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  • Why does the heathen rage and shake his fist toward Heaven? Behold, he shall fall with none to catch him, and great shall be his fall!… Yet the one who reaches for Me shall be lifted up, and the one who extends the hand shall know My dwelling place.

    For as it is written:

    Whoever has, to him more will be given,
    And he shall have an abundance…

    But whoever does not have,
    Even what he has shall be taken away,
    Until the Time of Reformation is complete…

    Says The Lord.

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  • Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, little flock, perk up your ears and listen, all you who call on My name, for the mouth of The Lord has spoken: Behold, there is a day coming quickly, a day and hour which remains unknown to you, in which I will call you to stop what you are doing that you may come out and worship Me. I will call you to keep this day holy, and you shall do no work, and it shall be to you a Sabbath. And lo, it shall also be fulfilled a second time, says The Lord.
    On this day, I will call to you through My prophet, and you will come out and worship Me, each in your own house, set apart, with your beloved set apart. And in each household shall it be decided, it shall surely be revealed: Who among you loves Me more than these, more than themselves, more than this world. Yet those who fail to come to Me without condition, even all those who refuse to come out, their ears shall grow dull and they shall be unable to hear, neither shall they escape. For I am The Lord, and this is My will: That one whose flame burns hot, whose love for Me runs deep, now display their love for Me openly. And that one who is neither cold nor hot depart from Me, until the time comes and is fulfilled, that by great distress their flame is stoked and becomes a great fire, glaring in the eyes of the passerby, shining in the midst of the cold dark night.
    For I search the heart, says The Lord, I alone know the mind. The thoughts of My beloved are known to Me, and the plans of the wicked are not hidden from Me. Behold, I look upon the innermost thoughts, I am aware of every hidden intention. For I am The Lord, He who separated the light from the darkness; from the beginning, I am He who formed it and brought it into the light. 

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    When Triple Six gathering tail

    Want ours dark desire to fufill

    Y’all shall Baptism for the frail

    Worship the Pope and you will

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  • Truth is self-evident in the eyes
    Of all those who love The Truth…

    Indeed, it resounds within the ears of all those
    Who have received of The Truth,
    In whom My spirit dwells…

    Says The Lord.

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  • Truth is evident in My eyes,
    And a lie is never hidden…

    Therefore, let no one place their unrighteous cause upon the backs of the children, when a wrong is accounted only to the one who performed it. Neither let the disobedience of the one be covered over by the needs of the many. For I have seen it; lo, all is known to Me.

    Therefore, let My people be tested;
    Let them be refined in the fire!…

    That the quality of their trust
    And the endurance of their belief
    May be revealed…

    Says The Holy One of Israel.

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  • Comfort the sick, lift up the downtrodden, and visit those in prison; clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, and above all feed the hungry; do so in My name. For in Me shall all find comfort, exaltation, companionship, warm coverings and sanctuary from the storm; even food and drink for their soul shall they receive in Me. For all these things are the very definition and purpose of love.

    Thus as I am, so also were you created…

    Understand Love…

    For in My love were you created,
    To receive and to give;
    And in the giving does one also receive…

    Therefore, love one another
    As I have loved you…

    Says The Lord your Redeemer.

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  • Thus says The Lord to His little flock: I call you to consider, to consider deeply, to see with greater eyes. For I have blessed you in a way few have regarded, nor have any seen the like since My apostles walked with Me in Israel. Indeed, I have opened My mouth and spoken to this generation through My prophets, I have revealed secrets and made My plans known. For I do not change, says The Lord. Yet who has truly considered, and who is able to comprehend?
    For My people walk about as one heavy with sleep, as one caught up in the midst of a dream, unable to perceive whether they are awake or sleeping. My people are dull, they are heavy with sleep, yet I shall surely awaken them! For I shall cause the hearts of My beloved to skip a beat, and the hearts of the multitude shall thunder in their chests! For as it was with My prophet of old, to whom I said, “Go out, and stand on the mountain before The Lord,” so shall it be with the people of this generation! For I shall pass through, and a great and terrible wind shall tear into the mountains, and the rocks shall be broken in pieces! Behold, a great earthquake shall ensue, and fire shall break out in all the earth, and this generation shall be humbled!

    Therefore, woe to those who
    Do not give heed to My words
    And mock this Trumpet!…

    Woe to those who turn away
    From My voice and shut their ears
    To the quiet utterings of My spirit!…


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  • Behold My hands and My feet,
    And consider My love…

    For the scars of My passion remain,
    A holy, everlasting covenant
    Written in the blood of The Lamb…

    Taste and see, beloved, drink!
    Until that which is veiled is veiled no longer,
    Until the void within your heart is filled…

    For My love was written in every stripe I endured for you,
    Poured out in every drop of blood I shed for you,
    Revealed when you pierced My hands and My feet…

    Beloved, I am married unto you!…

    A union sealed forever in the blood we share…

    Says The Lord YahuShua.

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  • #savior#lgbtq discussion#lgbtq#lgbtq rep #i’m agender so i guess i felt like i should know this? #but i didn’t #thank you for clearing this up #non binary rep #vegebuljuice#important
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  • Thus says The Lord: My people lack knowledge and have no understanding; they shut their eyes and can not discern; their ears grow dull and they have forgotten how to listen. For they do always turn away from that which is most needful as they judge falsely, failing to do that which is right and good in My eyes. Behold, upon a cracked reed they have placed all their trust; they lean heavily upon a way which is not good! Therefore I shall break up their fallow ground, and cause their reed to splinter beneath them, and they too shall be pierced! Says The Lord… Beloved, My eyes are full of tears, My heart heavy with grief! The cry of mourning is heard at noonday, great wailing breaks forth in all the earth! For the wound of this people is grievous, their affliction most severe! Yet who shall plead their cause in the Day of Calamity?! Who shall bind up the wound?! For they have surely rejected Me!

    Therefore, thus says The Lord God: I have set My face against the generation of My wrath! For the people have made lies their refuge, and under falsehood they have endeavored to hide themselves! Behold, they have made a covenant with death, and with the grave they are in agreement! Yet it shall not stand! For in the midst of unparalleled calamity I shall hear, and from the midst of terrible judgment My arm shall surely deliver, even a great remnant of whom The Lord shall call.

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  • Growing up, I assumed there was one way to Christ. I assumed you had to get baptized in a river, go to church every Sunday, and then you’d go to heaven. I’m hydrophobic and didn’t grow up going to church. Though it saddened me, I accepted that I wasn’t that predestined group that gets to go to heaven. I still believed in God, but I made peace with my fate. Well good news people: this isn’t 100% true! Phew, thank goodness. There are some absolutes like accepting Christ as our Lord and Savior. The timeline for that isn’t as defined as I thought it was. I go to Church every Sunday now by choice to hear the messages and learn more about the Bible. It supplements my personal prayer and time with God. The path to Christ doesn’t just happen because you were good. People who used to be addicted to substances have gotten on a path to Christ. Liars, cheaters, adulterers, etc. have made changes to get on a path to Christ. There isn’t just one path to that ultimate outcome of accepting and walking in Christ. Christians should work to meet people where they are, let them know the path exists from there, and help them get on it if they’re ready. The Lord isn’t trying to be exclusive. He wants as many of us as can be saved and He wants to save us all. Blessings to you!

    #spiritual garden#daily devotional #path to Christ #accept Him#follow Him #walk in His ways #turn your life to Him #develop the relationship with Him #run to Him #He's no exclusive #He wants all of us #save#Savior
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    Dear bots, I know dem boys are sexy, but… You’re not real, they’re not real, I don’t know if this will work out in any way. 😂

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  • After He was perfected, He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey Him,
    Hebrews 5:9 | Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)
    Holman Christian Standard Bible ® Copyright © 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999 by Holman Bible Publishers. All rights reserved.
    Cross References: Luke 13:32; Philippians 2:12; Hebrews 1:14; Hebrews 2:3; Hebrews 2:10; Hebrews 9:12; Hebrews 9:28

    #salvation#Savior#eternal life#Hebrews 5:9 #Holman Christian Standard Bible #Book of Hebrews #The Epistles#New Testament#HCSB #Holman Bible Publishers
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  • Blessed Are Those Who Receive of Me

    Blessed are the meek,
    For they shall inherit the Kingdom on Earth.

    Blessed are those who
    Bless the name of The Lord,
    And happy are those who have His name
    Perpetually on their lips…

    Life without end to all those
    Who call upon the name of The Lord,
    Forever striving to walk in His ways
    And keep His Commandments…

    Fully partaking of the fruit of the Spirit.

    Blessed are those who have tasted and seen,
    For they have received of The Divine Gift…

    The Lord Himself shall be
    Their inheritance, forever.

    All My servants move, speak and hear Me
    Through My spirit, and only through
    The Son shall My children come
    To know Me as I truly am…

    And oh how blessed
    Are those who know Him…

    For they love Him and obey His voice,
    Having truly received of Him,
    Even of His spirit, the Spirit of God.

    Blessed is the man who sincerely repents,
    And also departs from the ways of his flesh…

    And happy is the man who loves The Lord
    With all his heart, with all his soul,
    With all his mind and with all his strength…

    For he knows The Kingdom of Heaven already,
    And shall soon enter in.

    Blessed are those who eat of The True Bread,
    And drink continuously from
    The Fountain of Living Waters…

    They shall inherit everlasting life.

    Blessed are all those
    In whom I see of Myself…

    For these have already passed
    From judgment into life,
    Seated forever at My right hand.

    Blessed is the man whose name
    Is written in The Book of Life…

    For he shall inherit everlasting life,
    And his name shall endure forever.

    Blessed are those who have the Spirit of God,
    For God dwells within them.

    Blessed be the name of The Lord…

    Blessed are all those who
    Receive of His blessings…

    Even more blessed are those who are blessed
    In The Blessing I had sent to them…

    For they are baptized in the Spirit of Truth
    And sprinkled with The Blood of Sprinkling,
    By which I have blessed all nations,
    As many as are willing to receive.

    Blessed are those who embrace Me,
    For they shall share in My goodness,
    Even of all that I own!

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  • Thus says The Lord: Behold, The Morning Star is risen, the universe is filled with His glory! And that glory shall abide with men, even in them and among them. I shall be a Father unto them, and they shall be My beloved children, forever… Lo, a return to innocence, paradise lost is paradise found, a return to the garden, the universe your playground.

    Thus as I have spoken, so shall it be done:

    The mystery of God revealed,
    The counting of days no more…

    Forever young in the presence
    Of your Shepherd, your Redeemer,
    Your Father, your Brother,
    Your Most Beloved Friend,
    The Fulfillment of all things
    For which your hearts have groaned…


    And all who live in Me, and I in them,

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  • The Lord your God is a consuming fire, My every word a purifying flame! The presence of The Lord is an oppressive storm, which abases the proud and causes the high-minded to flee! And that which I have spoken to this generation, is it not a sword with which I shall strike to the heart of this people?! For I shall surely set all these crooked paths straight, and burn away the dross!

    Yet for those who trust in Me
    And in whom My spirit dwells,
    My words are like a strong tower
    Set in the midst of battle,
    Which can in no wise be broken down!…

    A great trumpet blowing upon the hill
    Outside the city, which echoes
    Throughout the waste places!…

    A waving banner for this generation,
    A bright light, a beacon, shining in the
    Midst of this present darkness!…

    A rod of justice for the oppressed and
    The persecuted, a loosening of the chains
    Placed upon My people,
    The breaking apart of every shackle!…

    Freedom for those who love Me,
    Deliverance for those who understand,
    Strength for the weak,
    Grace to the humble,
    Manna to nourish the penitent…

    Says The Lord.

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  • What a cruel trick – that our shadow can be manifested into human form.

    I thought I was just battling with my own mind, and then you came along.

    Dressed as my saviour, my greatest temptation. 

    So irresistible, you offer the ultimate salvation.

    Now that I realise shadow’s other form, I look forward to the day I can welcome you.

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  • Why does the heathen rage and shake his fist toward Heaven? Behold, he shall fall with none to catch him, and great shall be his fall!… Yet the one who reaches for Me shall be lifted up, and the one who extends the hand shall know My dwelling place.

    For as it is written:

    Whoever has, to him more will be given,
    And he shall have an abundance…

    But whoever does not have,
    Even what he has shall be taken away,
    Until the Time of Reformation is complete…

    Says The Lord.

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  • Psalms 37:31: “The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.”

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