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    ▸ Part 2 of 3

    • Genre: Suggestive, Romance ☁
    • Word Count: 220 ☁
    • Pairing: Female Reader x Belphegor ☁
    • World: Anime, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ☁


    “Oi! She-male! Where’s Bel?”

    Squalo turned around, hands balled into fists and teeth clenched, “Don’t. Call. Me. That.”

    “Oh? And what’re you gonna do about it?” You questioned, a mocking smirk on your lips as you winked in a flirty manner towards the older male. He simply twitched, pointed down the hall and walked away, muttering about how he wanted to kill you.

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    Afternoon was nearing, and the girls were huddled together at Hara’s porch, leisurely sipping the sweet iced tea that she prepared. They sat in silence, relishing the sugary drink that was cooling them down after the daytime’s incandescent sunlight. Somehow their attentions all managed to fuel down to two fluffy squirrels struggling to get the acorns from Hara’s beautifully planted garden. 

    Despite the day being excruciatingly burning, the afternoon air was crisp and cool. The sun that was glaring upon them the whole day had abruptly hidden behind a large, balmy cloud. The heat that had kept them inside situated by the fan, they finally got the chance to enjoy the cool summer breeze. 

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  • One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

    @naminalati​ asked : 

    Ooh, since our boy Dojoon enlisted the other day, could you do “Did you get my letter?” with him? Preferably fluff, but if you feel like making it angst it’s fine too ❤️

    Also I hope you’ve been hanging in there ❤️

    Hi darling!! Thank you for requesting. I think this scenario falls in the catagory fluff, but you could also see it as angst I supose. This just popped in my head the moment I got your ask! I’ve been doing alright, thank you for asking! I’m ending my therapy soon, and I’m gonna ask my doctor if I can start taking my anti depressants again, so all in all I’m doing alright!! I hope you’re doing wonderful  ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    47: Did you get my letter?”


    The house felt empty without him. It had been a year since Dojoon left for the war, and that was already way too long.

    You were anxiously waiting near the phone, for he could call any moment and you weren’t going to miss it. You hadn’t spoken to him in weeks, and you wanted to be sure he was alright.

    It seemed unfair, you sitting safely in your house while he was fighting a vicious fight. You wish he was here. You wish you could be with him, help him, make sure he was fine. But instead you had to do with a phone call every few weeks, getting more and more anxious over time. All you wanted was to know he was doing well, know he wasn’t hurt… Know he was still… alive. 

    You shook that thought off. Of course he was, he was strong.

    You thought about the last time you actually saw him, sending him off on that cold looking train. He was weirdly excited, but you had been terrified.

    “It’s going to be okay, I’ll be fine.” he kept telling you, looking into your eyes to make sure that point came across. But the more he said it, the more unfamiliar the words sounded. Like he made them up.

    He lifted you up, kissing you deeply, passionately, knowing it would be the last time for a while.

    “I’ll write you all the time, as much as I can.” he promised, a promise you hoped he would keep, but didn’t. 

    “I’ll press them to my chest whenever I get them.” you promised him, tears streaming down your face.

    He gently wiped a tear from your cheek, “You’ll soon get to press me to your chest again, instead of some cold letters…” 

    You kissed one last time before the conductor blew his whistle. Your hands lingering in one anothers, he finally got on that damned train, away for as long as he was needed.

    The sound of the phone ringing shocked you out of the memory. You grabbed the phone and held it up to your ear.

    “Hi.” Your heart was beating uncontrollably, a lump in your throat, tears in your eyes. 

    “Oh, am I glad to hear your beautiful voice again…” Dojoon sounded exhausted.

    You sighed, relieved to hear of him after such a long time, “Are you okay? You sound tired…” was, for some reason, the first sentence you decided to say.

    He chuckled, a painful grunt following it, “I’m glad you still worry for me.”

    “Of course I do.” 

    “I’m fine.” he assured you, “Just had a little accident yesterday, that’s all.”

    You tried to calm yourself down so your voice wouldn’t sound shaky, “A little accident? What exactly does that entail?” 

    He sighed, as if he didn’t want to worry you “It’s nothing, really. Did you get my letter?”

    You knew he was lying, but decided to leave it. If he didn’t want to tell you, you weren’t going to press him. For now.

    “I didn’t? Not yet at least.” you responded, sitting down a little less tense knowing he didn’t forget you.

    “Hmm. Well, I do hope it arrives soon.” 

    You heard someone else at his side of the line, they sounded worried, but you couldn’t hear what they were saying.

    “My time’s almost up darling…” he said, referring to the phone call.

    You sighed. Already? You barely had time to say anything.

    “You get a lot less time in the hospital wing.” he tried to make that sound light.

    You frowned, worried “Are you sure you’re okay..?”

    “Positive.” you heard him smile in that word, “I promised I’d come home to you, didn’t I?”

    You nodded, the lump in your throat preventing you to speak properly.

    “Anyway.. I really have to go now. But I’ll see you soon. I promise.” 

    The phone beeped as he hung up. You couldn’t hold your tears in anymore, “I love you…” you whispered into the horn, knowing he wouldn’t be able to hear you anymore.

    Right in that moment you heard someone put something through your mailbox. You hurried up, bumping your leg against the table, cussing at the pain. You ran to the mailbox, filled with a single letter addressed to you. 

    You couldn’t wait to open it, tearing into the blue colored envelope. A piece of paper was tucked inside it neatly. 

    As you opened it, a gorgeous flower fell out. You had never seen it before, but you were positive it was the most beautiful flower you had ever seen. 

    “This is the local flower around here. It reminded me of you, so beautiful, it filled my heart with longing for you. Put it in a vase, so it will forever remind you of me.

    See you soon.

    I love you,


    As you promised, you pressed the letter to your chest.


    Masterlist | 100 ways masterlist | Prompt list

    #100 ways to say i love you #one hundred ways to say i love you #the rose#park dojoon #the rose dojoon #kpop#fanfictions#scenarios#imagines#fluff#angst #millitary!AU #the rose fanfictions #the rose imagines #the rose scenarios #the rose fluff #the rose angst #park dojoon fanfictions #dojoon fanfictions #park dojoon scenarios #park dojoon imagines #park dojoon fluff #park dojoon angst #kpop fanfictions#kpop scenarios#kpop imagines#kpop fluff#kpop angst#requests#asks
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    • Genre: Crack, Friendship ☁
    • Word Count: 684 ☁
    • Pairing: None ☁
    • World: Red vs Blue ☁

    Author’s Note: Seriously, if you haven’t watched this series, drop everything you’re doing right NOW and go binge it. They are super short and hilarious.


    “99 bottles of motor oil on the wall, 99 bottles of motor oil~ Take one down, pass it around, 99 bottles of motor oil on the wall~!”

    “The hell are you singing?” Church stared at the pink armored Donut.

    “99 bottles, of course~!”

    “Ooo! Church! Church! Hey, Church! I know that song!” Caboose was repeatedly poking him.

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  • #one piece scenarios #one piece scenario #one piece headcanons #one piece imagines #one piece#dracule mihawk #hawk eyes mihawk #mihawk#shichibukai#kaizoku#fluff alphabet #one piece fluff #SFW#imagines#scenarios#headcanon#headcanons#hawkeye mihawk#x anon#x reader#gender neutral#TrashyToastBoi
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    • Genre: Fluff, Angst, Romance ☁
    • Word Count: 2,172 ☁
    • Pairing: Reader x Ringo ☁
    • World: Air Gear ☁
    • Prompt: #2: ”It’s for your safety. You’ll see.” ☁

    Author’s Note: This was requested for the Yandere Set! If you’d like to request your own, please see my post [here] to check and see which are available~ I had to research this one because it’s been so damn long since I last watched Air Gear xD


    You had never really been into Air Trecks, though you did enjoy hanging out at the park and watching the riders as they had fun, especially your girlfriend, Ringo. She had always been such a gorgeous girl in your eyes, but when she was skating, she turned into a goddamn goddess. This is the main reason you decided to try it out for yourself, though the constant bugging from Ikki and crew were also factors in this decision.

    When you told Ringo that you wanted to get into Air Trecks and had saved up enough to buy a pair, she did her best to persuade you against the idea, giving you an entire two-page list of why you shouldn’t do so, but your mind had been made up, much to her great displeasure.

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    • Genre: Crack ☁
    • Word Count: 157 ☁
    • Pairing: None ☁
    • World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ☁

    Author’s Note: If you’re easily offended, read this at your own peril.


    Your lips twitched up as you approached the long-haired male. “Hey, Squalo?”

    “What?” The male grunted, not looking up from the paperwork in front of him.

    “What size bra do you wear?” The smirk split your face.

    His eye twitched but he said nothing.

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  • [11:33AM]

    (11:33AM) you: baby im sick :(

    (11:41AM) jae: k

    (11:59AM) jae: do u still want me 2 come over

    (11:59AM) you: yes baby

    (12:00PM) you: can u bring me soup please

    (12:47PM) jae: k

    (12:55PM) you: u have my key with you right

    (12:57PM) jae: ya

    10 minutes later, you hear footsteps coming from your hallway, but you didn’t bother getting up, waiting for your boyfriend to come to you.

    boyfriend!jaehyun opens the door, walking in to see you laying on your side scrolling through your phone with taylor swift playing in the background.

    jaehyun notices how you had dark circles around your eyes, your nose red probably from sneezing too much.

    you dart your eyes towards him, turning your body so you could face him properly. before you could even speak, you sneezed 3 times.

    you reached for a tissue, wiping your nose.

    “where’s my soup?” you ask him, with raised eyebrows, noticing how he came in empty handed. he was only holding his phone in his right hand.

    “i forgot,” he says sheepishly, grinning at you, his dimples showing.

    you groan, thrashing on your bed lazily, “jaehyun! it was one thing,” your voice came out hoarse.

    “i know! i just ordered it. it’s coming,” he reassures you, throwing himself on your bed behind you. he instantly wraps his arm around your body, snuggling against your back.

    he snuggles his face against your neck, closing his eyes, “how did you get sick?” he mumbles against your skin.

    “i went out with my friend last night,” you answer, turning back around to play with your mobile phone, “when i came back home, i felt dizzy so i took some meds and when i woke up today, i was having a fever.”

    he hums comfortably, eyes still closed. you wonder if he was actually even listening to you in the first place. “what’s with the taylor swift music?”

    you didn’t answer, instead opening games to play in the meantime while waiting for the food.

    a chuckle left his throat when he sees you playing subway surfers, but failed 3 minutes into the game.

    “you’ve always been bad at games,” he says, voice muffled against your skin. he peppers kisses against the soft skin of your back.

    “stop kissing me!” you push your boyfriend away, “you’re gonna get sick!”

    “i won’t,” he replies, stubborn as he continues pressing kisses against your neck and cheek.

    “don’t you come calling for me when you’re sick tomorrow, jae.”

    #inspired by me being sick🤩 #also i tried to make this seem like JAEHYUN IRL lmao #thats why hes so dry #jaehyun scenarios#nct scenarios#jaehyun imagines#jaehyun angst#jaehyun fluff#jaehyun smut #jaehyun x reader #nct angst#nct imagines#nct fluff#nct smut #nct x reader #nct127#angst#fluff#smut#scenarios#imagines#nct dream#wayv#superm
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  • Title: Time To Go

    Characters: Do Hwan, Reader

    Summary: Do Hwan tells you that he received his enlistment letter

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    #do hwan #do hwan scenario #scenario#scenarios
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    • Genre: Fluff, Romance ☁
    • Word Count: 223 ☁
    • Pairing: Reader x Kiku ☁
    • World: Axis Powers Hetalia ☁


    “Good afternoon, Y/N-san.” Japan bowed, “Would you care to join me for a snack?”

    You nodded timidly, rising from your seat on the window sill and following after the black-haired male. The square table he always sat at was covered with various desserts and assorted sweets, as well as two cups of tea. You weren’t sure how or when it started, but you and Kiku had gotten into the habit of getting together twice a week, eating different types of dessert, drinking tea and just relaxing in each others company. You often found yourself looking forward to those random days that Kiku would appear in front of you, allowing that same line to flow from his lips.

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    • Jinyoung: Here's another joke, what has 4 legs but isn't alive?
    • Jihoon: A chair haha, nice try J-
    • Jinyoung: It's your dog, it's dead.
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    • Genre: Fluff, Romance ☁
    • Word Count: 323 ☁
    • Pairing: Reader x Alfred ☁
    • World: Axis Powers Hetalia ☁


    When Alfred did something, no matter what it was, he always went over the top and overdid it. So, when the blonde learned that you liked roses, he went out and bought what he believed to be an acceptable amount.

    Imagine your surprise when you came over to his house one day only to find that you could barely slide through the door. The entire home was covered from top to bottom with thousands of red roses. There was only a small space, about an inch or so, of the floor visible.

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  • Introduction

    I’ve been debating and hesitant on composing a series of RR in other words gender role reversal/role reversal. I’ve seen many imagines, scenarios and headcanons on Tumblr and Wattpad here and there but usually, it consists of cliche coupling e.g seme male x uke female, and even if there the female was more assertive it would fall down to femdom, not RR.

    It irked me a bit but I got used to it and now I’m tired of it. I wanted to write for a while now but I feel as if my vocabulary and writing skills aren’t good enough. Since I’ve seen and read many written stories and they were amazingly written. Also, I’m the type to get bored easily so if I don’t have anything to write left I’ll just end up not finishing the series, so I might abandon this writing depending on how it goes.

    Additionally, I want to benefit and improve my writing skills from this.

    Therefore, this is is just gonna be me doodling out my ideas with my own original characters and just do some character development in general while indulging myself in RR.

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    • Genre: Fluff, Friendship, Family ☁
    • Word Count: 356 ☁
    • Pairing: None ☁
    • World: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ☁


    You and Kyoya walked side by side down the darkened street. You had just finished the job you were given and were heading back to the base. You thought it would be a quiet walk back – you didn’t expect a group of thugs to appear. Kyoya had no interest in them, wanting to get back home and go to bed.

    “Well, well, well,” One of them licked his lips, grinning at you. “Why don’t you give us your girl and we’ll let you go, eh?”

    Kyoya stared blankly at the male, remaining silent.

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    • Genre: Crack ☁
    • Word Count: 137 ☁
    • Pairing: Reader x Shizuo ☁
    • World: Durarara! ☁


    You held your hands behind your back as you walked through the streets of Ikebukuro, searching for a certain blonde-haired male, your boyfriend of two years, Shizuo. A grin came to your lips as you spotted him standing a few feet away from Izaya Orihara.

    “Hey, Shizuo!” You called, stopping near Izaya but still keeping your distance from the info broker.

    Shizuo’s brow furrowed, eyes shifting to you. “What?”

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  • Jealous of a Dog?

    Human experimentation was a disgusting, but common practice among several powerful groups in England. Millennium was no exception, they have taken countless innocent lives with their sick experiments. And the ones who died were the lucky ones, those who survived suffered the most. Forced to obey the twisted Major’s every order, you couldn’t even imagine how that would feel.

    After the first battle with Millennium, Hellsing had lost many soldiers thanks to the Valentine brothers raid. After having killed her now undead soldiers, Sir Integra found another surprise laying wounded at the Hellsing entrance. A large, tan, long haired man, lays hunched over on the ground. He was covered in cuts and burn marks. Said man turned to Integra and bared his teeth, long fangs dripping with blood and saliva gleamed in the dim light.

    His black claws dug into the carpeting, leaving long rips in the thick fabric.

    Walter got his wires ready to cut the man, before noticing someone underneath him. The man shifted moving off of the body to reveal you laying unconscious beneath him. The wolf like man gently picks you up, turning to Integra and Walter letting out a growl.

    “What do you want to do, Sir Integra?” Walter asked lowering his wires. She watched the beast for a moment before putting her pistol away.

    “Bring them both to the medical bay.” She demanded before taking her leave.

    “Of course,” Walter bowed before reaching out for your limp body. The wolf growled at him and pulled you tighter to his chest. Walter puts his arms behind his back.

    “Follow me then,” Walter lead the beast towards the medical room, “Let’s just hope Alucard doesn’t see her like this.”

    It didn’t take long for Alucard to find you. After he heard that you were injured he immediately searched for you. He was always one to point out your weaknesses and flaws, so he wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip. What he didn’t expect to see was a 200 lbs beast sitting next to you. You were sitting up with bandages wrapped around your arms and bruises on your face. But despite your injuries, you still smiled sweetly at the beast beside you.

    “What are you doing here?” You asked upon noticing the vampires arrival, “I’m not in the mood to deal with your bullshit.”

    “But it seems like you’re fine with batting your lashes at strangers,” he motioned to your new friend. While he had a grin on his face, you know the vampire well enough to see that it doesn’t meet his eyes.

    “Excuse me? This ‘stranger’ saved my life, I would of been one of those undead assholes if it weren’t for him.” You gently placed your hand over his monstrous one.

    “So you find a slobbering mutt to be good company, my apologies I thought you had taste.” The wolf man beside you bared his teeth and growled at Alucard, making the vampire laugh bitterly.

    “Oh shall I speak in a language you can understand? Woof!” You almost laughed, wanting to savor the moment you heard Alucard bark like a dog. You went to argue with him but decided to go for a different approach.

    “Oh come on, Alucard. No need to be jealous.” Your words made his smile twitch slightly and you silently cheered at the small victory.

    “Why would I be jealous of a dog?” He spat, glaring at you.

    “Takes one to know one” you sang, smiling sweetly at him. To pour salt on the wound you placed your hand on top of your wolf friends. Said wolf perked up at the contact and turned to you with a new light in his eyes.

    Alucard watched the interaction with disdain. He turned around and stomped towards the nearest wall.

    “Hey don’t be like that, you know I’m just kidding. Don’t get all upset.” As much as you love teasing the vampire you know when enough is enough. The two of you constantly tease each other, but even Alucard knows when to draw the line.

    He stops in front of the wall and looks at you over his shoulder.

    “I’ll be in my chambers.” Was all he said before he materialized away. You’ll just go down there later and cheer him up. Big and mighty vampire king gets his feelings hurt quite easily.

    “Now what are we gonna do with you?” You asked your new friend, he simply turned his head slightly.

    “Can you speak?” He shook his head, “But you can understand me, right?” He nodded.

    “Alright, we’re getting somewhere. Let me just go to the bathroom real quick and then we’ll head over to Sir Integra.” He jumped up and followed close behind you, gently grasping the back of your shirt with his claws.

    “It’s alright, you stay here-“ you led him back to his seat, “-and I’ll be right back.” Opening the door the the bathroom, there was a screech as a chair pushed back. Turning around your met with a firm chest, nearly ramming your face into it.

    He looks down at you with wide, innocent, silver eyes, making you sigh. You had enough trouble with the damn king of vampires following you around, now you have to worry about this lost puppy.

    “Go wait for me over there” you demanded pointing at his chair. Reluctantly, he walks back to his chair and sits. There’s something unnerving about someone being so obedient, but it’s better than what you’re used to.

    “Now I have to stray dogs to look after.” As if one idiotic vampire wasn’t enough, at least this one listens.

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    • Genre: Crack, Friendship ☁
    • Word Count: 260 ☁
    • Pairing: None ☁
    • World: Anime, Bleach ☁



    “Go away! I’m tryin’ to sleep here!”

    “Oh, come on, Ikkaku! Me and Yumi wanna show you something!” You pouted.

    He looked up at you, silent for a moment before sighing. “Will you leave me alone after?”


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