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  • I’m still not over that time when I was stressed for weeks on end because our English Teacher in 9th grade assigned us a 12 page Memoir Project that had to come from real non-fiction personal experiences because I couldn’t remember anything

    I’m still not over the fact that the teacher got annoyed with people saying they can’t come up with anything to write about and said “Unless you have a diagnosed memory issue, you have been on this earth for 14 or so years, if you think hard enough I’m sure there are many experiences you can write about”

    I’m still not over sitting there and going “Ahahaha I guess my inability to remember my childhood here is normal and I just need to try harder.”

    I’m still not over that I 1) could have gotten out of that and 2) brushed off my memory issues for years because of that.

    I am still proud of how I made what was meant to be a collection of personal memories and stories into a single story about my “memory” of getting assigned the memoir project and how badly it made me stressed, anxious, and depressed.

    I am still amused that my teacher loved it and accepted it.

    Still though, I am not over that time and I still think about it.

    Also I don’t know how much of this is a shitpost, how much it is a commentary on ableism, and how much this is just a casual story time so lets just call it all of the above.

    -Riku (Host)

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  • I don’t know how many US-based teens I have following me, but this is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, so I figured I’d go ahead and say it. It’s long, but bear with me, because I kind of feel like this is one of the more Important things I end up saying on this garbage site. Sit back and buckle up, we’re about to get real here for a minute.

    We all know our country is a dumpster fire. So I see about a 90% chance that most, if not all, of the public schools in the US are going to be forced either explicitly or implicitly to open for in-person instruction this Fall, despite the pandemic. All for the sake of potential profit. Which of course is despicable. You’re mad. I’m mad. We’re all mad. We’re scared. You’re scared. But I need y’all to listen to me for a minute.

    Your teachers are terrified, too, and they NEED y’all in their corner.

    They’re used to being scared. They’re scared they’re going to have to watch y’all get shot and not be able to save you. They’re scared they won’t be able to help when they know someone in their class is being abused at home. They’re scared they won’t have the money to fill in all the supply gaps. They’re always scared and stressed and taking on too much.

    Now I’m not saying there aren’t garbage teachers out there, because I remember having several. But for the most part, people who sign up for the craptastic pay and horrible hours and unrelenting oversight and tedium and abuse that is teaching in a public school are doing it because they care about y’all more than they care about themselves. My mom was disabled and unable to work for years, but as soon as she heard that my high school was having to resort to distance learning for all their foreign language instruction, she told our superintendent right then and there at the dang open house that she was the new Spanish teacher and she would go redo her TB test the next day. All the physical demands of teaching (and yes, it is a physically intensive job) absolutely contributed to the pulmonary embolism that killed her over Christmas break that year, I have no doubt. She really wasn’t up to it, but she did it anyway. That’s the kind of person she was, and that’s who the vast majority of your teachers are. They care about you guys more than they care about themselves.

    I’m telling you this because your teachers are about to be on the front lines, at even more risk than you if that’s possible. They’re about to be in charge of disinfecting the rooms, enforcing mask wearing, adapting lesson plans and schedules, all while being incredibly stressed and staying up late just like normal, which already puts them at high risk for getting sick. They won’t have subs to fill in if they start feeling a bit run down or under the weather. They’re at risk not just of losing their job if they protest or refuse this ridiculousness, they are leaving you all behind. They just can’t do it.

    I personally know teachers who are freaking out over this, but they’re not worried about themselves. They’re worried about being the source of infection for their students, as well as the people at home. They’re worried that if they quit, someone is going to get put in their place who won’t care enough to take all the precautions they can. They’re worried about leaving their vulnerable students in a terrible situation without the support they know they can give. But they’re terrified of being responsible for you getting sick. They’re terrified and stuck in an impossible position.

    So I know that, at least when I was your age, it was the “cool” thing to be mean to your teachers, to give them crap, to fight them every step of the way and just make their day horrible. The kids in the class below me made it a point of pride to see how many teachers they could run off before Christmas. But this is not the time for that.

    Get behind your teachers. If y’all are getting forced into this, don’t add more struggle to it. Get together to get it done. Don’t make them nag you about your masks. Don’t make them have to come separate you from your friends. Follow the guidelines and get in it for the long haul. This is not the time to “but I don’t waaaaaaaanna.” I know how bad it sucks to not be able to see your friends and then not be able to hug them or shake hands or fist bump or anything. I know how uncomfortable the masks are. I know how dumb this all is and how the people in charge aren’t caring at all for your safety and it hurts and it’s scary and it makes you mad.

    But your teachers are right there with you. They’re the ones trying to keep you all safe. There isn’t a teacher out there that wants to open for in person instruction until this is over. They’re willing to do what they have to in order to make online and remote and self-guided learning work, but that’s not their call. And teachers who are speaking out are under threat of getting fired. My best friend (who is pregnant and working at a charter school) and her colleagues got word anonymously from another district that teachers there who spoke out and were vocally against the decision to open again were explicitly threatened with termination. And the fear my friend has isn’t for her paycheck, it’s for you guys, and for her family at home. Not even for herself.

    It’s hard to see your teachers as people sometimes, especially when their tempers run short or they give you too much homework. But underneath the stress is a person who cares so dang much they’re willing to now risk their own lives just to give you all the best chance of getting through this. You will probably never see how much work they’re having to do just to lessen your risk a little bit. Again, there are some crappy teachers out there who don’t care, but I can almost guarantee you that they’ve all jumped ship now. Unfortunately a lot of the good ones are being forced overboard, too. Some are immunocompromised and can’t do it. How do you choose between your own life and the kids you’ve dedicated your life to serving?

    Just please, I’m begging you, the only way the risk is lessened is if y’all work with your teachers as a team. Do what they ask, follow the ridiculous rules, don’t make them come in and bust up a fight, stick with it, and BE PATIENT. They’re trying so hard, y’all. They don’t want this for you guys. They’re just as scared as you; moreso, honestly. And they’re at more risk than you just by virtue of how many of you guys they have to interact with (some schools are planning to have teachers rotate instead of students, to minimize the number of exposures kids have, but this increases the number of exposures the teachers get).

    All y’all are getting totally thrown under the bus by government mandates and people who don’t care and aren’t going to be involved in the risk. Don’t make it worse by treating each other like the enemy. Your teachers care so dang much, and they want to help you, but now they need your help. Get in their corner, even if they’re grouchy and have a short fuse. They’re trying to do the impossible under threat of death just so y’all have the best chance of being okay.

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  • There is nothing as awkward as meeting up with your former classmates after a couple of years and just sitting there in a circle having completely shallow conversations because, even though you were once telling extremely personal stuff to one another, years have passed and now it would feel weird to divulge anything personal or mundane.

    So instead you ask “what have you been doing?” and “how’s your love life?”, which is answered in about 30 seconds or less, and for the majority you just talk, or in my case, listen to people talking extensively about COVID-19 measures.

    And when I left quite early on to catch my last ride back home, I was relieved to no longer sit in such an uncomfortable setting where I wondered the entire night “am I the only one feeling and seeing how awkward this is or not?”

    I’m guessing I’m not.

    At the end of the night, when I disclose to my mom how everyone has been doing and tell her in great detail how everyone was doing, I finish talking about every single person there after about 2 minutes because really that’s all that was shared after meeting up for an hour and a half.

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  • After about 3-4 months I’ve finally cleaned my room

    now the studying can begin

    y. i. k. e. s. imma die

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    computer science (◕દ◕)

    ~ ill be posting some new stuff soon, I hope. it’s been very rainy here and also, it’s period szn and yk that is like the most conducive setting to feel tired and laze about all day.

    q - do you like the rain?

    a - I love light drizzles & showers! they’re cooling, but not too gloomy.

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    12th of July 2020

    Starting to get excited about the stuff I’m learning at school.

    Hopefully I can continue to persue it.

    Fingers crossed.

    *I don’t know what it is yet.

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  • Need a job to get experience 

    Need experience to get a job

    It’s a vicious cycle

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  • Magyar❤️

    Első lépés

    El kell fogadnod, hogy egy kicsit dilis vagyok

    Második lépés

    Ez időpocsékolás, ha nem tudsz velem eljutni a célvonalig

    Harmadik lépés

    Adj szenvedélyt, ne gúnyold ki a stílusom

    Negyedik lépés

    Adj többet, többet, egyre többet

    Ha nem bírsz el egy enyémhez hasonló szívvel

    Ne vesztegesd az időd velem

    Ha nem vérre menően csinálod, nem, oh

    Ha nem bírod a fojtogatást, harapást, a szerelmet, az elnyomást

    Amíg már többet nem bírod, többet nem

    Menj haza!

    Ötödik lépés

    Nem félhetsz attól, hogy velem mutatkozz kézen fogva

    Hatodik lépés

    Ha nem tudsz munkát belefektetni, nem tudom mit képzelsz, mi a szar ez?

    Hetedik lépés

    Ez túl megy minden határon

    Ha megcsalsz, meghalsz, meghalsz

    Tudnál egész éjjel szeretgetni?

    Az ajkaid az enyémre tenni

    Sós ízű arcom, mikor elkezdek sírni

    Lennél nekem az első?

    Ess nekem, mintha almás pite lennék

    Segíts, hogy ne akarjak meghalni

    Keményen szeress, és engedj repülni

    Húzz fel, igen, emelj a magasba

    Kötözz meg, ne hagyj magamra

    Ne legyèl nekem időpocsékolás…


    Step one

    You must accept that I’m a little out on my mind

    Step two

    This is a waste if you can’t walk me down the finish line

    Step three

    Give me passion, don’t make fun of my fashion

    Step four

    Give me more, give me more, more

    If you can’t handle a heart like mine

    Don’t waste your time with me

    If you’re not down to bleed, no, oh

    If you can’t handle the choking, the biting, the loving, the smothering

    ‘Til you can’t handle it no more, no more

    Go home!

    Step five

    You can’t be scared to show me off and hold my hand

    Step six

    If you can’t put in work, I don’t know what you think this fucking is

    Step seven

    This one goes to eleven

    If you cheat, you will die, die

    Could you hold me through the night?

    Put your lips all over my mine

    Salty face when I start cryin’

    Could you be my first time?

    Eat me up like apple pie

    Make me not wanna die

    Love me rough and let me high

    Tie me down, don’t leave my side

    Don’t be a waste of my time…

    ~Melanie Martinez

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  •    most people dislike our education for simple reasons: “when are we ever going to use this in the future?” or “we never learn anything practical.” and while those are true to an extent, my reason for dislike of our school system scratches a little more below the surface.
       while it’s true that a lot of our education will be of use to us in our future, that doesn’t mean that we should not be learning it. think of it like this: some people might want to become a mechanic, those people won’t necessarily need to learn about social studies… but math is in fact very necessary. it may not seem like it as a child, but a lot of our daily life involves math. yet the way we learn it is flawed.

       what makes math so boring? why do people dislike math so much? why isn’t math fun?

       these questions are asked frequently by many people, why? because the way it’s taught is more aimed towards certain people. how do you learn?
       are you a visual learner? do you learn best by seeing what you’re learning? does watching a visual interpretation of your lessons help you the most?

       maybe you are an auditory learner? you prefer to listen to detailed explanations of how to solve a problem, or what elements are in the air? do you understand things best when you listen to them?

       or are you possibly a hands on learner? does being able to express what you are learning in an ‘active, or creative’ way help you learn? is it possible that being hands on helps the information you are learning stick?

       these are all very important things for people to know, not everyone learns the same way. for me, auditory learning is like a waterslide: everything just slips on by, no information is retained. visual is more like tying a know with a good few hundred strands of hair (long): the informations stays for a little bit, but it’s not a sturdy hold and you have to keep tugging on it for the knot to stay, but i never does for long. hands on learning honestly works best for me, but even then, it’s more like a cheap dollar store sticker. (the ones you can buy in packs): each sticker is a lesson, not all of them stick, but most of them do. and when they do stick, they last a while. though the more i tamper with it, the less stick it gets.

       what the issue is however, is that most teachers only teach subjects in a visual manner. most education after elementary school is geared towards visual learning: powerpoint, video’s, writing, daily assignments. it’s all paper work, and watching stuff.

       i need learning tools: brain puzzles, math cubes, engaging lessons. these things would help me learn so much better. things that are straight to the point, simple. i need people who let me figure things out, give us engaging lessons. teachers who will give us games and other educational ways of learning. for example “anyone who attempts a question on the whiteboard will get a shot at shooting a paper ball into the trashcan, if you all beat me i’ll buy you all a prize.” this was something i did in summer school (for receiving a C- in math, which is the lowest grade before an F where i am from.) and it was lot’s of fun, AND helped me learn better.

       some people just want to listen to the lesson in the corner of the room or at their desks, peacefully so their brains can soak up the information. others want to watch a visual interpretation, so they can see what they need to do. others like me, we need the active learning. i am struggling in school because the way we’re learning doesn’t work for me. i am always told that i’m super smart… but i can’t live up to their expectations because the way i’m learning is so geared towards one group of people.

       and then we get back to the ’but are we ever going to use this?’ topic. and it’s true. when am I ever going to need to know about the french revolution in the future? math, science, and linguistics i can understand. they are such diverse subjects with the most practical uses in the future. they could be taught better though.

       the government gives the teachers sub topics to teach us, within the main topic, aka the subject. things that we could be learning are taxes, how to pay them and such. practical things that almost EVERYONE uses in their daily life.

       another thing: social studies should be an elective subject in high school. sure, there are plenty of people who love social studies in high school. but i don’t personally think it should be a mandatory class. the main reason being, it does not tie into our daily life. there aren’t a large number of jobs where knowing history is necessary. sure, we learn about the government too. but again, we learn that stuff in middle school, which is fine. we can leave it for middle and elementary schools, at that point we learn more so practical stuff. but the stuff we learn in high school is impractical for a mandatory class. it’s more geared towards an elective class, for people who are actually INVESTED in learning about the history of their country.

       this is just my opinion, and i haven’t even touched the subject of learning 'disabilities’ (i put that into quotations because it’s more we’ll know as a disability, but it’s more of a challenge.) like a large wall, and while most people have a staircase, or a ladder to climb that wall. those with a learning 'disability’ (ie. ADD/ADHD or autism. keep in mind these aren’t the only ones, just the first two to pop into my head.) have to build their ladder or staircase. they have all the supplies and tools, yet they need to build it themselves. some have the help they need and receive instructions to help them build that ladder or staircase. but others don’t, and they have to figure out how to do it all by themselves. all the while other people are happily climbing that ladder or walking up those stairs.
       this is all just my opinion, though i believe it’s something we should all look into.


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  • MAGICS is an upcoming laidback, 18+, no word count, diverse urban fantasy site centered around a hidden magic school. 

    Follow and track #magicsrpg to get the latest info and more!

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  • Have you ever gotten told you’re like smart smart but you’ve got no fucking idea what to do with your life like you think academics, or ai or pr work sounds really cool but u have zero fucking idea what you can work with and end up applying for a bachelor in history bc u have no fucking idea what you wanna do with your life even tho you kinda do??

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  • Hi, um…

    How can I make my school uniform work for my goth style without getting in trouble?

    Lol no seriously.

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  • #ask#anon #thor gives advice #jobs#school
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    First time personal posting here

    I’ve been taking summer courses to finish my degree faster and it’s been hell. Turns out I can’t sit still and needed to block my apps on my phone and iPad otherwise I’ll stay on them until 4am. I spent about one entire day trying to rewrite the first lab notes here and I need two more to finish for the week 😔. I also use the pomodoro timer technique because it helps me focus some.

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