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  • sokovian-fortune-teller
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    "Vizh! Why did you take me to the garage?"

    "Do you see that?"

    "Tony's motorbikes collection?"

    "Yesterday during the movie when there was that scene with the motorcycle you said you would always like to try ..."

    "Yes, but I don't know how to ride, and Tony would kill me if I take one of these"

    "Tony won't notice and you don't know how to drive, but I do ... come on, we'll just take a little round in the countryside"

    "Oh God Vizh, are we really doing this?" She asked with dreamy eyes

    Vision thought that her gaze was worth learning to drive any vehicle overnight. He obviously did not tell her that he had asked Tony for permission to take the motorcycle, nor that Tony had suggested to pretend he had borrowed the motorcycle in secret.

    ( "Maximoff will definitely be more impressed if you play the rebel boy card"

    "But I don't do it to impress her, I just thought it was an experience she wanted to do and ..."

    "Yes, riighttt ... just make sure you don't scratch it")

    Vision handed her the helmet "Is there only a helmet?"

    "Wanda, I'm made of Vibranium,  if my head hit the asphalt, would break the asphalt... and then I don't want to ruin my hairstyle" He said getting on the bike putting a hand on his smooth head

    Wanda laughed "My boyfriend and his indestructible head" She said climbing up too and wrapping her arms around Vision's chest. Vision couldn't decide if he felt his heart fill more by her laughter, by being called her boyfriend or by feeling her hug. But what he knew for sure was that he liked this feeling very much

    "Hold me, tight"


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  • ao3feed-scarletvision
    25.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    but when i'm with you, i already miss you

    by queenofthestarrrs

    A weary smile paints her face. “The type of dream that makes you nostalgic for things that never happened."//

    Or Clint makes breakfast, Wanda has never had an American pancake before, and Natasha has a nightmare.

    Words: 2051, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M, Gen

    Characters: Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Thor (Marvel), Wanda Maximoff, Vision (Marvel)

    Relationships: Avengers Team & Natasha Romanov, Bruce Banner & Clint Barton & Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark & Thor, Wanda Maximoff/Vision, Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov, Steve Rogers & Natasha Romanov

    Additional Tags: Domestic Avengers, Domestic Fluff, Avengers Feels, Avengers Tower, Minor Wanda Maximoff/Vision, Minor Bruce Banner/Natasha Romanov, Fluff and Angst

    from AO3 works tagged 'Wanda Maximoff/Vision' https://ift.tt/3AvQJXa via IFTTT

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  • moogleannywrites
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Can you help me fix the TV? [ScarletVision]

    Summary: Wanda gets a little frustrated after her TV won't work for her to binge-watch some episodes of "Bewitched", so she asks Vision for a little help and some company.

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x The Vision

    Word count: 1,6k

    Content: fluffness, Wanda and Vision bonding over TV shows back on the Avenger's Compound.

    Read it on AO3!

    A word from the author: hello! I really hope you enjoy my fanfiction. This one was also written in Brazillian Portuguese, but I have the best beta-reader, translator and brother in the world, @areiko!! Thank you so much for the amazing work <3 I'll be back soon with more fics!

    Image is not mine, nor are the characters 💫💫

    Wanda Maximoff slowly went down the Avenger's Compound main hallway, the feeling of a job done mixed with tiredness after a good training session with Natasha filling her lungs. A small towel, which she used to swipe out some sweat drops at the top of her brow, hung from her right shoulder, as she contemplated the autumnal day through a big window in the transition from one area to another. The last brown tree leaves clung to the edge of the branches until their slow descent to the ground. It was Wanda's favorite part of the year; the last breath before the snowfall sure to cover the whole scene for months to come.

    That night, a TV channel would broadcast a marathon of "Bewitched", the typically American series that Wanda loved to watch when she was younger. During Christmas time, when Tony Stark was bound to organize a Secret Santa, she would certainly add a vintage TV series' box to the list of gift suggestions. Secretly, she would hope for the box containing the adventures of Samantha and her perfectly human husband, James, along with the fun remarks of her mother, and higher witch, Serena. But that was something to think about in the long run. At that moment, she only needed a bath and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows to enjoy the little marathon until bedtime.

    The bath was a long one, but earned, relaxing Wanda throughout her whole body, as the warm drops of water untied the knots in her muscle structure one by one, reassembling a massage. Now wearing casual clothes, the wet hair making contact with the fabric, she walked towards the kitchen. The clock indicated 8:15pm, enough time for Wanda to mix the milk, the sugar and the chocolate on the blender, before pouring the mixture into a large pan and stirring it slowly with a wooden spoon, at last adding cinnamon, strengthening the aroma profile. The delicious smell phased the walls of the kitchen and reached the noses of all present in the Base, those relaxing in their own rooms and those studying in the lab.

    The Vision wasn't used to participating in the training alongside his colleagues, using the time he had to test the extent of his own powers on the Base's Laboratory. However, he was instantly attracted to the floor above by that delicious chocolate aroma, something he wasn't accustomed to eat nor drink, but admired either way.

    Upon reaching the kitchen though, the one responsible for the drink was already in another room, leaving behind only the dirty dishes which Vision decided to wash at once. When he was done with it, putting the pan, the blender cup and the wooden spoon in the drainer, he heard a sigh of frustration coming from one of the rooms.

    Without thinking twice, he floated through the hallway towards the half-open door to Wanda's room and, with the help of his hypersensitive ears, heard her saying something in another language, so quietly that he figured it was only for her own ears. Nonetheless, he could never let the newest addition to the team unaided. Lowering his own density to become thinner than the atmosphere, he phased through the door and said:

    – I believe this is Sokovian for "damn it"?

    Wanda was facing the television before suddenly turning in a shock.

    – You scared me, Vizh! – She rested one hand on her chest, the other holding the mug. – You came in like a… like a-

    – Ghost? – Vision laughed, a little bit embarrassed, as he was still getting used to the human trait of showing his teeth while happy. – I hear this many times from our colleagues. Beg your pardon.

    – No no, it's fine. – She hid a smile behind the tip of the mug. – Maybe you can help me? – She signed again, bothered. – My TV won't turn on at all.

    – Of course. Allow me to take a look.

    Wanda stepped aside, indicating the device with a little nod and seeking the comfort of her bed to watch him work. He talked quietly with himself, and the lady didn't hesitate to ask:

    – Do you talk to electronics too?

    A sincere laughter escaped his lips, and Wanda realized that it was their first exchange accompanied by laughter. She took a long sip of the chocolate, with a smile still painted on her mouth, when she heard the answer:

    – No, I don't talk to electronics, despite our similarities in composition. However, there are rumors that vending machines have a hidden switch that unlocks their suppressed emotions.

    Vision suddenly paused his fixing efforts.

    – ...Is that true? – Wanda asked, bewildered.

    – No, Wanda, that was a joke… or apparently a not very good attempt at one. I'm sorry.

    Now, it was Wanda's turn to laugh out loud. Her cheekbones gained a reddish color, and she laughed so much her lungs claimed for air, almost dropping some of the drink in her clean clothes. Vision turned to face her, admiring the joy in her expression, after a failed try to fix the TV.

    – Vizh, your attempt at telling a joke was the best. Thank you.

    She continued to savor the drink, the hot chocolate going down her throat, bringing a relief feeling against the cold night outdoors. The marshmallows, now totally incorporated into the drink, brought a special touch to an already well made drink. Wanda had learned that recipe on the internet some time before and, since the coming of autumn, made it quite frequently. Secretly, with each sip, she recalled Pietro, and how much she wanted his company back, to enjoy together the contents of the jumbo mug, along with other recipes he liked to prepare.

    Laying back into the pillows, her eyes closed slowly, the slumber almost taking control over her whole body, and the imminent marathon being the only thing capable of keeping her awake. Vision, noticing the prolonged quietness, asked:

    – Is there something you're expecting to watch, Wanda?

    – A channel will present some episodes of Bewitched. – She rested the mug on the bedside table, turning on the lampshade and coming closer to the bed's edge. – Ever heard of it?

    – My knowledge about American entertainment is rather limited, but I would love to learn more about… oh!

    As in a magic trick, a sound signal indicated that the TV was finally fixed. Wanda picked up the remote, smiling, jumping out of the bed and picking up the mug again with the opposite hand, returning to her place at the bed afterwards. Vision stood up, observing from afar her excitement as she turned on the TV and searched for the correct channel. A cartoon opening with a catchy song filled the room with joy.

    Seeing that his fixing work was successful, Vision smiled for himself and started to move away, being stopped by Wanda's voice echoing inside his ears.

    – Where do you think you're going?

    – The television is back to working conditions, so…

    She made a gesture with her hand, accompanied by little slaps at the mattress with the other one, clearly alluding to the idea of joining her. After a little battle with his own hesitation, he quickly accepted the request. The night had already come, there was no need to spend it on the lab.

    Her bed was soft. Vision was not used to actually sleeping, only putting himself in some kind of rest mode, weighing less than a feather in his furnitureless room. Now in the normal density of a common man, he could really feel the pleasantness of that mattress. The lighting was mild, with the light coming from the television taking care of most of the illumination in the room. Sometimes, he noticed, their knees would touch, but it wasn't enough to bother Wanda, completely immersed in the show. Similarly, it didn't bother him as well, bringing him more of that human contact he lacked so much.

    It was a good feeling, one he could see himself easily getting used to.

    In some scenes, Wanda would laugh. In others, she would laugh even more. In all of them, Vision was there observing each one of her reactions. Either the most subtle ones, such as the twisted lips right before a smile, or the frowning and turning of the nose during the loving scenes between the main couple. As the episodes progressed, however, the reactions started to fade away, and her eyes became heavy as she became less responsive to the events of the episodes. Trying to keep her awake for a little longer, the synthezoid asked:

    – So it's the story of a witch that wants to hide among humans?

    – That's right. – She yawned.

    – And why would she want this?

    – Because she loves a human.

    – A witch this powerful, in love with a powerless mortal and wanting to hide?

    Wanda yawned one more time, and said in a dragging voice:

    – If it was about you and me, Vizh, it would be way more troublesome.

    He thought about making another remark, but then realized Wanda had already fallen asleep against his shoulder. He shook the girl gently, but she remained as she was, seemingly comfortable with her cheeks glued into his clothes, the half-open mouth, the heavy breathing and the empty mug between her crossed legs.

    Vision wanted to move, maybe wash the mug, but even in that uncomfortable-ish position, he remained still as a rock, observing the TV from across the room. Casually smirking at it, while keeping it quiet in order not to disrupt her sleep. Eventually, he made the move to hug her along the thin waist, gently bringing her closer to make her more comfortable, as he watched the rest of the episodes.

    It was that much of a stretch to think that Wanda, even if just for a moment, considered such a life by his side? Probably yes.

    Or maybe, not that much.

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  • sokovian-fortune-teller
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Wanda and Vision settled on the sidelines on the back of the quinjet. Vision dropped into the seat and Wanda stood in front of him, adjusting his uniform, Vision turned slightly to let her do it, unable to hold back a hiss in pain

    "Does it hurt a lot?" she asked, breaking the heavy silence she had maintained during their hasty preparations for departure

    "Bearable" he tried to reassure her

    Wanda pursed her lips "I know you and I know when you lie" She said sternly "Can I do something to relieve?"

    Vision turned slowly to be perfectly in front of her.

    "A kiss might help," he declared with a lopsided smile.

    "Do you think you deserve it?" She said raising an eyebrow "You proposed a plan that involved your death," she hissed, trying not to scream so as not to be heard by their companions.

    "Wanda, darling ..."

    "No, no darling, or honey, or love, no pet name, I'm very angry Vision, I'm mad!"

    "I'm am too!" He blurted out, still whispering to try to keep their conversation private

    "You don't have the right to be angry with me because I didn't go along with you!"

    "Not with you! With all this! With this stone, with this Thanos, with the universe! Do you think I like this idea? That I suggested it with a light heart? I just wanted you to stay!"

    Wanda wiped away a tear "And I want to stay with you, and that implies you're alive, so please just let's go to get that damn stone out of your head."

    "Wanda ..." Vision sighed "actually in Edinburgh I didn't just want to ask you to stay, so I'm asking you now ..."

    "No" she silenced him "No, this sounds like a farewell speech, and we haven't given up yet."

    Vision smiled sweetly "No, we haven't"

    "Also now you're hurt in this moment, you can't get down on your knees, and if you want to ask me what I think you want to ask me, you'd better do it right" she added with a broken voice trying to smile back at him

    "Fair enough"

    She bent down to kiss him softly

    "I thought I didn't deserve any kisses," he said, resting his forehead on hers

    "I love you too much to be able to be angry with you for too long"

    "I love you too Wanda Maximoff, and you're right, about everything ... let's go to get this damn stone out of my head."

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  • sokovian-fortune-teller
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    5 scenes that I still love madly even after a later

    (WandaVision, episode 3, "Now in Color", January 22, 2021)

    Wanda tries to stop Vision from revealing that she has been pregnant for less than 24 hours

    Kicking? Already?

    Name's battle

    There's something wrong here Wanda

    Don't you want to meet your son as yourself?

    Episode 2

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  • sokovian-fortune-teller
    21.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Wanda was sitting on the edge of the bed when Vision moved lazily in the blankets, at the noise Wanda turned to look at him

    "Sorry love, I didn't want to wake you up," she whispered.

    "I'm annoyed by this, you should have wake me up, you know I don't need to sleep too long, my banal imitation of sleep doesn't make sense if you're not there sleeping next to me" he said, reaching out to caress her.

    Wanda smiled bitterly before turning away from him again with a sigh.

    Vision sat up worried "What is it? What’s wrong?"

    Wanda looked up to blink back the tears stinging her eyes.

    Vision waited patiently for an answer, getting up and going to sit next to her, she knew Wanda in her bad moments and wanted to give her her space knowing that in the end she would share her concerns anyway.

    "I ... just ... I can't take it anymore Vizh ... this" She cleared her throat to try to continue, from there the words came out like a river "This story of running, of living outside the law, it was fine with me, I couldn't come to terms with what the accords were asking of me, until we started this thing, until us, now the price is too high and this lifestyle is just stealing our time, I wish I could go back, but now it's too late to fix ... "

    Vision gently stopped her by pulling her head to his chest, stroking her hair

    "First of all, these are our moments stolen from life, not the life that steals moments from us ... I, I don't know if you can see the difference ... but instead of thinking about how unlucky we are all the time that we don't spend together I prefer that you see how lucky we are because despite this situation we still manage to spend some beautiful and perfect moments together

    And secondly, I don't regret the fact that we made our choices before we knew for sure how much this would have affected the possibility of seeing each other to establish a romantic relationship"

    Wanda pulled away from the embrace looking at him better trying to understand what he meant

    "You regretted not signing, due to the consequences," He continued gesturing "And I regretted signing, but either way, right or wrong, these were choices we made in total autonomy, and therefore for any repentance we have only to blame ourselves"

    "Vision you'd better have a good point ..." she said even more confused

    "Trust the process" he smiled at her "What I mean is that if you had made different choices, with the only purpose of being next to me, maybe one day if you regretted this choice irremediably the one to blame would have been our relationship "

    Wanda nodded hinting a smile "Yes, I understood where you wanted to go"

    Vision smiled in turn "Instead our relationship is founded on solid foundations, and we have nothing to complain about each other"

    Wanda stroked his cheek "A+ for the speech mr. Vision ... thank you for giving me this point of view"

    "Always at your disposal Miss Maximiff"

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  • ao3feed-scarletvision
    21.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Only Human

    by mushroom_earrings

    (Takes place after Captain America: Civil War) --- Wanda and Vision have been off the grid for about two years now. Although Wanda is kindly regarded as a wanted war criminal in the U.S. and most European countries, and Vision is unofficially considered a weapon of mass destruction, things couldn’t be going better.

    In those two years of running together, their budding romance grew into blossom. After some hair dye and a few name changes, they were finally settled in their apartment in Scotland, where they had gotten pretty good at blending in. Things were going great.

    Well, until Vision turned human.

    (Updates every Thursday)

    Words: 2461, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Vision (Marvel), Wanda Maximoff

    Relationships: Wanda Maximoff/Vision

    Additional Tags: Human Vision (Marvel), Wanda Maximoff Needs a Hug, Hurt Vision (Marvel), Whump, Vision Needs A Hug (Marvel), Domestic Fluff, Fluff, Fluff and Angst, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, POV Wanda Maximoff, POV Vision (Marvel), POV Multiple, Post-Captain America: Civil War (Movie), Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Civil War (Marvel), Pre-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Sweet Vision (Marvel), Not Beta Read, we die like Tony stark

    from AO3 works tagged 'Wanda Maximoff/Vision' https://ift.tt/3ryNYAp via IFTTT

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  • sokovian-fortune-teller
    20.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Vision was still sitting on the edge of the crater when Tony arrived

    "Friday told me what happened ... can you get up? Are you hurt?"

    Vision laughed bitterly "Am I hurt?" he repeated

    Tony immediately realized that the situation was much more serious than he had thought. He sat next to him on the floor

    "She left, Tony"

    "I know, that's why we have to go, it seems they are going to an airport in Germany to leave ..."

    "No Tony, she left me ... and she had all the reasons"

    "Vision I don't know what happened between you and Maximoff but ..."

    "It happened that you asked me to keep her locked up in the compound, and I did." Vision said harshly

    "If you think it's my fault ..."

    Vision sighed, running his hand over his face "No, I think it's my fault, you didn't force me to do anything"

    "It was for everyone's safety, it was also for her safety"

    "I keep telling myself ..."

    "Look, no one ever thought that the accords were perfect, we already talked about it, there are parts to discuss, to change, especially about Maximiff and especially about you ... but I still believe in what we were doing, and if I have to lose another person on my side you have to tell me right away "

    Vision sighed "I still believe that you are right about the Sokovia accords, but I also believe that being on the right side does not justify the means, I should have told her right away the reasons why she should have stayed here, not fooled Wanda to convince her not to go out with all possible excuses ... "

    "Vision, we have to go to Leipzig and stop Steve before it's too late"

    "Isn't it late already?"

    "I hope not"

    "I don't want to fight our friends, I will stay on the sidelines, I will act only if necessary to stop Captain Rogers ..."


    "... only if that doesn't involve attacking or harming Wanda in any way"

    "Do you really care about her?"

    "Isn't it obvious?"

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    20.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    not me opening AO3 with my 200 favored ship tags thinking “alright what we feeling like today?”

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