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  • softmitsuya
    21.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    AOT + Dating Aesthetics (pt. 6)

    CHARACTERS: Sasha Braus x GN!reader

    WARNINGS: domestic stuff, suggestive content, alcohol, swearing, reader’s nickname (baby)
    word count: 1.5k


    your date tradition is playing mini golf

    Your tongue poked out from the corner of your mouth as you tried lining up your shot to get the golf ball into the hole. Your girlfriend was currently (and surprisingly) kicking your ass at mini-golf—your go-to date whenever the weather was on the nice side. While you were not fond of sports in the slightest, mini-golf does not count as a sport in your eyes. Hence why you were willing to play it in the first place.

    Mini-golf holds a special place in both of your hearts. It was the first date you had gone on with Sasha so it felt like a tradition for you guys to go play every once in a while. Nothing bad had ever happened while you guys were on your mini-golf dates too, unlike some of your other dates. It felt like mini-golf was your calling, as stupid as it might sound. Every time you guys went and played mini-golf it felt like you guys had an even stronger relationship and bond.

    You were only at the 6th hole, but it seemed like Sasha was out for blood today. She almost always won when you guys played, and today wasn’t looking any different—except for the fact that Sasha was looking to sabotage you as much as possible today. As you went to swing your club at the ball, which was only a few feet away from the hole, a harsh slap to your ass disrupted you.

    At the unexpected slap, a squeak left your mouth and you swung your golf club hard. Eyes wide and mouthed dropped in an ‘o’ shape, you and Sasha watched as your ball went flying far past the 6th hole. You somehow managed to get your ball stuck in a mini waterfall at the center of the golf course. Turning around slowly, you jokingly glared at Sasha, still in disbelief at her successful attempt to sabotage you. “I can’t believe you,” you said, voice low. “This is supposed to be the place where we work together. We’re supposed to actually get along here.” A small pout formed on your lips as you whined to her, stepping closer to her.

    Suppressing a laugh, she pulled you into her body for a hug. “It’s ok baby,” she said, face smushed into your hair as she spoke to you. “We’ll just go to the front desk and you can tell them what happened and ask for another ball.” You gasped, shoving her away from you.

    A small smile made its way to your face as you continued to act upset, “No way am I telling them what happened! You do it. You’re the one who… messed up my shot.” She laughed at your pause, leaning on her golf club as she caught her breath.

    “Well then,” she started as a smirk pulled at her lips, “I guess it looks like I won. No contest. Literally.”


    staying in bed all day together

    “Sasha,” you whisper, hand moving from her waist to poke at her ribs a few times. “I have to pee. You’re gonna have to move a little.” The two of you had been tangled in bed all day, only getting up when it’s absolutely necessary. One of Sasha’s arms was positioned under your head, allowing you to rest on it as if it were a pillow. Her other arm was thrown over your waist, hand resting on the small of your back to pull you close to her, basking in your warmth.

    A loud groan vibrated through Sasha’s chest and throat, “But you’re so warm though.” Peeking down at her face, her eyebrows were furrowed, nose scrunched, and the most adorable pout on her face. Her grip around your waist tightened, bringing you closer to her if that was even possible.

    You giggled at the look of disappointment on her face, “I’ll only be gone for 2 minutes, baby. No longer, I promise.” She sighed, eyes closing for just a moment before blinking them open and nodding slightly. Leaning down, you placed a short but sweet kiss on her lips before untangling your limbs from hers, and clambering out of bed to make your way to the bathroom.

    Sasha quietly waited for you to come back, sitting up slightly so she could attempt to find the TV remote that got lost amongst the large pile of blankets. Finding it after a short minute of searching, she huffed as she threw herself back down onto the bed.

    Emerging from the bathroom, you quietly made your way back to the bedroom. Peeking around the corner of the doorframe, you watched Sasha as she awaited your return. She hummed to herself quietly as she aimlessly scrolled through Netflix, making noises of approval or disgust at the results she found. A fond smile took over your face as you watched her, she was just too cute. Making your way around the corner, you returned with arms wide open. With a running start, you jumped and let yourself land unceremoniously on the bed, your face landing next to Sasha’s thighs.

    “Welcome back, I missed you,” she said, one of her hands immediately moving from her lap to begin combing through your hair gently. You closed your eyes and let yourself relax to the feeling of Sasha’s gentle movements on your scalp. “Is there anything you're interested in watching? I was just looking through Netflix but we both know I’m too picky to choose.”

    You sighed, sitting up slightly to look between Sasha’s face and the TV. “I honestly couldn’t care less what we watch. It’s not like we’ll even really pay attention. Chances are, we’re both gonna fall asleep.” She snorted at your comment before clicking on a random comedy movie, and throwing the remote somewhere on the bed.

    “You’re right,” she said, inching down the bed so she was leaning against the headboard. “Now, get over here and cuddle with me.”


    seeing a band play at an underground show

    The loud bass thumped through the speakers at the front of the stage, vibrating through the floor and your body. You could barely hear anyone around you with how loud the music was, but you didn’t mind. The 3 drinks you had earlier on in the night took away any inhibitions you might have had about going to an underground show, allowing you to dance to the music and enjoy yourself.

    Sasha stood slightly behind you, one hand on your waist as she kept her eyes on you, the music in the background as all her focus landed on you. Her eyes roamed your figure as you bounced around to the loud music, a large grin plastered on your face as you beamed at the band onstage.

    You truly were having an amazing night. The pair of you went out to dinner earlier, to a diner that served deliciously greasy food. You talked for quite some time, sharing dessert at the end of dinner before leaving to head home. However, on your short walk home, the two of you spotted some cool-looking fliers that caught your attention. Walking over to the bulletin board they were attached to, you saw that the fliers were for an underground show nearby. The show had started around an hour and a half ago, but you figured it would still be checking out.

    Upon arriving, the both of you made your way to the heavily-packed bar and ordered a few drinks. Sipping on your drinks at a random table, you listened to the music for a bit while bantering back and forth. Eventually, you began to feel tipsy, your head and body feeling lighter. At the band’s announcement that they were going to be playing one of your favorite songs, you got up from your table, grabbing Sasha by the hands and dragging her to the middle of the large crowd.

    That was how you ended up in the middle of the dancefloor, Sasha dancing behind you while you attempted to sing along to the music. Turning around and away from the band, you pulled Sasha in by the collar of her shirt, your hands resting on the back of her neck as you moved your body closer to hers. With your chests pressed together, you swayed back and forth to the booming music, lights flashing above you, lighting up your faces every once and a while. Sasha’s eyes glanced between your lips and eyes, her head moving closer to yours. “I hope you’re having a good time,” she said into your ear, somehow managing to be heard over the music.

    With a beaming smile, you leaned over to borderline-shout into her ear, “I’m with you! Of course I’m having a good time!” Moving your head away from hers, you pulled back to see her flash you a huge grin. You could barely hear her next words over the loud music, but reading her lips you could make out I love you.


    © softmitsuya 2022

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  • fayesrossua
    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago


    Eren: I think depending on what information he is initially exposed to will determine his opinion and views of it. If he turned on Fox News on the wrong day, I could absolutely see him going down the Covid misinformation pipeline and being an anti vax, claiming it’s against his freedom and free-will. That being said, I think he’s just as likely to be like, cmon guys, if we WANT freedom we need to be vaxxed!! It *really* depends

    Armin: my boy Armin is all for the vaccine and will combat misinformation respectfully but firmly, reminding everyone that if we ever want to reach normalcy we need to work together and get vaccinated

    Mikasa: Mikasa doesn’t feel incredibly strong about it either way but she’s getting vaccinated because she A) doesn’t care and B) knows it’s about the greater good C) it would be greatly inconvenient if she got sick

    Jean: As much as I love this man, I feel like he would be very vaccine hesitant. Mainly because he is scared of needles. He would play it off as a joke that he’s not vaccinated but then it comes down to it and it’s revealed that he’s not vaccinated. Then Mikasa glares at him, Hange gives him a lecture on the importance of it and he caves.

    Connie: Connie is similar to Jean, he’ll make lots of jokes about Covid saying it’s not real, and not wear his mask properly all the time, but he gets the vaccine right away because ultimately he’s just a silly goofy guy

    Sasha: my gal Sasha is most definitely vaccinated and cares about everyone around her being safe. If she wants to live to eat meat again, she knows it’s in her best interest to get it. But we all know that day will never come now.

    Reiner: PRO VAXX KING. Especially if Eren is anti vaxx, Reiner will only be more motivated to oppose him. He’ll go on for 10 minutes at a time about the dire urgency that everyone does their part for the betterment of society. That we need to look at the facts and go through this together

    Bertolt: Of course he’s vaccinated, he’s a sensible sweet guy and does what he can. He definitely got kicked in the ass by both doses

    Hange: Hange is vaccinated and is in the labs herself conducting research lmao. She volunteered to take J&J just to see what was up and if she ever got Covid she’d treat it like an experiment to distract herself

    Levi: Always first in line at the vaccine clinic, this guys not taking chances and he always reticules his peers about them not wearing their mask properly. He tries to leave the house as little as possible but when he does he often gets disgusted by the people around him, and uses his own hand sanitizer instead of the 60% alcohol slimy vaguely wine smelling hand sanitizer the store offers

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  • donuttrymedebil
    21.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Too Late Bee-yatch

    #aot s4#gabi braun#falco grice#colt grice #attack on titan #sasha braus#eren yeager#reiner braun #aot anime spoilers #she still sucks #and cannot be forgiven #yes i have finished the manga #no idgaf
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  • imnotafan-art
    21.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Screen cap redraw of the iconic trio

    Had to make Sasha look like the badass she is so some creative liberty with her in the background

    I miss her…

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  • moonbug-julia
    21.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    just some messy sketchy trios ☺️

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  • biggest-stupidhead
    21.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    AN: Despite my ever-growing pile of WIP I have added yet another piece. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now and it seems appropriate seeing that the new season of aot dropped. So enjoy some college AU to ease the pain :) 

    Summary: A single night out effects your entire semester. 

    Word Count: 3.1K 

    Warnings: mentions of vomit, alcohol, let me know if I missed anything 


    Everything from last night was a blur, you remembered meeting at Eren’s apartment for a pregame, then you kind of recalled the walk to the bar. But once you had stepped foot inside of the bar, everything was foggy. You vaguely recalled ordering shots of fireball, and then a round of Moscow Mules. Just the thought of the drinks made your stomach ache. But that was about it, however, your night hadn’t ended when you blacked out. It was early in the morning and you had found yourself back in your bed with your wastebasket in close proximity. 

    Your nose wrinkled when you saw the vomit in the trash, instead, you swung your legs over the side of the bed. Your feet did not meet the ground as you expected, felt something warm and fleshy beneath the soles of your feet. You yelped in shock, but it was much worse for Connie who had fallen asleep at the side of your bed. He sat up as soon as your feet left his torso and buried his face in the trash can to dry heave. 

    “Oh, Connie I’m so sorry.” You knelt beside him, rubbing circles on his back sleepily as he coughed. You took a moment to inspect the state of your room, turned out you hadn’t slept in your bed alone, Jean was passed out pressed up against the wall. Connie was obviously on your floor, and Sasha was snoring loudly on your beanbag next to your mini-fridge with a bottle of vodka in the crook of her arm. 

    “I don’t remember anything from last night.” You ran a hand down the length of your jaw and Connie spat into the trash before turning to face you. His face was covered in sharpie, a poorly drawn monocle and mustache scribbled onto his features. You snorted and grabbed his face with your free hand, he groaned and fell backward, his head hitting the wooden floor loudly. 

    “Connie.” You wheezed as you laughed at his misfortune. 

    “How are you going to get this off? We have class in like-” You turned and blindly felt for your phone on your cluttered nightstand. Your eyes widened when you saw that it was already 8:30 in the morning. 

    “Your first class starts in like an hour man.” You patted the side of his face trying to wake him up but he was already snoring again. You abandoned the cause and instead turned your focus to Jean, leaning over your bed and shaking his leg. 

    “Wake up.” You hissed and Jean rolled over, cracking an eye open to look at you. 

    “I never slept, you twitched all night long.” He moaned, throwing his arm over his face. You crossed the room and pulled your blinds open, the pale morning light flooding your crowded room.  

    “Sorry.” You didn’t really feel bad, he could’ve slept next to Connie or Sasha if it really bothered him. 

    “Connie’s supposed to be in his psych class in like an hour.” You told him and Jean sighed again, this time finally sitting up, his foot swinging down from the bed and gently knocking against Connie’s hip. Poor guy couldn’t catch a break this morning, he sat up and you imagined that if he had any hair it would be sticking out in odd angles. 

    “I’m up, Jesus.” Connie looked awful as he drags himself to his feet with Jean’s help. Now the real challenge would be waking up Sasha. You watched as Jean guided Connie to your bathroom down the hall, the two of them still swaying on their feet. The first thing you did was take the vodka from her, then you opened your fridge and pulled out a bag of shredded cheese. As soon as the plastic crinkled beneath your fingertips Sasha sat up, even though her eyes were only half-open. You peeled the bag open and her eyes finally opened the rest of the way, you handed her the bag and she sunk her fist inside of it, bringing a handful of cheese to her lips. 

    “Good morning Sash.” You greeted, shutting your fridge and then your bedroom door so you could change out of the clothes you wore out the night previously. Sasha was chowing down messily on the cheese as you shimmied out of your jeans, you knew you were sloshed when you slept in jeans. Then you pulled on a nicer pair of loose-fitting jeans and threw a zip-up jacket on over the bralette you had worn in place of a shirt. 

    “I’m telling you, last night was so worth it,” Sasha said around a mouthful of cheese. 

    “I can’t remember jack.” You muttered, zipping up your jacket just enough to cover the top of your breasts. 

    “I ain’t surprised, you were stumbling around five minutes after we walked in” Sasha snickered, placing the bag of cheese aside. 

    “Maybe you can fill me in later over dinner?” You asked as you scrambled to gather your supplies for your first class. 

    “If you’re buying,” Sasha said as she stood up and brushed some cheese off of her stomach. 

    “I know you’re on the meal plan Sasha, you basically have thirteen meals a week with your plan, that's six more than mine.” You said with a roll of your eyes as you grabbed your keys off of your desk and slung your bag over your shoulder. 

    “Oh boo,” Sasha yelled after you as you made your way to your bathroom. Connie was sitting in the tub with his underwear on, and Jean sitting on the toilet with his head in his hands. You quickly scrubbed the old makeup off of your face and pulled your hair off of your face. You sighed in defeat when the annoying strands fell back against your skin. 

    “Hurry it up Connie, I need one too,” Jean whined as Connie half-heartedly scrubbed his scalp with your shampoo. His face was still covered in sharpie, but it was beginning to fade thanks to your face wash. 

    “You better not use all of my conditioners on your bald head.” You warned and Connie cracked his eye open despite the soap running down his temple. He stuck his tongue out and pulled the curtain shut.

    “Make sure you leave some for me at least!” Jean said, tugging the shower curtain open again, Connie let out a high-pitched screech and pretended to clutch his pearls. 

    “I don’t have time for this.” You grumbled as you made your way through the apartment, stopping to grab bottled water from the fridge. Then you were out the door, it was late August and already the day was heating up. You regretted the jacket and wished that you had thrown on a t-shirt instead. You were lucky you had woken up when you had, giving you just enough time to walk to your class. If you hadn’t you most certainly would have been late, and from what you recalled in the syllabus this professor was particularly strict. 

    You checked your phone and saw that you had about twenty minutes to get to the Liberal Arts building, which was plenty of time. You could probably even swing by the cafe and pick up a coffee. This lifted your mood and put a little pep in your step, you hurried to the Starbucks that was in the campus center, relieved to find that the line was short. You ordered your coffee and went on your merry way, sipping your drink as you walked. By the time you made it to the Liberal Arts building, you had five minutes left before class was set to start. 

    Your favorite thing about these classes was their size, typically being capped at about thirty students. You weren’t super-shy or anything, but it made it easier to participate in comparison to a lecture hall. You picked a seat right in the middle of the room, next to a blonde that was vaguely familiar to you. She didn’t turn to acknowledge you so you said nothing yet, instead, you began to pull out your laptop and open up a document for notes. 

    Your coffee was almost gone at this point, the professor had yet to show up, the desk in the front of the room vacant. A few more students trickled into the room before the clock struck nine. Once the little hand hit nine the door was slammed shut, causing the students to fall silent and turn to see who had entered. 

    You presumed that it was the professor, or maybe the TA? He looked young, pale ivory skin with dark hair styled into a neat undercut. He wore a pair of slacks and a dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his forearms. You swallowed thickly as you watched him stalk down the narrow aisle between seats, a file tucked neatly under his arm. 

    “No food or drink in class.” He said as he passed your seat, pointing a finger at your nearly empty cup. 

    “It’s empty.” It was a white lie, you wouldn’t have lied if you had known he was going to pick up the cup and twirl the little liquid left in the bottom around. 

    “Doesn’t feel empty to me.” He said, continuing his walk with your coffee in tow. You consciously had to close your mouth, cheeks heating up with embarrassment. The blonde to your right was staring at you now, in fact, everyone was. You tugged at the collar of your jacket, feeling extra warm with the extra eyes on you. The professor dropped your cup into the trash can by his desk and that was that. You were out five bucks on a coffee you didn’t get to finish and you were thoroughly embarrassed. 

    As the room calmed down, the professor was scribbling his name onto the whiteboard in the front of the room. You busied yourself with opening multiple tabs on your computer for no particular reason other than to distract yourself from your embarrassment. 

    “My name is Dr. Ackerman, I am the head of the philosophy department here, today we’ll be going over the syllabus.” He said as he put the cap back on his marker, turning to face the class, his eyes were narrow and slate grey. They seemed to still be locked on you and you had a bad feeling he was the type to hold grudges. 

    “Lights please.” He pointed to someone in the back of the room, a moment later the lights went out, Dr. Ackerman logged into the desktop and powered on the projector. You brought your pen to your lips as you watched him pull up the syllabus for your class. 

    “First thing’s first, here is my contact information. I’m assuming you brats can read, we’re going to briefly cover the syllabus, which you will be quizzed on.” He scrolled down, briefly covering the main points of the syllabus such as the grading system, projects, and classroom conduct. Your ears burned when he addressed the no food and drink policy, which apparently he is exceptionally strict about. 

    “Read this in detail later, your quiz will be twenty questions.” He said, closing the window and moving to access his presentation for the lecture. 

    “Will the quiz be open note?” A student to your left asked and you clenched your jaw, fearing the answer, the syllabus was lengthy and you hated reading them. 

    “No, no notes.” Dr. Ackerman said, leaving his computer with the clicker in his hand. You heard girls giggling in the back, you strained to hear them, and when you did finally make out what they were saying you nearly gagged. 

    “-look at those veins!” One of them swooned. 

    “I bet he has veins on his-” You swallowed thickly and hoped for their sake that they shut up. 

    “Chapter 1,” Dr. Ackerman began, and you splayed your fingers out across your keyboard, readying yourself to take notes. The rest of the class went by slowly, you could barely focus on the material, still hung up on the coffee from earlier. Something else was bothering you though, Dr. Ackerman was eerily familiar. At first, you thought it was because you saw his picture on his canvas page, but now you were looking at the page, and there were absolutely no pictures. You were wracking your brain, trying to recall how you knew him. But you kept coming up empty, and by the end of the class, you had no answers. 

    Dr. Ackerman ended his presentation and dismissed the class, telling everyone to check the canvas and complete the first assignment and quiz. You sat in your seat, lingering as the others filed out of the room. You stood up and slung your bag over your shoulder, watching as the last student left the classroom. Dr. Ackerman was preparing for his next class already, opening the next class’s canvas and taking a moment to sip from his water bottle. 

    “What?” He said as you stood by your desk, hand planted on the desk to ground yourself. 

    “I wanted to apologize about…the coffee.” You gauged his reaction, and you were surprised to see what appeared to be a glimmer of amusement flash across his features. 

    “The coffee?” He asked, and you cringed. Maybe it wasn’t as big of a deal you had thought it to be. 

    “Y-Yeah from earlier.” You took a few steps forward and Dr. Ackerman arched a brow. 

    “Oh, that.” He waved his hand dismissively and rounded the desk to lean against the front of it. 

    “I just feel bad, and I wasn’t trying to break the rules-” 

    “I get it (Y/n), just get out of here.” He flicked his wrist towards the exit. His use of your name nearly went clear over your head but just as you opened your mouth to thank him for his lecture his words finally processed in your brain. 

    “Wait, you know my name?” Your eyes widened and Dr. Ackerman scoffed. 

    “I do.” That was all he said, you were creeped out now. You wondered if you had him last year? No, you would remember him, he was very attractive. 

    “O-Oh, well thanks again. I’ll see you on Wednesday.” You left before he could say anything else, making a beeline straight for the door. You needed some comfort after that class, so you opened your phone and shot a quick text to your roomies. 


    Just had the weirdest class in my life. 


    What happened? 


    Probably not as shitty as the class I just had. 


    Guys come homeeee im bored and hungry. 

    Actually, can someone go grocery shopping? 


    Sasha, I’m having a crisis here.

    At least pretend to care :/


    Get on with it already. 


    My professor took my coffee and tossed it in the trash. 

    So embarrassing. 

    He also knew my name?? 

    Like what? 



    Wait a second it’s coming to me now


    What? What is? 


    It’s too much to text, just come back to the apartment. 

    You pocketed your phone and focused your energy on walking after that text. You made the ten-minute walk into a seven-minute trek, entering your small on-campus housing and taking the stairs two at a time to get to your apartment. When you finally got your key card to scan and unlock your door you all but tumbled into the kitchen. 

    Sasha was already eating an egg sandwich, sriracha sauce dribbling down her chin. Jean was sipping on coffee, his hair still wet from his shower. You dropped your bag and dropped into one of the chairs at the small table in the middle of your cramped table. 

    “So what do you know?” You asked, you had a sinking feeling that it had something to do with your drunken adventure the previous night. 

    “Well, I was pretty drunk too. But not nearly as bad as you.” Jean said with a chuckle, placing his cup down to give you all of his attention. 

    “So, when you said you were going go vom, I took you to the men’s room.” Jean continued and you felt the blood drain from your face. 

    “Ok….” You prompted him to get to the point. 

    “So you were throwing up in one of the stalls, Connie was standing at the door. That was when Sasha found us.” Jean continued with his eyes closed, clearly trying to recall the events correctly. 

    “Yeah, you were in a bad way (Y/n).” Sasha added and you groaned, planting your face in your palms. 

    “Anyway, you were throwing up and Connie was blocking the door when some guy wouldn’t give up. He really wanted in.” Jean continued and you had a bad feeling that you knew who was on the other side of the door. 

    “Connie was too drunk to really guard the door, so this guy comes busting in, sees you and me on the floor. Says something about it being the men’s room, then he did his business.” Jean shrugged almost like it wasn’t that big of a deal. But now that he was telling you these things it seemed to jog your memory, of your head in a toilet bowl as your friends yelled behind you. It was still blurry, but you remembered lifting your head and catching a glimpse of the man as he walked to the sink. 

    “I only know it was him because I had his class last year. He’s a real hard ass, and he definitely remembered me.” Jean laughed at your misfortune as you ran your hands down the sides of your face. 

    “This is just my luck.” You laughed humorlessly as Jean cringed in sympathy. 

    “I mean, he was in the bar too. So I feel like he can’t judge you that much.” Jean tried to comfort you, and honestly what he was saying made sense, but it didn’t spare you the embarrassment. 

    “Can’t do anything about it now right?” Sasha said around a mouthful of her sandwich. 

    “Right.” You agreed, memories slowly seemed to be trickling back to you. You recalled the walk to the bar, ordering shots, even pieces of your trip to the bathroom. 

    “Oh wait until I show you the video of you dancing on the pool table!” Sasha exclaimed, reaching into her pocket to fish out her phone. You whimpered and laid your head on the table, staring off into space as Jean and Sasha chuckled over the video. You hoped that this would pass, that Dr. Ackerman would forget about this and you could have a regular semester. 

    Of course things weren’t so simple. 

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  • aviinnit
    21.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    "Everyone is free to dislike whoever."

    Wrong. No one is allowed to dislike Sasha Braus.

    #aot #attack on Titan #sasha braus#sasha blouse#aot sasha #i will personally find each and every individual who doesn't like sasha #/j but also not
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    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    aot tweets: that's his s/o yo

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  • rivasasha-blog
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sasha: -and then Jean asked me why Eren wasn't at training!

    Levi: But didn't Connie tell you that Armin had told Jean about Eren's constipation?

    Sasha: YES, EXACTLY!


    Levi actually listens to all of Sasha's stories

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  • grellreaper
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    AOT characters as university students/teachers in a modern au:

    I will not go into too much detail for all of them, and I might just give them an area of study rather than a specific major.

    Characters mentioned: Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Marco, Jean, Connie, Sasha, Historia, Berthold, Reiner, Zeke, Levi, Erwin, Hange, Moblit, Miche.


    The students:

    Armin: He would major in history/philosophy. He doesn't strike me as someone who'd go for any of the sciences, though he would do his own research during his free time. Out of curiosity. He would be a very clever and very quiet student, but would have a very strong presence. He would think he goes about his days unseen, but trust me, he is very much seen. Everyone knows him, everyone wants to be him. Even after he graduates, the people would hear about the legend of Armin Arlert, the man who once walked through the same corridors as them. I also think he'd be in a photography club. He would have a vintage camera gifted to him by his grandpa for sure. He wanted to dorm with Eren but the latter decided not to live on campus.

    Marco: Psychology major - I'm not sure why, but it works in my head. Probably aiming to be a clinical psychologist or a teacher. So maybe education as well? He strikes me as a kindergarten teacher sometimes because he is so soft-spoken. He would be the captain of his university's student council and he would own it. Everyone loves and respects him. I'm also certain he would have a scholarship and he would make sure to study hard enough to maintain that. Since he is the captain, I'd assume the professors would rely on him (a little too much) to help organise events and activities. And yet, he'd somehow be able to juggle all those responsibilities while maintaining a social life. Legend. Would dorm with Jean and Connie, later joined by Armin, in one of those bigger apartment dorms.

    Eren: Business major. I truly believe the Jaegers are loaded and live in a mansion in the middle of the city, and so Eren decides to go for an easier degree. I can also only see him in the business field/industry so. I also think he only went to university because of Mikasa and because Grisha wanted him to 'work for his future' (we all know he'll find Eren a job himself anyway). He originally wanted to dorm with Armin but his parents insisted he doesn't live on campus since they have a fucking three-story mansion across the street from the university. Anyway. Eren would be a chill student, studying just enough to pass, but not doing much else. I think that him and Jean might have a class or two in common, and so he would try a bit harder in those in order to compete with him.

    Connie: At first, I thought music because I have a vivid image of Connie playing the drums in a modern AU. However, I think he might take music as a minor degree then drop it because he'd much prefer to practice it in his own time. So, IT major. Big brain Connie would be out there coding, hacking, and game developing. He'd probably hack the government just for fun. He would also have his own stream. At first, everyone would think Connie is failing because they never see him study, but the man gets 90s in all his classes. He would also disappear for a couple days then return out of nowhere with a new tattoo and a stack of bills as if nothing had happened. And no one dares to question it. Him and Jean probably share a room, and Connie's side would be a stark contrast from Jean's. Let's just say I truly believe he'd have his porn stash on display.

    Jean: Law major, and I will fight for this headcanon until the day I die. Criminal Law to be exact, because Jean would be an activist, and would want to help people get justice anyway he can. Jean would look like a cocky, stuck-up jock, but he would have a secret soft side that he only shows his friends at first. He would still get bitches though. Despite all that, he would be a straight A student with a strict routine - asleep by 11 on most nights, always on time for his classes, plays soccer to remain active, talks to his mum after every meal, etc. I just know he would do lots of volunteer work too. I think after a while during his first year, he would drop the annoying cocky persona and would just be himself. I also think his hair would be in its awkward phase during his first year, and I'm blushing over the image in my head.

    Sasha: I was thinking nutrition, but is that too cliche since yk... Sasha and food... But I do think it works. I can imagine Sasha being so passionate about learning to enjoy good food while still remaining healthy. Especially since Niccolo (<3) would obviously go to a culinary school, they would bond over their shared love and knowledge of food. She would be an average student, and her filthy rich parents would help pay for tutors. She would be a very active person, possibly on the university's volleyball or basketball team. Everyone loves her. She doesn't know too many people though, mainly Jean, Connie and Mikasa. She tends to forget the other's names and greets them with "nice to meet you" every time they go out.

    Mikasa: Physiotherapy! I think Mikasa would have the physique for it and would be in the medical field somehow. I do think she'd specialise in sport rehabilitation though. Also, she would do track in university, partly because modern AU her reminds me of Shimizu Kiyoko but anyway. Mikasa wouldn't study as hard as Armin and Marco, but she would be exceptional at school. I also think Armin would have asked her to model for his photography club at least once because fucking look at her. She's roommates with Sasha but she's rarely ever in her dorm other than during the night. She's usually always with Eren unless she has classes. They'd go on lunch dates quite often. EreMika thrives in this au.

    Bertholdt: Nursing major! It's either that or engineering. For nursing, I can just imagine tall, lanky Bertholdt carrying a first aid kit in his bag at all times. He would genuinely want to help people out, and he would work so hard to get good marks. As for engineering, he just seems like someone who's good at maths and physics. That's my only explanation tbh. Bertholdt would probably play volleyball in university, as he would be a little too awkward and lanky for basketball. He'd be a monster middle blocker, let me tell you that. He would dorm with Reiner because they went to high school together. Some might say this man gets no bitches, but I truly believe he fucked his school nurse before he graduated from high school. Use that information however you wish, I rest my case.

    Reiner: The only thing I could think of was that he is on a sports scholarship - maybe for Rugby or Hockey? Then I thought, how good would it be to see mommy milkers bouncing on top of a building, and so I now think he'd do civil engineering. Although he'd be a danger to everyone if he were on a construction site... those mommy milkers bro. Anyway. I think he'd focus more on sport than on his marks, but he wouldn't fail. He'd be a very average student. He'd also be a hoe, getting his cheeks clapped left and right. I'd say he would make women uncomfortable just because of his resting bitch face, but the man would get some stares because... mommy milkers.

    Historia: Drama major. She would hang around Ymir mostly, and yet men would still try to approach her... embarrassing bruv can you not see the homosexuality floating in the air. She would definitely be a social media influencer and whatnot. I think she would be a genuinely nice person, but people would tend to avoid her because her parents are politicians and she looks like a Regina George - just a basic, preppy, rich blonde. I don't she would live on campus tbh (maybe because she's rich?? idk). I also believe that she wouldn't care that much about university because she does have her influencer career and she's filthy rich, but she'd still try.


    And now the teachers:

    Erwin: Definitely teaches history or/and philosophy. The man no doubt has studied more than one major and has multiple PhD's. He would be a strict teacher, and a very difficult marker as well. I'd say he fails a lot of his students, but everyone still takes his class because he is a God of a teacher. His name is probably everywhere, and he conducts successful researches all the time. I bet it would be mesmerising to see him teach. However, Erwin in class is different from Erwin outside of class. I bet he takes his graduates out for dinner and drinks after exams, and makes sure they understand what they did wrong in exams so they can do better next time. He gets so passionate while explaining his favourite theories in class and while telling his students about the past and how it shaped our present. And boy. Fuck Eldia and Marley, the students are never interested in the class, they are interested in Erwin Smith. Only Erwin Smith.

    Zeke: I think he'd be a student-teacher. Zeke really gives me philosophy major vibes, however, I also see him walking around with rolled up blueprints - architecture major. He'd be doing his PhD while teaching undergraduates. I think he'd work a lot with Erwin as they'd work in the same field. I think he might have originally wanted to go to med school but opted not to because he only wanted to because of Grisha. I'm leaning more towards philosophy student Zeke just because I know he'd have the best theories, and he'd work alongside Erwin to research them. I think he would be envious of him to some degree, but his admiration towards Erwin would be far greater. He would idolise the man. He would want to be him. That might also be because he's had a crush on the university's coordinator ever since his first year as an undergraduate, but no one needs to know (everyone knows).

    Levi: I don't think Levi would be a teacher, but more of a coordinator for the university. He'd work in administration basically. He would make sure that everything is going according to plan, and students would come to him if they had any problems with their schedule (or anything really, just to catch a glimpse of this fine man). He would be stoic and serious in nature, and he wouldn't smile as often as he should, but he is quite kind to most people despite his intimidating exterior. He tends to go off at the people working under him if they were to slack off for no good reason. Students would love to gather around to hear the most vulgar words come out of his soft, plush lips whenever that happened. Mesmerising. He would be especially close to a Mr. Erwin Smith, and they always have a special segment in the university's newsletter dedicated to them. It is a serious matter, as Mr. Ackerman is only ever seen smiling when a certain tall, blonde professor is around (hint: it's NOT Zeke).

    Hange: Science! Specifically Biology - maybe anatomy and histology to be even more specific?? Hange would always be excited about their 8AM classes, and you will never catch them sitting down in class. They will be running around, making sure everyone understands how amazing human evolution is, slapping the students awake because how cool is it that we have a tailbone but no tail???? Everyone loves Hange's class, and their students tend to score well on their exams because of that. Hange would also have a strict side, though. I'm not sure what would trigger it tbh. But it's there. Also, they would definitely hint at the Levi-Erwin theory but never confirm nor deny anything. Nothing so far has made them budge, and they have not offered a single piece of information. Finally, I think Hange would coach the volleyball team for some reason. They'd be amazing moral support during games.

    Moblit: In love with Hange. I mean, English major! Somehow, he makes analysing dead people's writings seem interesting. I'm convinced everyone is in love with this man and that's the only reason they'd take his class (unless it was needed for their degree blah blah). He would be so passionate about his literature, and would have written at least one romance novel in his life - maybe even a couple Eruri fanfics. Anyway. He'd volunteer to be the assistant coach for the volleyball team, for the sake of the students of course. Of course. He'd claim that he'd do it only to calm Hange down when they go batshit crazy about how Berthold blocked that spike without even moving an inch. The students would know he is the weakest link and would often corner him and demand answers about Eruri. Especially after finding out erwinxlevi4eva on Wattpad is actually none other than him.

    Miche: Sports science! I actually don't have much about Miche in mind because every time I think about him, I get distracted by his big muscle and awooga wooga. Anyhow, I can only imagine Miche as a sports instructer and/or personal trainer. His class would be full. Everyone wants to see Miche's muscles in action. And I mean everyone: girls, boys, theys and thems, janitors, professors, Donald Trump, the pope - everyone. I think he'd be the university's swimming team coach, and when I tell you the whole university would watch every single practice session. Every. single. one. Moving on. Miche would be a very strict teacher, and people would fear him even outside of class. However, he would be quite flirty with the teachers and staff. I can imagine one of the students finding him on a dating app too. Unlucky (for him).

    I don't know if you can tell, but I am on break rn and I have way too much time on my hands. I'm also obsessed with this modern AU. It's not exactly canon-compliant regarding the modern AU Isayama officially made, but let my imagination roam free okay??? I'm really happy I was able to write about this many characters. Pls like/rb and follow for more!
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    The Yeager Scandal (chapter fourteen)

    Zeke Yeager x female!reader x Eren Yeager


    I'm going to make this brief so it doesn't take up too much space, but I've recently gotten into drawing and decided that I'm going to draw certain scenarios throughout the book and post them with the chapter that it goes with. I'm not the best at drawing so they'll be a little meh, but I'm hoping that the more I do it the better I can get. For the chapter that do have a drawing, it will be at the end of the chapter.

    I am also editing all of the previous chapters, it is taking me longer than I would have liked to but I'm slowly getting there. I WILL NOT be posting the updated versions of the previous chapters here, because I feel as though it would be pointless. If you are wanting to keep up with the updated previous chapters my wattpad is @kitkat11602. They are not updated as of right now because I recently started this semesters classes, but during my free time I will be working on them and posting them.

    So Sorry for the long a/n, I just wanted to update you all on what will be happening. <3

    taglist / series masterlist


    The room was silent as everyone sat and waited for the final person to turn in their exam. Some individuals hoped that they passed, while others mindlessly sat in their seats trying to balance a pencil on their nose. Everyone’s attention shifted towards the movement coming from the back of the class, Sasha standing up and shuffling to the teacher sitting at her desk.

    “I’ll have your exams graded by the end of the weekend, so please wait patiently for those. And also before I dismiss you, make sure that you all start thinking about what you want to do after graduation if you haven't already.” And after she said the last part of her announcement the bell rang, everyone immediately stood up to gather their belongings and leave the classroom.

    “Dude, did you see that? I almost had it!” Connie shouted at Jean from across the room, you looked up from your phone which you had been zoning out on, noticing how the classroom was almost empty. “You coming Y/N?” Connie now stood off to the side of your desk, patiently waiting for you while you put your book into your backpack. Jean was awkwardly standing next to the door, waiting so that the three of you could walk back to your lockers together.

    “Hurry up, you two always take so long.” You rolled your eyes, shrugging your bag over your shoulder as Connie and you walked towards the door. Connie and Jean walked side by side as you trailed along behind them, “Man, why do they always hang around our lockers.” Jean sighed, making you lift your gaze up from the floor, seeing Eren standing in front of your locker talking to Mikasa, Reiner and Ymir. The moment you let your eyes land on Eren he turned his attention to your approaching form, a small smile making its way onto his face.

    “What time is the party?” Ymir asked, picking her bag up from the ground and slinging over her shoulder as she was about to walk away. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the mention of a party, was someone throwing one?

    “What party?” You questioned, stopping right next to Eren, lightly poking his shoulder so you could get into your locker. He kept his eyes locked onto you when he stuck his tongue out in a teasing manner before taking a small step to the side, just enough so you could crack the locker open.

    “It’s at eight, don’t ask me how late it’ll go because I have no clue.” You shoved your books into your locker as best as you could. Ymir nodded, not bothering to respond as she walked towards the exit, the others soon followed her when they finished putting their things into their lockers. “Oh, and I won’t be able to come to yours tonight Jean. I got plans.”

    “Whatever.” Jean scoffed, heading towards the doors to leave, “Just know that you’re going to miss possibly one of the best gaming nights ever.”

    “Huh? How come I wasn’t invited?” Connie whined following behind Jean, now leaving Eren and you alone in the hallway.

    “What party?” You asked again, shutting your locker and turning to face Eren who was already looking at you. While his eyes were staring at your face, his eyebrows were creased in thought, bottom lip tucked in between his teeth, gnawing at the skin harshly. “Eren?” You waved a hand in front of his face making him snap out of his thoughts, his usual smile appearing on his face.

    “I’m throwing a party this weekend since we’ll all be graduating soon. I wanted us to have one last big part as a class. It’ll be at my house by the way.” Eren sent you a wink before taking your bag out of your hands and carrying it for you as you both exited the building.

    “Oh, okay.” You said giving him a small smile, cheeks heating up at the fact that he wouldn’t let you carry your own belongings. “What do you have planned for today?” Eren froze in his spot, a blush creeping up the base of his neck, the tips of his ear turning a light shade of pink. He let out a small cough, his hand moving to scratch at the back of his neck.

    “I forgot I didn’t actually ask you yet…” He glanced back up, letting out a shaky breath when your eyes met. “I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go on a date, just to see what it would be like if we… dated.” He spoke quickly, the words almost jumbled but you were able to make them out. He completely turned away from you, not wanting you to see the blush on his cheeks grow brighter. Your eyes widened, heart thumping against your chest as you forgot how to breathe.

    “H-huh?” Eren quickly turned around at the sound of your stuttering voice, the palms of his hands sweaty causing him to wipe them against the sides of his jeans. Almost immediately apologizing for his sudden question.

    “I’m sorry! We don’t have to, I was just thinking that maybe we could give it a try? Only if you wanted to though, because I would never force you to do anything you didn’t want to do. Oh gosh, was this wrong of me to do? This won’t ruin our friendship right? Fuck… Please just forget I even asked, I don’t want things to be awkward between us…” He kept rambling on, apologies after apologies, not noticing how you were seemingly frozen in your spot.

    A date?

    With Eren?

    Your best friend… Wouldn’t that be awkward?

    Do you even have feelings for Eren?

    What about Zeke?

    You narrowed your eyes in distaste, Eren watching as your face fell into an agitated expression. Scared that he just ruined everything by asking you out on a date.

    Why were you thinking about Zeke right now?

    “Yeah… I’ll go on a date with you.”

    “I get it, we’re best friends. I never should have- Wait what?” You smiled at him, grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the car.

    “You’ll pick me up tonight right?”


    “A bakery?” You questioned, walking through the door which Eren held open for you. As soon as you walked into the small building your senses were overrun with the smell of sweets, bright lights displaying the different baked goods in a beautiful glass case.

    “Yeah, but we're not actually staying here too long since they close soon.” He grabbed your hand, leading you towards the display, greeting the older lady behind the counter.

    “Eh? So then where are we going?” You asked, eyes wide as you stared down at the many different desserts. You leaned down getting a better look at the different names while Eren conversed with the lady about what all he wanted to buy. It had been a while since you had been here, the last time being when you were just a kid. You finally looked away from the display, glancing around the small dining area where people could enjoy their treats.

    It still looks the same.

    The last time you had been here was his Eren and his mother. She had needed to stop in and pick up a cake for Eren’s birthday one year, and the both of you had wanted to tag along with her.

    “You ready?” Eren asked, using his elbow to lightly nudge you out of your thoughts. Nodding your head you turned around and said a quick goodbye to the lady before walking out the door with Eren’s unoccupied hand clutching onto yours.

    “So where are we going?” You asked, glancing around at the nearby places, seeing the lights slowly flicker off meaning that it was closing time.

    “The park, I feel like stargazing.” You hummed in approval, remembering how you and Eren used to sneak out after everyone had gone to sleep. Alway running to the park where you two first met, sitting on the swings as you both gazed up at the blanket of stars. Never really talking about anything serious, just enjoying each other’s presence while waiting to see whose parents would be the first to figure out that the lump in their child's bed was just a pillow. The silence between the two of you was… Stiff. The tension from everything that happened between Zeke and you, between Eren and you, weighed heavily in the air as you both arrived at the park. Silently you both took a seat upon your assigned swings, the bag of desserts balancing on Eren’s lap as he slowly rocked back and forth.

    “Don’t drop those.” You scolded after seeing the bag almost fall to the ground, but thankfully Eren’s fast reflexes managed to catch it before it could slip off his lap. He let out a small laugh, carefully setting the bag down so the insides wouldn’t get mixed up.

    “Do you know what you want to do after we graduate?” Eren asked, his attention focused onto the stars above the both of you as he finally spoke for the first time since leaving the bakery. You fixed your slouched form at the sound of his voice, a wave of perplexity washing over you as you thought of the different possible things you could pursue.

    “No idea.” You mumbled, feeling slightly disappointed in yourself. You were graduating soon, yet you didn’t know what you wanted to do with your life. “Well,” You started, tilting your head up towards the sky, your eyes dancing around, looking at the many stars sprinkled across the darkness. “I think I want to own my own cafe someday, but that would take a lot of work. So honestly… No, I don’t have any idea, and it scares me.”

    “I’m happy I’m not the only one.” Eren said, his voice just barely above a whisper. “I’m scared that everything’s going to change, that I won’t have my friends anymore because they’ll be off doing their own things, making new friends. I’m scared that I’m going to get left behind, that I won’t be able to catch up to everyone else.” Eren looked down at his hands which were intertwined, thumbs circling around each other as he let out an unsteady sigh. “I just don’t want to disappoint anyone.” Your eyes widened, you hadn’t realized that he was this troubled about his future, you had been too focused on keeping Zeke and yours fling a secret that you hadn’t noticed the subtle changes in Eren’s behavior. He was just scared.

    “You won’t disappoint anyone Eren.” You whispered, your eyes watering at the sight of his broken expression. “You won’t disappoint her. She loves you so much Eren, your mother could never be disappointed in you.” You reached over and grabbed one of his hands, ignoring how sweaty they were you gave it a gentle squeeze. “I’m sorry I didn’t realize any of this sooner. I’ve been an awful friend to you,” You paused, looking down at your feet which were glued to the ground. “I’m so sorry.” You gazed up at your best friend with tears clouding your vision, you but your lip to keep yourself from letting out the painful sobs you’ve been holding in all this time. Eren’s lips parted as if he was going to say something, but they shut almost immediately after. His eyebrows scrunched together in thought, inwardly debating with himself on what he should say.

    He had so much to say, not only to you, but also to his brother. But for now he would bottle those things up, so instead he whispered three words that had your heartbeat become irregular.

    “I love you.”

    taglist: @usernamehere91 @andriathorne @zekefreak @coolusernamedotcom @bubs-world @the-princess-button @resonancesoul @aviinnit @butterfliesroses @songbirdgardensworld @nosepiercingugly @shenasiamyoung (bold couldn't be tagged)

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    And here’s why I hate their guts.

    https://publish.twitter.com/?query=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fgoatgabibraun%2Fstatus%2F1483971821519065094&widget=Tweet “Gabi’s actions were justifiable”. What are you fucking kids, children of the NRA? Because Gabi would be their poster child for an ideal world. Where kids can kill without fear of consequence.

    https://publish.twitter.com/?query=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fxubiules%2Fstatus%2F1483867425628200969&widget=Tweet Best development than all the rest? Why is this fandom so damned eager to put her on a pedestal? I’m not buying this, what makes her so fucking special and such a standout? 


    Well fuck you, Sasha doesn’t get to live a life because of Gabi, you aren’t Sasha, dickhead. 

    Gabi’s fans? Delusional as ever. Acting as though she is an innocent. These people are as bad as Isayama for indulging this falsehood. 

    This story ended with the Ocean. Your favorite bitch still sucks, Gabi stans. 

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #gabi braun#aot gabi#snk gabi #Falbi Gabi Braun Falco grice Sasha braus Sasha blouse hajime Isayama #fuck gabi #i hate gabi #garbage braun#falco grice#aot fandom#snk fandom#aot anime#aot manga#snk manga#snk anime #snk s4 spoilers #snk 105#snk 139#eren yeager#Mikasa Ackerman#armin arlert#LEVI ACKERMAN #i hate isayama #hajime isayama#fuck isayama
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    Annie: You know, I'm starting to regret showing you how that blender works.

    Sasha, drinking toast: Why do you say that?

    #attack on titan #aot#snk#annie leonhardt#sasha braus#aot warriors#cadets #104th trainee corps #104th squad #aot incorrect quotes
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    AOT characters as embarrassing things I’ve done

    Eren — was trying to look cool jogging down a hill but ended up slipping on a rock and rolling down

    Mikasa — gave the wrong directions to a stranger asking for help bc she was too shy to tell them she didn’t know where the place was

    Armin — asked for help opening an automatic door

    Sasha — was pinned on Zoom because her mic was on while she was opening a bag of chips

    Connie — grabbed someone else’s order on accident, took a bite out of it, before returning it back to the cashier because he realized it wasn’t his order

    Reiner — doodled his name + his crush’s name on a post it note and threw it away only for someone to find it and was subsequently flamed for it

    Levi — had the soles of his favorite shoes come off while he was walking in front of a large group of people, went back and picked up the soles. Kept his disintegrated shoes because he thinks he can fix them.

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    sasha just came home from historia's house. she went there to see ymir and ask for help on finding out if she was a lesbian or not. she still doesn't know.

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    AAAAAH SASHA ( T﹏T ), and look at Hange without her glasses!! She looks beautiful. Annie's smiles omfg!! And look at Eren and Mikasa smile, it's been too long since I've last seen them this happy இ௰இ

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    I'm sorry I just think this is funny to me-

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