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  • “Getting my name wrong behind an anonymous message won’t get you anything, you can grill it yourself.”

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  • ~Season 3 Finale|| Miracle Queen~





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  • commission for the fabulous @galacticproblems! a sassy commander is never a chore to draw, and thank you for giving me an excuse to put him in the cape again!!

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  • #sass#rito #breath of the wild #loz #the legend of zelda #legend of zelda #tloz#my captures#botw#nintendo
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  • Again, it’s a fillery kind of chapter and a lot shorter then the others but still fun to write. Also yay for Sassicle! I think I’ll be powering through the next few chapters before I want to write the Cat Blanc one but i still have Felix and Party Crasher to write as well as the theme mermaid and songbird but I think Frighteningale and Syren will be making an appearance for those two.


    “Excuse me! Coming through!” Chloe gasped as she pushed her way through the group of people. Marinette frowned to herself as she watched her. She had heard that Chloe would be back in school soon but she still wasn’t looking forward to it. For her part in Hawkmoth’s plan, she was kept under house arrest but most people believed the story about Chloe helping Ladybug trick Hawkmoth so it was very hard to keep her imprisoned for her crime when it looked like it had been part of a genius plan. She guessed it was the effect of tricking Hawkmoth but at least, this way the miraculous holders could be used if they were needed. Marinette was still careful though. She would only need them if she absolutely needed them. After all, she had Cat Noir, Viperion and Ryuko as back up and she knew they all had her back. She hope that would never change. Chloe, on the other hand, should change but it seemed like she wasn’t going to be changing anytime soon. Marinette sighed as Chloe started to laugh. “Hello, Little Miss Weather Girl,”

    “What do you want, Chloe?” Aurore sighed as she looked at her.

    “I heard your GPA dropped a whole point,” She gasped as Sabrina looked down before laughing. “Guess you can’t be Little Miss Weather Girl and Little Miss Good Grades at the same time,”

    “Looks like Chloe hasn’t changed,” Alya sighed as Luka walked over. He looked over and frowned as Marinette crossed her arms.

    “Oh, we better not making her cry, Sabina,” Chloe laughed. “She might turn into Stormy Weather and rain on us. What a ridiculous power. Utterly ridiculous,”

    “That’s it,” Marinette grumbled before walking over as Aurore frowned. “Aurore won’t be transforming because her grade average will be up again next term,”

    She looked over at the blonde-haired girl and smiled softly at her. Luka felt his heart skip a beat as he watched the scene unfold.

    “Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help,” Marinette smiled, kindly. Luka couldn’t help but smile to. Marinette was always so kind to people and he loved that about her. She put others first and always wanted to help. He hoped that never changed. 

    “Thank you, Marinette,” Aurore smiled softly but Chloe’s laugh caused her to frown again. 

    “Yeah! Right!” Chloe gasped. “Once a villain always a villain,”

    “You mean like you then?” Luka piped in, making Chloe huff.

    “Hey! I redeemed myself!” She gasped. “Ladybug trusts me!”

    “I highly doubt that,” Marinette sighed. “Anyway, people do change for the better. Unlike you it seems,”

    “Urg! Please! I’m way nicer then I use to be, Dupain-Cheng!” She gasped. “You, on the other hand, will never change! You’ll always be Adri-dum… I mean Adri-bum… blad blad… lame and you!”

    She pointed to Alya.

    “You don’t even know who Ladybug really is! You two are made for each other. You’re both just as clueless as the other,” She laughed before looking at Luka. “I don’t even know you but judging by your awful sense in style, you’ll always be a loser too. No wonder why you’re hanging out with these two! Now back to you- urg where did she go? I wasn’t even through trashing her!”

    Chloe turned on her heel and stormed off as Marinette sighed before turning to Luka.

    “Wanna get the subway with me?” She asked. He nodded and they headed off, after saying goodbye to Alya and Nino. “I think we’ll need to be careful,”

    “You think she might get akumatized again,”

    “Yeah.. Chloe may not be on Hawkmoth’s side anymore but she hasn’t changed," 

    "Sometimes, people don’t,” He smiled. “Ah, my stop. Be careful, Marinette,”

    “You too, Luka,” She smiled before a light blush spread over her cheeks as he kissed her cheek before getting off and heading up to the Seine. He smiled to himself as he came to the Liberty and walked on it. He looked over and waved as Jagged went over a crazy plan for his new album with his mum, Penny and Vivica. That had become a common thing now. Jagged liked to get his mum’s thought on his plans and Penny was always with him. He often felt like Vivica liked to talk to a woman who knew how to handle Jagged.

    “Hey, Luka! What do you think to this?!” Jagged gasped excitedly, showing a badly drawn design of what he figured was a guitar. 

    “That’s cool, Jagged but how are you going to play it?” He asked, making Jagged look at the picture before he rushed over to Penny and started to ask how he would play it. Luka smiled to himself before heading into his room and putting his guitar down. He flopped onto the bed and smiled as Sass floated out of his pocket and made his way onto his stomach.

    “What are you thinking about?” The Snake asked.

    “How things have changed,” Luka replied. “So much has changed for me in this last year and I just can’t believe it. Who’d thought I’d be a superhero or hanging out with Jagged Stone and Marinette has changed too. She seems so much sure of herself and her crush on Adrien isn’t effecting her as much anymore. I seriously might ask her to be my girlfriend,”

    “Why wait?”

    “Because I like what I have with her right now and I don’t want to rush it too much,” He smiled.

    “And Adrien?”

    “You know I’ll give her up if he’s who she wants,” He sighed softly.

    “I don’t understand that, Luka. You have a real chance with this girl and actually love her but you’re willing to give her up if she decides she loves another. Would you be willing to fight for her?”

    “Not if it would cause her sadness,” Luka confirmed, sitting up. “I love Marinette with all my heart and I would do anything for her, that includes letting her go. I have too much respect and love for her to try and cage her,”

    “You’re really different to other humans,” Sass commented before nuzzling his cheek against Luka’s. “I’m glad you’re my master,”

    “I’m not your master, Sass,” Luka smiled. “I’m your friend and in my eyes, we’re equals,”

    “This is why you’re the snake,” He smiled. “So kind and wise,”

    “I do try,” Luka grinned before frowning as he noticed his breathe. “Odd,”

    He quickly got up and pulled on his hoodie before rushed outside his room. He frowned as he saw his breathe and saw frost on the windows of the Liberty. Even in midwinter, the boat was never this cold to create frost on the portholes.

    “Hey, what’s going on?” He gasped, shivering but no one answered. Frowning to himself, he moved carefully through the room and looked outside. Heavy snow was falling and there was a strong mist around. He slowly moved outside and saw that his mum, Jagged and Vivica had been turned to ice statues. “Mum!”

    He frowned deeply before looking around. As he looked over, he saw the whole Seine and everyone near it had also been frozen. He felt a sudden jolt and heard a huge thumn. He looked towards it and saw a huge volcano where the Eiffel tower should be. He frowned to himself before he noticed ice spreading toward him and rushed back inside, quickly closed the door. He frowned as he heard the ice spread across it, trapping him inside. Fortunately, he knew another way out. He quickly turned on the boat’s heating system before turning on the TV. If he was going to face whoever did this, he needed to know what their deal was and why the big volcano.

    “Stormy Weather has returned and seems more powerful then before. Not only has she frozen most of Paris, she also has made a super volcano and is threatening to use it to move the earth out of it’s rotation around the sun. Experts are saying that if she successes, the earth will be plunged into an eternal winter,” Nadia Chamuck gasped before touching her ear piece. “This just in. Scientists around the world have confirmed that the earth is in fact moving off balance. Our only hope lies with our heroes,”

    “Sass, I think it’s time to try our ice power up cake!” Luka grinned before taking out the slice of blue cake. He threw up in the air and Sass ate it. “Sass! Power up!”

    Sass began to glow then span into a white light. When he re-emerged, he had a icicle shaped tail and was more of an ice blue then a green.

    “Sassicle!” He grinned as Luka held out his wrist.

    “Sassicle! Scales Slither!” He declared as he moved his hand in a wave movement before throwing it up in the air. Sass got pulled into the bracelet and then Luka struck his hand down, creating his lyre before he pointed his finger up to the sky. His costume was created in it’s usual green light but he spun round as his usual shoes began ice skates. He swiped his hand over his eyes creating his mask before spinning again, this time creating a belt around his waist before hooking his lyre on it and posing. Once transformed, he headed into the back of the boat and exited from the back door before he jumped on the frozen Seine and skated towards the volcano. He noticed the people who weren’t frozen already shivering and curling up to each other as he made his way through the streets of Paris before jumping up on the roof as Ladybug and Cat Noir fell back. He held them both up as Stormy Weather caused Lightening to strike in the air as if to show her power.

    “You guys ok?” He asked as Ladybug shivered. Cat sneezed and shivered too.

    “I didn’t think been near a volcano would be so cold,” He groaned.

    “She’s using it to move us away from the sun,” He stated. “She’s also caused a blizzard, frozen most of Paris and effectively plundged us into an eternal winter that will only get worst with that volcano. You two are gonna need your ice power ups,”

    “She is way stronger then the first time we faced her,” Ladybug sighed. “Do you think we can defeat her?”

    “True, that she is stronger but so are you,” Viperion smiled. “You two know each other a lot better and on top of that, you have me and Ryuko. We’re a stronger better team and she’s no match for us,”

    “Viperion is right, mi'lady,” Cat smiled. “We’ve learnt to trust each other and we always have each other’s back,”

    “Speaking of which, I’m gonna distract Little Miss Sunshine so you two can get your skates on!” Viperion grinned before he jumped off and span around, throwing his lyre at her before he landed and skated off. Stormy Weather growled and began to direct lightening towards him. He made a sharp turn and skated up a ramp before jumping over. She span around and hit him with a blast of air.

    “You can’t defeat me!” She screamed, hitting him with another one. “I’m a hurricane!”

    “I’m not here to defeat you!” He grinned, coming to a stop. “I was merely distracting you!”

    “What?!” She gasped as Ryuko landed a hit on her face before she back flipped and landed next to him. The two skated backwards, dodging her attacks as  Cat and Ladybug joined them too.

    “Lucky charm!” Ladybug declared as she threw up her yoyo. A small pencil dropped out of the sky and she caught it. 

    “Now’s not the time to do some drawing, mi'lady,” Cat grinned before throwing his baton towards Stormy Weather. While he battled her, Ladybug frowned and looked around. She smiled as she noticed a copy machine that lit up before Ryuko and Viperion lit up then Cat Noir did.

    “Viper, I need you to get that copy machine and throw after I’ve thrown this pencil then Ryuko use Lightening dragon to cause a flash,”

    “Alright!” They both yelled. Viperion skated over and grabbed the machine lifting it up. He was grateful that the miraculous granted him super strength, speed and aglisty as well as protected him from basically all injury. Ladybug nodded and threw the pencil. Cat Noir grinned as he let himself drop down. Viperion threw the machine towards her. She went to use her umbrella to deflect it but Ryuko used lightening dragon on it, causing a massive burst of light. In the process, Stormy Weather dropped her umbrella to protect her eyes and Cat jumped up to catch it.

    “Cataclysm!” He shouted, grabbing it. As soon as he did, it turned to dust and freed the akuma. Ladybug captured it and purified it before grabbing the pencil and throwing it up in the air.

    “Miraculous ladybug!” She shouted. The magic bugs spread across the city, clearing it up. Viperion joined Ladybug, Cat and Ryuko as they did a four way fist bump. They de-tranformed from their ice suits before Ladybug grinned. “We keep getting better at this,”

    “I hope this never changes,” Cat Noir smiled before his ring beeped. “Til next time!”

    With that, he ran off. Viperion, Ryuko and Ladybug all went their separate ways as well. Viperion made his way back to the Seine before hiding in a nearby alley and detransforming. 

    “Ladybug is right. You are really getting better,” Sass smiled as Luka feed him a piece of cake.

    “Yeah,” He smiled. “We do make a great team,”

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