I see you, love. I see the wandering behind your eyes. How you’re lost in the darkness of an abyss. You don’t have to lie to me. Years do not just cease to exist. The haunting of your soul is not absent. I hear the cries of your soul urging for a savior. I can see in the dark because I have lived here in this pain longer than I am proud to admit. And what’s more is that you thought you were wandering into your own darkness because you had lost yourself, but in all honesty, you only came looking for me. When you noticed the tears were gracing my face more than my smile, you didn’t become depressed on your own admission, you took on your shoulders mine….I made you. I fell out of love with the man I created. And I’m sorry….because I didn’t know how much of a burden I was until I became my own burden. When I didn’t have anyone else to depend on except my own intuition, my own hands. And I left you there. I left you in my disparity. Not on purpose….but still I find you among the rubble of my brokenness, sorting through broken picture frames and shattered glasses…..but it isn’t your life your hurting over, it’s mine. You aren’t stuck on me, I just haven’t let you go from the grasp of my mind yet. 

-I. Calais

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