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  • pectolaris
    23.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    My usual ritual whenever i log in after how many weeks ☠️☠️ gotta refresh that simping spirit

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    23.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    #gonna be greeb but i lov the fucked bleach look we all know this #satan talks#my face #anyways the horrid roots i made on purpose? MAKE THIS.
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  • witchboywill
    23.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Just a message for all those nonverbal, semi verbal and mute witches!

    You do NOT have to say spells out loud! It doesn’t make your spell any less affective if you simply think the words out or even write them down somewhere special during it!

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  • astaroth1357
    23.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    The Brothers' First Crushes

    Alright everyone, I have to shake off the rust so I figured that I'd start with a thought experiment of sorts.  We know a bit more about how their lives were in the Celestial Realm now, so I want to speculate about what kind of person the brothers may have first fell for when they were younger! (Just out of curiosity, really)

    NOTE: I'm not saying these were their first relationships, in fact quite a few of them could never happened anyway, just that these were probably first crushes and nothing more.


    You know, I actually see Lucifer's first crush being on someone older than him.

    He just strikes me as someone who's always been on the mature side for his age, so I think his first attraction would go to someone whom he could relate to better than the rest of his peers.

    Maybe one of Michael's old assistants or something. It'd be a small soft spot that wouldn't last very long after he started getting older and very busy, but that's my first guess. 


    Well you'd think that Mammon would have been pretty popular up there right? He was the resident "bad boy" troublemaker, after all. But honestly? I'm not even sure he would have had a crush.

    I'm certain that he dated a few times and everything, but those were probably for companionship more than anything… Not a lot of love involved.

    I mean, he just seems so genuinely caught off guard by his feelings for MC that I would actually call them as his first. Congrats MC.


    Since it's canon that Levi was still a general up in the Celestial Realm, I'd say that he might have fallen for a fellow officer before.

    It could have been someone who entered in around the same time he did and just didn't rise as high or, dare say, a subordinate (for an optional side of scandal to it all)

    My guess is that it was someone who either looked up to/saw value in his position either way, which made becoming irrelevant sting all the more… Just can't catch a break, can he?

    I can't say much but I will promise you one thing, Lucifer wouldn't have approved.


    What about them would piss him off? Beats me. Maybe it was a succubus/incubus who'd only want his status, a human, or, Devil forbid, an angel. But big bro isn't going to like it, that's for sure.

    Now would Satan actually like that person for them or just because they ticked off Lucifer…? Probably the latter.


    My guess is someone who was just bubbly, fun, and full of life.

    Since Asmo used to visit the human world too, I think it was a human who was just the life of every party they attended, like an entertainer or socialite!

    I'd like to say that a lot of Asmo current behavior could even be him just emulating that fun-loving first "love" of his, but since I'm pulling all of this out of my ass take that for what you will. 🤷‍♀️


    I think if Beel had any crush back then, it'd be on a fellow misfit like him.

    Fun Fact for those unaware, Beel didn't really fit in well back home. He was both too strong and clumsy for his own good… So my guess is his first crush would on someone he could relate to.

    Maybe another clumsy angel or just someone else who didn't fit the mold… Not "etheral" enough or whatever. Either way, just a sweet boy looking for acceptance, somebody help him!


    Definitely a human. Like, how could it not have been? It's too poetic to pass up!

    Now what kind of human is more up to debate. I'm still hammering out a timeline for when everything happened but I think they were still angels back in the 1700s which gives some different options to modern day.

    I'd say maybe it was a street performer or someone well-traveled with a lot of stories to share. He never acted on it, obviously, but that just makes what happens later all the more bittersweet… right?

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  • utopiaawritessv2
    23.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    hey, i don't know if anybody will see this, but...

    are ya'll probably interested in matchups for obey me? if you don't know what that is, you send in an ask some info about you (will state below) and i'll match you with an obey me character!

    so if anyone is interested, i'll leave it open till tomorrow morning (since it's almost two am here), maybe extend if there weren't any or alot of asks.

    all i need are these information:

    zodiac sign


    personality (super important!)

    looks (optional)

    facts about you (important, maybe 1-3 is all good)

    likes, dislikes, and interests

    i hope to get alot of matchups since i want a short break from writing requests. although, those are still also open. <3

    (goodnight lmao i am tired. everyone else have a good day/afternoon/night!)

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    23.06.2021 - 46 minutes ago


    #I AM IN LOVE #MY BOYS😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #kazuya-san improves so well here I love his development😭🤲🏻 #obey me #obey me lucifer #obey me satan #Spotify
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  • onomatopriya
    23.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    keats house, hampstead, london

    #lost it when i saw fanny’s engagement ring #lost it again when i stepped into keats’ bedroom #that man felt so much in such little time and you could feel it in this small little house of his #also you could see keats’ bookshelves and annotated books in the parlour room and it was fascinating #in his copy of ‘paradise lost’ keats underlined milton’s description of satan’s inner turmoil as a ‘hateful siege of contraries’ #he also referenced that specific line in a letter to charles wentworth dilke describing his emotions about tom’s ill health #‘siege of contraries’ also pretty much sums up keats’ use of paradoxes and contrasts in his own poetry too! #it’s such a little note he made but you can tell it had a profound effect on him #john keats#romanticism#poetry#academia #ode to a nightingale #ode on a grecian urn #the romantics#dark academia#student
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  • fortheloveofobeyme
    23.06.2021 - 54 minutes ago
    Obey Me Headcanon #9

    Each Brother’s Form of ‘Aftercare’

    Mild tbh



    Lucifer becomes lazy after sex, so aftercare with him is just the same. Sometimes he’ll run a bath for you and help you wash, but mostly, he kisses and nips your shoulders, arms, any skin he can reach without exerting too much effort, and just holds you. Simple and loving.


    Mammon is a darling at aftercare. Just not actually after. He’ll hold you and praise you all while ordering gifts that won’t show up until probably a few more sessions later. It’s quite the way to make you feel spoiled. You pay him in kind.


    Levi is doting. He props you up on extra pillows, makes sure you’re comfortable, does anything you ask. He just tries to show you your actions were appreciated. You can’t help but laugh at him.


    Satan is usually the one receiving the aftercare from you. You make sure to get him something to drink and eat as soon as you can. His version of aftercare is just taking you in his arms, propping a book in your laps, and reading aloud to you.


    Asmodeus isn’t big on aftercare, receiving or giving, surprisingly. If he can tell you need or want for it, he gives in. Usually though, he’s just ready to move onto something else. Maybe you’ll go to a movie or to dinner, but Asmo just wants to hop from one thing to the next.


    Beel is the king of aftercare. He dotes on you, rubs your back, soothes you with snacks and surprises he’s placed all over that are just for you (as long as he’s successfully kept himself out of them), and always insists on carrying you to places for at least an hour. The brothers definitely know what just happened every-time Beel carries you to the dining table.


    Belphie goes straight into cuddling. Post-sex is pre-nap for the two of you. You’ll talk for awhile, you’ll make sure he’s hydrated, and then you’ll both drift off.

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  • radarchives
    23.06.2021 - 56 minutes ago
    #obey me#lucifer#satan#father-baiting #satan looks at him like. how DARE you address my daddy issues #queuecifer
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  • more-like-notome
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just think any of the demons with tails should put googly eyes on them so they look like worms on a string

    #shall we date #obey me #I feel like I should mention that I have edited Satan’s boa into a worm on a string
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  • nenys85
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Solo yo... Only me... Solo Io... #nenys85 #metal #metalphotography #metalhead #metalgirl #satana #satan #baphomet #satanicgirl #satanfamily #sataniccross #messico #messicana #eyes #eyeshadow #makeup #girl #mexiko #blackmetal #black #reels #red #lips #eugenia #redshadow #redhair #bambolina (en Mexico City, Mexico) https://www.instagram.com/p/CQeHBrapQts/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “♡” or reblog if you save

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  • o-its-just-mer
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Took me awhile to get it sorted but I finally put together a pan pride mood board with only content I personally acquired 🥳

    Credits Due for Pink; the siq ass moon at the beach during sunset, my siq ass cuz it’s cute, you’re welcome, Hank the Destruction Moose basking in the red curtains

    For Yellow; Bidding the sun goodnight for Litha, puffy tacos bc they are one of my talents, and me in one of my fav filters

    For Blue; Finniky clouds credit to April showers, my fav hoodie w my current blue hair, and Big Blue the drawer pull

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  • mintory-jar
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    how was this already posted 6 hours ago?? it is only 24 June today??

    I'm listening to it as I write this. I'm in love.

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  • puppyyoshida
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


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  • cat3287
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    * Teepublic:

    Cute Baby Baphomet

    I want to draw more cute monsters like this so much.

    Visit my store at:

    * Teepublic:

    * Redbubble:

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    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


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  • arcanadreams
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    That time you and your demon boyfriend went viral

    hi yes hello obey me fandom!! my name is Gabbi and i have never played a single second of the actual game but i have read enough fanon content for the past year to have this idea swimming around in my head and now i am finally letting this accursed thing out of my brain and putting it in yours

    also i’m only doing the brothers because any more than that and i’d have an aneurysm probably. oh and shoutout to @obeythebutler and @beels-burger-babe for inspiring me with their works to feel brave enough to write for this fandom


    You and Lucifer go viral on Asmo’s Devilgram story!

    You’re in the kitchen helping Asmo with dinner duty and singing along to one of your playlists of human realm music that you like to show him.

    Asmo starts filming your cute little dance while you stir the pot on the stove because you are just adorable!

    About ten seconds into him filming, Lucifer appears in the doorway with quite the stern look on his face. You know, the one that comes right before a “MAMMOOOOOON” and strikes fear into the heart of all those with functioning eardrums. That one.

    He opens his mouth, presumably to tell y’all to shut the fuck up, but then there’s a lull in the music and the eldest can hear your voice ever so slightly above the song’s vocalist and he freezes.

    Man stops in his tracks like someone just smacked him in the face with a midair volleyball.

    Asmo can be heard stifling a laugh behind his phone.

    Lucifer’s face gets so soft and he almost, almost, loosens his metal-rod-through-the-ass posture before you notice him and give a little wave and ask if you and Asmo were being too loud like the considerate darling you are.

    Lucifer clears and his throat and says something like, “No, you aren’t. I was just coming to check on how dinner is coming along,” and leaves, after which Asmo immediately presses the post button.

    Screenshots of Lucifer’s heart eyes for you go absolutely viral because every demon on Devilgram goes absolutely feral for seeing the eldest demon brother lose his dignified composure. It becomes a meme template. “Get you someone who looks at you like Lucifer looks at MC” and “me at the delivery demon when he shows up with my spicy bat wings” posts become commonplace. (Asmo thinks the memes are totally worth getting strung up with Mammon for laughing at them.)


    Much like Lucifer, you and Mammon end up going viral off Asmo’s Devilgram. (Noticing a pattern here?) 

    He pulls a silly prank on your asses and honestly I don’t know how you fell for it. But hey, they say “idiots in love” for a reason, so...

    You and Asmo are sitting in the common room of the House of Lamentation just chillin. Well, he’s chillin, you’re on the floor studying for an upcoming exam.

    The video starts in the middle of a conversation you and the avatar of lust were having.

    “No, Asmo,” you say. “Mammon and I don’t use pet names for each other.” Now that’s just a darn lie, and every demon and crow within ten miles of Mammon and you together knows it.

    “Really? I find that very hard to believe, MC.~” 

    You sigh in response to Asmo’s teasing. “Okay, he has a lot for me but I’m just not much of a pet name person, y’know?” The rest of the exchange goes like this:

    “Oh, I totally get it.” *pause* “Hey MC, what do human world bees make again?”

    Cue a sheepish Mammon sticking his head in the doorway at the bluntness of your tone when you answered Asmo.

    “Yeah, babe?” he looks like a puppy left on the side of a highway oh my god hUG HIM-

    Asmo turns the camera back to his smug ass face and in the background you can be heard tripping on the damn carpet trying to get up and hug your mans. (”MAMMON GET OVER HERE SO I CAN HUG YOU” “W-WHAT? I THOUGHT YA WERE MAD AT ME?!?!?!?!”)


    Streamer Levi? Streamer Levi.

    You guys go viral the first time you make an appearance on one of Levi’s weekly (insert cool Devildom streaming service name here) streams. 

    It’s completely unintentional. You had been asking him for weeks to play with him on there, but he’s the avatar of envy after all. He doesn’t like sharing his partner, even if it’s with random strangers who have no real access to you.

    However, he has his stream on a Thursday instead of a Friday one week, and you come into his room carrying dinner because 1) You didn’t realize he was streaming and 2) No matter what he was doing, the boy needed to eat. It wasn’t unusual for you to bring him dinner, so you had no idea why he was blushing and stammering even more than usual this time in particular. Boy was speaking in beached whale trying to tell you what was wrong.

    Then you notice his screen. Oh! “Hi chat!” You wave, setting Levi’s food down on his desk in front of his keyboard. “M-MC!” He full-on whines, slamming a hand over his mouth afterwards when he remembers his viewers could hear that.

    Honestly, they’d meme the fuck out of him if it weren’t for the fact that they are FINALLY SEEING HIS HENRY!!! THE MYSTERIOUS MC!!!

    Chat is bombarding you with questions while you make Levi eat dinner. And by make him eat dinner, I mean literally feeding this man forkfuls/spoonfuls while he games because you love how flustered he gets when you do that. 

    Does it impact his score? Absolutely. Does he care? Not really when you’re pampering him like that.

    You start answering chat’s questions about you while he’s chewing so he can’t tell you to stop LMAO-

    You’re a natural on stream. The VOD becomes the most popular on Levi’s account in a matter of hours and soon cute highlights compilations of you and him on that stream start making the rounds on Devildom Twitter.


    There was buildup to Satan going viral, similar to Levi in a way. 

    Satan does have a Devilgram, but it’s basically a white woman’s Instagram with added book reviews for variety. Unless you’re a reader his account is pretty boring: candles, books, fireplaces, and cats.

    However, after you two started reading together fairly often he began posting pictures of your legs draped over his while you sat together. They’d always be captioned with vague ass pretentious literary criticism. 

    This goes on for months, and he gains a lot of (horny) followers after the leg pics start up. He doesn’t really get why but you both joke that it’s because you have some damn nice legs and I mean neither of you are complaining about the new following.

    You two go viral when he finally shows your face, entirely by accident.

    The post is a video, which is already strange for him and grabs attention. In it, you’re scoffing and reading an excerpt of a book, mocking its understanding of female anatomy.

    “I’m quoting here, Satan: ‘her breasts bouncing around like giant pacmen.’ I’M SORRY?? THAT ISN’T HOW BOOBS WORK SIR. WHY ARE MEN ALLOWED TO WRITE?” 

    (fun fact that is a very real quote from a very real book I really read last month pls save me)

    Originally the camera is focused on your body, with your head out of frame to protect your privacy, but your righteous anger made Satan laugh. Like, a real laugh. The one that makes you and everyone in earshot wonder if he truly was never an angel cause he sure as hell laughs like one but anyway-

    When he threw his head back, his DDD angled up just a tad without him noticing, and your face was in view for like .2 seconds. Screenshots of it are making the rounds on Devilgram almost immediately: FINALLY THE LEGS’ OWNER HAS BEEN FOUND.

    Satan apologizes profusely but you honestly find it funny and you two opt to just start taking selfies while reading with both of your faces in them from now on. 


    I’m gonna be real with you: you and Asmo go viral all the time. Pretty much everything Asmo posts can be considered viral because of his social media following and his status as one of the seven avatars of sin.

    However, there are some fairly cute highlights to be pointed out among the times you were both featured in a post that blew up.

    Your favorite is probably that time Asmo livestreamed on of you guys’ ‘Nail Nites,’ as you call them.

    You’re both on the floor, doing your nails and kicking your feet back and forth while talking to chat. A lot of the questions are about your relationship, and there’s a lot of flirting back and forth between the two of you.

    A particular clip of the stream does blow the fuck up on Devilgram, though, when someone screen records it and posts it with a bunch of heart emojis edited over it.

    “’What colors do you think best describe each other?’ Ooo, that’s a good one, chat!” Asmo claps his hands together excitedly, making sure to be  careful of his nails.

    Pretty much everyone expected you to say pink, but you surprised both your boyfriend and your viewers when, after a pensive few moments, you replied with “Hmm...probably yellow or orange.”

    “Can I ask why, darling?” Asmo tilts his head in confusion. I mean, yeah, those colors look good on him, but he doesn’t wear them often so he’s wondering about your thought process. 

    “Well, in the human world those colors often represent happiness, optimism, and positivity. You’re always the cheerful presence I need in my life when things get hard, so you have the vibe of those colors.”

    Asmo proceeds to burst into tears and hug you, messing up both of your nails and prolonging the stream since you both have to start over. But neither of you particularly care. 

    Fun fact: Asmo has the clip that demon made of that portion of the stream saved on his DDD and watches it whenever he feels sad.


    Beel and you probably go the most viral out of everybody. Like this moment is an entire phenomenon across the Devildom internet. 

    It’s a video, or well, multiple videos, taken at the end of a Fangol game that Beel’s team had just won. Everyone is cheering and going crazy, yourself included, and you just really wanted to congratulate your boyfriend.

    So, like the rational person you are, you elect to climb up onto the railing of the bleachers and wave to get his attention. 

    You were absolutely fine up there, and sat all comfortably motioning Beel over to you. He notices, of course, and jogs over, standing right beneath you and looking up. (Back where you were sitting, Mammon is screeching like a hyena in heat and Belphie, who is laying down, has one eye open to glare at him. The youngest knows Beel would never let you hurt yourself; you’re fine.)

    A bunch of assorted demons at the game has started filming while you were sat atop the railing since you were rather noticeable. Therefore, there’s a shit ton of different angles of the adorable events that follow:

    You slide off the railing, landing right in Beel’s waiting arms bridal style. You’ve got this brilliant smile on your face as you pull his helmet off. None of the DDDs filming can hear it over the crowd noise, but Beel asks you why you just went through all that trouble and you tell him it’s because you wanted to tell him how proud you are.

    Soft boy’s chest puffs up and he smiles this big cheesy smile at you reach up to run a hand through his hair. You feel him practically purr at the contact, and with a laugh you pull him in and plant a big ole smooch on him.

    The crowd, at least those of them that can see, scream. Everyone is running high on adrenaline and happy emotions; something that cute causes a ruckus!! When you pull away Beel proceeds to put you on his shoulders and you celebrate with him and the rest of his team.

    The videos of you two being adorable go completely viral and there are some threads dedicated to stockpiling every single angle taken of the event. Beel is completely oblivious to the attention but you have a lot of them saved on your DDD.


    If you think Belphegor has any sort of social media presence whatsoever then you are sorely mistaken. (Well okay he actually does run some anonymous troll accounts to meme on Lucifer’s posts but that’s neither here nor there-)

    Therefore, naturally, you two go viral off of Asmo’s Devilgram. 

    Okay so someone in the obey me tag the other say headcanoned that Belphie will go out of his way to nap in ridiculous places and my brain really took that and RAN WITH IT.

    So what happens is that Belphie will fall asleep in the fucking weirdest places. I’m talking on top of the fridge, underneath the dinner table, on top of bookshelves...you name it, he has slept there, no matter the effort it takes to get there in the first place. 

    And, ever since you two started dating, you would join him. Sometimes it involved putting yourself at risk of great bodily harm, but the little smile he gave when you he saw you fucking scaling the countertop to reach him made it worth it.

    So anyway, since Beel adores the both of you to no end, he takes pictures whenever he sees you two napping together, whether or not it is in a crazy place. He sends these to the family group chat because he thinks they’re adorable.

    Over a span of weeks to months, Asmo has built up a stock of images of you and Belphie cuddles up in seemingly impossible places. Once he has about ten or so, he posts a compilation of them to his Devilgram with some cheesy ass caption like “The things we do for love <3″.

    They become a meme SO QUICKLY. Like UNBELIEVABLY quickly. 

    The picture of you and Belphie sleeping on top of a bookshelf, in particular, is a big hit. Memes abound.

    “If my girl doesn’t climb up a bookshelf to cuddle my ass, she don’t love me.” “Get yourself a partner who scales bookshelves just to be with your ass.” Etc etc...Belphie doesn’t give a shit but you laugh at a lot of them so he sees that as a good outcome.

    #IM SO HAPPY TO HAVE FINALLY WRITTEN THIS #obey me#my writing #obey me headcanons #obey me x reader #lucifer#mammon#leviathan#satan#asmodeus#beelzebub#belphegor#posts
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