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  • cute-as-buttons
    03.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I love how I sent a sneak peek of chapter-3 of the prisoner sash AU and it just turned into Syl and Tai going "BUTTONS WTF-"

    @generalyunan @sylsoddsandends

    #I hope y'all will like what I wrote #The ending will get so many ppl yelling at me #prisoner sash AU #buttons rambles#sasha waybright#amphibia
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  • lockandkeyhyena
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    sasha waybright has brown eyes actually <3

    #i hc hers are the darkest of the trio and in certain lights almost look red #but yeah blue eyed sasha cant hurt u <3 #yeen rambles#amphibia#sasha waybright
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  • niko-mesu
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Been thinking (brainrotting) about this au for a while so decided to finally talk about it

    Angels and Demons au (aka Divine au):

    In which Marcy deadass summons a demon, that demon is sasha, who is surprised that got summoned to be some random girl's friends. Yup marcy wanted s friend so she summoned a demon but what else is new?

    Anyway lots of shenanigans ensues until Anne (an angel and marcy's guardian angel) founds out about her human, which she's supposed to protect, had brought a hell being and it's currently hanging out with her, so Anne goes "shit i gotta protect her now" and goes to down to the human world to "s a v e" Marcy.

    Surprise surprise, Anne and Sasha actually already knew each other, in fact, they were both angels at some point but they got into a big fight leading to sasha literally and figuratively falling from heaven. A few years in the future now anne finds out her old bestie is now a demon, she lets her hang out with marcy after marcy tells her why she summoned sasha in the first place, but still anne now tags alone go make sure sasha doesn't cause any chaos around. Also marcy found out demons and angels were real so she isn't really that surprised when anne shows up she just goes "oh new friend :D!". Tho sasha and anne still have a lil rivalry, but is s friendly one so don't worry.

    But wasn't Anne meant to fight demons and Sasha to kill any angel she encounters? Well yes, but they instead fall in love with each other and Marcy who got stuck in the demon vs angel war accidentally

    In the end, Sasha and Anne decide to give up their divine powers respectively to become mortals and live with Marcy, a happy ending for sure

    Side note: anne and sasha have 3 forms, full demon/angel, humanoid demon/angel and full human form. Meaning that yes anne can turn into a blibically accurate angel if she wanted to but decides not to, same with sasha and her demon form, oh and sasha's black spots on her face and shoulders are fur

    Fun fact: there is actually a swap au in which marcy is a child from an angel and a demon who accidentally got summoned by anne and sasha, should i talk about it too later?

    Aight thats all for now, goodnight

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  • nayrs-thoughts-13
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ouuughhhhh just vibing and listening to TMA Archives Ambiance when we hear tea pouring and Jon say "Thank you, Martin" and aaaaaaa we have been Shook-

    (Void listens to this a lot but still we've been caught off-guard-)


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  • nayrs-thoughts-13
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Host’s mom is very pointedly speaking Spanish to my older brother on the phone to stop us from snooping!! Rude!!

    #sasha reads#oak rambles #the pains of being unable to use our spooky eye powers outside the innerworld
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  • nayrs-thoughts-13
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hey, guys!!

    -Oak and Sasha 2

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  • welcometogrouchland
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ppl took all the fun out of the alternate archivist idea for real :(

    #ramblings of a lunatic #I'm honestly a little sad about it! #i want to read fun archivist Sasha posts but it's always so concerned with fixing the bad stuff in the plot #(and by bad i mean like events that happened that were unfortunate like they wanna do a fix it (which is valid)- #-ive rarely if ever seen ppl who actually dislike tma as a narrative who think sasha being the archivist would fix it) #and then there's always an essay length reblog about how wrong op is #(tbf it's usually just a defense of Jon as a character? (which I'm generally neutral to positive on as a concept)- #-ppl also take it as an opportunity to just. Be a bit petty about other characters/people who make these aus) #it's all very ''my fav is smarter than your fav (evidence questionable)'' from both sides and it's like #we could be talking about potential character dynamics here! we could be talking about fun plot divergences to take but we're not!!! #we're hung up on petty stuff! #i wanna knkw how sasha interacts with nikola in season 3 when she knows Tim's history!! #*know #like. that'd be so interesting!!! #maybe i want an archivist gerry au where he gets to talk with Annabelle because that would be interesting wouldn't it!! #maybe i wanna see a world where characters become avatars of different powers! #and plenty of people do write good fics about this stuff don't get me wrong!!! #but theres was just a period where EVERY conversation about this type of au was character Olympics and it's just. boring and unfun!!!! #okay rant over I'm back to being normal again <3 #the magnus archives #tma#jonathan sims#sasha james
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  • arminsiopaocheeks
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Connie and Jean would sometimes steal Sasha's food for shits and giggles. And we all know this always ends up with the boys getting heavily injured because no one goes between Sasha and food.

    #attack on titan #aot headcanons#sasha braus#jean kirstein#connie springer#aot connie#connie aot#jean kirschtien#jean kirchstein #jean attack on titan #snk sasha#aot sasha#sasha blouse#incorrect aot#incorrect snk#snk headcanons #shingeki no kyojin headcanons #attack on titan headcanons #tasha's random ramblings
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  • felinenthusiast
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    #my bf is veyr into psychonauts and one of the main characters is called sasha and he's probably my first thought at the name sasha #so it being seen as exclusively feminine didn't even occur to me #rambles #thank you! #ask#remma-demma
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  • confused-wizard
    30.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    noone asked but here are LOLOMG picrews to celebrate the end?!

    #rusty quill gaming #sasha rackett#zolf smith #hamid saleh haroun al tahan #sir bertrand macguffingham #grizzop drik acht amsterdam #azu#cel sidebottom#wizard ramblings
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  • chuybright
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    nah bc now I'm thinking abt how all of Sasha's manipulative controlling behaviors stem directly from their childhood trauma. like it's undeniable

    #I knew their home life was gonna b bad. like this does not surprise me. but it's still like. God. #sasha waybright#amphibia spoilers#amphibia#rambling
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  • welcometogrouchland
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago
    #tma#sasha james#asks #ramblings of a lunatic #the last one is a reference to the not them not being able to replace memories on analog tech btw #just to be mean <3
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  • welcometogrouchland
    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Actually I think about Sasha James SOO much. She had so much going on in the five episodes she appeared I can't put into words how many thoughts I have on her

    #the magnus archives #tma#sasha james #ramblings of a lunatic #gimme a sec I'm gonna add onto this because i have to sort my thoughts + remember my canon #it's not serious analysis I'm thinking I'm just. astounded by the way she is. like in a funny way but also genuinely like. gimme a minute
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  • thatonedorkthatdraws
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Do y’all think Sasha got the “end of discussion” thing from watching her parents argue over stuff?

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  • crack-shell-cabrera
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Okay i posted a joke thing abt how much I hate these characters but !!!! I need to elaborate/rant so here we go! Here's why I hate Lilith, mark beaks, Sasha, odalia, bramblestar, bumblestripe, Ashfur, and thistleclaw

    Spoiler warning for TOH, DuckTales, amphibia, and warrior cats

    Trigger warning for racism, manipulation, child abuse, emotional/mental abuse, emotional neglect, just incels in general, implied SA, and child grooming/pedophilia.



    I don't hate her as much as the others. I just think her redemption was really rushed.

    Also, her "then why were you SO easy to curse!?" line pisses me off to no end bc.. ma'am??? She was. A child???? And was SLEEPING???? THAT ISNT REALLY AN ACCOMPLISHMENT LILY

    next up: mark beaks. Oh my god mark beaks.

    He's racist. For those of y'all who haven't seen DuckTales '17 (or didn't pick up on this), here's a bit of a summary of why he's racist.

    Mark has a tendency to call everyone around him "buddy". When he first met GizmoDuck, in costume (not seeing literally anything besides the robot suit and his beak), he did the same thing; "hey, buuddy!" But then, later in the episode, when Fenton (GizmoDuck) is hired by mark's company, and he sees that Fenton is Latino, that's when he breaks out the "chico", "amigo", and "muchacho". He refers to his house as "casa de GizmoDuck" or his girlfriend as "lady muchacho".

    So yeah. Racist.


    I should put the disclaimer that part of my hatred for her is fueled by the fact that she reminds me of someone I used to know, but that's a traumatic rabbit hole nobody cares abt <3

    I knew pretty much from the start that I was gonna hate her- see above- but oh my god. One, she stood with the oppressors in amphibia, the toads. It's shown in multiple s1 episodes that toads have a tendency to abuse, take advantage of, and extort the frogs of Wartwood (see: Toad Tax, season 1 episode 10; Mayor Toadstool's whole character). Not even gonna get into the implications this has abt Sasha being the only white girl in the Calamity trio. Sasha saw this, and she SAW how much the frogs meant to Anne, but she still created the plan to kill Hop Pop. Y'know, the adopted grandfather of her supposed best friend? She used the excuse of "they're just frogs 🙄" but she was fully aware of how sentient they were!! FROGS R PEOPLE TOO BITCH!!

    Two: She knows how bad of a person she is, and acknowledges it, but she makes NO. EFFORT. to improve herself. BEING A GOOD PERSON REQUIRES WORK. REDEMPTION REQUIRES WORK. IT DOES NOT HAPPEN BY JUST SITTING AROUND WALLOWING IN YOUR FUCKING SELF PITY. She wormed her way back into Anne's good graces but it was ONLY TO BETRAY HER AGAIN. I know y'all r gonna pull that "she's only 13 🥺" bull on me, but I don't care. A normal mistake for a 13 year old is to cheat on a test, not overthrow a kingdom.

    That one was a doozy.

    Odalia's is fairly simple. She's a child abuser. End of story.




    Bumblestripe is a Nice Guy™. When Dovewing clearly says "NO, IM NOT INTERESTED IN BEING YOUR MATE" he's like "that's fine I'll ask u tomorrow <3 luv u" HE DOESNT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER ALSO I WANNA THROTTLE HIM

    okay Ashfur has a similar thing going on but it's mixed with yandere. he tried to kill 3 kids bc their mom broke up with him. Jesus Christ. he continues to hate her and fuck up her life from beyond the grave. also this, though it was almost definitely unintentional

    he's a good villain though

    thistleclaw is a pedophile. so yeah.

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  • tayjaycontis
    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Part of me hopes that one day in the future (when it’s safe) there will be a ring gear showcase that’s akin to a fashion show. I fucking love wrestling ring gear and i feel it goes underappreciated

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  • davekitties
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    its time

    good soup sasha sunday

    #animal crossing new horizons #acnh#ac#animal crossing#sasha #sasha animal crossing #good soup sasha sunday #davekitties rambles #sorry my memes are low res
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  • sushi-salsa-squirrel
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    guys i got my first anon hate message!!! i’ve really made it here on tumblr dot com

    #sasha rambles #i can’t even be offended its so funny
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  • jaekaicx
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    post amp au(??) lore/hc dump

    the designs are technically for around mid-late high school (age 15-18 or so) but it doesnt rly matter

    also applies to just the general time period after the stuff that happens in the show canon

    no real plot atm, just a bunch of random hcs and stuff mashed together

    at this point we have no clue whats gonna go down in the rest of s3, so this is working off the assumption that at the end of the show the kids will be allowed to go back and forth between earth and amphibia

    anne has a sort of system thing where she alternates between living with her family on earth and her family in amphibia for periods of time. she stays on earth during school and goes to amphibia during the summer and over breaks

    marsh and ev tried getting out of going to school but they couldnt :(

    it was def hard adjusting back to earth, esp school. there were multiple instances where ev ended up fighting a bunch of kids for saying shitty stuff abt the trio

    anne plays a bunch of different sports in school, but her main two are tennis and basketball (shes aiming for a tennis scholarship)

    ev dropped all her sports the first year back from amphibia bc adjusting but eventually she started picking them back up. for school he plays soccer and softball

    lil personal hc that ev started doing competitive sailing as a kid and she continued it even after amphibia and through high school

    anne actually got more into bouldering/rock climbing and does it every few weeks or so. it took a but of convincing, but she also convinced ev to try it out and they go together

    marsh isnt allowed to do sports anymore bc health issues. they cheer on their girlfriends at as many of their games/matches/events as possible (hes had a perfect record so far)

    ev is fine with ppl calling him “sash” or “sasha” sometimes but just generally prefers everett more

    anne mainly sticks with she/her pronouns but sometimes uses they/them too

    marsh is ok with being referred to as anne’s/ev’s “girlfriend,” but only by certain people and only if its as a collective (“anne and her girlfriends” or “the girlfriends” or smth like that). otherwise they prefer sticking with boyfriend/partner/joyfriend, stuff like that. everett is cool with whatever, and anne uses feminine/neutral terms

    marsh was into coding before amphibia, but for a little while afterwards he couldnt rly enjoy it as much (bc… yknow…). tho they did eventually get back into the game making part of it and picked it back up

    marshall uses crutches sometimes when his kebab pain gets pretty bad. on the rly bad days he uses a wheelchair. sometimes if the pain catches them off guard and they dont have their crutches anne or ev will carry him around

    the three of them started dating a few months after all the plot stuff ends. or, something like that. its a little complicated. they kind of dance around each other and their feelings at first, but soon enough confessions start spilling out

    they agree to give each other time to just get used to each other again and figure out their new group dynamic since they all had a bunch of character development in amphibia. the whole time they just take things slow.

    all three of them get potions of trans-ur-gender in amphibia, tho mars still ended up getting top surgery

    lady olivia takes up leadership in amphibia. she considered giving the trio positions of power but decided to just wait until theyre older.

    theyre still pretty well known throughout amphibia. that kind of thing comes with being heroes and saving the world or whatever

    while in amphibia marshall still mainly hangs out in newtopia and helps with running the city. tho olivia tries to keep his workload small bc hes still not an adult and shouldnt have to worry abt all of this. marsh is still insistent on helping out tho

    when she gets the chance ev goes travelling with grime and his lil group of vagabonds. grime wasnt too fond of the idea of taking back his military rank, even under a new leader, so he just wanders around amphibia doing random stuff committing crimes. he makes a new legend for himself, becoming something of a “wandering hammer”

    ev usually sticks around newtopia tho bc she has to go back and forth between earth and amphibia, and its just easier to stick by marshall (and the music box??). the two are generally given small missions to do around the area

    anne usually sticks around wartwood when she’s in amphibia, but sometimes she drops by newtopia and every once in a while she even tags along on ev’s/marshall’s missions

    everett got an owl companion (like joe sparrow) after a little while in amphibia, since he had started traveling farther and more often

    #my froggos #this has been in my drafts for so long #i’ll try to make their amphibia designs at some point (the ones i have so far are mainly their earth outfits) #amphibia#amphibia au#amphibia headcanons#amphibia spoilers#anne boonchuy#marshall wu#he/they#everett waybright#he/she#marcy wu#sasha waybright#sashannarcy#jace rambles #k.txt
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  • lockandkeyhyena
    27.11.2021 - 6 days ago


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