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  • starcaster12
    06.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    tw | sh

    when I get depressed I drink a lot of Pepsi, cry silently for 4 days straight, don't clean my room but then clean it because I can't stand it not being clean, cut myself, and eat fries

    #I don't drink soda as much as I used to which I'm v proud of #it doesn't even give me that satisfaction anymore #when I drink it I drink it because I feel like doing something kinda pleasing that I'll regret #so to me it's like a substitution for alcohol and drugs I guess? #but like I still really wanted to get drunk alone in my room tn #bc I cleaned my room and rearranged my lights in my room so I feel really cozy #but I also just wanna chill and smile for like an hour and a half in my cozy room #because I just feel so calm and happy when I'm drunk #but it's for the best that I don't #yeah gn#starcaster12
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  • kythwena
    05.05.2021 - 8 hours ago


    #random #i see you #squeal#💖#cerebrumbrainstemandcerebellum​#tomarcus #that satisfaction of seeing someone dig through your blog is unparalleled
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  • ricciardos
    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    making an edit i am very happy with and proud of and i wanna share it like nowww but it’s a birthday edit so will have to wait 👀

    #i need immediate satisfaction for my work lmao #text*
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  • st-and-popsicles
    05.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #thank you for sending this in! #I hope I understood what you were saying #and answered it to your satisfaction :) #lucas sinclair#mike wheeler#st 3#anon#inbox#mine#txt
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  • lietsadventures
    05.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    LIET 😭

    #aph lithuania#hws lithuania #my satisfaction is immeasurable and my day is saved #busy life but LIET #bby boy
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  • pool-spidey
    05.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Spideypool Safe House AU - Part 2/2 

    Part 1

    This scene is fucking amazing, but oh lord, how much better it would have been if he actually had talked to a guy. Heteronormativity continues to deprive the cinema of the most powerful scenes. 

    (The dialogue is from the movie, only slightly changed.)

    #spideypool #in some parallel universe #wade wilson#peter parker#safe house #safe house 2012 #ryan reynolds#andrew garfield #feat. Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost #shitty gifs being shitty (and too long) #but made with love #and satisfaction of giving myself what I want #myself and seven people who will see and go through all of this #if you're one of them - I like you ❤ #let's be friends #no I'm serious #always feel free to talk to me if you wanna #I'm a nice guy and I want friends
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  • sunbentsky
    05.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Just a small post to stress how grateful I am for everyone’s kindness and support 🥺 I know my activity is sporadic and I tend to be an unreliable RP partner, but you’re all so patient with me and understanding and I just. feel very blessed. Every day I’m on here, I do my best to pass on this positivity and love to others because I don’t know how else I could ever repay you all 🧡🧡🧡

    #OOC: sharks are smooth in all directions #these weeks have been just..... Hell #but the worst has come and passed and life goes on #and i'll allow myself a moment of. pride? satisfaction with myself? idk #and say that i handled it better than i ever hoped i would #part of me is still expecting huge waves of depression and anxiety and panic attacks #but rationally. i don't think they're coming #i think i'm able to process this peacefully no matter how much it might hurt #and like. at least half of it is thanks to the support i received #including from you guys!! #so again. from the bottom of my heart thank you 😭🧡💖 #grief tw #just in case
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  • intentosolenne
    05.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    TAG LIST.     one.

    ✶ * . — OUT OF CHARACTER. being an over analyser nerd is a hard job! ✶ * . — MAINTENANCE. little changes can bring so much satisfaction. ✶ * . — SKETCHBOOK. simple lines on a paper often tell a story. ✶ * . — PROMPTS. specify the muse. ✶ * . — PROMOTION. a call for new adventures! ✶ * . — PSA. be careful out there. ✶ * . — REBLOG. the illusion of living. ✶ * . — THEME. dressed up for the adventure. ✶ * . — DRABBLE. sometimes you need to go alone.

    #✶ * . — OUT OF CHARACTER. being an over analyser nerd is a hard job! #✶ * . — MAINTENANCE. little changes can bring so much satisfaction. #✶ * . — SKETCHBOOK. simple lines on a paper often tell a story. #✶ * . — PROMPTS. specify the muse. #✶ * . — PROMOTION. a call for new adventures! #✶ * . — PSA. be careful out there. #✶ * . — REBLOG. the illusion of living. #✶ * . — THEME. dressed up for the adventure. #✶ * . — DRABBLE. sometimes you need to go alone. #td
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  • neo-shitty
    05.05.2021 - 19 hours ago

    finished an outline tonight???? toffee productive streak continues 😤

    #I #FOR THE LONGEST TIME #WANTED TO WRITE A FIC AROUND THIS WORLD #ITS HILARIOUS#AND CHILDISH #BUT WHEN THEY SAID DRAGON FIGHT #THIS WAS ALL I COULD EVER THINK OF #and im proud of it #fuck it if this barely gets any reads #or notes #i wrote this for myself #my satisfaction #and damn am i happy i managed to write this in one sitting #the outline of it anw #.txt #.thats-a-wip
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  • jamesv07
    05.05.2021 - 19 hours ago
    Valiant Electrical offer trusted workmanship and high-quality customer service for all things electrical. With an individualized project and client focus.
    #Electrical Service Quality Service Customer Satisfaction Experienced Electrician Electrical System Home Electrician
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  • leatherbookmark
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    i’ve talked for 8724 years about lxc adoring jgy, but: let’s think about the opposite. ranging from lianfang-zun respectfully admiring zewu-jun’s intelligence, experience, taste and various skills, to a-yao looking at a-huan and going Ah. there he is.

    a-huan: ?

    a-yao: the most beautiful man in the world.

    and lxc is like, uh oh? but jgy doesn’t stop, no. the most heautiful man in the whole world... his eyes put the brightest stars to shame, they say, and now i cannot help but think the rumors were true! (lxc closes said eyes, for his husband has chosen to torture him today, again) i’ve heard from madam fang that he is built like a tree, tall, lean but powerful, his strong arms offering protection, and indeed! indeed, oh, to be in those arms and find that protection! (well, madam fang put it in slightly different words, but hey) (lxc is biting his lip. he is a diplomat and has had to smile through seething rage but he does NOT know how on earth a-yao can say those things with a straight face)

    and oh! (here a-yao flutters his eyelashes and sighs quietly) those lips. soft-looking like the petals of a young rose, oh, what joy must it be to kiss those lips! how good those lips must be! (lxc hides his face in hands as a-yao lets out another innocent dreamy sigh) hands! he has hands, and aren’t those hands a work of art, they must be so skillful at so many things (lxc makes a noise unbecoming of such a fine, noble man), just like the rest of him (the noise continues), ah he must be so great at martial arts, with such fine body and legs! a wonderful musician and artist, too! ah, all the boys and girls must want to either be his or be like him, and no wonder, one could sing praises for this outstanding man for hours--

    (PLEASE DON’T, lxc wheezes)

    ah, but why! i dream of him, my good sir, but i have no confidence to approach him, because every time he looks at me i feel my head spin and heart beat like it’s going to jump out of my chest-- (lan xichen is going to eat his husband. simply. for lunch. he is going to marinate his horrible husband in his tears and put him on rice, and then he is going to eat him.) -- so i can only admire him from afar, because oh, what would he do, what would he do if he knew?!

    (unfortunately a-yao has no time to finish his splendid performance, because that’s approximately when a-huan decides to show him in great detail what would he do*.)

    #* as i said: eat him. #but actually: kiss the fuck out of him. or at least attempt to (because he bursts in embarrassed laughter halfway through #and has to hide his face in a-yao's neck; knowing that he's dimpling in radiant satisfaction. oh! he'll take revenge. it will be cruel) #p#thinky thots#xiyao #I JUST THINK THEY'RE NEAT #once again xiyaolopement because its my house my rules #a-yao is of course very respectful and polite (not mentioning anything improper) but lxc has learned to fear the slight eyebrow raise #just.... xiyao. stupid. thank u
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  • suckmydickofficerbitch
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    i think if my chin hair grew fast enough that i could pluck it every morning then i’d finally feel okay emotionally

    #it's not even about being anti-facial hair it's just about the satisfaction of yanking it out ugh #grasping and just going PLUCK #personal nonsense
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  • ghostsknewmyjournals
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    i’ll always enjoy watching the final attack or climax moves in video games even when i’m not playing l o l

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  • stickmongering
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I have detailed day dreams probably my own version of mental fan fiction

    Definately helps with the crushing pain of being conscious

    #they’re so comfortable #I don’t think anyone can live up to the people in my head though #it’s like intimacy I can never achieve irl. all the time. and I couldn’t possibly relate to anyone as much as I do them because they are #literally like versions of me living and defending themselves #I am scared I will never find real satisfaction . bc I have rewired myself
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  • crowned-avery
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #the crowned one answers #crowned avery ask box #Kaptly Corp asks #Client satisfaction guaranteed babey #replacement pets are no bueno friends
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  • worklabournewsresearch
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    65% of Remote Workers Do Not Want to Return to the Office

    "In a survey by job listings site Flexjobs, an astonishing 65 percent of pandemic remote workers said they wanted to keep working from home and 58 percent even said they would look for a new job if they would have to return to the office. Only 2 percent said they would prefer to return, while 11 percent said that remote work was not essential for them. At a third of respondents naming it as their preferred mode of working, the hybrid model that combines office and remote work was also popular."

    "Respondents were pretty much in agreement about the biggest perks of working from home: Having no commute and saving money were named by 84 percent and 75 percent of remote workers, respectively. Reasons against remote work were more diverse and included overworking/the ability to unplug (35 percent of respondents), distractions at home and tech problems (28 percent each) as well as finding reliable WiFi (26 percent) and video meeting fatigue (24 percent)."

    "The survey also found that only 24 percent of pandemic remote workers has a designated home office while 34 percent had created a designated workspace. The wish to relocate to a different area – a move that roughly a third said they would make, while another third entertained the idea – could lead to more working space for some. 47 percent wanted to relocate for cheaper living, only trumped by the search for a better quality of life (58 percent)."

    World Economic Forum, April 27, 2021: "65% of remote workers do not want to return to the office - here's why," by Katharina Buchholz

    FlexJobs, April 19, 2021: "FlexJobs Survey Finds Employees Want Remote Work Post-Pandemic," by Rachel Pelta

    Statista, Work from home & remote work - Statistics & Facts

    National Bureau of Economic Research, April 2021: "Why Working from Home Will Stick," by Jose Maria Barrero, Nicholas Bloom & Steven J. Davis

    Image Source: Sade, Kate. (2019). [Photograph]. Unsplash/kate.sade. https://unsplash.com/photos/2zZp12ChxhU

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  • simuran
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Giada speaks #Posts by me #ask #satisfaction is not in my nature #<3
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  • chibi-pix
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Moments in the Dark #MitD #Blind Pidge AU #Pidge#Admiral Sanda#VLD #Voltron legendary defender #fanfic #the sweet satisfaction of telling Sanda I told you so!
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  • healthyard
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

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