet so jot that down #i only cried a little bit writing this swear #bunnies dont love you #psijics
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  • wild how this time a year ago I was looking forward to being with someone I thought meant a lot to me and someone I thought I meant just as much to as well

    this time last year I was confessing my feelings for the first time to a boy that I had never felt so myself with and I was so proud of myself for gathering the courage to tell him

    and after that got fucked (thanks again dude, not hurt anymore and I’m honestly glad things didn’t work out. I’m glad I didn’t linger on you because I met someone 100000000 times better) I never imagined I’d ever meet someone that would top him, even after what he did, nobody could top the feelings I thought I had for that boy

    and then I met cute dude. although I had known cute dude, talked to him (just customer/cashier talk) and everything multiple times during the months I was hardcore for this other boy, I REALLY got to meet him during a weird time in my life and… suddenly everything changed

    And here I am, going on 10 months later, still as fallen as I was the night I rode with him in his car the first time and we just talked for hours and hours. I thought a few months with the other guy was enough to realize feelings, but I’ve learned that the longer you get to know someone, truly get to know them, the more honest and real person you get.

    I never had intentions to fall for cute dude and it didn’t truly hit me until a few weeks ago, like… really honestly hit me that “goddamn I really do adore and care and appreciate this boy”

    And I do. I care and adore and appreciate him so fucking much, words can’t even describe it. I wish that I could get it through his head how absolutely adored he is by me and how much I care about him, that I truly have never cared about another person like I have him. I don’t want to compare him to anyone else because he’s so much more than that. Even when he thinks he isn’t much, he is to me.

    I just care so much about him and I really hope he knows that. Everyone told me after giving him his present for his birthday, especially all my guy friends said the look in his eyes was realization, adoration, appreciation, that they’ve all had that moment with the person they love, and it’s the moment of realization about how much they care about you just as much as you care about that, and that’s so damn wild to me.

    Maybe I’ll get the courage to tell him all this face to face sometime, but I don’t feel like I HAVE to tell him to let him know. It just FEELS like he cares and he knows I care. I’ve never got that feeling with anyone else.

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