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  • levisblackbabe
    26.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    I mean since day1 Gojo is giving them lightskin vibes

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  • natsukashii-ai
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @saintobio how i imagine baby sachiro

    my h e a r t 💙

    “Sincerely yours”

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  • unhonestlymirror
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#gojo satoru#nanami kento#ijichi kiyotaka#haibara yu #gojo the longest tongue #i don't want to be like kaneki ken said ijichi and left to become a manager #yes i draw nanami as a beanpole and what will you do to me i'm in anohter city
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  • gojos-mochi
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    requests: open! ✨

    after a very long hiatus, i am once again taking requests of all shapes and forms lmao shdhdhd

    so feel free to send me anything <3 + friendly reminder that smut is also a-okay 👌🏻

    please, do take a look at my masterlist to see which characters i'm writing for!

    #jujutsu kaisen #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen x reader #gojo satoru #satoru gojo x reader #gojo x reader #megumi fushiguro x reader #itadori yuuji x reader #toji fushiguro x reader
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  • scratchonthelip
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Utahime: I thought about it and realized that I have feelings for you.

    Satoru: I knew-

    Utahime: Yes, I feel that you're playing on my nerves.

    #jujutsu kaisen#jjk#jjk memes #jujutsu kaisen memes #gojo satoru#iori utahime#gojohime #utahime x gojo #jujutsu kaisen text posts
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  • sarasaki-san
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    HIS LIPS. HIS CHEEKS. 💓💖💖💘💕💞💘💗💓💖💕✨💕🌟💞💓💗💖✨🔥💕🌟💖💞💗💓✨💖💕🌟💞💖💗💖✨💘

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  • mahiwaga-bghn
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    GinTsu x GoUta

    Same but different 😆

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  • iridescent-queen
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #gojou#gojo satoru #yandere gojo imagines #yandere gojo satoru #yandere gojo x reader #gojo x reader #satoru gojo #jujutsu kaisen imagines #jujutsu kaisen x reader #yandere jjk#jjk#Jujutsu kaisen
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  • sodacanwritings
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Peak comedy

    #jjk chapter 67 #jjk manga #gojos past arc #jujutsu kaisen manga #jjk memes #jujutsu kaisen memes #star plasma vessel #riko amanai#satoru gojo#gojo satoru#gojo#gōjo#satoru gōjo#jujutsu kaisen#jjk#suguru geto#geto suguru#geto#anime#anime memes #gojo the menace #gojo is a menace #young gojo#satosugu #satoru x suguru #gojo meme#toji fushiguro#toji
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  • stepgazz
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i like how gojo just finds kids and goes yeah i'd die for you from now on i think its kinda neat

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  • nagareboshi-sh
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Satoru Gojo <3

    Don’t mind my Dragon plushie at the back ><

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  • nyanaminsbread
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Nanago B*zzfeed unsolved au where everything is the same, the jjk universe has curses, except Gojo and Nanami are working for B*zzfeed Japan as a side job and have their own eps of b*zzfeed unsolved.

    I picture Nanami to be the one who seems like he doesn't believe in ghosts ( in fact he's terrified of them ) and he plays off everything they see and hear during their ghost hunting sessions as " footsteps " / " doors shutting " / " the wind " ( even though footage shows that he is actually gripping Gojo's hand when he hears a weird noise ) and don't even get him started on aliens because he does NOT believe in them. Gojo, on the other hand, would be the carefree one who's like " Hey ghosts !! I hear you liked luring handsome men to their deaths during your time ... so why aren't you showing yourself ???? There's 2 handsome men right here !!! Are you homophobic that's why you aren't appearing ? " and trying to get the ghosts to appear and follow Nanami home, but secretly he's terrified that a ghost really does follow them home so on the way back after filming, they stop by a famous shrine to pray before going back.

    Also, Gojo would definitely attempt to scare Nanami. Like they're doing solo walks down a long, supposedly haunted hallway, and Gojo hides behind a door and leaps out and scares Nanami ( once, Nanami punched Gojo in the face and they ended up having to see Shoko afterwards ), and once, Nanami actually cried because he had been seeing weird things through the whole of the filming session and was scared, and Gojo felt so bad he bought Nanami bread for breakfast every morning for a week after that and apologised to him non-stop.

    Anyway I think Nanami and Gojo would be the most hilarious b*zzfeed duo ever. One is the stoic one, pretending not to be scared of ghosts but then everyone sees he's terrified, and the other is someone who scares said stoic one but is also equally just as scared when it comes down to it.

    #jujutsu kaisen#jjk #buzzfeed unsolved au #nanami kento#gojo satoru#gojou satoru#nanago#gonana#七五 #theyre both scared of ghosts #one hides it better than the other #they pray sincerely at the shrine
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  • nekocchin
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Candy love – Satoru Gojo X Reader

    — Like/Repost if you like

    You sneaked into Tokyo's Jujutsu School, carrying a small bag with you. You had to be quick if you didn't want to get caught by Satoru Gojo, you knew his reputation for rumors and not only that, but you'd already witnessed how irritating the jujutsu sorcerer could be to get something of interest to you.

    – [Last name]-sensei? - You were startled to hear Megumi's voice calling you, almost hitting you with one of her cursed weapons that she always took with her in emergency cases.

    – Fushiguro! – You exclaimed, quickly pushing away the weapon that was dangerously close to your student's carotid artery. – P-Sorry! – You stuttered, scared just to imagine how problematic it would be if you had killed the brunette.

    – Okay – He said, simplistic as ever and in such a natural way that most people would question the boy's sanity when he acted so calmly just after he'd almost been hit by a cursed weapon. – Are you hiding from Gojo-sensei?

    - You are very observant Fushiguro - You let out a weak and embarrassed laugh, lightly scratching the back of your neck with the hand that was not carrying the bag.

    – Did you fight again? – The boy asked, he is not usually curious but there was nothing more irritating and tiring than being in the middle of a fight between his two teachers who happen to be also engaged.

    – Oh! No, no – You smiled kindly – ​​Actually I just… – You barely had time to finish your sentence as you felt two large arms wrap around your waist from behind and, immediately recognizing Gojo, your body froze.

    – [Name]-chaaan! Where were you?? – He mumbled slyly, sinking his face into the top of her head and inhaling the scent of his favorite shampoo.

    – Satoru! – You exclaimed, immediately pulling away from the man and hiding the bag behind you protectively.

    – Uh? What's in there [Name]-chan? – The albino asked, smiling amusedly at his attitude. After all, you only acted so offensively with him when their passion got in the way of the conversation.

    - None of your business! – You said, still "protecting" your fiance's bag. – And don't even come get it! – You hissed, irritated with the idea that Satoru would steal that from you again.

    - I'll leave you alone - Megumi said, yawning soon after and leaving the place where the two special-grade jujutsu sorcerers were.

    – Betrayed! – You said, seeing Megumi go.

    – You weren't going to use our son as a shield, right? – Satoru said, chuckling at the thought of the great jujutsu sorceress [Full name] using a student as a "shield".

    - He's not our son - You shot the albino with your eyes. You hated the fact that Satoru simply defined that Megumi Fushiguro was now their adopted son, after all, you knew he had only given this "title" with the intention of alleviating his job of taking care of the boy by simply putting the responsibility on yours. hand too. In other words, if he got sick because of the brunette, he would pull you with him to the grave.

    – What a cruel thing to say [Name]-chan – Gojo said, dramatically placing the back of his right hand under his forehead. – Megumi will be upset if he hears this from his own mother.

    - Stop the drama - You said, looking at the albino with an expression that vibrated revulsion. – Even Fushiguro doesn't like that title you gave him “our son” – You said, remembering the brunette's look of pure disgust when listening to Gojo saying those words.

    – You're so mean to your own fiance [Name]-chan – Gojo said, putting on a mock sad expression as he tried to see what was inside the bag you were protecting at all costs from him. – Oh! It's that cake from that bakery! - He smiled from ear to ear as he managed to identify what was inside the bag. – You bought it for me? Thank you [No…

    – Get out Satoru! - You exclaimed running away from the long arms of the albino who planned to grab the bag with the cake. – You ate it all last time, you smack! – You said, containing genuine anger in the tone used.

    – But you didn't say you wanted the cake. – Gojo replied, as if it were the obvious answer to his accusation.

    – I bought the cake. Obviously I wanted intelligence! – You ranted, answering what you thought would be obvious for Satoru to know.

    – But we can share this [Name]-chan! – The boy said, with an excited smile on his face.

    - Not! I bought this just for me! – You immediately disagreed. After all, in your point of view, it would be unfair for him to have eaten a cake and a half while you had eaten only half a cake.

    Yes, the two great sorcerers Satoru Gojo and [Full name] are completely addicted to sugary things and arguing over silly things (mostly because of Gojo) even though they love each other deeply, after all, maybe these trivial fights are just one way of the two saying they love each other.

    #fiction#imagines#writing#x reader#fanfic#imagine#reader insert#x you#y/n#jjk#imagine jjk #imagine jujutsu kaisen #imagine anime#gojo satoru #gojo x reader #gojou satoru x you #gojou satoru x reader #gojou imagine#gojou sensei #gojou x you #jjk gojou #jjk x reader #jjk x you #jjk x y/n
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  • letstalkaboutfandomsbaby
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #ask#gojo satoru#smut#chubby reader#fem reader #im sorry this took so long!! #i kept getting writer's block but i hope you like it
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  • aliaisreal
    26.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #🧺 anon#jujutsu kaisen #gojo satoru headcanons #it’s official #you’re my favorite emoji anon #gojo satoru #gojo satoru supremacy #jjk
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  • dieliila
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • your-nerd-is-showing
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Gojo x Reader: After Dark

    You and Satoru go on vacation to a fancy hotel late one night you decide to sneak onto the beach which has a hot spring on the beach yes it’s that fancy! So you sneak into the hot spring and things get pretty steamy.

    Wordcount: 1,539

    Warnings: oral sex giving and receiving, unprotected sex, underage drinking and Satoru is just a warning in himself 😏

    Credit to Lumay

    “Shhhhh Satoru you need to be quiet.” You whispered to the white-haired young man as you both jumped a fence landing quietly on the other side in the cool sand feeling it between your toes. “It’s so beautiful out tonight.” You said in awe gazing up at the starry sky, the moon was full and bright making the ocean almost glow, it was truly magical.

    Satoru entangled your fingers with his as you walked towards the shoreline. “Yes you are.” He said smiling at you.

    You giggled like a school girl in love and kissed his cheek. “Catch me if you can!” You said as you sprinted towards the water, kicking up sand. Satoru was right behind you, catching you in his strong embrace before your toes touched the water.

    “I caught you, you’re mine.” Satoru whispered into your ear sending shivers through every nerve in your body. He spun you around to face him. ”(Y/N) dance with me!” He wrapped his muscular arms around you as he danced over the water. Satoru spun you around making the water swirl encasing your silhouettes as the water sparkled around you.

    You gazed into Satoru's endless ocean blue eyes as the moonlight danced in their pools making them even more stunning. Your eyes were fixed on him staring deeper and deeper you got completely lost in him as the world around you dissolved.

    He soon brought you back down to the beach it took you a moment to come back to reality. “(Y/N)?” He called out bringing you back to earth.

    “Yes Satoru?” You looked at him and smiled.

    “You wanna go in the hot spring over there?” He smirked at you as he looked at you with bedroom eyes pointing behind you.

    Your gaze followed his finger to the giant hot spring on the beach. Your (E/C) eyes widened in excitement. “Oooooooh yes I do!” You grabbed Satoru's hand and ran to the hot spring.

    The two of you sneakily made your way in you both quickly stripped down to your underwear and stashed your clothes so they wouldn’t be found.

    You climbed up some rocks. “Cannon ball!” You yelled as you jumped from the rocks into the hot spring. You swam up to the shallow part and stood up not realizing your bra floated away. Satoru turned bright red, you looked at him confused. “Nani? What’s wrong Satoru?”

    “Y-you uh lost something there babe.” He replied pointing at your boobs.

    You looked down. “Oh shit. Ummmmm do you see my bra anywhere?” You replied looking for it.

    Satoru hid it when you weren’t looking and found some sake.

    “Eh whatever.” You giggled as you leaned against a rock.

    “Hey babe look what I found!” Satoru brought over the jug.

    You looked at each other and smiled. “Sake.” You said in unison.

    “My favorite!” You replied.

    “Mine too!” Satoru smiled.

    You two looked at each other and laughed. “I guess great minds think alike huh Satoru?.” You smiled and blushed.

    “Yes we do.” Replied Satoru as his lips curled into a small smile.

    You swam over to the side and poured you and Satoru a cup. You walked over to him with your drinks and slipped, but he caught you.

    “You haven’t even started drinking yet and you’re already stumbling (Y/N). You silly girl.” He looked down at you and smiled.

    Your cheeks turned bright red as you fell into Satoru's arms. “Y-yea sometimes I’m a klutz. Damn good Sorcerer but a total klutz.” You giggled and looked up at Satoru getting lost in his eyes. Your thoughts were interrupted when you felt Satoru's hand cup your face. “Nani? What is it babe?”

    “As much as I like holding you like this I would like my drink (Y/N).” Chuckled Satoru.

    “O-oh r-right! Here you go!” You laughed and handed Satoru his sake. You cheered each other and downed the sake. “Yummmmm it’s been so long since I’ve had decent sake! I’m getting drunk tonight!” You laughed as you poured another drink for the two of you. Satoru and you sat yourselves near the sake and were going shot for shot. You both slowed down after six shots a piece.

    “Woah okay I’m feeling that now!” You giggled and attempted to stand up but you slipped again, but Satoru caught you holding you close.

    “Lightweight.” Chuckled Satoru as he pulled you in closer.

    “No I’m not! These rocks are really slippery.” You replied trying to get your footing but you slipped again. “I swear to Kami-sama I’m cursed! Ugh.”

    Satoru couldn’t stop laughing at you.

    “Why are you laughing at me!?”

    “I’m sorry I can’t help it you’re just so damn cute!” Satoru blushed as he smiled at you.

    You blushed. “I’m glad you think my drunk stumbling is cute.” You replied laughing with Satoru.

    Satoru pulled you in close to him. “Gimme a kiss babe!”

    You laughed and kissed him.

    Satoru pushed you up against a rock and kissed you passionately as his hands gripped at your panties tearing them off. You fought his tongue as he explored your mouth. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he picked you up. Satoru broke the kiss and stared deep into your beautiful (E/C) eyes.

    “Horny much Satoru?” You said laughing.

    Satoru raised an eyebrow. “What can I say baby girl? You know what you do to me.” He smiled a evil smile as he pulled your hair and bit your neck.

    “Mmmmmm Satoruuuuu.” You wined out as a moan escaped your lips.

    “Now it’s my turn to have fun.” He lifted you out of the hot spring and sat you on the edge. He smirked again and licked his lips before he went down on you. You moaned loudly and wrapped your legs around his head as his tongue swirled around your clit.

    “Oooooh f-fuck Satoruuuu!” You howled out as he inserted two fingers in your soaking core. Your hips bucked wildly as you pulled on Satoru's white hair you kept moaning as you sucked his fingers in reaching your first orgasm.

    Satoru finally came up and chuckled as he pressed up against you, you could feel his hard member as it twitched against your leg. You smirked as you rubbed his member. Satoru tilted his head back and moaned.

    “Ohhhh (Y/N) you’re such a tease.”

    You giggled and pulled his boxers down revealing his rock hard member. Your eyes widened in wonder as you licked your lips and went down on him. Satoru grabbed your hair gently and moved your head as you licked and sucked. Satoru's member twitched in your mouth as he moaned and groaned. “O-ohhhhh (Y/N) this f-feels sooooo g-goooooood.” He gently pulled you off and cupped your face in his hands as he pulled you in for a kiss as he entered you. You grabbed onto his muscular back as you bounced up and down quickening the pace with every thrust.

    You stared deep into each others eyes, you could see longing and love in Satoru's eyes. “I-I think I'm in love with him…..” You thought to yourself.

    Satoru pulled your hair revealing your neck biting it again. You moaned and squirted all over his member. “O-oh baby y-you're so tight, this feels s-sooooo g-gooooood.” Satoru moaned as he grabbed your hips and went faster. He leaned over and sucked on your sweet nipples. You grabbed his face and kissed him passionately. He pulled you in closer as you kissed.

    You broke the kiss and looked at Satoru. “Can I get on top baby?” You asked shyly.

    He smiled and nodded his head. “Of course you can beautiful.” He came out of the water and laid down. You crawled on top of him and straddled his waist as you rubbed your clit on his member. You both moaned as his tip rubbed your clit making you squirt. “C-come on baby why do you h-have to t-tease me l-like that?” Begged Satoru he looked up at you his eyes pleading with yours.

    You giggled and lifted your self onto his throbbing member. You moaned as you slid down. Satoru grabbed your hips as you bounced up and down on his cock. You moaned louder and louder with every thrust. He was getting deeper and going harder every time.

    “O-ohhhhh S-Sa-Satoruuuuuu I-I’m going to c-cummmmmmmm!” You moaned as you came all over him.

    Satoru thrusted a few more times. “M-me-meeeee t-tooooooo!” He moaned as he released himself inside you. You smiled at Satoru and leaned in for a passionate kiss. You broke the kiss and smiled at him.

    “T-that was amazing Satoru.” You leaned into him as he held you close.

    “Yes it was (Y/N).” He kissed you passionately. “Baby?”

    “Yes Satoru? What is it?” You lifted your head up to look at him.

    “I-I love you (Y/N)…..” He murmured as his face turned cheery red.

    You gave him a warm smile. “I love you too Satoru.”


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