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    ~ sinners, aren't we all ~

    black mary janes - chapter one: august 23rd 1926, the grand opening of the newly built hotel cortez. amidst the flirting, dancing and drinking that is a mid-summer soiree, you make the charming acquaintance of mr march; an introduction to what some call the greatest love affair the cortez has seen since its inception.

    wordcount: 2,168 tw: sexual assault + harassment (NOT JAMES) + description is brief but PLEASE DNI IF THIS TOPIC IS TRIGGERING TO YOU [i originally posted this as a oneshot type thing, but i have decided to continue on the story with james x reader] --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    "There 'aint a flapper in town who hasn't been invited to one of his private wingdings," you pranced through the entrance, black mary janes clicking against the floor, checking your names off the guest list. "His hotel is said to be the finest on the West Coast. Oh, and I've heard he's single! And filthy rich!"

    "This is beautiful," you remarked, admiring the lavish design of the place. "How'd you get us invited to such an extravagant soiree, Alice? I mean, not that I'm complaining."

    "Well... I may or may not have spent the night with a certain Mr Davey..." she smirked.

    "Alice! You cheek!"

    "I've been stuck on him forever... Good friends with the owner. Said he'd get us invited if I necked him."

    The two of you stepped out of the elevator and joined the party. At the front of the room stood a tall gentleman. His dark hair was slicked back, and a thin, pencil moustache embellished his upper lip. He was conversing with a man standing beside him, his face intently focused.

    "Well, well, well, ain't he a dime," Alice trilled.

    "Alice you can't even so much look at a man without wanting to diddle him." You shook your head.

    "Y/n, you are a bluenose."

    A young server, dressed neatly in white, offered a drink to the both of you.

    "Can I tempt you, ladies?"

    Your gloved hand grasped a crystalline champagne glass.

    "Thank you," you nodded politely.

    Alice followed suit. "Don't mind if I do."

    The bustle of minglers began to hush, as the clink of metal tapping against glassware filled your ears. You fixed your attention to the front of the room, where the dark-haired gentleman stood.

    "I'd like to welcome you all to the opening week, of the Hotel Cortez," he addressed the crowd. His voice wasn't at all as you'd imagined. Instead of the harsh, husky New Yorker, you'd envisioned, his dialect was smooth; a mid-Atlantic type accent, reflective of his high society status. "Shame we can't enjoy these libations in my new Blue Parrot Lounge. But, until someone revokes that nasty Volstead Act, both I, and Mr Capone, will have to make due."

    For a split second, there was a silence throughout the party; you swear you caught the gentleman's gaze fixated upon you. But this was quickly outlived as he popped the bottle of Ayala in his grasp.

    "I'll drink to that, March!" A rowdy mug yelled from the rear-end of the room.

    The crowd, including yourself, applauded vivaciously, as the downtown jazz band began to play.

    "Enjoy the festivities! And make yourselves at home!" The gentleman addressing you, whom you presumed was March, signed off.

    The room once more filled with the buzzing of chatting and flirting.

    "Right then, I'm off to mingle," Alice announced. "So many handsome eggs just waiting for my attention. You wanna join? You need a gentleman in your life."

    "No thanks." You reply. "You, my friend, are such a floozie. What about Mr Davey?"

    "He's married," she winked.


    The evening rolled on and soon six o'clock was seven, seven was eight, eight was nine and so on. You tried your best to make the most of the atmosphere, invoking casual conversation with fellow party-goers.

    You were on your second glass of champagne for the evening, making small talk with the manager of the motor-car dealer a few blocks away. His name was Hingly, David Hingly. Mr Hingly was attempting to explain to you the function behind the Ford Model-T. Whilst you were flattered a man would even consider speaking to a woman about such, it was, to put it bluntly, terribly boring.

    “Hingly!” a voice cheerfully greeted from a few feet away, interrupting the lecture (thank god). You turned to see a dark-haired figure walking towards you. It was the man from before, March, or whatever his name was.

    “March! Good to see you old chap!” Mr Hingly took the gentleman’s hand, shaking it aggressively. “What a grand place you’ve built here.”

    “Ah thank you,” the man swayed on his feet, as his gaze fell on you. He had not registered your presence until now, which he appeared to be rather remorseful of. “Oh, dear, I deeply apologise for not seeing you there.”

    He held out his hand and you took it, as he placed a gentle kiss on your knuckles. Not that it was your place to say, but you couldn’t help but notice his lips lingered on your skin a fraction longer than what was deemed mere etiquette.

    “My name is James Patrick March. And you are?”

    “Y/n. Y/n Y/l/n.”

    “What a lovely name.” It seemed Mr March had completely forgotten and/or disregarded Mr Hingly’s presence, who stood awkwardly to the side, grasping his whiskey glass.

    “Oh, you flatter me, Mr March.”

    “Please, call me James.”


    The moment dwindled with a silence - a silence that was neither humiliating nor uncomfortable, however. But you couldn't quite put your finger on an exact description of this silence. This was quickly outlived, as you felt an eager tap on your shoulder from behind.

    “Y/n!” It was Alice. “You have to come to meet someone! Oh...” she took notice of the two gentlemen already in your company. “I apologise sirs... but I must drag my friend along now. I’m sure her conversation wasn’t overly riveting anyways!” And without further ado, she grabbed your arm, dragging you away before you got the chance to bid Mr March a good evening.


    After introducing you to him, your friend had quickly hurried off, leaving you alone with the man. He was buff, and blonde, dressed finely. He seemed friendly enough. Mr Ferry, his name was, although he insisted you call him Jimmy. You warmed up to him, and soon the two of you were deep in conversation. Perhaps Alice was a better matchmaker than you’d originally thought. To say the least, you enjoyed his company very much.

    By now the clock struck just past one am, with only a few guests left in attendance. The fathers and mothers had vacated to tend to their children, and so had the businessmen, in need of a good night's rest for the following day. Those who remained were mostly singles, eager and open to flirtatiousness. You would have been ready to leave two hours ago, but it wasn’t your desire to nag Alice. And anyway, had you left when you wished, you never would have made the charming acquaintance of Mr Ferry.

    “I just value family so very much.” He confided in you. “Ever since I was a boy, I’ve wished to find myself a loving wife and settle down.”

    “Oh Jimmy, that’s lovely.”

    “Hey, do you wanna go for a stroll? I’m keen to see a little more of this place.”

    “I’d love to.” You took his arm and wandered out of the room, away from the chatter and bustle, and down the hallway towards the elevator. He walked you inside and pressed the button to the 4th floor. The doors opened with a soft chime, and Mr Ferry lead you through the hall. He had not said a word since inviting you to venture off with him.

    “Where are we going, Jimmy?”

    He remained silent for a few seconds.

    “You know what I admire about you?” He whispered.


    “Your innocence.” His voice was different now. Seduction lingered in the back of his throat. Lust began to seep through his pores; you could tell. You no longer felt safe with this man. You wanted to flee.

    “Mr Ferry, it’s getting late, and I just remembered I had to be home by now, so I’d-“

    “I thought I told you to call me Jimmy.” He lunged forward and latched onto your forearm.

    “Please let go of me,” the man failed to do as you’d asked. The sweet temperament and nature of the gentleman you were mingling with upstairs had vanished. Or perhaps, it was never there to begin with. “Let go of me!”

    You attempted to squirm away but he gripped your body tight. You let out a squeal for help.

    “Shhhh. Someone will hear you. We wouldn’t want that now would we?”

    The man forcefully pressed his lips to yours. He spun you around, pushing you against the wall and holding you there. You tried to scream but his free hand covered your mouth.

    “You bastard! Get off her!”

    Suddenly, the man was no longer pinning you down.

    There was a gunshot.


    You were crying.

    Another shot.



    You felt a caring touch place your arm over a set of broad shoulders.

    And then everything was a blur.


    "Poor girl. I caught I glimpse of her leaving with that sleaze, Ferry. Knowing what he's like, I followed them. And he was goddamn violating her! So of course I took the liberty to blow his brains out."

    "Of course, sir."

    "Will you comfort her when she wakes? I do not wish to scare her. It is a woman's compassion, I believe she needs right now."

    "I just don't believe I quite understand? Why this girl? If it is not too bold of me to say, you aren't exactly the most humane being yourself, are you, sir?"

    "Enough. Do not question my judgment, Miss Evers. You will look after this young lady and bring her anything she needs. Is that clear?"

    "Yes, Mr March."


    You awoke in a start, your eyes darting open as you gasped for a breath. You were not in your bedroom, nor were you in Alice's. The curtains were drawn, but sunlight peeked in through the gaps in the linen suspended above the window. The room smelled foreign - and you didn't like it. You began to panic, as you desperately tried to register your surroundings.

    "Easy there, dear," a woman appeared by your side. "It's alright you're safe."

    The events of the previous night came flooding back to you.

    "Do you need anything?" she croaked. "Mr March insisted you rest here overnight, to keep you safe."

    James March saved you. He was your rescuer.

    "May I see him?" You looked up at her, eyes wide, still groggy from your slumber.

    "Um, well, he is rather busy, dear." It was then that you truly took in her appearance. Her ginger curls were pinned neatly behind her head and her makeup was slightly smudged under her lower eyelids; she'd been crying. "Oh, fine then. Up you get, I shall lead you to his study."

    You followed the maid into the elevator and out again. She mumbled to herself nervously as she counted room numbers; until she stopped outside of a door, embellished with the number 64.

    "Mr March? Miss Y/n is here to see you."

    The door quietly opened, and there he was. Mr James Patrick March.

    "I shall leave you be." Miss Evers hurried off, leaving you in the captivating presence of the hotel's owner. He gestured for you to step inside his office, closing the door behind you.

    "Thank you for helping me. I truly do not know -" you suddenly felt the uncontrollable urge to cry, as your eyes welled. "Oh gosh. I am so sorry."

    James rushed to your side, and took your hand, encouraging you to sit down on the bed. "Nothing to be sorry about, my dear. I am so incredibly sorry that you had to experience that last night."

    His sincerity warmed your heart. You could not remember the last time a man seemed genuinely concerned for your wellbeing. Perhaps he was just trying to worm his way in, as they all did... but your instincts told you otherwise. He didn't seem like the user. Something about him was different. He cared about you.

    You couldn't hold back your tears any longer.

    "Shhhh, it's okay, darling. Let it all out." He took out an embroidered handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped your eyes. "You're okay." You felt him warily and cautiously place a hand on your shoulder. You melted into James' embrace, quite literally having his shoulder to cry on. Your breathing slowed, as your emotions began to ebb.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drag you into this. You have work to get on with. I shall leave you be. Thank you for your hospitality..." You began to get up, ready to leave, but his hand caught yours.

    "Nonsense, my dear. I chose to..."

    There was a moment of silence between the two of you, just as had occurred last night. It was neither uncomfortable nor humiliating. Except, this time you could identify what this feeling was... and it made you never want to be without the presence of this man.

    He parted his lips to speak, but no sound came out, as though registering what to say. And then he proposed to you an offer which you knew you couldn't possibly deny.

    "Would you like to stay for tea, Miss y/n?"

    "I'd enjoy that very much Mr March."


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    Getting high with Diane😩

    Fic: “In The Woods, Somewhere”

    #out of pocket fics are just<< #diane sherman x reader #the concept of puffing with any of the Sarah’s is so intriguing it’s unrealistic LMAO #sarah paulson#wattpad #idk it’s too funny that way
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    recent pic of sarah <3

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    Sarah Paulson and this paparazzi >>

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    Take my quiz and find out which murder house character you are :)

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    Ig=> wetfarmiga

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    *Wilhemina and Cordelia after sharing a cosy take out meal together after finally getting a night to themselves*

    Cordelia: „Aww isn't that sweet“

    Wilhemina: „What honey?“

    Cordelia: „My fortune cookie. It says "a light that comes from inside can never be put out". What does yours say sweetheart?“

    Wilhemina: *smirks* „Keep your enemies close so they may show you their weakness"

    Cordelia: *rolls her eyes* „Of course it does"

    gif credit: @billiebeanhoward

    #cordelia goode#sarah paulson#ahs#wilhemina venable #american horror story #sarahpaulson#americanhorrorstory#ahs coven#ahs apocolaypse #cordelia goode x wilhemina venable #thanks to special bean for helping #also totally not based on a real situation👀🤷🏻‍♀️ #ahs season 10 #imagine your otp #prompts
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    You said Forever - Sally McKenna

    gif not mine

    A/N: if theres any obvious mistakes that i’m too blind to see then please let me know

    Prompt: Inspired by the song drivers license but has nothing to do with a drivers license.

    TW: drugs, death, drug use, angst,

    Word count: 1863

    Tag list: @stayevildarling​ @venables-mrs​ @okpaulson​

    If you want to be added to my taglist send me an ask or message :)

    Walking down a narrow pathway, you realise this was a mistake. You shouldn't be here. It's only hurting you further, the fact she is no longer with you. You haven't visited her grave in almost six months, so today, after speaking with your therapist about it, you decide it's time to. On the way here, however, you bumped into your friend. It pissed her you're coming here. She's worried you're going to do something stupid, but you're not. You just want to talk to her. You just want to talk to Sally.

    You kneel down beside the flat slab of concrete where Sally is resting. Neither you nor Sally's family could afford a different headstone. Something good enough for her. It's not like they care, anyway. Sally's family are just too far up their own asses to even care about their low life junkie daughter. You place a single oxeye daisy, Sally's favourite flower, down on the damp earth and sit on the concrete path beside it. The wind blowing in your face; the coolness sending shivers down your spine. You hate being at places like this.

    Taking a deep breath, you try to summon up the courage to speak, but nothing comes out. Only a shaky exhale. You bring your knees up, tucking them closer to your chest as you look down at the concrete stone "Sally McKenna December 17th 1964 - August 25th 1994"

    "It's Monday, May 8th 1995. You've been gone for eight months and eleven days and I still miss you so fucking much," You whisper to nothing as you sit there, the sun shining through the leaves of the trees as if making a little spotlight around you. As if she's there with you right now. But you know she's not. That's not how this works. She's gone. "I got my first 28 days sobriety badge last week," you say after a moment, bringing your knees back down to make yourself a bit more comfortable. "You know like we always talked about." a small smile graces your lips and your fingers begin twitching as you're in desperate need of a cigarette. "You were so excited for me to finally work on that part of me, even though you didn't." your smile turns to an immediate frown and you run your fingers through your hair before grabbing your bag and pulling out your packet of cigarettes and your stupid cellphone. You eye it as you press a button, rolling your eyes when you see a text from the friend you bumped into earlier. The antenna looks like it's going to break even though it's only a few months old, you should really look after your stuff more often. Seeing the SMS from your friend takes your mind back to only less than an hour ago. "You know when I drove here, I drove past that hotel." your hands shake slightly as you pull a cig from the carton. "The hotel where your body was found," you then squint your face at the ridiculous thing you said. Of course, she would know what hotel you're talking about. If she could hear you anyway. You take a drag of the cigarette after lighting it up, the smoke filling your lungs as if it's drowning you, "And I just cried." you say as you're blowing the smoke back out. It burning your throat. Not only that, it feels like there's a rock stuck in your throat and it's hurting to even breathe. Maybe it's the fault of the cigarette. Maybe not. "The first time I cried since the day I found out."

    Moments pass as you picture Sally in your mind. Her beautiful frizzy hair that she would crimp every so often, bouncing around as she dances to the music you enjoy listening to. "You'll always be that blonde girl, who always made me doubt. You're so much older than me and you're everything that I'm insecure about." Sally was, is the most beautiful woman you've ever laid your eyes on. Back when you were together you always doubted she could love you, especially since you were a lot younger, you always thought she'd end up leaving you for someone more mature. But no. She loved you. You know that. Sometimes it's just hard to believe it, considering what happened.

    Thinking back to what happened and the arguments that had led up to you splitting up just before her death makes your heart sink into the bottomless pit of your chest. A lot of things had happened in the build-up but it always came back to that fucking hotel. Sally wouldn't tell you what had happened when she left other than she cheated on you. You got mad, of course. But there was something else that was traumatising her in a way you couldn't understand. That's when she started using more heavily than before. She kicked you out and you had to stay with your friends. "I bumped into one of my old friends on the way here. When I told her I was coming here she... she's just getting tired of hearing how much I miss you." you sniff. Were you crying? You bring your hand to your eyes but they're still dry. "I know they feel sorry for me and she didn't want me coming here to trigger anything. I understand though. They don't want to lose me the way I lost you." There has been this urge nibbling away under your skin, itching away and maybe you are triggered. But you're okay now right?

    You think it's time to go, you're feeling uncomfortable and fidgety and irritated. You get up from the floor quickly rush back to your car. That's when it hits you. You can't do this without her. Even with her own struggles, she was trying to be so supportive of you, giving you the space and everything you need. But all you did was push, push, push. You feel your chest tightening as a silent sob wracks through your body. The pain of what happened hitting you more now than it had ever. "Sally." you whimper as you hit your head down off the steering wheel. "I can't imagine how I'm supposed to be okay now that you're gone." You turn your head to the right as you look at the glove box. You can feel your cheeks becoming wet now, but you tried to fight the tears. You sit up straight slowly as you reach your hand towards it, popping it open. Rummaging through it until you find it. Written on the CD with a black marker pen. "Sally + Y/N 4ever" your tears come to a halt as you hook your player to the car and slid the cd in.

    "Y/N what are you doing?" The first time you've heard her voice since. The raspiness from the number of cigarettes she would smoke, only adds to how erotic it sounds. "I'm literally in the recording studio you don't need to do that." she chuckles and your chin quivers as you wipe your eyes again.

    "This is for my personal collection, baby." you hear your own voice and you laugh. God, do I really sound like that?

    "Okay, only because I love you,"

    "So what's this then?"

    "A song I wrote about a very special girl of mine called "Forever'" You ejected the disc immediately, you can't listen to that now. You squeeze your eyes shut.

    "I guess you didn't mean what you wrote in that song about me." You whimper to nothing, just hoping Sally could hear you. "You said forever. Now you're here buried under my feet."


    Driving back home you reach a red light outside the Cortez. With tear-filled eyes you look up, glancing towards a window. Frizzy blonde hair catches your attention. I think I'm going crazy. You park outside and bring your phone back out of your bag and send a text to your old dealer. Just wanting these feelings to end. He turns up and you give him the cash and you make your way inside the hotel.

    "I'd like to book a room," you mumble towards an older lady with big glasses perched on her nose. You glance sideways to see if anyone was watching. The woman, however, was quick to notice.

    "No." she sighs, "We have no rooms available."

    "Now don't be like that, Iris. We have plenty of rooms here," someone says and grabs your hand before quickly leading you upstairs.

    "Here, have this room. Just don't take too long otherwise the addiction demon is going to come for you," the man says quickly before leaving. You fall to the floor, your palms sweaty and you bring out the supplies.

    "You shouldn't do this." you hear a voice. You don't lookup. "You were doing so well."

    You ignore the voice. It's not her. You untie your boots and get to work on getting everything ready.

    "I can't do this anymore," you whimper, tightening your shoelace around your arm before putting the needle into your skin. Wincing, you relish in the pain but also the relief you're feeling as you inject the drug into your system.

    Minutes go by, your vision blurring, your head spinning. A figure steps out in front of you, gaining your attention, but you still don't look up, you don't care. You just want to be with her again.

    "Y/N," You finally look at her. Even though your vision is blurry, she is the most beautiful woman you've ever laid your eyes on.

    You let out a throaty chuckle. "Am I dead?" The blonde crouches down in front of you, a cigarette hanging loosely from her lips as she takes your hand in her own, but hers are cold. So cold.

    "No, not yet." her voice breaks as she looks at you. Her eyes watering, steering her mascara down her cheeks.

    "Then why are you here?" the words slurring, your head falling to your shoulder as you continue looking at her. The love of your life here, in front of you.

    "I've been here this whole time. Stuck in this hotel."

    "So you're not dead?"

    "No, I am," she nods, looking down at your arm, at the limp needle protruding from your skin.

    "Then why can I still hear your voice over all the noise in my head? " you whisper as Sally takes a new needle, you're assuming one of hers and fills it up with the rest of the liquid from the spoon.

    "Do you still love me?" she asks, hesitating as she guides the tip of the needle towards your skin but doesn't go any further until you answer.

    "Sally, I still love you" your eyes are getting heavy. It feels like it's finally the end. At least you got to see her one last time. "...So much. I know we weren't perfect, but I've never felt this way for anyone. Don't leave me again."

    She pushes the needle in, injecting you with the rest of the liquid before wrapping her arms tightly around your body, "Y/N, I'm here. You're safe with me. When I said 'forever' I meant it."

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    Lana Winters aesthetic board 📝

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    Sally McKenna aesthetic board 💉

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    Just a cold

    Hello! I'm sorry I took so long to post again, I've been so busy with uni but I'm still here :P

    Your eyes felt so heavy and your whole body was aching, unable to decide if it was hot or cold as both would come in waves. You couldn’t seem to find any comfort, even for a short amount of time, getting no relief from the pain you were feeling. You were curled up under the covers of the bed your shared with Cordelia, trying to control the shivers that were accentuating the pain in your head, making you feel like your skull would break in half. The pressure coming from behind your eyes was unbearable, like a constant heartbeat, making you wonder if you would ever be able to tolerate any form of light ever again.

    Your temperature was high, too high, and your tired brain couldn’t remember a time where you ever felt so sick. You were never sick, hence the reason why you couldn’t fully register what was happening at the moment. The only peace of mind you could find in your moments of clarity was that your girlfriend was currently away for a council meeting and couldn’t see the horrible mess you were.

    It had been going for three days now and you had begged the girls to not call Cordelia. You didn’t wanted to worry her as you were already aware that she was under a lot of pressure lately. You were hoping that you would feel better by the time she’d be back. You were in and out of sleep most of the time, often catching a glance at Myrtle leaving a glass of water and some soup on your nightstand. You couldn’t seem to find the strength to reach for it, even less to thank the witch daring enough to step in your room after you had made it very clear to leave you alone. You knew she was only trying to help, only looking after you like Cordelia would ask her to do every time she’d leave, but you refused to let her see you in that state longer than necessary.

    You were asleep for most of the day, an uncomfortable sleep clouded with shivers and heatwaves, indicating that your temperature showed no signs of cooling down. At night, you’d try to stay awake, staring at the ceiling as long as you could, trying to pretend Cordelia was here with you, that her arms were wrapped up tight around your waist and that you were safe, before sleep overtook your aching body every time.

    It was always sunlight shining straight in your eyes that would end up waking you, piercing from behind the half-closed curtains that you would curse in your head every morning, never finding the strength to get up and close completely. It was no different that morning. You fluttered your eyes open, groaning when you tried to swallow, feeling like thousands of little needles were poking into your throat.

    You heard footsteps in the hallway, figuring out that Myrtle was probably back to check on you again, and if you weren’t so sleepy, you’d have noticed the distinct sound of your girlfriend’s heels stopping in front of the door before it opened slowly, the Supreme stalling at the sight in front of her. The bed was a mess, sheets all tucked away from under the mattress and wrapped up around your shaking body, but what really got her attention was the look on your face. You were pale, making the dark circles under your eyes more visible than they should have been, and you seemed so fragile at that moment that her heart broke instantly. You were looked at her puzzled, your confusion clearly showing when you finally raised your gaze to meet hers.

    You tried to sit up and your eyes widened, realizing that Cordelia was standing in the doorway, making you question if your mind was playing tricks on you once again. You whimpered as your head started to spin and decided to lay down again, not that it was your intention to begin with.

    “Delia?” You whispered, still not sure if her presence was real or not. A part of you was hoping that she was really back, that you didn’t had to fight this illness alone anymore, that you could finally snuggle close to her like you had been dreaming about, but you also didn’t wanted her to see you in that state, feeling guilty about worrying her.

    Your girlfriend nodded, not moving from her position, still leaning against the door. In that moment, looking at her though your sleepy eyelids, you couldn’t help but think that she looked beautiful. Her hair was down and slightly curled, making it seem like it was shining in the ray of sun directly pointed at her. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and she was wearing a white blouse with black pants, one of your favorite outfit of hers. You smiled softly, eyes never leaving her body as you spoke softly.

    “I thought you were coming back Wednesday?” The pain in your throat was making it hard to speak, but you didn’t let it show. Despite everything, you still didn’t wanted to worry her. Yet, Cordelia knew you, and you could tell you weren’t fooling her.

    “I know sweetheart, ” She smiled and replied softly, walking to sit down next to you on the bed and touching your forehead with the back of her hand to check your temperature. She frowned when she realized you were burning up, realizing that Myrtle had been right when she had called her, telling her she had to come back home right away. Delia knew you were stubborn, that you wouldn’t let anybody take care of you, but you came before anything else for her. You were the most important person in the world in her eyes.

    “You’re really here?” You smiled weakly, lifting your left hand to cup her cheek, still trying to make sure you weren’t dreaming. She nodded and kissed the palm of your hand, before standing up to walk toward the bathroom, making you frown at the loss of contact.

    “Myrtle called me this morning. She said you weren’t feeling very good and that you didn’t wanted to bother me at the meeting,” Her voice seemed so far away now, the only sound reaching your ears being the one of bottles clinking together, signaling you that she was probably getting some medicine for you. You closed your eyes for a moment, only to rest them, you told yourself, and that alone almost soothed you back to sleep.

    “I came home as soon as she called me,” She continued, sounding closer now, almost startling you when you felt her sit on the bed next to you once again, her fingers running smoothly through your hair. You smiled tiredly, sighting at the feeling of her cold skin on your burning one.

    “I’m sorry,” You whispered, opening your eyes to meet her brown ones, almost making you cry at the amount of love you could see in them. Cordelia smiled and grabbed the glass of water on the nightstand and gently put the pills in your mouth, before bringing the glass to your lips, as you took the medicine that she had gotten for you seconds ago.

    “Don’t be sorry sweetheart, it’s not your fault, “She put the glass back on the nightstand and layed down on the bed, pulling you close to her chest carefully, kissing your head and stroking you hair softly. “I’m the one who’s sorry, I wasn’t there when you needed me. That will never happen again,” Her tone was firm but so caring, making your eyes fill up with tears. “You’re never a burden to me. I want to be here for you. Promise me you’ll tell me, if that ever happens again?” She pulled a blanket on top of you, making sure you were both completely covered by it.

    You nodded slowly and Cordelia seemed to feel your move because her grip on your body tightened, pulling you even closer to her. You hid your face in her neck, breathing in her scent, her soft hair ticking your cheek.

    “I’m here Y/N, I’m not going anywhere. Close your pretty eyes now, I’ll watch over you until you feel better,” She smiled, kissing your forehead softly, her fingertips stroking the skin of your back as you indeed closed your eyes once again, feeling like it had been the million time that you did so ever since she came back.

    “Missed you,” You mumbled tiredly, knowing you’d be alright now that Cordelia was there with you, that you were at home as she was holding you safe in her arms.

    “I missed you too,” The Supreme replied, looking at your now sleeping figure, an intense desire to protect you and to take care of you overcoming her, feeling like her heart was finally at peace now that she was with you, closing her own eyes and never letting go of you

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    hotel bts <3

    #american horror story #ahs#evan peters #evan peters ahs #ahs fandom #american horror story fandom #evan peters fandom #james patrick march #ahs hotel #american horror story hotel #hotel #sarah paulson american horror story #sarah paulson hotel
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    so inviting, i almost jump in

    a/n: surprisingly, this is my first fic that’s strictly audrey x reader. vaguely based on gold rush by taylor swift. did writing this make me create a playlist of songs that remind me of audrey? maybe. this fic has been in the works since january second so that’s one off the wip list.

    audrey tindall x reader, 2870 words

    taglist: @okpaulson, @billiedean, @marvelfansince08love, @cordeliafoxxe, @fand0m-obsess3d-g33k, @basicasshole, @pearplate, @paulawand, @its-soph-xx, @citizenoftheworld-stuff-blog, @tssbelivet, @cordeliass, @paulsonpills, @lntlmate, @mckennamayfairgoode, @lucyintheskywithxanax, @commanderspeach, @winslctrg, @lourdsbitch, @gwnbriggs, @thesapphictimelady, @aviolentdaydream, @talulahmae, @ka-s, @golddustdykes​, @sapphicforsarahh​, @mildredspeach​, @mrsdeanhoward​​

    Audrey Tindall was already a household name by the time you had the chance to work with her. She had already been cast in the movie before you were auditioning, which only pushed you to work harder to get the role. Having been in the industry, you had learned more about the actress than what fans were privy to, but you wanted the opportunity to get to know her beyond the rumors that swirled around her name. Fortunately, you were granted the role of a lifetime playing alongside Audrey in what seemed to be a star-studded cast. Knowing the cast was filled with such big names in the industry made you wonder if you would even really see Audrey outside of when you were filming scenes together, but you knew it was more likely than if you hadn’t landed the role.

    The first time you met Audrey was at the initial table read for the movie. The name cards scattered along the tables felt like enough to send you running; you were extremely intimidated by the big names you recognized. But, you simply remained quiet and found your seat, conveniently assigned right next to, the one and only, Audrey Tindall. You kept to yourself as the room filled, busying yourself by toying with the hem of your shirt until you heard the chair being pulled out beside you and a familiar accent floating around the room.

    “Hi, darling!” Audrey greeted, settling into her place as she did.

    You thought she was speaking to the male star of the film, so you ignored her words until you looked up to find her staring at you with an expectant look on her face. Unbeknownst to you, this was the first of many times that you would end up looking at Audrey with a red flush across your face.

    “Um, hi,” you mumbled in response, still unsure that she was actually speaking to you.

    The grin Audrey wore was contagious, soon spreading to your lips before it seemed the whole room was donning matching smiles. Your heart was thumping in your chest as Audrey made small talk with you, asking about how your morning was so far and what you were most excited about for the day. In a nervous stint, you made a joke you were sure she was going to ignore in response to her line of questioning. Instead, Audrey’s laughter filled the room, causing the uneasy tension to dissipate. It was a simple action, but it brought you more comfort than anyone had during your entire career.

    The table read seemed to fly by as the cast went through the script, suggesting minor changes based on the actors’ own mannerisms and speech patterns. The nervous buzz in the room had quickly faded into an exciting atmosphere as the entire cast had grown more comfortable with their characters and their co-stars. When you were all dismissed for the day, many small groups formed as actors made plans to gather in hopes of getting to know each other more. You lingered along the sidelines, searching for an approachable group that you thought might be more open to having you. Instead, you heard a specific British voice calling your name from a few feet away.

    “Hi, Audrey,” you replied as you made your way toward the blonde in an awkward stumble. You had hoped nobody had seen your nervous movements, but, with the number of people in the room, you were sure there was at least one person making note of your demeanor as you approached the actress.

    Audrey was standing alone as the group she had been speaking to wandered off, leaving her open for conversation with you. She sipped the water bottle she had been provided with and rewarded you with one of her signature grins as she waited for you to approach. The first thing you had noticed about her were her eyes, both warm and inviting, slowly drawing you into an unknown adventure.

    “I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner sometime,” Audrey offered. “You’re the only person I have significant scenes with that I don’t quite actually know yet and I always like to get to know my co-stars before I work with them.”

    From there, your friendship with Audrey blossomed. The two of you spent every moment of your free time together during production, whether it was having a meal, shopping, or traveling on short weekend trips. You had been surprised when she had first offered a spot on her weekend trip to the beach, but she insisted she wanted to bring you along rather than spending the days alone. Of course, you happily obliged — who could say no to Audrey Tindall?

    You wandered around a small coastal town with Audrey, both of you enjoying the slow pace of the city and how easy it was to blend into the busy crowds of tourists. You had been worried about Audrey being recognized when she first suggested the trip, but once you arrived, you quickly learned that her accent was the only thing that made her stand out in the town. It was filled with people trying to escape their real lives; they weren’t focused on finding what celebrities were dancing around the city together.

    Despite Audrey not standing out to the occupants of the beach town, you recognized that she shined her brightest during that trip. Being able to exist without the fear of being noticed for your celebrity status meant the two of you were able to completely relax and let your guards down, which lead to several deeper conversations while padding down the shore at sunset. Audrey had opened up about her greatest insecurities that she fought her hardest to hide from anyone that wasn’t close to her, and you returned the favor, empathizing with hiding the deepest parts of yourself due to your life in the spotlight.

    That first trip brought out the best in Audrey, which made you realize how much you appreciated the fact that you were able to have a friendship with the actress. You were able to witness her in a pure, untainted environment that allowed her to embrace the hidden parts of herself, giving you an insight as to who Audrey Tindall really was. Every last nasty rumor you had heard about the actress was scrubbed from your mind with one short trip, making you wonder where those people had ever received the information they mindlessly spread about the woman you had come to realize would never harm a soul.

    With your friendship came feelings you hadn’t been expecting. Audrey was beautiful; there was no denying that. Your heart began to flutter when you were around her, when her hands lingered too long while she spoke to you, when she flashed you her million-dollar smile. You hated the effect she had on you, simply because it was so easy for her to cause your cheeks to burn red while she was left unaffected. Throughout the duration of filming the movie, you were able to repress your feelings for the blonde, though it was growing harder with each time she had asked you to come over for what she called a “wine and unwind” night. Sitting on a couch opposite Audrey when she was candidly herself while you were drinking together was probably what you would consider the hardest part of filming the movie. Not the action scenes, not yelling at those you considered your friends in real life, but when you wanted to press Audrey into her couch cushions and kiss her senselessly and you were unable to.

    The real difficulties came when you started doing press tours for the movie. Not only were you constantly around Audrey, but everybody favored the actress and complimented her ability to get anyone to fall in love with her. Interviewers constantly teased that she must be fighting off suitors due to her charismatic personality and natural beauty and she just laughed and called it a struggle. You hated the fact that Audrey was so lovable; it only emphasized the fact that you never had a chance with her.

    You had been halfway through your final press event together when you felt your easygoing façade begin to slip. Up until then, you had been able to manage your external appearance so you only seemed as in love with Audrey as everyone else was, but the interviewer asked a question that sent you spiraling while you awaited your cast mates’ responses.

    “The trailer showed a lot of romance going on, did that happen to spark anything within the cast?”

    You knew the question was a joke, but you tensed in your seat, suddenly feeling exposed on the set. There was no way the interviewer knew about your feelings toward the British actress, but you still worried that there was someone with access to your deepest secrets.

    Without missing a beat, Audrey jumped at the chance to answer the question. You weren’t surprised; Audrey was the one in most of the scenes the interviewer was referencing.

    Audrey’s smile deepened to a grin as she thought about her answer to the question, glancing at you once before finally replying, “Quite honestly, the scenes didn’t have any impact on the relationships between us, we all keep things professional while working and draw the lines where necessary. We got close on set, but if anything, I’m a little more in love with Y/N than anyone I had romantic scenes with. She was incredible to be around, so I took every opportunity possible to slip away and spend time with her.”

    The entire cast laughed and nodded their approval of Audrey’s response, having seen the two of you hanging around set together and causing the slightest amount of chaos whenever it seemed things were getting too dull. The interviewer seemed interested in Audrey’s response and turned to you for any further comments.

    “She’s right,” you chuckled, ignoring your racing heartbeat. “We all kept things professional, but Audrey and I liked to push the limits on that. I mean, you’ve all seen her, how am I supposed to say no to that face?”

    Audrey reached over and squeezed your hand that was sitting in your lap, letting it linger for a moment before she pulled away. During her movement, her hand brushed against your thigh, causing your already racing heartbeat to increase. You stared straight ahead to the interviewer, knowing that if you looked in her direction, your face would turn bright red immediately. You hadn’t been expecting the question, but you felt the two of you handled it well, pushing away from the standard stereotype that onscreen romances translate to real life.

    When the cast was finally dismissed, you all piled into the limousine that would be taking you back to the hotel you were staying in. When you entered, you noticed Audrey pointing to the empty spot beside her, so you slipped in and settled down. She immediately dropped her head to your shoulder, making herself comfortable against you.

    “Are you flying back to LA tonight?” Audrey questioned, closing her eyes as she began to decompress. This was her typical post-interview routine. On the outside, she was all smiles and laughs during interviews, but, on the inside, she was panicking and making sure she looked perfect at every second. She had opened up to you before that as she aged, the media grew harsher on her, which only led to Audrey putting more pressure on herself. You tried to do everything in your power to convince the actress that the pressure she put on herself was unnecessary because she was constantly glowing in your eyes, but she simply laughed and joked that she wished everyone else felt the same. You knew it was true; everyone adored Audrey. Anyone would die for a moment of her time, and here you were with opportunities that felt heavenly at times. Audrey charmed every single person she met, which only meant it was highly unlikely that she would reciprocate your feelings when she could have anyone she wanted.

    Lost in your train of thought, you had almost forgotten that Audrey had asked you a question. The answer was one you dreaded, knowing this was going to be the last time you were going to see Audrey until the movie premiere. She was headed back to London for a family visit, while you were flying back to your apartment in Los Angeles. It was silly to be worked up over the short time apart, but you knew it was the beginning of the end. You were about to have to deal with the pain of losing Audrey when you never really had her in the first place, which you felt was going to hurt more than it would if you had a chance with her.

    “Basically,” you chuckled. “My flight is at four in the morning, so I’m not gonna get much sleep.”

    The two of you slipped into conversation about Audrey’s trip home, knowing that if she was distracted by being able to speak about her family, she wouldn’t notice the disappointment that began to grow on your face. You loved hearing the actress speak about her family; it was a topic Audrey tended to get passionate about, which meant you got the opportunity to watch her eyes light up while she spoke. This, of course, only lead to you falling harder for her, but you were sure the pain you were going to feel was worth the moments you spent with her.

    When you returned to your hotel, you said your goodbyes to the rest of your castmates before heading up to your room so you could finish packing your suitcase. There wasn’t much left to pack up, as you had tried to do as much as you could before you left for the interview, but it was something mundane that would allow you to take your mind off of Audrey. It was successful, for the most part, until you were packing your jewelry away and came across a necklace the actress had purchased for you during your last beach trip.

    The bench on the windowsill was calling your name, so you carefully settled against the pillows propped up and tucked your legs underneath your body to make yourself comfortable. The hand clasped around your phone began to burn as you itched to check Audrey’s social media accounts, knowing she had definitely already posted since you had gone separate ways. This would be it, you promised yourself. You would check up on her one last time, then you would work on getting over her because you can’t dare to dream about her anymore. A quick check turned into an hour of scrolling through her account and imagining the scenes taking place while she was taking pictures. Audrey tended to ignore what was going on around her while she was taking her pictures, so you could only imagine what was happening outside of the frame.

    A gentle knock at your door caught your attention. You were between Audrey’s posts when the knock rang out, which was likely the only reason you were able to hear it. Tossing your phone onto the bed, you wandered over to the door to figure out who was on the other side.

    Your lips formed a wide grin as you recognized the woman in the hallway and you quickly unlocked the door to allow her to enter your room. The moment you closed the door behind her, Audrey’s body was flying into yours as she captured your lips in a heated kiss. Your back slammed into the door, causing a gasp to escape your throat as you returned the kiss with equal passion. Your mind blanked as she kissed you, though you took advantage of the moment and were able to enjoy the kiss without any of your thoughts interrupting.

    Audrey’s chest was heaving as she pulled away, slowly catching her breath while she met your gaze. A small laugh fell from her lips and she took a small step back, giving you space to collect yourself.

    “Audrey,” you warned, your voice barely above a whisper.

    The actress cut you off, “I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks.”

    In lieu of replying verbally, you stepped forward and returned your lips to Audrey’s as your hands fell to her hips to stabilize her frame. Audrey’s hands tangled themselves in your hair, searching for something to tether herself to as she deepened the kiss.

    Everything moved in fast motion, not allowing you a moment to think and instead forcing you to act on your desires on instinct alone. Before you knew it, you were pushing Audrey down to your bed as she was pulling your dress over your head. Once Audrey was settled on the center of the bed, you moved carefully to straddle her waist and paused before things could go any further.

    “Are you sure you want this?”

    Audrey’s eyes shined as she looked up at you with the most genuine smile you had ever seen grace her lips, “Darling, I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life."

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    The sun, the moon and the stars

    PART 2

    (This will actually have one or two more parts.)

    Pairing: Cordelia x Wilhemina

    Maybe it was Cordelia being so open with her, maybe it was the wine she had earlier, or maybe it was witchcraft. Her eyes met Cordelia’s brown ones and once she saw the sadness, the despair, the loneliness, she felt her heart ache for the Supreme. “Do you want to have a glass of wine?” - and Mina just nodded, following the Supreme into her room.

    Mina looked around the room she had never dared to enter before. It had a big four poster bed on one side, covered in white linen. Next to it stood a nightstand with a big lamp and a book on it. The redhead could not really see what the book was since she had neglected to wear her glasses before looking for Cordelia. On the opposite side were two chairs in front of a magnificent fire place – one of them had a blanket on it, a glass of wine standing next to it on the floor. Cordelia must have been sitting there, watching the flames dance with one another.

    The Supreme went to pour Mina a glass of wine while she motioned for her to sit on one of the chairs. “Do you need a blanket?”, she met Mina’s gaze while she sat down on the other chair, “And I’m sorry for the way I must be looking right now. I didn’t really expect any company.” The redhead took the time to really take in Cordelia’s appearance. She was wearing a matching pajama set, all white and made out of fleece. She looked even softer than during the day. Her hair was hanging down loosely, cascading over her shoulders in soft waves. Her face was bare, making her look even more innocent and angelic. “You look beautiful, Cordelia.”, Mina was surprised by her honesty, but she really meant what she said. Even with red rimmed eyes and blotchy cheeks, the Supreme was still breathtakingly beautiful. Cordelia gave her a small smile which did not really reach her eyes. There was a sadness to her that made Mina’s heart ache.

    “What happened today? I mean, you mentioned your mother. I’ve never heard of her.”, Mina enquired, her gaze fixed on the Supreme. Cordelia took a deep, shaky breath. Talking about her mother was hard for her and on any other day she put her safely away, locked up in a box away from her thoughts and her beaten heart. But today had been a hard day. She had gone down to the Hotel Cortez to visit Queenie who had still been where Cordelia had had to leave her before the apocalypse. She had tried everything – every spell she knew, every potion she could think of, every door she could find. In the end, she had to give up. Her body had been tired, her magic exhausted and her heart aching for having to leave Queenie at the hotel. When she had gotten back to the academy, she could hear Fiona, yelling at her, belittling her, making her feel worthless and inadequate. She had tried to block out the voices in her head, but after a restless night, she just succumbed to them, letting them roam free, taking over her mind, clawing on her heart, taking her down the abyss, relentlessly beating her down.

    “My mother used to be the Supreme. She.. she was a powerful witch but an abominable human being. She never really cared for me. I was just another witch to her, useless in her eyes. Nothing special. When I grew older and became the headmistress, she didn’t even care. She just left the coven to fuck whoever would fuck her, trying to keep herself as young as possible.”, she averted her gaze, “When she came back, she was even worse. Before she just ignored me, didn’t care – but when she came back, she was hostile, angry, heartless. I was married to a man named Hank at the time. We tried to have a baby, but..”, she wiped at her cheek, “I can’t have children. I eventually found out he was a witch hunter, planning to kill me and everyone I loved. When my mother found it, she was furious. She hit me, called me worthless, stupid, a coward.” The blonde Supreme shifted, wiping at her cheeks furiously. Mina softly put her hand above Cordelia’s which was placed on the armrest. Cordelia tried to give her a smile but failed miserably. Her tears cascading down her cheeks, traveling down to her chin before finding their destination in her lap. She was trying to hold back her sobs, trying to continue her story. She wanted to tell Mina everything. It felt so good to get it off her chest, like she was chasing Fiona and her cruel words out of her body, her mind, her heart. She tried, but her voice only came out in sobs, her breathing erratic and unsteady.

    Even though it put a lot of strain on her back, Mina kneeled down in front of Cordelia. Her hands capturing hers, rubbing circles with her thumbs on her wrist. “Delia, breathe. Please.”, she whispered, not really sure about what she was supposed to do, how to comfort someone, how to be there for someone. Cordelia’s eyes met hers and Mina’s heart broke for the Supreme. She could not grasp how Fiona could have been so cruel to her since Cordelia was the most genuine and caring person she had ever met. She loved watching her with her girls, always lending them her ears when they needed them, always offering a hug when they felt overwhelmed, always guiding them when they lost their light. “She was so wrong, so wrong. You’re everything that she was not. You’re warm, soft, so tender, so loving. You make everyone around you better.”, she slowly stood up, “Look at how you changed me, Delia. I wanted to become a different person because of you.”

    Mina gently guided Cordelia towards the big four poster bed, helping her to lie down. She put the covers over her, sitting down on the edge of the mattress, gently pushing her hair behind her ear, wiping away the tears on her cheeks even though new ones were already making their way down the Supreme’s face. Cordelia looked at her before she closed her eyes. “You did change, Mina.”, she whispered, “Will you stay with me?”. Mina was hesitant. She felt exposed, having already shown Cordelia too much of herself. But she has been so honest with her, so open, and Mina had grown to like her more than she liked to admit. So when Cordelia scooted over and lifted the covers, Mina simply lied down next to her. The Supreme immediately gravitating towards her warmth, resting her head on her chest, snuggled into her side. Mina awkwardly put her arm around the slender woman, gently stroking her back. “Thank you.”, Cordelia mumbled. Mina just nodded, even though she could not really see her for it had gotten dark. “I will try my hardest to help you to see yourself how I do.”, she whispered into the darkness, “I will make it my purpose to see you smile. You deserve the world, Delia, and if I could, I would give it to you.”

    When the Supreme’s breathing had long evened out, Cordelia being fast asleep, Mina pressed a featherlight kiss to her forehead. “I wish I could be worthy of your love. Your kindness. Your everlasting beauty.”, she said barely audible before she let herself drift off to sleep.

    #wilhemina x cordelia #sarah paulson #american horror story #ahs#wilhemina venable#ahs apocolaypse #sarah paulson x reader #Cordelia Goode#ahs coven #Wilhemina Venable x Cordelia Goode #cordelia goode x wilhemina venable #ahs fanfiction#ahs fandom
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    Yes I made more cuz i have vacation so why not

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    It’s like making love to the ocean.

    for @coffee-is-below-my-standards

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    [Joan’s house and yard is on fire.]

    Joan: What is this? Who did this?

    Cordelia: You cannot cut someone's lawn with matches, Nan!

    Nan: Look, I know that. You gotta have gasoline, otherwise how’s it gonna spread to the street?

    Joan: [banging on the Coven’s door] Open this damn door now!

    Nan: Oh, is she mad? Don’t open it.

    Joan: I heard that! Open this door!

    [Cordelia opens the door]

    Nan: Hey Joan, how’s that yard looking? Pretty good, I bet, huh?

    Joan: Oh, it’s done. So is the vinyl siding on my house.

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    Watched the first three episodes thats about it, havent had time to watch the rest of the season, I FUCKING HATE ALMA THOUGHHH

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