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  • honeyedgloss
    19.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    [9:19 AM] "Can you promise me one thing ?" Hyunjin whispers to your ear. You glance up to meet his eyes. They are red and swollen from tears, his eyebrows furrowed and jaw clenched.

    You press a kiss to his cheek. His skin feels burning hot under your lips, as if he the state of his heart had translated to his body as a fever. When you pull away, his eyes are closed, but new tears still managed to escape, rolling down his face in the murderous silence that envelops you. You cup his cheek with your hand, cold fingers against warm skin, warm tears. Hyunjin wraps his hand around your wrist - his thumb lingering on the back of your hand for a split second - and moves it away from his face.

    "Never lie to me again." He whispers, glaring into your eyes. You place your other hand on the side of his neck, your thumb gently tracing his jawline. You draw so close to him you're almost speaking against his lips :

    "I promise"

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  • asras3rdeye
    19.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Today might turn into the one where I make picrews all day 😗

    #maybe with some hcs bc I cannot come up with enough scenarios in my fics to establish these things #so many thoughts about my pirates #and the de la vegas #real coco #god and all the possible ships
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  • panda-writes-kpop
    19.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    11:34 a.m. - Jennie (Witch AU!)

    A/N: Hi guys, girls, and non-binary pearls! I hope your week has been better than mine so far.

    TW: Angst because why not lol :p

    The dreary weather that surrounds you has yet to let up, and you’re sure that it is connected to your current mood.

    Why wouldn’t it be? Jennie always said that the world around us had interesting ways to respond to our dilemmas and problems.

    You cringe at the mentioning of her name.

    She broke my heart, remember? She’s the one that told me that things weren’t going to work out. Jennie wanted to be a savior who used her powers to help everyone, and I wanted her to just stay with me. Was that too much to ask?

    You let the tears fall down your face as the rain pours outside of your bedroom window.

    Maybe it was, but I just wanted Jennie to hold me when nights get rough. Now, I’m all alone with nothing but regrets, and you’re off helping other people. I guess we know who was right, huh.

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  • axlongchamp
    19.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    part 9. sweetness



    | masterlist |

    there will be a written portion
    word count: 1.5k

    Izana is the boss. The man behind the business; the face of the shop. Everyone likes him, despite being known as part of the top ten ruthless people in Tokyo. It’s Izana Kurokawa, for heaven’s sake. He even walks around the town with a shirt saying he’ll earn the top spot with kids trailing behind him. Kids that are well behaved and the exact opposite of the leader.

    The leader of the kids, or the parent of the group, Izana doesn’t like being called a parent or even a guardian. He would jump on anyone if he ever heard them utter such words. He’s the leader, the ruler, the ‘king’ of the Tenjiku. And as a king, he would do anything in his power to make everyone under him safe, protected, and well.

    That’s why he’s in his bed, catching up the sleep that he lost for the last two weeks –preparing, baking, starting a fight with two of his loyal underlings, canceling all orders from his brother Manjiro, and most especially taking care of Tenjiku.

    Tenjiku is a place Izana created. A palace where he can accept all unfortunate kids to be kept, and ruled. A palace where his childhood heart is grinning at him, telling him how proud and ecstatic he is to see these kids have a place they can call 'home'.  

    To say he was lucky is an understatement, because he was more than lucky to have two –three, he wouldn't admit that Manjiro holds a place somewhere in his life. They accepted him even though he didn’t have any Sano blood flowing through his body. Although they did take him in, he didn't leave the two.

    Kakucho, and you. You, and Kakucho.

    He created Tenjiku not only by himself, but with the two of you. It's always been three, not one.  

    Izana, breaking bones on a Sunday morning? Expect two figures to mend the bones that their boss shattered.

    Kakucho praying for his parents' death? There's Izana, disturbing the prayer while you are clinging on his back, sleeping.  

    Seven year old you are up at the crack of dawn, ready to steal some fresh baked bread from the bakery next door, while the two are snoring their asses off. And when you return from your expedition, Izana would take those goods, cut them in half, and give the other half to Kakucho and you to share.

    Well, he's the king, after all.

    Up to this date, the three of you are still together.

    If someone asks who owns Tenjiku, you and Kakucho would answer, Izana. For Izana? It's the three of you.  

    Why would he exclude those two? When Kakucho is studying education, just so he can properly teach those kids and provide them with knowledge, also, to you, whatever course you took, Izana knows it's beneficial for the kingdom. And not to mention, all 20 of the kids love the three of you.

    "I help you deliver cookies" a small voice accompanied by a gentle tug at your pants caught your attention. It was little Shino, a five-year-old boy. Crouching down at his height, you gave him a smile and a pat on his head. "Mocchi will be here soon. Don’t you wanna know what happens to Jack?"  

    Shino shakes his head with a pout resting on his lips. "heard ‘Zana says Jack died in the end. I don’t want to hear it" his little hand took yours and pulled you with him outside. "And Mocchi never gives me candies."

    "Because you are not listening to his story," you retorted. "Besides, I’ll be using my bike. You’re too small to ride a bike. You have short legs like ‘Zana"  

    The boy lets go of your hand to cover his mouth to gasp. "You insulted ‘Zana’s height. I'm going to tell him" Panic arises from you, and before you could tell him not to do it, his little feet went towards the King’s room.

    Sighing, you mentally note to yourself to buy you a new dinner, knowing Izana, the pasta you just bought and placed in the fridge will be eaten before you could even step foot at the building later.


    You were not familiar with this task. Questions keep flooding your mind as you walk through the park looking for your customer. You’re usually the one who organizes and packs all orders, while Izana is the one who’s responsible for the baking and decorating, and Kakucho is assigned to be the delivery man. This has always been the routine every month. But this month had a huge change of drill, like, you and Kakucho baking half of the treats, Izana taking the packing part because he wants to add some of his touches, and now, being in charge of delivery.

    “You bought us chookie cupcakes?”

    “Yeah, I heard you talking with Emma that you really like their cupcakes. Especially the chocolate ones”

    “They are super moist and rich in flavor”

    “And since Kaku-chan is a friend of mine, I kinda requested for dolphins, since you like them”

    Walking up to the couple, you greeted them.  

    "Happy fifth anniversary!" you called out, making them blush as some of the passerby turned their heads to look at the said couple.

    You handed Takemichi the box and went to Hinata to give her a hug. A long warm hug. Takemichi jokingly said, "Oi, hands off her," while shooing you.

    "The box is a bit different," Hinata commented as she examined the object.  

    "Your box is different. Izana wanted to satisfy his customers as much as possible.” You leaned and whispered “But to also cover up how he made the dolphins look alien-y since he still wants your treats to be in theme."

    The couple chuckled as they tried to guess what the cupcakes looked like. "I must be going. I still have one customer left. Don’t forget to write a review and tag the three of us." Before you could fully walk away from their date, you secretly took a picture of them, saving it later for Twitter.  

    Checking the work phone, you received a message from the last customer that his phone’s battery is running low that you have to message a new number, which made you stop in your tracks as you read the number out loud. 03-0612-1990. It was oddly familiar. You try to dig deep in your mind, looking for a certain memory that reminds you of this digit. 'Is it Ran’s number? Because I swear, I never get the chance to change his contact. Or is it-'

    "Hi, you must be the owner of the Chookie shop since your phone is ringing" that voice, it’s friendly, warm, sexy, and holy shit.  

    Fuck. It’s the student you’ve been talking to for a month already.  

    You mentally scolded yourself for being oblivious last Monday. Connecting the dots, the shop that he was talking about was the same shop you were advertising.

    There’s no other shop that is better than Chookie's at your university.  

    "Oh look, I ended the call and your phone stopped ringing as well," he chuckles.  

    And you almost died on the spot. You were convinced that you had reached the sky because of what his chuckles sounded like. Heavenly.

    Gulping. "Mitsuya Takashi?" you read the receipt out loud. ‘So that’s his name. I can't wait to search for it on Twitter. '

    "That’s me," he said with a smile on his face. Oh, how you want to rip that thing off of him. Everything about him seems to be perfect, well, except his math skills. He sucks.

    "You ordered a lot. Are you finishing this by yourself?" you started. Trying to make a conversation with him.  

    Before he could answer, a squealing voice from behind caught both of your attention. The voice gets louder as the figure approaches you. "Mitsuya, don’t you dare threaten me with a cookie ever again!"  


    "Hello Yn, nice to see-oh no" Mikey realizes that he shouldn’t be here. That he should’ve stayed in the bushes, where he was spying Mitsuya just in case he would really eat his cookies.  

    "I’m guessing he asked you to order from our shop because his orders are being cancelled?"  

    "Um, if I say yes, will you still give us our order?" Mitsuya hesitantly replied.  

    You stayed quiet, trying to think if it’s better if you should just give it to them and leave, or be the loyal person you are to Izana and leave them here empty handed. Sighing, you gave in and shoved the bags.  

    "Consider yourself lucky, Manjiro. If Kakucho was the one delivering this, he would’ve left right now. " You gave Mikey a warning look, then stepped forward to Mitsuya to hand him the receipt.  

    While he was checking the paper, you took out your phone and opened the camera app.  

    A sudden flash made Mitsuya close his eyes, and yours widen. "Ah shit, you weren’t-"  

    "Smile, idiot, they’re going to post a picture of you on their twitter. Kakucho always do this. But he never posts mine." Mikey, whose mouth is stuffed with noodles? "Where did you get that from?" You asked.  

    "It was in my pocket the whole time"

    taglist: @mizumellon @hanmascult @yuutaokkutsu @gabytodd @snowyseungs @gumissi @akisrandom @wakasagurl @sseorin @kamikoii @lagrimasdeglitter @konigasaki @yeehawnana @violetarks @187skytree @chiifxyuz

    updated it early because why not

    hope the written portion is not too long

    reblogs and comments are appreciated

    taglist is still open. send an ask or message to be included.

    next update will be tomorrow

    #on the wall #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers smau #tokyo revengers x reader #mitsuya x reader #tokyorevengers smau#mitsuya takashi #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyorevengers #tokyo revengers scenarios
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  • saksukei
    19.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    joshua boxer au


    joshua hisses at the contact of the cold water with his skin,, a string of curses leave his mouth,, for the first time in his life he found himself without an explanation for the events that had unfolded previously,,

    he had scratches on his face,, bruises forming on his skin,, how could he even tell you what had happened? he was ashamed,,

    he had promised you he wouldn't ever in take a swing at someone,,, mainly because of how much it hurt you when he was hurt,, but joshua lost control today,, punching a guy in the face,, a crack elicited in response,,, while his knuckles were coated with blood,,

    this was very wrong,, you were just his best friend yet at your request joshua had stopped boxing,, gave up smoking and what not,, even if he lied to your face saying he'd never quit,, he just wasn't ready to admit it to you, how badly he was in love with you,,

    it wasn't even a boxing match,,, rather some guy from uni,, that had been bitching about you,,, and at first joshua thought ‘let it go,, words can't affect her.’

    seungcheol, who was with joshua at the time could see his jaw tighten and his knuckles go white,, he did whatever he could to calm his best friend,,

    but once joshua heard some things that were clearly way out of line,,, his fist lost control,, as he turned around,, landing a punch,,

    it broke into a scuffle,, seungcheol even joined in,, lord knows joshua couldn't have handled it better,, if it was up to him,, he’d have buried the guy six foot deep into the ground,,

    what else was he to do?

    joshua remembered his last boxing match,, the one where he was beaten up into a corner,, he saw your face,, and he still can't forget that damn look you gave him,, you were so afraid,,

    and joshua knew what he had to do,, one uppercut,, and before joshua knew it,, he had won,, it was all thanks to you and your unwavering faith in him,, but that look was the same reason why he stopped it altogether,,

    he had known you ever since you two were kids,, and now all the way to university,, he had met so many people but none of them were like you,, god if he could,, he’d stare into your eyes forever,, you were the only reason he’d choose his shitty life a thousand times over

    “oh my god–” a voice snapped him out of his thoughts,, a voice he’d recognize from miles away,,, from in his sleep,, before he could make much sense,, you were already on the ground,, kneeled right next to him,,

    taking the rag from his hand as you starting washing them with cold water,, so that you could apply the anti septic later on,,

    “who told–”

    “jeonghan did,” you interrupted,,

    an awkward silence fell between the both of you,,,

    “aren’t you going to ask me why I did it?” joshua questions. he’s confused,, normally you'd have started giving him a lecture by now.

    “no,” you reply. “i know you stopped fighting a while ago, so you probably had good reason,” you explain. “let’s hope it's good enough for the dean tomorrow.”

    joshua chuckles. “i might get expelled,” he says,,

    “there’s a lot of people involved so I doubt they’d expell you,” you remind him. “just answer all their questions truthfully and they might let you off the hook.”

    joshua smiles to himself,, he’s so in love with you,,

    “you think so, angel?” joshua asked, as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear,, joshua rarely called you angel,, and he usually did it when he was in a good mood,,

    “a bit chirpy, are we?” you retort.

    “especially for breaking someone's nose,” joshua adds, causing you to grin.

    “you know I wonder why I put up with you sometimes,” you say,, as you grab the anti septic from the cabinet,,

    “because you love me,” joshua jokes, leaning against the cold tile wall,,

    “that I do, best friend” you gleam, but you can’t see the slight drop in joshua’s face.

    “i hope you see me as more someday,” he doesn't even bother lowering his voice,,, and you hear it,, causing you to pause,,,

    “what?” you blurt out,,

    “what?” joshua repeats, nonchalantly.

    “the part where you said you–”

    “want you to be more than my best friend?” he repeats. “yeah, and I'm damn serious.”

    “i’ve liked you for the longest and you're telling me this now?” you mutter,, it's true,, you've liked joshua ever since he’d pick you up in highschool,, and he’d have breakfast in the backseat because he knew you wouldn't eat,,

    you only called him your best friend at such moments to remind yourself of the reality of the situation you were in,, that joshua will never see you as anything,, but now

    and Joshua's like ???? “YOU LIKE ME SINCE WHEN–”


    and joshua’s shocked!!! “I LIKED YOU SINCE YOU STARTED WATCHING ANIME.”

    both of you break into a fit of giggles,, “oh my god,, we’re such dumbasses,” you laugh. “we’re like made for each other.”

    “see– maybe boxing isn't so bad after all,” joshua grins,,,

    [you threw a bucket of water on him for that and he chased you around the entire dorms at 3am and you woke up everyone]

    #seventeen imagines#seventeen headcanons#seventeen scenarios #seventeen x y/n #seventeen x reader #seventeen x you #joshua hong x reader #joshua hong imagines
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  • prodbyblush
    19.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #niragi suguru #niragi x reader #niragi x y/n #niragi fic #niragi suguru x reader #aib niragi #aib x reader #aib x you #niragi scenarios #alice in borderland niragi #niragi alice in borderland #alice in borderland fanfic
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  • m1ng-how
    19.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    fourteen - cheater

    warnings: cursing

    previous | masterlist | next

    SUMMARY ༄ y/n moves into a new apartment under short notice, thanks to her cat making her old landlord a little too unhappy but she didn't check the details of her new place all too well, realising now that she's moved in with a guy. however, she has to make the best of it as not only is the rent cheap, it's close to her university and her roommate is actually kinda okay...? except for the drama that comes in between the two of them and the interference of feelings. she started to wish she never moved in with him yang jungwon.

    TAGLIST ༄ @studioreader @hysique @ncityy04 @squiishymeow @youreverydayzebra @yougeans @markleebee @shuabot @tlnyjoong @planethyuka @ghjasksdk @dongyucks @kelki @idkimjustkindahere @kimaya2209 @nishinet @sunysunoo @mika-monalisa @yenart @lycorisdoreablack @korejijiyo @rinyx @woniecore @dear-dreamie

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  • chnroom
    19.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    requests pls

    hiii pls request anything i wanna write but idk what

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  • heyitsfraa
    19.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    he looks so into the song. Omg. I’m going to cry. One of the best ballads they did 💔

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  • jungwoniics
    19.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    ↦ pairing: nishimura riki / niki x reader ↦ genre: fluff, crack/humour (?) ↦ w/c: 361 ↦ warnings: - ↦ a/n: hi everyone!! so this is kind of like a short drabble i randomly had in mind while i was having a talk on cyber wellness in school (i was half listening to the talk so i’m not completely a bad student 🤫) but anyway yes, do lmk your thoughts on this!! have a great day everyone! 💗 ↦ synopsis: You were a normal person, who frequently went to the convenience store to stock up on your food. You didn't know Nishimura Riki well, but you knew you could count on him to help you out. No matter what day, what time, which aisle, he would be there. ➵ taglist status: open — send an ask or dm! ➵ taglist (permanent): @enhacolor @meraniki @goldenhypen

    [08.11PM] Ding. The bell to the convenience store rings as soon as you open the door. “You’re here quite late,” the owner of the shop calls out to you. You smile at him, “Hi Mr Lim. I just have to get some ramyeon packets.”

    He nods before pointing to the aisle near the end of the store. You thank him, heading over to the aisle. You look all over the aisle only to find the packets of ramyeon placed at the highest shelf. Sighing, you begin to tiptoe as you reach out for the ramyeon packets. Your hand misses the packet, causing you to fall forward. Just as you were about to crash into the shelf, you feel an arm snaking its way around your waist, pushing you back up on your feet.

    You look up to see a familiar face. “Riki!”

    Riki smiles at you. “Are you okay?”

    You nod your head, commenting, “You’re here pretty late.” He just shrugs, “So are you.”

    Riki looks up at the shelf as he reaches out to get a couple of packets of ramyeon before passing them to you. “Thanks.”

    You were really glad that Riki was there with you. You’ve met him a couple times before, in the same convenience store. He was a really tall boy for his age. But being tall meant he could reach the highest shelves in the convenience store. You, on the other hand, were really short for your age. And obviously, that disabled you from reaching the high shelves.

    The other times you had crossed paths with Riki, you had also been trying to retrieve an item on the top shelf. Meeting him again today in a similar situation reminded you of the previous times you met. It was a mere coincidence that every time you required help, he was there to assist you.

    “You know, it’s funny how every time I can’t reach the top shelf, you just happen to be around to help,” you blurt out, placing the ramyeon packets into the basket you were carrying.

    “It’s funny how a short person like you is always looking for things that are on the top shelf.”

    ✦❘༻{ 𝐄𝐍𝐃 }༺❘✦

    ·˚ ༘₊· ͟͟͞͞꒰➳ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ғᴏʀ ʀᴇᴀᴅɪɴɢ

    © jungwoniics. all rights reserved. please don’t repost, plagiarise and translate. likes and reblogs are appreciated!

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  • nanasparadise
    19.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yandere birthday scenario, gender-neutral reader

    Today’s my birthday, so I wanted to share this little scenario with you!:)

    TW: toxic relationship, implied kidnapping, slight infantilization, MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY- MINORS DNI

    I do not condone any yandere behaviour in real life. 

    “What is it? You don’t like your birthday gift, sweetheart?”

    Of course you didn’t. How could you when you were stuck with a deranged man? With an empty expression, you turned around to face said man. “Not really,” you muttered, too exhausted to show more of your anger. 

    His expression immediately soured, the concerned gaze transforming into a frustrated grimace. What did he expect? That you’d actually care about all the books, clothes and soaps he gave you? There was only one thing you truly wanted, needed. The only thing he wouldn’t give you. 

    It had been a long time since you’d asked him to have your freedom back. 

    “You know, you could be more grateful,” he replied, voice laced with venom, “I try to be a loving boyfriend-”, you chuckled bitterly at his word choice, “-but nothing seems to be good enough for you. If only you behaved more, we could have a nice birthday celebration.” He pinched the bridge of his nose and took deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself down.

    You looked outside the window of your room, placed too high and barred to ever be an escape route. Despite this horrible reality, a few sunrays made their way to you and softly illuminated your face. “So you think this is all my fault?”, you asked him without any real emotion in your voice. 

    “That’s not what I said,” he retorted. Obviously, you hit a nerve. “I love you, but darling, you need to work with me! I can’t spoil you if you don’t accept anything I give to you!”

    “Did it ever occur to you that I don’t want to be ‘spoiled’?”, you answered him, a strange mix of hopelessness and fury stirring inside you, “Maybe I just want my life back before you came and ruined it.” 

    A dark look crossed his face at your words, making you shiver in fear. Instantly, you regretted being so bold. However, the expression quickly vanished again and was replaced by a saccharine smile. “You’re just being bratty, because you don’t like your presents, love,” he said with an eerily calm tone, “It’s fine, really, I’ll find something you enjoy.”

    He moved closer to your tied form on the bed until he was right in front of you, hand coming down to caress your face. 

    “And if not, then I need to stop being so nice to you. Maybe then you’d appreciate me more, isn’t that right, baby?”

    Tears streamed down your cheeks while nimble fingers effectively caught them.

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  • qualityfestivalcloud
    19.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Market Scenario The global Dental Lasers Market is estimated reach USD 2.3 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period (2
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  • goldenhypen
    19.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ▸▸ opposites attract — kim sunoo

    — pairing: non-idol!sunoo x tsundere!reader // genre: fluff // warnings: none // word count: 2.6k (perhaps i got a lil carried away oops-) // requested
    — author note: nobody touch me it’s soft sunoo hours on this blog ✨😔✋🏻

    the chilliness of the weather was reflected on the appearances of the students as they entered into a new year of high school.

    laughs filled the classroom as maturing teenagers chatted amongst themselves, savouring the time before the bell would ring.

    as you stepped into class, your image contrasted with that of the others. students came in with rosy cheeks and padded jackets, some wearing wool gloves and scarves.

    you on the other hand, arrived wearing your everyday, dark attire, your only sense of warmth coming from your oversized, black denim jacket. your headphones covered your ears, isolating you from the outside world so that you could immerse yourself in your own.

    immediately as sunoo’s eyes met you, he noticed you were unlike others, and that was enough to intrigue him. he was curious to know what your name was, which he would soon learn after class started.

    you walked to the back of the classroom, finding a desk in the corner to sit down.

    your lack of sleep from the night before had you burying your head into your arms which were covered by the rough, dark fabric of your jacket. you rested them on the desk and closed your eyes as your music blasted loudly into your ears.

    sunoo was popular, always hanging out with the so-called “cool kids.” he was known for being the extroverted, ball of sunshine who was always smiling and friendly to everyone.

    no one has ever seen him act negatively towards anyone; however, there was a rumor from a couple years back that he once, at most, lightly shoved a girl who was standing in his way, but many found that scenario hard to believe. some say, really, he was just in a rush and accidentally brushed past her.

    eventually, class started, everyone shuffled to their seats, and your teacher began the lesson. but of course, right before he did, he nearly scolded you after you didn’t hear him the first time he told you to wake up and take your headphones off. so when you almost got in trouble, you had to fight the urge to roll your eyes to the back of your head. you gritted your teeth and resorted to letting out a small, irritated sigh.

    sunoo sat with his friends near the front of the room, and as class went on, he didn’t know why, but he would find himself turning his head around to check on you every once in a while. and every time he would, he found you either looking out the window, not listening to the teacher, or running your hands through your hair, nearly pulling it out from the stress of not understanding the questions being asked on the worksheet that had been assigned.

    you groaned, frustrated, but perhaps you let it out a little too loudly as sunoo could clearly hear it from where he was seated. and if he could hear it, your teacher definitely did, too, but he didn’t even bother lifting an eye to help you. he just sat at his desk at the front of the room on his computer, probably playing solitaire or some other computer game middle-aged men did to pass the time.

    as sunoo noticed this, he furrowed his eyebrows at the teacher whose eyes were still glued to the screen in front of him. the boy turned in his seat to check on you, noticing as you dropped your head onto the desk, nearly giving up.

    he frowned, feeling bad for you. he wanted to help, but before he even had more time to consider, the teacher had the class move on to another assignment. he announced that you would be starting a project with assigned groups over the next two weeks.

    being the type of person who despises working with others, you let out a pained sigh, closing your eyes in disbelief.

    you hated the fact that there would always be that one person who didn’t do their share of work. you also just didn’t like people in general, so group projects were definitely a hard pass.

    the teacher called out the groups, as well as the members in each, and when he called out your name, quickly followed by sunoo’s, the boy had to do his best to hide his smile.

    you got class-time to work together as a group to get started.

    apart from you and sunoo, there were two other people in your group, one of them being his best friend, sunghoon, and the other was a girl, bianca.

    in attempts to evenly divide the work, you four ended up splitting the project into two parts, two people working on one part together.

    sunoo naturally ended up taking the lead in your group, and as you watched him speak, his eyes sparkled. you admired the way he always kept a smile on his face and how he was so positive about everything.

    in deciding who would take each part, after you chose what you wanted, sunoo voiced that he would work with you, leaving sunghoon and bianca to the other half. you tried to brush off the fact that your heart skipped a beat.

    after class was over, sunoo packed his things and hurried over to you before you left.

    “hey, y/n!” he called, presenting to you his pretty smile, “are you free tomorrow?”

    maybe it was because you were caught slightly off guard, or maybe it was specifically because of the question he asked you and your quick assumptions of the meaning behind the question, but the rate at which your heart pumped began to quicken.

    your cheeks dusted with a light pink, and you answered him by nodding your head with a small smile, “w-why do you ask?”

    “i was wondering if you wanted to go to the café down the street after school tomorrow to work on the project together.”

    the project. of course, the reason he asked you if you were free was if you could work on the project. why else would he?

    you felt a slight disappointment in your chest at the thought, but you shook it off, convincing yourself you didn’t like him.

    “yeah, that sounds good!”

    again, there was that smile of his, and strangely, at the sight of it, your lips couldn’t help but do the same.

    “great, we can meet outside the school doors and walk there together.”

    being all too aware of your every move, making sure as to not make a fool of yourself in front of him, you had to remind yourself how to breathe.

    you nodded in response, staring into his glimmering eyes.

    “see you tomorrow,” he waved to you happily before you lifted your hand to do the same.

    the next day flew by faster than the first, and by the time you knew it, school had already ended, and you began heading to the meeting place you and sunoo had created the day before.

    when you arrived there, he was already waiting for you and noticed you immediately, a happy smile painting his lips.

    every time he laid his eyes on you, he couldn’t help but smile, but he must admit, though he was starting to catch feelings, he would be lying if he said he wasn’t the slightest bit intimidated by you.

    by the outfits you wore everyday, as well as the fact that you listened to music to separate yourself from everything going on around you, made him feel like you didn’t want to be bothered by people like him, or people at all for that matter.

    his other first impression of you was that you were quite cold to the ones around you, and he got that from the deadpanned expression you wore on your face nearly every hour of the day, as well as the way you acted towards others.

    you two began heading to the café, walking side by side.

    on the way there, being the extroverted boy he was, he talked a lot about himself, and you listened to every word that left his lips.

    you were quiet and reserved, but you were a great listener and you enjoyed every story sunoo told you about his life that day.

    you admired the way he was able to be so open and social with others, as that was something you always strived to do. but being born with your own unique personality, it was difficult.

    on the other hand, sunoo really appreciated you being an ear in which he could speak freely to. he enjoyed being with others and talking about himself, but it wasn’t always easy finding someone who would be that person for him.

    he thought to himself that maybe you were only listening to him because you were forced to, as you both didn’t really have a choice at that moment but to walk to the café with each other.

    as sunoo shared a lot about himself on the way, you two eventually discovered that you had the same favourite type of cake—one of the few similarities between you two.

    arriving at the café, lucky for you both, they sold that exact flavour, so obviously, you two had to get a slice each, accompanied by a couple drinks.

    in doing so, sunoo refused to let you pay, playfully suggesting that you could get the bill next time.

    after spending a couple hours in the small shop, you two decided to call it a day. you packed your bags and began heading out.

    sunoo held the door open for you, which you immediately thanked him for, and he began walking you home after he strongly insisted.

    “we got a lot done today, that’s good,” he started.

    “yeah,” you replied simply, unintentionally shutting down the conversation that he initiated.

    after that, you two continued walking in silence until you arrived at your home.

    “thanks for walking me, sunoo,” you said softly.

    “yeah, of course. it’s nice spending time with you, so- wait! no! not in, like, a weird way- i didn’t mean to say that. sorry. just pretend i didn’t say that,” he quickly blurted out. “you’re just a cool person to hang out with.”

    he laughed awkwardly in attempts to break the newfound tension.

    at his words, you felt your heart beat loudly against your rib cage, hoping sunoo couldn’t hear it too.

    “i like hanging out with you, too, sunoo,” you confessed quietly as your eyes glued themselves to the ground, loud enough for him to barely hear it.

    he was thankful that it was already dark out and that you couldn’t see as his cheeks and ears likey went red.

    “i should get going now,” you said. “i’ll see you tomorrow.”

    he nodded, “yep! see you tomorrow!”

    he waved and watched as you quickly made your way inside, scolding yourself internally from how awkward you were with him just now.

    the next few days flew by.

    you and sunoo continued meeting outside the doors every weekday after school, heading to the café immediately after.

    today was friday, and of course, you two had to follow your routine of heading to the café, ordering the same slices of your favourite cake; however, this time, there was only one left in stock. you two decided to buy it, and sunoo, as he did every day, paid for it like the gentleman he was.

    you two headed to your table in the corner of the shop where you always worked, before he set the plate of cake in front of you.

    “you have it,” he offered happily.

    “no, no. you have it, seriously. i’m not very hungry anyways.”

    “you don’t need to be hungry for dessert. just eat it, please, i insist. i’d be happy for you to have it.”

    you thought for a moment before speaking, “how about we share it?”

    sunoo hesitated at the sound of your idea, never imagining having the opportunity to share a slice of your favourite cake together.

    he swallowed thickly, suddenly nervous.

    you two ended up sharing the skinny slice, and he watched as you continuously took the smallest pieces you could with your fork before placing it in your mouth.

    you were being considerate, trying not to eat the whole piece yourself and saving plenty for the boy in front of you.

    little did you know, sunoo found your very subtle thoughtful actions adorable and incredibly attractive.

    as the next day was going to mark the beginning of the weekend, you two decided to stay at the café longer this time, talking and hanging out, getting naturally distracted from your project and silently deciding not to work on it for the rest of the day.

    eventually, you two headed out, needing a change of scenery, and sunoo ended up bringing you to a quiet, local playground.

    the sun was already departing from the sky, creating a beautiful canvas of dark blue hues.

    he naturally gravitated towards the swings, and you followed him, sitting on the one beside him.

    the swings squeaked softly every time it would fall back and forth as you two moved on them, filling the comfortable silence.

    “you know, i’m really glad i had you as a partner for this project,” you spoke, surprising yourself to be the one who started the conversation this time.

    perhaps you were beginning to open up to him. sunoo seemed to think so, as his head snapped up at your words.

    “really?” he asked, flattered. “i am, too. i feel really lucky, actually, for us to have been partners. getting to know you through this project, almost makes me feel like we’re soulmates or somethi-“

    he stopped himself immediately after realizing what he had said and his eyes went wide. you tilted your head curiously.

    “no! sorry, that’s not what i meant! i meant- i meant-“ he stopped himself, letting out a heavy, disappointed sigh. “i should really think before i speak next time.”

    you giggled, which was very rare, finding him adorable.

    “i might as well admit it now, since i feel like this can’t get any worse,” he chuckled, embarrassed. “i like you, y/n.”

    you almost choked on air as his words entered your ears.

    you were completely confused and shocked for a moment, as nothing like this had ever happened to you. you even looked behind you, over your shoulder, to see if he was possibly talking to someone else.

    “y/n, i’m talking to you!” he laughed. “i like you.”

    you always expected that no one liked you, lowering your already almost non-existent confidence level.

    you never imagined someone falling for you, especially not your own guy you liked, kim sunoo.

    “ahaha! thanks… bud,” you replied, your voice on the verge of cracking, not knowing what to say due to lack of experience in this area. you punched him in the shoulder awkwardly.

    his smile immediately fell, getting the impression that his feelings for you weren’t reciprocated.

    “it’s fine. i understand if you don’t feel the same,” his voice was filled with disappointment and shame. you’d never heard his voice this sad before.

    “sunoo- no! of course i feel the same, are you kidding?” you quickly clarified, not giving much thought to the effects your words might have, something you rarely did.

    “you do?” his eyes sparkled with a sudden joy as he looked into yours hopefully.

    you bit your lip, attempting to hide your flustered smile as you nodded.

    a sudden surge of confidence filled your body, and, echoing your thoughts, you repeated, “i like you, too, kim sunoo.”

    — taglist: @rein-deer-stuffs @herasalvatore @enhasfever
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    hi babies! any halloween reactions or drabbles any of you want to see? i can write something supernatural with any of the boys, too!

    #txt imagines #tomorrow x together imagines #txt scenarios#txt smut#txt
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    • gn y/n

    □ this man is made of rubber, of course he would use it with you

    □ also doesn't really understand why people get so angry if other people do intimates things in public

    □ is happy tho when you tell him it's okay to it in the open when you find yourself in some unhabited island or, more simply, in a forest not too near a village

    □ would definitely drag you there out of nowhere, if you want it or not

    □ he always asks to you if you feel like it tho, if you don't he just want to explore the island with you

    □ this man is always pretty gentle with you, always making sure not to hurt you

    □ doesn't really take time to prepare you, but does it once you reminds him it could hurt pretty bad otherwise

    □ this man is full of energy so het a pretty fast pace almost immediately

    □ makes himself bigger once he's already inside of you, stretching your hole until you can't take it anymore

    □ loves the way you take it him so good even with that size

    □ loves to breed you, filling you up without spilling anything because of the size he takes it's literally the best thing ever for him

    □ always so sweet after you two are finally done, loves to carry you back to the others where you can finally rest a little


    #one piece #one piece headcanons #one piece imagine #one piece x reader #one piece scenario #one piece x you #op x reader #one piece kinktober #monkey d. luffy #monkey d. luffy x reader #monkey d. luffy headcanons #luffy #luffy x reader #luffy headcanons
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    “are you sure you don’t want to go in? it’s freezing out here,” yeonjun spoke softly, a hint of concern within his voice.

    “we can go in soon, i swear, i just want to stay out here for a few more minutes,” you shot yeonjun a sweet, cute smile that made his heart do flips.

    yeonjun studied your features as you were staring out into the night sky, the moon casting a soft glow upon your face. “wow,” you breathed out into the cold air as your pupils were completely overwhelmed by the small, sparkly stars that littered the dark blue sky.

    “you’re so perfect,” yeonjun muttered out, not exactly meaning to say anything out loud. you looked over at him slowly, another smile grazing your lips. you moved your body close to his, so you were both face to face.

    “me? you’re the perfect one, you perfect boy,” you huffed. yeonjun smacked his lips, pulling your hands up to his mouth, blowing warm air onto them, then placing a soft kiss upon them both.

    “god, i love you.” yeonjun spoke, adjusting the (his) beanie on your head, then placing the softest of kisses on your forehead.

    “mm,” you hummed out, running a hand through his hair, “i love you more, my perfect boy.”

    #txt imagines #tomorrow x together imagines #txt scenarios#txt smut#choi yeonjun #choi yeonjun imagines #txt
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    Chapter ten : Early in the morning


    Perfect Mismatch || heeseung sm au

    In which two weeks of moving on after your long time boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend Yeonjun broke of you with a reason of wanting some time for himself. Y/N, the campus bad bitch happened to find herself pulling off a fake relationship with one of the campus prince, Heeseung Lee when they find out  that their exes who dumped them not so long ago started dating each other.

    Chapter 9 ||  Masterlist  || Chapter 11

    Leave a comment-ask-dm if you want to be tagged :)

    — taglist: @lovingjaeyun @lazyasbitchree @heenotes @neovrse @kyleeanne @msxflower @hime98 @hibuki-chan

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    (09:39 pm) nothing like that spark of possessive jealousy in Choso while he sees you hugging your coworker at one of the parties and this ones grip on your waist as if you are his leaving Choso just longing and be nowhere at since he never admited to anything that was in him well not until you catch his stare at you thru the mirror behind you as you are still in this persons arms and you regret it immediately the way his stare is so intense yet somehow sad and beaten as if he lost the most precious thing in the world not knowing this is just a hug and you plan to give him the world with the way he made you feel by just his eyes on you

    #choso kamo#brainrot#scenario #pft choso is both a baby and a daddy #like ill never not see him being a fluff baby #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#jjk drabbles#jjk choso#choso#choso fluff#choso smut #choso x reader #choso x you #choso x y/n #jjk x you #jjk fluff#choso drabbles
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    pairing : mitsuya takashi x fem!reader

    genre : fluff, cute mitsuya. tw : needles (Read at your own risk)

    a/n : I graduated from college!! & i got carried away w this one, sorry if he's a bit ooc.

    "Thank you, please come again!" The bell chimed when the customer exited the door. The seamstress stretched her hands in the air, glancing at the clock that read 8.15 pm until your voice sounded, "Okaa-san! Want to try the soup? I can take it from here."

    "Oya, it's heated already? then I'll go claim the first taste~"

    You chuckled as your mother giddily skipped past the aisles of fabric and mannequin . Suddenly, the bell chimed again. "Welcome—oh Mitsuya!"

    "Evening, y/n-san! How have you been?" The silver-haired male clad in school cardigan and trousers flashed his handsome grin.

    "Good, good! It's rare for you to come at this hour, what's up?" You approached him eagerly as he handed a list. "Our committee member fell sick and I had to get these for tomorrow's club activity. Are these stuff available?"

    You hummed, scanning the materials listed. "Yeah, we've got them restocked recently. I can get them for you. Go sit down for a while."

    Mitsuya became a regular weeks ago. It wasn't every day that someone your age, especially a boy would walk into the store for fabric and sewing materials. You were immediately attracted. From his visits, you'd learned that he's a president of home economics club at school, had two sisters and a breadwinner mother. Even though he's in a gang, he's exceptionally warm and such a gentleman around you.

    He opened a conversation about his school life and what's happening lately and you listened, hands busy cutting some fabrics and moving to gather the materials he needed.

    "Right, that's almost everything. Oh, wait—."

    Reaching for some packets from the shelves, you gave them to Mitsuya, who sat across you. As he examined the packets' contents, your eyes caught on the fresh needle marks that lined his hands. "Mitsuya, have you been taking care of yourself?"


    "Look at those marks. Can you give me your hands?"

    Blinking in confusion, he placed the packets in his bag and aligned his palms. You brought a bottle over and squeezed a few drops of white-purplish cream. "Lotion," You explained, capping the bottle. "It's lavender scented, my favorite."

    "Oh, thank you."

    He paused, seconds before rubbing his palms to smear the substance on his skin. Your eyes narrowed at this, seeing there were spots left untouched.

    "Mitsuya, you have to do it like this."

    Without thinking any further, you grabbed his hands and started massaging the remnants of the lotion all over his palms and fingers. "See? Make sure it's even out." Running your fingers smoothly on his thick veins and digits, fingertips caressing the marks and roughened spots repetitively.

    His hands were larger, you noticed, they were masculine and strong. Despite the marks, his skin looked healthy and fingernails were neatly trimmed, so pretty for a boy. A small smile tugged on your lips, thinking whether he's the kind of person who eats and drinks well everyday. Then again, Mitsuya is the kind of person who'd scold his peers for not taking care of themselves. You then caressed his knuckles seeing how there were fresh scars, probably from gang fights. Overall, they were a gentle abrasion to the touch. Unintentionally, your fists cupped his large thumbs in jovial manner, mimicking a baby's grip.

    "Your hands are lovely Mitsuya, I'm so jealous. Great that it fits for punches and sewing, right?" Grinning up at him, you were met with a pair of enlarged, violet irises that gawked at you and a face dusted with blush.

    Reality slapped like meat on a chopping board.

    "Oh my," your hands shot up in the air. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to—"

    "No no no no, it's okay! Really, I appreciate it."

    "Actually," He placed a hand on his nape, smiling sheepishly. "I don't really use skin products so I'm not good with things like lotion and . . .stuff, so. ." The words trailed off like how his eyes averted in embarrassment. The red coating on his cheeks intensified.

    Seeing him flustered made warmth crept to your neck as well. Gangster? You stifled a laughter. He looked adorably innocent, you almost pouted. If only you had a camera right now. "That's okay, you can ask me anytime about it," your hands clasped happily. "The lotion is lavender scented. Try smelling your hands."

    Mitsuya lifted his hand close enough to take a whiff.

    "Oh, wow-" he sniffed again. "It does smell like lavender!"

    A jittery feeling exploded in your stomach as you bit a smile. Mitsuya's eyes twinkled cutely under the orange light. Never had you seen someone so excited by a mere lotion. He looked just like a child who was given a toy.

    "You're so cute," you giggled, "Next time you come here, use my lotion okay? You need to take care of your hands so they don't hurt, then you can sew more clothes."

    Mitsuya gave a chuckle, fiddling with the hems of his cardigan. "as you wish, y/n-san."

    "It's going to rain soon." Standing outside with him, your hand opened, feeling for any hint of water from the sky. "Thunder's close, are you going to be okay? Do you need an umbrella?"

    "It's fine. Thank you for your concern, but my house is near. I'll get there in no time."

    "'kay then." You shrugged. "Get home safe, and take care of your lovely hands—"

    "ara, y/n-chan is that your boyfriend?"

    "Tsk, okaa-san! uhh. . .good night Mitsuya!"

    Mitsuya's lips curled at your mother's teasing, waving a small 'good night!' before heading down the street.

    He heaved a sigh of relief.

    Now that there's new fabric and notions, club activity would run smoothly tomorrow. Yasuda-san was right to tell him about your mother's store. There's literally no fabric store that's opened until this hour anywhere nearby and you were such a sweetheart to him. Never hesitating to show him the latest fabrics, familiar with sewing notions and knowledgeable with latest fashion.

    Mitsuya's lips flattened. His feet stopped abruptly. Palms held open under the soft illumination of a lamp post, the simmering emotion he'd felt earlier suddenly bubbled up in his chest.

    Gazing at the marks, veins and spaces between his pointers, he could still feel the softness of your touch that contradicted his. It's a brief moment, but he noticed how slender your womanly fingers were, caressing his hands lovingly like a lover would. The strands of your hair that tickled his hands felt like silk. They were incomparable to the fabric in his bag. Not only that, he couldn't forget how your galaxies admired his skin endearingly, an innocent smile playing on your lips as your cute, tiny hands wrapped around his thumbs.

    "your hands are lovely, Mitsuya."

    No no, you were lovely. So lovely that he couldn't help it, shutting his eyes and bringing his hands to his chest, reminiscing how delightful it was to feel your warm touches while applying lotion. And maybe, maybe in the future, if he's lucky enough, he could hold your hand properly as he took you some place, any place where you'd show him that irradiant smile again.

    ah, your smile. He sighed at the thought of it.

    "I should get more needle marks," he muttered, scratching his head and continuing his paces. "..should I bring a lotion? no, just use hers. right, her favorite scent, what was it again? lo—ah, right.


    my apologies for any grammatical error. Leave your thoughts and feedback, I'd love to read your comments!!! 😆

    #mitsuyas cuteness is illegal to the society #tokyo revengers scenarios #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers#mitsuya takashi#takashi mitsuya #mitsuya takashi fluff #mitsuya takashi x reader fluff #takashi mitsuya x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #東京リベンジャーズ#東京卍#toman mitsuya #u wish that was u huh #tokyo revengers fluff #mitsuya takashi scenarios #mitsuya takashi x y/n #mitsuya takashi imagines #mitsuya takashi x reader
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