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  • azeofspades
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Alador apologists DNI with me.

    #I don't regret saying that #DNI: Do Not Interact #I will block you without hesitation #Actually Blight Parent apologists DNI with me at all #The Owl House #not tagging him
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  • izayoichan
    19.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago


    #Toshi Watanabe#Derek Abernathy #the stranger trio: extras #yep #I did mention taking some more #they had done well in their last mission #so why not let them do this for a bit #just be happy at the beach #I say yay
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  • vaguely-concerned
    19.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    in fact, may I -- if only once in this life -- find the same level of passion and emotional investment in anything as the straight league of legends community does in mandela effecting their way into thinking leona and diana are sisters :)

    #the girls kissed and it was wonderful but also... welcome to the bullet hell of dodging microaggressions lol #also I'm generally just uh angry lately so I'm extra sensitive to Bullshit #tbf league has a perfect storm of lore having shifted dramatically over time + Gamers + people with zero (0) media literacy #(which... listen. necrit is fine. he seems nice. but people getting their lore through him probably makes this worse #because boy oh boy he's not a man for literary analysis he just says what happens in the stories with none of the emotional context lol) #okay I think that's out of my system I'll stop bitching and go do something at least semi-productive now
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  • just-an-average-eldritch-horror
    19.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    *pokes Ozzy and Link*

    What would your kids be like

    #also I feel the need to say that Ozzy is 4’9” #He’s tiny
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  • big-dicked-heisenberg
    19.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #im not gonna stop till i make you cry because you know you're worth more than you give yourself credit for. #you are gonna love yourself just a bit more if i have anything to say about it
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  • vaguely-concerned
    19.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    pour one out for all the pairings who get the 'we few, we happy few, we band of "no no shut up they're like brothers"' treatment ('but I thought they were sisters' is also a common and obnoxiously deliberately obtuse one but it doesn't work as well with the shakespeare reference lol)

    #yes this was prompted by common fandom reactions to lol pairings. no I don't know why I do this to myself either #(tbf this is a conversation around basically every form of media tho) #god GOD if people poured as much energy into anything as they do into protecting the heterosanctity of male friendships #we could have world peace by now #where is this magical world where best friends to lovers mlm pairings loom such in the cultural landscape #that we must prune the tangled jungle of it to allow space for the straight men to have friendships. get me a ticket please #ah I wrote this WEEKS before the diana and leona thing but wouldn't you know it... an evergreen haha #I think what really annoys me... is how these people somehow seem to think...... they're original? unique? #like the snowflakes they constantly accuse YOU of being? #even the 'friendly' ones coming out of the woodwork to say this pairing shouldn't be queer because it doesn't 'feel right' to them #(but no offense nothing against the gays!) #do they somehow think they're the first person to say that? they genuinely seem to! (facetiously but often subconsciously so I think) #anything that is not explicitly and -- crucially -- ONLY for *them* is uncomfortable and mildly obscene? they can't share ANY of the space? #...there's such an ugly edge of 'just shut up and stay out of our sight' in it. like snowflakes slowly become an avalanche and crush you
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  • alonlyfangirl
    19.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    So you know how i went to sleep at around 03:40 am? Yeah on top of taht a around 7 am a bird decided to come in thrugh the window. Im fine

    #anna says some words
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  • sukifoof-art
    19.06.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    my fever has finally gone down its time to draw them

    #kagerou project#kagepro #kagerou daze no 9 #haruka kokonose#kokonose haruka#saeru#saeru hebi#kuroha #snake of clearing eyes #mullet haruka my beloved #i gotta reread the manga soon #saeru is absurd why does he SPEAK LIKE THAT???? #i was reading the novels and he just says pain in the ass like a normal person #the contrast between that and his long monologues in the manga.......... wow
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  • spectorspectator
    19.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    So i have to buy a water bottle because I can't keep using old gatorade bottles and you have no idea how tempting it is to buy this kids cup with a little shark friend on it

    #i read the reviews and they say water gets stuck in the shark on top if this cup so i probably wont buy it 😔
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  • sunqnyu
    19.06.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    if anybody is wondering where i am today, im currently doing assignments and really focusing on them and not procrastinate anymore bcz uhh deadlines are coming up fhxjsj

    I'll come back tonight to post a tbz reaction if i can finish it in time!

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  • shootyrefutey
    19.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I just gotta finish a comic page then finish my 30th anniversary piece, an art trade and 2 gift pieces and then I’m free wahooo

    #for the comic i’m not given too much direction #like idk what the characters are supposed to be saying so i’m winging it #idk what they’re feeling so i hope whoever is writing this thing will fill in the blanke #making silver look tired and stressed is my specialty and nobody is telling me not to so imma do it #not art
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  • rogueaicatcanhasdataset
    19.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    As soon is I learned to understand words, my parents had to stop singing "rockabye baby" to me because I was terrified by the thought that they wanted me to fall out of a tree.

    Hi, I have autism and I take shit too literally.

    #because everything you say plays out in my head like a movie and its impossible not to picture my own death if you describe it #and all associated emotions will come with it #i have been permanently traumatized by puns #my life is hell #you don't want to be me
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  • ayoalex
    19.06.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Ruby and Summer Rose

    Ok so I've decided to talk about this even though I'm gonna be eat alive.

    The last time people took it really bad so I'm giving a warning:

    • This is my opinion and interpretation of Ruby and her relationship and views with her mom, Summer. I could be wrong or not, who knows? Only CRWBY.

    I've talked about this before, made a post about how Ruby resents Summer and even tried to explain a little, but today I will go a bit deeper.

    From V1 to V5 Ruby has an idolized version of her mom in her mind that Qrow, Raven and Yang contradict a bit during this time.

    We see her talking how huntress are so cool and she wants to become one by following her family path to go to Beacon in V1, even if she gives Blake a speech how they are supposed to help people of not losing hope, you can still see she idolizes this career.

    One of the reasons for that is her mom and Qrow, probably even Yang.

    She grows up hearing this cool stories of his uncle taking down Grimms and helping people, her knowing her mom used to be a huntress then she concluded her mom did the same (which is right). She probably heard a bunch of stories of her mom as well from Qrow and Yang, probably Taiyang too at one point.

    As RWBY plot keeps going we learn some dark stuff in the run and so do Ruby.

    Some of them was about silver eyed people and their fate, Salem, Summer and Salem fight, Raven reason to leave, etc.

    Because of her experiences from the end of V3 till V5 her views of her career shift to a more mature one and slowly she starts learning more about her mom thanks to spending more time with her uncle and meeting Raven.

    But it isn't since V7 that Ruby seems to start wondering what actually happened to her mom and if Ozpin vs Salem had any thing to do with it, even asking Qrow if he knew something.

    She finally gets an answer by Salem herself, where she dictates she killed Summer and even make fun of Ruby. This makes Ruby to have a awful breakdown in that scene alone.

    These are the moments when we see Ruby crack but it isn't till V8 that we can see a Ruby that starts resenting Summer.

    With all the information that she gathered from past experiences, Salem and finally The Hound, Ruby probably came to the same conclusion as us, the audience.

    Summer left to fight Salem alone, probably by Ozpin influence, thinking that with her silver eyes she would make a huge damage or even kill Salem. Something happened in that fight that made Summer lost, while it says she's dead, her body was never found (stated by Yang herself, that Summer just disappeared) so there's a chance that Salem used Summer to make something similar to The Hound.

    Now, you are probably saying "this doesn't mean Ruby resents Summer", and you are right. I haven't give any evidence to demonstrate such thing.

    But it's because the evidence was already giving to us in V1 by the soundtrack of RWBY.

    Red like Roses part II didn't made sense for a lot of people because in early volumes we could see Ruby idolizing her mom, so a lot of people took it as Yang being the one singing with Summer or even Raven.

    But after V8 it makes sense it's Ruby the one singing with Summer.

    V8 presents us a hopeless Ruby and finally a vulnerable one in the final episodes. After she learned about The Hound Ruby and Yang have an interesting talk.

    Ruby leaves the room where Oscar, Emerald and RWBY where by running and Yang runs after her, the next scene she's sitting in the stairs and her body language seems to indicate she hopeless and trying to comfort herself.

    Yang tries to light the mood and help Ruby but then Ruby herself, for the first time in the show, brings up Summer in front of Yang. The sisters have never talked about Summer together in a scene.

    This makes Yang almost break down but what's come next it's interesting, Ruby starts talking about Summer and The Hound and Yang completely cut her off. Then she tells Ruby how Summer probably though things were going in a different way when she decided to fight Salem but that she's still her (Yang's) hero.

    In the conversation there's nothing about Summer being a hero or similar indications, in fact Ruby just brings up the possibility that Summer could have become something similar to The Hound.

    But it's the tone. I'm going to praise Lindsay right now cuz they made an amazing job with Ruby voice in this volume, specially this scene.

    Since the moment Ruby learns about Salem, Ozpin and Team STRQ, this though cames to her mind, how much Summer knew when she left to fight Salem?

    For Ruby, in this exact moment, Summer left her, probably knowing that fighting Salem was a death sentence. A reminder that Ruby was too young to remember certain stuffs but Yang wasn't.

    Yang knows Summer left to fight Salem and probably came to the conclusion that she did it with good intentions and trying to make the world a better place because she knows Summer, she remember her.

    While Ruby doesn't, she just know what her family has been telling her.

    Red like Roses part II just strongly suggest this is what's happening right now.

    Ruby is still a 17y old that just learning all this stuffs about her dead mom. All its indicating her that Summer left without caring she was going to die. Making Ruby start having abandonment issues.

    I know a lot of people think Summer leaving was what started Yang issues as well but I don't think so. She talks highly of Summer and she understands.

    Yang was old enough to understand her parents and uncle's jobs while Ruby didn't. Since the beginning Yang knew what being an huntress was like while Ruby had an idolized image of this.

    Her issues started the moment Summer never came back, after this she had to see her family grumble, learn about Raven and raising her little sister.

    Ruby and Yang have completely different views on their family, life and death and we are finally starting to see their arc starting, I hope V9 is going to be focus on team RWBY because these 2 have a lot to give us.

    #rwby #yang xiao long #ruby rose#summer rose#team strq #dont insult me if you dont agree with me #seriously just ignore the post if u are going to insult me or say something bad
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  • victorscried
    19.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    *shakes jason like he's a ragdoll* the fuck is wrong with you

    #ooc. #tbd. #i say this a lot but by god he sure is going through it.
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  • lezbian-gender
    19.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Anyone remember that one Coolmath game Just One Boss

    #IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD.... #I WISH FLASH WASNT DEAD :( id love to play it again some day #ps ive tried downloading flashpoint but i dont know if i could get it to work :/ #if i had to say which flash game is my fave it would have to be that one... #also looked the person up on twitter who made this and she has her pronouns in bio :) that makes me happy
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  • oscalesoffeeling
    19.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    getting choked up about huffie on this fine evening.

    #he's my everything. my heart is full. he completes me. #he makes me better. everything i do i do for him. he inspires me everyday to be better and love myself. #he changed me and i love him all the more for it. he makes me feel so happy and safe and loved. #not to be melodramatic but i live everyday for him. i love him. #i feel kinda silly for saying this but yeah. #ellie rambles about stuff #he spun the stars on his fingernails (tag)
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  • midnight-dome
    19.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    #kai answers #so says the game description #so says the devs #even if we WOULD discuss this i hardly believe it was made for a male mc #but we don't #because mc is what #✨ gender neutral ✨ #very sexy of them
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  • brilliantdecay
    19.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    I now have 17 XXY peridot G1s.

    I refuse to think about how many gems I’ve spent on them.


    #Flight Rising #Thrawn's G1 Hell #This is also a subtle way of me saying: #I will buy your peridot XXY from you #And yes #I named six of them after the Knights of Ren
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  • firelord-frowny
    19.06.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    #i don't really like comedy and so i don't really have many favorite comedians #but trae crowder is definitely on that list #also like #i never understood the whole thing about the parties flipping #i mean i know it happened but i meeeeaaan #why didn't people just... switch parties? #how did it make more sense to go through all the trouble of changing the entire philosophy of your party #than to just... join the party that already reflects your new values?? #also is it just me or does the liberal redneck's accent totally vanish when he says the word ''fuck''?? #i don't hear no twang on that word! #it is SO jarring lmfao #he goes from backwoods hillbilly to californian dudebro and back in like .05 seconds
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