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    when i first saw the latest episode of what if i initially thought “omg wait so this means ultron vision must’ve thrown wanda off vormir to get the soul stone 🥺” but then i realized that this takes place in 2010 and wanda wasn’t even working with hydra back then so i’m a dumbass

    #and even then he likely would have had to manipulate wanda to gain her trust #so the sacrifice would be invalid because ultron vision never truly loved her #mcu #marvel cinematic universe #wanda maximoff#scarlet witch#vision #wanda x vision #wandavision #what if…? #what if
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    Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) Personality Profile


    Introverted Feeling – Extraverted thinking:

    Wanda’s weakness is considering other people and making decisions logically (it takes her a long time to consider the residents of Westview and how they might be feeling, and there is nothing logical about escaping into a new reality that you can barely control and cannot stay in for long), which means she would have, as an inferior function, extraverted thinking, a function that considers the practical and logical conclusions of the external world. Wanda is caught up in her own feelings, in her subjective experience of her grief, in prioritizing what she personally values regardless of how others might react, which is consistent with introverted feeling. When made aware of the suffering she is causing, this new reality conflicts with her values, and she changes her behavior instantly. She does not readily express her emotions with words; mostly with her action, but we do see her Fi when she says her goodbyes to her kids and Vision at the end of the series. ('Thank you for choosing me to be your mom' 'You are my sadness and my hope. But mostly, you are my love')

    Extraverted Intuition – Introverted Sensing:

    Wanda might be looping in the show, her Si feeding her intense feelings of grief, choosing to resist her reality and clinging to the past to soothe her pain, trying to control and organize her external reality to support her Fi needs. She bases her alternate reality on sitcoms she enjoyed with her family in her youth. (Fi-Si) But, her Ne is still flagrant; it is, combined with chaos magic, what allows her to create such a fantastic alternate reality, making 'what could be' come alive based on her own personal values (Ne supporting Fi). She also demonstrates a remarkable ability to adapt quickly to incoming threats, using her stored information to envision innovative solutions (the use of runes to defeat Agatha; Ne and Si). Plus, she has a difficult grasp on reality, which is something intuitives might experience, lacking the needed strength of their sensing function to anchor them. Since she is looping and resisting information, her Ne is difficult to observe generally, but we do see it in action at the end of the series, when Scarlet Witch is busy soaking up the book of darkness while Wanda casually drinks a cup of tea on her porch (Typical Ne multi-tasking).

    Enneagram 9w8

    Wanda is, at the time of the WandaVision show, quite an unhealthy nine who avoids her pain and trauma by escaping into the creation of a trouble-free, peaceful and idealistic world where everything is as it should be. Let’s compile the proof of confirmation:

    Type 9 - The Peacemaker

    The Easygoing, Self-Effacing Type: Receptive, Reassuring, Agreeable, and Complacent

    Basic Fear: Of loss and separation

    Wanda has lost and been separated from her love, Vision. She shares with Pietro that she felt alone and empty, an endless nothingness, which brought her to, quite uncontrollably, escape into the made-up reality of Westview. To face this loss, this separation, is her basic fear throughout the show, probably due to her past trauma, and it takes her much strength to finally do so.

    Basic Desire: To have inner stability and "peace of mind"

    Wanda loves the word ‘fine’ to describe situations, other people, or even her internal state. She does not try to figure out what’s going on when confronted with multiple signs that something is wrong, even if she admits later that she doesn’t know how any of it happened. She proceeds to rewind and re-record when trouble can’t be brushed off. She simply wants to have a normal family life and, as Vision says, ‘Stay home and watch TV’. She desires to ‘fit into’ the community of Westview.

    Holy Idea; Love, Action. Sin; Sloth, Indolence.

    Why is she doing all of this, really? For love; for Vision. She shows indolence by not wanting to face her problems. She has to step into action to become healthy again (face the consequences of her action, risk losing the people she loves, have to battle enemies, make sense of what happened, grieve Vision and what their life could have been)

    Key motivations: Want to create harmony in their environment (creates a simple life based on funny sitcoms from her youth, where characters don’t get hurt, because ‘It’s not that kind of show’), to avoid conflicts and tension (everything is always fine, Wanda always dismisses problems and simply wants to be in harmony with her family, she gets angry when Vision pushes her to argue, and when she starts to lose control, she wears PJ’s and watches TV), to preserve things as they are (Wanda does not accept her new life as a griever; she feels it through her powers), to resist whatever would upset or disturb them (She resists the many attempts by Vision and others to get her to wake up and face the real world)

    Nines are accepting, trusting, and stable. They are usually creative, optimistic, and supportive, but can also be too willing to go along with others to keep the peace. They want everything to go smoothly and be without conflict, but they can also tend to be complacent, simplifying problems and minimizing anything upsetting. They typically have problems with inertia and stubbornness.

    Why she is not an 8 (but has an 8 wing)

    Wanda does show a desire to control her environment and resist being controlled or harmed by others. Yet, she uses the tools of the enneagram 8 to achieve her core enneagram 9 motivations described above. So, the domineering and intimidating side of her personality comes from her 8 wing, but she is, at her core, a 9.

    Hogwart’s House (based on sortinghatchats system)

    Slytherin primary (Motivation); you might think that she would be a Gryffindor, prioritizing some sort of innate morality, but her actions come from a loyalty to a select few. She fought Stark Industries, not because it was wrong of them to participate in wars that destroyed families, but because they killed her parents in the process. She attempts to steal Vision's remains to give him a funeral, not because it is right to do, but because he is her love, and she wants to honor him. When the people she has chosen as her tribe are not involved in a problem, she does use her power for good, which a Gryffindor would do. She also easily threatens and hurts people who cross her. (During WandaVision, she is similar in her motivations to burned Slytherin primary Agatha, both thinking only of themselves. Contrast her to Ravenclaw primary Vision, who consistently seeks truth and understanding.)

    Watch this video for confirmation and laughs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tnH0gTWe5o&ab_channel=charmbooked

    Gryffindor secondary (Methods); Wanda just wings it. She charges ahead with blunt honesty. there is no masking, no side-stepping; she tells you what she wants, what she feels, and she makes sure you get it. She could have tried manipulating Agatha and earning her trust, for example, but Wanda is honest from the start, very clear on her intentions. She does the same with the FBI, and with Monica. What you see is what you get. This loyalty to being herself, no matter what, makes her heroic, in a way, and we can't help but look up to her at the end, when she wins and becomes the Scarlet Witch. (Compare her to Ravenclaw secondary Agatha, who has all the knowledge, and tells Wanda just so; 'Power isn't your problem, it's knowledge.' Agatha underestimates Wanda's ability to improvise on the spot; she wrongfully believes, due to her own subjective biases, that everyone would need knowledge and preparation to succeed. She is proven wrong.)

    Just for fun (Quick Typing)


    Magician, Orphan, Lover, Warrior


    Neptune (The planet of Illusion, sensitivity, escapism, and dreams) and Mars (The planet of Anger, battle, boundaries and victory)

    Seasonal color analysis (of Elizabeth Olsen)

    Soft Autumn (Why she can pull off the red hair so well)

    Kibbe body type (of Elizabeth Olsen)

    Soft Natural (Soft curves, broad shoulders and waist)

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    “I am so proud of you, Pietro. Our father is so proud of you.”

    “You’re pleased, then?” I-I’m trying. But it’s been so hard-“

    “I know, my darling—I know how lonely you are. And I have heard your cries.”

    —Ultimate Fallout #5

    #this is just a mental projection but yea just one more thing to add to the repertoire #comics#ultimates#ultimate x-men#pietro maximoff#quicksilver#wanda maximoff #scarlet witch and quicksilver #marvel comics#scarlet witch #wanda and pietro #wandaxpietro#maxicest#scarletsilver
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    Looney Avengers Part 2!

    electric boogaloo

    It is finally here! The Part 2 that I eluded to nearly 2 months ago! Oh well better late than never.

    If you haven't seen the Looney Avengers part 1, check it out here: https://thiscatdrawscartoons.tumblr.com/post/657273613736656896/looney-avengers

    (trust me you won't be disappointed!)

    Now let's jump right in! (and this time I won't have anything to say for the designs, just enjoy the art! Though if anyone has questions or ideas I'd love to hear them!)

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    #Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch #Wanda Maximoff #The Scarlet Witch
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    Theory for tonight’s episode of “What If...?”:

    Since Ultron won, let’s assume that he got five of the six Infinity Stones through regular means. For the Soul Stone, as a dark parallel to Vision, Ultron fell in love with his timeline’s version of Wanda Maximoff (remember, it was hinted Ultron started to care for Wanda since he told her to get to safety during the fall of Sokovia). Ultron-Vision then reluctantly sacrificed Wanda to get the Soul Stone.

    #what if #what if...? #what if spoilers #mcu spoilers#mcu speculation #marvel what if #marvel's what if #ultron#vision #supreme leader ultron #wanda maximoff #the scarlet witch #scarlet witch#sokovia #avengers age of ultron #avengers#the avengers#soul stone
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    Outfit for Wanda Maximoff “Scarlet Witch”

    Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2019

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    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Art Credit to Kat Hudson

    #Kat Hudson #Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch #Wanda Maximoff #The Scarlet Witch
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    New theory: Multiverse of Madness begins when Doctor Strange detects Wanda Maximoff doing some weird magic stuff to the multiverse to save Tommy and Billy and Wanda goes “lol you can’t beat me, I’m too powerful” and Strange says, “YOU WANNA BET, WITCH?” bc she is really getting under his skin and they get into an altercation with their powers that...undoes whatever Strange did to fix whatever goes down in Spider-Man: No Way Home, if it got fixed at all, and makes things worse

    #doctor strange vs scarlet witch #mcu #multiverse of madness #TRY ME BEYONCE
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    My Sinful Secret (Wanda Maximoff x Female Reader) AU Oneshot

    Summary: On a tough day when Wanda Maximoff needs an escape, she stumbles upon reader in the woods.

    Warnings: Dark Themes | Homophobia

    A/N: If you didn't know by now, I am terrible at summaries and warnings. This idea came to me from this version of Love Story It wasn't meant to be a fanfiction but I converted it because I haven't posted in a while and figured this would work. Let me know what you think and enjoy!



    Wanda was wandering around the woods near her home. She had just gotten into it with her mother and father about her recent behaviour and simply could not stand to be home but she had nowhere to go. She distanced herself from other girls so she had no friends, and there was not a boy she fancied to run off to either. So she found herself deep in the woods that she once feared as a child. It was easy to get lost in them and growing up she was afraid she would never get found. Now at her age that is exactly what she hopes for the most.

    Her legs began to tire, she wandered so far away from home and had no way of tracking time so it was anyone's guess of how long she had been walking. For all she knew, she could have been walking in a circle. She did not have the best sense of direction. Wanda sighed and found a rock to sit on, she was exhausted. More so from the fight than from her walk. She sat in silence as the world around her provided little distraction from her mind with the greens of the leaves and chirping of the birds. It was a warm early summer day but there was a surprisingly decent fresh breeze that she closed her eyes and basked in the cool air caressing the skin on her face.

    Focusing on every sound that nature provided it was hard to miss the loud rustling of someone running through the trees. Wanda froze in her seat unsure of what to do. Has she been found? Was this person being chased by an animal? Was she in any danger? Then she heard giggles and a female voice and eventually a face revealed itself. Wanda relaxed a little but was shocked to see the girl was completely alone with a suspicious bottle in her hand. “Oh, my apologies, are you meeting someone here?” The girl said as she pulled the bottle open and took a swig. Wanda just observed her, she was not much for talking and being in the presence of another person always seemed to sew her lips shut. “Well? Are you going to answer or just stare? You can understand me, can you not?” The girl persisted.

    Wanda snapped out of her haze and took a shaky breath and began to fiddle with the various rings on her fingers. “N-No,” she stuttered and shut her eyes and bit her lips to settle the sudden rush of nerves that began to build up. “Not meeting anyone, hiding is more like it.” She is finally able to get out. The girl had asked many questions and she assumed that she needed more than just a one worded response. The other girl smiled watching the nameless girl in the woods act all squirrely. She found it endearing. Wanda found herself to be annoying and stood from the rock, “Um are you meeting someone?”

    The girl shook her head and took another swig from her bottle. “No, I am also hiding. From the man I stole this from,” she holds up the bottle with a proud but mischievous grin. Judging by the sway of her stance and the laziness in her speech Wanda knew what the bottle contained. “What should I call you?” The girl squinted her eyes and pressed a finger to her lips in thought.

    “My name is Wanda,” she offers.

    “Pretty name, but that is not an appropriate answer to my question.” The girl giggled at Wanda’s confused expression. Another thing she liked about this girl she stumbled upon in the woods. “I asked what I should call you. Not what others call you,” she elaborates. Not understanding why exactly, Wanda blushes.

    “Well no one calls me anything else, there is not much else to call me. There is Wands, my brother calls me that,” Wanda nervously responds.

    A light dances on the other girl's eyes, and she nods. “Wands,” she tests out the name. “I like it. You can call me… Y/N/N.” The mysterious girl finally introduces and instead of offering her hand she offers the bottle of spirits. On any normal day Wanda would have declined but she accepted and took a slow drink.

    “Y/N/N,” Wanda asks. “As in what exactly?” She took another drink as more questions came to her and Y/N/N watched Wanda relax with amused eyes. “Is it a variation of something?”

    Y/n giggled and took the bottle back, “Is it important?”

    Wanda frowned. Was it important? “Is it not fair? You know my name.”

    “Ah but you gave it willingly. I never requested it,” Y/n drank from the bottle again and could not help the laugh that escaped as she watched Wanda’s head spin. She decided to give the timid girl a break. “The name I gave has nothing to do with my real name, actually. My official government name is Y/n.” This time she does offer her hand as an introduction. “But you can call me Y/N/N, no one else does.” Wanda liked the idea of having secret names for each other. Now she felt like she should come up with something better. Something less obvious.

    “Call me… Scarlet,” Wanda said, dropping Y/n’s hand.

    Y/n grinned, “Now you’re getting it. I think I like you.”

    “I think I like you too,” Wanda mentally excuses her honesty to the alcohol even though she only had a few sips. She was surprised how easy this interaction felt being in the woods alone with another person. Normally anytime a girl approached her she felt panicked and could hardly form a proper word let alone a full sentence. “Do you find yourself drinking in the woods alone often, Y/n?” Wanda asks.

    “I am not alone though. I have you,” Y/n answers, handing Wanda the bottle.

    She laughed as she drank from the bottle again, “That is not what I meant. You intended to be out here alone. Did you not?”

    “I did. But I am never this lucky. A good beverage is always hard to snatch away and a pretty girl well… There is never any of those out here, but I guess god finally got around to answering the prayers of a sinner,” the smirk on Y/n's face suggested more than friendly intentions and Wanda swallowed the beverage hard.

    Flustered, she handed the bottle back to the girl and looked around the woods to figure out her escape route. “Oh I-I… I’m not… I do not… That is…” Y/n's boisterous laugh causes Wanda to pause.

    “Relax Scarlet, it is just harmless flirting. It is okay if you are not into it. Just… I can trust that you will not go running around the town exposing my sinful secret. Right?”

    Wanda thought hard for a moment. She could not spread such a rumour even if it is the truth. It was not anyone else's business and something like that could get this girl killed. It would even get Wanda killed because they would question how she knew. Any explanation she could give would most likely be ignored. “Right,” she answered but she was still tense. Wanda knew exactly why she avoided making friends. She did not want anyone to catch on that she was like Y/n. Boys would surely see that she is not interested in any of them and girls intimidated her with their beauty. “And I can trust that you will not expose mine,” Wanda admits in a soft tone, keeping her eyes to the ground. Y/n had a small smile on her face as she agreed to keep the secret. She chose not to comment on how quickly the girl went from nailing the door shut to taking a small step out.

    The girls eventually sat on the ground together, talking, and passing the bottle back and forth until it was empty. Together they laid on the ground in silence and stared up at the sky through the trees as the sun setting painted the sky with multiple colors of pinks and purples, oranges and yellows. Their shoulders touched and Y/n cautiously wrapped her pinkie around Wanda’s. Every detail was beautiful and Wanda wanted to stay in that moment forever but her peace was inevitably interrupted by panicked thoughts. She had been away from home for much longer than she had intended and she was sure to hear about it when she returned home. Not to mention how difficult it will be to explain her inebriated state. Wanda sighed and Y/n turned to look at her with a down expression. “You have to go.”

    “How do you know?” Wanda frowned.

    “Your thoughts are loud,” Y/n giggled. “But also because I have to go back as well. It is always best to leave before dark. Nearly impossible to get out of here without a light source.”

    “Will I ever get to see you again?” She met her gaze.

    Y/n smiled, “Of course. How about we meet here tomorrow?”

    Wanda wanted to say yes but she could not. She had chores and a shift at the shop. “Can we meet another day? I am free on,” this one she really had to think about. Wanda was almost never free. She was always working or cleaning or cooking. Lunch breaks were even a rarity for her. “I’m never free,” she frowned, biting the inside of her lip. Y/n sighed as she tried to figure out how to cheer up her new friend. It had only been a few hours of knowing this person and already she was so attached.

    “Come when you can then, I’m not expected to do much. An advantage of being the youngest of six. I will show up for a couple hours everyday and wait for you. Just give me an estimated range so we don’t miss each other.” Wanda didn’t like the idea of this girl sitting out here all alone on days that it was impossible to get away. But she also knew that sharing her home and shop number was not an option. She almost never got to the phone before anyone else and her father had already made it clear to her that the only calls she should be receiving were to be from men. He knew of her unholy thoughts because she thought her father could clear up her confusion and love her unconditionally. That did not turn out to be the case. So she agrees to Y/n’s plan and gives her a range of sometime after four but before the sun drops too low. She knew the woods were about to become her favorite place but that did not mean she knew how to navigate them in the dark. Y/n gave Wanda a hug and the two went their separate ways.

    Just as she had thought, there was no way she could escape the next day. Her parents were furious with her for disappearing for hours. They claimed to have been worried sick but it is not like she heard anyone calling out her name in the woods. The following day when it came time to shut down the shop and she thought she might be able to slip out for even just a moment, her brother arrived with his wife for dinner. Wanda bit her tongue the entire walk home and continued to be upset through the meal as she watched the sun lower and her time window close with each passing minute. The sun soon disappeared from the sky and any hope at all that she could see Y/n was lost. At least she got to find out that she was soon to be an aunt. Wanda did her best to show her happiness through her disappointment and luckily no one caught on. No one except Pietro, her twin brother. While she was scrubbing everyone's dishes as they remained gathered around the table and fretting over the new addition to the family, Pietro excused himself to speak with his sister privately.

    “What has you in such a sour mood, sister?” he asks, leaning against the wall closest to her. “I thought you would be planning the nursery along with the rest of them. Not moping over the dishes.”

    Wanda sighed, “It is nothing. I am very excited for you to be a father. I know that you will be a great one.” What she said was true, but her running thoughts kept her from conveying how she felt. She was doing her best to hide her sadness and tried to remind herself that there was always tomorrow. But how was she ever to get herself out of another unexpected situation? Who knows what would keep her in tomorrow or the next day? Was she supposed to pick a fight with her parents every night? That sounded exhausting but it would be worth it.

    Pietro frowned looking at his sister's apprehensive face. There was clearly a lot on the girl's mind and he knew their parents were not the easiest to be around but they were especially hard on her. He almost refused to get married because he did not want to leave her alone with them. Although Wanda gave him her blessing, it did not put an end to his worries. “What is her name?” He asked in a low whisper and Wanda gasped as the dish almost slipped from her fingers. Thankfully, she caught it before it grabbed the attention of her parents. Her brother accepted her, but there was only so much he could do for her because deep down the prejudice still lived. It was not his fault and she did not blame him. If anything it made her hate herself more because she made everyone’s lives, including her own, difficult all because she could not be normal.

    “It does not matter. They would never let me out of their sight long enough to get to know anyone anyway,” Wanda clenched her jaw as she focused all of her attention on the plate.

    “You are at that age where you could be married off. Perhaps you tell them you need to be more… social,” Pietro suggests.

    Wanda shakes her head, “He would never go for that. I am sure our father is already organizing contracts with any man available or desperate for a wife.”

    “What if I told you that I have a friend that could help you?” Wanda looks up from the sink with furrowed brows and a deep frown. “They are like you and they need someone… like you, I suppose. He could take you out and you would not have to worry about our father getting suspicious or restricting you to the house.” Pietro elaborates and opens his mouth to continue but is abruptly interrupted by their mother walking in.

    The older woman smiles, “I am pleased to see that the two of you are still close. You had me worried in there Wanda, I thought for sure you were upset with your brother over some nonsense.” She walks over and places a light kiss on Wanda’s temple and gently lands her hand onto her son’s cheek caressing her thumb lovingly over his skin. “My boy is all grown up and becoming a father. Oh, where does the time go? In the blink of an eye, my daughter could be giving us similar news,” she smiles at Wanda. Their mother was not so bad, it was only when their father was using her as a sort of puppet that she became as unbearable as he was.

    Wanda looked at her mother and then to her brother and set the dish down to dry, clearing her throat. “Actually, mother. I was upset with Pietro earlier. You see, he was supposed to bring his friend over so that you and father could meet him. Maybe approve of him for me?” Pietro hid his reaction well to not show any signs that he was happy – surprised, really – about her acceptance. Their mother turned to him and admonished him for not bringing the other man around.

    He offered an amused smile, “I am sorry, mother, it must have slipped my mind. If you recall, I was a little preoccupied with another special announcement.”

    “That is no excuse young man. You have your future and it is about time your sister got serious about hers. Oh, your father is going to be so happy! We have to have him over immediately. Pietro, you have to find out his favorite meal so that Wanda and I can have it ready for tomorrow night. You have to convince him to be here, if he is going to marry your sister he is going to have to make a brilliant first impression. As do we,” their mother continued to rattle on and on about the details of tomorrow night. Wanda had to hide her disappointment, she was the cause of why she was unable to see Y/n tomorrow. After being in her head about the situation, Wanda was able to suck it up. If all went well tomorrow then maybe she would be able to see Y/n whenever she pleased.

    The next day came with a surprise. While she was helping her father with an order the bell signalling a new customer went off. They knew that there was no one in front because her mother had stepped out to grab the ingredients for the dinner tonight so he sent Wanda off while he finished decorating the doll. Wanda froze and her heart dropped at the sight of Y/N/N - Y/n. “Welcome to the Maximoff Doll Shop. I am Wanda. How can I help the two of you today?” She did her best to save face but Y/n had a playful smirk on her lips that was making it difficult for Wanda to focus on Y/n’s mothers request. Wanda focused her eyes onto the notepad as she wrote out the order. Asking the usual questions along the way. The woman then had requested the washroom and Wanda happily gave her directions. Y/n stepped up to the counter.

    “Your hours must be awful,” she states. Wanda shrugs looking over her shoulder every five seconds as she rips out a fresh piece of paper from the notepad to write a note for the girl. Informing that she was busy tonight and there was no escape, but that she might be free sooner than she previously thought. “What is this?” Y/n asks with a raised eyebrow and Wanda holds her index finger to her lips as she allows a small smile. It disappears as soon as she hears a door close and Y/n hides the note just in case.

    It was Y/n’s mother that walked out and Wanda let out some air but remained tense, her father could have easily seen her. Then where would she be? She needed to keep it together. “Are you ready to go, mother?” Y/n says sweetly and Wanda has to keep from smiling. Just the gentle tone of her voice made Wanda giddy. The woman double checks the order with Wanda and then triple checks before she is ready to leave the doll shop. It was a gift for her granddaughters and she was very excited to give them the presents. Y/n wiggles her fingers in a goodbye behind her and turns ever so slightly to see Scarlet let hers fall onto the counter in a wave. Her version of a secret goodbye. Once Y/N/N was out of her view Wanda went to the back to give her father the order.

    Her father was pleased by the size of the order and even more pleased to hear that his daughter handled herself well with a customer. He always worried that the wrong customer would find out about his daughter's lack of proper social skills and completely tarnish her reputation before he was able to marry her off to someone decent. Even if that meant selling this business. He had hoped that it would fall to his son but he had other ideas and knowing that his friend was in a similar field he saw no reason to hand the business over to his daughter. She didn’t need the distraction anyway. She needed to be a dutiful wife and mother. He was sure either of his children would be more than happy to take care of him in his old age anyway since he had provided so much for them as he raised them. Neither child was thrilled by the idea but they were well aware of what was expected of them. Pietro was preparing for the day that he would need to care for his parents because he wanted to give his sister the freedom she deserved.

    Upon meeting Jarvis, Wanda knew two things. One, he was extraordinarily affable and easily became her father’s favorite person. Two, he was just like Wanda. Hiding who he truly was to survive amongst society’s arrogance. But he was so much better at it than she was, which considering that he is a man there was a whole lot more pressure for him to be. When he walked in he handed Mrs. Maximoff a small bouquet of flowers and presented a single red rose to Wanda. Then he shook hands with Mr. Maximoff and introduced himself.

    “Ah, marvelous name, it means spearman. Or servant of the spear. Am I wrong?” Django remarks.

    Jarvis smiles, “That is what mother tells me and heaven forbid if I ever find out that woman is wrong.” The room laughs with him before they bring him further into the house. They make Wanda sit with Jarvis so they can get to know each other some and Pietro gives the two an encouraging smile before directing his full attention to their father.

    “Your brother has told me a lot about you, high praises of course. I do hope that all goes well tonight. You seem to be a very special woman, Wanda,” he speaks in the softest tone to create a sense of privacy between them even in the openness of the dining table as everyone waits for dinner to be served. It was surprising to her that her father made her sit with Jarvis instead of making her go to the kitchen where her mother and sister-in-law were. That was usually where she was expected to be. Wanda nervously picked at the table, she was not used to being waited on and she felt some pressure to be okay with it. Jarvis took note of her nervousness and kindly put a hand over hers to hide her anxiety. With a kind smile and an easy gaze in his eyes he told her random facts about himself. Some of which made her genuinely smile, that pleased her father when he caught a side eyed glance at the two. By the end of the evening Django was about ready to take them to the church but Jarvis made it clear that he wanted to take time in getting to know Wanda. Her father did not say anything against it and the two devised a schedule because he needed to know where his daughter was at all times.

    After they settled on an agreement, Jarvis left, Pietro and his wife followed and Wanda was rinsing off the dishes. Not that she minded, it helped her unwind from the day. A few days later Wanda was nervously dressing herself for her first date. Even though where she was ending up was not going to be a date, at least she did not assume it was, she still had to look the part for her parents. Wanda made them happy, wearing clothes she was not particularly fond of and had let her mother style her hair that she normally chose to wear down. Jarvis greeted her with a single red rose and a charming smile. “Shall we?” he asked, offering his elbow. She took it with a kind smile and blushed when he complimented her on her beauty and attire. They left the residence and strolled to a general area of town instead of heading straight to the woods to avoid suspicion. “So where am I dropping you off to meet your friend?” The way he says friend implies that it was something more and that he knew. But to Wanda the only thing other than “friend” to call Y/N/N was an acquaintance.

    “Edge of the woods is fine. My friend and I have a secret meeting spot and…”

    “The less people that know about it the better? I completely understand,” he smiles and waves at people who walk past them. Then looked at Wanda, “Do not forget that I have to get you home before the sun goes down. Also, cherish the time you get to have with your friend.” As they got further from civilization Jarvis released his hold on Wanda and shoved his hands into his pockets and kept a light conversation between them. He gave her a soft smile when they reached the edge of the woods away from the rest of the world and bid her goodbye.

    Wanda made her way through the woods with fist fulls of her dress in her hands to prevent it from getting caught on anything. As she made her way through the trees it suddenly occurred to her that she actually had no clues as to where their meeting spot was. All of those years of excusing herself from her father and brother’s hunting trips bite her head as she realizes how they are not as pointless and boring as they once seemed. Wanda tries to think back to the basics. Hoping it will lead her to Y/N/N. Luckily, Y/N/N had been drinking again and was humming some tunes as she danced around the spot she waited at. Wanda heard her from a distance and excitedly followed the noise. Y/N/N would go silent from time to time as she took a drink from her bottle and it would discourage Wanda but the noises would start up again and so would the excitement bubbling up in her chest.

    “You know, you are very fortunate that you have yet to attract an axe murderer.” Wanda says as she finally spots Y/N/N.

    “Who is to say that I have not?” Y/N/N challenges with a smirk as she takes a drink.

    She laughs, “Fair enough. Not to worry, it was impossible to fit my axe in this…” she gestures to her dress, “Attire.” Wanda steps closer to the other girl and reaches for the bottle but stops herself. Y/N/N notices and makes a questioning face. “My father will most likely be wide awake when I get home. Would not want him to think my date is corrupting me.”

    “Oh? So this is a date. I was unsure,” Y/N/N held the same smirk but more intrigue in her eyes as her words trailed off.

    Wanda flushed with uncertainty and nervousness as she stumbled on her words, “O-Only if you w-want it to be. It does not… We do not have to… We could just…”

    “Scarlet!” Y/N/N calls her attention. “Relax, it is only you and me,” she places the bottle on top of the rock and takes careful steps towards Wanda. “What do you want this to be?” The bolder one of the two takes the other's hands into hers and holds easy eye contact.

    Wanda licks and bites her lower lip in contemplation. What did she want this to be? Well, she wanted what they had last time but… more? She wanted them to evolve as people are meant to. But at a pace they were both comfortable. She wanted to experience a great love story, one that people write about, and she wanted it to be with her Y/N/N. Was that what Y/N/N wanted though? She didn’t know. But that’s not what the question was. The focus wasn’t on Y/N/N because Y/N/N knew what she wanted, at least that’s how it appeared to Wanda. No, the focus was on Wanda. What did Wanda want this to be? Actually, the more important question… What did Scarlet want this to be? “Freedom,” she answers finally with a certainty she never knew she had.

    The word made Y/N/N grin and she stepped back to admire her Scarlet. “Freedom?” she tested the word as if hearing it for the first time. “Freedom,” she repeats. “I like that,” she said thoughtfully. “I like that a lot,” the girl walks over to the bottle and sits on the rock as she gets lost in her own thoughts. “Okay, that is what this can be then. Our own taste of freedom. Away from it all,” she grins and puts a cork in the bottle before abandoning it to the ground. Wanda notices that she did not take a last drink and smiles softly. To her it was confirmation that she wanted to be as present as Wanda had to be.

    “What did you want this to be?” Wanda finds the words coming out of her.

    Y/N/N moves from the boulder and stands in front of Scarlet, with the tips of her fingers she moves a couple strands of hair out of the girl's face. With the most gentle touch she holds Scarlet’s face in her hands, she lets out a small gasp at the look in Y/N/N’s eyes. “Happiness,” the girl says. In that moment neither girl had ever wanted to be closer to another person. “We can have that, if we let ourselves.” Scarlet closed her eyes and leaned into Y/N/N’s touch. She wanted to have everything she could with Y/N/N. But she was so scared too. Wanda stepped back from her friend as she felt a fear overcome her. The fear of getting attached to someone who would inevitably be taken from her. She felt a panic settle in her chest at the idea of something happening to her Y/N/N. Because if they were to be together in the way she intended, they would officially be living their lives as criminals. Even if no one knew they were committing the crime.

    Y/n recognized the battle in Wanda’s mind and waited for the girl to open her eyes before she tried to step any closer. She knew that the girl needed the space to make the decision and she was patient enough to wait.

    After a few moments, Wanda arrived at the conclusion that everyone dies. Death is inevitable, no one lives forever, no one is indestructible. She was given this one life and she has yet to feel alive. She was done letting society and her father dictate how she got to live her life, and she was ready to embrace every part of herself that she had denied for so long. “We should have it then,” she says, wiping the unshed tears from her eyes. If one day they were caught and it led to her death, then so be it. At least she got to experience happiness, freedom, and the one thing they had yet to mention… love. No one could take that away from them.

    As the words sank in, Y/N/N’s smile grew and in a giddy emotion she jumped and wrapped her arms around Scarlet’s neck. From then on the two settled onto the ground and enjoyed the time they had together. In the short amount of time they had, they talked and laughed and really got to know one another; even though it felt as if they had known each other their entire lives. Being in the presence of the other felt completely right. There was no pressure to hide their true selves and neither of them saw a flaw in the other. They were both just entirely free and happy. All too soon the sun begins to lower itself and they have to say goodbye again. Scarlet informs Y/N/N of the schedule her father had made with Jarvis and frowns as she has to let her hand go. “Will I see you soon?” Y/N/N just nods, putting up a brave face. She had no idea that she could feel so connected to someone in such a short amount of time.

    Wanda carefully made her way through the woods and hopefully back to where Jarvis would be waiting. As she finally reached the edge of the woods her heart dropped, not seeing him in front of her. But she was a little ways off from where she had originally entered and when she did finally find him a huge sense of relief filled the both of them. “There you are! We have to hurry before your father sends out a search party,” he says as he rushes over to her. He looks the girl over and smiles, “Did you have a good time?” There was a shift in her energy and he could sense it. Wanda blushes as she looks to the ground and he doesn’t press for details. Instead, he nods and offers her his arm and strikes up other topics of conversation. They needed to get their story straight even though neither of them were.

    Her father was surprisingly brief in his inquisition and had sent his daughter off to bed almost immediately. Her mother had convinced him to not be so strict when it came to this arrangement just in case it scared off Jarvis and that was the last thing the man wanted. Jarvis was good in his eyes. Jarvis would make a great husband for his daughter and he knew that she would be the dutiful wife he raised her to be. The sooner she was out of his hair the sooner he could relax and know he did everything right. She would see the errors of her previous homosexual tendencies and recognize that he was only looking out for her. Little did he know, that night his daughter fell into a deep slumber with a smile on her face dreaming of a girl she knew she was destined to love forever.

    As the weeks went by, Wanda cherished every moment she got to spend with her Y/N/N. The two had soon grown bold and would sneak off to see each other whenever possible. It would start with Y/n entering the doll shop and wandering aimlessly then she would subtly slip a note to Wanda before disappearing from the shop. Wanda would excuse herself from work with a headache, forcing her parents to be stuck at the business the entire day as she got to spend her time with Y/N/N at her home. The first afternoon that she snuck Y/N/N into her room was exhilarating. They did not do anything scandalous. They still had yet to kiss. Though there were many chances, they were still too afraid to. All they do is talk and enjoy each other's company.

    Being in Wanda’s bedroom together was exhilarating and allowed them to fantasize of a future for the two. One where they could share a room of their own. Scarlet told Y/N/N that Wanda would marry Jarvis and make sure that they would buy a farm as far away from society as possible and then he could have his person move out there with them. As Scarlet told this story she had yet to realize that in a way she had been confessing her feelings to Y/N/N. “Jarvis can live his happy life with his true love, and so could you and I,” she grinned as she looked over at Y/N/N. They were laying on the floor, guarded by the bed from the door just in case her mother decided to check in on her. Their hands were close together as they laid side by side but they only allowed their pinkies to touch. They moved them, mindlessly playing a small battle of whose pinkie rested on top as they fantasized. Y/N/N wanted to kiss Scarlet but she knew her friend was nowhere near ready for that yet so she tested the waters and placed a quick peck on the brunette's forehead. Scarlet closed her eyes as she savoured the moment. All too soon Y/N/N had to leave and Wanda was left all alone for a few hours before her parents came home and her mother brought up a soothing tea for Wanda.

    It did not take long for her father to catch on. It did not take long at all. They became sloppy and painfully obvious. But he figured she was going to marry Jarvis soon so he did not put too much attention on the situation. As a small warning, he simply asked Wanda who the girl was that frequented the business. Wanda went cold and stumbled on her lie as she figured she was going to be hung in that very spot. Her father smiled at her and changed the subject because he knew that she would become more cautious about her actions.

    Which she did.

    Their afternoon meetings almost came to a full stop. After Wanda had freaked out they had gone back to weekly meetups in the evening instead of daily. Instead, she had daily meetings with Jarvis to get to know him better. She even invited him to join the family dinners. Her father was more than delighted with her swift change in focus. It calmed Wanda only slightly but made things painfully difficult. To go backwards instead of forwards just felt wrong and it began to take a toll on both girls. It was also making the tension grow heavier between them. Having to see each other less and less. It was getting exhausting fighting every urge. Being afraid to act as anything more than friends, pretending stronger feelings were nonexistent. Holding up barriers that were begging to be torn down. Some time in the late fall after a number of weeks of the old routine Scarlet marched up to Y/N/N and held her face in her hands and looked into her eyes for a moment before she planted her lips against Y/N/N’s. The girl was stunned by the action but was quick to respond just as eagerly.

    The two stood there in the woods kissing for the first time ever. They kissed until it was impossible to. They moved their lips together until they were swollen and numb. They held each other close, Scarlet with her hands remaining on her lover's face and Y/N/N with fistfuls of her girlfriends dress. The kiss lasted until neither girl could breathe but they didn’t part from each other as they caught their breaths. They leaned their foreheads against the others as they panted like wild animals. When they simultaneously opened their eyes, they bore into each other. One wanted to say something to the other but nothing came out. Y/N/N initiated the second kiss with just as much passion, finally free to express every repressed emotion. Their movements began to get desperate. They got sloppy as they removed clothing from one another. In the heat of the moment they give themselves completely to one another. They remove every last barrier between them and live in the moment. For Scarlet, she is finally living out of her head feeling the most free she has ever felt. For Y/N/N, she is completely sober, experiencing a natural euphoria. Only being intoxicated by her favorite drug, her Scarlet.

    Afterwards, the two girls held each other close and took the time to treasure the moment while they still could. Tracing every feature and committing every detail of each other to memory. When the time came, they dressed, separated with a kiss and a promise to see each other soon.

    Within the next week, as the weather got cooler, tragedy struck.

    Wanda was walking through the town square to the doll shop when Pietro ran to pull her into the alleyway. “What is happening, brother?” Her heart was pounding her chest at the fearful look in her twin's eyes. “What is wrong?”

    “It’s Jarvis. He was…” Pietro pauses as the image of his friend hanging in the center of the town square. Beaten and unrecognizable with the word FAIRY carved into his chest, the snow beneath him stained with blood. The only reason Pietro knew it was Jarvis was because of the men who were bragging about what they had done. Pietro was appalled by their celebration. They knew Jarvis, they were his colleagues, his friends. They were encouraging him to marry Wanda. Leaving their schedules open for the wedding day. To think that they could turn so quickly… he feared for his sisters’ life. He feared for his own life. “He was found out and…” he shut his eyes but the image was only made clearer. “Just promise you will not go out there. You have to go home. Please. Promise me that you will end things. I cannot… I do not want to see you up there.” He wraps his arms tightly around his sister to remind himself that she is safe and alive for now.

    Wanda was unclear on what her brother was telling her. What happened to Jarvis? What’s going on? Why is Pietro so scared? Jarvis. He was found out. What does that mean? Wait. In a moment of panic, Wanda escapes her brother's arms and runs out to the square. Pietro tries to grab her and call out for her but she is fast and he did his best not to draw unwanted attention towards her. When she sees him, and the body of the man she only got the pleasure of meeting once beside him, she covers her mouth in shock. Her heart drops into the pit of her stomach and her blood runs cold. Right in the middle of his head was a bullet wound. Meaning someone risked their life to end Jarvis’ suffering. If they hadn't been shot they would have frozen to death. Something the people would seen as a fit punishment. Wanda hoped she never had to find out who it was, but through her thoughts she thanked whoever did pull the trigger. Most of the people that were put up there were usually left tied to a platform for weeks before they actually hung them. She was sure the only reason they were hanging now was to humiliate them in their death and make examples of them. “Wanda, we have to go.” Pietro pulls on her arm to take her away and this time she listens.

    There goes her future. Any man she married now was going to expect things of her. They would make who do things she could not imagine doing with anyone but her Y/N/N. She knew her father was going to be brutal in the search for someone, accepting almost anyone who would marry his daughter. With the rumors floating around about her, Wanda knew she was doomed to spend the rest of her life tied to some awful man like Thanos. The man has had three wives, each of them having mysteriously disappeared and never to be found again. Not even a body to bury. Women she was almost certain were like her. She would rather be hung and shamed for loving the person she does, than to end up buried in an unmarked grave because she refused to touch her husband.

    Wanda's father forbade her from leaving the house until the excitement of that week had died down. She was okay with it, she had no desire to leave her bed. Simply took this time to mourn over the friend and the future that she lost. The constant flow of tears kept her sedated. She had not known how much time had passed between finding Jarvis to when she got a risky visit from Y/n. Time no longer seemed relevant.

    Y/n had been able to get past Wanda's mother, who was more like her warden at this point, because the woman had no clue who Y/n was. Just that she had condolence flowers at a time when others had more colorful gifts being delivered to the house. Such death threats which almost kept Y/n out of the house. Mrs. Maximoff was concerned about her daughter's safety when it came to letting a complete stranger in the house. For all she knew, Y/n was sent to murder Wanda. Being associated with a sinner of that kind brought on a bad reputation to anyone that knew them. The people always assumed that everyone involved in the sinner's life had to have known and kept the secret. It brought the worst out of society. So to gain the older woman's trust, Y/n lied and explained that she was engaged to Jarvis' partner and claimed to have no idea that he was what he was. That she figured Wanda could use the company of someone who knew what she was going through. Mrs. Maximoff accepted the kind gesture and let her through.

    "We have to run, Y/n. They will find us and they will kill us," Wanda pleads.

    Y/n shakes her head and cups Wanda's cheek in her hand, "We cannot go now, my love. It is far too obvious. They will hunt us down if we disappear now. Give it time, we find a way out of here as soon as the people move on from this. When you are no longer a target to them."

    "What if it is too late by then?"

    "It won't be, I swear. Do you trust me?"


    "Okay then, we will wait."

    Y/n began to show up every day with a new floral arrangement. Sometimes an additional gift for Wanda's mom. Slowly but surely with each visit of her beloved, Wanda begins to come back to life and Scarlet returns. So does Y/N/N. The girls are quiet but they take full advantage of the alone time they get since Mrs. Maximoff spent most of her time knitting in the backyard. Eventually, Wanda's mother decides that she trusts her daughter's new friend to take care of her daughter while she returns to work. But the second Django saw his wife enter the store he began asking a million questions about their daughter and her whereabouts. His wife did not understand why he was so worked up. He closed the shop early and rushed home doing his best to not draw attention.

    Wanda on the other hand was the happiest she had ever been, her lips attached to the woman she loved that hovered over her. They part for a second to beam at each other and that in the moment he bursts through the door. When she sees the look on his face all of the joy rushes out of hers. Next thing she knows, Wanda is on her knees begging him to listen as Y/n is being dragged out by her hair. Wanda had not even registered the sting on her right cheek or the burning of her lungs until she could no longer move. Tears fell so heavily until she was all dried up. Then by some miracle her mother came to her with a message and soft whisper of, “Go to her.”

    Wanda slipped on some boots and threw on a jacket over her clothes and raced to the frozen woods. Straight to their sacred grounds. Wanda finds Y/n there and runs into her arms, crashing her lips against Y/n's bleeding ones as the tears resurface. "I have a way out of here," she says.

    "When can we go? I do not care what you have to say about this. We must leave at once. It does not matter where we end up either. I will follow you to the ends of the earth as long as I am with you, I am free," Wanda says desperately. Y/n smiles and kisses her to let her know she feels the same.

    "We cannot leave until past midnight. Go home. Pack what you need. I will come rescue you," she directs Wanda with tears in her eyes.

    Wanda does as she is told and returns home. Effectively avoiding the presence of her father. She was unaware that he was not home. She did not know that he was at Y/n's home informing her father that his daughter was forcing herself on Wanda. That he had found them while Y/n was attacking his daughter. He continued his tale by claiming he was on his way to turn the girl into the authorities when she slipped out of his fingers and disappeared. Now he needed help locating Y/n. The man was filled with a homophobic rage and gathered more men like him to search for his daughter.

    As the sun lowers in the sky, Wanda is anxiously watching the town's clock from her bedroom window. She had a bag packed along with some money she had been saving for years. It was barely anything but she was hopeful it would help get them far away from here. She wondered where they could go, where they would be accepted. Was there even such a place? She liked to think that there might be. Caught up in her daydream of a fantasy land where she could live life with her love she did see her father enter the house. It was not until he was in the doorway of her bedroom with a blood stained shirt, breathing heavily, that she realized he just got home. That he was not locked up in his room or the study, upset with her, as she had assumed earlier. He was out. Her gaze is fixated on the blood on his shirt and she frowns but excuses it as he went hunting to blow off some steam, a thing he was known for doing.

    In a stern tone, he corrects her with a few words. “It is done.” Horror crosses his daughter's face as she comes to a realization that indeed is not animal blood. “Her soul is on its way to hell, where it belongs. You don't have to worry about being sold to Thanos either. He's hanging right beside her.”

    Her mother comes rushing into the room and running past her husband at the blood curdling scream Wanda let's rip through her and wraps her arms around her grieving daughter. Time ceases to exist once again.

    “She is gone now. Get up and go live your life. Find a man, forget about her and you will be fine.” He says after a couple of weeks of his daughter laying bed like a corpse she wishes she were.

    Eventually, Wanda does get up. She walks to a store, ignoring the stares and whispers. She buys a rope and returns home. Wanda spent approximately an hour writing a letter to her dead lover.

    Mrs. Maximoff is the one to discover that her daughter is missing. Django gathers a much less aggressive search party than the last one. Men scour the woods with lanterns calling out to the lost girl. Pietro found a trail of footprints and followed them until he knocked into something that was not a tree. He clenched his eyes shut and shook his head to wake himself up from this terrible nightmare. Pietro opened his eyes and with no luck, his sister was still hanging from a tree. When he looked down he found her note and pocketed it before alerting the others. While he waited for them to find him, he wrapped his arms around his twins legs and wept. Despite his efforts, she was no longer safe. Out of the group of men running towards Pietro's cry, Django found them first and dropped to his knees at the sight.

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    Split second and you disappeared and then I was all alone

    So I′m gonna love you like I'm gonna lose you

    I'm gonna hold you like I'm saying goodbye

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    Scarlet Switch instagram.com/janddrawn

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    The Art of Falling in Love

    “You’re good, Wanda”

    College Wanda x fem!Reader

    Notes: I’ve been sitting on this for a minute. It’s hella long so it’s probs gonna be a series.  I hope it turns out to be decent enough.

    Word Count: 5.6k

    Rating: M (18+ please)

    The sound of laughter drifted up from the hallway reminding you how alone you were. It’s your freshman year of college at the University of Michigan and you’re moving into your first dorm. The hustle and bustle of move-in day is exciting, crowded, hot. It’s a whopping 82 degrees outside and you’re sticky. Uncomfortably so. You try to combat your nerves with the thoughts of what awaits you. Parties, classes, new friends. Everything you had been waiting for started here. There are students lined up downstairs with their parents toting their belongings and you can’t help but feel alone. You have a single bag of clothes in the backpack on your back and a butt load of other stuff piled in your beaten chevy outside. There’s a note in your front pocket from your aunt and uncle sending you their love. They couldn’t make it today but you know they mean well. They have their own lives. Their own kids. So you’re moving in alone. You pull your phone from your pocket adjusting the backpack on your shoulder to view your room assignment. Your screen is a bit cracked so you have to squint to view the words correctly. 33B. You look up to see the numbers above you and walk into the open door. It’s a four-bedroom suite-style dorm. Normally one you couldn’t afford but you’re here on a scholarship so you won’t complain.

    It’s an early move-in for student workers, band geeks, and anyone else with the privilege of being on campus a week before the other students. You’re working in the library this semester so technically it counts. You’re just happy that this small crowd is nothing compared to the one on official move-in day. You’re walking blindly into the suite and what you assume to be your bedroom. Only when you look up there’s someone else there. She’s hanging up a poster of the broadway play ‘Wicked’ when she notices you. She lowers her arms to come over to you.

    It’s her eyes you notice first. They shine like emerald and they’re looking right at you in question. She raises a brow before speaking and that’s when you realize you may be in the wrong bedroom.

    “Uh, 33B?” You ask waving the phone in your hands.

    “Yes, this is it.” She answers. You scan the room. All of her stuff is in here. She leans to view your screen and gives you a small smile. “You’re in 36 B. It’s right across the hall.”

    Oh. That would explain the open door. How could you have mixed up the two? Nodding your head, you turn to leave and she raises her hands to warn you but it’s too late. You walk into what feels like a pure brick wall. Except it’s not. It’s a human. Your eyes trail from the tight impeccable abs to the impressive biceps and finally the face. The face of Captain America. Steve Rogers. Here in your not dorm.

    “Sorry, are you okay?” He asks. Your mouth drops open in awe before you close it promptly.

    “Yes, I-I’m fine,” You turn back to the giggling girl and you realize. It’s Wanda Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch. She lives across the hall from you. What are the odds? “I’m just gonna go…” You say rushing out of the room. Only this time you practically barrel over a few more Avengers. Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. They’re carrying several heavy-looking items. This can’t be happening. You mumble an apology stepping around them in a haste to get away. You quickly put the keys into your door and thank the heavens when the door unlocks. You push it open allowing it to slam behind you.

    It looks like your standard dorm room. It’s one of the newer buildings on campus. You can feel the air conditioner kicking in and you sigh in relief. There’s a calm in here that you quite like. Dropping your bag onto the floor, you prepare yourself to do some hauling. First, you have to find a cart and then get everything back into the room. Easy enough. Right? Wrong.

    It’s your third trip of the day and you’re struggling with the mini-fridge on the Dolley as you attempt to wheel it over the curb. Cursing to yourself, you huff and stop to take a deep breath. By this time you’re sweaty and tired as hell.

    There’s a crowd forming to the left of you. Several college-aged girls were giddy and whispering to themselves. Surely moving a piece of furniture isn’t that exciting to anyone? You quickly realize they’re not marveling at you when that same brick wall steps into your view.

    “Need some help?” Steve asks seemingly ignoring the stares and looks. No one dares to approach you as he speaks.

    “Sure,” You’d be stupid to decline. Steve lifts the Dolley with ease pushing it into the building. You follow closely behind him as you stand in the elevator with him. “You’re a freshman right?” He asks.

    “Yeah, I am.” You say awkwardly. There’s silence as you both wait to reach your designated floor. You lead him to your suite and point to the last bedroom on the left. Your other three roommates aren’t here just yet. This means you get the place all to yourself until they come. Lucky you.

    “I’m Steve, by the way.” He grunts as he places the fridge down in a corner of your room. He holds out his hand for you to take and you wipe yours against your jeans quickly.

    “Y/n,” You shake his hand. It’s strong and firm. “Thank you, for moving the fridge.” You say following him out into the hallway. You lean against the door as the brown-haired girl steps out of her suite.

    “Oh, Steve, we were looking for you.” She says softly.

    “I was just helping, Y/n here,” Steve points his thumb casually over to you. Green eyes drift over to yours and you give her a small wave. “This is Wanda,”

    “Yeah, I know,” You say. Who wouldn’t know? She’s a freaking Avenger. They’re all freaking Avengers!

    “Nice to meet you,” She greets you shyly which is a bit off-putting. You expected her to be more… superhero-ish. She tucks her hair behind her ear before looking back to Steve. “What’s your major?”

    “Psychology,” You answer. “Yours?”

    “Biology,” She answers smoothly and with the raise of your brow, she knows you want to ask more. “I’m Pre-vet.” She explains. Ah. That makes more sense. Not that you were judging Wanda. Okay, you totally were. Biology is a hard subject and you’re quite impressed that she’s studying something so...cool. Chicks in STEM are hot. It’s almost as if she can read your mind when she begins to blush. She avoids your gaze to focus on an interesting spot on the carpet.

    “Okay,” Steve clears his throat clearly noticing whatever it is between the two of you. “You needed help with something?”

    “Oh, yes, it’s here.” She points to somewhere inside of the suite. “Bucky and Sam are kind of arguing how to hang the tapestry and I wanted your opinion too. You’re the most level-headed.” She tells him.

    Steve shakes his head and snorts. “I always am.” He walks into the room leaving you and Wanda alone.

    “You’re working here?” You ask hoping to appear nonchalant.

    “No, no, the team thought it would be better for me to move in early to not cause any distractions,” Wanda says. “They didn’t want me to be stressed moving in. Though I somehow doubt that’s easy to do.” She jokes and you can hear a hint of an accent.

    “Well, I should let you get back to your friends,” You gesture to her bedroom. “I’ll see you around sometime?” You ask hopefully.

    “Yes, I would like that.” She gives you one last smile before disappearing to her bedroom. You would like to see her again too.


    The next time you see Wanda is during the floor meeting after everyone has already moved in. She’s standing against a wall with her roommates when she spots you. You’re a bit late even though the meeting is right down the hall from your suite. You and your roommates, Tori, Gina, and Lexi, were playing a board game to get to know each other when you remembered your R.A. planned a meeting for the second night in. It’s mandatory to go over floor rules. You pretty much know them all and you’d rather be anywhere else but here but you would humor the guy. Wanda waves at you from her spot and you return the sentiment

    Your attention is pulled to the front when your R.A. a beefy guy with glasses calls out to everyone.

    “Hi everyone, I’m Matt,” He introduces himself. “I’m going to be your R.A. this year. I am excited to be here with you all on your journey to greatness. Really this year is going to be amazing and I can’t wait for all of the things we have together. I just wanted to go over a couple of things with you guys. Should take no more than ten minutes and then you all can go back to your rooms.” He begins to list the rules of the building. No candles, no hot plates, no sneaking alcohol in. The usual. Your mind drifts and you find yourself looking over to Wanda. She’s listening with rapt attention. She’s someone who follows the rules you can tell. Suddenly her eyes lift and she makes eye contact with you. You tear your eyes away to look back at the front hoping she hasn’t seen you.

    You listen to the rest of the meeting as Matt tells you all about the many resources on campus. This should be fun.


    The next two weeks of school go by smoothly. You’re settled into a routine balancing school and work. Your classes are only intros with an elective thrown in so they aren’t too difficult. Your job is quiet and easy. All you do is sit at the front desk and sort books. In your downtime, you study and watch Netflix. Easy enough. It’s time for you to go home and you clock out on the computer quickly. You can’t wait to go home and sleep. You need to find a book for class and then you can leave. You’re on the second floor searching the aisles when you notice her. She’s surrounded by a stack of books and her headphones are in. She taps her pencil against her cheek in concentration as she scans the page.  You’re not quite sure if you should bother her she appears to be in the zone. People walk by glancing at her in interest. She scribbles something ever so often. You move to leave when she looks up from her book. You can swear you see her eyes light up as she removes her earbuds. She waves you over to her and you point to your chest.

    “Me?” You mouth and she rolls her eyes. Of course, she’s talking to you. You’re the only one standing there.

    You walk over to the table sitting across from her.

    “Hey, Wanda, fancy meeting you here.” You look over her books and the many notes she’s taken so far. The books are highlighted and the margins are written in. She’s a hard-core studier.

    “Hi, you work here?” She asks.

    “Yeah,” You nod. “I just got off actually.”

    “Oh,” She looks down at her watch. “I didn’t realize it was this late.” She frowns before looking over to you. “I skipped dinner. I’ve been studying so much.” Understandable. You find yourself offering her a ride.

    “We can go for some food,” You suggest. “I have a car. Even though the dining hall is closed there’s this pizza spot I know. It’s only twenty minutes from here. I’d be happy to take you.”

    “I couldn’t let you do that,” She dismisses. “You must be tired.”

    “Please, I insist.”

    “Okay, then, yeah,” She smiles closing her book. “I guess I can go for pizza.” You cheer internally. There’s something about Wanda that draws you to her. She’s cute, smart, and her smile is gorgeous. You don’t want to be her friend because she’s a celebrity. Quite the opposite actually. You want to know the girl outside of all of that. If she would give you a chance. You wait for her to put her books away before she stands.

    You both walk out to your car where it’s one of the last in the lot. You unlock the doors from your side before climbing in.

    “Sorry, it’s a bit of a dump.” You apologize for the random shoes and papers all over the passenger’s side floor. She shrugs dropping her bag onto the pile. You start the car by putting on your seatbelt. Suddenly you’re both bombarded with the sound of Cardi B and Bruno Mars  “Please Me” blasting through the speakers. Wanda practically jumps out of her seat as you reach over to turn the radio off. “Again, sorry.” You shake your head.

    “No, don’t apologize,” She gives you that gentle, understanding smile. “At least you have a car.”

    “You don’t?” You try to hide the surprise in your voice.

    “No,” She shakes her head. “I can drive. Tony’s offered to buy me a car. I just...don’t really like it. Driving that is.” She clicks her own seatbelt on. You pull out of the lot gently. You’re leaving campus so you drive extra careful. You’ll never forgive yourself if you crash your car with Wanda Maximoff in the passenger seat. “It makes me nervous to have so much power in my hands. You know, besides the obvious.”

    “Yeah, yeah, I get that.” You turn on your blinker to signal. “So, what made you choose U of M versus somewhere like NYU or even Harvard.”

    “You’re assuming I could get into Harvard.” She points out.

    You glance over to her with a knowing look.

    “Okay, I could, but I like Michigan.” She peers out of the window. It’s the middle of September and the leaves are changing colors, the air is cool, and the days get darker quicker. Everything you love about your home state. “It’s not too far from New York. I wasn’t really interested in an Ivy League. U of M has a really great research program.” She continues to name her reasons for attending. “What about you?”

    “Scholarship,” You stop at a red light. “I’m technically an orphan but my uncle used to attend here. He and my aunt are my legal guardians so I get money as a legacy. They had to fight with financial aid to get me in but in the end, it worked out.” You tell her. “Perks of the life I suppose.” There’s something about Wanda’s demeanor that changes and you notice it quickly. “Oh, you don’t have to feel sorry about the whole orphan thing. My parents went splat when I was like three so I barely remember them. My aunt tries to keep their memory alive but it’s kind of useless. I mean, I appreciate her for doing it, but there’s only so much that does.” You’re talking a bit faster now and Wanda shakes her head.

    “No, I,” She frowns. “I’m an orphan too. My parents died when I was ten.” She explains. Well damn. That’s not something you saw on Google. And here you were thinking she somehow felt sorry for you when she could relate. “My twin brother died a couple of years ago.”

    Damn. You pull into a parking spot of the pizza joint and you cut the engine. You turn to look at Wanda and she looks back at you.

    “Guess we have something in common,” You say. She nods in agreement. “Let’s go get some pizza.” You tilt your head to the pizza joint with the glaring red open sign in the window. Wanda glances to the window and nods. She understands how painful it is to talk about a dead family.

    You both leave the car and walk side by side into the restaurant. It’s nearly empty and there’s not much stuff here. Just a woman reading the menu behind the counter and a pimply-faced teenage boy cleaning the counters. When you enter there’s a bell that rings and all eyes are on you.

    “Hey, y/n, you’re back.” The woman, Lisa, greets you. She waves you over and you move across the room as if you visit all the time. You raise your first to give a greeting to the boy, Micah, who returns your greeting with his own fist.

    “I’m sorry, I’ve been busy with school.” You approach the counter with Wanda in tow. “This is my friend, Wanda.” Wanda gives them a small wave. Lisa gives you a questioning look and you shake your head. She’s asking if you and Wanda are dating. Lisa and her husband, Gary, are like family. This restaurant was the only place you’d come to whenever you were lonely and looking for something to eat. They’d taken you in as if you were their own. Provided you with your first job. They were a part of the village that raised you. Lisa was the first person you’d come out to when you were sixteen and just finding out you were a lesbian. She let you cry on her shoulder as you were afraid to come out to your aunt and uncle. Now, this was your second home.

    “Where’s Gary?” You ask.

    “Where’s who?” The man in question enters from the kitchen. He throws his spare towel on the counter to come around and hug you. He spins you in his arms with a hearty laugh. “Look at you, we haven’t seen you in weeks. How’s school treating you? You’re not pregnant are you?”

    “Physically impossible, Gary.” You roll your eyes once he puts you down. “This is Wanda.” You introduce her again. “We came for some pizza.” You gesture to the menu. “Hook us up.”

    “You’re Sokovian?” Gary eyes Wanda and she nods apprehensively. “My buddy’s from there.” He tells her as he rounds the counter again. You see her shoulders relax. “Pepperoni?” He asks and you give him a thumbs up.

    “Come on,” You lead Wanda over to a booth in a corner where they won’t be able to hear. “I used to come here every day my freshman year of high school. Lisa, Gary, and Micah over there are like my second family.” You describe your dynamic. “I survived off their pizza. It’s delicious let me tell you.”

    “I’ll take your word for it,” Wanda reads over the menu.

    “So, how are your classes?” You find yourself asking. You want to know everything about your new friend. Everything she’s willing to tell at least.

    “They’re great,” She shrugs. “I didn’t know that they would be so strenuous but I’m really enjoying learning about everything.”

    “How do you balance that and being an Avenger?” You ask.

    “Well, I am on leave for now,” She pushes the menu to the side of the table. “Natasha and Steve were the ones to convince me to do it. I wasn’t planning to. After I finished homeschooling they wanted me to experience life as a normal teen. Which being an enhanced person that’s not really easy. Avenging will always be there.”

    “Cool,” You say. “It’s really neat they support you like that.”

    “I was surprised too,” She shrugs her jacket off. “I imagine you watch the news so you know everything that’s gone on. It took some time for me to get used to everything. Them being there for me.”

    The rest of your night goes with you eating pizza and getting to know each other. She talks to you about life at the compound and you give her some fond memories of your own childhood. At one point Lisa and Gary come to talk with both of you. They send you off with a piece of cheesecake. When you’re getting ready to leave the door, Lisa stops you.

    “She’s a keeper.” Lisa clasps her hand on your shoulder. You look out of the door where Wanda is already walking to the car.

    “It’s not like that,” You shake your head. “We just met.” Lisa doesn’t look so convinced. “I swear we literally just met. She’s nice. A friend.”

    “Mhmm,” Lisa practically pushes you out of the door. “Friend.”

    “Bye, Lisa.” You wave before heading to your car.

    “Everything okay?” Wanda questions when you reach the car.

    “Oh, just Lisa being Lisa,” You brush off the question. You don’t give it a second thought.


    It’s Halloween and a few of the girls on your floor have decided to have a scary movie night in the lounge of your floor. Food and drinks are being passed around as you all talk while one of the girls you recognize as Jenna tries to plug her computer into the flat screen on the wall.

    “No, my best orgasm was definitely with a guy named Chris,” Wanda’s roommate, Naya, tells her story. So it seems it’s that time of night when you all share sex stories. Which is kind of awkward when you haven’t gone that far before. You and Wanda seem to be the only ones without anything to share. She’s sitting across from you with fruit punch in her cup. A blush tinges her cheeks as she listens to Naya. “He had me screaming. Legs shaking. Dripping. It was intense.”

    “Damn, I miss that.” Tori eats a piece of candy sadly. “It’s been six months for me.”

    “Shocker,” Gina quips and Tori doesn’t waste time nudging her with an elbow. “What about you, Wanda?” She almost chokes on her drink. She sets the cup down while pushing strands of hair behind her ear. “You’re not a virgin. Are you?” Gina questions. Your eyes immediately float to her

    “No, no,” She shakes her head. You can tell she’s a bit uncomfortable with the topic but willing. “It’s just been a very long time.”  She ends her sharing at that. Everyone seems to get the point. She’s a public figure and while she trusts that none of you will spill her secrets she won’t share anything. You all understand that. They then shift the conversation over to you.

    “Oh, um,” You fumble. “I’ve got nothing.” You shrug. You’re not the least bit embarrassed to share that. You weren’t really interested in sex in high school and you definitely don’t know what all the hype is about.

    “So you’ve never…like at all?” Lexi asks making an obscene gesture with her hands. “Surely you dated in high school?”

    “I dated,” You admit. “I realized I was a lesbian pretty early so I didn’t really want my first to be someone I wasn’t attracted to or in love with. So naturally, it didn’t happen. Not that they didn’t try. My last boyfriend, I gave him a blowjob. Just for the experience. I didn’t really find it enjoyable.”

    “See that’s so odd because I love doing that.” Naya laughs. “I guess when you know you know.”

    “I guess so,” You shrug. You don’t feel that you’re missing out on anything.

    “Wait, wait, wait,” Lexi asks. “So, no one has ever gone down on you or fingered you? Nothing.” You shake your head in the negative. “Oh, please tell me you’ve touched yourself and had an orgasm before?” It’s almost as if everyone is waiting for an answer. Jenna stops her fumbling with the tv to look at you. You chance a glance to Wanda, who seems interested with her eyes the least judging, for some reason that matters to you.

    “Yes, I have.” You shift in your seat. There’s a collective sigh of relief.

    “Oh, thank God,” The conversation flows into more sex talk and then others until finally the movie, Halloween begins. Wanda abandons her spot to come and sit next to you. There are blankets passed around while other people have pillows. The lounge is dark now as you unfold your cover to share with Wanda and Tori. You try to focus on the movie but the loveseat is quite small for all three of you. If you aren’t bumping into Tori your bare legs are bumping into Wanda. She seems stiff and you move just a bit to give her room.

    “You good?” You whisper. Her eyes are glued to the screen but she doesn’t seem to be enjoying the movie.

    “Yeah,” She shivers. “I don’t really like horror movies.” She confesses. Hoping to offer her a bit of comfort you slide your hand under the blanket to find her right hand. Your fingers slide against the rings on hers before you grasp her hand. She looks at you questioningly before turning back to the screen. It’s how you sit for the rest of the night. Wanda’s hand in yours whenever she’s afraid she squeezes your hand and you squeeze hers back. You try all night to ignore the butterflies swimming freely around in your stomach.


    You finally come to your senses the week before midterms. You haven’t bumped into Wanda all day and she’s been ignoring your texts. Once you’re done with all of your work you work up the courage to knock on her suite door when Naya calls to you from the hallway.

    “Hey, y/n, she’s gone,” Naya informs you.

    “Gone?” Your voice cracks and she can see the panic in your eyes.

    “Avenger’s business.” Naya shrugs. “Might not be back for a couple of days.” Oh. You thought she meant like moving out. You could handle a few days. Though it didn’t make you feel any better it helped you to plan a perfect first date for her. If she said yes. God, you hope she said yes.


    It’s a few nights later and you’re walking back to your dorm from the parking lot. You can see a girl sitting in the lobby of your dorm but you’re too far away to see who it is. It’s not that unusual for a Thursday night so you don’t pay much attention. You pull the door open reaching into your pocket to grab your ID badge when you hear the girl sniffle. You don’t want to pry but you have a nagging feeling in the back of your mind. You look over and her head is down with her hair curtained around her face. Her hood is pulled up over her head and she’s attempting to wipe at her face.

    You bend just slightly to get a glimpse of her face. Familiar green eyes look startled for a slight second. She tries to hide her face but you already saw the busted lip.

    “Wanda, did someone hurt you?” You ask and she nods. Okay. This wasn’t the time or place to ask questions. Though right now you’d like to kill whomever it is that’s made her feel this way.

    “I can’t, I can’t find my keys.” She all but sobs. “My ID badge is lost and my phone is dead. I asked Steve to drop me off here. I just wanted to come back.” She looks down at her feet.

    “I can let you up,” You help her to her feet and she leans her weight heavily against you. You wrap your arm around her waist as you both walk over to the elevators. You swing your badge over to the sensor that activates the elevator and you press button three to your floor. Her sniffles are less frequent but you can tell she’s definitely exhausted. “Where are Naya and Kelly?” You ask her.

    “They’re at a party tonight,” Wanda answers quietly. “I was supposed to go with them. I was supposed to be with them but the mission took longer than I wanted it to.” You don’t speak after that. You unlock the door to your suite and lead Wanda to your room. You help her sit down before rushing over to your closet. You rumble through all of your clothes before handing her a t-shirt and shorts. You lean against your bed waiting for her to move, to talk, to do anything. It’s a few moments before her eyes raise to look at you. “I killed them. The guy. He was, he was hurting Natasha, and I just, I used my powers. I snapped.” Truth be told you’re a bit surprised that she’s upset by this. She should be used to this by now. Right? You feel a bit out of depth with this entire situation but you hate the way she feels. She looks so sad and broken sitting here in front of you.

    “You don’t like using your powers?”

    “Not to hurt people,” She frowns. “When I was with HYDRA, they made me and Pietro do a lot of bad things.” It’s the first time she’s said her brother’s name to you. “I hurt a lot of people. When I joined the Avengers I knew that’s what the job entails but I never wanted it to be like this. Sometimes it’s hard. My powers are… I can’t control them. That’s what scares me.”

    “You’re not bad.” You say firmly. “You’re not a bad person. You saved people by doing what you do. Every time you step out as an Avenger you’re saving people.”

    “You believe that?”

    “Yes,” You’re hoping she understands you’re being sincere. “I believe that. You’re a good person, Wanda. You always have been. It’s why you’re one of my best friends.” You wanted to tell her that’s part of the reason why you liked her so much. You figure now is not an appropriate time.

    This sits with Wanda as she lets your words sink in.

    “Can I sleep here tonight?” She asks.

    “Of course, there are towels in the bathroom.” You give her permission to use the shower.  She nods one last time before leaving your room. As she showers, you prepare tea and find a packet of Tylenol in your first aid kit you keep on your desk. You strip quickly into a t-shirt and shorts discarding your bra in the hamper. Wanda slips back into the room a half-hour later. You’re sure there’s no more hot water but you don’t mind at all. You walk around her to give her a bit more privacy so you can go and brush your teeth. You take your time going through your night routine. Though there’s a futon in the shared living area of your suite you don’t want to make Wanda sleep there. You can sleep on it this time.

    You return to your room to plug your phone into the laptop and to grab a spare blanket when Wanda turns to you.

    “Are you leaving?”

    “Oh, yeah, I figured you could take my bed.” You say awkwardly.

    “Stay, please.” Her eyes are pleading and you know she doesn’t want to be alone. You nod dropping the blanket back into its place and closing your bedroom door. You wait for Wanda to climb into bed. She’s pressed against the wall until you climb in. There’s not much room for space on a twin bed. So you clamber in as close as you can. The blankets are warm and your heads are sharing the same pillow.

    “Thank you,” She says a bit quieter.

    “Wanda, I meant it.” You reach for her hand resting on the pillow. “Every single word.”

    You can see the green in her eyes just barely. She blinks rapidly. She’s clearly trying to stay awake. Shifting, she brushes her bare leg with yours. A silent request. You move your legs just slightly tangling hers with yours. Her knee rests between yours. She moves her head a bit closer and you can feel her breathing. Even here in the dark, you don’t miss the way her eyes flicker to your lips.

    “Wanda?” You ask. You don’t want to be the one to kiss her first despite wanting to so badly. You don’t want to take advantage of her. Not when she’s vulnerable and hurt. She presses her finger against your lips to quiet you. You listen. She leans just a bit closer planting her lips against yours. Her lips are a bit dry and you’re careful about the cut as you press back just as gently. It’s over before you know it. There’s a warmth that settles at the pit of your stomach. “I was supposed to save that for our first date.” You say as you open your eyes.

    “Our first date?” She lifts just slightly.

    “Yeah, I was going to ask you,” You say. “If you wanted to go out with me that is.”

    “I want to.” She squeezes your hand. “I’ve wanted to since the day I met you.”

    “Me too,” You admit.

    “Good,” She kisses you again. It’s soft and sweet and good. Just like her. You shiver settling closer to her. “You cold?”

    “Just a little.” You admit. She raises her hand. Red tendrils leave her fingers to seep into your skin. The mist glows against your face and you immediately feel the warmth of Wanda’s magic coursing through your veins. It’s a sign of how much you trust her. The fact that you’re allowing her to use her magic on you. Especially after she’s confessed what she can do with them. You only find comfort.That’s how you fall asleep. With Wanda’s arms wrapped around you and her magic keeping you warm.

    It was quite early but you could already tell you want to keep her around for a long time.

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