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    Black Horizons (vers II) | 2017 “I have seen the abyss and all that lies within, I am the great shadow and i was born in sin” J. Nodtveidt.

    Illustration by Daniele Valeriani

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  • Let’s be honest, both Lucifer and Satan listen to classical music except Lucifer listens to songs with mainly strings and Satan listens to songs with mainly drums

    #obey me #obey me! #obey me lucifer #shall we date #swd#bal talks#lucifer#bal memes #obey me satan #satan
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  • Satan is known by many different names around the globe. He may be known as the Devil, Lucifer, the Antichrist, Beelzebub, Belial or the Beast. He’s also been called a rascal, a rotter and even on occasion a raasclaat.


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    Mammon dancing drunk in his birthday suit aside (👀👀👀), I’m amused to find these old demons engaged in the usual student shenanigans. I am starting to pity their teachers. 😂😂😂

    #who are their teachers anyway? #who can have the power to put these powerful students in line...? #even lucy is exasperated at times lol #i’m waiting for the continuation of this chat 👀 #can we get pics as well satan? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #obey me #obey me! #shall we date #beelzebub#satan#asmodeus
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  • The devil is mostly found in the churches. If you want to defeat Him, then you will read Matthew to John and put into practice what Jesus said.

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  • #obey me lucifer #leviathan #shall we date obey me #lucifer #obey me mammon #mammon #obey me leviathan #levi #obey me levi #satan #obey me satan #asmodeus #obey me asmo #obey me asmodeus #asmo #obey me beel #beelzebub #obey me beelzebub #beel#belphie #obey me belphie #belphegor #obey me belphegor #obey me hc #obey me swd #swd obey me #obey me headcanons #obey me #obey me writing
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  • so anyway Diavolo is weak to human drinks and DON’T LET HIM TELL YOU OTHERWISE

    also bonus:

    #OBEY ME #obey me diavolo #diavolo#diavolo imagine #obey me imagine #ana #obey me fanart #Fanart#rad academy#mammon#lucifer#leviathan#satan#asmo#beelzebub#belphegor #shall we date #shall we date obey me #art
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    Please, use our deities power and/or yours and let’s curse these criminals. Nightmares and havoc on each and every fucking one of them. Remember how furious you were when you decided to curse your abuser/ex/parent/whomever for the first time? Curse these son of a bitches with that anger and then some. And donate. Spread the word. Help the innocent. Do whatever you can. I know not everyone is physically/mentally/financially capable, but if you have not done what you are capable of to assist… You don’t deserve to call yourself a witch. Because no fucking witch would allow or accept this type of behavior.

    #and while youre unfollowing feel free to hit the block button on your way out 🖕🏻 #witch#witchcraft#curses #witches against white supremacy #black magick#black magic#luciferian#lucifer#theistic satanism#satan#satanist#blm #black lives matter #acab #all cops are pigs #all cops are bad #all cops are bastards #polytheist#polytheism#hellenism#hellenic#norse#nordic#paganism#paganist#hex#lokean#lokideity
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  • Obey Me: Morning Birds or Night Owls?


    • He’s already said in game that he’s not a morning bird – rather, not a morning demon
    • At least not by choice
    • Probably works well into the night that sometimes, he’s just still awake by the time he has to start his duties for the next day
    • Dude probably just wants to sleep for a whole day
    • In the dating sim portion of the game, he states if he wasn’t under the thumb of upholding Diavolo’s image, he’d have no problem slacking off every now and then
    • If he didn’t have all these responsibilities, he’d probably be the type to wake up relatively early, like 7A or 8A, with the luxury of going to bed around 11P or midnight


    • Definitely seems the type to wake up at or after noon right?
    • Actually, he’s been shown in game, main story and Devilgram, to be relatively responsible
    • He has an alarm, probably snoozes it two or three times but will wake up at a reasonable time
    • Oh but on days with no urgency, he’ll definitely sleep until two in the afternoon if he can
    • Definitely the type to sleep late and wake up early to get his shit done
    • He is me
    • Even though he’s not as strict as Lucifer, he’s still got his hussle to keep on track
    • Probably has bags most days
    • But being a model, with a beauty guru for a brother, he knows how to clean up for things like dates and modeling gigs


    • Cannot tell night from day
    • If it weren’t for his brothers, MC, or live events, he’d never leave his room
    • He will sleep when he’s tired
    • Raids wait for no demon
    • He’s probably about as busy as Lucifer, but with anime and games


    • Night owl
    • He’ll wake up at a reasonable time, because he’s a reasonable demon with his own responsibilities to keep track of
    • But he will definitely stay up late into the night, reading or researching
    • Even though he knows its good for his brain to get an adequate amount of sleep
    • He just can’t help himself
    • The boy must read


    • Another night owl
    • Sort of
    • He hits his stride at night because thats when the parties start
    • He somehow still gets enough sleep though
    • Its important for skin health
    • He will wake up early, because he has to eat at the right times also
    • But he thrives for the night life
    • If he does stay up/out late, he will make sure to do an intense skin regiment the next day to make up for it


    • Morning bird
    • He probably goes to sleep early because he’s excited for breakfast the next day
    • He probably also gets his first workout in early morning before breakfast, but after his morning snack


    • Neither
    • We know how he is
    • He sleeps through his alarm
    • Sleeps after class
    • Sleeps before bed
    • Sleeps through the night
    • This dude wakes up when he wants, and no other reason
    • Sleeping is his friend


    • Morning bird, out of habit
    • He’s the prince of Hell, he’s got shit to do and dreams to achieve
    • If he could he most definitely would sleep in
    • He does have the luxury of having a nice cup of coffee in bed while he wakes up though, and that really helps
    • As much as he’d like to party and be carefree, he doesn’t really get to do that
    • And its lonely
    • So mornings with Barbatos it will be


    • Hahaha what even is morning or night
    • This dude is always taking care of Diavolo, which means he probably has to be up before him and can only go to sleep well after the prince has gone to bed
    • Honestly if he had a regular life, I think he’d be a morning bird
    • He could get up, get his shit done, enjoy whatever is left if the day for himself and go to bed at a reasonable hour


    • Night owl, hands down
    • Mornings are always so busy doing other things
    • Going to class, homework, eating, etc etc etc
    • At night, when everyone else has gone to bed, that’s when he can really get into what he wants to do
    • He probably stays up until one or two in the morning
    • He’s used to sleeping late and waking up early
    • Is one of a few who can function normally on three or four hours of sleep


    • Definitely a morning bird
    • If there was a sunrise in the Devildom, he’d be watching it every morning
    • But instead he just gets up and makes breakfast for everyone
    • He has maybe forty-five minutes of being alone from the time he wakes up and the next person getting up, and he really enjoys it
    • Maybe he does some morning stretches and yoga too


    • Religiously a morning bird
    • Per his training in the Celestial Realm, he wakes up every day at the same time
    • Believes in rising with the sun, but there is no sun in the Devildom
    • It throws off his whole morning routine
    • It puts him in a bad mood whenever he doesn’t wake up at his usual time
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  • This will seem a bit on the long-winded side, but I am prone to veering verbose. I’m an internet philosopher. It’s kind of my jam.

    There’s all lives matter and then there’s All Lives Matter.

    One is a hopeful but inaccurate proclamation on the value of life. The other is a jerk reflex (in more ways than one! Hey-o!) to the Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to bring light to injustice perpetrated upon African-Americans and other minority groups.

    Dear reader who has thus proclaimed that all lives matter,

    Let us assume, purely for the sake of argument, that you are sincere. You’re not just saying all lives matter because you’re a racist chode.

    You’re not racist are you, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter? I would not be happy if you were. I would cry tears of sadness. If you were your entire argument would be null and void and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    So then. You, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter, truly believe that all lives matter.

    Dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter,

    You’re wrong. I mean, that should be self-evidently obvious, but since I’m such a nice guy, I’m not going to call you names or flip out and assault you, as you no doubt believe I am wont to do.

    I’m going to explain to you why you are wrong, using words. You like words, don’t you, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter? It’s peaceful and non-violent. You like non-violence, don’t you dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter? I do too. Isn’t it fun to have things in common?

    Let us examine the basic argument here, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter. All lives matter.

    1. All. What does “All” mean? Let us say thus: Every member or individual component of.
    2. Lives. What is “Lives”? Well, it’s the plural form of “Life”. But what is a life? In this context, it is: The period between the birth and death of a living thing, especially a human being.
    3. Matters. What is “Matters”? In this context, it is a verb, meaning “to be of importance“

    Thus, the basic premise is that the entirety of the group, here representing the lives of every person, is important.

    Well, I have a means of disproving your assessment. I have many many means of disproving your assessment.

    So. You say that all lives matter. Well, all lives matter means that ALL lives matter. It means you would have to assign equal value to every life. Each and every one. Sounds great right?

    Let us eschew for now the most famous example for why you are wrong (HINT: He was a German fellow from about, oh 80, 90 odd years ago. Initials of AH).

    SO. All lives matter. Does that mean that Charles Manson’s life mattered? Jeffrey Dahmer? Osama bin Laden. Did Osama bin Laden’s life matter to you, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter?

    What is the value of a life that takes a life? Did the lives of their victims matter? Was it acceptable to prematurely end their lives before they were ready to die?

    What about that asshole Mike from work who stole your burrito from the break room fridge even though your name was clearly written on it? THAT’S RIGHT, MIKE, I KNOW IT WAS YOU! DON’T EVEN TRY TO BLAME THIS ON BECKY! YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU EVER CROSSED ME!!!

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re Christian, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter. I’m not Christian myself, but I get why someone would be. No judgement. With that said, let’s go Biblical. As a reminder, “Lives” here means the period between birth and death, so the status of these people in the afterlife of your choosing is not material to the conversation.

    Pontius Pilate. Did Pontius Pilate’s life matter?

    How about Judas? Did Judas’ life matter? Was he therefore right or wrong to kill himself after he betrayed Jesus?

    Goliath. How does Goliath’s life tickle your fancy? Was David right to kill Goliath? Did Goliath’s life therefore not matter?

    King Saul? Dude had like a bajillion babies killed or something, right? Did his life matter? Was he right or wrong to kill all of those babies? Did the babies’ lives not matter?

    The pharaoh of Egypt, guy that tried to chase Moses across the Red Sea and got drowned for his efforts. Did his life matter to you, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter?

    The people of Sodom and Gomorrah, whom God smited. Smote. Smoted. Did their lives matter? Because if so, that would mean that God was wrong to have them smitten. Smotten. Are you saying that God is wrong, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter? Because last I heard, that God fellow is all-loving, and would therefore never do something that is wrong. Am I right, dear reader that proclaims that all lives matter?

    King Solomon - great and wise king of Israel, who was gifted his wisdom by God - once heard the case of two women who were quarreling over a baby. Let us call them Betty and Veronica. Both Betty and Veronica said that the baby was theirs. In his wisdom, Solomon proclaimed that the baby be cut in half and each half given to one of the women.

    Betty - for reasons known only to herself - was perfectly fine with this solution, whilst Veronica immediately consented to give up the baby, as she would rather the baby live with a woman that is not its mother than allow it to die, upon which time Solomon granted Veronica custody of the baby.

    So then, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter, was Betty was right or was Veronica right? Clearly Solomon sided with Veronica, suggesting that Betty was wrong to be okay with the baby dying. Was Solomon therefore wrong? Should he have had the baby sliced in twain? Does the baby’s life not matter?

    Does Satan’s life matter to you, dear reader who proclaims that all lives matter?

    Perhaps you mean to argue that it is acceptable to prematurely end a life, and still have it so that the perpetrator’s life matters. If I - me, personally - killed you - personally. Would you accept that? How important is my life to you in this scenario? I’m prepared to wager a substantial amount of money on the idea that my life wouldn’t be terribly important to you at all.

    Do you mean to suggest that some lives don’t matter? In that scenario, that would therefore mean that some other lives do matter. So then what’s wrong with suggesting that the ones belonging to black people are some of those lives that matter? Or do you mean to suggest that those lives of those black people do not matter?

    If - after all these questions - your resolution in the value of all lives remains steadfast, then I gotta tell you, we need to have a whole other set of conversations that are less about race and more about active volcanoes that won’t mind if you get tossed into them. I’m sure you won’t.


    The Real Eagal

    #all lives matter #black lives matter #charles manson#jeffrey dahmer #osama bin laden #pontius pilate#judas iscariot#goliath#king david#king saul #sodom and gomorrah #king solomon#moses#satan
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  • People realize the “Don’t Tread On Me” snake is the Devil, right?

    Genesis 3:14-15, So the Lord God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, “Cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals!  You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

    It wasn’t intended as such, the rattlesnake was the national symbol of the American colonies before the revolution, but it’s hard not to notice the irony.

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  • brothers’ signature headcanons


    i’m a hoe for analyzing calligraphy in order to judge a person’s character, so i tried to represent each boy with a unique style that fits them. hopefully it’s readable as such~


    lucifer: i wanted his signature to be very clean and elegant, but still a little rushed. i imagine signing paperwork all day gives little time to make a pretty signature, but it’s still effortlessly elegant. like him

    mammon: i wanted his signature to be rushed and messy. all his letters are big, showing his ego and self-importance. also, he’s good at math. people who are good at math write bad. that’s it that’s my reasoning

    leviathan: his signature is very quick and light, like he didn’t want to sign anything in the first place. i feel like levi wouldn’t really write often, so his writing would be a little sloppy. i tried to also include subtle influences of east asian calligraphy, just in the line weight and such. idk

    satan: a very neat signature, very controlled. it has a bit of the profesional flare of lucifer’s signature, but with hints the odd stylistic choices of mammon’s and asmo’s signatures. i kind of wanted to show through his lettering the different influences he got from all of his brothers

    asmodeus: tbh i just wanted it to have a celebrity signature vibe. very pretty and flashy, but still quick. he’d definitely the type to add little embellishments and flares to his writing. it’s also the largest signature in comparison to his brothers because you know. attention whore

    beelzebub: beel’s writing is simple, with big rounded letters. i imagine it would be kind of difficult for him to have very detailed writing since his hands are so big, so it would be physically uncomfortable to hold more delicate writing utensils. his writing is mildly childish, but he’s still a centuries old demon, which i tried to show by the old fashioned way he writes the letter “z”

    belphegor: another quick signature. i tried to give him a similar emphasis on the capital “B” like beel. it’s very airy, and it gets messy at the end, like he gets tired of writing quickly. it’s also quite small, since i can’t imagine him as the type to make swooping motions with his wrist. being sleepy doesn’t really lead to clean writing

    i hope you enjoyed this little venture into the headcanon realm with me,,, i just really like handwriting y'all

    #also sorry for all my art followers who dont care about obey me. just let me have this #obey me! #obey me! headcanons #lucifer#mammon#leviathan#satan#asmodeus#beelzebub#belphegor#calligraphy #obey me! shall we date? #obey me headcanons
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