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  • Not sure if Americans know this feeling so much.
    We have those village green fairs, the school fetes to raise money. We do it a lot. Stalls and that, games, stalls selling all sorts of nonsense. Toys and chances to slam your teacher with a sponge. Never the one you hate, but Mr. Timmins who gave you detention. 
    There’s always that strange cool thing. The balloon, the cookie, the hoodie, the t-shirt, the TOY. 
    The firepoppers in a box. 
    The slime that comes in a barrel tub.
    The farting goop.
    The cherry slushie.
    Basically, you ask your friend, classmate, etc..
    “Where did you get that toy, friend?”
    Through there, there’s a stall. Now, friend ol’ buddy ol’ pal is gone into the crowds, never to be seen again until next Monday. You wanted it so much, you have £2.50 from mum, it’s more than enough, surely. They’re probably only 50 pence anyway. 
    Where are they? 

    That stall with the mood rings didn’t have it, 
    They’re selling chips with hot dogs over there and the onions smell great but the desire for the THING, it leads you through the crowds. 

    An hour passes. 

    It’s getting dark and the fair is closing. 

    My question, really, is,…. 

    WHERE THE FECK IS MY FECKING TOY!? WHERE IS IT? Where has it been for the past 10 years? Where? where… wher.. erw…. …ere….. *sobbing*

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  • Is it sad that I really want to go to my siblings’ school fete tomorrow? Normally, I’ll admit that I’m not the closest with my little brother and sister, but hey, I want to go to their school fete… Probably because I’m such a big kid myself. There’s going to be a BBQ (yum!), a bouncy castle (fun!) and games (more fun, fun that I can actually get involved with. I don’t think teachers will let a whale on the bouncy castle with a bunch of kids who aren’t even 4ft tall. Yeah.) and, well, everything fun from when my primary school used to do them. 

    Wanna read a funny story from my dad’s ex-girlfriend’s son’s (keep up!) school fete from when we were younger? Of course you do!

    We must have been about 8/9 at the time (Vincent is a year older than me) and despite not getting along at times, we always were coming up with random ideas to make money - Bit like Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy, huh? :D - and at a school fete was no different. It wasn’t actually planned or anything, it just sort of happened. 

    After running out of money, we walked around the playground, eating sweets and watching the other kids play games. As you do. So then we see a slightly deflated paddling pool with a bit of water in it, some ducks and some hoops. I kid you not, we set the pool up to look nice, placed the ducks on the water and started advertising (yelling, basically) about a new type of Hoopla game.

    The aim of the game was to get your rings around a duck. Starting out with five rings, for like 50p I think, you’d try to get a ring around a duck from a distance. If you did that, you’d get five more, until we ran out of hoops. When we ran out of hoops, you’d win a duck. Pretty legit for a pair of kids who randomly found this paddling pool, the ducks and some hoops, and suddenly started blagging a type of fete game, I guess. We actually got a few customers and made a fair few quid at the end of it. There was a boy who won a duck. Twice. Oops.

    At the end of the day, our parents (My dad and his mum) came up to us with the head teacher (Forgot his name, but he ended up being a paedophile, so I’ll call him:), Mr. Paedomanthing. We donated the money we’d made to the school and explained the concept of the game to Mr. Paedomanthing, in which he exclaimed: “You’re not supposed to give away the ducks!” We lied and said that nobody had won any of them, anyway. 

    Good job he wasn’t walking home with us, as the boy who had won two ducks was walking behind us on the way back home. Oops.

    Oh the joys of school fetes! :D

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